AnnoyedI'm looking for a way to tell 18.04 LTS server to use is its system resolver. I've got a running DNS server on this machine, and this server IP is handed to all devices that connect to the LAN, and all works But when using the machine directly through a shell, it insists on using it overwrites /etc/resolve.conf every reboot, so while I can set it there, the config doesn't stick. Where can I change that so00:38
Annoyedit's persistent?00:38
AnnoyedOk, thanks. let's see what that has to say01:24
AnnoyedYes, thanks a lot. I think I can do what I want with that info.01:30
SJrDid Ubuntu Server just hard code the timezone of the server to UTC? (not the system clock but the value of /etc/localtime)16:05
cryptodan_mobileSJr: not that I know of and why would they?16:40
SJrI dunno, I just find it weird that it is set that way. I guess there is no reason I can't change it.16:44
cryptodan_mobileWhat makes you think its hard coded?17:42
tomreyncryptodan_mobile: if SJr is referring to subiquity, i think this may be so, since there is no prompt for a timezone during installation, and i dont see how the users' preference could be determined automatically.18:21
tomreynso i guess it may *default* to UTC, but would not call it 'hardcoded'18:21
cryptodan_mobileI've been prompted with timezone selection using ubuntu server 12.04 to 16.0418:22
cryptodan_mobileI get this https://assets.digitalocean.com/articles/1404_optional_recommended/choose_timezone.png18:24
tomreyncryptodan_mobile: right, subiquity is the 'new' default server installer. 18.04 has it, maybe also some previous non LTS releases.18:25
tomreynyour screen shot is from debian installer, whic h is still available as the "alternative installer" at 18.0418:25
cryptodan_mobileWhy change18:26
cryptodan_mobileEverything was so much easier with old installer.18:28
tomreyndid you actually try the new one?18:29
SJrThanks, tomreyn.18:29
cryptodan_mobileNope but not being able to select time zones at install is stupid18:30
tomreynyou can subscribe yourself to bug 172668318:32
ubottubug 1726683 in subiquity "does not allow configuration of timezone" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/172668318:32

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