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aradeshseems to be lightdm crashing that causes my system error message09:18
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diogenes_Happy New Year!14:17
gnrpYep, a happy new year to everyone! By now the whole world should have had a new year, right?15:01
KumoolExcept for some countries which still behave like the middle ages15:37
gnrphu? Of course not everyone follows the same calendar. Actually, the celebration of new year's at 1st of January is even pre-middle ages :)15:40
MrTuliashi, happy new year17:05
MrTuliasthe x server crashed in my xubuntu 18.04. I tried startx but didn't work... can I try something?17:07
diogenes_MrTulias, crashes after what?17:17
MrTuliasi don't know exactly, i'd suspend and when return doesn't work nothing. I'd power off holding the button and don't work more (sorry my bad english)17:22
MrTuliasi'm make a copy to reinstall, but before i want to try somethig if i can17:24
diogenes_MrTulias, i can be anything not necessarily xorg17:29
MrTuliassome of the messages when i tried startx sayed error of x server, i don't know17:32
diogenes_it might fail of course if it's already running17:35
diogenes_as i said there could be many problems17:35
diogenes_try: sudo killall X17:35
diogenes_then startx17:35
MrTuliasok, i'll try it, thanks a lot17:37
xubuntu93ihi, how can i use ma pci brod18:17
Kumoolgnrp: sorry didnt mean it that way, happy new year though! n.n18:23
gnrpKumool: I didn't intend to be offended ;)18:25
xubuntu77wDoes this software have a battery meter?19:47
diogenes_xubuntu77w, what software?19:52

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