voltyhi,  fresh install of kubuntu 18 // The autohiding panels keep appearing on every switch of windows. Suggest a fix?02:05
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cbpyeis it safe to use the Driver Manager for my NVIDIA drivers, or should I just use the packages from NVIDIA.com?03:42
IrcsomeBot2<DarinMiller> Driver manager is typically safe.  What video card to you have?03:51
cbpyeIrcsomeBot2: EVGA 960 GTX FTW03:52
IrcsomeBot2<DarinMiller> I recommend using the Nvidia PPA and installing the latest driver from there... v415.2504:04
IrcsomeBot2<DarinMiller> ppa link: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa04:04
IrcsomeBot2<DarinMiller> In case you are new to PPA, open a terminal and type:04:08
IrcsomeBot2<DarinMiller> sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa04:09
IrcsomeBot2<DarinMiller> Your library list should auto refresh, but if it does not, type: sudo apt-get update04:09
IrcsomeBot2<DarinMiller> Then install the latest driver:04:09
IrcsomeBot2<DarinMiller> sudo apt install nvidia-driver-41504:10
valorieonce you update, driver manager should point to the correct one04:24
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cbpyeIrcsomeBot2: thanks for the PPA!04:36
cbpyewoah, that was weird.  I installed those drivers from that PPA, issued a "sudo reboot" when I was satisfied that everything was truly good and done, and the computer entered a low-power state for a longer-than-expected time before just shutting down.04:43
cbpyeIrcsomeBot2: This is not behaving as I expected.  lsmod | grep -i nvidia shows that no modules are loading05:00
cbpyeIrcsomeBot2: furthermore, using the driver manager to change my selection always does the same thing: the window refreshes and the default (unwanted) driver is once again selected.05:01
cbpyeeven after attempting to use the command-line (sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall) has had no effect.05:03
IrcsomeBot2<DarinMiller> sry, afk for awhile... you probably need the corresponding version of xorg... I appoligize for the incomplete command above, this is the correct command:05:58
IrcsomeBot2<DarinMiller> sudo apt install nvidia-driver-415 xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-415 libnvidia-cfg1-41505:58
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jubo2ylel9: hello14:12
ylel9jubo2: how are you14:12
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BluesKajHi folks14:39
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murthyBluesKaj: hi14:55
murthyBluesKaj: how are you14:55
BluesKajhey murthy, fine here, and you?14:56
murthyBluesKaj: I am fine too15:02
BluesKajmurthy,  what's new with you?15:03
murthyBluesKaj: Working on artificial intelligence, object detection. Could be used with digikam15:10
BluesKajimpressive, sounds highly technical :-015:11
BluesKajerr :-)15:11
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G1kjf3Hi there, I'm having an issue getting latte-dock installed. Basically it is calling for libkf5plasma5 >=5.52.0 but I only have 5.50.0-0ubuntu1 installed. It seems they should work together since they are both coming from the official repos. Any ideas on how to fix. Pastebin:18:40
BluesKajG1kjf3,  you might have more luck asking in #ubuntu18:54
murthyG1kjf3: My libkf5plasma5 version is 5.50.0-0ubuntu119:12
murthyG1kjf3: I am able to install latte-dock without any issue19:13
murthyG1kjf3: I think your system is broken19:13
G1kjf3murthy: Any idea how to fix that?19:15
murthyG1kjf3: do you know how to use aptitude?19:19
murthyG1kjf3: did you use any ppa recently?19:20
G1kjf3Yeah I know how to use it19:21
G1kjf3I may found the issue19:21
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mobile_cwhere do i find debugging symbols for gcc22:10
mobile_cas if i do gdb gcc i get 'Reading symbols from gcc...(no debugging symbols found)...done.' so im assuming valgrind wont provide usefull info without the debugging symbols22:14
acheronukmobile_c: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debug%20Symbol%20Packages22:32
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