voltyHi, guys. Last night I installed kubuntu-18.04, and today I woke up with a dead computer. Was going to throw it and buy a new one.23:51
voltySwitch on and no video signal, no other signs of life except the fan.23:52
voltyAfter hours of trying, I came with the idea of googling for ubuntu bios corrupt after installation, and found that it happens with some computers since version 17.23:55
voltyAnybody alive here?23:55
krytarikvolty: #ubuntu is the support channel.23:55
voltyI'm not taking about support!!!23:56
voltyI already solved my problem. And by case. Was going to throw my pc. Read what I write before answering generic ...23:56
voltyI am asking you, devels, to take note and broadcast. The installation process should warn the user that his bios is going to be touched. The quarrel about who's responsible (producer of mb and/or bios, or ubunt) has no sense23:58

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