* nhaines waves at popey.00:38
nhainesI'm still not used to emoji in IRC. Particularly not color ones.  :)00:39
nhainesHello, everyone!  Meeting coming up in about 6 minutes.02:53
nhainesHello everyone, and welcome to the Ubuntu California meeting for November 18th!03:00
nhainesTonight's agenda can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/18November1803:00
nhaines#topic Upcoming Events03:00
nhainesAnything exciting coming up around California?03:00
aidianlinux users group of davis meets tomorrow? :)03:03
nhainesThat works!  :)03:03
nhainesIs there a link?03:03
nhainesThank you!  :)03:04
nhaines#topic Announcements03:04
nhainesUbuntu 18.04 LTS will be supported by Canonical for 10 years!  That makes it a very LTS.03:05
nhainesI don't have any further information, though.  I assume this is for server and Ubuntu Core and not necessarily the desktop.  But information is still slim!03:05
nhainesMark Shuttleworth mentioned financial servies, telecommunications, and IoT at the same time, so it will be very interesting to see what this long support window ends up looking like.  :)03:07
nhainesIn any case, I'm sure it's something we'll be asked about at SCALE, so we'll be sure to brief everyone with what we know by then.03:07
nhaines#topic Agenda03:07
nhainesThere are no items on tonight's agenda.03:07
nhaines#topic Other business03:08
nhainesIs there any other business for tonight's meeting?03:08
nhainesOkay, our next meeting is December 2nd.  Happy Thanksgiving for all those who celebrate with turkey and other savory proteins, and see you all then!03:12
aidiancheers :)03:12
nhainesaidian: cheers :)03:12
aidianfwiw, tomorrow we're having our monthly meeting as an "opensource tech cafe"03:12
nhainesOh, that sounds fun.03:13
aidianwhere people can come with technical questions, q's about f/oss software, andwe'll have a small pile of demo machines03:13
aidianlaptops, netbooks, a pi or two, running various distros for people to try out03:13
nhainesVery nice!03:14
aidianit's a thing anyways,hehe03:14
aidianubuntu will be showing up in lubuntu form03:14
nhainesDo you get lots of newcomers for those types of meetings?03:14
aidiannot a whole lot, but we're in the local newspaper this month, so hopefully a few more than usual03:15
nhainesWe did a nice installfest for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, I think, at OCLUG, and not only did we get a few newcomers, but also revitalized our existing members.03:16
aidianooh, nice.03:16
aidianlast year we did 'installfest junior' which this is kind of a theme on03:16
aidiannot a full-day event installfest, but a similar thing, people could bring machines to install, or get help with existing machines03:17
nhainesWe got some lanyards and pizza money from the Ubuntu community donations fund. It was efficient, but fun.03:17
aidianwe had a handful of people show up, people compiling drivers,someone tryingto install qubes, a borked mint install we fixed03:17
aidianoh wow nice03:17
aidianwe takea donations for club funds but we also out of pocket a lot of stuff03:18
aidianthere wasa run of laptop snatching thefts recently for example, so a couple members ponied up to buy us a stock of cheap cable locks to give away, that was fun03:18
aidianafk, gotta move03:19
nhainesYup, I pitched it as a group project, got us all to pick a distro (I recommended Ubuntu in my professional, unbiased opinion, ha!), got everyone to promise not to badmouth whatever distro we picked and to not offer other distros (but happily help with anything any new user asked for!).03:19
nhainesAnd it was a lot of fun.  Attendance doubled after that, I printed out disclaimers and equipment inventory sheets, published the anonymous results, etc.  It was good for the LUG.03:20
aidianhahaha wow, nice04:23
aidianwe're trying to grow more after a long-term slow shrink04:23

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