tomreynthat's lovely!00:38
fatbrainHi, is there a way to install 18.04-lts server on mbr instead of gpt?16:47
tumbleweedboot via legacy BIOS, not UEFI16:54
fatbrainmy system doesnt support UEFI16:57
tomreynfatbrain: so it'll be straight forward, i guess17:08
fooI migrated from old digital ocean droplet to a new one. Same server specs. Ubuntu 14.04 to 18.04 (fresh install). I'm having a strange issue where some of my processes are hanging and building up (eg. ones that run every minute). I see this when I strace it, wait4(-1, ... until it dies: https://paste.ofcode.org/EHDvp2N6Y9cpbt2yNVAJ2v - can anyone else here make sense of this?19:12
fatbraintumbleweed, tomreyn: problem is that when I install the installed automatically partitions the disk using GPT instead of MBR. My system refuses to boot the using the "legacy bios" 1M grub core.img partition.21:55
tumbleweedis that the new installer? I don't know much about that21:56
tomreynfatbrain: try the alternative server installer then. this, however, will also default to gpt partition tables if storages are >= 2 TB21:57
fatbraintumbleweed: probably, haven't installed since 16.04 don't remember what that looked like21:57
fatbraintomreyn: my system storage is 120GB, I'll try the alternative installer.21:58
tomreynalso be sure to create msdos/mbr partition tables before you start the installer. it would not replace the existing gpt's21:58

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