Wild_ManmIk3_08, Hello, getting off soon just wanted to say Hi.06:11
mIk3_08okay Wild_Man. just adding some summary to the Newsletter now. Have you check it? and guiverc commented on the docs for some changes I think.06:14
mIk3_08And I've change some of it already Wild_Man.06:15
Wild_ManmIk3_08, yes I saw it, I will look more tomorrow, krytarik is back he is the lead on the uwn so he is the one that does the editing usually06:16
guiverci think Bashing-om has moved it to wiki, so the current version I thought is on wiki06:16
mIk3_08Thanks guiverc for some corrections.06:18
Wild_ManHi guiverc, he did and he will make more adjustments tomorrow night he said, I would not edit the wiki, leave it to bashing-om until he is done with it and ready for it to be checked as not to confuse him06:18
guivercmIk3_08, sorry if I'm too undiplomatic; I say what think (and rarely am tactful sorry)06:19
mIk3_08Okay Wild_Man copy. I'll be communicating krytarik If have some questions on it. By the way, Thanks a lot.06:20
Wild_ManmIk3_08, I would make the changes on gdoc then if needed it can be copied to the wiki after bashing-om is done, don't you think that is best for now guiverc ?06:20
guivercyep sounds good - key is to let bashing-om know  - make a commment address to bashing-om and he should receive email of change (maybe)06:21
Wild_ManmIk3_08, Your Welcome!, bashing-om and guiverc are good people to ask as well but krytarik has final editorial say06:21
Wild_ManmIk3_08, he is really good at it06:21
mIk3_08Its okay guiverc. You're doing what is right so don't hesitate to correct if you see a bit to change in the docs.06:22
Wild_ManmIk3_08, it takes practice and I am rusty I am busy with real life and have been for several months, but that is all that needs said on it here06:24
Wild_ManI have more time now but still busy06:24
Wild_Manguiverc, I have access to the fridge if needed I can help with publishing there but I do have questions06:26
guiverci'll happily answer anything I can06:26
mIk3_08Okay Wild_Man. I'll ask to them If i have some questions on it . guiverc, bashing-om (billy), and krytarik. guiverc, about fridge.. Is it Ubuntu fridge you mean?06:29
guivercsorry Wild_Man , I missed you said fridge.  it's been updated (wordpress) so it looks different to the video; the "news & planet" tick boxes are just harder to find, but they are there06:30
Wild_ManHi tsimonq206:30
guivercHowdy tsimonq2 :)06:31
tsimonq2How's it going, y'all?06:31
Wild_ManmIk3_08, yes06:31
Wild_ManPretty good, getting late here06:31
tsimonq2Yeah, same :)06:31
tsimonq2(UTC-6 here)06:31
mIk3_08Happy New Year tsimonq2.06:31
tsimonq2Happy New Year, mIk3_08!06:32
Wild_Mantsimonq2, Debian update on there CoC is not really news worthy where the uwn is concerned is it?06:32
tsimonq2Wild_Man: Oof, uhm, knowing what I know as a DD, "yes", but got a link so I can read it over?06:33
Wild_Manguiverc, don't you usually have link issues?06:34
tsimonq2Yeah, I think maybe in the "In Other News" if you still have that.06:34
guivercsometimes you do - usually no - it's fine (if the perl script runs)06:35
Wild_ManOkay, we do06:35
Wild_ManThe one that throws an error sometimes?06:35
Wild_Manguiverc, ^^^06:37
Wild_ManGood night all!06:39
mIk3_08Happy New Year, Wild_Man and  guiverc. God Bless06:40
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