floridagram-bot3<govatent> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjeZB12985c&fbclid=IwAR0fTLfSxga90DxqF4zE6UgeA1wmH04NGaiQ68iVizyDZK4_Bhl87i57M1Q02:17
floridagram-bot3<govatent> @KMyers @AdamOutler ^02:17
floridagram-bot3<KMyers> https://news.slashdot.org/story/18/11/18/0722236/youtube-now-streams-free-ad-supported-movies----including-the-terminator-and-hackers14:44
floridagram-bot3<AdamOutler> FFS!  I just bought Hackers on Saturday!14:49
floridagram-bot3<KMyers> It is still a movie worth owning for the cult classicness of it14:50
floridagram-bot3<govatent> Yea I bought it on Google play movies last year.14:50
floridagram-bot3<AdamOutler> Yes, but it is now basically public domain and I paid for free shit.14:51
floridagram-bot3<govatent> It is my favorite film. I don't mind that it's now free so others can enjoy the best film ever14:51
floridagram-bot3<AdamOutler> ... the day before it became free.14:51
floridagram-bot3<govatent> I think the free version is ad supportes isn't it?14:51
floridagram-bot3<AdamOutler> Yes14:51
floridagram-bot3<KMyers> Correct, there are ads14:51
floridagram-bot3<govatent> Can you try and return it?14:51
floridagram-bot3<KMyers> Not a big deal to be honest14:51
floridagram-bot3<govatent> The paid version still has no ads14:52
floridagram-bot3<KMyers> Correct14:52
floridagram-bot3<AdamOutler> I bought it because I keep getting scenarios where "Alice and Bob hack the Gibson...".  Theoretical stuff.14:52
floridagram-bot3<AdamOutler> If Alice hacks the Gibson first and Bob reproduces her steps, is Bob a hacker?14:53
floridagram-bot3<govatent> Script kiddie?14:54
floridagram-bot3<AdamOutler> When abstracting from devices, the Gibson is a perfect example.14:54
floridagram-bot3<KMyers> https://www.engadget.com/2018/11/18/microsoft-sells-amazon-echo-in-stores/15:39

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