lubot<JyotiGomes> Hi! I am usinf Lubuntu 1810. I installed Redshift but it do not works due to be unable to get location from provider. How to fix it?21:17
lubot<JyotiGomes> (Photo, 579x212) https://i.imgur.com/C6bWGPI.jpg21:27
diogenes_JyotiGomes, apt list --installed | grep geoclue21:34
lubot<JyotiGomes> @diogenes_ [<diogenes_> JyotiGomes, apt list --installed | grep geoclue], jyoti@jyoti-pc:~$ apt list --installed | grep geoclue ... WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts. ... geoclue-2.0/now 2.4.12-2ubuntu2 amd64 [installed,local]21:40
diogenes_JyotiGomes, maybe try a reboot after the installation21:40
diogenes_not sure is taht will help though21:41
lubot<JyotiGomes> i did a reboot... 😊 still not working after that21:41
lubot<JyotiGomes> i will do a second reboot now21:42
lubot<JyotiGomes> did a second reboot. not yet working. But ok, i will try to install F.Lux21:44
diogenes_JyotiGomes, you need to find your location info, for instance for Copenhagen, Denmark: redshift -l 55.7:12.6 -t 5700:3600 -g 0.8 -m randr -v21:49
diogenes_and that will work21:49
lubot<JyotiGomes> ok. how may i know my location info and hot to introduce it on Redshift? sorry for my low level knowleage 😊21:51
lubot<JyotiGomes> i would prefer to have Redshift over F.Lux bkz it is open source21:52
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