tomreynapoc: /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-serveris the default on 18.04, also on 16.0400:02
apocahh okay, something must have messed this up on my system00:03
apocthe same as here: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=88159400:04
ubottuDebian bug 881594 in openssh-sftp-server "openssh-sftp-server: sftp subsystem is installed in the wrong directory" [Important,Open]00:04
OerHeks"Perhaps you modified your /etc/ssh/sshd_config and didn't notice?"00:07
plujonIs is possible to automatically login to lubuntu such that after powering on the machine, the screen that is displayed is the desktop (no login prompt)?  The display manager is lightdm.00:34
vlouvetdoes anyone have recommendations on a tablet to run ubuntu mobile ?00:35
OerHeksvlouvet, there is only 1 tablet supported , join #ubports for support00:36
Sushi-sanLightdm cannot be found, so I'm on a log-in loop on Ubuntu 18.10.00:37
Sushi-sanAny ideas?00:37
OerHeksstandard ubuntu gnome uses GDM AFAIk00:38
Sushi-sanI just installed a new graphics card (Radeon RX 580), but I was able to boot with it earlier00:38
plujonSushi-san: Boot into recovery mode, drop to root shell, and install lightdm ?00:39
OerHeksmaybe nomodeset is any help00:40
OerHeksbut i have no clue what you did to fix this and didn't00:40
Sushi-sanMy recovery mode is only for 18.04, though00:41
Sushi-sanSee, I wasn't running into this problem earlier00:41
Sushi-sani updated the motherboard bios earlier so that it would recognize the new GPU, but it was fine after that00:41
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Sushi-san'Unit lightdm.service not found.'00:43
Sushi-santhat's the exact error im getting00:43
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vlouvetthanks for the feedback00:44
vlouvetOne more question, personal preference - what is your recommended (Ubuntu) Linux Laptop for > $500 USD?00:44
Sushi-sanah, the problem was with unmet dependencies00:59
Sushi-sanam in recovery01:00
Sushi-sanim just going to reinstall 18.04, probably01:01
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Cognitohazardany ideas for improving scroll speed on 18.04?02:23
ExterminadorHappy New Year, Ubuntu'ers! xD02:31
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shadowen2how's it going tonight?03:48
shadowen2I was hoping I might find some help configuring screen sharing on my 18.04 box.03:48
shadowen2if anyone is out there.03:48
GeoHi, I'm trying to connect to a smb share via the GUI 'Other Locations' option in the file browser. When I enter the URL, I can see shares available but when I give a user/pass for one, it just keeps prompting me over and over to log in- I can't actually view the shares. This "used to work" (tm)04:22
GeoAny idea where to start looking to troubleshoot?04:22
GeoOn the server, auth.log shows "smbd: pam_unix(samba:session): session closed for user nobody"04:23
Geowhich isn't the user I'm presenting04:23
AndyChow888Geo, how are you connecting?04:25
AndyChow888What file browser?04:25
GeoThe 'normal' one?04:26
GeoI'm not sure what else to call it... mabye nautilus?04:26
GeoThe file browser that comes with the desktop version04:26
AndyChow888Ok, yeah, nautilus.04:28
GeoSo, any thoughts?04:30
AndyChow888Geo, try ctrl-l in nautilus, then type smb://location04:30
AndyChow888I don't use nautilus, so that's my $0.0204:31
GeoYeah, that's what I'm doing04:31
AndyChow888And it asks you for your user and pass?04:36
GeoAndyChow888: yes05:05
AndyChow888Geo, and you enter the user of the user on the samba share server? Not the one on your client?05:06
AndyChow888Or, alt, you've set up your samba conf on the server so that your user is known? Because "nobody" sounds like there is no handshake at all, and the samba server doesn't get the user name.05:07
Geothe server has worked before, this is a new laptop that isn't working as a client05:10
AndyChow888Well, if you're connecting to a server, you are a client.05:11
AndyChow888But, I'm out of options. Have you tried mounting from a terminal?05:11
GeoNot sure how to do that05:14
AndyChow888Geo, open a terminal, some of the -o are optional. As sudo, create a mountpoint "/mnt/mountpoint", then, as sudo, " mount -t cifs //SERVER/sharename /mnt/mountpoint -o username=username,password=password,workgroup=workgroup,iocharset=utf8,uid=username,gid=group"05:16
AndyChow888Just "sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/samba -o username=andy,password=123" should work, or similar.05:17
AndyChow888I'm assuming things here, but you can probably read between the code.05:18
Geoyep thanks05:19
gunarm_Is there any reason ubuntu (server or desktop) would expect trouble installing on a 2nd gen threadripper platform?05:44
gunarm_I can boot into memtest and run for hours.  I've installed windows and ran updates and ran cinebench and it's doing seti@home right now at 100% cpu.  But if I try to install ubuntu from a flash drive it's like it overheats or something05:45
gunarm_it gets into the text installer on ubuntu server and after a minute the cursor starts blinking slow and then it hangs05:45
gunarm_on ubuntu desktop I can boot into the live OS and open a browser but eventually it hangs05:46
gunarm_not really sure how to diagnose it05:46
amazoniantoadWhy aren't more recent devices being supported for ubuntu touch?05:47
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AbaShoppeRanybody know how to get ubuntu to boot on a mac getting error pictured at top of this page: https://medium.com/@maniac.tw/linux-bug-modsign-couldnt-get-uefi-db-list-14a014b7ed5406:11
AbaShoppeRDidn't see a Mac Image available for download anywhere, does anyone have one of the mirrors?06:12
WoCEnter the BIOS and disable “Secure Boot”.06:12
WoCAbaShoppeR, intel based mac ?06:13
AbaShoppeRearly 2011 macbook pro 15" snow leopard wont boot, bad ram module06:15
WoCmay want to replace that ram module then06:17
WoCir remove06:17
AbaShoppeRapple told me they integrated RAM on macs onto the motherboard in more recent models06:18
nateopen it up and look, wouldn't be hard to tell06:19
AbaShoppeRanyone have MAC download link ubuntu for this?: https://support.apple.com/kb/SP620?locale=en_US06:21
anoopdunable to upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04  'could not calculate upgrade'07:20
anoopdcan somebody help ?07:20
SlidingHornanoopd: did you do a  sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade first?07:26
SlidingHorn(it's good practice to make sure everything is fully up to date before performing an upgrade)07:26
anoopdSlidingHorn: yes i did both sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade07:29
anoopdi have the dist-upgrade/main.log07:31
SlidingHornanoopd: take a look here: https://askubuntu.com/a/360448/47417307:33
anoopdSlidingHorn: Pretty long list https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/xjXJ9wc7ST/07:36
anoopdshould i uninstall all those ?07:36
SlidingHornanoopd: do you have 3rd party PPAs installed?07:37
anoopdyes i think07:38
anoopdi am a mac user just switched to ubuntu07:38
SlidingHornyou *might* need to start with removing those packages, disabling the PPAs, and trying from there...not sure07:38
anoopdhow can i get the list of 3rd party ppas07:39
SlidingHornthere's also this answer on AU: https://askubuntu.com/a/1047189/47417307:40
anoopdshall i go for a fresh install ?07:41
anoopdkeeping the home directory07:41
SlidingHornthat's also an option - I'd be sure to have a good backup just in case, though07:43
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nguyencHappy New Year 201909:19
Psi-JackI'm trying to setup a multi-boot USB disk that loopmounts Ubuntu family ISO installation media, and I'm having issues with the actual installation portion of the process. It boots up fine, but then complains about /dev/sdb (or similar) has mounted partitions and offers/tries to unmount them.09:35
Psi-Jackhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot/Examples provides some documentation on this, but it's old. Very old.09:36
alnrmy icon bar disappears after a while. alt-F2 restart brings it back. what causes it to disappear?09:54
znullhi, any easy tuts, to upgrade from 12.10 to 16.x (lts ) ?10:11
roryhonestly don't bother - back up your /home directory, install fresh, then reinstall the apps and copy the home directory backup back again (this will preserve your settings)10:12
Psi-Jackznull: "tuts?" heh. There's no "easy" upgrade path from a non-LTS. You'd have to upgrade to 13.04, 13.10, 14.04, then finally 16.0410:13
roryaka don't bother10:13
znullrory, Psi-Jack  well its some postfix,dovecot server,10:14
Psi-JackSounds like rebuilding it anew and repointing stuff to the new would be better.10:15
znullonly ubuntu packages, so would be easier to apt-get upgrade everything, since the server is in datacenter.10:15
roryyeah but "apt-get upgrade" only updates packages within the current version of the distro10:16
roryit doesn't upgrade between ubuntu releases, for that you want do-release-upgrade... except you should seriously consider a fresh install10:16
znullok, than fresh vps10:18
TJ-znull: you can upgrade in-place via a chroot, as in, use debootstrap to create a new 18.04 chroot, copy the config across (manually - updating to new syntax) and even run/test from the chroot (on non-standard ports)10:22
znullTJ-, well its a openvz server, not sure if 18.04 would work10:23
TJ-znull: oh, sorry, I mis-read... so 16.04 then10:23
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MiguelPeruhey if I dd a peppermint iso image to a usb pen drive will that be enough to boot and load or I need rufus if I'm on windows 1011:09
EriC^MiguelPeru: it depends on the peppermint iso, most likely you dont need anything else11:20
MiguelPeruEriC^, could be ah, or with rufus? what happens with this formaters and usb bootable apps do they change a lot of things to the iso finale11:24
EriC^MiguelPeru: i think they install some kind of bootloader other isolinux or something11:34
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MiguelPeruEriC^, true i remember now11:34
EriC^MiguelPeru: make a loop of the iso and there are 2 partitions and one is a fat32 then it's probably dd-ready cause that'd be the uefi loading part11:34
EriC^*if you make11:35
MiguelPerumaking a loop of the iso? what is this?11:35
EriC^sudo losetup -f /path/to/iso11:36
MiguelPeruuefi on fat32?11:36
MiguelPeruEriC^, l11:36
EriC^then type "lsblk" it should show up, then do sudo partprobe /dev/loop0 or whatever number it is11:36
EriC^and check the partitions with "sudo parted /dev/loop0 print" or something11:37
MiguelPeruEriC^, you said there11:38
MiguelPeru'll be 2 partitions one dd ready the other the bootloader?11:38
EriC^yeah it'll be 2, one a tiny fat3211:38
EriC^not one dd ready11:39
EriC^i meant the dd-ready iso will usually have 2 partitions, 1 small fat32 (so uefi mode can boot) and another bigger one with the live usb11:39
MiguelPeruI'll dig it11:44
ttdhow is everyones new year?11:53
aqddo people actually use deluged on 18.04? the entire daemon script seems broken....11:54
aqdno error message, the daemon wasn't started at all and no pid file11:54
aqdnot looking to fix that manually. if nobody is using it i'll just try other bt daemon11:55
ttdtransmission is life imho11:56
aqdbut i need socks5 proxy through VPN. the proxy config in transmission server seems ignored11:56
aqdit functions normally though11:57
ttdIs the config in the right place?12:00
MiguelPerudo I have to remove all partitions from the usb drive before dding to it from the ddready iso12:03
ttdDD overwrites partition table12:04
ttdthat is why when you dd from terminal you use /dev/sda not /dev/sda1 for example12:05
ttdthe number after sda specifies partition.12:05
ttdSame rule applies to all the GUI tools that use dd, they overwride the whole partition table12:05
MiguelPeruttd, I wasn't sure of anything, just checking12:06
ttdGreat. :) Just explaining12:06
MiguelPeruttd, nice u know ur stuff12:06
ttduu, freecad has refreshed their website it looks like12:09
ice9i installed ubuntu on mac, after it boots and just before it start gnome-shell, the whole system freezes, any idea?12:09
ttdice9: do you have Nvidia card in your mac?12:10
ttdbut for starters, just to boot on and see what works and not, in Grub menu press "E" and at the end of the line that starts with "linux" add "nomodeset"12:10
badSophiathere is a app to connect irc on linux?12:10
ttdbadSophia: like a hundred12:11
badSophiabest popular?12:11
ttddepends what you are looking for. Customization, integration, simplicity...12:11
badSophiawhy i can’t connect irc with xchat?12:12
ttdyou can12:12
ttdyou are just doing it wrong, i assume12:12
badSophiabash : xchat command not found12:12
ttdinstall it12:12
ttdand then launch12:12
ttdsudo apt-get install xchat12:12
ttdif you want something simple, I would recommend Polari. Especially if you are using Ubuntu 18.04+12:13
ttdI love it's simplicity and how nicely it goes with whole Gnome 312:13
badSophiaah how can i install it?12:14
ttdsame principe.12:14
ttdHonestly, just open Ubuntu Software store12:14
badSophiasudo apt-get polari install?12:14
ttdGo to applications and there is Ubuntu Software12:14
ttdbadSophia: yes. But I recommend using Ubuntu Software. There you can even find new stuff you didn't know you need :D12:14
badSophiacapital is P?12:15
badSophiaor p?12:15
ice9ttd, AMD i think12:15
lotuspsychjethe best wishes for 2019 to all ubuntu fans12:17
ttdice9: same story tbh. Add nomodeset in grub(if more questions, google it, there are heaps of guides) and then open Additional Drivers and install them12:17
ttdbadSophia: does not matter12:17
badSophiaah ok12:17
ice9ttd, i'm using nomodeset already otherwise it would show blank screen,  my problem is after booting12:17
ice9ttd, i cannot reach the desktop environment at all12:18
ttdbadSophia: in linux terminal world, only time you have to worry about capitals is when specifying directory/file locations, cause EXT4 is case-sensitive12:18
badSophiaah directory and file location12:18
ttdice9: hmmmm.... can you get to TTY? That is when it does not boot but you press ctrl+alt+f212:18
ttdor F312:19
ttdor any other F tbh12:19
ice9ttd, it doesn't work12:19
ttdice9: ok. You are using 18.04?12:19
ice9ttd, 18.1012:19
ttdand what is the macbook year?12:19
ice9ttd, 201112:19
ice9ttd, i was able to boot and run ubuntu from the live stick with gui, but after installation this happened12:21
ttdice9: OK I found that it's an issue, here is a guide for 14.04 but the same thing will apply, I assume12:21
ttdor try ading these pernel parameters12:22
ttdi915.lvds_channel_mode=2 i915.modeset=1 i915.lvds_use_ssc=012:22
ttdbut I assume you might just need to get rid of AMD card a in the guide, because Apple routes their hybrid graphics differently than other hybrid graphcs laptops12:23
ttdand you are not loosing much btw, the card is a ticking time-bomb anyway12:27
eraserpencil1what do you call the screen after grub but before login page12:27
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: splash?12:27
ttderaserpencil1: splash; if you mean the one with the ubuntu logo12:28
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: the ubuntu loading logo with moving dots12:28
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: you encounter an issue there?12:28
eraserpencil1thats the one12:28
eraserpencil1i have like a one to two minute long splash screen on a week old alienware m15 laptop.12:28
ttderaserpencil1: tell us more, I am intrigued12:29
eraserpencil1from boot to grub was very fast, from login to the desktop is very fast...12:29
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: press F1 to change to the text loading, so you can see on wich error you are stuck12:29
ttd^ yep, do that and tell us what it gets stuck on.12:29
ttdand is it on 18.04 or 18.1012:30
ttdoh no12:30
ttdu need nwer kernerl12:30
ttd8th gen cpus and NVME drives are not well supported on 16.04 old kernels12:30
ttdbut first see, with pressing F1 - maybe its just systemd getting stuck or smth.12:31
eraserpencil1let me switch out12:32
ttderaserpencil1: you should honestly be fine but I remember that recent kernels had large improvements in stability with NVME drives and 8th gen cpus. But I am quite sure you CAN run 16.04 fine12:32
ttdbut with 18.04 i woudl assume there would be no problems out of the box, but that just me12:32
eraserpencil1i have a whole host of problems actually12:33
ttdcan i ask - why 16.04?12:33
eraserpencil1I have a project on ROS Kinetic (ROS for 16.04) and havent really ported over to ROS Melodic (ROS for 18.04)12:34
eraserpencil2F1 is a blank black screen12:36
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lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: you can try to edit grub and edit "quiet splash" to ""12:38
eraserpencil1what does it do?12:40
ttderaserpencil1: it removes the ubuntu splash screens and everything12:41
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: it changes to permanent text booting instead of the logo12:41
ttdlotuspsychje: but I have a feeling that it will still be blank12:41
eraserpencil1this is to help me debug why it's taking so long right?12:41
lotuspsychjettd: depends what happens on his system12:42
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: can you boot until the login screen?12:43
eraserpencil1it's /etc/default/grub right?12:45
EriC^eraserpencil1: right12:46
EriC^eraserpencil1: try adding "verbose" as well12:46
ttdthats a lot of hustle tbh12:46
ttderaserpencil1: dont edit it, just take those parameters out in grub menu(that does it only for one boot) and add verbose12:46
EriC^ttd: fair enough, if you want more debugging, use "debug ignore_loglevel" instead of verbose12:47
EriC^eraserpencil1: ^12:47
eraserpencil1i am an login screen12:47
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: if you reach desktop, you can also debug with systemd-analyze blame12:48
eraserpencil1EriC^: could help me with more verbosity, i need more dumbed down steps12:49
eraserpencil1so which should i try first12:49
eraserpencil1okay im at desktop , will go with systemd-analyze12:49
ttdyes, systemd analyse first. i forgot about it12:50
EriC^eraserpencil1: if you already logged in, try systemd-analyze plot > /tmp/boot.svg12:50
EriC^and upload the file somewhere and paste the link12:50
eraserpencil1btw, i changed GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" to "", saved it, but still observed a splash screen12:51
EriC^eraserpencil1: you need to run "sudo update-grub" so the changes take effect12:51
ttderaserpencil1: because you have to then update grub12:51
eraserpencil1ha... okay12:52
ttdthat is why I suggested to do just grub menu edit for troubleshooting, less hassle12:52
eraserpencil1EriC^:  is it okay if i did a nc termbin.com instead of /tmp/boot.svg12:53
EriC^yeah that should work12:53
EriC^if it expects an actual file you could use systemd-analyze plot >(nc termbin.com 9999)12:54
ioriasvg it's an image12:55
EriC^no worries ioria12:55
EriC^wget -O /tmp/boot.svg https://termbin.com/dkin && xdg-open /tmp/boot.svg if you wanna see it12:55
EriC^use http: rather than https in ^12:56
EriC^looks like it's taking 3mins to boot12:57
eraserpencil1what magic are you weaving12:57
eraserpencil13 minutes? that long? linux has improved my patience..12:57
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: systemd-analyze critical-chain13:00
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: i would also reccomend what ttd suggested, 18.04 kernel might do some good on the alienware13:01
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: seems like a lot of services taking alot of time there13:03
ttdjust do 16.04 and newer kernel13:03
eraserpencil116.04 and newer kernel?13:04
ttdbut I agree, all services look like taking way longer they should(which I think is kernel problem tbh)13:04
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: whats your cpu, ram and harddisk specs like?13:05
ttdwhat is the current kernel?13:05
lotuspsychjettd: its shown on his paste 16.04.5 LTS Alienware (Linux 4.15.0-43-generic #46~16.04.1-Ubuntu13:05
EriC^hmm he's already using the hwe kernel13:06
ttdwait, 4.15 should be OK.13:06
lotuspsychjettd: so something else is lagging his system badly13:06
eraserpencil132gb ram, nvme 500gb  + 500gb sata ssd, its 8th gen i7-8750h13:06
lotuspsychjehmm what the..13:07
ttderaserpencil1: what is your partition setup?13:07
EriC^eraserpencil1: try booting with the kernel parameters "debug ignore_loglevel" instead of quiet splash maybe it'll show what's going on more as it happens13:10
ttdcan you do "lspci | grep Network" for me, please? Just curious13:10
lotuspsychjewith those specs, nothing can lag right?13:10
ttdfor me on pretty much the same h/w ubuntu boots slowly, but not 3 minutes.13:11
lotuspsychjeon ssd ttd ?13:11
ttdDesktop Ubuntu is the slowest thing to boot ever, always has been13:12
lotuspsychjenot here13:12
ttdlotuspsychje: try arch with systemdboot13:12
ttdto give a perspective13:12
EriC^hmm ubuntu on ssd for me is like 3-4secs from BIOS POST to login screen13:12
eraserpencil1On NVME, i have the ubuntu partition.13:12
eraserpencil1On the SATA SSD, i have 250 gb for windows. Now for the remaining 250gb, it's showing as free space in Disks, but i once tried a minimal install but gave up. that partition is showing in grub, but not on disks13:12
eraserpencil1ttd: Intel Corp Device 2526 (rev 29)13:13
ttdyou dont have driver for network. its the killer wireless, yes?13:13
eraserpencil1killing me softly13:14
ttdI am sure that is the issue13:14
ttdok, I cant garantuee it but it likely is13:14
eraserpencil1EriC^: so GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="debug ignore_level"?13:15
EriC^eraserpencil1: yeah13:15
EriC^i've a feeling it might be network related as well13:15
lotuspsychjettd: alot of network lag indeed on his critical chain13:15
eraserpencil1well, I have bluetooth and wifi failing twice so far at boot. consistently giving problems is the keyboard actually13:15
ttdlotuspsychje: I think there is even a problem with initating the kernel module13:15
ttderaserpencil1: if willing try this solution for wifi: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1038242/no-wifi-option-on-ubuntu-18-04-and-16-04#103880713:17
eraserpencil1i dont have wifi issues for now13:17
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: systemd analyze says you do13:17
lotuspsychjei mean network load times13:17
ttderaserpencil1: yes, wifi might technically work but the kernel module cant actually properly manage the card13:17
eraserpencil1EriC^: what do i look for ?13:17
ttdsame thing I had with 2018 macbook13:18
lotuspsychjettd: what happened?13:18
ttdlotuspsychje: with kernel driver I had dropped wifi issues randomly, and some boots no wifi etc13:18
lotuspsychjettd: recall wich chipset?13:18
eraserpencil1acpi INT3400:00 Unsupported event [0.87]13:18
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: we need the full syslog or dmesg mate, try also the textbooting EriC^ suggsted13:19
ttdwell eraserpencil1 you can do acpi=off but that is ot really a solution13:19
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: would be good if you can see in realtime, at wich point it takes the lag times on boot13:21
eraserpencil1i did the text boot as EriC^ suggested, but couldnt copy...13:21
eraserpencil1thats the output of text which got stuck13:21
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: the more info you can pastebin us, the better volunteers can help13:22
ttdit got stuck for minutes?13:22
eraserpencil1theres only one more line beneath with regards to /dev/<series of numbers> and a countdown timer13:22
eraserpencil1dmesg might show, let me check13:22
eraserpencil1do you want my dmesg?13:23
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: yes13:24
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: nvidia-modeset: Loading NVIDIA Kernel Mode Setting Driver for UNIX platforms  384.130  Wed Mar 21 02:59:49 PDT 201813:29
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: what kind of graphics chipset do you have?13:31
eraserpencil11070 max-q13:31
ttderaserpencil1: did you install recommeded drivers?13:31
lotuspsychje disabling queued TRIM support13:32
lotuspsychjeman, alot of errors in dmesg13:32
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: for gtx cards we reccomend the ubuntu graphics ppa, more latest nvidia drivers13:33
ttdreally? I use 390 with no problems13:33
lotuspsychjettd: wich gtx?13:33
lotuspsychjettd: on bionic? 390.77 ?13:34
eraserpencil1wait... im not using nvidia prime?13:34
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: gtx 1070 is not an optimus card13:34
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: did you place your ssd yourself?13:35
lotuspsychjettd eraserpencil1 iwlwifi 0000:70:00.0: Direct firmware load for iwlwifi-9260-th-b0-jf-b0-46.ucode failed with error -213:36
eraserpencil1yes i did13:37
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: you might wanna doublecheck everything, your bios settings, cables, bios update to latest? graphics card drivers to latest13:38
eraserpencil1lotuspsychje: I will do that. i so want to nuke both drives and start from scratch, but im very unsure about the drive with windows..13:42
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: i would compare a singleboot ubuntu, with your current setup, to compare speeds13:42
dmnureraserpencil1: can you please repeat what issue do you have?13:43
eraserpencil1from boot to windows login page is less than 5 seconds13:43
lotuspsychjedmnur: he gots 3min boot load lag13:43
lotuspsychjedmnur: https://termbin.com/x2kv13:44
TJ-The clue is in "sysinit.target @1min 30.278s" -- so check what that target wants and investigate each service's log: "ls -l /etc/systemd/system/sysinit.target.wants/ "13:48
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil1: ^ try this13:49
eraserpencil1in a while, i am in the midst of updating bios13:50
TJ-I'll bet it's blk-availability.service13:51
eraserpencil1In https://termbin.com/o4urj, around the 10.5 mark, theres the CPU7: Package temp above threshold,13:54
eraserpencil1I am booting in ubuntu again and the text boot is stuck at that line for about 3 minutes now.13:54
TJ-eraserpencil1: that message is pretty common especially during boot-time when cores are busy13:56
TJ-eraserpencil1: if it continues then its cause for concern or investigation13:56
lordcirth_3 minute boot pause though?13:56
eraserpencil1its still stuck13:57
eraserpencil1gonna reboot13:57
lordcirth_eraserpencil1, how's your cooling?13:57
eraserpencil1lordcirth_: it's a laptop, not much wiggle room for me...13:57
TJ-eraserpencil1: did you disable the splash screen?13:57
eraserpencil1yes. text boot13:57
TJ-eraserpencil1: is it unresponsive or just waiting?13:58
eraserpencil1TJ-: it's hard to tell, i am not sure what to determine as responsive..13:58
TJ-eraserpencil1:  let's concentrate on what you see last, have you seen any service start messages of the form "[   OK   ] some service starting"13:59
aqdhmm why do shortcuts stop working in chrome's textbox? the ctrl-tab etc. I'm sure it was working a few months ago...14:00
aqdctrl-t i mean, and ctrl-w etc14:00
lotuspsychjeTJ-: did you see his dmesg, its full of errors14:00
TJ-eraserpencil1: That's good; that tells us the systemd-init on the real root file-system as started14:00
TJ-lotuspsychje: I must have missed that; do you have the link?14:00
eraserpencil1okay, so i rebooted, now the boot is stuck again. https://termbin.com/o4urj14:00
eraserpencil1thats the link14:00
TJ-eraserpencil1: thanks; lotuspsychje has the acpi_osi workaround been suggested/tested?14:03
TJ-eraserpencil1: can you get to a console log-in with Ctrl+Alt+F2 ?14:03
lotuspsychjeTJ-: not suggested yet14:04
eraserpencil1i did not try that, i updated the bios just in case, but am stuck at boot14:05
eraserpencil1cant seem to get out of the stuck boot14:06
EriC^try ctrl+alt+del eraserpencil114:06
eraserpencil1i think i messed up my grub14:08
TJ-eraserpencil1: do the LEDs on the keyboard for Caps Lock, Num Lock etc., toggle/14:08
TJ-Just for clarification, the CPU package/temperature warnings may be related to the ACPI INT3400 warning14:09
TJ-eraserpencil1: But Ctrl+Alt+F2 doesn't switch to a different tty console ?14:10
lotuspsychjei suspect a mix of several things, wrong grafix driver too14:10
TJ-It looks OK to me from "[drm] Initialized nvidia-drm 0.0.0 20160202 for 0000:01:00.0 on minor 0"14:13
lotuspsychjeTJ-: 384 driver for a gtx 1070 sounds wrong for me14:14
eraserpencil1just give me a while more, I  believe i deleted the grub file for ubuntu from bios....if that even makes sense14:14
TJ-eraserpencil1: you mean the EFI menu entry ?14:14
eraserpencil1my grub menu is lacking that entry..14:15
TJ-I notice around the 2.5 second mark, udev shows that snap device rules have been copied into the initrd.img, which is a big bug!14:15
TJ-eraserpencil1: If you've got the GRUB menu, then it can't be mssing from the EFI menu :)14:15
BluesKajHappy New Year everyone!14:16
TJ-eraserpencil1: EFI stores its own boot menu/boot order in firmware Flash memory. The default entry is loaded (which is presumably to load GRUB)14:16
eraserpencil1is it possible for it to point to "Free Space" in a drive?14:17
TJ-eraserpencil1: no, GRUB menu is built to point to the kernel images in /boot/14:20
dmnureraserpencil1: you said you see the GRUB menu; what happens next? What's missing there? Or you select some menu entry and then it fails to boot?14:24
TJ-eraserpencil1: I notice in the dmesg that the WiFi link associates, which means you should be able to configure things to connect from another PC using SSH to investigate without needing to use the physical console14:24
TJ-eraserpencil1: what does "fail to boot" mean in your terms? If you see kernel messages then it /is/ booting, the issue then becomes a fails to complete start-up14:25
lotuspsychjethis case needs step by step solving, so many factors involved14:25
TJ-lotuspsychje: well, last dmesg shows network is up so if we can get in via SSH we can do something useful14:26
eraserpencil1lotuspsychje: largest one of all is a very inexperienced user.14:26
TJ-eraserpencil1: do you have another PC you can connect to it with, using SSH?14:26
eraserpencil1do we need it to boot first?14:26
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
TJ-eraserpencil1: OK, so then the only remaining question is whether openssh-server is installed on the problem PC - that is needed to do this14:27
eraserpencil1im sorry this is the way you're spending new years day14:27
TJ-eraserpencil1: When the PC starts, do you actually see the GRUB menu waiting for you, or do you have to tap Esc key to get to it?14:28
eraserpencil1i cant rmb if i did, there is a good chance i did14:28
eraserpencil1grub waits for me14:28
TJ-eraserpencil1: OK, that tells us either you've changed the default config, or it has set the boot-failed flag. either way, that is helpful14:28
TJ-eraserpencil1: So next question is, have you attempted to start it in Recovery mode, from the Advanced sub-menu?14:29
eraserpencil1dosent boot either14:29
TJ-eraserpencil1: did you get a shell where you could type commands?14:29
TJ-eraserpencil1: OK, so let's see if we can get some control. Reboot the PC, get to the GRUB menu, highlight the 'default' entry and press 'e' to edit it14:31
TJ-eraserpencil1: navigate down to the line starting "linux ..." and at the end of the line add "systemd.unit=emergency.target" and then press Ctrl+X to boot with that option14:33
eraserpencil1what next? do i ctrl-d?14:37
TJ-No, press Enter to get a shell14:38
eraserpencil1im in root14:38
TJ-eraserpencil1: Right, so we're in a read-only root-filesystem environment right now14:38
TJ-eraserpencil1: I'm playing about in a virtual machine here to see what we can achieve14:39
eraserpencil1it's root, not sure about readonly14:39
eraserpencil1i have openssh but not any internet connection14:39
TJ-eraserpencil1: do "apt list --installed openssh-server"14:41
TJ-eraserpencil1: if you get a result it is installed14:41
eraserpencil1i have openssh-server14:41
TJ-eraserpencil1: Great! That's good for later. First let's check the previous boot log. Try this: "journalctl -b -1 -p warning" -- this should list only important issues from the /LAST/ boot (-1), not this one14:42
eraserpencil1no entries14:43
TJ-eraserpencil1: OK, let's try another boot with a different option. Do "systemctl reboot" and then edit the GRUB default  entry once more14:44
TJ-eraserpencil1: this time add "systemd.unit=multi-user.target" then press Ctrl+X14:44
dmnureraserpencil1: please recheck: `-1` above is "minus one", not "minus ell".14:44
eraserpencil1i had an error with minus one so i tried minus ell14:45
eraserpencil1cant recall the error msg14:45
TJ-it's not important right now. What we're trying to do is get the system into a managable state from where you can fix things without guesswork14:46
eraserpencil1im stuck at boot14:47
TJ-eraserpencil1: let it sit for about 3 minutes to allow for standard service time-outs14:47
TJ-eraserpencil1: whilst it is doing that, can you check on your wifi router what IP address the PC was given, so you can attempt an SSH connection from another PC?14:50
TJ-eraserpencil1: unless you can have a good guess at what the IP address actually is of course14:51
TJ-eraserpencil1: on the other Linux PC you could also do a network scan using 'nmap' if that would be easier14:52
eraserpencil1at root, i did an "ifconfig", showed no connection at all.. i was about to do an nmcli connection but we went to try the multi-user.target.14:52
eraserpencil1I have it on ethernet connection though. so i shouldnt need to manualy connect it, but the service may not have been up. did not check that14:53
TJ-eraserpencil1: that's fine, none of the required services for networking are easily available at the emergency console14:53
eraserpencil1it has not timed out14:53
TJ-eraserpencil1: OH, it is wired that is much more reliable14:53
eraserpencil1just one less than to figure out14:54
TJ-eraserpencil1: so is the Lenovo connecting both with Ethernet and WiFi currently?14:54
eraserpencil1it's an alienware14:54
TJ-sorry, Alienware :D14:54
eraserpencil1errr usually, it's connected via ethernet...but did not pay much attention if it's connected on wifi14:55
TJ-eraserpencil1: on your current PC, if you know its IPv4 address using "ip addr show" you can then do something similar to "nmap -sn" (if the PCs IPv4 address were
eraserpencil1the laptop hasnt boot yet though14:56
TJ-eraserpencil1: doesn't matter14:56
TJ-eraserpencil1: from your earlier dmesg it looks like it has started networking services14:56
TJ-eraserpencil1: on the last dmesg it shows the WiFi is up: "[  105.621350] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): wlp112s0: link becomes ready"14:56
TJ-eraserpencil1: that dmesg also shows the wired connection "[  100.887870] alx 0000:6f:00.0 enp111s0: NIC Up: 100 Mbps Full"14:57
dmnureraserpencil1: another clarification: at the console, does the cursor at the bottom of the screen blink? And try to type anything there; does it echo the characters?14:58
eraserpencil1dmnur: it's stuck at boot, no blinking anything, just [OK] msgs14:59
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TJ-eraserpencil1: I'm going to have to go; my Huskies are demanded their cross-country run! It sounds like dmnur can take you further here too14:59
eraserpencil1thanks for the help so far14:59
dmnureraserpencil1: alright, what OS does your current PC have?15:02
eraserpencil1dmnur: so the laptop im using to debug is on wifi now, ubuntu 16.04 on an old mac, the laptop ( that needs debugging) is supposed to have 1 windows and two ubuntu partitions. the usual one im booting into is missing, the one i have now cannot be booted15:03
eraserpencil1probably should have told TJ-...sorry, didnt occur to me15:04
TJ-not gone quite yet - it might be possible to use GRUB's shell ('c' command line at menu) to then investigate the file-systems and manually find/boot the correct Ubuntu and then be able to fix it up using update-grub/grub-install15:06
eraserpencil1TJ- wanted to ssh into the alienware laptop seeing how dmesg says i have network running...15:06
TJ-eraserpencil1: have you located the Alienware's IPv4 address?15:06
eraserpencil1no, im having trouble...15:07
dmnureraserpencil1: OK, what trouble?15:07
TJ-I'll go now, I suspect dmnur can talk you through identifying it15:07
eraserpencil1the macbook (used for debugging) is on wifi (192.168.x.x)..so i dont know what subnet the alienware (connected via ethernet) is on.15:08
tonythappy new years everyone15:08
eraserpencil1and very strangely, when i go to visit my router page, on my browser, it says 0 devices connected..15:08
dmnureraserpencil1: I guess they should be on the same network. You connect them both to a single Wi-Fi router, yes?15:09
eraserpencil1yes.. i mean if i can visit the page, atleast i must be connected...15:09
eraserpencil1how can it be 015:09
eraserpencil1okay, it's a firefox issue, on chromium, i see the devices, but not my alienware laptop15:10
dmnureraserpencil1: I guess these are Wi-Fi devices?15:11
dmnureraserpencil1: OK, try to find the list of DHCP clients in your router's configuration page.15:12
dmnureraserpencil1: actually, we could just boot from Live USB/DVD and go from there. But the steps we are currently taking would be helpful in the future.15:14
dmnureraserpencil1: any success?15:17
eraserpencil1im back15:19
eraserpencil1can a wired connection be 192.168.x.x?15:20
dmnureraserpencil1: yes.15:20
dmnureraserpencil1: did you find the list of DHCP clients?15:20
eraserpencil1i have no luck at that15:21
ioriawhy not using nmap ?15:21
dmnureraserpencil1: OK, not a problem. Let's try `nmap` then.15:21
ioria sudo nmap -sP
eraserpencil1only one of the addresses is not refusing my connection15:23
eraserpencil1instead, it's stuck15:23
eraserpencil1i tried with "ssh user@address"15:24
eraserpencil1lets just go with live usb15:25
IniGitI want to remove all data from my drive so that nobody can read it anymore. I use dd for this like this:15:25
IniGitsudo dd bs=1M status=progress if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdX15:25
IniGitBefore doing that, do I have to remove the filysystem or do something else?15:25
dmnureraserpencil1: just one more: sudo nmap -p 22
IniGitCurrently it's ntfs15:25
IniGitand it should stay ntfs15:25
IniGitDo I have to add a filesystem again after performing the dd command?15:26
MathisenIniGit, is this an ssh or hdd15:27
lordcirth_IniGit, dd with urandom will work, but take forever15:27
lordcirth_shred -n0 -z will be much faster15:27
lordcirth_or dd'ing zeros15:27
IniGitIt's an 8gb usb stick I think it's called a flash drive15:27
lordcirth_And yes, after you wipe it, there will be no filesystems, partitions, or even a partition table15:28
IniGitwill 8b also take forever with dev/urandom being used?15:28
lordcirth_Less so, but yes15:28
IniGithow long approximately do you think it will take?15:28
lordcirth_shred -n1 will do one pass of random overwrite, using a much faster random generator15:28
lordcirth_urandom is randomness appropriate for generating keys15:28
lordcirth_shred will be limited by the USB.  urandom depends15:29
IniGitlordcirth_: you mean shred is perfectly fine to obfuscate the data that was on the usb stick?15:30
lordcirth_yes, shred is fine.  Without arguments it will do 3 passes, but unless your opponent has a forensics lab, one pass is fine15:30
IniGitlordcirth_: what is a pass?15:31
lordcirth_IniGit, overwriting once15:31
lordcirth_-n controls how many random passes, then -z zeros it after.  I usually do a zero, so that the drive doesn't randomly show up as a 1982 solaris raid array or something15:31
lordcirth_Also, you don't want to do more than one pass on a USB stick, probably, as they burn out easily15:32
dmnureraserpencil1: here?15:33
IniGitok thank you15:33
eraserpencil1booting from usb...takes slightly less than forever15:34
dmnureraserpencil1: OK, I'll be back in 5 min.15:35
aqdhm I got kindle working, just needed the old version of kindle, not wine15:39
dmnureraserpencil1: how's it going?15:41
eraserpencil1it's stuck at the splash page from the live usb15:42
dmnureraserpencil1: press Esc. Something in there?15:43
aqdwhy does mplayer seeking feel slow though? much slower than on windows. not a new problem but the vdpau is working very well and cpu usage for hd video is close to 5%15:43
eraserpencil1do i load the efi or the grub file from the usb?  does it make a difference?15:43
eraserpencil1not f1 not esc no difference15:43
IniGitBtw would I specify a partition (like sdX1)  at dd or the device name like sdX?15:43
IniGitat the of parameter15:44
aqdhm got it, it's due to pulseaudio...15:44
dmnureraserpencil1: you mean bootx64.efi or grub.efi? No difference, they're the same.15:44
eraserpencil1why is it stuck at splash....15:44
dmnureraserpencil1: this USB stick has 16.04?15:45
dmnureraserpencil1: funny. Did it boot earlier?15:45
aqdi should get ossv4 back, how come it's not the default now? ossv4 has perfect mixing and vol adjust...15:45
=== snotr__ is now known as snotr
dmnurIniGit: the device name (sdX), of the whole device, yes.15:46
ocelotslothAnybody ever had the sudo prompt not let you press enter after typing a password? I can't find anything about that issue because all I get are people asking why there's no typing feedback from the sudo prompt.15:46
ocelotslothAll I can do is ^c to break out of the password prompt. All other input appears to be ignored15:46
dmnureraserpencil1: did you connect any devices that weren't there earlier?15:47
IniGitdmnur: thx15:47
eraserpencil1what do you mean15:47
dmnureraserpencil1: I mean, any USB devices. Try disconnecting anything but the USB stick.15:48
marsjeIs there a way I can get a tree view pane in Nautilus in Ubuntu 18.04? I feel pretty helpless without it (which seems to be the general effect of Gnome 3 on me)15:49
marsjeor is there an alternative file manager for grown-ups?15:50
eraserpencil1dmnur: i think i, gonna call it a night and try again another day15:50
dmnureraserpencil1: OK, if you say so. Looks like it's something hardware-related, not that easy to diagnose.15:53
eraserpencil1that does suck15:54
IniGitwhy is that: dd: error writing '/dev/sdg': No space left on device ?15:55
=== ttd_ is now known as ttd
* marsje found Thunar15:57
dmnurIniGit: it's fine, `dd` just doesn't know where's the end of the device, so it stops when it can't write more.15:57
IniGitdmnur: thx. DO you know how to read the output or status=progress?15:58
dmnurIniGit: can you please clarify? What output?16:00
IniGitexample given (3.4GB, 3.2GiB)16:00
IniGitshouldn't it be (<already copied>, <size-of-drive>)16:01
IniGitbut why is then the first number always bigger and always very close to the second number16:01
IniGitand the second number is changing16:01
IniGit(3.4GB, 3.2GiB) is an example output off the progress of dd16:02
dmnurIniGit: ah, I see. The first number is gigabytes (1,000,000,000 bytes). The second number is gibibytes (1,073,741,824 bytes).16:03
IniGitdmnur: I see but why the second number keeps changing?16:03
IniGitdmnur: Shouldn't it be statis?16:03
eraserpencil1dmnur: it would seem that the latest bios is a linux-killer16:04
eraserpencil1the older one, with its bugs, is less potent16:04
dmnurIniGit: the numbers show the same value but in different representations, that's all.16:05
IniGitdmnur: ok. thank you :)16:05
dmnureraserpencil1: huh. Not good.16:06
dmnureraserpencil1: I hope they support downgrading. :)16:06
Zteamocelotsloth, not sure if it should matter but are you using Wayland?16:07
ocelotslothheh, I hope not since it's a server :-)16:08
Zteamocelotsloth, okey, didn't have that info :D16:08
ocelotslothI do think I've isolated the issue away from ubuntu though. I think it's an issue with my local tmux config16:08
dmnurocelotsloth: probably. What's the value of TERM?16:09
ocelotslothTERM is set to `screen-256color`16:10
ocelotslothThough it may not be that, because now it's back to behaving again16:11
Zteamocelotsloth, no experience from that at all, but what happen if you run sudo -A16:11
Byanbash: /usr/bin/moshsession: Permission denied16:11
dmnurocelotsloth: also, try starting some fullscreen editor like vim or nano. Does it throw any warnings? Does it work as expected?16:11
Byantrying to use mosh with mobaxterm16:11
Byancan't figure out what moshsession is supposed to be16:11
Byanor where it might be referenced16:11
ocelotslothZteam sudo -A prints a bunch of usage options16:12
ocelotslothdmnur that was working fine, though the issue just disappeared so I'll probably never know what the issue was. Thanks for the help though16:13
dmnurByan: ls -l /usr/bin/moshsession16:14
Byandmnur: doesnt exist16:16
dmnurByan: Ubuntu packages don't provide this file. You should probably fix your mobaxterm configuration.16:19
qqzhow to change a bug into a feature reuqest?16:20
dmnurByan: I guess it's configured somewhere here: https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/documentation.html#1_216:20
eraserpencil1how worries should i be for incompatible bios?16:28
dmnurByan: ah, sorry, not that; `moshsession` is part of mobaxterm itself. Looks like the problem is incorrect installation, try reinstalling mobaxterm.16:28
dmnureraserpencil1: well, you can't boot Linux at all, so pretty worried, I guess. :) But you can try to downgrade BIOS.16:30
IniGitdmnur: forensic means somebody must actually get your device in hand,right? After you dd or shred a hacker should have no chance is that correct?16:31
lordcirth_IniGit, correct16:32
IniGitI'm asking, because I think I had a gpg key on that deivce a while ago and I do want to use that usb stick now for something else16:32
IniGitI'm mostly concerned about hackers not so much about loosing the device at the moment16:32
TJ-back... just scrolled back briefly. eraserpencil1 if there is a potential hardware issue there are 2 possible fixes. One is the previously mentioned acpi_osi and the other is to try a later kernel16:32
eraserpencil1would bios be updated for linux support then...generally speaking16:32
IniGitlordcirth_: thx16:32
eraserpencil1I googled, and on dell forums, apparently the latest bios updated kills linux.16:33
IniGitlordcirth_: And one pass of dd or shred should be enough for my concerns?16:33
eraserpencil1the previous one is buggy, but less potent than killing16:33
dmnureraserpencil1: can you tell your laptop's model name? I'll check if there are any issues with BIOS.16:33
eraserpencil1alienware m1516:33
dmnureraserpencil1: OK, one moment.16:34
qqzIniGit: https://www.elstel.org/CyberAttack-elstel.html.en#protect_yourself16:34
qqzIniGit: https://www.elstel.org/software/GnuPG-usage.html.en16:34
TJ-dmnur: eraserpencil1 from the dmesg: [    0.000000] DMI: Alienware Alienware m15/0CNR45, BIOS 1.1.0 09/26/201816:35
dmnureraserpencil1: BIOS 1.2.5: > Disabled the option to downgrade the BIOS version.16:36
dmnureraserpencil1: "enhancement", as they put it.16:38
eraserpencil1now i have an expensive hunk of metal16:38
TJ-preventing downgrades can be necessary if the data layout has to change16:38
Byandmnur: I was using the portable exec. I'm not sure what the issue was but I just upgraded to the new version and it started working16:39
Byanvery strange16:39
TJ-eraserpencil1: This Alienware has previously worked fine with the installed Ubuntu?16:39
IniGitqqz: That articles that about other things :D16:39
ioriaeraserpencil1, already tried acpi=noirq parameter ?16:40
eraserpencil1not really, im done for the day. flying off tmr so got to start packing16:40
TJ-eraserpencil1: I bet the acpi_osi workaround would solve that16:41
eraserpencil1i've had weird keybord issues16:41
TJ-eraserpencil1: it's so common I've written an article and workaround script/instructions for it: http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html16:41
dmnurByan: mobaxterm uses Cygwin, and Cygwin stores its Linux-ish files in a special manner. Probably access rights got messed up in some way.16:41
Byanyes I suppose so16:43
ByanI never considered that the cygwin environment that the mosh part was using could actually be modified16:43
Byanbut maybe it can16:43
eraserpencil1i'll probably fix it when im back16:49
dmnurTJ-: funny, never thought these ACPI workarounds are still needed. The last time I had to use them was long ago, on some old Eee PC netbook.16:50
eraserpencil1i was always under the the impression that linux compatibility was a thing of the past16:53
Byaneraserpencil1: compatibility or incompatibility?16:56
Byaneither way, new laptops often dont work perfectly for a while16:56
eraserpencil1there is hope for the future then16:57
TJ-dmnur: acpi_osi has become very important because the DSDT controls so many vital methods/devices based on the detected OS - and obviously never tested with anything other than Windows17:00
TJ-eraserpencil1: It's not even so much Linux compatibility so much as very real bugs in the firmware that are papered over when using Windows (which the manufacturers do spend time writing drivers for)17:01
TJ-eraserpencil1: if the Alienware can be booted to the emergency console once more, and root-fs made writeable, you can find and set the acpi_osi value and test it17:07
eraserpencil1interesting how you;re more keen on seeing it work17:09
eraserpencil1im disheartened already17:09
eraserpencil1is the command systemd.unit=emergency.target?17:10
TJ-eraserpencil1: I've been doing this stuff for so long ... I refuse to allow PCs to beat us17:10
TJ-eraserpencil1: Yes, that is correct17:10
TJ-eraserpencil1: I've also been coding for so long I seem to be able to slip into a mindset where I can mostly predict why a system behaves the way it does from very small clues17:11
eraserpencil1where do i set acpi?17:11
TJ-eraserpencil1: first you find out what the setting should be: "sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows | sort"17:12
eraserpencil1windows 2015 is the last entry17:14
eraserpencil1what are you looking for?17:14
TJ-eraserpencil1: OK, so now we have to add it. Are you familiar/confortable with any terminal based text editor?17:14
SiamasterI've done something really bad17:14
eraserpencil1but i guess vi17:14
KumoolSiamaster: kinky17:14
TJ-eraserpencil1: right. Do "mount -o remount,rw /"17:15
SiamasterI did sudo apt-get remove python3.617:15
TJ-eraserpencil1: then "vim /etc/default/grub"17:15
KumoolSiamaster: sounds like a step in the right direction17:15
Siamasterbut python3.6 still exists17:15
Siamasterbut weird stuff is happening17:15
Siamasterwhen did remove python3.6 , it took a very long time17:16
TJ-eraserpencil1: in there, goto the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX= and add, exactly as I type it here,  acpi_osi=\"Windows 2015\"  inside the existing double-quote marks17:16
Siamastera lot of stuff happened17:16
Siamasterhow can I revert this?17:16
TJ-eraserpencil1: you'll end up with something like GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=" acpi_osi=\"Windows 2015\""17:16
eraserpencil1just want to be sure17:17
eraserpencil1when i ran the grep on windows earlier17:17
eraserpencil1i had:17:18
eraserpencil1Windows 200117:18
eraserpencil1Windows 2001.117:18
eraserpencil1Windows 2001 SP117:18
eraserpencil1Windows 201517:18
TJ-eraserpencil1: you use the last one it reports17:18
TJ-eraserpencil1: we're looking for what seems to be the most recent Windows version17:18
TJ-eraserpencil1: you'll be un-quieted in a moment or two by the bot, so carry on editing. After saving the file do "update-grub"17:19
TJ-eraserpencil1: once you've done that double-check it has been added to GRUBs boot-time config with "grep acpi_osi /boot/grub/grub.cfg"17:20
TJ-eraserpencil1: you should see several lines beginning "linux..." as a result17:20
TJ-eraserpencil1: if you see that, you can test it with a reboot17:20
SiamasterI'm going to try remove ubuntu-desktop and install it again17:21
SiamasterWill I lose data?17:21
SiamasterWhat stuff should I back up?17:21
TJ-Siamaster: ubuntu-desktop is a meta-package, so it doesn't remove anything itself17:22
TJ-Siamaster: so you can "apt remove ubuntu-desktop && apt install ubuntu-desktop" quite safely17:22
eraserpencil1you dont wanna try reinstalling python3.6?17:22
Siamasterthat didn't work17:22
SiamasterI'm still having trouble17:23
eraserpencil1TJ-: it's hung at the moment. i'll see if it times out17:23
TJ-Siamaster: did you break apt due to removing python?17:23
eraserpencil1Siamaster: check your symlinks17:23
TJ-eraserpencil1: that's a shame, looks like Dell have really dropped the ball with the Alienware range17:23
eraserpencil1really should have went with the XPS17:24
Siamasterwhat symlinks? what should I check for?17:24
TJ-Siamaster: "didn't work" doesn't tell us anything - what precisely failed?17:24
Siamasterit installed python3.617:24
SiamasterI have it now17:24
IniGitwhen you do 'sudo dd bs=1M status=progress if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdg' and run out of space the following error will be thrown 'dd: error writing '/dev/sdg': No space left on device'. How do you then stop dd from trying to write? ctrl+c does not work17:24
Siamasterbut my computer is acting weirdly17:24
SiamasterI have a warning icon on top right about updates failing17:25
TJ-IniGit: dd should terminate at that point17:25
Siamasterand more than one cpu is constantly working which it usually doesn't17:25
Siamasterterminal is weird17:25
Siamasterchrome has disappeared17:25
IniGitok afair I got not back to the $ sign in the terminal to issue a new command. I hope you know what I mean with this :|17:26
IniGitmaybe I can type anyway, I will try that next time17:26
TJ-IniGit: try just pressing Enter17:26
IniGitI already closed that terminal17:26
TJ-IniGit: sometimes the terminal shell gets a bit messed up17:26
eraserpencil1or kill -i <PID>17:26
IniGitok thx :)17:26
eraserpencil1kill -9 <PID>17:26
IniGitAlso I had another problem when I dd'd my usb stick and just for testing purposes tried to mout it :D my system could not restart anymore17:27
IniGitThen I pressed the power off button on my pc, because I did not know what to do17:27
IniGitcancel the mount also didn't work17:27
IniGitwhat to do in such a case next time?17:28
eraserpencil1TJ-: so, the fix you helped me with was in hopes it would work with 16.04. Would you know if the fixes here https://www.dell.com/community/Alienware/Alienware-m15-BIOS-update-for-Linux-compatibility/td-p/6241916 would do good on 16.0417:28
TJ-eraserpencil1: acpi_osi= is a workaround regardless of kernel version; it is a workaround for the bugs in the PC's own firmware17:28
ByanIniGit: how did you try to shutdown?17:29
TJ-eraserpencil1: It duplicates how Windows identifies itself to the firmware, and we know Windows works fine. However, the Alienware Windows drivers may contain additional device-specific workarounds Linux devs aren't told about17:29
IniGitByan: via the Gnome GUI->restart17:30
eraserpencil1you mean ubuntu releases are tied to kernel versions? so 16.04 would never exceed 4.xx? and 18.04 would?17:30
ByanIniGit: next time try sudo halt17:30
sappheirosCould you please help me? https://askubuntu.com/questions/1106053/k3b-unable-to-load-kcddb-configuration-module-lubuntu-18-1017:30
TJ-eraserpencil1: no, nothing of the sort17:30
Byanalso read the output of dmesg to see if you can tell why it doesn't want to shutdown17:30
TJ-eraserpencil1: I generally use kernel 4.20 with all versions of Ubuntu17:30
eraserpencil1ahh okay17:31
TJ-eraserpencil1: The Dell forum you linked to suggests "acpi=noirq" could help stop the freeze at boot-time, so you could re-enter emergency mode, and add that as an additional option to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX= alongside the acpi_osi= ... do "update-grub" and then test once again17:31
IniGitByan: When I press one time short the power off button I get into some kind of terminal, how do I get back from there to gnome? I think this is the dmesg program17:32
Byanerrr what does the text say?17:33
IniGitI already restarted I don't remember17:33
dmnurIniGit: `dd` doesn't exit immediately after writing, actually the kernel writes to cache first and then drops it to the USB stick. So you have to wait for a while after that, Ctrl-C won't work. If your USB stick has activity LED, watch it.17:33
Byanand honestly no idea :P17:33
IniGitByan: ok thx :D17:33
Byanoh wait I think I know what you really mean to ask17:33
ByanIniGit: you can hit ctrl+alt+f1 to f817:34
Byanit swiches between "virtual consoles"17:34
dmnurIniGit: and probably because of it mounting that busy partition froze GNOME's file manager (or whatever you used to mount) too.17:35
Byanif you hit ctrl+alt+f1 right now you'll get a terminal on your screen you can log into and do whatever17:35
Byanto get back to gnome form there its ctrl+alt+f717:35
eraserpencil1TJ-: "acpi_osi=\"Windows 2015\" acpi=noirq"17:35
TJ-eraserpencil1: yes, looks good :)17:35
ioriasappheiros, probably tou need  kde-config-cddb   ; is it installed ?17:36
ByanIniGit: try switching from f7 to f1 and back again when you have a second17:36
Byanyou won't see gnome anymore when you go to f1 so dont do too willy nilly though17:37
IniGitByan: one sec, I'll let gparted to it's loading first17:37
IniGitthat may take 2-5 min :)17:38
IniGitByan: When I press f7 nothing happens17:39
dmnurIniGit: how much RAM do you have?17:40
IniGitctrl+alt+f7 works17:40
eraserpencil1TJ-: in your experience, how long is the wait for a new laptop to work decently with ubuntu17:40
IniGitByan: 32gb17:40
eraserpencil1I've never seen so many fails before. But it boots.17:41
TJ-eraserpencil1: Generally the basics always work but very new peripherals sometimes take some time to get decent drivers - it depends on the manufacturers of PC and the ICs they use17:41
TJ-eraserpencil1: it booted with noirq?17:42
SiamasterMy ubuntu hard drive is completely ruined17:42
TJ-eraserpencil1: if so, can you grab the kernel log so I can file it and examine it17:42
dmnurIniGit: huh, so all these `/dev/zero`s went to RAM, then `dd` printed that no space left, and *only then* the kernel actually started dropping the caches. So you just had to wait a bit.17:42
eraserpencil1you mean dmesg?17:43
SiamasterI did reinstall ubuntu-desktop17:43
Siamasterit didn't make anything better17:43
Siamasterso I restarted17:43
Siamasternow I can't enter ubuntu anymore17:43
TJ-eraserpencil1: yes. if it has network you can install pastebinit, and then do "journalctl -b | pastebinit"17:43
Siamasterit just says that it's an installation setup17:43
TJ-eraserpencil1: journal includes more interesting info than dmesg alone17:43
SiamasterI'm on Windows now17:43
Siamastercan I access the files on that hard drive from here?17:44
SiamasterI have two hard drives in my computer17:44
IniGitByan: ok thx and I think that is the console that I saw at that mounting problem17:44
Siamasterand I can't log into ubuntu17:44
dmnurSiamaster: unfortunately you can't access Linux filesystems from Windows. You'll need to enter recovery mode or boot from Live USB to fix your installation.17:46
sappheirosioria: not installed. i will try installing it in the Muon Package Manager. thank you. should i restart my computer after installing it? (or is that peculiar only to older Windows OS?)17:46
SiamasterShould I not trust this? https://www.diskinternals.com/linux-reader/ dmnur17:47
dmnurSiamaster: I wouldn't. And it looks like that they didn't update it for a while.17:49
dmnurSiamaster: you can boot from Live USB and copy files from there if you need.17:50
dmnurSiamaster: from Live USB, you'll be able to access both Linux and Windows filesystems.17:50
eraserpencil1What would noirq mean for my system?17:51
sappheirosioria: the CDDB settings panel now opens in K3b. thank you.17:51
sappheirosdid ioria just leave? i can't tab-complete the name now17:57
TJ-eraserpencil: just had a first scan through; the kernel is suggesting yet another additional option to add to its command-line: "pci=biosirq" :)17:57
sappheirosi posted the solution to the askubuntu thread there.17:57
sappheirosthanks again17:57
Siamasterdmnur that program works fine17:57
Siamasterand I'm able to see all files in all folders17:58
Siamasterexcept the ones in Downloads17:58
Siamasterhow come?17:58
TJ-eraserpencil1: What the log reveals, compared to the previous log, is the bug in the PCs firmware is that is incorrectly reporting the interrupt requests assigned to all devices. Probably what then happens is the Linux kernel gets stuck in an interrupt handler in some way17:58
eraserpencil1sappheiros: sudo apt-get install bash-completion17:58
Siamasteris there something special about the Downloads folder?17:59
Siamasterall other folders are 4 kb, this one is 12 kb but is empty17:59
eraserpencil1GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi_osi=\"Windows 2015\" acpi=noirq pci=biosirq"18:00
TJ-eraserpencil1: you're getting the hang of this :)18:01
eraserpencil1it seems i cant use my nvidia graphics card for now18:01
TJ-eraserpencil1: if this re-enables kernel to handle IRQs that should improve18:01
TJ-eraserpencil1: on that last boot many devices IRQ assignments couldn't be found18:01
eraserpencil1TJ-: it might have taken me a year, but i learnt how to copy and paste from the terminal18:02
Bashing-omeraserpencil1: Wayland as the DE ??18:02
eraserpencil1no x11...im still on 16.0418:02
Bashing-omeraserpencil1: :) K, then scratch that thought .18:03
eraserpencil1TJ-: i'm gonna be in and out irc, now that this is booting, my debugging laptop cant connect via wifi coincidentally18:04
eraserpencil1would there be anything you'd like me to look out for during boot?18:04
dmnurSiamaster: Windows drivers for Linux filesystems are not reliable, there may be some issues. That's why I recommended booting from Live USB in the first place. You can also try Ext2Fsd (https://www.ext2fsd.com/) if you really want to do it from Windows, but no guarantee there too.18:05
TJ-dmnur: long time since I used Windows, but is it possible to use a HyperV or VirtualBox VM to access the installed Ubuntu?18:06
TJ-dmnur: I'm not sure how good/bad Windows is at allowing direct access to devices for VMs18:07
sappheirosK3b doesn't rip the CD -- it just changes the track info from what I put to the incorrect info it detected.18:07
dmnurTJ-: VirtualBox allows you to access whole disks as raw devices, not sure if it's true for partitions though.18:08
ioriasappheiros, audio cd ? .wav files18:09
sappheirosioria: i don't understand your comment ".wav files"18:09
sappheirosi was wanting to create mp3 or other audio track to copy from my laptop to my Android cellphone18:09
sappheirosto listen to the CD on my cellphone18:10
sappheiroshow do i do this when the default software (K3b) doesn't work?18:10
ioriasappheiros, ok, but the cd what formats it gests ?18:10
TJ-dmnur: wholedisk would be the way, since the VM would then boot from the disk as it is intended (using the boot loader)18:10
sappheirosioria: i think this laptop detects the CD files as .wav. i have never connected my new cellphone to this laptop before.18:10
dmnurTJ-: yeah, but if Windows itself is on that disk...18:10
ioriasappheiros, ok, install sound-juicer   and lubuntu-restricted-extras18:11
TJ-dmnur: shouldn't make a difference as long as the VM can connect, they're not going to access each other's partitions18:11
TJ-dmnur: boot-loader stage is read-only18:11
dmnurTJ-: I mean, you won't be able to pass the whole disk from which you've currently booted Windows. No chance.18:13
TJ-dmnur: ahhh, that was what I was getting at. Silly Windows :)18:13
sappheirosDiscover still won't load on my lubuntu 18.10 i386 installation. :(18:15
sappheirosioria: thanks, i will open Muon Package Manager and try18:15
eraserpencil1TJ-: There mate?18:16
TJ-eraserpencil1: didn't help I see18:16
ioriasappheiros, i'd go with the command line18:16
TJ-eraserpencil1: new log already saved here and examined :)18:16
sappheirosioria: i don't know how18:16
ioriasappheiros, sudo apt install sound-juicer18:16
eraserpencil1well i guess that's that then18:16
TJ-eraserpencil1: I'm afraid so. If I were in front of the Alienware I'd probably be able to make more progress18:17
ioriasappheiros, in lxterminal, i mean18:17
sappheirosthank you. i'm trying that now. i am concerned because one of the suggested packages is called "gstreamer1.0-plugins-really-bad"18:18
=== thurin is now known as uprime
sappheirosit seems bad to install a package named "really-bad"18:18
dmnursappheiros: :D that's totally fine!18:18
eraserpencil1i think so too18:18
sappheirosdmnur: what does it mean?18:18
TJ-eraserpencil1: OH! " Alienware kernel: PCI: Unknown option `biosirq'" .... hmmm18:19
dmnursappheiros: it's "really-bad" because of the licensing and quality issues, but works anyway.18:19
sappheirosquality issues? is it prone to crashing?18:19
TJ-eraserpencil1: and yet later it does say " kernel: pcieport 0000:00:01.0: can't find IRQ for PCI INT A; please try using pci=biosirq"18:19
TJ-eraserpencil1: looks like someone forgot there were mentions of that option and removed it18:20
dmnursappheiros: nah, won't crash, just not very pretty. Don't mind it.18:20
TJ-eraserpencil1: ahhh, more subtle than that. pci=biosirq only applies to 32-bit Intel, not 64-bit18:21
sappheirosokay. i have installed them, and i suppose now will run 'sudo apt autoremove' to remove 'no longer required' packages chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra gstreamer1.0-libav gstreamer1.0-vaapi libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0 libpango1.0-0 libpangox-1.0-0 ubuntu-restricted-addons18:21
sappheiros  ubuntu-restricted-extras18:21
ioriasappheiros, that pkg it's only suggested not installed18:21
eraserpencil1how do you even know what to look out for18:22
sappheiros... should i just leave all those packages installed? maybe they'll be used in the future?18:22
ioriasappheiros, did you install also lubuntu-restricted-extras ?18:22
eraserpencil1but i have to turn in. I have a plane to catch  tmr and its 2.30am here18:22
sappheirosioria: i decided not to 'sudo apt autoremove' and instead only execute 'sudo apt install lubuntu-restricted-extras' next18:23
sappheirosis it better to 'sudo apt autoremove' to prevent packages from conflicting with each other executing at the same time occasionally?18:23
ioriasappheiros, just installlubuntu-restricted18:23
sappheirosinstalled lubuntu-restricted-extras, did not run 'sudo apt autoremove'18:24
sappheirosopening sound juicer from the start menu now18:24
ioriasappheiros,  where did you get that 'autoremove' message ?18:24
sappheiroslxterminal when running each of those sudo apt install commands. when installing lubuntu-restricted-extras, the packages suggested to autoremove were libpango1.0-0 libpangox-1.0-018:25
eraserpencil1TJ-: thanks alot for your help. I'll catch up with again when i'm back.18:25
dmnursappheiros: don't worry about the conflicts, package maintainers handle them; if one package conflicts with another, they'll make sure that only one of them (or none) will be installed.18:25
sappheirosgreat :D18:26
ioriasappheiros,  ok, reboot  and then open sound-juicer18:26
eraserpencil1dmnur: thanks as well!18:26
sappheirosif i sudo apt autoremove later, will it uninstall *all* unused packages -- i.e. both sets listed in the previous two commands?18:26
ioriasappheiros,  yes18:26
sappheirossound juicer appeared to open fine from the start menu, but i will close everything and reboot 'cause ioria said so ...18:27
dmnursappheiros: yeah: `autoremove` uninstalls all packages that you didn't manually install and for which there are no other packages that depend on them.18:28
DVA5912Whats the offtopic channel18:40
dmnurDVA5912: #ubuntu-offtopic18:41
DVA5912dmnur, 10-4, thanks!18:42
Siamasterok, I figured I don't like Windows anyway, so I installed Ubuntu on the hard drive with Windows18:46
Siamasterso I have 2 hard drives, two ubuntu.18:46
SiamasterI can browse through the folders of the other hard drive18:47
Siamasterbut no concrete files in the home directory are visible18:47
Siamasterbut I know they are there, I can see them as root in recovery mode18:47
Siamastercan I mount that drive in some way so everything is visible?18:47
TJ-Siamaster: does the other install use a separate /home/ file-system ?18:51
Siamasternvm, I was looking in wrong place, sorry18:51
Siamastereverything is visible :D18:51
TJ-Siamaster: :)18:51
Siamastergreat, I got rid of Windows and now have a fresh Ubuntu with latest version18:52
Siamasternot a bad outcome of remove python :P18:52
SiamasterI had planned to do this anywy18:53
TJ-Siamaster: not the best way of going about it though :D18:54
Siamasterhaha, no18:55
Psi-JackI'm trying to setup a multi-boot USB disk that loopmounts Ubuntu family ISO installation media, and I'm having issues with the actual installation portion of the process. It boots up fine, but then complains about /dev/sdb (or similar) has mounted partitions and offers/tries to unmount them. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot/Examples provides some documentation on this, but it's old. Very old.19:12
Psi-JackThe mounted partitions it'19:12
Psi-JackThe mounted partitions it talks about are /isodevice and likely /cdrom (the loopmounted ISO)19:13
dmnurPsi-Jack: can you please show your GRUB configuration for that USB disk? Use https://paste.ubuntu.com/19:18
Psi-JackSure can. One moment,19:19
Psi-Jackhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qDVCSmr6M8/ -- relevant lines are 405-418, 434-44119:21
sappheirosthanks ioria, that worked for the first CD I copied, but now I have a new problem: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1106076/how-to-fix-sound-juicer-cannot-access-cd-the-name-1-36-was-not-provided19:22
sappheirosbut i just seem to have fonud a workaround19:22
sappheirosi closed soundjuicer, put in the CD, selected soundjuicer from the "You've put something in"-type window prompt, and this time sound juicer read the CD (though unknown info for me to add to the musicbrainz database)19:22
sappheirosso it seems to be a bug that occurs if i keep sound juicer open after copying a CD19:23
sappheirosclosing it and starting it fresh with a new CD seems to resolve the bug ...19:23
CognitohazardDoes anyone else have trouble launching games on Steam with Steam Play?19:23
SlidingHornCognitohazard: Better to just ask your *next* question rather than the exploratory one.  More detail is better :)19:27
Psi-Jackdmnur: Any thoughts? ;)19:27
dmnurPsi-Jack: thinking, I'll let you know if I find something.19:28
Psi-JackAlrighty. Yeah, been trying to figure this out for a while myself. Since either 14.04 or 16.04, this method, which is similar to the documented 12.04 one, has not worked.19:29
Psi-JackSadly, it's mostly related to the installer itself, as where it breaks is partway into the installation screens.19:30
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
dmnurPsi-Jack: yeah, that's the installer issue, I'm trying to find a way to trick it.19:32
CognitohazardSlidingHorn: Essentially, I've updated Mesa to 18.2.x via terminal and opted into the Steam Client Beta, but games do not launch. My steam username turns green (showing that I *should* be in-game), but nothing else happens. No new window ever appears.19:32
Psi-Jackdmnur: What is the installer itself called, do you know? I've mostly been looking at the casper documentation, which covers mostly the kernel command-line parameters.19:33
dmnurPsi-Jack: Ubiquity19:33
Psi-JackAhh right.19:33
Psi-JackThe same name as the company that makes my home networking equipment. LOL19:34
dmnurPsi-Jack: and it uses Debian Installer under the hood, so there are two holes to dig.19:34
Psi-JackFunny thing. Debian's works. :)19:34
Psi-JackI have two of these USB sticks, one's straight MBR with multiple ISOs similar to this, and this one I showed you which is a hybrid MBR+EFI, which has some of the same, but some differences currently.19:36
aroonignome shell extensions seem buggy as heck19:40
arooniis that anyone elses experience (18.04)19:40
Psi-Jackdmnur: Hmmmm... Seems the possible options might be to use casper's 'toram' option, or manually umount /isodevice before running the installer..19:44
dmnurPsi-Jack: yes (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1734430), but there should be a way to tell Ubiquity to not touch the installation media at all.19:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1734430 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "isodevice unable to unmount when using loopback" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:47
Psi-JackHeh, /should/ be able to yes. heh heh19:47
Psi-JackHmmm.. I tried the toram option, and I still see /isodevice mounted. hmm19:47
dmnurPsi-Jack: yep, just as this bug describes.19:48
ioriasappheiros, well done19:50
Psi-JackWell, manually unmounting it /does/ seem to work..... At the very least..19:52
Bill_Gateswhere can I download ucuntu19:56
Bill_Gates(yes its a real distro)19:57
d9aBill_Gates: Use your favorite search engine and find the site?19:57
Bill_Gatesinternet explorer 519:57
geirhado a google search on bing19:57
Bill_Gatesbing? whats that19:57
SlidingHornBill_Gates: this isn't on topic for this channel19:58
Bill_Gatesit must be because people are replying19:58
Bill_Gatesplease tell me what channel is for ucuntu then19:59
SlidingHornBill_Gates: if you have an *ubuntu* support question, then by all means ask it.  Otherwise, please leave the channel open for those who do19:59
Bill_Gatesand ill join there19:59
SlidingHorn!alis | Bill_Gates19:59
ubottuBill_Gates: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"19:59
Bill_Gatestried it19:59
ioriaBill_Gates, you can download it directly from YT19:59
Bill_Gatesoh cool20:00
ioriaBill_Gates, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkm2tS5CptE20:00
Bill_Gatesyeah this works20:00
ioriaBill_Gates, at your service20:01
Bill_GatesHi, you've reached bill, unfortunatley I am out of the office right now but will get back to you  as soon as possible. Thanks, Bill.20:02
=== Bill_Gates is now known as lndicium62
sappheirosioria: do you mean for finding a workaround regarding that .service file error? The problem is that now I am not able to reproduce the bug, i.e. it did not give me that error message when inserting disc 3 after copying disc 220:04
=== lndicium62 is now known as SkyRocknRoIl
ioriasappheiros, that's good,not bad20:05
=== capella|away is now known as capella
=== SkyRocknRoIl is now known as capeIla|away
=== capeIla|away is now known as capeIla
sappheirosioria: why do you think that? I think it is bad because it implies we do not know the cause of the error, implying it could happen again in the future.20:06
ioriasappheiros, i think it's adbus error20:07
capeIlawindows XP is the best OS20:07
sappheirosis adbus described at https://github.com/jmckaskill/adbus/blob/master/README.md ?20:09
sappheiroscapeIla: why's that? also, #ubuntu-offtopic20:09
Psi-Jackdmnur: Yeah, well, I managed to get things installed and working with manually lazy umounting the /isodevice.20:09
Psi-JackAnd is nobody going to boot the troll out?20:09
ioriasappheiros, sorry,   i think it's a   'dbus'  error20:11
Psi-JackSee.. Sometimes just calling them out is quite effective. :)20:11
ioriasappheiros, sound-juicer is a very old pkg, maybe not optimazied with the new/current  ubuntu system20:12
ioriasappheiros, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sound-juicer/+bug/62700820:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 627008 in Sound Juicer "Cannot read cd: sound-juicer and gvfs problem (workaround included)" [Medium,Confirmed]20:18
ioriasappheiros, you can add yourself to the bug report20:20
sappheirostrying to add a comment but i got a timeout error just now20:21
sappheirosis it a good idea to install gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect requiring the installation of multiple KDE packages for lubuntu 18.10?20:25
sappheiroswell, maybe it's gnome dependencies, not kde20:25
sappheirosi don't know, it's a lot of new packages it looks like20:25
sappheirosi'm trying to enable copying audio files to my phone from this laptop20:26
ioriasappheiros, lubuntu 18.10 uses lxqt not gnome-shell20:27
sappheirosinstalling now via Muon Package Manager - i figure i can always uninstall it if something doesn't ... ... work ...20:27
sappheirosyeah i thought that ... ... am i now breaking my system installing all these packages?20:27
ioriasappheiros, let me know if it works20:27
sappheiros;_; it's asking me to pick a default display manager, sddm or gdm320:28
sappheirosthis is an old laptop; i'm afraid i'm about to break it (slow it to a halt trying to run gnome instead of lxqt)20:28
FastZdoes it have a serial port, sappheiros?20:29
ioriasappheiros, gdm is for ubuntu, ssdm is the new dm for lubuntu20:29
sappheirosthanks, ioria20:30
* sappheiros checks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_port20:30
sappheirosFastZ: it  has USB and VGA -- and, uh, i guess the other one looking a bit larger than VGA might be for a printer from a decade ago20:30
sappheiros(and ethernet)20:30
ioriaserial port for what ?20:31
sappheirosyes i think it has a serial port, looking at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_port#/media/File:Gender_Changer_IMG_1441.JPG20:31
FastZjust wondering how old his "old laptop" is.20:31
TJ-sappheiros: a bit larget than VGA could be a game/MIDI controller port20:31
TJ-sappheiros: VGA has 15 pins in 3 rows (DB15); a small serial has 9 pins over 2 rows (DB9)20:32
sappheiros179 packages to install/upgrade ...20:32
sappheirosi feel like this was a mistake20:32
sappheirosTJ-: the port next to my VGA is 9 pin20:33
sappheirosDB9 i suppose20:33
sappheiros5 and 420:33
TJ-sappheiros: sounds like it20:33
sappheirosis it for a printer like i thought?20:33
TJ-sappheiros: modem, null-modem to another device20:33
sappheirosFastZ: is it sufficiently old? :P it's a latitude d62020:33
TJ-sappheiros: most older printers vbefore USB were Centronics parallel20:34
sappheiros$90 amazon.com 1-2 years ago20:34
sappheirosseems to come from the malaysia market (info on underside)20:34
TJ-before serial DB9 we had DB25 (25 pins in 2 rows of 13 and 12)20:34
FastZNice, sappheiros! I still have a d610, but the battery is bad so I really need to just toss it, but I can't bring myself to do so20:35
ioriaTJ-, it's for direct connecting two PCs, right ?20:35
* sappheiros recently listened to _The Hoarder in You_ audiobook from his public library20:35
TJ-sappheiros: so this is yours? https://www.notebookcheck.net/fileadmin/_migrated/pics/dell_d620_anschluesse_01.jpg20:35
TJ-ioria: Serial? can be with a null-modem cable (which just does cross-over of the Tx/Rx and RTS/CTS lines, plus sometimes the DTR/DSR20:36
FastZsorry, i misspoke. It's a D63020:36
ioriaTJ-, i see20:36
* FastZ is sorry for getting everyone off on a serial port tangent20:37
TJ-sappheiros: so this then: looks the same: http://thenetstore.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/t87-140046-call13-jfwd-xd_2.jpg20:37
sappheirosTJ-: yes, though the side left of the ethernet has something next to the two USB slots i don't recognize in that image20:37
sappheiros*that image has ... i don't recognize20:37
TJ-sappheiros: that'll be an RJ11 phone line port for the internal modem (for dial-up over PSTN)20:38
sappheirosyes indeed20:38
sappheirosthat's on the back, not on the right-side next to the 2 USB. i have a CD drive next to my 2 USB on the right,20:38
ioriasappheiros, ca you paste   lspci -nnk20:39
ioriasappheiros,  lspci -nnk  | nc termbin.com 999920:40
sappheiroslol why is everyone undressing my computer20:40
ioriasappheiros,  undressing ?20:41
sappheiroshm, installation of those packages seems to have finished ... a little concerning it didn't give me any confirmation message to come back to20:41
TJ-sappheiros: it's like a trip down memory lane, undressing it :) On the lect looks to have sound in/out, Firewire (IEEE1394) and a PC-Card slot20:42
ioriasappheiros,  just curious of what module the internal modem has20:42
fribjust installed 18.04LTS and my touchpad taps don't work -- what should I do? thanks20:43
TJ-ioria: likely part of the sound chipset, that used to be quite common (soft-modem). There used to be a company called LinModem that sold drivers for them20:43
ioriaTJ-,    AC'97 ?20:44
ioriasappheiros, thanks20:44
ioriai don't see it20:45
TJ-ioria: as I recall it was proprietary extensions; I recall buying licences in the 1990s20:45
ioriaTJ-,   yep20:46
sappheirosi don't know how to proceed to try using KDE Connect, and now he's saying it won't work anyhow: https://askubuntu.com/a/1106072/76147720:47
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ioriasappheiros, read something about waiting for 19.04 .... but not sure20:47
sappheirosi guess i'll mark for removal all the packages i just installed in Muon Package Manager ...20:47
sappheiros? you mean you want me to search about 19.04? i don't really want to leave these files until april ...20:48
ioriasappheiros, sy20:48
ioria'oh, I'm sorry, this only works with GNOME. I thought you were using Ubuntu 18.10'20:48
TJ-wow! actually found the site I bought from, Linuxant (for the Conexant chipsets) http://www.linuxant.com/drivers/20:48
ioriasappheiros, sorry20:49
daveomcdhow can i correct this when doing `sudo apt update`: Err:5 https://dl.yarnpkg.com/debian stable InRelease20:49
daveomcd  The following signatures were invalid: KEYEXPIRED 1507181400  KEYEXPIRED 1546372003  KEYEXPIRED 1546372003  KEYEXPIRED 1507181400  KEYEXPIRED 1546372003  KEYEXPIRED 1507181400  KEYEXPIRED 1546372003 ?20:49
SlidingHorndaveomcd: you may need to check with the yarn devs to see what's wrong with their keys.20:50
sappheiros-_- i removed it but it only removed a few Kb from the one package, leaving all the 118 MB dependencies20:50
TJ-daveomcd: looks like the signing keys for the repository have expired (those numbers look like Unix timestamps)20:50
sappheirosnow doing sudo apt autoremove but that's likewise only freeing 5610 KB20:51
TJ-sappheiros: there's a log of what was installed in /var/log/apt/history.log you can use to remove the unwanted packages20:51
TJ-sappheiros: go to the end of the log file, and work backwards, you'll see "Install: " lines20:51
sappheirosthanks, but that's so many things i don't know how to simply uninstall them all: https://bpaste.net/show/ad1b7046575520:52
sappheirosi also don't know whether that's listing packages that were already in use by other software, such that if i remove them it'll break my system20:53
sappheirosas in, "we're reinstalling this package even though it was already on your PC"20:53
sappheiros(i don't know if it did that)20:56
TJ-sappheiros: what we can do id identify the key top-level packages that depend on everything else, remove those, and then autoremove will do the rest20:56
TJ-sappheiros: start with "apt remove gnome-shell gnome-session-bin"20:58
TJ-sappheiros: then "apt autoremove" should remove a lot more20:59
sappheirosthat seems to require sudo20:59
TJ-sappheiros: yes :)20:59
sappheirosthat freed up about 52 MB, thanks ... i wonder about the remaining 70 MB or so ...21:00
sappheirosif curious, terminal output: https://bpaste.net/show/2b457d82f03821:02
fribI just installed 18.04LTS and my touchpad taps don't work (only presses work) -- what should I do? thanks21:02
fribalso I can shift+Tab but not alt+shift+tab21:03
TJ-sappheiros: also "sudo apt remove ubuntu-session"21:03
TJ-sappheiros: possibly also remove 'gdm3'21:04
sappheirosPackage 'ubuntu-session' is not installed, so not removed21:05
TJ-sappheiros: one of the other commands removed it then I guess.. yes, I see it in your 2nd paste21:06
sappheirosPackage 'gdm3' is not installed, so not removed21:06
TJ-sappheiros: try "gnome-control-center"21:08
sappheirosthat got a bunch more21:14
sappheiros5217 kb + autoremove's 37.9 MB21:15
TJ-sappheiros: that's about the best we can do for now; hurts the eyes scanning that list :)21:15
sappheirosthank you ... i'm glad for the community support, but i don't understand why the muon package manager isn't set to automatically remove whatever was just installed -- i mean, wouldn't we expect that if 1 package is installed requiring 178 others, that immediately removing that 1 package, it would check to see if anything else was using those 178 others, and if not, remove them as well?21:16
TJ-sappheiros: not as easy as you make it sound, but I agree, a basic 'undo' would be a usability improvement21:17
sappheirosthat last batch's list: https://bpaste.net/show/e5cfd94707c4 ... i guess i should go through now and compare my history log with whatever hasn't been uninstalled from those 'sweeps' ..21:18
sappheiros... my bedroom's still a mess, though ... and all this was to have something to listen to while organizing it XD21:18
TJ-sappheiros: ignore the packages starting with 'lib' and focus on the others; they will depend on 'lib...' packages so once removed 'apt autoremove' will remove the 'lib...' packages21:19
TJ-sappheiros: :D typical21:19
sappheirosyou mean "they have lib packages as dependencies"?21:19
TJ-sappheiros: indeed21:20
TJ-sappheiros: I'll write a script to figure out the list :)21:21
sappheirosXD i appreciate it ... i was thinking i should do the same to improve my programming skill ... i need to sew a button on a jacket and prepare for a job interview tomorrow morning though ... ...21:22
sappheirostoo much to do @_@ and here i was wanting to try out FICS ...21:22
AbaShoppeRanybody have the ISO for ubuntu I can install onto this: https://support.apple.com/kb/SP620?locale=en_US21:24
AbaShoppeRI didn't see it in the downloads section21:24
leftyfbAbaShoppeR: https://www.ubuntu.com/download21:26
leftyfbAbaShoppeR: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop for desktop, https://www.ubuntu.com/download/server for server. Both linked to from the first link I gave you21:27
AbaShoppeR@leftyfb, isn't there a special MAC Image I need?21:33
leftyfbAbaShoppeR: no Intel-based mac's, no. It's Intel21:33
TJ-sappheiros: 179 packages sound about correct?21:35
TJ-sappheiros: here's the list in a script that also re-writes it suitably for feedin to apt21:36
TJ-sappheiros: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/t6qVbDFbrR/21:36
TJ-sappheiros: if you can "download as text" and save it as something like pkg.sh and then do 'chmod +x pkg.sh' you can do "sudo apt remove $(./pkg.sh)"21:37
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jesse1010how is zfs support on ubuntu
dmnurPsi-Jack: add this to kernel command line: partman/filter_mounted=false23:41
dmnurPsi-Jack: in case it will ask you at a later time, add more: ubiquity/partman-skip-unmount=true23:43
dmnurPsi-Jack: there parameters are safe: the installer won't let you modify mounted partitions anyway.23:44
SlidingHornjesse1010: it's supported on 64-bit architecture as of 16.0423:46
SlidingHornjesse1010: You may have to install a utils package for it, if I remember correctly23:47
OerHeksZFS for storage, fine23:49
dmnurPsi-Jack: the bug is here, see lines 168, 206 and 215: https://git.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-base/tree/init.d/parted?h=ubuntu/bionic23:51
Psi-Jackdmnur: Hmmm, interesting.23:52
dmnurPsi-Jack: it actually checks for installation media partitions, but does it wrong for loop devices.23:52
dmnurPsi-Jack: so in the end, blame Debian. :D23:53
dmnurPsi-Jack: yeah, these are upstream bugs, not downstream. Well, whatever. Needs fixing, I hope I'll figure out something and send them patches.23:56
Psi-Jackdmnur: That's awesome. And Yes, please. You've dug pretty deep to find these it seems. ;)23:56
jesse1010who is responsible for kubuntu? is it the official ubuntu team?23:57

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