Avionso I booted off of a, flash drive. I wanted to backup onto another stress but it won't recognize them. any of them. So I backed up the few files I had onto the windows partition.00:16
AvionBen64: ubu18.04 wont boot. Here's the screen pastebin.. i dont understand it.  Something about Could not get UEFI db list  &  *ERROR* failed to blank crtcl    https://m.imgur.com/JFgSXyS00:16
Avionstill wondering.00:16
Perdellianokay, that did it -- forgot the "none luks" in crypttab00:31
NewToLubuntuI need some advice on tracking down and removing some adware which has snuck onto my lubuntu OS00:34
NewToLubuntuI'm afraid to use xkill to close it because it randomly vanishes on its own after a few seconds and if I kill the desktop then I need to restart everything00:34
NewToLubuntuplus xkill wouldn't prevent it from relaunching next bootup I don't think00:35
NewToLubuntuI'm wondering if there is a similar command to xkill but which instead of killing an application, simply helps me identify it on the task manager00:35
Tin_manNewToLubuntu, is the adware in your browser?00:39
akemAcerHey, i use x11vnc over my lan however it's kinda slow responding...any way around this?00:43
akemAcerI tried to look at the options but didn't find anything interesting, what i tried doesn't change anything.00:44
NewToLubuntuI think I've noticed that it pops up even when my browser is minimized01:00
NewToLubuntubut that could still be part of the browser01:00
NewToLubuntuchecked Firefox add-ons and don't see anything listed though01:00
OerHeksNewToLubuntu, delete your ~/.mozilla folder and ./config/mozilla/  and restart FF01:03
OerHeksbut without 'what afdware' information, it is a guess01:03
anvil_hey, i think my nvidia cards are conflicting01:13
anvil_on one (MSI 1030) i can see my whole display, while on the other (EVGA 1060) i just see a cursor, with a black screen underneath it01:13
anvil_i've apt-get updated and upgraded and there wasn't a nouveau update or anything idk01:14
johnc--hello room, i used this script https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5fbM2CK6Kq/ for checking & starting whether mysql is down or not, when mysql is down i can receive mail, but mysql is not started. The user who runs the cron command have sudo access. Is there anything worng on the script?01:34
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NewToLubuntuOerheks does deleting mozilla folder mean FF would reinstall it?01:36
OerHeksNewToLubuntu, no, you just lose all plugins/malware/data01:39
OerHeksthis ~/.<folder> is just user data01:39
OerHeks+ hidden01:40
NewToLubuntuI just did 'show hidden' in my home folder, not sure where to go from there01:50
NewToLubuntuah it seems ~ will insert home/username01:50
OerHeks /home/$USER/.cache01:51
OerHeks /home/$USER/.mozilla01:51
NewToLubuntuI deleted ~/.mozilla but there was no  mozilla folder in /.config/01:52
NewToLubuntujust deleted /cache/01:52
NewToLubuntuokay so I'll restart and see if it continues to show up. I haven't timed it or anyhting, kinda random01:52
NewToLubuntuthe effect seems to be if I click it, it brings up a web page that it advertised, if I ignore it, it eventually goes away01:53
NewToLubuntujust really annoying01:53
OerHekssorry, not config, but cache01:53
OerHekscache is less important here01:53
NewToLubuntuI deleted the ENTIRE cache.. hope that's not a problem01:53
OerHeksnope, it will be recreated, when an application starts, it performs a check, like after new install01:54
OerHekslinux is awesome in that matter01:54
NewToLubuntuyeah I'm erasing all the default stuff again01:54
OerHeksbut are you sure it showes up when your brower starts? or random?01:55
NewToLubuntuit's hard to tell since I usually bring up the browser right away when I come on01:55
NewToLubuntuall I know is it will appear if the browser is minimized and cover up the pidgin IRC01:56
NewToLubuntubut that could still be browser-originating01:56
NewToLubuntuso far so good... but it will take some lurking to be sure01:56
NewToLubuntuin the meanwhile... do you know if there is a way to not get pidgin chatrooms to close when I close the buddy list?01:56
NewToLubuntuI used to be able to close teh buddy list in windows and it wouldn't shut down the program, but seems to work differently here01:57
OerHekslets see: "Go to Tools > Preferences. In the Interface tab look for "Show system tray icon:" And set it as Always. "02:02
NewToLubuntuoh shi, all my bookmarks are gone...02:26
NewToLubuntusystem tray trick appears to have fixed it, just closed my buddy list and the room didn't close...02:27
NewToLubuntumost excellent02:27
ZPQHi, is it possible to enable luks on a partition and keep the data on it?02:55
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swashdevHey guys!  So I've got a fresh-ish Xubuntu installation and I'm trying to get Wine working.  I followed the instructions at https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu but on the last step I get the error "Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."  What do?03:22
ZPQswashdev: looks like everyone is sleeping..03:24
ZPQswashdev: and no, I have not played with wine03:24
swashdevthat's fine.  I can wait.03:24
ZPQMon Nov 19 04:24:52 CET 201803:24
ZPQover here03:25
guivercswashdev, have you tried `sudo apt -f install`  (ie. --fix-broken)03:25
swashdevWell, that gives me 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.03:26
thebopehello, where are roots ssh keys stored?03:26
guivercswashdev, trying pastebinit the output - I'll have a look03:26
thebopeI'd like to copy them to my home directory so I can turn off root ssh access on a new vps03:26
guivercsorry for english - i've a headache & not realyy with it03:27
thebopeahh in /root03:27
thebopeokay, looks like I got it03:27
swashdevguiverc: There ya go https://pastebin.com/tanQZUMy03:28
swashdevAlso don't worry about bad English--I live with native speakers who can barely string a f***ing sentence together.03:28
thebopeman, it's nice being root and not having to type sudo all the time though03:28
guivercswashdev, what are you running?  cosmic (18.10)? & can you please pastebin for me `apt-cache policy wine-stable winehq-stable`03:31
guiverc(it's asking for a later wine-stable that exists in default repo's - https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=wine-stable)03:32
swashdevI don't know how to check what version of Ubuntu I'm running actually.03:32
guiverc`lsb_release -a`  will tell you03:33
swashdevoh damn, okay03:33
swashdev18.04.1 LTS03:33
swashdevguiverc and this is the pastebin for that: https://pastebin.com/0rjavuEP03:35
guivercswashdev can you please pastebin the install (without --install-recommends) - I'm used to seeing a lot more detail that seems to be missing from your output03:45
swashdevguiverc: It actually gives exactly the same output either way.03:46
guivercyeah i'm confused swashdev; it wants wine-stable 3.0.3~cosmic (a 18.10 package) but apt-cache policy shows that package available..  it could be just the winehq is geared only for 18.10, not your 18.04 but sorry I can't see the issue  (unless it's my headache..)03:51
ZPQwhy it's asking for a 18.10 package in 18.04? thats wierd03:53
guivercthe repo you added (winehq) is for cosmic or at least looks that way https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Emulators:/Wine:/Debian/Ubuntu_18.10_standard/03:54
ZPQswashdev: have you added any repo or ppa for wine?03:55
guivercif you followed instructions - check it (eg. https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu has your link, but in the 18.10 section)03:56
swashdevOkay, so here's what happened: On my initial attempt for some reason I thought that my Ubuntu had been upgraded to 18.10, so I assumed those were the instructions I had to follow03:56
swashdevnow that I know I'm on 18.04 I'm following the instructions for <18.1003:56
swashdevIt's doing _something_, so hopefully it works this time.03:57
ZPQswashdev: ah, that explains it all03:57
swashdevAlright, it looks like it installed.  Thanks ZPQ, guiverc.  I hope I didn't make your headache worse.03:59
ZPQswashdev: np03:59
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alazyAn app (Tizonia) doesn't seem to be reading its config file. To narrow down the problem I'd like to see if the file is read at all. What's a good way to detect that?05:33
alazyFound it: inotifywait -e open /path05:43
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geirhayou could also try running the program with strace06:13
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pabedhi guys , I upgraded ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 but I don't know why my control box " minimize , maximize , close moved from left to right how should I do revert it to left?06:57
RandolfI'm using Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS.  On my laptop, I'm finding that OpenSSL is out of date at 1.0.2n.  Shouldn't "apt" be able to get me to OpenSSL 1.1.1 (which was released in September 2018)?  I've already run the "apt update" command.07:27
RandolfThanks in advance.07:28
Ben6418.04 has 1.1.0g-2ubuntu4.107:28
RandolfActually, I'm using 18.04.1 LTS according to the Settings.07:29
Randolf1.1.0g isn't good enough because it doesn't support TLSv1.3.07:30
RandolfOpenSSL 1.1.1 does.07:30
RoscoePColtraneRandolf: if the version offered by ubuntu repositories isn't new enough for you...manually compile and install the newest version available on the website07:31
Ben64or upgrade to cosmic07:34
lightblueRandolf, if the 1.1.1 is in the ubuntu repository you can install with apt, if not you can't.07:36
lightblueRandolf, however if it's not in the repo, you can manually build it from source and install07:37
Ben64probably not the best idea with openssl07:37
Ben64lots of things rely on it07:37
lightblueRandolf, currently the newest version of openssl in the repo for 18.04 LTS is "openssl/bionic-updates,bionic-security,now 1.1.0g-2ubuntu4.1"07:38
lightblueRandolf, maybe 1.1.0 is good for you?07:39
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crmltHow should I configure dsncrypt proxy on ubuntu 18.04?08:58
JFox762so when I type lsblk... i noticed that it pulls up a lot of "loop" entries09:01
JFox762Are these related to SNAP packs?09:01
JFox762is there a way to list lsblk and exclude "loop" entries from the list?09:02
EriC^^JFox762: what are you actually trying to do?09:02
JFox762i just dont like the output of seeing all the loop entries09:02
FaultsSnaps create those extra "loops" in there... I have found that annoying too09:03
JFox762is it possible to exclude that from the output?09:03
JFox762im not sure if there is a flag for it09:04
AndyChow888A flag?09:05
TJ-JFox762: "lsblk -e 7 ..."09:05
JFox762can you explain how that works though?09:08
JFox762i understand -e = exclude09:09
JFox762but 7?09:09
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TJ-JFox762: the major-number for loop devices. Do "ls -l /dev/loop*"09:12
TJ-JFox762: all system devices have a major number that denotes the underlying driver. They also have a minor number which is unique for each actual device09:13
JFox762so snappacks all use a similar driver?09:14
JFox762or rather the loops do?09:14
AndyChow888The loops are required to distance the snaps from the system.09:15
JFox762are snappacks similar to a portableapp?09:16
TJ-loopdev is the driver for mounting files as block devices09:16
TJ-loops have nothing at all to do with security09:16
AndyChow888Loops are created by snaps for security. In the snap sense, they have something to do with security.09:17
AndyChow888A portableapp is not necessarily containerized. It runs on the regular kernel, so no JFox76209:18
Randolflightblue: OpenSSL 1.1.0 does not support TLSv1.3 -- that's what OpenSSL 1.1.1 brings to the table.09:26
TJ-Grrr, system hangs!09:31
zetherooif there is a problem with a users profile being loaded after login which log would be the best to have a look at?09:41
madsjWhen you first start XFCE, you're prompted about the panel (default, or custom). Is there a way to force the default? I'm provisioning some machines.09:44
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Cybertinushi! I've got a Ubuntu 12.04 machine in production. It is still posibble to upgrade this to Ubuntu 14.04 or is a reinstall my only option at this point?09:48
lotus|NUCCybertinus: are you on ESM?09:48
Cybertinusand rest assured: when this machine is running 14.04 I will be upgrading to 16.04 and 18.04 right away09:48
Cybertinuslotus|NUC: I don't know what ESM is09:49
lotus|NUC!esm | Cybertinus09:49
ubottuCybertinus: Canonical offers paid extended security support for 12.04 through the Ubuntu Advantage program. For more information, see https://ubuntu.com/esm . ESM is not an Ubuntu community offering; please direct questions about it to Canonical directly.09:49
Cybertinusno, I am not09:49
lotus|NUCCybertinus: cause 12.04 is end of life09:49
CybertinusI know, that's why I've been given the glorious task of upgrading the machine :)09:49
lotus|NUCCybertinus: in production this is a risk to keep using, would you still trust your machine to upgrade?09:49
lotus|NUCCybertinus: in your case i would consider a clean install 14.04 or higher09:50
Cybertinuslotus|NUC: the machine is running internally, it isn't connected to the big bad internet, so yeah, I still trust it09:51
lotus|NUC!ltsupgrade | Cybertinus okay!09:52
ubottuCybertinus okay!: Upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04.1 is now available, if you do not receive the upgrade window try update-manager -c09:52
lotus|NUC!eolupgrade | Cybertinus this09:52
ubottuCybertinus this: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:52
lotus|NUCCybertinus: sorry, the last trigger09:53
Cybertinuslotus|NUC: ok, great. Thank you, this is helpfull09:56
zetherooI just noticed that /var/log/lastlog is over 500GB in size - that's not normal is it?09:59
Cybertinusthat's not normal indeed09:59
TJ-zetheroo: sounds like logrotate isn't doing its job, or you've gone in for extreme logging10:05
elias_aHow does Deja-Dup calculate the value of progress bar in GUI? It seems to show quite a low value compared to the amount of data already backed up.10:08
zetherooTJ-: what do you mean by 'extreme logging'?10:14
TJ-zetheroo: debug log_level for example10:16
zetheroooh ok10:16
zetherooI don't think the user of this PC is doing that sorta thing.10:17
zambai have a strange problem.. i'm running 18.04 desktop.. and now and then the machine crashes entirely (no signal output).. but this also completely kills the layer-2 networking and my internet connection10:17
TJ-zetheroo: I've had systems fail to boot due to extreme logging from systemd causing timeouts of devices10:17
zambaif i disconnect the network cable then the network "wakes up again"10:17
TJ-zamba: that suggests an electrical fault10:17
zambaTJ-: oh?10:22
zambaTJ-: of the server?10:22
TJ-zamba: if the PC crashes it'd make sense it is the cause10:23
TJ-zamba: and if it takes down the local wired ethernet network that suggests bad electrical things are happening10:24
TJ-zamba: the ethernet port should be isolated through small transformers and capacitors, so something very wrong is happening10:24
zambait also takes down the wireless network.. i can see the SSIDs, but i can't connect10:24
BarnabasDKzamba is it a laptop or a stationary?10:25
zambaBarnabasDK: stationary10:25
zetherooTJ-: seems like the actual size of the file is a lot smaller ... du -h lastlog 48Klastlog10:26
BarnabasDKcould be your PSU10:26
BarnabasDKzamba, or overheating perhaps10:26
zambaoh, nevermind.. the reason why i wasn't able to connect to the wireless was due to missing radius server10:26
zambaas that is connected through wired connection on the same layer-2 network10:27
zambabut the internet connection was also brought down10:27
zambaand that was the other side of the router.. a different layer-2 network10:27
BarnabasDKah .. ok did you have a power out / brown out10:27
BarnabasDKits unlikely that all your devices go wonky at once10:28
zambathe second i disconnected the cable from the stationary, everything unfroze10:28
zambacan also see the vpn tunnel being brought back up again after taht10:29
TJ-zamba: if the AP is part of the switch/router where the faulty PC is connected, and there is an electrical fault, then losing the AP would be entirely possible10:30
BarnabasDKhave to agree with TJ- maybe try a different NIC port on your stationary and in the switch where it goes10:30
BarnabasDKif you have it10:31
TJ-zamba: what is the make/model of the PC that is failing?10:31
mahaticAfter installing ubuntu 16.04 from an iso here - i have an empty /etc/apt/sources.list.d directory. Is this normal?10:42
mahaticAlso, after installing the latest LTS ubuntu 18 from here - http://releases.ubuntu.com/18.04/ -> simple curl to https://github.com throws an error10:43
Mathisenmahatic, yes and what error do you get with curl10:44
mahaticopenssl ssl_connect ssl_error_syscall10:44
mahaticthat's the one10:44
BarnabasDKmahatic, the system sources are in /etc/apt/sources.list (the file)10:45
Mathisenmahatic, are you on fully updated system when you get that error ?10:47
mahaticMathisen: yes, I installed the live-server and also the alternate server versions. And both of them throw that error on curl10:48
mahaticBarnabasDK: Correct. I'm asking if there should be anything at all in "/etc/apt/sources.list.d/" *directory*10:50
lotuspsychjemahatic: i think there was a recent bug on server with sources10:50
lotuspsychjetomreyn: are you awake?10:51
TJ-mahatic: grab some debug logs with "curl -v https://github.com >/dev/null" and show us10:51
TJ-mahatic: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ is for additional repositories to be added/removed without having to edit /etc/apt/sources.list10:52
TJ-mahatic: e.g. add-apt-repository puts/removes files there10:52
mahaticTJ-: Ubuntu18 - https://pastebin.com/AeCzZ76g10:56
mahaticTJ-: Ubuntu16 - https://pastebin.com/pFwKab8n10:57
mahaticTJ-: ack on sources.list.d info, Thanks10:58
YounderI have a program (VariCAD) that can only read QT printers. I am using standard Ubuntu 18.04 with gnome. Is there a way ̈́to use QT printer drivers under gnome.11:03
bazhangas in kde?11:04
bazhangdrivers are DE agnostic11:05
BarnabasDKYounder, printing is done via CUPS / drivers from openprinting11:06
BarnabasDKcan you find your model of printer here ? http://www.openprinting.org/printers11:07
YounderBarnabasDK, Yes the problem I have is it doesn't use the gnome system printing dialog11:10
Younderso I have to print to file and the print the file form anoter program11:10
StrykarI'm looking for suggestions for a good weather app that can reside in the system tray on 18.10? ubuntu-weather-app and Meteo from the Ubuntu Software, install, but do not run11:19
BarnabasDKYounder, could you try to edit the cupsd file11:20
TJ-mahatic: your problem is a proxy: "proxy02.iind.intel.com:911"11:20
BarnabasDKsudo vi /etc/cups/cupsd.conf11:21
mahaticTJ-: but it works alright in ubuntu16. I use proxy there too11:21
BarnabasDKand add the line   Printcap /etc/printcap11:21
BarnabasDKthen restart cupsd11:21
BarnabasDKsudo systemctl restart cups.service11:22
BarnabasDKthen restart your application11:22
lotuspsychjeStrykar: ive tested gnome weather, was pretty decent11:22
BarnabasDKI have no way of verifying this11:22
TJ-mahatic: I'd suspect due to the change to openssl 1.1 in 18.0411:23
mahaticTJ-: hmm, any workaround for it?11:24
TJ-mahatic: try testing it with openssl's s_client, as in "s_client -debug -connect proxy02.iind.intel.com:911"11:24
TJ-mahatic: my guess is the ciphers or hashes offered by the proxy aren't matching what openssl is prepared to use. 16.04 shows it using "SSL connection using TLS1.2 / ECDHE_RSA_AES_128_GCM_SHA256"11:25
mahaticTJ-: I'm not sure what's broken or how but when I try to install some packages it throws errors - https://pastebin.com/qSCrmiQi11:33
mahaticI tried to use sudo apt-get -f and it doesn't help11:33
mahaticTJ-: another question on ubuntu16. Should 16.04 come with any default gcc installation? Because I don't see any gcc installed11:34
BarnabasDKmahatic, no you have to install that11:35
BarnabasDKuse the build-essentials package11:35
BarnabasDKsudo apt install build-essential11:35
mahaticBarnabasDK: ok, thanks11:35
BarnabasDKit will give you gcc and the most common tools around it11:35
TJ-mahatic: I'm not sure what is going on; I don't see any breaking issues between the ciphers supported in openssl in 16.04 and 18.04. Your internal proxy cipher (ECDHE_RSA_AES_128_GCM_SHA256) is supported in both for TLS v1.211:40
TJ-mahatic: ahhh, hang on, that is what github.com is offering, not your internal proxy. So, yes, it looks like your internal proxy is only offering weak ciphers that openssll 1.1 no longer supports11:42
TJ-mahatic: try "openssl s_client -debug -connect proxy02.iind.intel.com" to see11:46
TJ-mahatic: regarding 'gcc' - all the *-desktop packages depend on gcc so it should be installed for 'desktop' - possibly not for -server installs though11:49
zambaTJ-: it's a lenovo thinkstation12:10
zambaTJ-: embedded NIC12:10
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howarthHas anyone noticed that the dropbox_2018.11.08_amd64.deb from http://linux.dropbox.com/ubuntu seems to be broken on xenial?12:22
howarthI have to revert back to dropbox_2015.10.28_amd64.deb in order for the dropbox menu to re-appear in the menu bar12:23
Strykarlotuspsychje, what version of Ubuntu you on? It has errors on 18.10 - https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bDj3ckHx2P/12:38
lotuspsychjeStrykar: im on 18.04.112:41
Strykarlotuspsychje, thanks, it's what I was looking for, I'll check github for issues12:44
lotuspsychjeStrykar: did you install git version or version from gnome software?12:45
BluesKajHi folks12:47
howarthposted upstream12:49
howarthI suspect they borked the unity desktop support and only bothered testing against gnome12:49
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the_drowDo I need to set the locale to Hebrew or simply generate it?13:06
glaucomhi all...13:09
glaucominstalled version 18.04 and i need install gnome13:09
glaucomand receive this message https://pastebin.com/PgYr8QjQ13:10
Guest63847how can i remove dependencies when i installed and removed a snap?13:11
Guest63847snap --help doesn13:12
Guest63847`snap --help` doesn't give any obvious answers13:12
Guest63847or does snap not enable dependency tracking?13:13
Guest63847ah well, just removed everything in snap list13:15
glaucomubuntu 18.04 broken packages ?13:21
glaucomgnome : Depends: gnome-core (= 1:3.22+9)13:21
leftyfbsnaps install their dependences within the snap "container". If you remove a snap, all of it's components, settings and dependencies go with it13:22
Strykarlotuspsychje, got the openweathermap working via gnome-tweaks, looks sweet - https://gitlab.com/jenslody/gnome-shell-extension-openweather13:27
NTQHi. Is there a very simple tool which monitors external http(s) services and can be configured over a webinterface?13:32
NTQMunin is too complicated for that, monit isn't free for more than one server and monitorix seems not to be designed for Ubuntu in mind.13:33
StrykarNTQ, https://my-netdata.io13:34
OerHeksNTQ, i know only high classy tools, like zabbix or munin13:34
Strykarif you want master-slave configs, munin is as easy as it gets. what's the issue with munin/13:34
NTQIt is completely sufficient to test certain web addresses every few minutes.13:35
NTQI don't want to install slave nodes on every server. It should get a list of web site addresses and send an email if one of them does not answer or runs into a timeout.13:38
StrykarNTQ, use a script - https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/84814/health-check-of-web-page-using-curl13:38
Oolyou can use the old Nagios3 package, is still present in bionic13:42
NTQStrykar: netdata looks very nice although it does more than I need. But I don't quite understand how to install only the data collecting part of it on a public server and connect it to our intranet server without making all statistics know to the public.14:05
sruliI have a issue bootiing after kernel upgrade on 16.04. for the past few weeks on 4.4.0-138/138 keyboard did not work on plymouth screen and had low graphics with login loop at login screen so booted with 4.4.0-137, now same with 4.4.0-137 i have low graphics with login loop, disabled amdgpu in grub did not help' need some help please14:12
srulilotus|NUC: ^^ similar issue i had last time (same solution does not help) any ideas?14:14
StrykarNTQ, use a script14:15
OerHekssruli, what happens with HWE kernel 4.15+ ?14:16
sruliOerHeks: you mean i should use LTS Stack Entablement?14:17
OerHekssruli, i would, with amdgpu14:19
sruliOerHeks: i will try but had major issues on a 18.04 machine where still need amdgpu blacklisted in grub for it to boot!14:20
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OerHeksamdgpu or nouveau ?14:21
sruliOerHeks: amdgpu14:21
sruliOerHeks: some errors on kernel build and "could not write to amd crash file..." (cannot scroll up  enough in tty to get exact error) output of /var/crash/amdgpu-pro-dkms.0.crash http://termbin.com/pzq214:28
octo8i installed ubuntu using etcher on an sd card, and when i boot from sd card, it shows grub instead of mac, when i exit from grub i go back to mac, i want to see an option for linux14:31
sruliOerHeks: now boot hangs after "started update UTMP about system Runlevel changes"14:32
Strykarif I setup different partitions for / /boot and /home and use FDE, will I have to enter more than one password on reboot?14:36
naccStrykar: if you are using full-disk encryption, then you just enter one password14:42
naccStrykar: well, your disk password and your login password, obviously14:42
destrahello, im trying to install mysql on server 18.04 using mysql_secure_installation, but looks like password that I setup doesn't work when I mysql -u root -p14:44
NoImNotN1neVoltthen you did something wrong. uninstall and reinstall.14:45
destraalready 3 times14:45
destraalso tried power off power on xD14:45
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NoImNotN1neVoltthen you're fundamentally misunderstanding something.14:46
destraI disabled login outside localhost, but don't think this is matter, cuz ERROR 1698 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'14:46
JimBuntuSee if the end of step 2 and the step 3 help you destra - https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-mysql-on-ubuntu-18-0414:47
destranot sure how can I misunderstood simple script :) maybe it just doesn't work?14:49
JimBunturoot user probably isn't configured for login via password ^^14:49
destraso why then it asks for: Please set the password for root here.14:50
destrawell, gonna check thanks14:50
srulilightdm failed to start "start requests repeated too quickly"14:51
sruliOerHeks: ^^14:51
coconutocto8: on a mac you need the iso changed to an img image first.14:54
octo8maybe i insalled the grup in the wrong place?14:55
=== [1]MrMobius is now known as MrMobius
coconutocto8: does the mac still boot without usb plugged/14:56
octo8if the sd card is present or not14:56
octo8it always shows grup at first14:56
octo8if i want to continue to mac, i just enter the command "exit"14:57
coconutocto8: if that only happens when usb stick is pluggged than all is still fine.14:58
coconutocto8: to make a live-usb with ubuntu to boot on mac, you have to make a img image first, and then put that img on the usb.14:59
coconutyou put an iso on usb now, which mac does not understand.15:00
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srulicannot get lightdm to start, tried with and without amdgpu blacklisted in grub do difference 16.04 kernel 4.15.-3815:03
=== NoImNotN1neVolt is now known as NoImNotNineVolt
sruliwith amdgpu blacklisted in grub ai am able to get to low graphics login screen but cannot login, keeps asking for password15:04
srulistatus lightdm.service - PAM unable to dlopen(pam_kwallet.sso).... PAM adding faulty moudule: pam_wallet5.so , need some help please15:08
revmoohow do I turn off the advertisements on login15:10
adrian_1908what is this, MS Windows?15:13
zambadoing I/O operations completely trashes my X15:13
zambawhat is going on here?15:13
zambai have a box with 12 GB RAM15:13
zambaand SSD15:13
zambabut the I/O operation i was performing was between two external hard drives15:14
adrian_1908zamba: and X gets unresponsive or what? Shouldn't happen indeed.15:14
hateballzamba: are you using gnome or?15:14
hateballsuch issues are not uncommon in plasma with the indicator-applet15:15
zambaadrian_1908: happens a lot.. graphics tear.. switching workspace is a dread15:15
zambahateball: i'm using gnome, yes15:16
=== coconut is now known as coconut_
hateballok, I've no experience with that15:16
hateballI was thinking if it has a similar applet to show file copy progress and what not15:16
Strykarnacc, thanks for clearing that up15:18
sruliioria: you around? have a similar issue to last time with amdgpu, hangs on boot, when i disable amdgpu i get low resolution screen eith login loop, upgraded kernel to enablement stack (i am on 16.04) donr know what else to try15:20
sruliit seems all kernels from 4.4.0-138 and atleast from 4.15.0-38 have a issue with amdgpu, suffering on multiple machines 16.04 and 18.04 cannot boot to login screen' some boot with amdgpu blacklisted and some dont, this regression is not new there were others that complained here in the last few weeks and booted with older kernel, today the older kernel stopped working for me, any ideas?15:24
OerHekssruli, you termin talks about amdgpu-pro-17.10-429170 for kernel 4.15.0-39 .. maybe you want a newer version amdgpu-pro-18.20-684755 https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-prorad-lin-18-2015:31
OerHeksi was looking for all sorts of comments, untill i checked the driver version itself15:31
sruliOerHeks: so i should install driver package from amd site?15:36
OerHeksthat is the pro driver ?15:41
OerHeksit is not in our repos15:41
ryuosruli: have you tried booting with amdgpu.dc=0 or amdgpu.dc=1 ?15:42
ryuosruli: i'm also a user of the pro driver, but i'm likely using something newer. I'm on Bristol Ridge.15:43
ryuoerr amdgpu*15:43
TJ-reading the "known issues" from the AMD driver page doesn't offer confidence: "Unable to log in to the system after driver installation on certain platforms"15:44
ryuoodd. i wonder why. i'm not having any issues.15:44
srulihi TJ-: i never installed their drivers before going crazy with this issue, dont know what else to try15:45
TJ-sruli: I've stayed away from both nvidia and AMD GPUs because both seem to generate abnormal amounts of breakage15:46
sruliryuo: what driver version do you have? regarding booting with "amdgpu.dc=0" do i put that in the grubfile linux_cmd_line=?15:46
ryuosruli: whatever came with Ubuntu Bionic and Kernel 4.1515:47
sruliTJ-: what card would you suggest for 3 screen setup15:47
ryuosruli: yes, that's one option. you can also try using it from the grub prompt.15:47
ryuosruli: if your GPU is new enough, the amdgpu driver may be trying to use the newer DC code.15:48
ryuoit may be causing issues, or you may benefit from enabling it.15:48
ryuoTJ-: breakage with what? KDE?15:49
sruliryuo: i purchased this gpu 12-18 month ago, dont think it was a new release at teh time as it was pretty cheap for a 3 screen card15:49
ryuosruli: oh, it's a desktop.15:50
sruliryuo: yes its a desktop15:50
ryuosruli: either way, .dc may make a difference or not. only can try to find out.15:50
ryuoi had some issues with it disabled so i leave it on now.15:51
sruliryuo: the  issue now seems to be lightdm wont start... dc=0 did not help tryin =1 now15:51
ryuoOh, that's what I was having...15:52
ryuoit stopped booting to desktop... but i switched off dc=0 and it worked.15:52
sruliryuo: what do you mean you switched of dc=0 you put dc=1?15:53
ryuoamdgpu.dc=0 vs amdgpu.dc=115:53
ryuoi was disabling it before, and i removed it after I started having boot hangs.15:53
ryuono idea why it changed.15:53
sruliryuo: both dont work, hangs at "started Light Display Manager"15:54
ryuoI see.15:54
TJ-sruli: An older one! I still have perfectly working Nvidia Nvs420 and 4/6-monitor configs working fine with both nouveau and the legacy nvidia driver15:55
ryuowell, was worth a try.15:55
ryuosruli: what version of Ubuntu are you using?15:55
sruliany other ideas before i need to resort it propitiatory crap?15:55
sruliryuo: 16.0415:55
ryuoso, you've been using the 4.4.x kernel?15:55
TJ-sruli: the problem seems to be immaturity and/or churn in the driver code15:55
sruliTJ-: where can i pick up an older one?15:55
TJ-sruli: ebay :)15:56
sruliryuo: in;stalled 4.15. before as could not get 4.4 to boot, problem seems to be on both15:56
ryuoI see.15:57
ryuo18.04 is now here, any reason you can't give it a spin?15:57
ryuocan try booting a livecd if nothing else.15:57
TJ-sruli: this listing has the DP>DVI adapter required for example: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nvidia-NVS420-with-VGDCI-to-Quad-DVI-Splitter-PCI-E-512-MB-GDDR3-DVI-x4/37247696815415:58
sruliryuo: too much stuff that might break, do not have the time yet to do it (14.04>16.04) was 2 days work to fix my stuff15:58
ryuoOk. Fair enough.15:58
ryuoThe networking stuff did change.15:58
ryuosystemd-resolved is now default, etc.15:58
TJ-sruli: just checked which driver in case you're interested: "nvidia-340/bionic-updates,now 340.107-0ubuntu0.18.04.1"15:59
ryuosruli: does it boot if you do...15:59
TJ-sruli: have you confirmed it can boot cleanly to multi-user.target, rather than graphical.target ?16:00
sruliTJ-: i am very reluctant to get used card, or maybe i should get 3 as spares16:00
TJ-sruli: that's what I do; been using these for years both as external to laptops and internal to desktops16:01
ryuosruli: systemd.unit=multi-user.target16:01
ryuosruli: as a boot parameter. this disables autostart of lightdm.16:01
sruliTJ-: i see "reached target Multi-User System" light display manager hangs few lines after that16:01
ryuothen you can login on a tty and try starting it from there.16:01
TJ-sruli: on the laptop with an ExpressCard>ViDock that gives 6 1920x1200 monitors for example16:02
ryuoi did that when i couldn't boot normally and...16:02
ryuoit worked oddly enough.16:02
TJ-sruli: as ryuo says, with multi-user.target you have clean control. You can try to start it then with "sudo systemctl start lightdm"16:02
sruliryuo: i have tty1 ctrl+alt+f116:02
TJ-sruli: and work with it if it gails16:02
ryuosruli: if this works, then you have some kind of timing issue.16:03
TJ-sruli: for graphical issues I find it better to work from a remote SSH client16:03
ryuoif so, it may be viable to delay lightdm's start point as a workaround.16:03
OerHeksfresh kernel, and firmware and more .. update please https://news.softpedia.com/news/canonical-outs-new-kernel-security-updates-for-all-supported-ubuntu-releases-523856.shtml16:05
sruliTJ-: ryuo: from tty1 and ssh restarting lightdm does not help in status i see " lightdm.service: Failed with result 'start-limit-hit'"16:05
ryuothat means lightdm is unable to start.16:06
sruliryuo: so what can i try?16:06
sruliafter "reached target multi-user system" i see "reached target graphical failsafe fallback"16:09
srulii guess will need to install propriatory driver :-(16:10
TJ-sruli: right, but you're in control so you can investigate further. E.g. "journalctl -u lightdm.service"16:15
TJ-sruli: or "journalctl -p warning -b"16:15
al2014t6Hello guys/gals. Got a question that stackexchange hasn't been able to help me with, so I thought I'd try my luck in the irc. My backlight fn keys don't work, which stackexchange then directs me to the /sys/class/backlight folder, which turns out is empty. However, xbacklight commands still work, unlike what is suggested by the stackexchange posts. One of the things I've seen go by is adding video.only_lcd=0 to the boot options, bu16:17
al2014t6t I can't find where I would have to do that16:17
al2014t6Oh hey, it splits big comments. TIL16:17
sruliTJ-: apart from the start-hit-limit, only other  rellavant thing i find is "Failed to start Detect the available GPUs and deal with any system changes.16:18
OerHeksal2014t6, what backlight/keyboard exactly? and linux version?16:19
OerHeksfor "adding video.only_lcd=0 to the boot options" see the grub manual16:20
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:20
TJ-sruli: that message is from the gpu-manager package, I think it does some things for hybrid GPUs16:21
al2014t6OerHeks, Ubuntu 18.04, yesterday updated from 16.04. I'm assuming your question on backlight/keyboard is the models, where do I find those?16:22
TJ-sruli: lightdm may be logging to /var/log/lightdm/ so it's worth looking at those files16:22
OerHeksal2014t6, if this is a laptop, laptop model? else the bottom side of the keyboard gives a clue?16:23
al2014t6OerHeks, ah, yes, it's a laptop. HP Elitebook 8570w. So LED backlight, looking through the specs for keyboard data.16:25
TJ-al2014t6: for keyboard "backlight", I think you'll find the node under /sys/class/leds/16:25
TJ-al2014t6: /sys/class/backlight/ is specifically for display backlight control16:26
al2014t6TJ-, Oh, I'm talking about the screen backlight. It was when I tried to get the multimedia keys working that I discovered that /sys/class/backlight was empty16:27
al2014t6TJ-, apologies for the bad wording above.16:28
TJ-al2014t6: ahhh, I must have misread your comment :)16:28
TJ-al2014t6: there is usually  ACPI  or platform device control for display backlight16:29
TJ-al2014t6: if you've got neither, there are kernel command-line options that could help16:29
TJ-al2014t6: e.g. "acpi_backlight=vendor"16:30
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
TJ-al2014t6: another is "video.brightness_switch_enabled=0"16:31
al2014t6TJ-, sorry, had to take a call. I indeed have nothing in my /sys/class/backlight/ folder.16:32
srulilast 150 lines of; lightdm.log http://termbin.com/f7lh . seat0-greeter.log http://termbin.com/p3nn . x-0.log http://termbin.com/9vbx . Xorg.0.log http://termbin.com/qvt716:32
sruliTJ-: ^16:33
TJ-sruli: xorg log looks fatal!16:33
TJ-sruli: "(EE) amdgpu: module ABI major version (20) doesn't match the server's version (23)"16:34
sruliTJ-: what do i do?16:34
TJ-sruli: slight aside; do you definitely need "irqpoll" ?16:35
al2014t6TJ-, when you say I need to look into kernel command-line options that can help, do you refer to things like adding to the boot options? Or is that something else?16:36
TJ-sruli: the amdgpu error tells you the Application Binary Interface of the kernel module does not match what the userspace Xorg server amdgpu driver expects. Fix that and you'll be better off!16:36
TJ-al2014t6: correct. You can add them temporarily at boot-time by intercepting GRUB before it loads the kernel, and editing the kernel command-line there, or you can edit /etc/default/grub and add the option(s) to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=  and then save the file and do "sudo update-grub"16:37
TJ-sruli: I'm not sure whether the userspace xorg drivers come with the AMD binary packages, or not, but I'd assume they likely do16:38
al2014t6TJ-, you say temporarily. Does that mean that if I were to do it at boot-time it would apply until I reboot the laptop?16:39
sruliTJ-: not sure if i need irqpoll i think i added it to see if it helps keep usb ports from going to sleep16:39
lordcirth_al2014t6, any change you make in the grub boot entry during boot will only apply for that boot.16:39
sruliTJ-: how do i fix the xorg and amd driver mismatch?16:40
al2014t6Thanks guys. I'm off to reboot, see if this sticks16:42
TJ-sruli: I'm no expert on amdgpu, but the issue should be simple to fix. Ensure the userland drivers, and the kernel driver, match ABI versions.16:47
TJ-sruli: is this for 18.04 with 4.15 kernel?16:48
oft_gegongcan someone clarify what snaps are for me? (my self->{critical thinking} libraries are missing)16:49
sruliTJ-: no 16.04 4.15 kernel (was 4.4.0-138 few hours ago until someone suggested to enable lts stack)16:49
ryuooft_gegong: basically packages that run in an environment separate from the host.16:50
TJ-sruli: ahhh, OK, I need to jump into 16.04 to check then16:51
sruliTJ-: thanks16:51
lotuspsychje!snap | oft_gegong16:51
ubottuoft_gegong: Snaps are containerised software packages similar to flatpaks or appimage. For more info, see https://snapcraft.io16:51
lotuspsychjeoft_gegong: can you provide details of the snap you are trying? volunteers might think along with you16:52
TJ-sruli: OK, solved!16:53
OerHekssnaps are like PPA's, you must trust the owner16:53
oft_gegonglotuspsychje: I have no problems with snap. it's just if you're using the latest version of ubuntu I thought ubuntu repositories and external ubuntu package repos would cover 98% of all software needs16:53
sruliTJ-: i tried to install the propitiatory driver, got lots of errors, same on untinstall, ran "16:54
srulifor amdgpupkg in $(dpkg --list | grep amdgpu-pro | awk '{print $2}'); do echo $amdgpupkg; sudo dpkg --purge --force-all $amdgpupkg; done" rebooted, works fine now not sure if i m16:54
ryuooft_gegong: don't use it without cause. they're somewhat worse security wise.16:54
OerHekscheck snapcraft.io for details16:54
sruliTJ-: .... not sure if i damaged anything16:54
oft_gegongsruli: did you install the drivers with:  `ubuntu-drivers autoinstall`?16:55
oft_gegongI mean `sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall'16:55
ryuooft_gegong: he can't. amdgpu pro isn't available through that.16:55
TJ-sruli: you've got the HWE xserver-xorg*hwe-16.04 packages which, if you look at their Depends: declare "xorg-video-abi-23" but your error message shows the kernel module is ABI 20. So I'm guessing you need to upgrade the kernel too, "sudo apt install linux-{image,headers}-generic-hwe-16.04"16:55
sruliTJ-: u read my last message?16:56
TJ-sruli: yes; you've removed the amdgpu-pro driver :) That's another way of fixing it16:56
sruliTJ-: well it works, if it works what do i need it for?16:58
AkemAcer2Hey, i can't find xorg.conf in Ubuntu 17.10, i looked in /etc/X11 and /usr/share/X11/ but no go. However i have "xorg.conf.04142018" in /etc/X11 but i think it's an old one, where should it be?16:58
leftyfbAkemAcer2: 17.10 is no longer supported16:58
leftyfbAkemAcer2: I would suggest upgrading to 18.04 which will be supported for another 4+ years16:59
TJ-sruli: I think the -pro version is supposed to have better optimisations and additional features16:59
AkemAcer2leftyfb, where should it be in 18.10 then cause it will likely be the same.16:59
TJ-AkemAcer2: in most cases there is no xorg.conf16:59
TJ-AkemAcer2: xserver figures things out for itself nowadays17:00
lotuspsychjeAkemAcer2: xorg: /usr/lib/xorg /usr/include/xorg try here17:00
leftyfbAkemAcer2: though again, you should not be running ubuntu 17.1017:00
AkemAcer2Nope can't find it there lotuspsychje, thanks anyway. TJ- I see, i may not have any then. I wanted to add an option shadowfb for x11vnc just to see...well i'll see what i can do then. Thanks all.17:03
lotuspsychjeAkemAcer2: follow the advice of leftyfb17:03
AkemAcer2leftyfb, I hear you however this machine is fully configured with lots of tweaking and all, and when i tried the live USB my WIFI wasn't functionnal, couldn't connect.17:04
AkemAcer2So i'll check later...17:04
sruliTJ-: dont use my machine for gaming as long as my multi display setup works its good enough for me17:04
ryuoAkemAcer2: do you know what wifi? it's possible only a very recent kernel will support it OOB.17:05
al2014t6TJ-, thanks for your help. Now my /sys/class/backlight is no longer empty. acpi_video0 has appeared. However, the buttons still don't change the screen brightness, although I do get the overlay that shows the brightness bar changing17:05
bipulHow to install Ubuntu server via preseed method?17:06
alexidoiaHello, I have an archive of email used by postfix/sieve/roundcube and I'd like to reopen them in thunderbird for example to have a actual GUI, is that possible17:06
lotuspsychjebipul: best to join #ubuntu-server for that17:07
al2014t6I'm going to hit up stackexchange with this for a bit though. Thanks for your help though17:07
AkemAcer2ryuo, RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter - it works with 17.10 so i would expect it to work with 18.10.17:07
bipulNobody reply there,17:08
lotuspsychjebipul: not correct17:08
ryuoAkemAcer2: hm...17:11
ryuooh wow. it's the same model as my other laptop.17:11
AkemAcer2ryuo, it's an HP Pavilion laptop.17:12
ryuoAkemAcer2: hm. guess it's bu not be.17:14
ryuoAkemAcer2: you got the PCI ids?17:14
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
AkemAcer2ryuo, no, i don't know how to get them. The driver used by the kernel is rtl8723be but on the capabilities its written "access denied".17:17
ioriaAkemAcer2, there is a bug for that chip for  18.04 bionic  but not for 18.10 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/178899717:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1788997 in linux (Ubuntu Bionic) "rtl8723be wifi does not work under linux-modules-extra-4.15.0-33-generic" [Medium,In progress]17:18
ioriaAkemAcer2, it's said that it should work fine  on 4.17 and on  (cosmic is 4.18)17:19
AkemAcer2ioria, i see, so it should work again with 18.10 then.17:19
ryuoAkemAcer2: seems the driver isn't the same... ok.17:20
TJ-AkemAcer2: to get the device id (and driver): "lspci -nnk -d ::280" . Device ID is the [????:????] at the end of the line17:21
ioriaAkemAcer2, and a xorg.conf.xxx usually means that you 'had' a xorg.conf set in /etc/X11 but has been backed up by a driver removal (or udate)17:21
AkemAcer2Okay, probably when i removed the nvidia drivers then.17:22
AkemAcer2So i can try to do an upgrade from 17.10?17:23
AkemAcer2And crossing the fingers :P17:24
ioriaAkemAcer2, well, it takes a lot of time17:24
AkemAcer2Ha, reading the docs looks like i can't upgrade from 17.10 to 18.10.17:25
ioriaAkemAcer2, yes,you need 18.04 first17:26
ioriaAkemAcer2, that's why  ^17:26
AkemAcer2ioria, but 18.04 will break my wifi?17:26
ioriaAkemAcer2, what you care ? you want 18.1017:26
AkemAcer2I'm connected using wifi so i'll need to go with a cable to continue the upgrade to next version.17:27
=== MenschZwoNull_ is now known as MenschZwoNull
ioriaAkemAcer2, so,yo ureally want go though 2 upgardes ?17:27
TJ-AkemAcer2: the only thing that will break Wifi is the kernel version. There is no reason you can't skip kernel versions as a temporary measure :)17:28
ioriaAkemAcer2, you really want to go through 2 upgrades  ?17:29
AkemAcer2Well, not really...but since i have everything configured, i mean gnome extensions, samba shares, Wine applications etc...17:30
AkemAcer2Android studio also.17:30
TJ-AkemAcer2: you can do-release-upgrade to 18.04 LTS and ensure you install the v4.18 kernel via the "linux-{image,headers}-generic-hwe-18.04-edge" packages17:30
lotuspsychjeand realtek pretty sensitive on kernels too17:31
AkemAcer2Ok i'll see maybe i'll try backup then fresh install and push back all the things, thanks all.17:32
ash_worksiwhen you here "file exporter" do you thing of something that exports content to a file, or from a file?17:35
osseCurrently there's a systemd unit that is started at boot. I rather want to start it manually but otherwise behave the same. How can I accomplish this?17:37
lotuspsychje!systemd | osse start here17:38
ubottuosse start here: systemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers For a guide to basic service management with systemd, see https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-systemctl-to-manage-systemd-services-and-units17:38
ioriaosse, behave how ?17:39
OerHeksosse what unit exactly? and why do you want to start it manually?17:40
eelstreborsynaptic indicates that bind9-host is deprecated but i can't remove it without removing ubuntu-standard17:40
hggdheelstrebor: yes, but it is still in the process of being phased out of use. Just leave it there for now17:42
ioriaosse, let's say you don't want apache starting at boot, you disable it (systemctl stop/disable) and  systemctl start apache2 when you want ,if i got what you mean17:42
lolcat-007i have problem with devede dvd converter how can i install oldest version or another similar software to convert dvd on ubuntu???17:44
iorialolcat-007, i used bombono-dvd17:46
lolcat-007ioria: does bombono-dvd is free to use?17:48
iorialolcat-007, i guess so17:48
OerHekswhat is your issue with devede?17:48
osseioria: I get it just right. Ah, I thought disable was a more than just that. Thanks.17:48
ioriaosse, ok17:48
lolcat-007OerHeks: it give to many error during convertion17:48
osseOerHeks: The unit is plex. I have to figure out some mounts and stuff before I can let it run at boot. Currently I have to mount some disks and then restart it17:49
osseioria: I mean *you* got it right, of course :-)17:50
osselotuspsychje: thanks for those links. I need to review those17:52
n0ydMy problem is this. I have an HP Envy laptop, dual booting windows 10 and ubuntu 18.10. At some point windows decided to take over as the primary boot, so I can only get into ubuntu by hitting ESC on boot and then choosing the partiution contating ubuntu and yusing grub to boot the kernel17:55
oft_gegongso what's the problem?17:56
n0ydSo I am rusty with boot stuff. I have to the bios/efi to enable lefgacy boot mode with uefi security basically disabled. How do I get grub to be the main boot option again and also have it be able to boot windows17:56
OerHeksn0yd, install ubuntu in uefi mode too?17:56
n0ydJust do a clean install of grub again?17:56
n0ydNo, I i had bios set to legavcy when instally installed17:57
n0ydI installed back on 16.x then have upgraded overtime to 18.1017:57
OerHeksubuntu *can* be installed with uefi and secure boot off17:57
n0ydwhich it was17:57
oft_gegongno, this is all default. I installed Lubuntu 18.10 over Windows to dual boot. If I want Lubuntu to run I gotta Esc->select or Shift+RestartButtonOnWindows to boot into the Lubuntu-installed partition ext417:57
TJ-n0yd: the issue there is how Windows is booted, because it has taken priority17:58
n0ydTJ-: i realize this17:58
n0ydit happened after a windows upodate17:58
n0ydmonths ago17:58
TJ-n0yd: so is Windows 10 using UEFI boot? Maybe you have 'fastboot' enabled?17:58
n0ydIve been using Linux since 1998, I am just rusty with boot loaders these days as I have higher priority17:58
n0ydyes, windoiws is using uefi it seems.. Hmm fastboot, i forgot to check that17:59
n0ydIts probably enabled17:59
TJ-n0yd: If UEFI/Windows fastboot is enabled, UEFI skips many start-up steps and loads Windows immediately17:59
n0ydok. BRB, I will  check now17:59
oft_gegongso you want the grub boot loader menu to be shown and you want the grub boot loader to auto detect Windows Boot loader? n0yd17:59
n0ydyes of coyurse18:00
n0ydIf it doesnt work this time, i will post pictures of the boot menu i get18:00
oft_gegongweird. I personally don't care that I have to go into BIOS to boot into ubuntu/lubuntu18:00
n0ydIts just an annoyance, my laptropo boots into windows in like 1/.5 seconds18:01
n0ydso I have to be ready to press esc18:01
TJ-n0yd: that sounds like fastboot!18:01
oft_gegongyou can have the BIOS wait longer before booting OSes18:01
n0ydif it shows the HP logo, im fscked18:01
n0ydhalf to hold butrton down to power off and reboot18:01
n0ydTJ-: I agree18:01
eelstreborwhat would cause chown -R not to work on subdirectories?18:05
TJ-eelstrebor: no permissions18:05
eelstreborTJ-, i used sudo18:06
=== WoC- is now known as WoC
TJ-eelstrebor: might be a read-only file-system mount, might have the immutable attribute18:08
n0ydNo luck. There is no fastboot option. I did change the post delay from 0 sec to 5 seconds so i have time to hit esc key. Secure boot is off, legacy is enabled18:08
n0ydAnd grub has an option to boot windows18:09
n0ydGonna try a grub reinstall. No fs cking way will i reinstall this install of nix. I have had it for  few years now18:10
n0ydGod I love apt-fast. I should donate to the dev18:12
TJ-n0yd: I don't really mess with Windows but I thought fastboot was controlled from it's shutdown/power menu?18:14
tgm4883Is searching for snaps currently broken (is the website broken?)18:15
tgm4883I just get a 403 when trying to search18:16
TJ-tgm4883: are you trying to make me smile!?18:16
tgm4883TJ-: I always try to make you smile. But in this instance, I'm trying to install some applets for budgie18:16
tgm4883and the applet installer is apparently a snap in 18.0418:17
TJ- tgm4883 hmm "apt-get budgie cuttlefish" :p18:17
TJ-tgm4883: I presume the tool is hitting the snapcraft.io API ?18:18
ryuotgm4883: i heard you like snaps. so we got you a snap that lets you snap while you snap. =p18:18
tgm4883TJ-: yea18:18
tgm4883TJ-: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YYkXh28jwH/18:18
TJ-tgm4883: so maybe #canonical-sysadmin can help18:19
tgm4883I'll try there, thanks18:19
jayjoI can't seem to download the postgresql-10-client on my ubuntu16.04 machine, is there a different way to add client packages?18:20
tgm4883TJ-: or I won't, since I can't send to that channel :/18:20
TJ-tgm4883: really?18:20
jayjoI don't actually want to install postgres 10 on the server18:20
TJ-tgm4883: sent for you18:21
ryuoTJ-: what is that channel?18:22
tgm4883TJ-: nm, I'm a noob (regarding sending to that channel). My IRC client shows me what was in that channel the last time I was in it unless I click rejoin18:22
n0ydTJ-: not sure im just aware of the old school fastboot options that used to be in options pof bios years ago18:24
n0ydit skipped the post screen usually when on18:24
n0ydi think i fixed it though by ediuting and reinstalling grub, hopefullly18:24
TJ-n0yd: so is Windows 10 using legacy boot too? that would explain how it took over, and re-installing GRUB took it back18:25
TJ-too late18:26
oft_gegongummm...you just gotta know how to work the system </90% sarcasm, 20% stupid>18:29
oft_gegongoh whoops I forgot to scroll down18:29
RandIterThe `gnome-shell` process is using too much CPU on Ubuntu 18.04 and I don't know why.19:21
ahi2try xfce4. light and perfect.19:23
OerHeksRandIter, what is "too much"??19:25
RandIterahi2: That's an option but I still want to fix this.19:25
OerHekswith what videocard/driver?19:25
RandIterOerHeks: way more than for Ubuntu 16.04. It's >= 25.19:25
lapionhow can I install widevine plugin with firefox..19:25
RandIterOerHeks: how do I look that up?19:25
lapionit is in a permanent status of will be installed shortly19:26
OerHekslapion, Beginning with Firefox version 52, support has ended for all NPAPI plugins except for Adobe Flash19:27
OerHeksRandIter, lspci | grep VGA  # shows gpu19:28
OerHekslapion, solution: use chrome19:28
RandIterOerHeks: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GP104M [GeForce GTX 1080 Mobile] (rev a1)19:29
OerHeksRandIter, and did you install any nvidia driver?19:30
RandIterOerHeks: I only did an OS upgrade. I don't know what all got installed.19:31
OerHeksRandIter, check software & updates/additional drivers19:31
lapionthanks OerHeks I did not know widevine was npapi19:32
RandIterOerHeks: It says:  Using NVIDIA driver metapackage from nvidia-driver-410 (open source)19:35
RandIterOerHeks: No proprietary drivers are in use.19:35
OerHeksRandIter, that is good, 367+19:35
RandIterso what do I do19:36
OerHeksthen i have no idea how to make it less heavy19:36
RandIterbut what changed between 16.04 and 18.04 to make it like this19:36
Ben64RandIter: use https://paste.ubuntu.com and show us the output of 'lshw -c video'19:41
RandIterBen64: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CFrjsRJrSC/19:44
Ben64looks like optimus19:46
vedoshas anyone gotten Wickr Me to work on Ubuntu 18.10 ?19:55
OerHeksvedos, as it is commercial stuff, they should give support19:58
OerHeksoh, lolz : We currently do not support calling on Linux. https://me-download.wickr.com/#/version/me19:59
joebobjoehow do I install the racket package without installing any graphical components of it (par5ticularly libgtk I think)?20:05
joebobjoewhat flags do I pass to apt install to get it to not install the recommended package libgtk20:06
TheWildhey, does Ubuntu update against meltdown/spectre on it's own (I updated from 16.04.4 to 18.something a couple of months ago) or it requires special care from me?20:06
joebobjoebindi, but I'm fine with the other recommended packages20:06
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti20:07
TheWilduname -r: 4.13.0-36-generic20:07
OerHeks*if* you updated, you didn't run:  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade20:08
joebobjoeI want to install `racket` and `racket-doc` (as a recommended package under racket) but not the other recommended packages of `racket`20:08
OerHeksthat would give you a fresh kernel and more20:08
TheWildheck, to my bad luck I bought this laptop a couple of months before meltdown and spectre were disclosed20:09
OerHeksjoebobjoe, see bindi' s answer20:09
TheWildI'm doing update and full-upgrade quite often20:09
OerHeks4.13.0-36-generic comes with xenial20:10
joebobjoeOerHeks, --no-install-recommends works but I don't want to exclude all the recommended packages, just some of them20:10
joebobjoecan apt really not do this?20:10
TheWildah wait, stupid me. I'm just running "Try Ubuntu" 16.04.4, doing stuff and not wanting to mess up my installed OS20:10
* TheWild bashing against the desk20:10
TheWildwill definitely check when I go back to my real OS20:11
TheWildwait a moment, could chroot let me check it?20:11
OerHekschroot with 16.04 iso into 18.04 ?20:12
OerHeksnot sure that is wise, just pull that dvd and boot20:12
TheWildlater, I have "very important" stuff right here.20:15
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lapionOerHeks, nope that's not the problem on a laptop I have ff 63 with widevine installed and working..20:22
lapiononly on my main system it will not work20:22
Hackwarhi folks, I have an ubuntu server running and we moved to a new house some time ago. I installed everything like before, but the server doesn't get into my network anymore. Idk why. I've already googled a bit and tested a few things. Changed network cable and ports on the switch, other computers connected to that switch work fine. When booting the server, I get a "Failed to start Raise network interface"20:27
Hackwarsudo ifup -v eth0 returns that the link is already configured20:28
HackwarI stumbled upon this https://askubuntu.com/questions/824376/failed-to-start-raise-network-interfaces-after-upgrading-to-16-04 and I get the same output as in the image, but eth0 is present and listed as UP when calling ip a20:29
leftyfbHackwar: what version of ubuntu?20:29
Hackwarleftyfb: 18.04.120:31
ioriaHackwar, a fresh install or an upgrade from 16.04 ?20:32
leftyfbHackwar: you do know ubuntu 18.04 server doesn't have ifupdown installed by default right? I don't think it recognizes /etc/network/interfaces anymore20:32
HackwarThe server started at least as early as 14.0420:32
Hackwarleftyfb: no, I don't know that.20:33
HackwarI just did the automatic updates.20:33
leftyfbHackwar: if you upgraded from 16.04, it should still be using ifupdown20:33
ioriaHackwar, grep cdrom /etc/apt/sources.list20:33
Hackwarits my personal home server20:33
leftyfbwas it a fresh install or upgrade from 16.04?20:33
Hackwarupgrade from 16.0420:33
TJ-Hackwar: is the 'server' configured with a static IP address which isn't in the LAN sub-net given out by the router?20:33
leftyfbHackwar: ok, please pastebin (as best you can) the output from:  ifconfig -a20:34
leftyfbTJ-: I'm getting to that :)20:34
HackwarTJ-: nope, dhcp from the router20:34
Hackwarleftyfb: I have to type all of that, so it will take me a minute. Would eth0 be enough?20:35
leftyfbHackwar: is eth0 the only interface showing?20:35
Hackwarthere is also the loopback20:35
Hackwarbesides that, eth0 is the only one.20:35
leftyfbHackwar: How about: ls /sys/class/net20:36
Hackwareth0 lp20:36
Hackwarups, eth0 lo20:36
leftyfbHackwar: ok, and your /etc/network/interfaces file?20:36
ioriahe cannot paste, i guess20:37
Hackwarauto lo20:37
Hackwariface lo inet loopback20:37
Hackwarauto eth020:37
leftyfbplease don't post line by line here20:37
Hackwariface etho0 inet dhcp20:37
leftyfblook like that?20:38
TJ-Hackwar: does "systemctl status networking" tell you anything useful?20:38
leftyfbHackwar: cat /sys/class/net/operstate20:39
HackwarTJ-: I get almost the same output as here: https://i.stack.imgur.com/iwE8u.png20:40
HackwarI'm missing the Drop-In line20:40
leftyfbHackwar: you get 'Cannot find device "eth0"' ?20:40
Hackwarleftyfb: when I go to /sys/class/net/, I only get eth0 and lo listed, no operstate20:41
leftyfbHackwar: sorry, cat /sys/class/net/eth0/operstate20:42
Hackwarleftyfb: sorry, I don't get that message. I misinterpretet that image20:42
Hackwarcat operstate: up20:43
Hackwarthat is why I'm so confused. The interface apparently is up, but I get no connection to the outside world20:43
Hackwarneither pinging google.com nor pinging
TJ-Hackwar: "ip route show" - is there a "default" ?20:44
Hackwarit says "connect: Network is unreachable"20:44
leftyfbHackwar: can you try a different ethernet device on the same exact ethernet cable plugged into your server right now?20:44
Hackwarip route show returns nothing20:44
TJ-Hackwar: aha!20:44
TJ-Hackwar: what is your gateway router's IPv4 address?20:45
Hackwarleftyfb: I already tested that. I thought that maybe the cable was faulty, since I used a different cable when connecting the server after moving, but even with the cable that my laptop is working fine with, I get no responses20:45
TJ-leftyfb: 18.04 removed reliance on resolvconf because systemd v234 gained direct support. I'm wondering if that is the crux here20:46
TJ-Hackwar: if the server is getting an IPv4 address on eth0 using DHCP then the cable is fine, and dhclient is being executed20:46
geniiI'd try both a straight-through and crossover cable.20:46
HackwarTJ-: the IP is
genii( ...not everything autonegotiates)20:47
TJ-Hackwar: try this: "sudo ip route add default dev eth0 via"20:47
leftyfbTJ-: he can't ping   dns is irrelevant20:47
leftyfbHackwar: wait, you get an ip?20:47
TJ-leftyfb: right, but if resolvconf is expected and isn't there, ifupdown may well fail20:47
HackwarI don't have an IP4 address on eth020:47
leftyfbok, then again, dns doesn't matter at all20:48
TJ-Hackwar: hmmm, I thought you'd said it got aN IP via DHCP20:48
leftyfbstep #1 get an ip address  ..... worry about routes and dns after20:48
HackwarI've got an IPv6 address, but I fear that that is a random one.20:48
leftyfbHackwar: what if you set a static ip yourself? Can you ping the gateway if you do that?20:49
TJ-Hackwar: OK, let's try manually setting an IPv4: "sudo ip addr add dev eth0"20:49
HackwarTJ-: no, I meant that it is configured via dhcp20:49
TJ-Hackwar: then try "ping"20:49
HackwarTJ-: doesn't work destination host unreachable.20:50
ioriaHackwar, you can confirm that the other devices on the same network are using dhcp and not manual configs ?20:51
Hackwarioria: yes20:51
Hackwarit's a dead simple network. router (fritzbox 7490), a bunch of cables, a dummy switch inbetween and a bunch of wifi clients, all connected to the same stuff.20:52
Hackwarnothing fancy, all the cheap home user crap.20:52
TJ-Hackwar: OK, so now I want to know what NIC it is because I'm suspecting the old Intel 219 issue. Show us "lspci -nn -d ::0200"20:52
TJ-Hackwar: the last numbers in square brackets like [????:????]20:53
Hackwarthe lights at the ports are also happily blinking. Slowly though, but they indicate a link...20:54
ioriaHackwar, in any case, i'd also try the leftyfb suggestion20:54
TJ-Hackwar: there's a particular Intel NIC that goes into sleep mode on the receive side only... causes this kind of mysterious issue20:54
HackwarIt says Broadcom BCM5723 [14e4:165b] (rev10)20:55
TJ-Hackwar: right, so not Intel sleepy then, that's good.20:55
leftyfbHackwar: static ip, pign gateway20:55
geniimeh Broadcom20:55
TJ-Hackwar: however "Broadcom" makes me wonder about firmware20:56
leftyfbthat's also a possiblity ^20:56
Hackwarleftyfb: I did that, it did not work.20:56
Hackwarleftyfb: It says "Destination Host Unreachable"20:56
TJ-that uses the tg3 driver20:56
TJ-"modinfo -F firmware tg3" lists the firmware files the driver knows of20:57
geniiTJ-: sudo lshw -C network ... should say what driver in the "configuration" stanza a particular one is using20:58
ioriaHackwar, we need some screenshots20:58
TJ-Hackwar: check if there is a clue in the kernel log that firmware was loaded for it "journalctl -g tg3 -b"20:58
TJ-genii: only the tg3 driver matches that device ID20:58
HackwarTJ-: returns 3 entries, tigon/tg3_tso5.bin, tg3_tso.bin and tg3.bin20:58
Hackwarioria: I have no way of making screenshots...20:58
ioriaHackwar, with the phone20:59
TJ-genii: locally I do this to check: "grep -i '14e4.*165b' /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/mod* "20:59
Hackwarshort of taking photos with my phone, copying those over to my computer and then uploading those somewhere....20:59
TJ-Hackwar: right, I can see those firmware files here too, so now run the 'journalctl ...' command I gave you to search the kernel log20:59
HackwarTJ-: it says "invalid option --- g"21:00
TJ-Hackwar: hmmph, you've got "-g tg3" ?21:00
varazirHello When I mount a NFS share the folder get root permissions. Is there a way around that ?21:01
leftyfbvarazir: mount it with whatever user permissions you want21:01
TJ-Hackwar: oh never mind, stupid maintainers: "Compiled without pattern matching support"21:01
TJ-Hackwar: in which case do "journalctl -b | grep tg3"21:01
varazirleftyfb: I have been google on this and can't find anything on how to do that21:01
leftyfbvarazir: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo#Mounts21:02
HackwarTJ-: second to last line returned is "Link is up at 1000 Mbps, full duplex"21:04
Hackwarline after that "Flow control is on for TX and on for RX"21:04
Hackwarit seems as if the chip is up and running.21:04
varazirleftyfb: Mounting that sets the folder to root:root and I get -bash: cd: watched2: Permission denied21:04
leftyfbvarazir: do you have it mounted rw?21:05
varazirleftyfb: nfs rw,hard,intr,user 0 021:06
varazirleftyfb: is the options I have now, I have tested other21:06
TJ-Hackwar: that sounds like good news as far as it goes; lets try just listening into the interface, see if any broadcast packets are being received. Hopefully it has this installed. "sudo tcpdump -ni eth0"21:06
ash_worksiis pg_ctrcluster an ubuntu script wrapper?21:06
TJ-ash_worksi: I don't see that file in Ubuntu archive; where are you seeing it?21:07
HackwarTJ-: https://pasteboard.co/HNWqvj6.jpg21:08
ash_worksiTJ ^21:08
TJ-Hackwar: in your photo, for ifconfig, I see RX packet counts21:09
ash_worksiwait, is that deprecated or something?21:09
TJ-ash_worksi: ahh, you typed ctrcluster not ctlcluster!21:09
TJ-ash_worksi: so it is: postgresql-common: /usr/bin/pg_ctlcluster21:10
ash_worksiso... is that deprecated?21:10
drocsidHi, I'm running 18.04 oem on an XPS 13. I would like to resize my disk. I started recovery mode hoping that it would not mount or mount ro so that I can resize the ext4 partition. However when I boot recovery mode it appears to mount the / rw. When I edit the grub line I don't see where it's specifying to mount this partition. I would like to resize, but it's pretty difficult without a usb key, which I don't have.21:10
varazirleftyfb: if I do sudp -s then cd the dir I can list it21:10
HackwarTJ-: tcpdump returns some received packages21:10
ash_worksior not recommended for versions +14.04?21:11
HackwarTJ-: broadcast and udp21:11
TJ-ash_worksi: looks like that is a Debian script from the copyright header in the Perl21:11
HackwarTJ-: doesn't seem to be any tcp21:11
TJ-Hackwar: so, we know it can receive, lets' see it if can communiate. (You won't see TCP )21:11
TJ-Hackwar: use another terminal/tty and do "sudo dhclient eth0 &" to start a DHCP client, then flip back to the tcpdump see if there are packets to and from for UDP for ports 67 and 6821:12
ash_worksiTJ-: so... is that not a recommended way to control pg on 18? (ie: _should_ I be using `pg_ctl` or `postgres -D`) ?21:13
TJ-ash_worksi: I'm not sure; it's still being shipped and the copyrights show an update in 2017 so...!21:14
HackwarTJ-: I have lines like "IP > BOOTP/DHCP, Request from 38:ee:a7:a1:00:5c, length 300" in the previos tcpdump output. Should I still do what you said before?21:15
TJ-Hackwar: wait, I'm not sure which 'said' and 'before' you mean :D That output shows the local dhclient broadcasting for a DHCP lease. If there are no replies then it cannot reach the DHCP server.21:16
TJ-Hackwar: or, the DHCP server is ignoring the client :)21:16
TJ-Hackwar: silly question but... the router/DHCP device isn't doing MAC address filtering/blocking is it?21:17
HackwarTJ-: let me recap: So far we have figured out that the cable and chip are working, the link is up and it is receiving broadcast packages and sending out DHCP requrests, right?21:18
TJ-Hackwar: correct21:18
HackwarTJ-: I did not set up any filtering...21:18
TJ-Hackwar: we also allocated a static IPv4 address in the same sub-net as the router, and couldn't get a ping reply from the gateway21:19
ash_worksiTJ-: thanks21:19
drocsidbump ^^^21:20
HackwarTJ-: how do I remove the IP again?21:21
HackwarI'm wondering if he is acting up right now because the IP was previously assigned to a different device.21:21
TJ-Hackwar: "sudo ip addr del dev eth0"21:22
TJ-Hackwar: you'd probably see tcpdump showing some DAD messages (Duplicate Address Detection)21:23
Hackwarnope, doesn't have any effect21:23
TJ-Hackwar: but that wouldn't prevent dhclient from working and getting another IP address21:23
Hackwarstill says "Network is unreachable" when doing ping
ryuoHackwar: is your default route defined?21:24
ryuoTJ-: that's IPv6 only.21:24
HackwarI just did ping -v and it gives me "ping: socket: Permission denied, attempting raw socket..." twice21:24
leftyfbHackwar: can you ping your gateway?21:24
TJ-Hackwar: right now we know DHCP DISCOVER is being transmitted, but there is no DHCP OFFER reply from the router21:25
Hackwarleftyfb: no21:25
leftyfbthen routes don't matter21:25
TJ-Hackwar: ping isn't going to work now you removed the only IPv4 address there was on dev eth021:25
Hackwarryuo: idk21:25
HackwarTJ-: I added a different address that wasn't used by a different device before.21:26
TJ-ryuo: the interface hasn't reached the stage of being able to use a route as yet!21:26
leftyfbHackwar: Can you boot this same machine using a live cd/usb and see if you can get an ip?21:26
ryuoHackwar: are any devices able to use the network?21:26
Hackwarryuo: yes, all other devices are working fine.21:26
ryuoI see.21:26
Hackwarleftyfb: will first have to setup a stick and then see...21:27
Hackwarwill take some time.21:27
leftyfbHackwar: I would do that.21:27
leftyfbHackwar: try with ubuntu 16.0421:27
Hackwaryes, sounds like the next step to do. *sigh*21:27
leftyfbHackwar: also, was this server running 18.04 before you moved? What was it running the last time it worked?21:27
Hackwarleftyfb: I have to admit: I don't know when I updated...21:28
leftyfbHackwar: did this server ever work on 18.04?21:28
HackwarIt might be that I updated shortly before moving and it never really recovered...21:28
TJ-Hackwar: just to confirm, which kernel is that "uname -r" ?21:29
HackwarI just powered down the machine... I'll get a stick first and see if I can get it up with that one and then I'll be back.21:30
cosimonehi everyone, is there some convenient ppa to install the latest libv4l on trusty?21:35
cosimonei'm specifically talking about libv4l, not v4l-utils21:35
crmltDo you really need ppa?21:36
cosimonenot really, i'm just trying to get a version that is at least >= 1.1021:37
cosimonethat was just a possible method21:37
drocsidguess I'm out of luck21:37
cosimonetrusty only has ~1.0.*, which has issues with some webcams21:38
OerHekscosimone, as it is lts, it will not get the latets, upgrade to 18.04 gives 1.14x21:38
ryuocosimone: why are you using trusty still? that thing is ancient.21:38
OerHeksor use a ppa, if you trust the owner https://launchpad.net/~libv4l/+archive/ubuntu/stable?field.series_filter=xenial21:39
TJ-Hackwar: looks like this has happened before: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/266535/upgraded-debian-stable-jessie-desktop-not-connecting-to-wired-internet21:39
crmltget source and compile it21:39
OerHekslibv4l is part of v4l-utils, i wonder why you see them seperate21:39
Bashing-omdrocsid: Can not operate on partitions while they are mounted (in use) .21:39
cosimoneryuo: not my choice, i'm stuck with an embedded device with this distribution for a project21:41
ryuoI see.21:42
OerHekswhat makes you think that embedded device cannot upgrade?21:42
HackwarSo... anybody got a live system that fits onto a 2GB stick?21:43
ryuoHackwar: lubuntu, if you don't intend to install it.21:43
ryuoor ubuntu server even.21:43
OerHekshttp://releases.ubuntu.com/18.04.1/ = 1.8 G21:44
Hackwaryep, found it.21:44
TJ-drocsid: there is a way to resize the root-fs ext4, if you are determined :)21:45
OerHeksif you want some space, 1.5 gb http://releases.ubuntu.com/16.04.5/21:45
Hackwarman, I remember the time when I was surfind around with a 14.4k modem and now it is downloading with 8.7MByte/s....21:46
cosimoneOerHeks: nothing, i was just looking for a quick and easy solution if possible21:46
cosimonei guess upgrading is the safest option21:46
leftyfbHackwar: I would suggest using a 16.04 release since we know it was working when you were running 16.04.21:46
HackwarOerHeks: I just need to boot my server with a live system to see if my network interface is f-ed up or if it is my ubuntu installation21:46
OerHeksserver gives a live-server version now21:47
leftyfbRunning a 18.04 live environment now doesn't answer enough questions21:47
tetotronicUsing Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS (Bionic Beaver) 64-bit, Mate desktop21:50
tetotronicWhen I hover the mouse over the icons next to the clock/date, it does not display status.21:51
tetotronicAny idea how to fix this...?21:51
HackwarTJ-: fyi: I first created a 18.04 lubuntu stick and that one so far did not work either. writing 16.04 right now...22:12
yasoob_hi guys! I am trying to setup openldap on a ubuntu server and client. I am a complete newbie with regards to ldap and am having a bunch of problems. The server part seems to be working fine. I am able to run `ldapsearch -x` on the client and that returns the correct output. When I run `getent passwd` it also lists the openldap users but when I try running `getent passwd USER` where USER is an openldap user, it returns nothing.22:16
yasoob_The same user was, however, being shown when I ran `getent passwd`. Can someone guide me please?22:16
yasoob_I have been banging my head for days now while trying to solve this problem22:17
courrierThere are a couple of UI labels that are not translated in Ubuntu 18.04, I'd like to propose my translations, however how can I identify easily where's the untranslated labels are from and maybe the i18n file?22:18
courrierHere's an example but there are other ones22:19
HackwarTJ-: I have no idea what is up here, but network doesn't work with either live systems. I always have the same error messages. So looks like a hardware issue...22:20
TJ-Hackwar: have you completed powered off that machine, including at the wall-socket?22:21
TJ-yasoob_: See "man gentent" - it behaves differently depending on whether you pass it an argument to find, or not22:22
TJ-yasoob_: sorry, "man getent" even :)22:23
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yasoob_TJ: I couldn't find anything helpful in there. Might just be me having no idea what to look for. I saw in most of the online guides that `getent passwd USER` is supposed to work.22:24
TJ-yasoob_: for the description of the "passwd" entry, it details that different functions are called depending on how the command is used. And those functions behave in different ways22:27
yasoob_TJ: How can i get man page entries for those? I tried running `man getpwnam` but it didn't work. Can you kindly guide me which command I need to use?22:28
TJ-yasoob_: I'm wondering if you've got something weird in /etc/nsswitch.conf for the 'passwd' option?22:29
TJ-yasoob_: ahhh, you like don't have all the -dev man-pages installed :)22:30
HackwarTJ-: I powered it down, but did not pull the plug. But considering what I've been doing so far, I would blame the interface and I guess I have to get a new network card.22:30
yasoob_TJ: my /etc/nsswitch.conf has `passwd: files ldap` which seems fine to me22:30
yasoob_And yeah I think I don't have all the manpages installed22:31
Hackwarmaybe it is time to get a new machine, it is ~5-6 years old. HP N54L...22:32
TJ-Hackwar: often powering down without disconnecting at the socket means the PSU keeps a +5V standby going and that keeps some components alive. In cases like this I strongly recommend flipping the wall off-switch AND then holding down the power-button of the PC to start it, so it drains any remaining charge from capacitors. Then power-on22:34
HackwarOk, I'll try that as a last measure22:34
TJ-yasoob_: is the USER mixed-case (UPPER and lower) ?22:35
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TJ-yasoob_: what is strange there is what you describe sounds like nsswitch.conf is acting as if it has "passwd files [notfound=return] ldap" -- the default action of notfound should be "continue" though22:38
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yasoob_TJ: This is the output of my `getent passwd` https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6f8RPs43ss/22:42
yasoob_This is the output of my `/etc/nsswitch.conf` https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/yGBsZTwKTG/22:42
HackwarTJ-: I powered it off completely and rebooted, still no change.22:43
Hackwarso I'm going to order a new network card.22:43
yasoob_TJ: The user is not mixedcase. The last two users in the output of `getent passwd` are the openldap users22:43
Hackwarif that works, good for me. Then I jsut have to save a bit of money to buy a new server some time soon...22:43
TJ-Hackwar: OK. It would be interesting to connect it directly to another PC, run tcpdump at both ends, and see if both can see each other. If so, you know the NIC is fine and it's the switch/router22:47
HackwarTJ-: the thing is, the laptop that I'm writing you this from, is connected to the same switch and it works fine.22:49
HackwarI also tried a bunch of different ports of that switch22:49
yasoob_TJ: In my /var/log/auth.log I am seeing something interesting. When I try to ssh into the same machine using the openldap user, it logs these errors: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cN9NGXtgYg/22:50
OerHeksrestarting  router often fixes strange connection issues22:50
yasoob_I don't know why it is giving me a binding error. Because I can successfully use the same ldap uri to run search on the client22:50
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TJ-Hackwar: I don't doubt that; but it would indicate some kind of issue and prove if the NIC really has a fault22:51
TJ-yasoob_: "Invalid DN syntax"22:52
TJ-yasoob_: looks like your ldap config has a bug :)22:52
yasoob_TJ: I have checked that file multiple times. I don't know what the error is. I thought it was correct. Can you kindly take a look? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fzpKSTYW94/22:54
stn616I've never had so many troubles with a distribution before...23:00
TJ-yasoob_: are you sure you need "dc=ldap," ? does the DN really include the 'ldap' part of the server's FQDN ?23:01
yasoob_TJ: I thought that was different from the URI. The URI is just the hostname of the server. In addition to that, on the server, the ldif file I use to create new users contains this: `dn: uid=raspberry,ou=People,dc=ldap,dc=research,dc=cs,dc=colgate,dc=edu`.23:03
yasoob_TJ: I removed that BASE part and restarted all the services which deal with auth and I still get the same error23:07
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TJ-yasoob_: are you editing /etc/ldap.conf ?23:09
yasoob_TJ: yup23:09
yasoob_no no23:09
yasoob_I was editing: `/etc/ldap/ldap.conf`23:09
TJ-yasoob_: there's your problem, you're editing /etc/ldap/ldap.conf aren't you?23:09
TJ-yasoob_: see, that file belongs to openLDAP... but libnss-ldap uses /etc/ldap.conf with a slightly different syntax (e.g. BASE is base)23:10
TJ-yasoob_: see the example with "less /usr/share/doc/libnss-ldap/examples/ldap.conf.gz"23:10
TJ-yasoob_: also "man nss_ldap"23:10
stn616I've installed this so many times today is crazy. I tried 14.04, 16.04, 18.04 and 18.10, xubuntu worked fine from first install though. To finally get 18.10 working I had to chroot into the system after installing, install all the updates, then install lightdm and install *xfce* cause X would freeze all the time gdm3 was slow as fk23:12
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TJ-stn616: ubuntu requires hardware acceleration for compositing. If that isn't available it can be very slow. XFCE/Xubuntu doesn't require it (nor does lubuntu)23:15
yasoob_TJ: I tried removing the base from the config file and restarting everything. However, still the same error23:15
TJ-yasoob_: what do you mean by removing it?23:16
yasoob_and eitherways, I think I do need the base because on the server side the ldif file I use to create new users contains this: `dn: uid=raspberry,ou=People,dc=ldap,dc=research,dc=cs,dc=colgate,dc=edu`.23:16
yasoob_TJ: I mean commenting it out23:16
TJ-yasoob_: these are 2 different config files; /etc/ldap/ldap.conf should use "BASE" for openldap; /etc/ldap.conf should use "base" for libnss_ldap23:17
yasoob_Yeah I edited /etc/ldap.conf this time23:17
yasoob_and commented out `base`23:17
yasoob_and restarted the services and tried ssh23:17
yasoob_it gave the same error23:18
TJ-ok, so you have in the ldif "dc=ldap" so that now makes sense23:18
TJ-yasoob_: You're confusing me; why are you commenting out "base"? it is required to set the distinguished name23:18
yasoob_TJ: When you mentioned that do I even need `dc=ldap` in base, I thought I can try commenting it out and seeing if that helps.23:19
TJ-yasoob_: /etc/ldap.conf is only read when libnss_ldap is called through nsswitch23:19
TJ-yasoob_: "base .....DN...." is required; I was asking if the "dc=ldap," was needed. You've shown from your LDIF that it is, but in the meantime we found out you were editing the wrong file anyhow so the changes wouldn't have affected any "getent passwd USER". <-- that uses glibc's nsswitch, which reads /etc/ldap.conf23:20
yasoob_TJ: thank you for clarifying. This is my first stab at it hence all this confusion. What should I look at now?23:23
TJ-yasoob_: Didn't you say earlier you could use openldap's ldapsearch successfully?23:25
TJ-yasoob_: if so, check that with all your edits, that still works. If not, fix /etc/ldap/ldap.conf so it does23:25
TJ-yasoob_: then, for fixing "getent passwd USER" and log-ins, fix /etc/ldap.conf"23:26
yasoob_TJ: `ldapsearch -x` works successfully again. For `getent passwd USER` I don't know what to fix in `/etc/ldap.conf`. It seems correct. This is my `/etc/ldap.conf` file: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cmSbkcCKv6/23:28
yasoob_With "it seems correct" I mean the `ldap.conf` file seems correct. The getent is still failing with the `getent passwd USER` command by not returning anything.23:29
yasoob_TJ: This is the `getent passwd` output and the behavior of `getent passwd USER` https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RSJRcsspRp/23:31
TJ-yasoob_: you have "rootbinddn admin" in /etc/ldap.conf. Is there an admin user on ldap server and if so have you also set the secret for that UID?23:33
yasoob_TJ: This is the output for my `ldapsearch -x` https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Xk4WB78DVz/  There is an admin user as far as I can tell from the output and yes I set a password for that in the initial install.23:35
TJ-yasoob_: if you're using "rootbinddn admin" in nss_ldap's /etc/ldap.conf then you need to put admin's password in /etc/ldap.secret and set it mode 060023:39
Exterminadorsomeone correct me if I'm wrong: "sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=4M status=progress" is the right command to zero out an HDD, right?23:40
Epx998Anyone good with busid conversions for xorg gpu bus ids'?23:40
TJ-yasoob_: read "man nss_ldap" and look at the "rootbinddn" entry23:40
TJ-Epx998: they're just PCI device locations23:40
TJ-Epx998: e.g. they match "lspci -nn"23:41
Epx998Bus ID of 65:00.0 isnt PCI:65:0:0 in the xorg - thought it had to be converted23:41
yasoob_TJ: I do have the password in the ldap.secret file and the permissions are also correct23:41
OerHeksExterminador, looks oke to me23:42
Epx998hmm server could be missing monitor23:42
ExterminadorOerHeks: cool. I don't need any of "&& sync" too or do I?23:43
geniisync will write anything in buffer not yet written to disk23:43
ExterminadorI know I need the "&& sync" when creating a bootable USB. not sure when zeroing out an HDD23:44
yasoob_TJ: I commented out the `rootbinddn admin`, restarted all the services and it works!23:44
yasoob_I think there is some problem with the admin user in openldap which I created23:44
OerHeksExterminador, sync would be a safe option, sure23:45
TJ-yasoob_: nice one! that means you can do anonymous lookups. Because you had that, I assumed you required authenticated23:45
ExterminadorOerHeks: thanks for the heads-up. I'll include it in the command. after all, it won't hurt)23:46
TJ-yasoob_: glad we got that sorted :D23:46
yasoob_TJ: I can literally feel myself wanting to cry. You have no clue how much this had bugged me over the last couple of days23:46
yasoob_Thank you so much23:46
TJ-yasoob_: you're welcome. Want to know a secret?23:46
yasoob_TJ: why not23:46
TJ-yasoob_: that's the first time I've messed about with nss_ldap/openldap :p23:46
TJ-yasoob_: I just read the man-pages23:47
yasoob_TJ: lol. Yeah I can feel the lack of experience on my end23:48
yasoob_I did read the man pages but everything was in the right place :(23:48
ExterminadorI've fired it up and it's zeroing the HDD. I assume that "bs=4M" is a safe value, or should I use a lower value like "bs=2M"?23:48
TJ-yasoob_: you were caught out by 2 packages both having an 'ldap.conf'23:49
yasoob_My knowledge about linux internals and config files is not a lot. One question though, how did you figure out I needed to edit /etc/ldap.conf and not /etc/ldap/ldap.conf?23:49
yasoob_Did you know that beforehand or did you read that in man pages or something?23:49
TJ-yasoob_: it's in "man nss_ldap" - at the end of most man-pages is a "FILES"  that lists related files23:49
ExterminadorI don't mind making a second passage using a lower value (although I assume isn't healthy for the HDD?)23:50
TJ-yasoob_: there is also a "SEE ALSO" - I often jump right to the end of the man-page first and look up those cross-references to get a feel for what else I need to be aware of23:50
yasoob_TJ: Ohhh I need to improve my manpages foo :D23:51
yasoob_TJ: At least now I will be able to triage issues a bit quicker than before23:52
apemanI have a few questions about installing Ubuntu on a new computer with SSD/HDD.23:52
apemanFirstly, if I have 32 GB RAM (extendable up to 64GB) does that make it okay to put swap space on the SSD? (A lot of people warn against swap space on SSD but isn't this only if you run out of RAM?) And should the swap space be double the maximum RAM, as in 128GB?23:52
OerHeksnowadays ssd does not suffer white spots anymore23:53
apemanSo there's no issue about writes degrading the SSD lifespan?23:54
OerHeksthat is what i am pointing at, yes.23:54
TJ-apeman: with 32GB RAM I wouldn't bother with swap!23:55
TJ-apeman: swap only needs to be 1.x RAM if the system is going to hibernate. Otherwise, you can set any size23:56
Exterminadorstupid question: how much "not advisable" is to install Ubuntu (or any of its flavours) in a USB stick?23:56
OerHeksExterminador, it will be slow, but oke23:56
geniiDepends how reliable you consider storing things on USB sticks to be23:56
genii..especially if it's going to also be using it for tmp/cache/swap files23:57
compdocusb sticks arent reliable for oses23:57
ExterminadorI mean, it's more for a "portability" feature. won't have many writes to disk tho (except regular updates)23:58
TJ-Exterminador: I used USB mass storage flash for console-only diagnostics; I have a few that have been going over 10 years23:59
yasoob_I am thinking of replacing my macbook pro 2015 with a diff one which comes with ubuntu or has really good ubuntu support. I am eying the Dell XPS 13 DE but it is a bit pricey with no black friday deal as far as I know. I was wondering if people have any suggestions here. I wanted to give System76 laptops a serious look but the battery life of their laptops is not that good.23:59
TJ-Exterminador: I don't think I'd want to run a heavy GUI from one if it's going to be allowed to write23:59

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