xubuntu61whi! i'm a newbie user here in linux world and my os as of now is xubuntu, at first we install  lubuntu but I noticed that when I was at youtube I'm experiencing delay from what I'm watching.00:18
xubuntu61wmy netbook is a NEO atom processor with a 2 gb ram00:19
rubenwardyHey! I'm having screen tearing issues with the default XFCE compositor12:24
rubenwardyI've read that the fix is to use a different compositor12:24
rubenwardyso I tried compton, but it doesn't have the same zoom feature XFCE does (alt+scroll)12:24
rubenwardyis there another way to fix the default compositor, or is there another compositor with zoom and tearing fixed?12:25
rubenwardyI use the zoom feature obsessively when demonstrating things to people12:25
Spasshello rubenwardy, what graphics card do you have?12:25
rubenwardyI have the XPS 13 937012:26
Spassso integrated Intel GPU, right?12:26
rubenwardywhich has an i7 8550U12:26
rubenwardyand an integrated Intel GPU, yes12:26
rubenwardy IntelĀ® UHD Graphics 62012:27
Spassyou can try this solution - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Intel_graphics#Tearing12:27
Spassjust copy that section to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf file (you need to create it first)12:27
Spassand it should work after the restart12:28
Spassso the content of that file should look like this - https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HMs7Srnm2d/12:29
rubenwardythanks, that works12:32
rubenwardyI find it quite funny that such a setting even exists12:35
rubenwardy"oh, an option to fix visual glitches? Yes please!12:39
rubenwardyI imagine that this actually enables a hack12:40
IoloNote the note on that arch wiki page. It's not a simple "fix the problems" switch, but a tradeoff, and it also doesn't apply to all machines.12:46
rubenwardywindoze doesn't gave this option12:50
rubenwardyit just works12:51
IoloYes, and? Windows doesn't use Xorg, so this isn't a relevant question on that platform. That doesn't change the fact that this option is not the right one for everyone on this platform.13:00
rubenwardymy point is you shouldn't need the setting if there was more funding behind writing drivers13:01
IoloThat's probably true. We can always hope :)13:06
rubenwardyyeah. 2019 is the year of the Linux desktop13:08
xubuntu26wI am recently change my OS from Windows 10 to Xubuntu. I have Bionic Beaver on an Asus UX36021:07
xubuntu26wI am having some trouble with the ELANTECH trackpad, the boudaries of the trackpad do not make the cursor continue to move21:08
xubuntu26wDo you know how can I change this? It useful when running out of the trackpad21:10
well_laid_lawnxubuntu26w:  Hi. the man page for synclient might let you know how to sort that21:25
well_laid_lawnI couldn't find anything on the net about that21:26
xubuntu43wI come here to find a solution of my issue on bionic beaver21:31
xubuntu43wI have an issue with the configuration of the ELANTECH trackpad21:32
xubuntu19wsorry new to this - hello testing22:35
xubuntu19wok see it now. Looking for help re upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04 and issues22:35
xubuntu19wchromium problem with pinch and general slowness. OS is using 30-50% more resources tnah previous22:36
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