OERIASikonia, it's what he was spamming me00:12
littlebithi people, I want to know if there is a way how to upgrade my old arduino ide to the latest version?00:31
mDonchev_guys, I'm with 16.04 now00:32
mDonchev_but I have problems installing PPAs from terminal00:32
mDonchev_no matter what I try I get some script errors00:33
mDonchev_why's that ? Should I "install" snap on 16.04 ?00:33
mDonchev_it looks like it is already there00:33
Bashing-ommDonchev_: Will help greatly to show the command and the result in a pastebin :)00:34
OerHekssnap find arduino00:36
sabrehagenikonia: I have an interesting command run: https://i.imgur.com/X4P9GFN.png00:37
OerHeksalways check if a ppa has candidates for your 16.04 version00:37
sabrehagenI tested copying a 500MB file on disk and there was no issue. Forking a process failed though.00:38
sabrehagenDoes that mean the filesystem where /proc is mounted is full?00:38
tomreyntangarora: so why dont you tunnel through ssh?00:40
OerHeksmDonchev_, that was for littlebit00:40
OerHeksand the nc tool is running too quickly, as the find command needs some seektime00:41
mDonchev_OerHeks, its OK. It shows how snap gives me errors00:41
mDonchev_Bashing-om: https://pastebin.com/zDzuBMYN00:41
OerHeksjust explained what you did wrong00:42
OerHekstry without | nc termbin.com 999900:42
mDonchev_Bashing-om, am I missing something?00:44
tomreyntangarora: you can either qemu+ssh (that's a supported URI scheme) to the CLI or you can use the spice protocol which actually supports TLS https://people.freedesktop.org/~teuf/spice-doc/html/ch02s08.html . or you can tunnel any of these protocols through SSH (manually, outside of the application logic).00:45
OerHeksmDonchev_, "but I have problems installing PPAs from terminal" , we would like to get a paste with your try? paste.ubuntu.com00:45
Bashing-ommDonchev_: Sorry - the find completes for me in 18.04 // but I have no snap experience to know if you have some issue or not .00:46
mDonchev_OerHeks: https://pastebin.com/zDzuBMYN00:46
WonnyHow do I find out what my main screen is called? My PC starts with the screen rotated and I'm trying to write a script to rotate the screen, but I don't know what it is called.00:47
OerHeksmDonchev_, that command was not for you, anyway, try without | nc termbin.com 999900:49
OerHeksthis sign could well be caused by a proxy00:57
mDonchev_but I just installed 16.0400:57
mDonchev_is it somehow setup by default?00:57
mDonchev_if so ... how can I remove it00:57
mDonchev_also when I try to install something from flatpak, I get Can't load uri .... Unacceptable TLS certificate00:58
mDonchev_what does it mean?00:58
mDonchev_hm ... it seems I cannot install almost anything except the software on the normal preinstalled Ubuntu Software01:01
Sven_vBhttps://www.rsyslog.com/regex/ says my regep '\ intel ips [0-9a-zA-Z:.]+: failed to disable graphics turbo$' matches sample log line 'kernel: [ 2179.804017] intel ips 0000:00:1f.6: failed to disable graphics turbo', but my rule ':msg,regex,"\ intel ips [0-9a-zA-Z:.]+: failed to disable graphics turbo$" stop' doesn't work, while a relaxed 'contains' rule does match. What could be wrong?01:01
mDonchev_:( Anyone?01:03
OerHeksmDonchev_, run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade # to see if it brings in a newer snapd01:04
mDonchev_nope, everything is up to date01:05
tomreynmDonchev_: is this on a desktop computer?01:08
Sven_vBlooks like rsyslogd can't repeat regexp parts with +, only with *.01:10
tomreynmDonchev_: please show:  echo -e '^d' | openssl s_client -showcerts -connect api.snapcraft.io:443 | nc termbin.com 999901:12
mDonchev_tomreyn, desktop one01:12
tomreynmDonchev_: also: host api.snapcraft.io 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999901:13
tomreynmDonchev_: is there any warning when you access https://api.snapcraft.io with firefox or chromium-bowser ?01:15
OerHeksTLSv1/SSLv3 is different than mine TLSv1.201:15
mDonchev_nope - green lock icon and it says: snapcraft.io store API service - Copyright 2018 Canonical.01:16
tomreynOerHeks: looks fine here, what differences do you see?01:17
OerHeksjust the tls version01:18
OerHeks but he has no updates at all, reinstalling ca-certs looks like not needed01:19
OERIASHexChat is active 113 of 113 items. Double tap to activate.01:19
tomreynOerHeks: so we saw "sudo apt(-get) update; apt(-cache) policy" output, already?01:20
OerHeksjust another issue with flatpack too01:21
mDonchev_But is this how it's suppose to be?01:21
mDonchev_I just installed 16.04 and I cannot install software01:21
mDonchev_for some reason?01:21
tomreynmDonchev_: please post the output of: pastebinit <( sudo apt-get update 2>&1; sudo apt-cache policy 2>&1; date -u )01:21
tomreynOerHeks: here i see TLSv1.2, just like on https://termbin.com/yf0f01:22
OerHeksmine, New, TLSv1.2, Cipher is ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256 https://termbin.com/vot901:24
OerHeksvs New, TLSv1/SSLv301:24
OerHeksbut lets wait for the update output, that could tell more01:24
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tomreynOerHeks: i think the "New, TLSv1.2" vs "New, TLSv1/SSLv3" (handshake) can be explained by 16.04 vs 18.04. we do see below that the session is actually based on TLSv1.2, though. so what we have is a certificate CAA issue reported by the snap CLI ("certificate signed by unknown authority") as well as for the flatpack CLI, but we can not reproduce this using a web browser on the same computer (though they may not check for CAA, yet), correct?01:28
tomreyndate/time are fine01:28
tomreyni will try this on 16.0401:29
conjohi all just wondering how long i should be waiting for a 1.8G iso to copy from my ssd to my cheap ass usb stick (2.0-if that)01:30
conjomy copies progress goes from zero to 1.6 and then hangs for up to 5 minutes to finish and for the little gui circle to go away01:30
tomreynconjo: https://superuser.com/questions/317217/whats-the-maximum-typical-speed-possible-with-a-usb2-0-drive/99535001:31
tomreyndont miss the 2nd answer01:31
conjothank you01:32
mDonchev_guys, do you think there is a light in my tunnel?01:32
OerHeksmDonchev_, no idea what is crashing , i am looking in dpkg-reconfigure ca-certificates or update-ca-certificates --fresh and other posts01:34
conjotomreyn, legend thank you very much01:34
mDonchev_if it will be a hint, I just installed Corebird and when I click the button "Request PIN" to open Twitter so I can get a PIN I get a system message box: Unacceptable TLS certificate01:35
tomreynmDonchev_: i'm trying to reproduce it on 16.04, give me a minute01:38
tomreynmDonchev_: if you run "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade", does it want to install anything?01:39
mDonchev_just saying that there are several packages which are no longer needed01:41
mDonchev_and I can use sudo apt autoremove01:41
mDonchev_to remove them01:41
tomreynok, thanks. you can remove them if you like, doesn't matter to me01:42
tomreyni had a lot of pending upgrade son my 16.04 vm, this is going to take a few more minuntes.01:42
mDonchev_no worries01:43
mDonchev_I cannot install a thing on that machine so I will wait01:43
tomreynmDonchev_: apt does work though, right?01:43
tomreyne.g. you can "sudo apt install apt-show-versions" without error?01:45
mDonchev_yep, just installed this tool.01:46
tomreynmDonchev_: did you possibly play with "ca-certificates" the other day (if you dont know what this is it's ok)?01:46
mDonchev_i know what certificates are but I haven't played with this setup. It's been like 2 hours since I installed this 16.0401:47
mDonchev_and I tried to install nvidia drivers and some software01:47
mDonchev_when I get stuck with this problem01:47
mDonchev_haven't touched anything on the settings side01:47
OerHeksso there is no proxy issue ..01:48
OerHeksi am out of ideas01:48
mDonchev_but how come this is happening ?01:48
mDonchev_I just downloaded and isntalled 16.04 and was happy that I was able to isntall the nvidia.304 driver01:48
tomreynmd5sum /usr/bin/snap01:54
tomreyn7bc1749b76555ea541734b02973b1051  /usr/bin/snap01:54
tomreynmDonchev_: can you run this, too?01:54
mDonchev_d6938e79ac9c12e524ccad8de590b2c3  /usr/bin/snap01:55
tomreyninteresting, differnet binary.01:56
tomreyndpkg -l snapd01:56
tomreynreports 2.34.2 here01:57
mDonchev_version 2.35.501:57
tomreyn!info snapd xenial01:58
ubottusnapd (source: snapd): Daemon and tooling that enable snap packages. In component main, is optional. Version 2.34.2 (xenial), package size 9584 kB, installed size 46144 kB01:58
OerHeksproposed enabled01:58
tomreynmDonchev_: how did you install yours?01:58
mDonchev_i think it was already installed01:59
mDonchev_(not 100% sure)01:59
mDonchev_but I can remove and install it again if I have to01:59
conjohola again is there a command from terminal i can run to find out speed of usb i have plugged into my pc02:00
conjoeg list 1.0 2.0 3.0 speed listings02:00
tomreynso xenial-proposed has a newer ca-certificates and a newer snapd, too02:02
mDonchev_I believe mine is 16.04.102:02
mDonchev_that's what I donwloaded and burned on the flash drive02:02
tomreynmDonchev_: should be 16.04.5 by now, lsb_release -ds02:03
mDonchev_but someone told me here that if I isntall 16.04.5 it will have problems installing my nvidia.304 driver02:03
mDonchev_that's why i did install 16.04.102:03
OerHeksif you did dist-upgrade, you would be on .5 now02:03
dallasflatlineloving Xubuntu on my Thinkpad X23002:04
mDonchev_16.04.5 here02:05
conjofresh install?02:05
mDonchev_but it seems that its a general problem02:06
conjorun older version02:06
mDonchev_installing PPAs also don't work (similar reason - cannot find valid ppa information)02:06
tomreynmDonchev_: i can't reproduce it here with 16.04.5 amd64 with proposed enabled, fully updated.02:06
conjodont run dist upgrade02:06
mDonchev_conjo, why?02:07
tomreynmDonchev_: can you show the ppa error, please02:07
tomreyncommand you run + output it generated02:07
tomreyn(or action you did and error reported if GUI)02:07
OerHeksis this about the nvidia 304 driver for an onboard geforce 7025 ?02:07
conjodidnt ur card run on 16.04.1?02:08
mDonchev_conjo, yes02:08
tomreynmDonchev_: hmm, this, too, works without error here. i'm starting to think you may have foreign packages. can you please run this script and report its output? https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts#foreign_packages02:11
cryptodan_mobileThere is an SSL error maybe a bad install?02:15
tomreynmDonchev_: can you run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure ca-certificates" and while keeping selections, tell me what is showon on screen 1 (what is it set to?) and 2 (any missing checkboxes)?02:15
mDonchev_screen1: asking about installing new CA certificates that will be trusted and installed (YES), nnot be installed (NO), prompt for each new CA certificate (ASK)02:17
mDonchev_my YES answer is marked02:17
mDonchev_should I click ENTER on YES?02:17
mDonchev_(sorry for the caps)02:18
tomreynmDonchev_: yes02:18
mDonchev_on second screen02:18
tomreyn!info cups xenial02:19
ubottucups (source: cups): Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - PPD/driver support, web interface. In component main, is optional. Version 2.1.3-4ubuntu0.6 (xenial), package size 194 kB, installed size 760 kB02:19
mDonchev_there is a huge list of certificates all starting with mozilla/02:19
mDonchev_but nothing is iselected02:19
tomreynmDonchev_: are you saying nothiung is deselected / unticked?02:19
mDonchev_nothing is selected.02:20
mDonchev_empty checkboxes02:20
cryptodan_mobileIs system time correct and does https://navyfederal.org work02:21
tomreynsystem time is fine, we checked this already02:21
tomreynso i'm a bit puzzled there.02:21
mDonchev_should I make some checks02:22
tomreynyou have newer versions of some packages installed than i have02:22
tomreynand ones which are "not in the archive"02:22
tomreynmDonchev_: i02:23
mDonchev_should I have at least one certificate selected on that list? Should I activate some?02:23
OerHeks or update-ca-certificates --fresh02:24
OerHeksbut this proposed worries me, and flatpak02:24
mDonchev_OerHeks: 0 added, 0 removed; done.02:24
tomreynmDonchev_: by default all certificates on the 2nd screen should be checked.02:25
mDonchev_does it matter that I'm in Bulgaria actually?02:25
mDonchev_tomreyn, let me check them no w...02:25
OerHeksno, your mirror is oke02:25
tomreynmDonchev_: i'm falling asleep, unfortunately need to wrap it up here.02:25
tomreyni suspect that you do not trust ny of the CAs installed.02:26
mDonchev_148 added it said02:26
tomreynmDonchev_: try "snap search arduino" again02:26
mDonchev_:( still the same02:27
mDonchev_but PPA seems to be working I think02:27
tomreynmDonchev_: sudo snapctl restart; snap search arduino02:27
Sven_vBhow can I check why kernel module intel_ips was loaded, and/or to which device in lspci it is related?02:28
tomreynactually this wont work02:28
mDonchev_probably restarting the machine?02:28
cryptodan_mobileIs python-openssl installed02:29
tomreynmDonchev_: sudo systemctl restart snapd; snap search arduin02:29
tomreynmDonchev_: sudo systemctl restart snapd; snap search arduino02:29
mDonchev_it found it !!!!02:29
mDonchev_tomreyn :) It found it02:29
mDonchev_I guess I will be able to use snap now02:29
mDonchev_thanks a TON !02:30
tomreynok mDonchev_, looks like you or some other admin on this system chose to disable / distrust all CA root certificates.02:30
tomreyngood timing, i need sleep, ttyl02:30
mDonchev_ttyl :) same here02:30
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guzzlefryIs there a known issue in 16.04 related to complete lockups when unmounting a USB drive (possibly only an encrypted one)?03:07
qwebirc95665Hello, my pc wont recognize new usbsticks or the SD-card03:28
qwebirc95665what can i do03:28
qwebirc95665i tried Rebooting so far03:28
guzzlefryah, think it's this: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2406277 :/03:33
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cbpyeso what does one do when even 'sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall' fails to change anything?05:21
cryptodancbpye: why not use Drivers in the System Admin menu option?05:26
transfusionI would probably find out which drivers are failing and try to install their packages individually05:28
rorycbpye: what driver are you wanting to install? ie what changes were you expecting?05:33
cbpyewell, I was expecting a reboot to start using the new drivers I had installed (I noticed no error messages).  'lsmod | grep -i nvidia' shows no nvidia modules loaded, nvidia-settings is a blank window,05:39
cbpye... and I just attempted a 'sudo apt-get purge *nvidia*' but was given an 'E: unable to find package nvidiasolution' in response.05:40
cbpyeso that's quite unexpected.05:40
cbpyeand indeed I'm unable to find any such package in the package manager.05:42
cryptodancbpye: use driver manager and see why it errors05:43
rorydo you have a GUI available? I didn't know about this ubuntu-drivers command but the Drivers gui has never failed me05:43
cbpyeSorry, I'm avoiding the use of a GUI because I'm using an ubuntu-derivative, and I want to keep it to stuff that's common across the *buntus (and that IRC channel is no-where near as active)05:45
cryptodancbpye: Well its one way to check for errors05:46
cbpyevery well then.  Driver Manager populates a list of several drivers, among them the default Nouveau display driver and the 415 metapackage which is recommended.05:50
cbpyeNouveau is selected by default.  I am now going to select 415 and Apply.05:51
cbpye... at least, after I set up some konsole windows to tail -f some log files.05:53
cbpye.... and Driver Manager briefly cleared, and refreshed itself showing no change.  I'll pastebin some interesting log output if I find any.05:55
cryptodancbpye: look lower on the window05:55
cryptodanit will say reboot to apply changes05:55
cbpyewell, rebooting.  That was anti-climactic.  the syslog output showed absolutely nothing aside from a START followed by an END, and the apt log likewise didn't even change.05:57
cryptodancbpye: as seen here https://www.dedoimedo.com/images/computers_years/2014_1/netrunner-driver-manager-nvidia-offer.jpg on the very bottom05:59
cbpye... is that KDE4?06:02
cryptodani wouldnt know I just found that to show you where it would say reboot to complete the changes06:03
cbpyecryptodan: well, it might be a moot point.  My reboot has yet to complete.06:05
cbpyeactually getting kinda worried.  Screen powered off shortly after I typed "rebooting" and the system has yet to cycle.06:06
capellaUbuntu filenames in shell such as |ls| now seem to wrap in quotes (?)06:06
capellaOr have I been blind all along :p06:06
cryptodanwhat distro you running06:07
capella18.04 ubuntu06:08
cryptodancapella: then no I wouldnt think so06:08
cbpyecryptodan: Kubuntu 18.04.1 LTS, fresh install.06:08
capellaclosed term reopened ... quotes gone .... i've seen that before ... something I'm corrupting   :-/06:10
cryptodancbpye: has it completed?06:13
cbpyecryptodan:  looks like the reboot finally completed.  No noticeable errors, but I'm still stuck at 1024x76806:14
clitlickeri like sex06:14
cbpyecryptodan: looks like no nvidia modules have loaded, either.06:15
cryptodancbpye: okay open up nvidia-settings06:15
cryptodancbpye: do you have secure boot on06:15
cbpyeoh ffs06:15
cbpyecryptodan: I don't think I do.  let me check my UEFI.06:15
cbpyeI know I'm booting UEFI-mode, but I could have sworn I disabled secure boot.06:16
cbpyeif it matters: I could not run the installer without editing the grub line to add06:16
cryptodani just did the compatibility mode for mint 18.3 and it worked for me.  but you may need to remove that line if its still there in the grub file06:17
cbpyeI had to do the same after installation, and then added a blacklist conf file for nouveau, updated initramfs, and rebooted.  I can at least get to my 1024x768 session, but I need me a more-slick resolution.06:19
cryptodansecure boot on prevents nvidia from loading06:20
cbpyealso, the nvidia-settings window is still absolutely blank.  It is featureless.  I can click Help or Quit, and that's it.06:20
cryptodancbpye: likely secure boot is on06:20
clitlickeri like pussy06:23
cbpyehow can I tell via command line?  biggest tell-tale sign that I have is that there is a 'SecureBoot-lotsofnumbers' file in the /sys/firmware/efi/efivars directory.06:24
cbpyemwsb: *highfive*06:24
cbpyecryptodan: the SecureBoot section of my UEFI says that SecureBoot state is set to Disabled (and OS Type is set to Other OS)06:27
cryptodancbpye: look at dmesg06:27
cbpyecryptodan: 'dmesg | grep Secure' reveals: 0.000000 secureboot: Secure boot could not be determined (mode 0)06:29
cryptodancbpye: grep for nvidia06:29
cbpyecryptodan: nothing returned.06:30
cbpyegoing to try Driver Manager again.06:31
cryptodancbpye: try "sudo apt install nvidia-drivers-41506:31
cbpyeE: unable to locate package nvidia-drivers-41506:32
cbpyeah, there's no S in driver-41506:33
cbpyecryptodan: now it says that it's already installed.06:33
cryptodanapt reinstall nvidia-driver-415 then06:34
cbpyesays that's not a valid option "reinstall"06:34
cryptodanweird it does for me06:35
cbpyeI'm running apt 1.6.606:36
cbpyewhat does apt -v give you?06:36
cryptodancbpye: http://dpaste.com/0Y0H31S06:37
cbpyecryptodan: I did a re-install of nvidia-driver-415 via package manager.  was over WAY too quickly.  checking log.06:38
cbpyecryptodan: no error messages in the apt logs.  weird.06:40
cbpyegoing to reboot the machine.06:40
cbpyeI give up.  Going to try installing via the nvidia binary blob,06:42
cbpyethis happened last time I installed kubuntu on this machine.06:43
cbpyecryptodan: well, that was a segfault.06:47
cbpyewhich was different!06:47
cryptodantry reinstalling kubuntu as it might have corrupted06:47
cbpyethings like this make me miss Slackware, but I don't have time to maintain a Slackware install these days.06:48
cryptodanI use Mint 19.1 and it just works06:49
cbpyeI'm trying to recall why I stopped using Mint in the first place.06:49
cbpyeah, that;s why.  No KDE version.06:53
cryptodanyou can still get it06:54
cryptodancbpye: http://dpaste.com/2QPQSNQ06:55
cbpyeguess that's the target then.06:56
cbpyeI'm going to try disabling EFI boot and see how installation goes.06:57
cbpyemaybe that has something to do with it.06:57
cryptodanive got two machines with UEFI running and both install nvidia-driver-415 fine06:58
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artiewhy is it that I cannot change PS1 in .profile, or .bash_profile? my change gets overridden by the code in /etc/bash.bashrc, which from what I have gathered is only supposed to be run on interactive shells, but my experiment shows it runs always. this is a fresh 18.04 install.10:11
tomreynartie: how do you tell what PS1 is set to in a non-interactive shell?10:21
tomreynand have you considred editing ~/.bashrc?10:24
artietomreyn: is a login shell, also considered an interactive shell? yes, both are interactive, but this is a matter of semantics. Is it correct to identify a login shell, as an interactive shell?10:27
artiemy real question is why can I not set PS1 on ubuntu using any of the standard bash config files in $HOME.10:28
artieit always gets overridden10:28
artietomreyn: .bashrc gets run every time you create a new bash shell... .bash_profile and .profile are one shot on login, which is what I want10:29
artiemhmm, works with .bashrc. is it considered a heresy to modify this variable in .profile? hm.10:30
tomreynartie: an interactive shell is one where you have a prompt and enter commands10:31
artietomreyn: is that your opinion, or do you have a source10:32
tomreynthis is my interpretation of the word "interactive"10:32
tomreynfrom latin inter agere10:33
artiethat was also mine10:33
artieuntil a few moments ago when i started questioning this10:33
artieso does .bashrc get run on a login shell too? let me check..10:33
artieit does not10:34
tomreyn# ~/.bashrc: executed by bash(1) for non-login shells.10:34
artienon-login shell is the correct way to identify them then10:34
artiethanks for entertaining this10:34
artiewhat I gather is that the ubuntu devs don't care if: PS1="$ " /bin/bash works10:35
artieor don't think it should work.10:35
tomreynso your questions are answered then?10:36
artienot quite, I would love to know if this is by design, or if there's a good reason for it.10:36
artiei feel like ubuntu is a big enough distro, that there must be a reason.10:36
tomreyn"this" being?10:36
artiewhy does: PS1="$ " /bin/bash not set PS1. PS1 is unconditionally set in /etc/bash.bashrc and cannot be changed without editing the user's personal .bashrc file.10:37
artieok, technically it does wrap it in an if statement that detects something about sudo, but that code always gets hit for my use case.10:38
tomreynif you run /bin/bash, you start a new bash process. bash reads ~/.bashrc when it starts, setting PS1.10:38
tomreynthat's completely logical10:38
artieI think when a user runs a command, he should be able to override any environment variable on the command line.10:39
tomreynyou do, until this command read ist configuration file10:39
tomreyn*reads its10:39
artieyou do have a valid point10:40
tomreynare you aware of any linux distro where this is handled differently?10:40
artieevery one I have ever used, other than ubuntu.10:40
artieinfact I think in earlier ubuntu versions, it didn't do this10:40
tomreyni bet they just dont set PS1 in ~/.bashrc then10:41
ph88how do i restart the gui without shutting down the programs ?10:52
lotuspsychje_ph88: explain what you are trying to do please, volunteers can try to think along10:55
ph88restart the ubuntu gui like restarting explorer.exe in windows10:56
tomreynph88: which ubuntu release, which window manager10:56
ph88whatever comes by default10:56
tomreynpress alt-f2, type 'r', press enter10:56
tomreynthis replaces gnome shell10:57
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ph88thank you :D11:00
ErgoProxyrunning on autopilot i deleted a ~100GB folder on my server by mistake, is there any coming back from that?12:33
lotuspsychje!info testdisk | ErgoProxy sudo photorec12:34
ubottuErgoProxy sudo photorec: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.0-3build2 (bionic), package size 391 kB, installed size 1530 kB12:34
innerandHi! Who knows the name of the program that is started after login at the frist boot after a dist upgrade (16.04 -> 18.04)? It showed some changes of the desktop usage.12:34
ErgoProxythanks lotuspsychje will give it a look12:35
lotuspsychjeErgoProxy: you can recover the data with photorec after the testdisk install12:35
lotuspsychjeErgoProxy: to speed up things, you can choose filetypes in photorec too12:35
ErgoProxyI can just run it direct in ssh?12:36
lotuspsychjeinnerand: is it gdm3 you need? can you explain a bit more of whats happening?12:36
lotuspsychjeErgoProxy: photorec runs from terminal, so that should work12:37
ErgoProxyjust running it now *fingers crossed*12:37
lotuspsychjeErgoProxy: also save the recovered data on another HD right12:37
ErgoProxyonly got one drive in the server and its only one partition T_T12:38
lotuspsychjeErgoProxy: hmm that might be a bad idea, recovering it to the same partition12:39
innerandlotuspsychje: I made a dist upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04. At the first login differences of the desktop usage were shown (I guess differences Unity / Gnome3). I would like to run it again on the next login so that it is shown to the actual user.12:39
lotuspsychjeinnerand: with the LTS upgrade from 16.04, unity comes along by default too, so its normal you have both gnome(worg-wayland) and unity at login window12:41
lotuspsychjeinnerand: do you want to automatic login?12:41
innerandNo, I'd like to see the "What's new" introductin again.12:46
lotuspsychjeinnerand: the ubuntu welcome window?12:47
tomreyninnerand: probably: rm ~/.config/gnome-initial-setup-done12:48
IndustrialHi. I'm on Ubuntu. Can I get docker processes to run as my user, and not the root user?12:55
ErgoProxy"Warning: Do not store the recovered files on the source filesystem. Otherwise lost data may be overwritten and12:56
ErgoProxydefinitively lost."12:56
ErgoProxyto do or not to do12:56
lotuspsychjeErgoProxy: not to12:56
lotuspsychjeErgoProxy: you need another media to recover to12:56
ErgoProxyyeah, seems the be the case12:57
ErgoProxy'tis life12:57
ErgoProxynever the less, thank you for your support lotuspsychje12:57
lotuspsychjeyou are welcome ErgoProxy hope you get all files back12:57
lotuspsychjeIndustrial: have you tryed the #docker channel, for deeper docker questions12:58
nbusroneDoes any know how to manually backup whole keyring folder and remove unwanted keyring ? I tried with Y PPA Manager but it doesn't work , as it's not listed at Y ppa manager but on trusted.gpg.d13:03
TJ-nbusrone: you want to backup all the keys known to apt ?13:05
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nbusroneTJ- : yeh as you mention create a separate /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/my-trusted.gp13:10
TJ-nbusrone: you can use "apt-key adv ..." to do various underlying gpg operations.13:12
nbusroneTJ- : it's hard to delete every 40 ppa. Maybe backup and restore ?13:12
nbusroneTJ- : I am using "apt-key del " but it only shows key was deleted13:13
nbusroneTJ- : Somehow , it's getting weird , using Y ppa manager only shows I have 18 ppa but using this command shows I still have over 80ls /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d | wc -l13:16
TJ-nbusrone: if the PPA keys are correctly installed they are simply one-key-per-file in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ so removing the file is all you need to do13:16
TJ-nbusrone: you can check what the default keyring contains with " gpg2 --list-keys --no-default-keyring --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg "13:16
TJ-nbusrone: I presume you're trying to fix the issue of too many keys we identified yesterday?13:17
nbusroneTJ- : yeh , fixing by removing 80 keys.I doubt most application with ppa still have updates on old Trusty build.Only a few know.13:18
nbusroneTJ- : default keyring https://pastebin.com/NqJR2DNC13:21
TJ-nbusrone: looks like Opera added to the default keyring13:23
nbusroneTJ- : weird, at y ppa manger doesn't have opera browser keyring while at trusted.gpg does.13:23
nbusroneTJ- : should I use this command "apt-key del 8492E35" ?13:24
TJ-nbusrone: if you wanted to combine all the key-files to one keyring you could do something like this: " for file in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/*.gpg; do sudo gpg2 --no-default-keyring --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/combined-keys.gpg --import $file ; done "13:24
nbusroneTJ- : I yet understanding how the keyring works and store.Just wanted to keep a few keyring for application updates like java webupd8 and a few.Maybe I just leave it and get fresh install a new 18.04.13:28
nbusroneTJ- : Would give up fixing , but what I dislike the most on fresh install is installing all application again from scrap.Browser etc.Is there an easy way or gui base which can backup all the application and migrate to 18.0413:30
TJ-nbusrone: Backup is up to the system administrator, but do-release-upgrade takes care of multi-release hops in upgrading13:31
nbusroneTJ- : I will read how it works at the end later on.Before that , I had a question on  grub.13:37
nbusroneIf I plan to fresh install 18.04 on a different hard drive or to a ssd , how do I install independently solely for the drive ? I wanted to boot independently on the drive rather than single boot loader install on SSD.13:39
nbusroneTJ- : if it be done after installing then I will ask about it after doing the fresh install later on.13:41
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phoenix_firebrdI need to repair a video file with mp4 format which got corrupt because my mobile ran out of space. Is there any application that can fix it on linux?13:47
phoenix_firebrdMy best guess is that it is missing a header13:48
tomreynffmpeg -i input.mp4 -c copy output.mp413:49
phoenix_firebrdtomreyn: tried it, but didnt work13:49
lotuspsychjephoenix_firebrd: can you still play the file?13:49
tomreyn...according to https://superuser.com/questions/538829/repairing-corrupt-mp413:49
phoenix_firebrdlotuspsychje: no13:49
lotuspsychjephoenix_firebrd: even with vlc?13:49
phoenix_firebrdtomreyn: I think I saw the same post13:49
phoenix_firebrdlotuspsychje: ya vlc and smplayer13:49
phoenix_firebrdtried even handbrake13:50
phoenix_firebrdI had known vlc playing files with corrupt index13:50
phoenix_firebrdbut this its not playing13:51
lotuspsychjephoenix_firebrd: maybe a video editor like pitivi or shotcut might be worth a try13:51
phoenix_firebrdI check with okteta and I guess the header is missing13:51
tomreyndid you try untrunc?13:51
phoenix_firebrdlet me try those13:51
knstnC reate a blk device with dd, format it with ext4, put the file on it, an run a fsck13:51
phoenix_firebrdi will try pitivi, shotcut and untrunc13:52
tomreynknstn: how would this repair the file?13:52
knstnoh noes, fsck works on fs level, not files... abort mission - over (at least i tried)13:54
phoenix_firebrdknstn: roger that13:54
phoenix_firebrdpitivi gives the following "gst-stream-error-quark: This file contains no playable streams. (9)"13:56
phoenix_firebrdpitivi not good13:56
phoenix_firebrdtrying shotcut13:56
phoenix_firebrdlotuspsychje: is shotcut available in the repository?13:57
lotuspsychjephoenix_firebrd: as a snap13:57
lotuspsychjesnap find shotcut13:57
phoenix_firebrdlotuspsychje: seems shotcut is a security risk, cant install13:58
lotuspsychjewhat does it say13:59
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phoenix_firebrdlotuspsychje: https://pastebin.com/kuXPHzbR14:00
lotuspsychjephoenix_firebrd: try what tomreyn suggested first perhaps, untrunc14:00
phoenix_firebrdlotuspsychje: ok14:00
lotuspsychjephoenix_firebrd: ah, you need to add --classic to install shotcut14:00
phoenix_firebrdlotuspsychje: ya but that is allowing the app out of sandbox14:02
lotuspsychjephoenix_firebrd: if ts just for mp4 repair, you can purge it after if you like14:03
knstnAny chance to have better results if you convert it to other type, and try to work on that?14:04
phoenix_firebrdlotuspsychje: no it says the app will be able to modify system14:04
phoenix_firebrdtomreyn: I can't find untrunc in the repository or a snap14:05
phoenix_firebrdapt-file search can't find too14:06
phoenix_firebrdI will google now14:06
phoenix_firebrdtomreyn: https://github.com/ponchio/untrunc     that one?14:07
tomreynphoenix_firebrd: yes14:07
phoenix_firebrdwow untrunc is qt, awesome14:09
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=== phoenix_firebrd_ is now known as phoenix_firebrd
RonaldsMazitisI have serious issue according to keyboardtester.com ubuntu is pressing key 9 itself14:26
RonaldsMazitisI have two keyboards now14:27
RonaldsMazitisfor some time14:28
tomreynmaybe the keyboard or its cable is just broken. doesn't this happen when you attach the same keyboard to other systems?14:29
RonaldsMazitisI can't press 9 on numpad of the laptop14:29
RonaldsMazitisnothing happens14:29
RonaldsMazitisI can easily on USB keyboard14:29
RonaldsMazitisother keys seem to work14:30
RonaldsMazitisI think USB keyboard is ok, but something is wrong with laptops14:31
tomreynfirst of all, find out whether it's a hardware or software issue. test on ubuntu, test on grub, test on bios, test on freedos.14:31
BluesKajHi folks14:39
NexilvaHow do you change wine's default audio to alsa only and not pulseaudio anymore14:45
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thyriaenhihihi shibboleth15:02
acetakwasCan any one recommend a tool that will show me network usage per application?15:13
BluesKajacetakwas, netstat is one15:16
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tomreyn!info nethogs15:17
ubottunethogs (source: nethogs): Net top tool grouping bandwidth per process. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.5-2 (bionic), package size 30 kB, installed size 79 kB15:17
acetakwasBluesKaj: Are these tools easy to use?15:27
Kumoolacetakwas: nethogs is by far the easiest, someone recommended me etherape the other day which is... probably not what you're looking for15:30
acetakwasKumool: Thanks. Are there GUI options?15:30
Kumooletherape is gui15:30
lotuspsychjeacetakwas: if you like eyecandy, conky has also network monitor widgets15:32
murthytomreyn: I tried untrunc, It is able to fix small files, but not the big ones. The corrupted video file that need fixing is about 4gb15:37
murthytomreyn: It seems the max file size that android allows is 2gb or 4gb, mobile dependent15:37
acetakwaslotuspsychje: I use i315:38
lotuspsychjemurthy: weird vlc doesnt ask to rebuild the index, some movies it can try to play anyway if broken15:39
murthylotuspsychje: ya feel the same, but that is the case15:42
murthylotuspsychje: I think the header is completely missing15:42
tomreynmurthy: here's another, no idea how well it can work https://github.com/bookkojot/mp4fixer15:43
murthytomreyn: I think its the same solution implemented in perl15:45
murthytomreyn: "perl fixer.pl <good_file.mp4> <bad_file.mp4> <output_prefix>"15:46
tomreynmurthy: it is surely similar.15:46
lotuspsychjemurthy: try this also: https://askubuntu.com/questions/915162/repairing-a-corrupt-mov15:47
murthytomreyn: may be I have to give a matching video file for a good mp4 file for input, with almost same time i guess15:47
lotuspsychjeacetakwas: apt-cache search network monitor, pick one :p15:51
Intelohow to launch an app on a specific time automtaically15:51
acetakwaslotuspsychje: :)15:52
acetakwasKumool: Thanks.15:52
lotuspsychje!cron | Intelo start here15:53
ubottuIntelo start here: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto15:53
Intelolotuspsychje,  cron is for recuring15:53
ioriarecuring ?15:55
lotuspsychjethink he means returning15:55
ioriaok, returning what ? :þ15:55
ioriaIntelo, may you're looking for 'at' command15:56
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Inteloioria, lotuspsychje  how can I run, at 1pm,  and kill, at 9am, ktorrent daily16:04
tomreynusing a cron job, i guess. will this break some of your download? maybe.16:07
lotuspsychjeIntelo: qbittorrent can be auto shutdown after downloads complete16:08
TikityTikwhat's the proper way of getting the bleeding edge update of a package from arch linux?16:09
tomreyninstall arch linux16:10
TikityTikthis is for my ubuntu server16:10
TikityTikconfig does't from tmux 2.8 to 2.116:10
TikityTikdoesn't work*16:10
tomreynyou dont install arch linux packages on ubuntu, you install ubuntu packages on ubuntu, or snaps.16:10
TikityTikis snaps the newest versions of packages?16:11
lotuspsychjeTikityTik: snap tmux version is 2.7 if you like on ubuntu16:11
heoaHow do you install RODBC in Ubuntu? I have tried to resolve this days, further info in https://askubuntu.com/questions/1107461/problem-with-rodbc-installation-in-ubuntu-with-r-3-5-116:11
TikityTikalright i'll try that16:11
TikityTiklotuspsychje: says it's version 2.3 on my snap16:14
lotuspsychjeTikityTik: there's also the tmux-non-dead  2.716:14
TikityTikalright so why doesn't /usr/bin/tmux exist after snap install tmux-non-dead?16:16
=== phoenix_firebrd_ is now known as murthy
Intelolotuspsychje,  no, I need to start/stop on specific time16:18
murthyare passwords handled by the falkon browser or passwords are handled by qtwebengine that it uses?16:19
ducasseTikityTik: snaps are found in /snap, not /usr/bin16:19
lotuspsychjeheoa: does apt give your errors of any kind?16:20
murthylotuspsychje: I tried the vlc method and its not good16:21
TikityTikmurthy: try mpv instead of vlc, what are you trying to do?16:21
murthyTikityTik: I am trying to repair a corrupt mp4 video file16:21
TikityTikmurthy: you could try re-encoding the video with ffmpeg16:22
murthyTikityTik: tried that already, not good16:22
lotuspsychjemurthy: you might wanna talk to the ffmpeg channel perhaps, they might know more then us16:23
murthylotuspsychje: ok16:23
TikityTikwhat is snap? what's the point of using snap if it isn't even the most up to date version?16:25
lotuspsychje!latest | TikityTik16:25
ubottuTikityTik: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.16:25
murthyTikityTik: do you know how to choose a channel in snap, for that matter are you aware of the edge channel?16:26
murthylotuspsychje: TikityTik is right16:26
murthylotuspsychje: for snaps they should be upto the upstream stable16:27
TikityTikare you even able to list the channels available for the snap package?16:29
murthyTikityTik: https://docs.snapcraft.io/channels/55116:30
TikityTikseems like all channels for tmux is 2.316:32
ioriaTikityTik, also this : https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/basic-snap-usage#416:33
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qwebirc73975I have live session troubles on 16.04 . Space keeps running out. Using df tells me aufs ends up at 100% usage.16:51
RonaldsMazitispage down and up is constantly firing up16:54
RonaldsMazitiswhen You put numlock on 9 starts firing16:55
tomreynqwebirc73975: you shouldn't use the live session on a regular basis. you can use a persistent usb install.16:55
qwebirc73975I plan on instaling but the instalation won't show partitions in a way I suspect is due to having 0 bytes avalible with which to launch gparted.16:58
tomreynqwebirc73975: can you show a screenshot? is there a reason you prefer installing 16.04 LTS over 18.04 LTS?17:03
qwebirc73975I have 0 bytes in which to store a screenshot. I have used 16.04 in the past.17:04
tomreynqwebirc73975: can you run this in a terminal: df | nc termbin.com 999917:05
qwebirc73975Yes, what is that website?17:08
RonaldsMazitisI have serious feeling somebody somehow hacked my stuff17:09
tomreynqwebirc73975: please paste the url which was printed on the terminal after you ran this command17:09
RonaldsMazitisand now is pressing keys or something17:09
ovalseven8Question: Ubuntu has deactivated "root" by default and prefers the "sudo"-concept. What's the advantage here? With sudo everyone can get root privileges whereas with root only root can get those.17:09
tomreynqwebirc73975: 'df' stands for "disk free". as you can see, you have free space available. you can store files in /tmp for example.17:10
murthyRonaldsMazitis: do you have another keyboard?17:10
tomreynqwebirc73975: obvioudsly, since this is a live cd, those files wont persist after reboot17:10
RonaldsMazitisI have two keyboards17:10
RonaldsMazitiswhat is this?17:11
murthyRonaldsMazitis: both are acting the same way17:11
RonaldsMazitisit's not keyboard that's pressing anything17:11
ducasseovalseven8: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo17:11
tomreynRonaldsMazitis: have you tried cross testing with grub, bios, freedos, as i proposed earlier?17:12
RonaldsMazitiswhat are those ip adresses17:12
RonaldsMazitiswhy do You suggest freedows17:13
tomreynRonaldsMazitis: because it's a different operating system17:13
RonaldsMazitisI have question about UFW17:13
RonaldsMazitiswhy my UFW settings allow those two weird ip adresses17:14
vltovalseven8: “everyone can get root privileges” might not be very accurate ;)17:14
tomreynRonaldsMazitis: if you can verify that the keyboard behaves differently on a different OS then you have ruled out a hardware issue, which means we can spend time on diagnosing it17:14
RonaldsMazitiskeyboard does nothing on itself17:15
RonaldsMazitiswhy are there those two ip adresses17:15
murthyRonaldsMazitis: why dont you close that port and see17:15
ovalseven8So in general it's recommended to let run programs/services with a user that is NOT in the sudoers file and log in to the server with a user that has sudo privileges?17:15
qwebirc73975The 0 bytes availible prevents me from launching programs outside of a brief period post booting where aufs has yet to reach 100%.17:16
RonaldsMazitismurthy: can those be somebody connecting to server?17:16
murthyRonaldsMazitis: sudo netstat -lnp17:16
BiessieI havent had my ubuntu server up in over 2 months. just turned it back on and it shows i have zero updates available. Before that i had updates literally daily.17:16
Biessieis there something that could be blocking updates for some reason?17:17
murthyRonaldsMazitis: run that command, it will output all the process that are listening, kill the process that uses that port17:17
Biessie18.04.1 LTS17:17
tomreynBiessie: there are several factors which could cause this. please run this: sudo /bin/true; pastebinit <( lsb_release -ds; cat /proc/version; cat /proc/cmdline; sudo apt-get update 2>&1; echo; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -f install 2>&1 ; )17:19
tomreynBiessie: it should return a http address you can then post here17:19
Biessieunless it automatically updated at startup?17:21
tomreynBiessie: that'S well possible. you are not running the latest kernel image,. but if this update took place then linux-image-4.15.0-43-generic should now be installed17:23
=== juboxi is now known as jubo2
tomreynBiessie: "dpkg -l linux-image-4.15.0-43-generic" should show ' ii ' then17:24
tomreynBiessie: apt logs are at /var/log/apt/ in case you'd like to review what happened when17:24
ovalseven8So in general it's recommended to let run programs/services with a user that is NOT in the sudoers file and log in to the server with a user that has sudo privileges?17:25
tomreynqwebirc73975: you'Re right, it's bad that / ran full17:26
tomreynovalseven8: if you're referring to ubuntu server operation, yes.17:28
tomreynovalseven8: the user logging into the server remotely only needs sudo if they are to run processes as root, though.17:28
Biessiethank you tomreyn. so that means if the new kernel image is not installed then it did not update and something is blocking the updates?17:28
tomreynBiessie: yes i would think so17:29
Biessieokay ill start doing some research on how to fix this. thanks!17:29
tomreynBiessie: actually, this would only be so if you have automatic upgrades enabled17:29
tomreynBiessie: if you don't then, you may need to run "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"17:30
ovalseven8tomreyn, Thanks. So for doing administrative stuff on my server, I'll login with a sudo user and all the other stuff is run by users that are not in sudoers file. :)17:32
Biessietomreyn : The auto upgrade is enabled last i checked and i tried the dist-upgrade command and still nothing. this is STRANGE17:32
tomreynqwebirc73975: can you tell us about your hardware? how much ram, which computer model?17:32
tomreynovalseven8: generally, that's a good approach.17:33
tomreynBiessie: disk full?17:34
tomreynBiessie: "df -h" will tell.17:35
tomreynBiessie: also show the output of "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" if you like.17:35
Biessie375gb available17:35
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Biessie in /dev/sda617:36
tomreynhow much is available on / ?17:36
Apachezanyone else who noticed that if you got 1 google chrome window and create a new one then in ubuntu 18.10 that will be behind the first, but if you create a 3rd window (ctrl+n) it will be ontop... it this a google chrome or a ubuntu "feature" and how do I change this behaviour?17:36
Biessietomreyn  - /dev/sda6       454G   57G  374G  14% /17:36
tomreynBiessie: okay, so it's not that. since you didnt actually tell: if the newer kernel image installed?17:37
Biessieuname -r = 4.15.0-36-generic17:38
qwebirc73975It is an ASUS model X556U(says on sticker). Rather recently it's hard drive ended up corrupted which is why I'm reinstaling Ubuntu and I'm hoping this issue is unrelated.17:38
Biessieoh dam.. that is the newest kernel, right?17:39
tomreynApachez: google chrome is not supported here. maybe try with chromium-browser,17:39
ioriaBiessie, sudo apt full-upgrade   ?17:39
Biessieioria : Shows no upgrades available17:40
tomreynBiessie: no, it's not the newest,. but uname -r returns which kernel is running, not the latest that is installed. i asked which is the latest that is installed.17:40
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ioriaBiessie, what ubuntu release ?17:40
Biessieioria : 18.04.1 LTS17:40
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ioriaBiessie, ls /boot | nc termbin.com 999917:40
=== phoenix_firebrd_ is now known as murthy
Biessietomreyn : Sorry. how do i find the latest installed again?17:41
Biessieioria : https://termbin.com/vrly17:41
tomreyn<tomreyn> Biessie: "dpkg -l linux-image-4.15.0-43-generic" should show ' ii ' then17:41
tomreynBiessie: -43 is not installed17:42
TJ-Biessie: this will list installed kernels: "apt list --installed linux-image-*"17:42
tomreynBiessie: so something Is wrong if "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" wont install anything. what does "df -h /" say?17:43
ioriaBiessie, here  we have just 34 and 36 ; did you disable update or commented something in sources.list ?17:43
Biessietomreyn : Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on17:44
Biessietomreyn : Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on17:44
Biessie  /dev/sda6       454G   57G  374G  14% /17:44
Biessieioria : No thats what is making me curious. Everything was working fine before.. i turned off my server 2 months ago and loaded it back up today wi th no updates available. before i shut it down it hadupdates DAILY17:45
tomreynBiessie: sorry, i gave you the wrong command: please show the output of: df -h | nc termbin.com 999917:45
TJ-Biessie: maybe apt sources.list points to a mirror that is not being updated17:46
tomreynqwebirc73975: i suspect that your disk is filling up with logs, possibly due to defective hardware or a driver issue.17:46
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ioriaBiessie,  cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 999917:46
Biessietomreyn : https://termbin.com/h9m617:46
Biessieioria : https://termbin.com/lruh17:47
tomreynBiessie: hmm this looks fine, i'm a bit puzzled.17:47
Biessietomreyn : Right? This is insane.17:48
TJ-Biessie: "ls -latr /var/lib/apt/lists/ | tail" --- tell us the date of the last file17:48
ioriaBiessie,  bionic main is duplicated, i guess and ii see webmin installed17:49
BiessieTJ- Jan 617:49
qwebirc73975I have tried rm -r /var/log before and it did not work. I would run sudo baobab but it doesn't tell whats wrong and it complains about the 0 bytes.17:49
tomreynqwebirc73975: does baobab start up, though?17:50
tomreynqwebirc73975: can you check how large /var is and which the largest files are in there?17:51
Biessieioria : Webmin is installed. i used it for some SQL stuff. im not the most knowledgable with SQL so i added users through webmin lol17:51
TJ-Biessie: that's good then.17:51
ioriaBiessie,  apt-cache policy linux-generic  | nc termbin.com 999917:51
tomreynqwebirc73975: "rm -r /var/log" is bad, you shouldn't run this since it will remove the /var/log directory.17:52
Biessieioria : https://termbin.com/bbj817:53
ioriaBiessie,  not good17:53
Biessieioria : Uh oh!17:53
tomreynBiessie: have you changed any proxy server or network configurations lately?17:54
Biessietomreyn : I have not.17:54
ioriaTJ-, you see this ? https://termbin.com/bbj817:54
qwebirc73975No wait only "baobab" runs. I can have "sudo baobab" working but I have to run before aufs reachs 100%.17:54
Biessiehave i been hacked? lol17:55
TJ-ioria: looks fine to me (duplicate repos doesn't matter - often happens with -security and -updates)17:55
TJ-ioria: but what is the problem here? if the package lists are up to date and no packages are due to upgrade then it's up to date - do we have evidence a package is behind the times?17:55
ioriaTJ-,    sorry, talking about this ->   https://termbin.com/bbj817:56
TJ-ioria: that's the same isn't it?17:56
ioriaTJ-,  Biessie   should be like that : http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/q6YKQxfzY8/17:57
cbpyecryptodan_mobile: about to try Mint XFCE.17:57
ioriaTJ-,  or not ?17:58
TJ-ioria: I see now - kernel version ?17:59
ioriaTJ-,  yeeeessss17:59
ioriaBiessie, you did something with apt18:00
Biessiethe only thing i can remember ever doing with apt is just updateing and upgradeing18:01
tomreynqwebirc73975: you can use "du -sh" on a terminal to get the size of a given directory in cluding subdirectories.18:02
TJ-Biessie: can you show us "sudo apt update 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 9999"18:02
ioriaBiessie, apt-cache policy | nc termbin.com 999918:02
tomreynqwebirc73975: example: du -sh /var/log18:03
BiessieTJ-  : https://termbin.com/nk3v18:04
tomreynioria: i had Biessie do this before18:04
ioriatomreyn, uh, ok18:04
Biessieioria  : https://termbin.com/saqx18:04
tomreynTJ-: also ;)18:04
=== capella|away is now known as capella
Biessieis it possible to delete all my config files/apps for apt and reinstall?18:05
Biessiereset everything18:05
ioriaBiessie, i blame webmin18:06
tomreynBiessie: can you run this: sudo /bin/true; pastebinit <( sudo apt-get update -o 'Debug::Acquire::http=1' -o 'Debug::Hashes=1' -o 'Debug::pkgAcquire=1' -o 'Debug::pkgAcquire::Auth=1' -o 'Debug::pkgAcquire::Diffs=1' -o 'Debug::pkgAcquire::RRed=1' -o 'Debug::pkgAcquire::Worker=1' -o 'Debug::sourceList=1' 2>&1 ; )18:06
TJ-Biessie: there were some 'gets' there of the package lists so before doing anything else do "apt list --upgradable"18:06
Biessietomreyn : http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/R5rSWvFQrH/18:07
BiessieTJ- : Listing ...Done18:08
ioriaBiessie, seems that priority has been changed18:08
qwebirc73975 /var/log is 2,9G aside from speech-dispatcher which lacks permision. sudo isn't working in general now, I should have used it right after booting so it would work now.18:08
tomreynBiessie: to answer your earlier question, deleting all configs and resetting packages is not really easily possible, you'd reinstall18:09
ioriaBiessie, do you files in /etc/apt/preferences.d/ dir ?18:10
tomreynqwebirc73975: 2,9 GB for /var/log on a live cd is a lot / too much18:10
Biessietomreyn : i was referring to "apt" files. but i figured it wouldnt be an option18:10
Biessieioria : folder is empty18:11
ioriaBiessie, seems that priority has been changed18:11
ioriaBiessie, sorry18:11
tomreynqwebirc73975: run: ls -lah /var/log/ | nc termbin.com 999918:12
ioriaBiessie, can you  backup your sources.list and replace with  this :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cVnnmpfZXs/18:13
tomreynBiessie: you could reinstall apt, but i'm not sure this would actually work currently. in fact what you could do is try to install, on a terminal,  any software package you don't already have and share the output.18:13
TJ-Biessie: can you show is "pastebinit <( dpkg --print-architecture; dpkg --print-foreign-architectures )"18:13
TJ-tomreyn: ioria wondering if the architecture has changed - might explain it18:13
ioriaTJ-, yeah18:14
tomreynqwebirc73975: tail -n300 /var/log/syslog | nc termbin.com 999918:14
ioriaTJ-, do you know webmin ? could it override apt ?18:14
BiessieTJ- : http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4KZ9r3JJvm/18:14
tomreynTJ-: interesting take.18:14
tomreynarchitectures are fine18:15
tomreynqwebirc73975: your syslog is 1.5 GB, which is way too much. my suspicion may have been correct.18:16
ioriaBiessie, have you tried to replace sources.list and run  sudo apt update ?18:17
Biessieioria : in process now18:18
tomreynqwebirc73975: lspci -tnvn | nc termbin.com 999918:18
tomreynqwebirc73975: your system is reporting constant PCI bus errors at PCI port 0000:00:1c.5. the command i just asked you to run should hopefully tell us which PCI device this is18:19
Biessieioria : Strange error.18:19
Biessieioria : https://pastebin.com/CrSE0g4u18:19
TJ-ioria: webmin doesn't interfere, it sits on top18:20
ioriaTJ-,  ok, thanks18:20
TJ-ioria: sorry, sits alongside, it uses the distro's own tooling18:20
Biessiesee those appstreamcli warnings?18:20
tomreynTJ-: in case you are able to interpret apts debug output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/R5rSWvFQrH/18:21
tomreynthis was from <tomreyn> Biessie: can you run this: sudo /bin/true; pastebinit <( sudo apt-get update -o 'Debug::Acquire::http=1' -o 'Debug::Hashes=1' -o 'Debug::pkgAcquire=1' -o 'Debug::pkgAcquire::Auth=1' -o 'Debug::pkgAcquire::Diffs=1' -o 'Debug::pkgAcquire::RRed=1' -o 'Debug::pkgAcquire::Worker=1' -o 'Debug::sourceList=1' 2>&1 ; )18:21
TJ-tomreyn: I already scanned that one, it looks fine18:21
tomreynyes, nothing obvious to me, too18:21
TJ-tomreyn: at this point we should be concentrating on the files (Package lists) actually stored on the system18:21
tomreyni'll watch, trying to focus on qwebirc7397518:22
TJ-tomreyn: I'm thinking of grabbing some md5s of /var/lib/apt/lists/*Packages18:22
TJ-Biessie: can you show us "pastebinit <( md5sum /var/lib/apt/lists/*Packages )"18:22
BiessieTJ- http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ndtw3vvWf2/18:23
Biessiegood news?! haha18:24
tomreynd41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e is 0 bytes18:24
qwebirc73975That port! It given me trouble before I had to add pcie=nomsi to grub in order to get syslog not to grow really big.18:25
tomreynqwebirc73975: so it'S the wireless chipset18:26
tomreyn           +-1c.5-[03]----00.0  Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter [10ec:b723]18:26
TJ-Biessie: show us "pastebinit <( cat /proc/mounts; ls -latr /var/lib/apt/lists/ )"18:26
BiessieTJ- : http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/znJtzH9d8Z/18:27
tomreynqwebirc73975: which is probably onboard - do you know?18:27
qwebirc73975I don't even know what there is to know.18:28
TJ-Biessie: OK, and now "pastebinit <( df -h; df -i )"18:28
BiessieTJ- :http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JQKK28W9MP/18:29
ioriaBiessie, i think the package cache file is corrupted18:30
TJ-Biessie: OK, I did suspect the file-system but now I'm wondering if there's something intercepting the files apt is fetching18:31
TJ-Biessie: so "sudo find /var/lib/apt/lists -maxdepth 1 -type d -delete"  then re-fetch the lists with "sudo apt update"  and then let's check if upgrades are reported "apt list --upgradable"18:32
TJ-Biessie: STOP!!!18:32
TJ-Biessie: I mistyped18:32
Biessiethis is so weird. okay18:32
TJ-Biessie: here we go, lets delete files not directories!  "sudo find /var/lib/apt/lists -maxdepth 1 -type f -delete"  then re-fetch the lists with "sudo apt update"  and then let's check if upgrades are reported "apt list --upgradable"18:32
tomreynqwebirc73975: so if you want to prevent the disk from running full you can run "sudo service rsyslog stop", effectively stoppping all logging.18:32
TJ-tomreyn: also, could add a filter to rsyslog.d/ to drop those messages18:33
tomreynTJ-: yes, but this is a live / installer system18:33
ioriapartial can be recreated , btw18:33
TJ-tomreyn: it'd still work :)18:33
tomreynTJ-: probably, i'm too lazy, though, feel free :)18:34
TJ-ioria: yes I know but not deleting the files would have been a major bug in my command :)18:34
qwebirc73975I will have to try next time I reboot.18:35
BiessieTJ- : Think that worked.18:35
Biessie220 are "upgradeable"\18:35
TJ-qwebirc73975: do you still not have 'sudo' operational right now?18:36
tomreynqwebirc73975: you said this is an asus X556U - on the asus website i find several models which start with "X556U" but they all have another letter to the end. did you miss one?18:36
TJ-Biessie: Yay!18:36
BiessieTJ- : Updating 213 files now!18:36
TJ-Biessie: oh noes, we already lost 7 of them :D18:37
TJ-qwebirc73975: can you show us "journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 9999"18:37
tomreynqwebirc73975: much better :)18:38
ioriaBiessie, would be wise to know how that corruption happened (i mean, do you have disk issues ?)18:38
Biessieioria : It is an extremely old laptop. could very well be losing sectors?18:38
TJ-ioria: I was thinking that; why would zero-length be created, then I thought... they're supposed to be extracted from the tar.gz/.gz files aren't they?18:39
TJ-qwebirc73975: ouch, that is really bad!18:40
TJ-tomreyn: qwebirc73975 I suspect the trusty ole acpi_osi might help18:40
Biessieioria : can i revert my sources.list backup?18:41
ioriaBiessie, wait, has been those errors to pint the cache issue ...18:41
ioriaBiessie, https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2347244&page=218:42
ioriaBiessie, '(appstreamcli:4144): WARNING **: No origin found for file us.archive'18:42
ioriaBiessie, you were not getting those warning with your original sources.list, right ?18:44
tomreynqwebirc73975: it's not as ewasy as i was hoping to find the specifications. there are bios updates available for it, which you cuold install. i'm not sure this would fix the pci issues, though.18:44
Biessiei did on the first apt get command but not again. and then with yours i did once only as well18:44
tomreynqwebirc73975: you could also reboot and post the output of "dmesg | head -n1000" so we can get a better idea of what's wrong18:45
ioriaBiessie, honestly, you can try to replace it... but keep the other one18:45
tomreynTJ-: you'Re saying the windows acpi osi?18:45
Biessiewill do!18:46
tomreynqwebirc73975: https://www.asus.com/us/supportonly/X556UF/HelpDesk_BIOS/18:46
tomreyn!smart | Biessie: this is a way to get a better idea about the health of your HDD18:48
ubottuBiessie: this is a way to get a better idea about the health of your HDD: smart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools18:48
qwebirc73975Can't download it now but will remenber to do so in the future. Thinking about rebooting in order to try stoping logging.18:50
TJ-tomreyn: acpi_osi=Windows XXXX yes18:50
Biessietomreyn thank you.18:51
TJ-qwebirc73975: what does this report? "sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows | sort | tail -n 1"18:51
BiessieTJ- tomreyn ioria : thanks for the help and dedication. you are awesome18:51
ioriaBiessie, did you rebooted ?18:52
Biessieioria not yet18:52
Biessiestill upgrading everything18:52
ioria(cannot type today)18:52
qwebirc73975Can't use sudo unless I reboot.18:53
TJ-qwebirc73975: OK, try this instead as a test: "pkexec whoami"18:53
TJ-qwebirc73975: if it says 'root' use 'pkexec' instead of 'sudo' in that command18:53
tomreynBiessie: you're welcome18:54
tomreynqwebirc73975: then reboot ;)18:54
TJ-Biessie: your issue is/was weird; Don't think I've seen that issue in over 13 years!18:54
BiessieTJ-  i just wanted to keep you on your toes!!18:55
tomreyni guess apt should have a hardcoded check for 0 byte cached package files18:56
TJ-tomreyn: we still don't why/how it was creating them though.18:57
Biessietomreyn running test now18:57
qwebirc73975Cannot run program string: No such file or directory18:57
TJ-qwebirc73975: oh doh, it should be "strings" not string"18:58
tomreynTJ-: that's right. but this situation where apt reports no errors at all and just "seems to work" when it really doesn't is quite problematic.18:58
qwebirc73975windows 201518:58
TJ-tomreyn: Oh I agree; I was thinking orthogonally :P18:58
tomreynqwebirc73975: what were you doing exactly there?18:58
tomreynTJ-: yes, it's weird. but i have seen similar during the past 13 years :) but dont know the root cause either18:59
cbpyeOK, now I'm really confused.  Fresh install, immediately updated everything I could, blacklisted nouveau, updated initramfs, rebooted, used driver manager to switch to nvidia-390 (and it sticks this time), rebooted, and I'm still unable to change resolution.18:59
TJ-qwebirc73975: OK! When you reboot, goto the bootloader menu, edit the kernel command-line and add (including the double quotes) these options:  acpi_osi=! "acpi_osi=Windows 2015"18:59
TJ-qwebirc73975: I assume there was a capital W on Windows ?19:00
ducassecbpye: which release is this?19:00
TJ-qwebirc73975: OK, then my suggested options are correct :)19:01
qwebirc73975The bootloader is not the BIOS screen right?19:01
TJ-qwebirc73975: correct. I think you said earlier you'd had to add pci=nomsi or similar - you add these the same way in the same place19:02
cbpyeducasse: Mint 19.1 XFCE -- cryptodan convinced me to give it a shot last night and I must say, it IS working a bit better for me.19:02
ducasse!mint | cbpye19:02
ubottucbpye: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)19:02
TJ-qwebirc73975: generally by tapping Esc key as the PC starts to get the GRUB boot menu, then hilighting the entry and pressing 'e' to edit it, then navigating down to the line starting "linux ..." and adding them there, then pressing Ctrl+X (or F10) to boot with the modifications19:03
kinghatany of you guys use tmate before?19:03
qwebirc73975I had edited grub by pluging the USB in a diferent computer and editing txt.cfg .19:04
tomreyncryptodan_mobile: when you recommend mint to people here (why?!), please also make them aware they cannot get support with it here.19:04
TJ-qwebirc73975: you can do it that way too19:04
cbpyeOooh, I got him into trouble.19:04
coz_king you mean Mate DE?19:04
coz_kinghat, ^^19:05
ioriamaybe, instant terminal sharing19:05
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=== tacgnol is now known as mouses
kinghatits like tmux but you share it with someone.19:06
coz_kinghat, thanks19:06
qwebirc73975Going to try acpi_osi=! .... Rebooting now.19:08
sven_Can i get here support for updating from a old version (15.10) to a new one?19:12
tomreyn!eolupgrade | sven_19:12
ubottusven_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:12
tomreynjust the latter part19:12
cryptodan_mobiletomreyn: as another method to troubleshoot and diagnose issues with their systems ifits not allowed I wont do that again19:13
fooI migrated from old digital ocean droplet to a new one. Same server specs. Ubuntu 14.04 to 18.04 (fresh install). I'm having a strange issue where some of my processes are hanging and building up (eg. ones that run every minute). I see this when I strace it, wait4(-1, ... until it dies: https://paste.ofcode.org/EHDvp2N6Y9cpbt2yNVAJ2v - can anyone else here make sense of this?19:14
tomreyncryptodan_mobile: i dont get to decide what is 'allowed', but we usually don't recommend switching away from ubuntu to mint here. for... reasons.19:14
sven_tomreyn: i will retry but it did not work yesterday19:15
tomreynsven_: what did you do yesterday, how did it not work?19:15
qwebirc95665Hi, the swiss ubuntu store is down, how chan i change the repository to internatioal?19:16
tomreynqwebirc95665: can you clarify "swiss ubuntu store"?19:16
qwebirc95665failed to fetch ch.archive.ubuntu.com19:17
qwebirc95665on other pc archive.ubuntu.com is up19:17
qwebirc95665so i want to remove the ch. part19:17
qwebirc95665i tried settings but coundnt find aNYTHING19:17
sven_tomreyn: follow the stepts from the url community/EOLUpgrades, i got 404 error's on the ssh19:18
tomreynqwebirc95665: is this a desktop computer, with a grpahical user interface, or a server computer?19:18
qwebirc95665Laptop with GUI19:19
tomreynsven_: please rtry and when you hit the error 404 messages, explain exactly which command you ran and show the output it generated.19:19
tomreynqwebirc95665: run software-properties-gtk and choose a different country for "Download from"19:20
tomreynor "Main server"19:21
RizeeeeuHello, so i replaced one of my old drivers to a new one, and now im getting start job new disk and can't boot. I'm guessing i had swap on the old drive, havent used fstab in a while so im quite lost ; )19:21
qwebirc95665tomreyn thx19:22
qwebirc95665did work, i hope i can now download gparted19:22
tomreynRizeeeeu: so what you replaced is a (hard disk) drive, not a "driver", right?19:22
Rizeeeeu@tomreyn Yeah19:23
tomreynqwebirc95665: if not we can look more into this19:23
qwebirc95665dpkg unrecoverable fatal error19:23
qwebirc95665i/O error19:23
tomreyn!paste | qwebirc95665: please use a pastebin to show the command you ran and the output it produced. if you were running this on the graphical user interface, show a screenshot instead.19:24
ubottuqwebirc95665: please use a pastebin to show the command you ran and the output it produced. if you were running this on the graphical user interface, show a screenshot instead.: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:24
qwebirc95665* https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/q924t6XSjr/19:27
tomreynRizeeeeu: please run this: sudo /bin/true; pastebinit <( lsb_release -ds; cat /proc/version; cat /proc/cmdline; echo; sudo parted -ls; echo sudo blkid; echo cat /etc/fstab; echo; cat /etc/crypttab; echo;  grep ^ARRAY /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf  );19:27
tomreynqwebirc95665: df -h | pastebinit19:29
qwebirc95665cANT INSTALL PASTEBINIT19:30
qwebirc95665same error19:31
mmanI am trying to install ubuntu on a previously installed win 10. I have done this in the past but on BIOS, now I am encounter a UEFI and when I use gparted I cannot find the SSD19:32
mmancan you help me find the ssd to resize and instlal ubuntu?19:32
tomreynqwebirc95665: makes sense, sorry. please run this and report the output:  lsb_release -ds; cat /proc/version; cat /proc/cmdline; sudo parted -ls 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 9999; sudo blkid 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 9999; cat /etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 9999; echo; cat /etc/crypttab; grep ^ARRAY /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf19:34
tomreynmman: can you run this on a terminal and report the output here: sudo parted -ls 2>&1 | pastebinit19:36
mmanWarning: The driver descriptor says the physical block size is 2048 bytes, but Linux says it is 512 bytes.19:36
mmanModel: Kingston DataTraveler 2.0 (scsi)19:36
mmanDisk /dev/sda: 15.5GB19:36
mmanSector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B19:36
mmanPartition Table: unknown19:36
mmanDisk Flags:19:36
tomreyn!paste | mman19:37
ubottumman: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:37
tomreynoutput from pastebinit should have been 1 line only, a http address19:37
tomreynyou may need to install pastebinit first19:37
tomreyn!pastebinit | mman19:38
ubottumman: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit19:38
qwebirc95665tomreyn https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6DpHVcJcbg/19:38
mmantomreyn, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/y4yJvSm6Wm/19:38
tomreynqwebirc95665: please run: df -h | nc termbin.com 999919:40
tomreyn!msg | Rizeeeeu19:40
ubottuRizeeeeu: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.19:40
tomreynmman: so this command returned only those 6 lines?19:42
mmantomreyn, you can see it only appears the usb19:42
mmantomreyn, yes19:42
tomreyn!smart | qwebirc95665: you may have HDD issues, please post the output of "dmesg | nc termbin.com 9999" and have a look at your disks SMART data19:43
ubottuqwebirc95665: you may have HDD issues, please post the output of "dmesg | nc termbin.com 9999" and have a look at your disks SMART data: smart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools19:43
tomreynmman: do you know whether this new disk you have ais an SSD, attached to the SATA bus, or an NVMe, attached to the PCI bus?19:44
tomreynais -> is19:44
sven_tomreyn: this is the error https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DrKVvmybn9/19:45
mmantomreyn, it is a 516GB SSD not sure if its attached to SATA19:46
qwebirc95665tomreyn you think most likley had HDD?19:47
tomreynqwebirc95665: it seems that your 150 GB hard disk drive, Hitachi HTS54251 C31P, can be broken. based on its capacity, this must be a veeeery old hard didsk drive.19:48
qwebirc95665tomreyn i wanted to use that laptop to flash a 3 gb file to a sdcard, since its the only laptop the SD card seems to work19:48
qwebirc95665on m main laptop it dooesnt appear19:49
qwebirc95665sadly the files is bigger than the ram of the otherlaptop, so life system doesnt work19:50
tomreynsven_: you are not using the correct apt sources - use http://ports.ubuntu.com/ instead. how did you install, is this actually ubuntu?19:50
tomreynmman: enter bios and see what it's listed as there19:51
sven_tomreyn: yes it is 15.1019:51
qwebirc95665tomreyn any advice on how to find the sdcard on my other laptop?19:51
sven_tomreyn: my current source.list is https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/C7mXF7vQC4/19:52
qwebirc73975I'm back and "sudo service rsylog stop" did stop aufs from reaching 100%. Progress! However I must have copied  wrong   acpi-osi=! "acpi-osi=Windows 201519:53
tomreynqwebirc95665: start the other laptop, insert the sd card, then run "dmesg | pastebinit", "sudo lsusb | pastebinit" and "sudo lspci -nnv | pastebinit" and post the urls here19:54
tomreynqwebirc73975: please change your irc nikcname so i can tell you apart from qwebirc95665. type this here: /nick acpi_osi19:55
Rizeeeeujust getting failed to connect in emergancy mode19:55
tomreynqwebirc95665: please change your irc nikcname so i can tell you apart from qwebirc73975:. type this here: /nick find_sdcard19:56
=== qwebirc95665 is now known as find_sdcard
find_sdcardhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jgzV9pqHtP/ https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sc86QcTVn2/ https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bC6vYjRGy9/19:56
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tomreynsven_: okay, wily apt sources ar eindeed archived at http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu - but when you switch to the new apt sources (as explained on the EOLUpgrade wiki i pointed you to earlier), you need to use http://ports.ubuntu.com19:58
tomreynacpi_osi: thanks for changing your nickname. what you wrote abopve lacks a trailing quote, "19:59
tomreynso make it:   acpi-osi=! "acpi-osi=Windows 2015"19:59
tomreynRizeeeeu: so you can't boot up properly, only to emergency mode?20:01
tomreynRizeeeeu: if so, run "editor /etc/fstab" and add a # in front of the line which is about swap.20:01
tomreynRizeeeeu: then save and reboot20:02
tomreynfind_sdcard:  thanks for changing your nickname. your first log contains this: rtsx_pci_sdmmc rtsx_pci_sdmmc.0: no support for card's volts    mmc0: error -22 whilst initialising SDIO card       rtsx_pci_sdmmc rtsx_pci_sdmmc.0: no support for card's volts        mmc0: error -22 whilst initialising MMC card20:03
acpi_osiWill do. Rebooting now.20:04
tomreynfind_sdcard: this suggests that the power supply provided to the sd card is insufficient. try unplugging any usb devices you dont strictly need there right now, then remove and re-connect the sd card.20:05
TJ-I could get used to this ... nicks set to the problem!20:06
tomreynfind_sdcard: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bC6vYjRGy9/ see lines 175 ff at https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bC6vYjRGy9/ for details on your sdcard reader20:07
sven_tomreyn: i have change it but i get more error's now https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/95Gwnd7RdC/20:07
tomreynTJ-: handy, isnt it ;)20:07
find_sdcardtomreyn even without mouse and keyboard didnt work20:08
find_sdcardtomreyn so the sdcardreader has not enought energie?20:09
tomreynsven_: did you read this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#Update_sources.list20:09
tomreyn<tomreyn> sven_: okay, wily apt sources are indeed archived at http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu - but when you switch to the new apt sources (as explained on the EOLUpgrade wiki i pointed you to earlier), you need to use http://ports.ubuntu.com20:10
tomreynsven_: it is possible that the approach described on the wiki just doesn't work for you since the armhf apt sources moved to a location which do.release-upgrade doe snot know about. if so, you may need to do a fresh installation, which may indeed be advisable.20:12
ioriasven_, can you paste your actual sources.list ?20:13
Rizeeeeutomreyn yeah, can't boot up, always into emergancy mode tried that about # swap and still get start up job running for dev-disk-by20:13
tomreynfind_sdcard: maybe it does not get enough power, or it is just not able (not specificed) to work with the amount of power which would be needed to handle this sd card. i'm not sure what the message suggests.20:13
mmantomreyn, so, it is a SSD with Raid On (intel rapid restore technology) It can be changed to AHCI20:13
mmantomreyn, it is SATA20:14
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sven_ioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/C7mXF7vQC4/ is my sources.list20:14
ioriasven_, and what arch ?20:15
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sven_ioria: i think archf20:16
ioriasven_, armhf ?20:16
sven_ioria: yes armhf20:17
ioriasven_, dpkg --print-foreign-architectures20:17
TJ-tomreyn: to avoid confusion, d-r-u does know about ports.ubuntu.com. See /usr/share/ubuntu-release-upgrader/mirrors.cfg20:17
tomreynRizeeeeu: can you reboot to recovery menu and bring up the network there, then post "blkid | nc termbin.com 9999" and "cat /etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 9999"20:18
tomreynTJ-: also in wily?20:18
sven_ioria: sorry no output20:18
tomreynmman: change it to AHCI, RAID ON wont work20:19
ioriasven_,  what happens if you try this as sources.list  after running apt update ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hJBNR84T29/20:20
acpi_osiI'm back once more and am now unsure that I know how to edit grub.20:23
sven_ioria: 466 packages can be upgraded. Run 'apt list --upgradable' to see them.20:23
ioriasven_,  in sources.list change xenial with wily20:24
ioriasven_,  and run again apt update20:24
mmantomreyn, do I have to also remove the fast startup and secureboot in windows? is that mandatory?20:25
acpi_osiThe grub on /etc/default contains no modification.20:25
tomreynmman: secure boot may not be strictly necessary, but fast startup needs to be removed, yes.20:26
sven_ioria: E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.20:26
tomreynacpi_osi: you can just type these parameters during the boot, this way you dont need to edit the files on your live iso image.20:27
ioriasven_,  sounds wily repos are dead ?20:27
mmantomreyn, it is funny, in some places I reade it is necessary to remove secure boot and in others the opposite... ill do both. Doing that you think Ill get the disk in gparted listed?20:28
TJ-tomreyn: yes, also in Wily: See https://git.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/tree/data?h=applied/ubuntu/wily-updates20:28
sven_ioria: i think https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/wm6PPQnhgq/20:28
ioriasven_,  you can try the 'debian way' , but not garantee20:29
find_sdcardtomreyn 3th laptop: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XPjH2nhfSs/20:29
tomreynacpi_osi: TJ explained it earlier. he said: "I think you said earlier you'd had to add pci=nomsi or similar - you add these the same way in the same place. generally [you access it] by tapping Esc key as the PC starts to get the GRUB boot menu, then hilighting the entry and pressing 'e' to edit it, then navigating down to the line starting "linux ..." and adding them there, then pressing Ctrl+X (or F10) to boot with the modifications."20:29
sven_ioria: i only know this way ( a verry little bit)20:30
ioriasven_,  reverse again wily with xenial; apt update; apt upgrades; apt dist-upgrades20:30
tomreynmman: to get it listed in gparted you only need to change the AHCI mode. the other changes are about coexistence with windows. you should actually not remove secure boot if you plan to dual boot windows and linux on this computer.20:30
tomreynTJ-: thanks for checking!20:31
acpi_osiThere are 2 bootlooders, the one I used is the one where you have to select the natonality of your keyboard. In this one pressing F6 makes a line from txt.cfg apper but grug in/etc/default has not changed.20:32
mmantomreyn, I want ubuntu and windows in the same pc. So by changing AHCI I will be able to list the SSD in Gparted and resize the Windows partition. Then I will install ubuntu and remove the fast startup. With that I will be able to have win + linux right?20:33
sven_ioria: +300 update's, it will take some time20:34
ioriasven_,  yep20:35
tomreynmman: i'm not actually sure whether windows will still be able to boot after you disabled the fakeraid, but you most likely need / want to do so. so worst case you'll need reinstall windows, then reinstall linux20:35
tomreynmman: however, if windows still boots fine after setting to AHCI, you can just proceed with the ubuntu installation20:36
mmantomreyn, how would you proceed then? The only reason I want to use gparted is to resize the win partition. If there is another way without having to risk the "not booting anymore into windows" i would prefer that20:37
find_sdcardtomreyn 3th laptop: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XPjH2nhfSs/ it can recnogize the card, but it still fails20:37
tomreynmman: you can resize partitions in windows during runtime. ask in ##windows20:40
tomreynfind_sdcard: and it fails differently this time20:40
tomreynfind_sdcard: apparently the card is detected fine, but writing to it fails20:41
mmantomreyn, I know how to do it, just I know from previous experience it is not the best idea to resize while being in the same partition. Anyway, I will give it a try, it is a fresh new laptop20:41
tomreynfind_sdcard: are you sure the card is not just broken?20:41
tomreynmman: it *may* be possible to do it with gparted if you switch the bios to ahci, then boot linux, then run gparted, then switch the bios back to 'raid on', then boot windows. but i lack understanding of this fakeraid to be able to tell whether this would work.20:43
find_sdcardi try another one20:44
find_sdcardit was brand new20:44
find_sdcardout of the box today20:44
mmantomreyn, so your recommendation is to resize in windows and then install ubuntu. right?20:46
tomreynfind_sdcard: i see. i'm not very experienced with sd card readers, though, and need a computer break. please consider repeating your question / issue and sum up the output you provided so far / what we have learnt so far to enable others to support you.20:47
tomreynmman: assuming you have backups of course, yes.20:47
tomreynmman: you can also have the ubuntu desktop installer do the resizing, though.20:48
tomreynmman: i need a break, sorry. please consider repeating your question / issue and sum up the output you provided so far / what we have learnt so far to enable others to support you.20:48
mmantomreyn, thanks20:50
uebera||Hi. I signed a .deb file using "dpkg-sig --sign builder *.deb". Now, given some signed "archive.deb", how can I determine which key has been used to sign it?20:51
uebera||To answer my previous question: "dpkg-sig --verify archive.deb" displays the digest.20:54
acpi_osiI must thank tomreyn and TJ for their help even has my problem is not fully fixed, but that is due to my own tiredness. So, thank you.21:10
dontlookbooting Ubuntu via syslinux(BIOS) using iso-scan/filename.  It boots and seems to find files, but it starts X and I just get a black screen(no mouse).  I can see some purple at the very top of teh window.  Kinda of like the graphics crashed.21:10
dontlookAny suggestions?21:10
dontlookTesting with qemu-system-x86_6421:10
dontlooki'm avoiding unetbootin, because it makes a bit of mess of the drive, and doesn't really seem condusive to multiple distros on the same drive21:12
TJ-acpi_osi: the kernel command-line is helping?21:13
gunarm_tomreyn: can I pm you about the server iso md5 thing?21:23
gunarm_TJ-: if you're interested https://bugs.launchpad.net/subiquity/+bug/181063321:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1810633 in subiquity " server "check disk for defects" reports mismatches " [Undecided,New]21:39
TJ-gunarm_: ahhh, but the problem isn't in subiquity is it, it's actually a problem for the ISO production21:41
gunarm_TJ-: heh, well it's somewhere, mdeslaur said he'd tell the release team21:43
TJ-gunarm_: I've added a comment to the bug with my results21:48
gunarm_TJ-: awesome, would you also click "it affects me"21:49
maetthewI'm having this problem where my keyboard buttons for volume up/down stops working what seems to be randomly. At first I thought it had something to do with when the computer went to sleep, but yesterday it happened without the computer sleep and then the same happened again today. I switched from Windows to Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 approx two weeks ago and after a few small quirks in the beginning everything's been working smooth except for this21:49
maetthewsmall thing. Coming from some (little) experience of mainly Linux servers and very limited experience with desktop environments I have no clue at all here. Anyone got any idea how to troubleshoot this?21:49
tomreyngunarm_: hi, you can PM me, but we can also talk here or in #ubuntu-discuss.21:59
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tomreynHaunted330: please troll elsewhere.22:03
Haunted330Im doing my job22:04
maetthewPeople troll on IRC in 2019?22:04
OerHekslets move back to support, do not feed trolls22:05
Haunted330Im not trolling. Im doing my job22:05
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Haunted330definitely dont abuse the ops command please22:05
Haunted330!ops everything is good.22:06
OerHekstesting a vostro V13 with a celeron M ULV 743, it turns out to be a single core :-(22:08
* OerHeks has an another doorstopper22:09
mobile_cwhere do i find debugging symbols for gcc22:09
OerHeksi hope this page is any help https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debug%20Symbol%20Packages22:12
TJ-mobile_c: the tools themselves? on the ddebs.ubuntu.com archive22:12
mobile_ccus i want to monitor gcc's memory usage22:12
mobile_cas if i do gdb gcc i get 'Reading symbols from gcc...(no debugging symbols found)...done.' so im assuming valgrind wont provide usefull info22:13
mobile_cwithout the debugging symbols22:14
TJ-mobile_c: as in  for c in bionic{,-updates,-security,-proposed}; do echo "deb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com $c main universe multiverse restricted" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debugsymbols.list; done22:15
TJ-mobile_c: if using something other than 'bionic' alter that22:16
TJ-mobile_c: once that is added, "sudo apt update" then you'll be able to find packages with -dbgsym suffixes with "apt list gcc*-dbgsym"22:17
mobile_cdo i need to do that as root?22:27
JoseAntoniomobile_c, yes is root22:27
TJ-gunarm_: I solved the issue; bug report updated22:28
TJ-mobile_c: what as root? The commands I gave work as shown22:28
TJ-mobile_c: ahhh, you need the signing key too, let me check which package has it22:35
TJ-mobile_c: "sudo apt install ubuntu-dbgsym-keyring"22:36
OerHeksbionic-proposed ..22:40
OerHeksbefore you ran update22:41
OerHekssudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys F2EDC64DC5AEE1F6B9C621F0C8CAB6595FDFF62222:41
OerHeksthen run updates22:41
tomreynalso there are no debug symbols for bionic-security since those would go into bionic-updates, i would think22:42
mobile_chow do i remove it22:43
tomreynyou delete the  "http://ddebs.ubuntu.com bionic-security" line22:43
OerHeksmain restricted universe multiverse updates and proposed indeed22:44
Sushi-sanCan anyone recommend a good laptop that would run ubuntu 18.04 LTS well?22:50
tomreynSushi-san: one which is sold with linux preinstalled.22:51
Wonnytomreyn, huh. they do that now a days? who knew.22:52
tomreyn(and is not too old a model)22:52
tomreynWonny: yes there are some companies which do this. not too many, and not too many big ones.22:53
Sushi-sanThe only _decent_ one of those is the dell xps dev edition22:53
mobile_cisnt list-symbols-packages-v2.sh unreliable?22:54
mobile_cas a process may dlopen its libs instead of explicidly linking them22:55
mobile_cthus ALL libs may not be found that the process will use22:56
TJ-mobile_c: in which case you set a break on dlopen and then load the symbols for the library being loaded22:56
raindevSushi-san: I'd go for a Dell. There're other models coming with Ubuntu besides XPS too.22:57
mobile_cbut that may only happen under certain conditions in the program22:58
TJ-mobile_c: correct. What do you expect, magic?22:59
Sushi-sanraindev, like what?22:59
TJ-mobile_c: you don't need the symbols if the library isn't loaded22:59
tomreynstatic analysis may help there22:59
mobile_cwhy cant u like just make a gdb script that automates all this lol23:00
jcduttonmobile_c, what are you trying to do?23:01
mobile_clike gdb prog -ex try_to_extract_dbg_smbol_packages23:01
mobile_cinstead of needing a pid of a running process lol23:01
mobile_cthat will try to detect any library or application being loaded on a normal run then install the dbg packages for those libs or applications23:02
raindevSushi-san: Inspiron/Precision. Depends on the country. Have a look at their website.23:02
mobile_cactually you should be able to do this with just ptrace without needing gdb itself23:04
mobile_cso its faster23:04
mobile_cactually a better option would be a custom linker that logs every file and library opened and logs it to a file23:06
mobile_cthen u just need to install the dbg packages for the list produced by the linker23:07
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* jcdutton wonders is mobile_c has used "lsof"23:24
pikiaI have a server running weechat in a tmux. I want to send a send-notify signal to my local machine when I receive a new message from someone from weechat. I am unsure of how to send messages back to my local mahcine when I am ssh'd to my server23:35
pikiaCan anyone point me in the right direction?23:35
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tomreynpikia: you'd either have your server ssh to your desktop and run it there or have your desktop regularly check (poll) on the server for updates (using ssh, looking for a file in a directory, or using a webserver you host there, or ...)23:47
Flannelpikia: why not just bell?23:49
pikiaI like the little notification bubble i get23:49
pikiaSsh-ing back into my desktop sounds like a PITA.23:54
OerHeksinteresting, but written for debian, notify over ssh https://github.com/itsamenathan/libnotify-over-ssh23:57
OerHeksand https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/147036/notify-send-not-working-under-ssh23:57
voltyHi, guys. Last night I installed kubuntu-18.04, and today I woke up with a dead computer. Was going to throw it and buy a new one23:59

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