plujonIs is possible to automatically login to lubuntu such that after powering on the machine, the screen that is displayed is the desktop (no login prompt)?00:31
plujon(lubuntu 18.04)00:31
lubot<HMollerCl> @plujon [<plujon> (lubuntu 18.04)], Yes it is, unfortunately I don't  have the link now, search for autologin lightdm01:31
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WoCWhich is the oldest version of lubuntu still supported ?01:53
tsimonq2You're welcome.01:53
WoCNo ppc64 ? only ppc ?01:57
lubot<teward001> the only PPC builds produced for ISOs and such is ppc64el01:59
lubot<teward001> if your system arch isn't ppc64el you're not going to find a PPC in any Ubuntu release01:59
lubot<teward001> PPC version*01:59
lubot<teward001> only ppc64el02:00
tsimonq2You're wrong, @teward001.02:00
tsimonq216.04 and before is powerpc.02:00
tsimonq2Not ppc64el.02:00
tsimonq2Between 16.04 and 18.04, powerpc was axed.02:00
tsimonq2Now, ppc64el is the only supported PPC arch.02:00
lubot<teward001> @tsimonq2 i was only talking about 18.04+ :P02:01
lubot<teward001> but you're not wrong02:01
tsimonq207:59:54 PM < lubot> <teward001> if your system arch isn't ppc64el you're not going to find a PPC in any Ubuntu release02:01
tsimonq2"any Ubuntu release"02:01
tsimonq2That's not 18.04+02:01
tsimonq2That's any02:01
lubot<tsimonq2> 08:02:00 PM -!- mode/#lubuntu [+q *!*@ubuntu/member/tsimonq2] by Drone02:02
lubot<teward001> you deserved that by the way02:02
lubot<tsimonq2> lol02:02
tsimonq2Finally unmuted lol02:05
tsimonq208:03:03 PM -!- mode/#lubuntu [-q *!*@ubuntu/member/tsimonq2] by Drone02:05
WoCtsimonq2, ppc64el is the only supported ppc64 variant, yes02:48
WoC16.04 has 32 bit userland but both 32 and 64 bit kernels, (be)02:49
WoCthe versions are stable but wont get to the same performance as ppc64, since you can't utilize the -mmultiple in 32 bit03:30
WoCHowever for me, stable is better than the latest versions when nothing builds with the new versions and depend on the old ones03:32
WoCI also realize that this is the last version (16.04.5) and as soon as Adelie is out of beta, i would need to switch03:35
plujonTo answer my own question: sudo apt-get install lightdm-autologin-greeter05:47
WoCIs there a simple way to downgrade a btrfs volume to an older version of the filesystem ?06:10
WoCInstalled lubuntu 16.04.5 and now i can no longer mount that 2 TB filesystem06:10
WoCAny easy way to get rid of apparmor ? preventing openntpd from starting06:43
WoCk... kernel param apparmor=006:47
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lubot<ianp5a> I want to add favourite applications to the Main menu. Is there a way today? If not, what is the best place to request this?11:04
diogenes_ianp5a, what do you mean11:04
lubot<ianp5a> The app launcher menu on many desktops let's you add chosen apps. So you can see and launch them quickly.11:06
lubot<ianp5a> Or Mark existing apps as favourites. So they can be found quickly.11:07
diogenes_ianp5a, and what's th problem with that?11:08
lubot<ianp5a> I can't see how to do it.11:09
lubot<ianp5a> I suspect it's not possible.11:09
diogenes_do you find your application in the menu?11:09
lubot<ianp5a> Yes11:09
diogenes_and now your problem is to add it to the favorites?11:10
lubot<ianp5a> Yes11:11
diogenes_it guess should be done with right click11:13
lubot<ianp5a> That's how it's done on several DEs, such as KDE, yes.11:14
diogenes_i've never done that myself but maybe you can find something useful here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/196614/how-do-i-edit-applications-panel-menu-in-lubuntu11:17
lubot<ianp5a> Thanks. I've used the Alacarte editor in the past. But I'm looking for a way more users will find it and with fewer clicks. Where can I post a request for an enhancement?11:23
apt-ghettoYou try to add an application to the taskbar on the bottom on the left hand side?13:18
lubot<HMollerCl> @ianp5a [Thanks. I've used the Alacarte editor in the past. But I'm looking for a way mor …], In which version?14:40
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lubot<ianp5a> @HMollerCl [In which version?], I've got the latest, 18.10.15:59
apt-ghettoCould you answer to my question?16:00
lubot<ianp5a> @apt-ghetto [<apt-ghetto> You try to add an application to the taskbar on the bottom on the l …], Yes, drag an application from a menu to the quicklauncher works OK.16:09
apt-ghettoYes, that is the only possibility to add an app as a quicklauncher.16:09
apt-ghettoYou are looking for a better one?16:09
lubot<ianp5a> @apt-ghetto [<apt-ghetto> You are looking for a better one?], Yes. It needs to be an easy way have apps directly on the main menu. Where is the right place to request this?16:14
apt-ghettoI guess the upstream project is the best place => https://github.com/lxqt/lxqt-panel/issues16:15
lubot<ianp5a> @apt-ghetto> I guess the upstream project is the best place = [<apt-ghetto> I guess the upstream project is the best place => https://github.co …], Thanks. Will do.16:15
apt-ghettoThank you. I was struggling with the same problem also some days ago16:16
lubot<ianp5a> Yes. This is important for mouse users, who are used to starting any of their usual apps in just 2 clicks.16:18
lubot<ianp5a> My next problem is the mouse wheel setting "Natural Scrolling"  seems to be missing. I guess that's also under the LXQT project.16:20
sappheirosK3b settings says "Unable to load KCDDB configuration module"17:24
sappheirosHow do I fix this?17:24
sappheirosthank you17:30
apt-ghettoMaybe you just need to install the package `kde-config-cddb`17:38
sappheirosk3b doesn't work18:07
sappheirosapt-ghetto: thanks, yes, another user in #ubuntu said that and i updated that thread accordingly18:08
sappheirosbut now it's not ripping the CD; it's just changing the track info to something incorrect when i click 'Rip CD...'18:08
sappheirosWhat software do you use to manage your audio collection?18:08
apt-ghettoI never did this18:20
lubot<HMollerCl> @ianp5a [My next problem is the mouse wheel setting "Natural Scrolling"  seems to be miss …], Lxqt-config19:42
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lubot<jon robson> I use brasero for ripping cds.20:46

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