opensynthhowdy all. Im having some trouble upgrading my system. hopfully someone can help. Here is a snapshot of my issue02:49
opensynthme@me-MacBookPro:~$ apt list --upgradeable Listing... Done abgate/lucid 1:1.1.7-1kxstudio1 amd64 [upgradable from: 1.1.9-1] eq10q/trusty 2:2.0.0-1kxstudio1 amd64 [upgradable from: 2.2~repack0-2] patchage/trusty 1:1.0.1+svn5733-1kxstudio1 amd64 [upgradable from: 1.0.0~dfsg0-0.2] vocproc/lucid 1:0.2-3kxstudio1 amd64 [upgradable from: 0.2.1-2] me@me-MacBookPro:~$ sudo apt upgrade [sudo] password for me:  Reading package lists...02:49
opensynthsorry that didnt format correctly02:50
opensynthi have 4 upgradeable packages that wont upgrade02:51
opensynththese 4 packages are preventing me from distro-upgrade to 18.1002:51
opensynthsudo apt upgrade, sudo apt full-upgrade, and sudo apt --only-upgrade install *kxstudio1* all fail to upgrade the 4 packages02:55
OvenWerksI would ask Falktx the maintainer of kxstudio.03:08
OvenWerksI see lucid listed there. I think it was just after that that the DE was changed from Gnome2 to xfce (both gnome3 and unity where too unstable for audio work)03:12
OvenWerksAnyway, the upgrade path from gnome2 Studio to xfce Studio was to re-install rather than upgrade.03:13
opensynththanks for the reply ovenwerks. I would prefer to do a fresh install but the machine I'm attempting to upgrade has a defective gpu and requires modifying boot options in grub to disable the gpu. I need to modify the string "gfxpayload=keep " idont think I cant do this with the ubuntustudio installer without modifying and rebuliding the installer itself. My intuition was that an upgrade path would be more simple03:32
opensynthadditionally I am currently on studio  18.04 with the default desktop. i think it's xfce.03:37
opensynthbut I did install ubuntustudio from the standard ubuntu gnome desktop03:38
opensynthbecause the ubuntu installer allows me to modify grub03:38
OvenWerksMy mistake, I was just seeing lucid and trusty in the part you pasted confued me.03:39
OvenWerksThat should not be a problem03:39
OvenWerksI have installed Studio on top of just about everything out there from KDE to all the gnome based to lubuntu03:40
OvenWerksHowever, I don't us any of the KX packages.03:40
OvenWerks(except for a self built Carla)03:40
opensynthdo you know if 18.04 can upgrade to 18.10 without the kx repos? if so I'll just disable them.03:43
cfhowlettEasy enough to test: edit apt/sources to ## comment out the kx repos.  run apt update then run do-release-upgrade03:44
opensynthlooks like disableing those repos is gonna work. thanks for the help.03:58
cfhowletthappy2help!  after you get the upgrade, re-enable the kx stuff and all should be well.03:59
OvenWerksopensynth: in 18.10 ubuntustudio-controls does a lot of what Cadence does03:59
OvenWerks-controls also allows using more than one audio IF at a time04:00
OvenWerksfor example using a USB mic to record and playing back through the on board IF04:00
studio-user266slow pc after installing kde plasma desktop on ubuntu studio 18.1018:21

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