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oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers08:10
dufluMorning oSoMoN08:10
oSoMoNgood afternoon duflu08:10
didrocksgood morning08:14
oSoMoNsalut didrocks08:16
didrockssalut oSoMoN08:17
dufluHi didrocks08:28
dufluAnd with that, afternoon tea time08:28
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didrockshey duflu08:33
seb128k, back, good morning desktopers!08:37
oSoMoNgood morning seb12808:38
seb128hey oSoMoN :)08:41
ricotzgood morning all09:00
seb128hey ricotz, happy new year. how are you?09:02
duflulo Laney09:03
seb128hey Laney willcooke, good morning u.k09:03
dufluand hi ricotz09:03
dufluMorning willcooke09:03
willcookemorning all09:03
willcookehi duflu09:03
ricotzhappy new year too :)09:05
* Laney nods09:06
didrockshey willcooke, Laney, ricotz09:06
ricotzseb128, I am good, hoping to catch up a bit09:06
Laneyhey duflu seb128 didrocks ricotz willcooke09:06
oSoMoNgood morning ricotz, happy new year09:08
oSoMoNgood morning Laney, willcooke, Trevinho09:08
TrevinhoHey oSoMoN, all good? ☺️09:09
oSoMoNall good! you?09:09
dufluTrevinho, good morning, or longitudinally appropriate greeting09:10
TrevinhooSoMoN: yes thanks09:11
Trevinhoduflu: ahaha, yeah morning is fine now09:11
ricotzhey didrocks Laney oSoMoN09:12
seb128hey trevinho09:12
Trevinhoseb128: hi :-)09:29
clobranohi everyone 0/10:24
clobranodidrocks: do you know if is it safe to use https://manpages.debian.org/jessie/git-buildpackage/git-dch.1.en.html for generating the changelog?10:25
clobranoI just tried and the output looks fine at a first glance10:25
didrocksclobrano: yeah, that's what I used as well TBH ;)10:31
clobranodidrocks: yay, thanks :D10:31
didrocksToo many details sometimes though10:31
didrocksbut if that's fine by you, don't really bother ;)10:31
clobranodidrocks: I agree, I might modify something for very long merge branches like gtk2-dark. But it's still a huge help10:32
didrocksyep, good scaffolding at least10:33
* Laney just did some Clouding™13:03
Laneyadded some new machines to host appstream.ubuntu.com and deleted the old ones13:03
Laneyit mostly worked magically13:03
Laneythat's the cloud equivalent of "laney just opened firefox and read the news"13:04
clobranoLaney, didrocks: changelog ready13:24
seb128(on our way to start the meeting, just finishing an hangout)14:31
willcookesorry for the delay14:32
willcooke#startmeeting Desktop Team Weekly Meeting 2019-01-0814:33
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Jan  8 14:33:43 2019 UTC.  The chair is willcooke. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.14:33
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willcookeRoll call: andyrock, dgadomski, didrocks, duflu (out), jbicha, jamesh (out), jibel, kenvandine, laney, oSoMoN, seb128, tkamppeter, trevinho, robert_ancell (out)14:34
willcookeHappy new year!14:34
willcookeOk, so this will probably be a very short meeting14:34
willcookeEveryone was on holiday, so not much in the way of weekly updates14:35
willcookeIve looked at the rls bugs, not much to see there14:35
willcookeBB Incoming is clear14:35
willcookeCC Incoming is clear14:36
willcookeDD Incoming is clear14:36
willcookeJust looking at the tracking bugs14:37
willcookeBB has a few, but they all look like they are in hand14:38
willcookeThis one has an open question: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-applet/+bug/180746014:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1807460 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu Bionic) "Filenames with spaces not accepted when connecting to certificate-authenticated wifi" [Undecided,Incomplete]14:38
seb128I'm dealing with it14:39
tjaaltonoops, o/14:39
willcookethanks seb12814:39
willcookeEverything else is in hand by the looks of things14:39
willcookeLaney, do you want to take us through the proposed-migration list?14:40
Laneythings that I think need someone assigning are14:41
Laneyubuntu-make tests, libtheora tests, promoting nautilus stuff, glib2.0 build failure14:41
* Laney will look at the last one, perhaps jbicha reported that somewhere already14:42
jbichaI didn't report yet14:42
Laneyk nm14:42
willcookeUbuntu Make tests, didrocks do you know if there is an active community maintainer for that?  I dropped an email to who I thought it was but didnt hear back.  It was over xmas though14:43
didrockswillcooke: I doubt he's really active or will know what to do with the ssl issue14:44
seb128I can look at the nautilus promotion14:44
didrockscan be as simple as test certificates expering14:44
didrocksor maybe will be way more complex and a python changes being API backward incompatible14:44
willcookeis the Make one affecting anything else atm?  Is it a high priority issue?14:45
didrocks(which already happened in the ssl modules, even the third digit "patch fix" serie has broken one)14:45
didrockswillcooke: I think it's blocking some pygobject promotion from what I see14:45
seb128I don't think it's blocking anything else14:45
seb128right, holidays wiped my memory about that :p14:46
didrocks(apport as well is blocking it btw)14:46
seb128(I think apport goes down to valgrind needing to be fixed at this point that got assigned to Dimitri by Steve yesterday)14:46
didrocksok, so it's only Ubuntu Make14:47
willcookedidrocks, would you mind adding it to your list for when you get a chance to look at it?14:47
didrockswillcooke: if we agree to delay the isntaller work, yes14:47
didrocksbut it can mean a week pushing off, and we are already late on it14:47
didrocks(last ssl issue was a week of debugging, hence that value)14:48
didrocksand the issue was python itself14:48
willcookeWell, if you can take a very quick look to see if it's easy, and if not... then we can revisit14:48
didrocksdefine "very quick" please :)14:48
willcookedidrocks, 3 hours14:48
seb128that's not quick :p14:48
didrocksk, let's see if I can get anything by this14:48
seb128thx didrocks14:49
willcookeWho can look at the libtheora one?14:49
seb128didrocks, if you know how to easily check if it's an expired certificate issue or a real bug just do that, if it's a real bug let's revisit who can own it?14:49
didrocksseb128: I don't know, I have to look back at the code which certificate is used first14:50
didrocksso, need digging14:50
didrocksthen browsing on the web14:50
seb128so what willcooke said14:50
seb128not more than a couple hours14:50
seb128then we revisit14:50
didrocks3 hours is short already to get that14:50
seb128willcooke, I can look at libtheora, seems to be due to valgrind as well14:51
didrocksor anyone else be my guest and be quicker ;)14:51
willcookethanks seb12814:51
willcookek, that takes care of the list14:51
willcooke#topic AOB14:51
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willcookeAnyone got anything they'd like to talk about?14:51
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meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Jan  8 14:52:45 2019 UTC.14:52
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-desktop/2019/ubuntu-desktop.2019-01-08-14.33.moin.txt14:52
willcookeThanks all14:52
didrocksjust tried, and worked on cosmic…15:00
didrocksso not expired certificate15:00
didrockspython again changed something in its ABI15:00
seb128should we just bounce back to foundations/doko?15:04
didrockslast time I tried on ssl, it was a "needed fix"15:05
didrocksneeds to dig deeper, but I'm sure the exception they return has changed and that's why the test fails15:05
didrocksbut will look at it later, need a disco vm or upgrading maybe15:06
didrocksthe question is why a python upload doesn't trigger all autopkgtests15:07
Trevinhowillcooke: when you've a sec, please new team updates post :)15:11
willcookeTrevinho, thanks for the reminder. Done15:13
Trevinhonw, and tha15:13
* Laney hands Trevinho a pen to push around15:15
* Trevinho can't write15:16
* seb128 hands trevinho a text editor15:17
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willcookenight all18:48

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