gambl0r3tomreyn, ok what should i be looking for?00:00
tomreyngambl0r3: the text00:01
tomreynhave you replaced the default files?00:01
gambl0r3tomreyn, no00:01
AudioproblemsThanks, tomreyn and ubottu, but I still don't see anything regarding the problem I described. But I'll try on #alsa00:02
tomreyngambl0r3: if these comments are no understandable then you should not be using a non standard shell.00:02
TJ-gambl0r3: is the login shell actually bash?00:02
tomreyns/non-standard/non default/00:02
TJ-gambl0r3: check with "echo $SHELL"00:03
tomreynTJ-: <gambl0r3> olof_szary, im using oh-myzsh00:03
gambl0r3TJ-, /usr/bin/zsh00:03
speed__nice :D00:05
TJ-gambl0r3: there you go then00:05
speed__how do i resolve brocken packages?00:06
gambl0r3TJ-, there you go what00:06
speed__im trying to install wine-staging but its telliing me i have broken packages00:06
OerHeksif you get that error, also the solution with -f00:06
TJ-gambl0r3: the shell is zsh not bash so .bashrc is not going to be used00:06
gambl0r3what does source command do?00:07
TJ-gambl0r3: reads a file into the current shell and executes each command00:07
gambl0r3ok so basically i have to copy my aliases into whatever zsh uses?00:08
TJ-gambl0r3: yes. Check "man zsh" for indications of where00:09
TJ-gambl0r3: the "STARTUP/SHUTDOWN FILES" section seems to detail what files are read when00:12
gambl0r3TJ-, k thanks guys00:12
speed__ wine-staging : Depends: wine-staging-amd64 (= 4.0~rc5~cosmic) but it is not going to be installed00:21
speed__                Depends: wine-staging-i386 (= 4.0~rc5~cosmic)00:21
OerHeksask in the wineHQ channel, it is their ppa00:22
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu00:23
olof_szarydoes liveCD comes with ntfs-3g ?00:24
tomreynolof_szary: most likely, yes00:24
tomreynsince the installer can resoze windows partitions + file systems00:24
sincere_foxI created an LXC container, but it can't access internet, it doesnt have network interfaces other than lo00:25
olof_szaryand IFIR it is possible to install small packages on ramdisc if need be, right?00:26
* olof_szary regretting destruction of tails stick00:27
olof_szarysorry for silly questions, it's been quite a while since I've used cds for something other that installation00:28
tomreynolof_szary: yes00:28
bluewizardHello! I decided to add a server running Ubuntu-Server ( (as a VM) to my lab, and I am running into an issue with NetPlan. My interfaces were all wiped when rebooting after the initial setup (similar to --> https://askubuntu.com/questions/1019146/netplan-does-not-apply-at-startup). Since I now have no networking, I cannot install netplan.io or netplan. My question -- is there a way to recover this without having to manually con00:46
bluewizardfigure the network interfaces? I have confirmed that my NetPlan config in /etc/netplan/ has the same information entered during setup (that worked fine before rebooting), and I have restarted services per the link noted. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have (I will keep digging as well)!00:46
CarlFKbluewizard: try sudo dhclient00:53
CarlFKthat might/should get the box on the lan, and then you can ssh/apt/whatever00:53
olof_szaryIf i recall correctly there were some issues with VM not running biosdevname package, but it was some time ago00:55
bluewizardCarlFK: That got me back on the lan and I can work with that. Thank you for the tip!00:55
bluewizardolof_szary: Interesting to note. The link I found does mention known issues with NetPlan on Ubuntu 18.04 that have allegedly been resolved.00:56
CarlFKchrome/chromium - how do I set a header before I do a GET?00:56
SlidingHornCarlFK: can you not set the header with the GET request? https://stackoverflow.com/a/1187690701:00
CarlFKSlidingHorn: that looks like js.  im trying to just get URLs with my browser01:03
TJ-bluewizard: what does the file in /etc/netplan/ contain ?01:03
TJ-bluewizard: it may not be matching on interface names for example01:03
bluewizardTJ: The interface name matches the output of $(ip a) - ens3. There is one address under 'addresses:', No DHCP, gateway - It is worth noting that all interfaces are in the state DOWN on each boot.01:08
bluewizardCarlFK's suggestion to use dhclient does get me online. I may just remove NetPlan and see if I can use something else.01:09
olof_szarywhat does systemctl status networking.service gives after boot usually?01:09
TJ-bluewizard: better to resolve the issue, it may not be netplan01:09
TJ-bluewizard: at boot-time netplan 'renders' a systemd-networkd config in /run/systemd/network/ - check there are files in there. If not, then there is no active network config01:10
bluewizardTJ-: I agree with you that netplan itself may not be the issue, but this is a pretty default setup aside from the static IP set during install. I am just wondering if netplan is more trouble than it is worth. You do have a point though. =)01:12
bluewizardolof_szary: 'active (exited)'. systemctl status systemd-networkd shows: 'active (running)'01:12
bluewizardI may be doing something incorrectly, but my other VMs do not display this behavior on boot after the initial setup.01:13
TJ-bluewizard: config files in /run/systemd/network? ?01:13
bluewizardTJ-: This system doesn't even have that directory -- but it does have /run/systemd/netif/.01:14
TJ-bluewizard: then that is a problem, since systemd-networkd should create that at startup01:15
TJ-bluewizard: "journalctl -u systemd-networkd".service"01:15
TJ-darn, typos!01:15
TJ-bluewizard: "journalctl -u systemd-networkd.service"01:15
bluewizardTJ-: Interesting - there are multiple consecutive entries showing Network Service stopping and starting, sometimes 5 entries in a second. Also noteworthy are the entries saying the interface (ens3) 'Lost carrier' and 'Gained carrier' back to back.01:18
TJ-bluewizard: same hypervisor as your other well-behaved virtual machines?01:19
bluewizardTJ-: Yes. My VMs are mostly CentOS7 on a Debian host. Only this Ubuntu server displays this behavior.01:20
bluewizardUsing QEMU/KVM for the record01:21
bluewizardTJ-: I believe this is a standout message -- firewalld.service: Job polkit.service/stop deleted to break ordering cycle starting with firewalld.service/stop01:23
TJ-bluewizard: that doesn't look familiar, firewalld isn't often used with Ubuntu01:24
TJ-bluewizard: experiment with masking it off01:24
bluewizardTJ-: I fully removed the package and rebooted the system, but the issue exists. I was able to install the netplan package though, and the output $(netplan -d) shows that there is an error -- netplan: fatal error: cannot bind to port 2983, is another daemon running?, exiting.01:30
bluewizardTJ-: I need to investigate that further to see if a conflicting service is configured as Enabled on boot.01:30
TJ-bluewizard: is it possible there's two instances of netplan both trying to start?01:32
TJ-bluewizard: it would seem strange that 2 separate services both pick the same port number01:32
bluewizardTJ-: I just installed netplan (1.10.1-5build1), which uninstalled netplan.io (0.40.1~18.04.3). This provides instructions to create a file, '/etc/default/netplan', and add 'ENABLED=1'. I did this and rebooted, and the error is gone. Now there is a new error - Permission denied for netplan on /var/lib/plan/netplan.dir/. I will investigate that next.01:37
TJ-bluewizard: oh you've jsut made me laugh so much :D "netplan" is a completely different package to "netplan.io" :)01:39
TJ-!info netplan01:39
ubottunetplan (source: plan): network server for `plan'. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10.1-5build1 (bionic), package size 28 kB, installed size 106 kB01:39
TJ-!info netplan.io01:39
ubottunetplan.io (source: netplan.io): YAML network configuration abstraction for various backends. In component main, is important. Version 0.40.1~18.04.3 (bionic), package size 63 kB, installed size 244 kB01:39
danstis there a petition against using pulseaudio01:41
TJ-danst: not that I've noticed. If you don't want to use simply uninstall it01:42
bluewizardTJ-: Oops... (;-_-)    I tried to install netplan.io while troubleshooting, so that is why it was there. Good to know though! What's interesting is that netplan:netplan is the user:group owner set for this directory (rwx rx rx). /run/systemd/network still does not exist though.01:43
danstTJ-: I don't think developer community hears end users01:43
TJ-bluewizard: I may have been wrong about what creates that directory, I noticed on a test VM here it isn't created if I'm not using netplan01:44
danstand I don't know a person who enjoys pulseaudio01:44
danston headless01:44
danstif you're a normie like me, you would consider ubuntu on desktop a bad idea01:44
danstI understand that there are people with different set of mind and tasks required to be done on their computer01:46
danstbut there are people like me too01:46
bluewizardTJ-: Again the error states that netplan cannot bind to port 2983. Yet, the output of $(lsof -i :2983) shows that netplan is listening on that port.01:48
TJ-bluewizard: I'll build a new guest here using netplan see how it behaves, but as far as I've seen so far it has been fine01:51
bluewizardTJ-: It looks like the networking persisted over that last reboot01:51
bluewizardTJ-: Since I introduced an error by removing netplan, installing netplan.io, then repeating that twice (sorry!), it is difficult for me to identify what the exact issue was. My best guess - networking.service was set to Enabled in addition to systemd-networkd. I believe I created that issue.01:54
TJ-bluewizard: so now you've got netplan(.io) generating files in /run/systemd/network/ ?01:55
bluewizardolof_szary: You were indeed correct that the issue was not with netplan!01:55
bluewizardTJ-: Yes! It also contains the networking configuration set on install (10-netplan-ens3.network)01:55
TJ-bluewizard: right, that is being generated each boot based on the /etc/netplan/ YAML01:56
TJ-/run/ is a tmpfs created on each boot so nothing persists over reboots there01:57
bluewizardTJ-: I believe that when I tried to remove netplan I inadvertently set ifupdown to Enabled. Reinstalling netplan.io must not set ifupdown to Disabled.01:57
TJ-bluewizard: that sounds correct, that's the admin's job :)01:57
bluewizardTJ-: The output of $(systemctl -a | grep -i network) no longer shows it as active after manually disabling it. That makes sense that it is the admin's job, but merely removing netplan.io seemed to set ifupdown to Enabled, I do not see the corresponding systemctl command in my command line history. Wouldn't you consider this inconsistent?01:58
TJ-I'm not aware of anything in the netplan .postinst/.postrm scripts that'd do that but I'll look in a moment once this VM image has finished building01:59
TJ-bluewizard: No, there are no .post{inst,rm} scripts at all for netplan.io so it isn't guilty :)02:01
bluewizardTJ-: P.S. - Thank you very much for taking the time to talk with me through this. I appreciate your time and assistance. I will be sure to apply what was learned here today should anything similar come up!02:02
bluewizardTJ-: I wonder then what would cause this?02:02
TJ-bluewizard: have you been using a full root shell, or 'sudo ...' - if the latter, check /var/log/auth.log because it records all commands issued via sudo02:03
bluewizardTJ-: I switched to root and did not use sudo from my account.02:03
TJ-bluewizard: well, as long as it is fixed now :)02:04
bluewizardTJ-: The postinst file for ifupdown has this line: deb-systemd-helper enable 'networking.service'02:06
bluewizardTJ-: I did in fact run apt-get install ifupdown02:06
bluewizardTJ-: So it was me...02:07
bluewizardTJ-: Thank you again for your help! I even learned something new =)02:07
TJ-bluewizard: now all I have to do is fix all my own bugs :p02:09
powerninjahello, does the following get latest security updates? "sudo apt-get install unattended-upgrades && sudo unattended-upgrades"02:18
lotuspsychjepowerninja: no, sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade02:18
FastZSo I have a java applet that I pinned to my dock. Then I deleted the applet, but the icon still takes up its space on the dock and I can't interact with it. How does one go about removing things like that from the dock?02:19
sincere_foxI figured it out, I had to edit  /etc/lxc/lxc-usernet, thanks02:21
powerninjaHi lotuspsychje, OK will it at least generate the /var/log/unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrades.log file and see what will be updated?02:27
powerninjaI don't want to run the full-upgrade, only the new security packages of already installed packages.02:28
lotuspsychjepowerninja: its not reccomended to hold back updates02:28
powerninjaOK, understood02:29
TJ-powerninja: sounds perfectly fine - that is how u-u is intended to work02:29
lotuspsychjepowerninja: wich ubuntu version are you on?02:29
powerninjaUbuntu 1602:30
leftyfbpowerninja: there is no "Ubuntu 16"02:30
leftyfbpowerninja: try: cat /etc/issue02:30
powerninjasorry xenial, Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS02:31
powerninjarunning on AWS EC2 instances02:31
lotuspsychjeunattended upgrades is also enabled by default now on xenial right?02:34
powerninjaI see the following in the logs /var/log/unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrades.log,  https://hastebin.com/valoberijo.cs02:34
powerninjaDoes that mean I need to run the sudo apt update next?02:35
RudyValenciaIs there a way to set up SSH/SFTP to only show a specific directory to a user and not allow them to traverse above it?02:35
SlidingHornRudyValencia: put it in their home directory.02:36
alikIs NFSv4 completely broken in Ubuntu 18.04? I'm getting "mount(2): Operation not permitted" error when trying to mount NFS share.02:36
RudyValenciabut then they could still go up even to / and traverse into system stuff02:36
lotuspsychjepowerninja: check your software&sources to see how your updates are managed02:36
powerninjalotuspsychje, do you mean the repos configs? Thanks02:37
RudyValenciae.g. user alice can still access /bin although it's read-only02:37
SlidingHornRudyValencia: https://superuser.com/a/370955  - old, but should be helpful02:37
lotuspsychjepowerninja: no, software&updates/tab updates and check how your updates are enabled02:38
RudyValenciaSlidingHorn: so I'd have to do that for each user?02:38
powerninjaOh not using gui, how would i check via cli? Thanks02:39
TJ-lotuspsychje: it's AWS EC2 so presumably no GUI02:39
SlidingHornRudyValencia: I believe  it said you can list the users one-per line...I already closed the tab02:39
RudyValenciathat would block root from administering the server though02:39
RudyValenciawait no02:39
RudyValencianevermind it wouldn't02:39
powerninjayep, :) no gui, trying to figureout what's the best way to run weekly Ubuntu security updates and bake the AMIs, thanks02:39
RudyValenciabecause root wouldn't be listed02:40
TJ-powerninja: /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*} for the archive URLs, /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades for the u-u configuration02:40
lotuspsychjepowerninja: are you on server?02:41
RudyValenciaI don't know what Plesk does but it at least gives the user a semi-working SSH02:41
powerninjaThis is what's on /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades , https://hastebin.com/eheraxehiw.php02:41
TJ-powerninja: the update runs daily via /lib/systemd/system/apt-daily-upgrade.timer02:41
powerninjaLotus, yes on server running in AWS infrastructure.02:42
powerninjahere's the results from  cat /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*} , https://hastebin.com/asumixipeg.shell02:45
RudyValenciait looks like it chroots the user somehow02:46
powerninjaI think I disabled the daily updates,02:48
powerninjaI want to manually trigger the u-u updates, would sudo unattended-upgrade force the u-u updates? My main concern are  security updates. thanks02:50
TJ-RudyValencia: in sshd_config you'd add a Match block that matches the user(s) and sets ChrootDirectory02:51
TJ-powerninja: yes02:51
TJ-powerninja: it won't do a manual "apt update" though (which fetches the latest package list) so you'd need to do that yourself02:51
tomreynpowerninja: it has a dry-run and a debug option, too, in case you want to see what it does exactly02:52
powerninjaTJ yeah, OK I'm only running security updates and not updates, so I'll need to run apt update manually, got it. I also saw from logging in. the following messages.02:52
powerninja   initial login messages from ubuntu server https://hastebin.com/uxamotiduk.js02:53
powerninjaHi tomreyn, OK, so there's --dry-run and --debug options with apt update? thanks02:54
powerninjaOK, I will also try with "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade"  to upgrade all packages03:01
themysticgeekI have a server machine on the same network as mine with which I used to connect with an IP address.04:06
themysticgeekHowever due to some memory issues the machine restarted and possibly now has another IP address. I am unaware of this new ip address and thus I am unable to log in into this server.04:06
themysticgeekTo make the problem worse I have these additonal problems:-04:06
themysticgeek1. Somehow when i connect a display to this machine nothing comes up as it is not possibly running X11.04:07
themysticgeek2. I am unaware of the machines MAC address. If I had that i could possibly use nmap and grep to get the new IP.04:07
themysticgeekI have logged into this server recently and have not restarted my client terminal machine. Is there somewhere the servers MAC address would be captured in some log. Or is there any other way I can get back into the machine?04:07
lotuspsychje!paste | themysticgeek04:07
ubottuthemysticgeek: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:07
lotuspsychjesee also the #ubuntu-server channel themysticgeek04:07
=== tulsi_ is now known as _TulsiSpice_
speed__how do i fix broken packages?04:16
lotuspsychjespeed__: pastebin the output of your apt errors please04:17
_TulsiSpice_how to autoremove all erroneous repositories ...?04:20
speed__i guess it says there are broken packages04:20
OerHeksreport in the winehq channel, speed__04:23
speed__i tried, ill try again i guess04:24
OerHeksnot our problem, or we have no control/influence on it04:24
carb0nI am having problem with external display. I am using Kubuntu 18.04 on HP Envy 13ah0043tx. My laptop only has a USB 3.1 Type-C. When I plug the monitor using USB-C to HDMI adapter, no display is detected. The graphic driver I am using is nvidia-415.04:24
pikiaSo I'm an idiot and did sudo mv /home/myuser /myExternalHDD04:29
carb0npikia, ouch04:29
pikiaI forgot that mv will delete the original copy once its done04:29
pikiaCan I just cp everything back to my home dir04:29
pikiaand be good to go04:29
carb0npikia, I hope so04:29
lotuspsychjecarb0n: does your bios have screen settings of any kind you can change?04:30
carb0nlotuspsychje, no04:30
lotuspsychjecarb0n: did your screen work before on ubuntu?04:30
carb0ni browsed every setting and there are only System info, Security, boot options and exit04:31
carb0nlotuspsychje, I never checked with this laptop. It worked with mac using thunderbolt04:31
lotuspsychjecarb0n: did you check gnome screen settings, if your external shows up?04:32
carb0nlotuspsychje, I don't have gnome screen settings04:32
carb0nI am using Kubuntu04:32
lotuspsychjeoh my bad04:33
lotuspsychjecarb0n: kubuntu screen settings then?04:33
carb0nlotuspsychje, lspci output https://dpaste.de/6uD6#04:34
lotuspsychjecarb0n: does your laptop have a screen switch button like Fn+F7 ?04:34
carb0nlotuspsychje, no other display is detected04:35
carb0nit has04:35
lotuspsychjecarb0n: did you try?04:35
carb0nbut a message pops up saying: No external display detected.04:35
lotuspsychjecarb0n: can you pastebin: sudo lshw -C video plz?04:35
carb0nlotuspsychje, https://dpaste.de/C4x3#04:36
lotuspsychjecarb0n: allright drivers looks loaded04:37
lotuspsychjecarb0n: how about a tail -f /var/log/syslog and plug in your external screen, maybe we can have some errors?04:37
carb0nI don't have the monitor with me at the moment, can i fetch the logs from yesterday ?04:38
carb0nif that's possible04:38
lotuspsychjecarb0n: sure, ill take a look for you04:40
carb0nOkay. Thanks04:41
shachafDoes Ubuntu 18.10 still use the gtk3-nocsd hack?04:47
pikiaWWhere is the trash folder located? I can't seem to find it under ~/.local/share/Trash'04:50
OerHeksit exists, but not installed standard04:51
OerHeks!info gtk3-nocsd04:51
ubottugtk3-nocsd (source: gtk3-nocsd): Disable Gtk+ 3 client side decorations (CSD). In component universe, is extra. Version 3-1ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 38 kB, installed size 78 kB04:51
NorthwestVegancould do find ~/ | grep -i trash04:52
NorthwestVeganhi maum05:03
maumI tried ssh but Access denied message occurs. Is there some way to solve this issue?05:03
maumhello NorthwestVegan05:03
NorthwestVeganare you doing password auth?05:04
maumin config file?05:04
maumyes password05:04
maumthe message [Server unexpectedly closed network connection]05:04
NorthwestVeganinside /etc/ssh/sshd_config is the config for your ssh server05:06
NorthwestVeganif you are doing passwords make sure PasswordAuthentication yes05:06
NorthwestVeganis in there uncommented05:06
NorthwestVegan'PasswordAuthentication yes'05:06
=== capella|away is now known as capella
maumthere is no option about that05:07
NorthwestVeganare you trying to ssh as root user?05:08
maumah there is05:08
maumI just restart ssh server05:08
maumI uncommented it05:08
NorthwestVeganyeah give that a shot05:08
maumbut still Access denied05:09
=== thurin is now known as uprime
IcemanV9make sure the firewall is open for ssh port (22), too05:09
maumI am trying to do this on virtualbox and 22 is already opened.05:09
maumI was working previously but not it isn't05:10
NorthwestVegannetstat -tl | grep ssh05:10
NorthwestVeganwill help you see if its open05:10
NorthwestVeganis your virtualbox setup to have the VM on your actual network05:11
NorthwestVegannot in some NAT situation05:11
maum*:* LISTEN05:11
NorthwestVeganlike a brideged adapter type deal05:11
maumI already did port forwarding option05:12
maum127.0.0.1 -> virtual ip on ubuntu05:12
maumthe message [Server unexpectedly closed network connection] occurs05:13
maumI am trying to do this on Putty05:13
NorthwestVegancan you nmap -sV -p 22 virtualbox_ip just to make sure its for sure open05:14
maumin where?05:14
NorthwestVeganfrom your host or another box?05:14
maumok I will try it on windows05:14
NorthwestVeganit might be worth it just to be totally sure05:15
maumit is opened05:16
tomreyncan you login on the servers' console in virtualbox?05:17
NorthwestVeganok good, well then it probably is your client /server config05:17
tomreynthen become root, then tail -f /var/log/auth.log05:17
Elronndis there a way to install ubuntu mini with uefi?05:17
tomreynmaum: then try to connect again and watch the log on the server05:17
tomreynElronnd: you can do a basic installation using the alternative server installer.05:19
Elronndok, thanks05:21
Elronndhmm, will the server installer contain wifi drivers?05:22
maumtomreyn: I see package-system-locked in log05:22
IcemanV9Elronnd: livecd has another option, "Miminal installation - Web Browser and basic utilities", as well05:22
maumremoved session c105:22
tomreynElronnd: i don't think so, not by default.05:23
maumI am using PAM05:24
tomreynmaum: is this while you are trying to become root, or while you're watching auth.log to see if the ssh user is connecting?05:24
maumwhile you're watching auth.log05:25
tomreynmaum: so what is added to the log when you try to ssh in?05:26
maumtomreyn: https://i.ibb.co/XybwNXP/c.png05:30
tomreynmaum: there are no incoming ssh connections to this ssh server05:31
tomreynnot between 14:20:26 and when you pressed Ctrl-C anyways05:32
tomreynmaum: you can test to connect from the server to itself (its LAN IP address) using ssh05:33
tomreynif this also doesn't show up on the log, you have an ssh server configuration problem. if it does show up in auth.log, then you have a network connectivity issue form the other compuiter to the VM.05:34
maumtomboy64: ssh is working from the server to itself05:35
tomreyn"if it does show up in auth.log, then you have a network connectivity issue from the other compuiter to the VM."05:35
IcemanV9maum: you mentioned earlier that it was working before. now, it is not. so, what did you do between that time? modify file(s) or install something?05:36
tomreynsince ubuntu comes without a firewall by default, then (unless you enabled one on ubuntu itself) you will need to fix this on the virtualization or network layer or on the connecting client computer05:37
ExmixRunning Kubuntu 18.04, I wanna do full disk encryption. Looking around I see things saying you can only do it during the install process, but those posts are fairly old. Is it possible to post install or does it HAVE to be during?05:37
maumtomreyn: from the server to itself, the port 22 could not resolve hostname05:39
maumssh IP:port05:39
tomreynExmix: you can do it post install now, but i assume it is a LOT easier if you do it during installation. in fact i have never done it post-installation.#05:40
tomreynmaum: "ssh 123.123.123:22" is not the right format.05:41
maumyes 22 is working05:41
tomreynmaum: you cany do "ssh -p 22"05:41
maumyes it is working05:41
tomreynor just "ssh" since port 22 is default05:41
ExmixWould you know of any ways how? :X Or point me in the right direction if possible :)05:42
maumI added port forwarding in VM. ->
tomreynExmix: cryptsetup-reencrypt, it is a command and comes with a man page05:42
ExmixPerfect. Thank you05:43
tomreyngood luck!05:44
tomreynmaum: disable this port forwarding, then try to just ssh to
tomreynmaum: thats from the computer where virtualbox runs05:45
maumtomreyn: I disabled the port forwarding option in VM and tried ssh to and it is working05:47
maumit just access denied05:48
maumit is not VM05:48
maumthe windows computer I think05:48
tomreynmaum: do you also run an ssh server on the virtualbox host?05:50
tomreynmaum: does "tail -f /var/log/auth.log" on the VM now show a connection attempt?05:51
maumfailed to activate service org.bluez : time out05:52
tomreynmaum: that's not ssh, is there nothing on ssh there?05:53
carb0nlotuspsychje, did you take a look?05:55
tomreynmaum: i confirm this is not working05:55
maumyes. I disabled the port forwarding.05:56
tomreynmaum: but you still get to a login on, this should not happen if you're not running an ssh server. apparently you don't know exactly how your network and services are configured.05:57
tomreynmaum: i'm afraid i cannot help.05:57
lotuspsychjecarb0n: did you paste your logs to me?05:57
maumtomreyn: there is ssh on windows and the putty terminal tries to connect the windows ssh I think06:02
NorthwestVeganmaum, try to use bridged adapter in your virtualbox network config06:03
NorthwestVeganand let your LAN give it an address thru dhcp, or set a static one in ubuntu06:04
Glaceon_hey y'all, i'm having some trouble with my headphone jack. it doesn't work- only speakers and bluetooth headphones work. volume control doesn't recognize it as an output. i'm dualbooting windows 10 and ubuntu 18.04.1 on a thinkpad e48006:05
IcemanV9maum: then, you need to ssh to VM ip address, not (localhost on host os - Windows)06:05
lotuspsychje!sound | Glaceon_ start here06:05
ubottuGlaceon_ start here: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.06:05
maumIcemanV9: but it stuck06:06
Quozli'm in a do-release-upgrade for a remote headless 16.04 to 18.04 upgrade, and postgres is failing to upgrade because systemd is not responding, in another shell systemctl gives "Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory".  any ideas?06:06
maumfrom windows cmd terminal to VM Ubuntu virtual ip06:06
IcemanV9maum: is it VM set in bridged adapter network as NorthwestVegan mentioned earlier??06:07
maumyes it is bridged adapter06:10
maumssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out06:10
Glaceon_lotuspsychje: I read through those links and it seems like those are for all sounds / speakers not working, which isn't the issue I'm having. My speakers are fine, but my headphone jack isn't.06:11
IcemanV9maum: is ssh-server installed in ubuntu VM?06:11
NorthwestVeganis your home lan?06:11
maumIcemanV9: yes06:12
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: try pavucontrol maybe as a test06:12
Glaceon_Also, http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin seems to be a dead link.06:12
maumNorthwestVegan: it is virtual ip on VM Ubuntu06:12
NorthwestVegansorry, i mean is your windows IP adress 10.0.2.*06:12
Glaceon_lotuspsychje: what am i testing with pavucontrol?06:12
maumNorthwestVegan: it isn't06:13
Glaceon_Sorry, I'm not very experienced06:13
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: see if you can make your jack work there06:13
NorthwestVeganwhats your win IP?06:13
Glaceon_lotuspsychje: I think I've exhausted all options in pavucontrol.06:13
NorthwestVeganoh you arent on a LAN?06:13
maumI am on the LAN06:14
Glaceon_On the output screen, it doesn't show any option other than speakers06:14
NorthwestVeganthat looks like a WAN ip to me maum06:15
maumNorthwestVegan: I am in company06:16
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: does sudo lshw -C sound show your driver= loaded at bottom?06:16
IcemanV9maum: hmm. it should be 192.168.*.* (home) OR are you at work/school (150.183.*.*)?06:16
IcemanV9nvm, you just answered it. it's work06:17
maumI am at work06:17
Glaceon_lotuspsychje: configuration: driver=snd_hda_intel latency=6406:17
NorthwestVeganis 150.183 in the reservefd ranges?06:17
maumNorthwestVegan: don't know06:17
IcemanV9maum: VM ip should be created based on 150.183.*.* something06:17
NorthwestVeganmaybe doing a bridged config wont work so easily as i was hoping, im not sure how youre company does its net06:18
maumIcemanV9: yes bridged network seems not work at company. but NAT option I was doing well previously by port forwarding06:19
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: looks good there06:19
maumat that time, on windows, there isn't ssh06:19
NorthwestVeganwhy dont you try to setup the port forward differently06:21
NorthwestVeganliie -> VMIP:2206:21
maumok I will try it06:21
maumCould not create directory '/home/admin/.ssh'. no kex alg06:23
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: any errors when you tail -f /var/log/syslog and plugin jack?06:23
NorthwestVegancould be bad permissions in your home folder there06:24
NorthwestVeganbut at least you are getting to the ssh service noe maum!06:24
Glaceon_lotuspsychje: as far as I can tell, nothing happens at all06:24
maumNorthwestVegan: -> is now working06:24
NorthwestVeganno problem06:25
IcemanV9maum: excellent. enjoy it! : )06:25
maumIcemanV9: Thanks06:25
maumThank you all guys06:26
amazoniantoadI'm trying to setup a vpn server and I wanted it to listen for connections on localhost only. I'm in server.conf and there's the line, ";local a.b.c.d" is all I need to do is to uncomment this line and then change it to ,"local" to do this?06:26
lotuspsychjeQuozl: join #ubuntu-server please06:28
Quozllotuspsychje: sure.06:28
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: maybe check in your dmesg for sound errors?06:30
Glaceon_lotuspsychje: I don't *think* so? I might not be looking out for the right things, though06:32
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: feel free to share in a pastebin06:36
Glaceon_lotuspsychje: https://pastebin.com/we3WMA8906:38
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: are you using amdgpu from default, or did you install drivers yourself?06:41
Glaceon_lotuspsychje: I believe I'm using the default?06:42
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: this looks suspicious: snd_hda_intel 0000:00:1f.3: Unstable LPIB (65536 >= 32768); disabling LPIB delay counting06:44
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: and alot of acpi errors and amdgpu also06:45
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: is your system up to date please?06:45
Glaceon_lotuspsychje: I believe so? When I booted earlier today, it updated06:46
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: you could try a few tests, like updating bios & acpi commands at boot, and try the amdgpu driver from amd install06:48
lotuspsychje!acpi | Glaceon_06:48
ubottuGlaceon_: to debug ACPI issues on ubuntu make sure your bios is up to date and follow the procedure here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI06:48
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-the-latest-amd-radeon-drivers-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux06:49
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: you might also take a look in this conf: https://pricklytech.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/ubuntu-12-04-dell-vostro-3750-no-sound-when-headphones-are-plugged-in/06:55
Glaceon_lotuspsychje: I think I tried that last trick before, and it didn't work :/06:57
Glaceon_lotuspsychje: looks like anything else I should try is going to take a bit longer than I have at the moment, unfortunately06:57
Glaceon_lotuspsychje: thanks for all your help tonight though!06:57
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: did your jack work on any other ubuntu version before?07:00
Glaceon_lotuspsychje: my memory's hazy, but i don't believe so07:01
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: another thing to try, is testing your jack on a liveusb07:03
Glaceon_lotuspsychje: sorry, but i'm not sure what that means, could you elaborate a little?07:04
lotuspsychjeGlaceon_: meaning, booting an ubuntu liveusb on an usb stick and 'try ubuntu' instead of installing, to test your jack output07:07
Glaceon_lotuspsychje: Oh, I see. I think I can do that later.07:09
Glaceon_at any rate I really must leave now07:09
Glaceon_i appreciate all your help!07:09
AnnaRookswell that problem sounded like a shitshow07:11
lotuspsychjeplz keep language polite in the main channels AnnaRooks07:12
AnnaRooksoops my bad07:12
lotuspsychjewe have readers all over the world, hence why :p07:12
AnnaRooksyeah, i wasnt really thinking about how young people could be trying new OSes xP07:14
AnnaRooksalways forget theres more people than around my age07:14
lotuspsychjefeel free to use #ubuntu-discuss AnnaRooks for regular ubuntu chat07:14
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sabrehagen_Does anyone know why my shell is echoing my commands back at the start of the line? https://gist.github.com/sabrehagen/7e8c7ef595bd6338596c54aaf86f805a08:08
geirhaLooks like zsh, so I suggest asking #zsh08:10
geirhaIf it was bash, PS0 and DEBUG trap would be my first suspects08:12
litheumis the "Ubuntu Software" tool the right thing to use to install openssh server using the GUI?08:19
ducasselitheum: you can use that or synaptic, the latter if you want more control08:22
litheumalright so if i'm using "Ubuntu Software", what would i have to search for to even *find* openssh-server? amazingly, searching for openssh-server tells me "No Application Found"!08:23
=== capella is now known as capella|away
SnowyBoopSome packages don't show up in Ubuntu Software centre.08:24
SnowyBoopHonestly it'd be faster using a terminal, but eh... you can install Synaptic Package Manager through the software centre and then install openssh if you really want to use the GUI.08:25
SnowyBoopThough I do have to ponder what you are using OpenSSH for if you are uncomfortable with using a terminal.08:26
litheumi already installed it using the terminal, i was just wondering if there was some way to use the GUI to do this kind of system management08:26
ducasseyes, use synaptic :)08:27
litheumstrange. ok!08:27
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thyriaenHey, i am looking to get Rx Vega running opencl on linux ( ubuntu 18.04 ) clinfo gives following output08:51
thyriaenhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DW3nYkygdJ/ as you can see i get /usr/lib/clc/gfx900-amdgcn-mesa-mesa3d.bc': No such file or directory08:51
thyriaenWhen checking the ubuntu repository in libclc there is a file https://ubuntu.pkgs.org/18.10/ubuntu-universe-amd64/libclc-amdgcn_0.2.0+git20180917-2_all.deb.html which in turn is just a link onto tahiti-amdgcn08:51
thyriaenwhen i put said link in there i get following output of clinfo https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FnySKfCNXJ/08:51
sabrehagen_geirha: you provided better help than #zsh. PS0 and DEBUG are both "" in my environment :(08:54
SeTunTunHi, i installed ubutu 18.04 on my asus 1011px and it does not boot. I freezes at the splash screen.08:57
SeTunTuncould anybody help me? 14.04 was very fluent on this laptop08:58
thyriaenSeTunTun, well i think when you press del on the splash you can see text / error messages08:59
thyriaenSeTunTun, not sure08:59
lotuspsychjeSeTunTun: 18.04 will not run so fluent on the same machine 14.04 runs on09:00
lotuspsychjeSeTunTun: what kind of specs is your pc?09:00
geirhasabrehagen_: I know bash well, but zsh is foreign to me. Wouldn't know where to begin debugging it09:03
SeTunTunlotuspsychje, 2gb ram, intel atom 1.6, intel graphic card, 512gb ssd,09:14
lotuspsychjeSeTunTun: 2gig ram is a bit low to run 18.04 with gnome09:15
lotuspsychjeSeTunTun: maybe test another flavor like ubuntu/xubuntu/mate/budgie09:16
SeTunTunI'll try xubuntu :(09:16
lotuspsychjeSeTunTun: you can test it live first, to see performance09:17
NorthwestVeganxubuntu is my personal favorite09:17
SeTunTunby the way... has the "home" encryption option been deleted from the installer?09:17
SeTunTunooops, ubuntu gets stuck in "started user manager for uid 121"09:18
muhahaola. I am looking for smtp client which can send email with specifying smtp host + credentials from inline command. Any idea?09:18
didoerplhow do I create a linux style checksum of sha256sum command . --tag creates sha256(file) = ... but I want the way ubuntu generated linux style, like this09:34
didoerpl5748706937539418ee5707bd538c4f5eabae485d17aa49fb13ce2c9b70532433 *ubuntu-18.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso09:35
didoerplinside the file SHA25609:35
FuraiIs it possible to get latest gnome on ubuntu 18.04 desktop?09:36
FuraiOr only viable option is upgrading to 18.10?09:37
ducasseFurai: you can look for a ppa, at your own risk. only supported way is upgrading.09:40
vltdidoerpl: Why do you use "--tag"?09:44
didoerpl--tag is bsd style09:47
didoerplI don't use it,09:48
didoerplI want 2442fa... *filename09:48
didoerplwhich is linux style09:48
didoerplalthough I do can generate 2442fa... filename09:48
didoerplbut in that * is missing.09:48
didoerplvlt: I want to generate * as well , just like ubuntu, how did ubuntu do it?09:49
vltdidoerpl: Where can I find an example with "*"?09:49
didoerplin ubuntu site where else?????????/09:49
vltdidoerpl: Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!09:50
NorthwestVegansha256sum -b ubuntu-18.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso09:50
NorthwestVeganwill get it for you09:50
NorthwestVeganthe * is binary09:51
didoerplyes I want to generate that output09:53
didoerplthe same way ubuntu did09:53
didoerplI know they ran some clever command09:54
NorthwestVegando 'sha256sum -b ubuntu-18.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso' dido09:54
DualityI have a piece of software that compiles fine on ubuntu 16.04 but does not on 18.04. maybe i am missing something obvious but it complains with the error that STDERR_FILENO is undeclared. but i googled this and the results say to include <unistd.h> this is already included so i do not know what is going wrong here. the error output: https://pastebin.com/FsGUVDjL10:01
Dualityi also looked at the include paths for gcc on ubuntu 18.04 these are fine and includes /usr/include where unistd.h lives :)10:01
DualityI also looked at unistd.h and i don't see any ifdef around the definitions10:02
zoomanhi, I apologize for asking a general hardware question, you can redirect me somewhere else ... I have an SD by Samsung that turned broken - it forced itself into readonly mode and cannot be formated (nor can anything on it be overwritten or deleted) I want to claim warranty but the card has sensitive data on it - is there any way to force the card out of the failsafe mode and let me overwrite the data?10:08
zoomanany tip is welcome, I thought someone here might have more experience!10:10
ducassezooman: try ##hardware, but i suspect the answer is 'no'.10:11
zoomanducasse: will try, thank you10:12
vincenzomlHi there, I know that dpkg knows what configuration files I have modified, so that it can prompt me if I want to overwrite my changes. How to list all the config files that I changed, before wiping my laptop?10:38
Tin_manzooman, why would you try formatting your drive if it has all that sensitive data on it, and if it's read only, I'd suggest getting it off and on too another device.10:41
BluesKajHi folks10:50
kruggerHi, I am having a problem with systemd-journald.service killing itself during the nightly pg_restore to QA server. Anyone had that problem too?10:59
XwZhi, I have a question about the recovery mode & security, I just installed a fresh ubuntu (18.04) and using the recovery mode I was able to open a root console without any password, is it the desired behaviour ?11:02
ducasseXwZ: that's how it works, yes11:06
kruggerXwZ, if you have console access to the machine you will always be able to bypass and login protection. Unless you use full disk encryption.11:06
XwZI would agres with this but it seems to be quite easy to access this way. I just wanted to know if it was the desired behaviour that's it :)11:09
kruggerXwZ, you can password protect the grub recovery if you want.11:10
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jpopanybody has good knowledge with postfix that can help me im on ubuntu 18.0411:15
kruggerjpop, postfix can get complicated. What do you want to do?11:19
jpopjust receive send php files11:19
DARKAD000Hi all, I have installed Ubuntu on a desktop amd computer. Then I removed the disk and put in a portable intel computer. Everything works. Do you think it would gain better performance if I install it from the ground?11:47
lotuspsychjeDARKAD000: ubuntu adjusts at a new system automaticly11:47
lotuspsychjeDARKAD000: but nothing can beat a fresh install11:47
legreffierDARKAD000: it probably won't.11:48
DARKAD000do you think I can see an improvement of quite of 50% performance?11:48
DARKAD000Will it have the same performance?11:49
lotuspsychjeDARKAD000: performance has many ways to get influenced, you can tweak your current system to perform better also11:51
lotuspsychjeDARKAD000: depends how many packages were installed on the previous install?11:51
DARKAD000no package were installed but the full upgrade11:52
lotuspsychjeDARKAD000: its your choice really, clean install only takes 20min, or keep current system and do a bit of cleanup11:54
DARKAD000I have nothing to clean, it was just a  fresh and upgraded install11:57
lotuspsychjeDARKAD000: that doesnt mean you cant do nothing, i always install preload, check swappiness,clean system with bleachbit, disable unwanted services at boot11:59
DARKAD000Thank you Lotus!!!12:00
lotuspsychje!info preload | DARKAD00012:00
ubottuDARKAD000: preload (source: preload): adaptive readahead daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-2build1 (bionic), package size 33 kB, installed size 102 kB12:00
DARKAD000Thanks again12:01
cupcake90Hi I am trying to mount ceph I am able to use it with fuse but when I try mount command I am error https://pastebin.com/qXQsqGxS What am i missing.12:11
SlidingHorncupcake90: what is the exact command you ran, just for clarity?  Also, please include your exact version and flavor of Ubuntu :)12:15
cupcake90SlidingHorn: mount -t ceph ip:port:/ /mnt/mycephfs/ -o name=client.admin,secret=keyxxxxxx I am running 16.04 testing on desktop edition12:18
GreatEmeraldWhat option should I use to tell the LiveCD to use a casper-rw file?12:18
eightfoldhi there. can anybody point me to a list of fonts that ubuntu ships with?12:18
GreatEmeraldI have a /cdrom/casper-rw file when I boot from it, but it's not mounted (I can mount it somewhere just fine)12:19
eightfolddoes it come with any of the following fonts: Nimbus Sans L, Liberation Sans or FreeSans?12:19
GreatEmeraldboot=casper is already there12:19
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GreatEmeraldOh, I don't have "persistent"12:23
SlidingHorncupcake90: have you installed ceph-common    and    ceph-fs-common ?12:27
cupcake90Do i need to restart12:28
SlidingHorncupcake90: shouldn't need to, but I don't think it could hurt12:29
cupcake90SlidingHorn: Yes I thought the issue with test cluster at first but working with fuse12:29
cupcake90SlidingHorn: Then I noticed the syslog errors12:30
SlidingHorncupcake90: take a look here: https://access.redhat.com/solutions/2591751 (it's RHEL, but I'd assume it would at least be helpful)12:33
cupcake90SlidingHorn: Yup I will check it also ceph osd crush tunables legacy this probably will fix it12:35
cupcake90Let me have a look12:35
cupcake90SlidingHorn: Thanks for the help man fixed it :)12:37
cupcake90SlidingHorn : :))12:37
IniGitdoes anybody know a solution to that problem: https://askubuntu.com/questions/122783/how-do-i-hide-remove-a-partition-from-the-nautilus-left-panel/835040?noredirect=113:26
alekksanderis anyone in knowledge to speak about cannonical finances? seems they are still loosing money. is this something we should be worried about?13:27
eliaxI want to get an ARM-powered board to mess about with. Any known problems with Ubuntu?13:28
aqdIniGit, but x-gvfs-show works!13:30
SlidingHornIniGit: Are you using Ubuntu or Debian?  Ask only in the channel for your distro please.13:30
FreenoodleI just upgraded a machine from precise to xenial and after upgrading, firmware, although is is there, is no longer loaded, so that the network is completely down, even eth0. What's wrong there?13:30
SlidingHornIniGit: What version and flavor of Ubuntu are you using?13:31
SlidingHornIniGit: after you followed the instructions from the answer of your link, have you logged out and logged back in?  It won't automatically un-mount if it was already mounted.13:32
IniGitSlidingHorn: which answer are you referring to?13:33
SlidingHornIniGit: the link you provided as your question has an answer that solves the problem (the top voted response) - You will need to log out/in or maybe even restart for it to take effect.13:34
IniGitSlidingHorn: yeah I tried that, I also responded in the comments that that doesen't work. It seems it also does not work for the thread-opener, because he didn't accept it. Also when you would be able to do such things in fstab, why does gnome-disks not support it, because mount-options are greyed out for LUKS partitions13:35
IniGitIt works fo non- LUKS partitions13:36
IniGitI do that regulary13:36
IniGitfo = for13:37
Zgroklapt install chntpw no found : https://packages.ubuntu.com/fr/bionic/chntpw what is universe ? package i don't understand ubuntu13:37
Oolyou need to activate universe repo https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu13:38
SlidingHornIniGit: This is very old, but might at least help to point you in a helpful direction: https://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-2198120.html13:40
IniGitSlidingHorn: I think maybe the solution is in /etc/crypttab13:42
IniGitI'll try that13:42
IniGitSlidingHorn: Isn't noauto the default for crypttab when specifying nothing? I mean when you have an empty /etc/crypttab file13:44
SlidingHornIniGit: I honestly wouldn't know.  I'm simply employing my DDG-foo more often than not.  I'm usually just as in the dark as whomever I'm attempting to help :P13:46
IniGitthank you for that13:47
ZgroklOol, thx i'm use to stable main contrib ^^13:54
interrobangd2why foobar is empty?14:00
fleabeardhello, trying to figure out how to use my local machine's Nautilus file browser to open a remote server directly. But it seems I can't specify a location as there is no address bar or w/e it's referred to in the top of Nautilus. Can someone help?14:01
fleabeardoh, I may have found it in "Other Locations" :)14:02
SlidingHorninterrobangd2: what are a & b?14:03
leftyfbfleabeard: hit CTRL+L14:04
interrobangd2the command inside a file works14:04
splashdhas anybody used ipfs?14:05
leftyfbsplashd: that's not your question14:05
leftyfbsplashd: also, ipfs is not available in ubuntu14:06
leftyfbsplashd: you'll have to contact the developer for support14:06
fleabeardleftyfb, cheers!14:07
SlidingHorninterrobangd2: (this isn't my strong suit at all, so I'm not sure where to go from here, but)... have you tried putting your $foobar in quotes in your echo command?14:09
interrobangd2change nothing.14:10
TJ-interrobangd2: the reaon is, the parent shell (the one you call the bash command from) will expand all variables inside double-quotes before passing the string to the bash command14:10
TJ-interrobangd2: Use single-quotes bash -c ' ...'  and it will work because the shell doens't expand variables inside those14:11
SlidingHorninterrobangd2: (it would have to be single quotes, as the for loop is in double quotes overall)14:12
interrobangd2thank you!14:12
SlidingHornah, see, TJ- to the rescue!  \o/14:12
interrobangd2TJ-, i try to find it on the man page https://linux.die.net/man/1/bash14:16
gde33I upgrade to 18, I had to swap the monitor positions. Now if I configure which monitor to display the side menu on their names are swapped.14:17
interrobangd2TJ-, can y find it?14:19
TJ-interrobangd2: see the section titled "QUOTING"14:19
SlidingHorngde33: Could you clarify which version *and flavor* of ubuntu? (18 is not an ubuntu version) and what display driver are you using?14:25
gde33SlidingHorn: ok ill try14:26
gde33Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS14:26
gde33I was using the propriary driver for nvidea but I forget how to get to that window14:28
gde33using nvidia driver metapackage from nvidia-driver-390(propriatary, tested)14:31
Sven_vBany ideas what snapd might be doing? it randomly started eating all my CPUs and RAM, system load is at 4014:33
Sven_vBI can't even remember installing it14:34
pragmaticenigmaIt's isntalled by default, and is home to several Gnome desktop applications like calculator14:34
pragmaticenigmaDoes a reboot of the system clear up the issue or does it immediately start ramping up right away?14:35
Sven_vBcan't try that atm14:35
Sven_vBlooks like I'll need a new calculator then14:35
pragmaticenigmaI recommend the TI-83... good and trusty :-P14:35
Sven_vBI finally managed to kill -KILL snapd and mask it. gnome-calculator still seems to work. (using xenial)14:36
Sven_vBoh no. seems snapd started again albeit being masked14:37
pragmaticenigmasnapd is a daemon process, it should be running as it is hosting snap applications.14:37
Sven_vBI'd rather try to live without snap apps than risk having yet another timebomb sitting around. udisksd is bad enough.14:38
pragmaticenigmaI don't know if you can completely remove it... gnome-calc was just one of the modules I know installs as a snap by default14:39
Sven_vBaptitude thinks I can "purge snapd ubuntu-core-launcher" w/o even touching gnome-calculator. let's try.14:41
pragmaticenigmagood luck :-)14:43
Sven_vBnice, gc runs and no snapd!14:43
Sven_vBI guess if any other app would have required snapd, aptitude would have told me, right?14:44
pragmaticenigmacool beans14:44
Shadowlander96With the server ISO, I get 'errors found in 3 files' when doing a disc defect check before installing. ISO checksum and gpg sigs are correct. Using two different USB thumb drives, tried on multiple hardware and VMs. Redownloaded from a different mirror with same results. Not sure if I'm doing something really silly or what to try next.14:45
TJ-Shadowlander96: yes,known bug, you can safely ignore it14:46
Sven_vBis there a way to detect when a process would cause the system load to climb over a threshold, and suspend those processes until I decide it's worth it?14:47
TJ-Shadowlander96: Bug #181063314:47
ubottubug 1810633 in Ubuntu CD Images " server "check disk for defects" reports mismatches " [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181063314:47
gde33imho Date & Time should have a tad more config options. I need the full date, preferably with week number.14:47
Shadowlander96I feel silly. Didn't find that when searching. Thank you for you help.14:48
gde33atm even clicking on it doesn't give me week numbers https://news-cdn.softpedia.com/images/news2/gnome-calendar-just-landed-in-ubuntu-16-04-daily-build-498856-2.jpg14:49
Sven_vBI dimly remember reading about a systemd feature to limit services' resources. could I use that to put udisksd and other annoyances in a group and limit them to like 40% CPU and 60% RAM?14:49
TJ-Sven_vB: I'd be more inclined to figure out why on that system they seem to be misbehaving14:50
pragmaticenigmagde33: Do you have a support request? If so, please ask your question. For general discussion and other off-topic commentary, please use #ubuntu-offtopic14:52
Sven_vBTJ-, I'll be happy to try and reproduce and investigate, as soon as I can trust my system will still be responsive enough to investigate it.14:53
gde33pragmaticenigma: I need to use gnome tweak tool to display the full date and week number?14:53
=== coffeeguy is now known as zenguy
TJ-Sven_vB: check the udisk2.service log for clues14:56
Badr_i can to ask you?14:57
pragmaticenigmagde33: I'm not sure if gnome tweak tool has the ability14:57
Sven_vBTJ-, yesterday's udisksd attack was on trusty, which seems to not have systemd yet. how do I check that log there?14:58
lotuspsychje!ask | Badr_14:58
TJ-Sven_vB: hmmm, let ne do some digging, it'd usually be /var/log/syslog unless it is logging to a separate file14:58
Sven_vBoh, which also means I'd need another limit strategy than systemd for trusty14:58
ubottuBadr_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:58
pragmaticenigmagde33: This is the most common result I see with web searches: https://askubuntu.com/a/968955 (and it was always within the top three results)14:59
Sven_vBTJ-, I hadn't found anything in syslog, and there was no /var/log/udis*14:59
gde33pragmaticenigma: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.calendar show-weekdate true14:59
Sven_vBTJ-, I made a wrapper script then that intercepts the CLI to remove the --no-debug flag and redirect output to a log file, but fprtunately, no rampage since then.15:00
Badr_https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootPartition :how to free space at the start of the disk where windows is installed15:01
Sven_vBwell I guess with just short of 3 months support remaining, noone will fix the rampage anyways15:01
TJ-Sven_vB: I don't see any open bugs that talk about execessive CPU usage15:04
lotuspsychjeBadr_: can you explain a bit what your end goal is, volunteers might be a better help this way15:05
TJ-Sven_vB: but as you also report a similar issue with snapd, I'd suspect it is caused by the motherboard/CPU combination; possibly due to idle state handling which we do see from time to time15:05
TJ-Sven_vB: can you show us "dmesg | pastebinit"15:06
Sven_vBTJ-, actually with udisksd I never found signs of high CPU load. just system load shoots through the roof but neither CPU use, RAM use or iotop looked suspicious. it's a mystery to me.15:06
TJ-Sven_vB: you mean loadavg ?15:06
TJ-Sven_vB: well that is OK, the loadavg is just the number of runnable tasks (tasks not sleeping or waiting or otherwise unavailable)15:07
Sven_vBsnapd I won't investigate until I find an app that needs it. until then I'll just steer clear of snapd.15:07
=== dbugger_ is now known as Dbugger
Sven_vBTJ-, the udisksd attacks make my terminal unresponsive though, and make video playback stutter or stop.15:08
TJ-Sven_vB: it could be related to CPU speed-step, where the CPU backs off its core frequency15:09
Badr_my syseteme is ubuntu and i Installing Windows7 dual boot with ubuntu15:09
Badr_but reatnow i'can't to entre to my sysetem ubuntu15:09
leftyfbBadr_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows15:09
Sven_vBTJ-, would speed-step changes show up in the syslog? or dmesg? how can I translate dmesg timestamps to RTC?15:10
TJ-Sven_vB: udisks issue might be caused by the particular combination of (types of) block devices on the system15:10
talexbCan anyone tell me where to find the sleep setting? For a while my session would blank my screens after ten minutes, but somehow it changed.15:10
Sven_vBBadr_, so the windows install made your ubuntu inaccessible?15:10
talexbAnd it doesn't sleep at all any more.15:10
leftyfbSven_vB: yes, it does that15:11
gde33where can I find the gnome extensions? I've just installed one but cant figure out how to open the config window.15:11
TJ-Sven_vB: check "man dmesg" see if it has -T / --ctime option on Trusty15:11
figurelispwhat does .. in path name means. For ex: $SRCROOT/../some_path15:11
Sven_vBTJ-, <315:11
leftyfbgde33: https://extensions.gnome.org/local/15:11
gde33leftyfb: I cant launch the config window from there15:12
gde33why isn't it in the menu?15:12
leftyfbgde33: each extension will have it's own config icon if there are any configs to be had15:12
TheGrumpyScotQ. I have a number of remote servers - only one of which has ssh access from the outside world (call it server A). To copy a single file from server B, I can use "scp -oProxyJump=serverA serverB:/path/to/file ." .. Can I do the same with rsync, and if so ... how ?15:12
gde33leftyfb: ic ...15:14
leftyfbTheGrumpyScot: yes. Specify the ProxyJump option for that host in your ~/.ssh/config15:14
Sven_vBstill I wonder, if dmesg is indeed able to show human-friendly timestamps, why the half-hearted guessing. it deems my invocation human-interactive enough to automatically enable colors, but not human-readable time.15:14
gde33leftyfb: is there any way in the gui to get to this web page?15:14
leftyfbgde33: yeah, open firefox15:14
gde33I have to remember it?15:15
lotuspsychjeSven_vB: colortail to the rescue :p15:16
TheGrumpyScotleftyfb: ***ing genius! that works a dream - thank you very much15:16
Sven_vBTJ-, in the hour before and after yesterday's udisksd attack, the only dmesg messages are about wifi.15:16
leftyfbgde33: you could install gnome-tweak-tool, but I've seen bad things happen managing extensions using that.15:17
yossarianukhi - is there a step by step example any where of how to install the nvidia drivers - from the ubuntu apt repo when secure-boot is enabled ?15:17
leftyfbgde33: the url is extensions.gnome.org ... pretty easy to remember15:17
yossarianukI have seen how to when you use the binary driver direct from nvidia.com - i.e http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/396.51/README/installdriver.html#modulesigning15:17
gde33leftyfb: I can remember it. It just violates every rule of a good gui for me.15:18
lotuspsychje!nvidia | yossarianuk15:18
ubottuyossarianuk: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing » For the latest Nvidia drivers see https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa15:18
Sven_vBno mention of "udisk" in syslog either, in the two hours before it attacked.15:18
Sven_vBand the next thing after is udisk restarting because I killed it.15:18
yossarianuklotuspsychje: thanks but I know how to install nvidia drivers normally -  just not when secure-boot is enabled15:19
Sven_vBlotuspsychje, nice, thanks for the recommendation!15:20
lotuspsychjeSven_vB: welcome15:20
tomreynyossarianuk: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEFI/SecureBoot#How_can_I_do_non-automated_signing_of_drivers.3F15:24
tomreynyossarianuk: it seems that there are also dkms based nvidia drivers, in which case there are ways to automate the module signing15:29
Badr_leftyfb: boot repair she give me this 2 link https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gxRF3mRHf9/ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootPartition15:29
tomreynyossarianuk: e.g. this comes with dkms.conf https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/amd64/nvidia-dkms-390/filelist15:31
yossarianuktomreyn: yes the nvidia is dkms I belive15:32
yossarianuknvidia * driver *15:32
olabazhey, I have a program that requires confirmation input and I'm automating it as: `printf "Y\n" | ./prog` but then the output is not giving me a new line between the confirmation question and the output data. Any ideas?15:33
tomreynyossarianuk: right, the one in ubuntu is apparently.15:33
yossarianukok thanks that link looks useful..15:33
nbusroneWhich partition was suggested for installing ubuntu 18.04 MBR or GPT on a  256GB ssd ?15:34
tomreynolabaz: echo -e15:34
TJ-nbusrone: I'd always use GPT these days, it has a backup and should be supported by all firmware15:36
yossarianuknbusrone: it depends if you are using UEFI or not (GPT also does work with legacy/msdos)15:36
tomreynolabaz: or (if repeated input is ok) just: yes | ./prog15:36
yossarianukif you are using UEFI I would say use GPT15:36
olabaztomreyn: echo -e and yes Y don't work either15:36
olabaztomreyn: http://codepad.org/kLVVTGei15:36
olabazthis is what I'm getting15:36
tomreynolabaz: use "expect" or fix the source code (if you have it)15:38
ioriaolabaz, printf "Y\n\n"15:39
en1gmaim running ubuntu 18.04.1 64bit Desktop on my intel laptop with dedicated amd gpu. (FirePro M5100). anyhow i do this command './amd-driver-installer-15.201.2401-x86.x86_64.run' and i get this result "error: Detected X Server version 'XServer _64a' is not supported. Supported versions are X.Org 6.9 or later, up to XServer 1.10 (default:v2:x86_64:lib:XServer _64a:none:4.15.0-43-generic:)"15:39
olabazioria: \n\n doesn't fix it either15:39
tomreynolabaz: you could also try  \r\n ?15:40
en1gmai also need to install the amd gpu sdk but first i need to install the gpu driver15:40
olabaztomreyn: doesn't work either lol15:40
en1gmai mean amd opencl gpu sdk15:40
olabazI have no idea what's going on here15:40
tomreynolabaz: well, expect or modify source15:40
olabazok i'll look into expect15:41
TJ-olabaz: the difference is due to the way program reads the input. You're redirecting via pipe and the program is written to handle only direct console/tty stdin so it gets confused15:41
ioriaolabaz,  printf 'y\ny\ny\n' ?15:41
olabazioria: didn't work either15:42
olabazTJ-: the program runs fine but it's just missing the new line15:43
tomreynit's what TJ says, thus expect may be able to help.15:44
olabaztomreyn: expect works15:44
plasmoduckok, "this still works"15:44
olabazbut I have to rerun this command multiple times so rediting the script is more effort15:44
olabazthan just typing Y myself15:44
plasmoduck"this still works"15:45
tomreynnbusrone: i would personally always use gpt nowadays.15:45
tomreynnbusrone: reasoning: backup copy of partition table, not limited by storage device size (you can later image the data onto a larger disk), more modern (mbr will probably go away at some point anyways).15:47
lotuspsychjeplasmoduck: can we help you15:47
nbusroneTJ- , yossarianuk , tomreyn: GPT backup you mean backup at the end of disc ? yep using UEFI .But 18.04 support ssd + GPT + UEFI ?  bug ?15:48
plasmoducklotuspsychje: sorry I was trying in the wrong window15:48
tomreynnbusrone: that's what i mean, gpt gives you a backup at the end of  storage15:48
javaJakeI am attempting to build a new wine deb with a patch I pulled from winehq's bugzilla. I followed http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/fixing-a-bug.html and got as far as building .deb's that appear to install perfectly. The problem is just the 64-bit aspect of Wine was built, so I'm missing the 32-bit ("WOW64") support the official Ubuntu-built version comes with. Does anyone know how to build wine with both15:49
javaJake64-bit and 32-bit support?15:49
tomreynnbusrone: i would think that all 18.04 installers can handle a storage which is already formatted with a gpt15:49
nbusronetomreyn : how to check current board on uefi ?15:50
tomreynnbusrone: current board, what do you mean?15:50
nbusronetomreyn : ls: cannot access /sys/firmware/efi: No such file or directory15:51
tomreynnbusrone: this system did not boot in uefi mode15:51
nbusronetomreyn : in what condition system did not boot in uefi ?15:53
tomreynnbusrone: if ubuntu boots and /sys/firmware/efi does not exist then it indicates that this system did not boot in UEFI mode (but probably in CSM / legacy BIOS mode)15:54
tomreynnbusrone: does this answer your question? if not, please rephrase the question. it can be longer.15:54
tomreynnbusrone: or just tell us more about hwat you are trying to do with ubuntu + uefi15:55
nbusronetomreyn : yep it answer but this system does boot in uefi when I boot up the pc15:55
nbusronetomreyn : Nothing much , actually I wanted to be able to edit grub boot loader and worry of bug on 18.04 affecting ssd + GPT15:56
nbusronetomreyn : installing dual boot as win7 first and later with 18.04 on a ssd15:57
tomreynnbusrone: if you already installed windoes in bios mode then you will need to instll ubuntu in bios mode as well, unless you want to keep switching between the two on your mainboard firmware configuration interface (the UEFI configuration interface then, i guess).15:59
tomreynnbusrone: personally i dislike dual booting, have you considered running windows in a VM instead?15:59
tomreynnbusrone: also, i am not aware of "bug on 18.04 affecting ssd + GPT"16:00
nbusronetomreyn : looks like i didn't explain much.Currently running on hard drive and plan to get a ssd dualboot win7 + ubuntu.16:00
=== capella|away is now known as capella
tomreynok, this doesn't change the situation other than that you apparently have another storage (the hard disk) also.16:01
nbusronetomreyn : Not knowledgeable to config VM+KVM / QEMU16:02
nbusronetomreyn : Anyway , if I encounter any problem will come over here for solution.Thanks16:03
tomreynnbusrone: use virtualbox then16:03
nbusronetomreyn : some video plugin does not work with virtualbox.Or I can't run vm in a vm.16:05
tomreynnot sure that you mean, nested virtualization is supported. ask in #vbox for details.16:06
aldcorHi! Yesterday I installed Tweaks on my ubuntu 18.04 and after some tweaking I dont have a login screen background picture anymore. Its just grey bg. How to change that?16:08
nbusronetomreyn : As for example Android emulator or any software with OpenGL 2.0.To by pass , I need kvm /qemu passthrough which it's hard to config.Anyway thanks for clarify.16:09
tomreynnbusrone: i see. yes, if you need opengl to work fully and reliably it gets more difficult.16:11
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
gde33heh, could someone let me in on the joke of not having an add event button on the calendar?16:13
tomreyngde33: which calendar are you using, which ubuntu are you using?16:15
gde3318.04 gnome16:15
tomreynthanks for answering one fo two questions.16:16
gde33it makes the calendar popup twice as big to tell me no event is scheduled16:16
gde33I dont know what the calendar is called16:16
gde33its the new one I think16:16
gde33the old one definetly has an "add event" button16:16
tomreynis it this? https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Calendar16:17
gde33this one https://tr3.cbsistatic.com/hub/i/2018/05/16/a67e2d4e-cf4a-472a-bab2-bf204331743f/onlined-800x600.jpg16:17
tomreynor are you referring to the preview on the panel?16:17
nbusronetomreyn : Last question , is there any application to backup or list on current application installed ?16:17
gde33ah one can click on the date16:18
tomreyngde33: i think this is just meant to be informational, you should use a separate calendaring application to manage the events16:18
gde33tomreyn: if you click on a date it says no event at the left with the date written above it, if one clicks on the date the calendar comes up16:19
tomreynnbusrone: are you asking how to get a list of installed debian and snap packages?16:19
tomreynnbusrone: are you looking for a backup solution?16:20
tomreyngde33: doesn't come up here, but i guess i dont have a compatible calendar installed.16:20
gde33tomreyn: you are clicking on the written out date on the left top after picking a date on the right?16:21
tomreyngde33: you're right, this brings my calendaring application to front, something *does* happen there. thanks for the hint. ;)16:22
nbusronetomreyn : list of list of installed debian and snap packages16:23
javaJakeWhat's the best place to ask questions about building a patched .deb file? (#ubuntu-dev seemed limited to coordination, not support)16:26
lotuspsychjejavaJake: we advice to use the packages from the ubuntu repos here16:27
SlidingHornjavaJake: I think #ubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-packaging16:27
lotuspsychjejavaJake: did you not find the package you need, you trying to build?16:28
tomreynnbusrone: https://askubuntu.com/questions/9135/how-to-backup-settings-and-list-of-installed-packages. For snaps, i only know of "snap list"16:29
javaJakelotuspsychje: of course :) I take responsibility for any ways the .deb breaks the system. I expect, given the simplicity of the patch, that it'll only break Wine. I'm trying to use Ubuntu's build tools as much as possible to stay as close to vanilla Ubuntu as I can.16:29
lotuspsychjejavaJake: what is it exactly you trying to build? maybe volunteers might know alternates16:30
javaJakelotuspsychje: I am trying to build Wine with a patch applied.16:30
lotuspsychjejavaJake: to achieve what?16:30
javaJakeI get a perfectly usable build of Wine but it only comes with 64-bit support. The build Ubuntu uses is multi-arch and also has "WOW64" enabled in the 64-bit version. I'm not sure how to achieve that.16:31
tomreynjavaJake: i think the question is "why are you trying to build your own instead of using the one ubuntu provides?"16:32
javaJakelotuspsychje: to run a Windows VoIP app that Ubuntu has no alternative for.16:32
lotuspsychjejavaJake: should that not be a bug against wine then instead?16:32
javaJakeUbuntu and Wine both suffer from the same bug that's currently unresolved but has a workaround that supposedly works.16:33
nbusronetomreyn : thanks will look up into it later on :)16:33
pragmaticenigmajavaJake: What "Windows VoIP" app is not working? that is incredibly vague.16:33
javaJakepragmaticenigma: yes :) it is vague. It is Windows software I'd like to try to run on Ubuntu and it has no known Linux analogue.16:34
pragmaticenigmajavaJake: Also, tell us what this bug is, and whatever work around you found to work. There are a lot of very smart people in here that are willing to help, we just need all the details you can provide us.16:34
pragmaticenigmajavaJake: You would be surprised at what people here know and have experience with. The more information about the application may lead to someone with previous experience with it.16:34
javaJakeAlright, let me repeat my question. I'll give y'all specifics but the specifics are tangential to my question. I'd like to patch this bug: https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41703 with this workaround: https://bugs.winehq.org/attachment.cgi?id=58819 via a process similar to this: http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/fixing-a-bug.html ; the goal is to build a set of wine .deb's that patch the vanilla Ubuntu16:37
javaJake.deb's with the linked patch compiled in. I have succeeded, except that the version of Wine I get only runs 64-bit software. The vanilla Ubuntu 64-bit build is able to run 32-bit via a "WOW64" translation, and Ubuntu also provides native 32-bit builds. I don't understand how to accomplish this multi-arch build, or enable "WOW64" translation in the 64-bit build. I had assumed using the pbuilder-dist process I16:37
ubottubugs.winehq.org bug 41703 in ntdll "Workaround LdrUnloadDll() for C libraries that do not support the dlclose() function" [Major,Reopened]16:37
javaJakelinked would reuse Ubuntu's build scripts but I am missing something.16:37
coconutnbusrone: https://askubuntu.com/questions/17823/how-to-list-all-installed-packages#1782916:47
lotuspsychjejavaJake: i think for wine bugs, maybe better talk to the wine channel?16:48
coconutsorry for double link16:48
pragmaticenigmajavaJake: What I would say is this. Patching is typically something that happens through bug tickets on launchpad. As far as building your own .deb file, there are plenty of tutorials out there on how to build them. I haven't heard of "patching" a .deb file. Though my experience in building applications is limited, I have never heard of patching .deb. Just that someone patched the application, and then created a .deb that16:48
pragmaticenigmacontained the new build with the patch applied16:48
javaJakelotuspsychje: I will try #ubuntu-devel later today if this channel doesn't reply.16:48
aldcorHi! Yesterday I installed Tweaks on my ubuntu 18.04 and after some tweaking I dont have a login screen background picture anymore. Its just grey bg. How to change that?16:51
javaJakepragmaticenigma: I understand. I am pushing the boundaries on what a user can do without developer resources in Ubuntu.16:53
=== bigbrovar_ is now known as bigbrovar
pragmaticenigmajavaJake: that's an uphill battle16:53
lotuspsychjealdcor: do you mean ubuntu-tweak or gnome-tweak-tool16:53
pragmaticenigmaaldcor: Why are you using tweaks to peform tasks that are already available in the "setting" application16:53
no_gravityHello! I am connected to a Wifi that is fast for others, but for me iwconfig shows "Bit Rate=1 Mb/s". Super slow. Any idea how to go about that?17:17
nicomachusaldcor: when you say "login screen background" do you mean the background for your lock screen (with the clock) or the background for the actual login form screen that shows your username and has a password input box?17:18
nicomachuslock screen can be changed from Settings or Tweak, but the actual login screen can only be changed by editing gnome's CSS file17:19
nicomachusno_gravity: have you tried an actual speedtest? iwconfig usually only shows the specs of the card, IIRC17:20
no_gravitynicomachus: yes, 20kbit/s17:21
nicomachusno_gravity: can you paste the full output of 'sudo lshw -C network' to a pastebin and link it here?17:22
TJ-no_gravity: check kernel log for indications of issues, also look at the retry/invalid counts that iwconfig shows, are they increasing?17:22
no_gravityOne moment, I will try a different access point. That might kill my connection...17:23
no_gravityCan you guys still read me?17:25
no_gravityI changed the access point but its still slow. Still 1Mb/s17:26
SlidingHornno_gravity: which distro are you using, Debian or Ubuntu?  Please keep your questions to the actual distro's channel17:26
SlidingHorn(assuming debian, since they're continuing there)17:32
strangerri have some ubuntu systems using ldap authentication. a system running 14.04 has almost no latency when authenticating, but another system running 18.04 always takes 14 seconds to finish logging in: first it displays /etc/motd, and then hangs for 14 seconds. i can't tell what is causing it to hang. have any of you encountered this problem on 18.04 or maybe 16.04?17:36
strangerrnote that the system does not hang when logging in with a local user17:37
TJ-strangerr: some script triggered in /etc/update-motd.d/ most likely17:37
TJ-strangerr: you can test by disabling update-motd17:38
strangerrTJ-: Thank you, I'll give that a try in just a moment17:38
strangerrhm. after disabling all of the scripts in /etc/update-motd.d/ the issue still persists17:49
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
TJ-strangerr: so something else then, any clues in /var/log/auth.log (timestamps, commands, etc.)17:52
sven_maybe a strange problem but i have ubuntu server 18.04LTS running but no netplan.17:56
tewardsven_: it is possible to have 18.04 with the older ifupdown stuff, maybe you have that in play.17:57
tewardsven_: does the thing not work or...?17:57
sven_it does work but will this give a problem with the next update?17:58
pragmaticenigmasven_: Was this 18.04 installed from an update from 16.04?17:59
pragmaticenigmaI think I recall in the documentation that existing network configurations weren't changed with the upgrade path from 16.04 to 18.04.18:00
sven_ok, but with the next lts update it will not give a problem?18:01
pragmaticenigmasven_: it might be a question to ask in the #ubuntu-server channel though.18:01
pragmaticenigmasven_: Ubuntu does a check before upgrading any version. If something is not going to work with the upgrade, it won't install unless you force it to18:01
sven_i did not know ther was a channel for the server. but if it's not a problem it does not need more time from the support18:02
sven_thanks for the support18:02
pragmaticenigmasven_: It's part of the same areas that warn you that you're PPAs will be disabled and those packages from them will be uninstalled or downgraded to the version avaialble in the Ubuntu repos18:02
pragmaticenigmasven_: when I have packages installed that are no longer available, Ubuntu has prompted me to continue... it's not a in your face type warning, and it will have a long list of packages that you have to sift through to verify18:03
sven_Hmmm, can i add netplan to it?18:04
pragmaticenigmasven_: I'm sure you can, though it may get complicated... That's probably where #ubuntu-server channel will come in handy18:06
sven_ok i will try, thanks18:07
anikrashi, I am using ubuntu 18.04 but my company is working with office365, do you know any email client supported ? I used Hiri, but I need to paid18:16
anikrasI cannot connect with thunderbird18:17
d9aanikras: I believe Evolution supports Exchange18:18
anikrasd9a, I 'll to try18:18
ioriaanikras, https://kamarada.github.io/en/2017/09/06/use-evolution-to-connect-to-office-365-on-linux/#.XDTpw8Z7m-Y18:20
anikrasThey configure SAML protocol to authentication18:26
pragmaticenigmaanikras: Thunderbird currently has a request to add SAML support. With Mozilla's renewed interest in Thunderbird, I believe it's possible with in the near future the ability will be there. If the company does not allow for IMAP, it is unlikely that any product other than the Office 365 web, phone app, or native Outlook clients will be able to connect18:36
anikraspragmaticenigma, I can access via web, but I am interesting to use client, some time i don't have network connection18:37
sayican someone confirm if squid package for ubuntu18.04 supports SSL/ HTPPS?18:39
pragmaticenigmaanikras: You might want to check with the company policy. In most cases when I see SAML only, it's because the company want's to ensure their sensitive e-mails can be removed quickly from remote clients.18:40
pragmaticenigmaanikras: that is to say. your employer may not want you accessing their e-mail except through authorized applications.18:40
anikrasbut I can access via online from every where18:41
anikrasbut I understand this position18:41
pragmaticenigmasayi: all documenation regarding squid is found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/squid.html.en18:42
pragmaticenigmaanikras: Yes, through the website, but if the company wants to cut access, they can quickly do so without risk of those messages being available to the user after the fact.18:43
nicomachusis there a central place where all of the top panel status idicators sit? a directory for it or something? ProtonMail Bridge puts a status indicator into my top panel that I'd like to remove somehow. Or at least change the icon to a transparent onee, if I can find it.18:43
pragmaticenigmaanikras: the point I'm trying to make here is, you really should be talking to your company IT department about installing software and getting access. They are the most knowledgable about your systems and company policies. Best to ask them.18:44
anikrasok, thank you,18:44
sayithe documentation doesn't say if ssl/https is included in the package or not ...18:44
technobiHello All, audio stopped working on 18.04 in multi-user mode. Alsamixer does increase volume. The alsa force-reload has been issued. Still no sound from my NBK. Any hint?18:45
pragmaticenigmasayi: you didn't read that article...18:45
sayii did "squid can implement caching and proxying of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) requests and caching of Domain Name Server (DNS) lookups"18:46
pragmaticenigmanicomachus: that might be a question for ProtonMail devs... from what I know, app indicators are the resposibility of the developer, there is no central place they need to be. only a central interface for an application to place and interact with the notifications)18:46
sayidose that mean it is included?18:46
pragmaticenigmasayi: Then you have your answer, beyond that, you need to look at the documentation that is linked to for further instructions.18:47
technobiamixer -q -D pulse set Master toggle ... solved the trouble thanks18:47
sayiok thanks18:48
nicomachuspragmaticenigma: I'll see if I can get an answer out of them. The ProtonMail Bridge is still beta for Linux so they may like the feedback, who knows.19:04
pragmaticenigmaone would hope19:04
nicomachuspragmaticenigma: can't even find the name of the application once installed. lol19:20
nicomachusit installs as protonmail-bridge but there is nothing on the system I can find under that package name.19:20
pragmaticenigmanicomachus: is anything in /opt ?19:21
nicomachusan unrelated package.19:21
nicomachusfound it in htop. it's at /usr/lib/, which I didn't look through.19:23
Ridley5hi all19:28
Ridley5a have some trouble to access my  MySQL database using Python19:28
Ridley5i got "access denied"19:29
=== capella is now known as capella|away
Ridley5i can access MySQL with a PHP but not with Python19:29
fletch8527Im hoping someone here can help me with my Ubuntu 18.04 server (no GUI). I have its NIC set to a static IP via the /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yalm but for what ever reason is seems that DNS stops working every now and then. I have the nameservers specified in the file but I cannot resolve anything, I just get "ping: www.google.com: Temporary failure in name resolution". It seems that there are many ways to set static IP/DNS in Ubu19:31
fletch8527here is my netplan yaml: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/43ndRgvs9n/19:32
namoscaHI ALL19:35
namoscaI have want to re-install my ubuntu, and my home directory has a chmod 700. If i reinstall it with the same user, will I still be able of reading my home folder, or somehow i wont be able of seing it even if the user name is the same?19:36
tomreynfletch8527: it'll be using systemd-resolved.  See the /ETC/RESOLV.CONF section in systemd-resolved(8) for possible modes of operation (and please file a bug if you find that one of them doesn'T work well)19:40
tomreynfletch8527: this siad, you *may* be able to get better server related support in #ubuntu-server19:41
fletch8527tomreyn, thanks! The last guide I followed said to use netplan and rename the resolve.conf file. But I'll that that way instead19:41
tomreynfletch8527: just for the record: i'm not saying that one or the other is better, just pointing out the options19:42
fletch8527ah ok.19:43
fletch8527is there an easy way to see what nameserver is being used when I issue a ping command?19:43
tomreynRidley5: this seems more like a python issue to me, have you tried their channel?19:43
tomreynfletch8527: if you'll use systemd-resolved you can use: systemd-resolve --status19:45
fletch8527ok thanks19:45
Ridley5sorry fot the wrong channel tomreyn19:46
tomreynRidley5: it's not strictly wrong19:47
MibixFoxdoesnt anyone know how to get rid of these download completed notifications that sabnzbd pops up in ubuntu?19:47
MibixFoxdont have anything enabled in sabnzbd19:47
OerHeks Config->Notifications https://sabnzbd.org/wiki/scripts/notification-scripts19:51
MibixFoxya i dont have any enabled19:53
ioriaMibixFox, notifications, where ? under the date/time indicator ?19:55
fribI want to enable nautilus-typeahead but this simple guide doesn't seem to work for me: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/05/enable-nautilus-type-ahead-search-ubuntu19:55
fribplease help, thanks19:55
MibixFoxhold on about to get another one ioria19:56
ioriaMibixFox, if it's located there, go in systemsettings -> notifications -> notifications popup19:56
MibixFoxis that a chromium notification?19:58
ioriaMibixFox, what desktop is that ?19:59
ioriaMibixFox, no idea20:01
fribi tried doing sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubomir-brindza/nautilus-typeahead && sudo apt update  -- but I don't see nautilus-typeahead in autocompletion, is the ppa not really enabled or something?20:01
MibixFoxlol ioria  me either20:01
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OerHeksfrib, the past post on that page, install tracker?20:02
fribOerHeks, sorry I do not understand20:03
tomreynfrib: if there were no warnings or errors then it should be enabled by now. but didi you actually install a package from the ppa?20:03
fribtomreyn, I cannot install a package despite no errors being shown during the run of those commands20:03
frib(a package from the ppa)20:03
tomreynfrib: why not / what happens whenyou try? which ubuntu release do you run, have you verified that this PPA provides this package for your ubuntu release?20:04
OerHeksupdate & upgrade and restart nautilus20:04
fribOerHeks, i understand now...20:04
OerHeksthe last post on https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/05/enable-nautilus-type-ahead-search-ubuntu, scroll to the end,..20:04
fribi dont want search-as-you type so if I understand correctly I dont need "tracker"20:05
fribtomreyn, the package I'm trying to install (nautilus-typeahead) simply does not show up in autocompletion / is not found when used explicitly20:05
fribtomreyn, 180.04 LTS. I do not know how to verify that but it seems obvious20:06
tomreynfrib: there is no package by the name of "nautilus-typeahead" provided by this ppa for 18.04 LTS20:06
fribI see -- it simply replaces the original nautilus package?20:07
OerHeksit is just a replacement nautilus20:07
tomreynapparently so, yes20:07
fribso should I just reinstall it ?20:07
OerHeksso update & upgrade & restart nautilus is all you need to do20:07
frib(that doesn't work)20:07
=== capella|away is now known as capella
fribi did apt update && apt dist-upgrade20:08
tomreynit's the same package version as ubuntu's. if these packages have the same priority, i don't think it is defined which one will be installed20:08
fribthey say to restart nautilus with -r , but nautilus doesn't recognize this command20:08
tomreynfrib: this 'r' refers to pressing alt-f2, typing r, pressing enter20:09
Sven_vBI'd like to hijack a program's file system access and modify the paths of some files because I have my own opinion about where they should reside. what's the easiest approach? do I need to learn about LD_PRELOAD?20:09
tomreynfrib: apt-cache policy nautilus | pastebinit20:09
Sven_vBto be more precise, I'd like to switch locations based on the initial working directory, to use a per-project config in a 3rd party program that only knows about its global config.20:10
tomreynfrib: so that's the problem. both packages are the same version, both have the same priority (500). if you want to prefer the one from the ppa you'll need to do apt pinning20:10
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto20:11
tomreynSven_vB: you could rebuild it from source, or run it in a chroot.20:12
fribtomreyn, that doc says to edit /etc/apt/apt.conf unless you're on intrepid but I don't have /etc/apt/apt.conf and I'm not on intrepid20:14
Sven_vBtomreyn, indeed, I'm trying to evade the effort of rebuilding it in each future version. with a chroot I'd need lots of bind mounts.20:14
Sven_vBmaybe with overlayfs, but still ugly in the mount list. I'd prefer an approach that would be mostly invisible to other programs, i.e. not disturb global system state.20:15
[bma]Hi - I'm having a rather troublesome configuration issue with AMD RocM on ubuntu - however I don't think the issue itself is RocM related - I believe it's something to do with the eGPU.20:24
TJ-Sven_vB: maybe execute it via systemd-nspawn, use a read-only mapping of the real root-fs, and attach a writable bind-mount or tmpfs where the program writes to20:24
[bma]I have an iMac, running 18.04 (clean install/updated). If I connect my eGPU breakout box with the GPU disconnected, it boots fine. If I boot with the GPU (Vega Frontier) connected, I get a message saying "a start job is running for detect the available gpus" -- and it just hangs there. If I boot without the eGPU and hotplug it, I get a hard crash (as in, down to the mouse cursor freezing up)20:25
[bma]Any suggestions on where to start? Nothing obvious in the boot logs of gpu_manager20:26
[bma]There are 2 GPUs connected - an RX 580 internally (which works fine without the eGPU connected) and the Vega Frontier via a TB3 enclosure20:28
pragmaticenigma[bma]: Going to go on limb here and say... it's apple, there are so many things they do to prevent Linux on their machines20:28
pragmaticenigmamore likely [bma] ... you're on the bleeding edge of newer hardware features that just haven't reached full support yet20:29
[bma]@pragmaticenigma as much as I agree about apple ;) - everything except the egpu works perfectly - there seems to be an issue with Ubuntu and the eGPU which should work...20:29
Sven_vBTJ-, sounds interesting. thanks for the idea!20:30
[bma]There are reports of the enclosure working OOTB with other GPUs, and vega frontier isn't an unknown card to ubuntu - so I just can't figure out why it's not having it :/20:30
pragmaticenigmathe first thing that showed up from my search was reference to ubuntu 12... but that was back when USB 3 was just coming about. If this is a USB-C... there is so much bridging between PCI bus and other functions, it could be anything. Does the enclosure work with other cards?20:31
TJ-[bma]: first thing I'd ask is - have you tested the latest v4.20 kernel with it?20:32
fribtomreyn, I tried pinning this way: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ZpX46p59SX/ but apt-cache policy sets all of them to -10? http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/THsFdkpjpv/20:33
tomreynfrib: what doesn't exist can be created, apt pinning configurations should go into a new file in  /etc/apt/preferences.d/ though.20:33
repzhi there, does someone know if there is any support for 06cb:009a fingerprint ? (x1c6) I can't find anything but I do hope I did a bad research.20:34
leftyfbrepz: huh?20:34
OerHeksrepz, only the devices on https://launchpad.net/~fingerprint/+archive/ubuntu/fingerprint-gui are supported AFAIK20:34
tomreynfrib: the first configuration you make there applies to both origins, so yes.20:35
fribhow do I fix it?20:35
repzYep also, afaik but I have some hope20:35
fribalso should the / -> - ?20:35
frib(for the ppa)?20:35
TJ-repz: I don't see any module claiming that ID up to Linux v4.2020:35
fribtomreyn, also should the first config only apply to bionic since it says n=bionic?20:36
tomreynfrib: i'm not sure what you're asking. i would not set the default package' priority to something negative, it just needs to be lower than that of the ppa.20:36
fribok that's fine I can make it positive but the ppa priority is still not registering, why?20:37
tomreynfrib: debugging apt pinning is somewhat cumbersome and i'm not too interested to spend much time on it.20:37
fribwell I dont know anything about it20:38
tomreynthere is apt_preferences(5)20:38
OerHeksrepz, there * was a project running, but discontinued https://github.com/nmikhailov/Validity9020:38
repzOerHeks, yep, that's the only thing i found20:38
repzI ws so happy to have a brand new x1c6 but r1p20:38
fribdoes this make the ppa priority higher than bionic's? http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vFY3nqy3Mf/20:40
fribalso, what does this mean? (nautilus:8012): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 15:40:07.999: Settings schema 'org.gnome.nautilus.preferences' does not contain a key named 'enable-interactive-search'20:41
[bma]Just tested 4.20 - the same :(20:41
[bma]@pragmaticenigma Reports online that it works with nvidia cards, yes. I don't have any other PCI-e cards available to test with though unless I buy a cheap nvidia one20:42
pragmaticenigma[bma]: Do you have a friend that might loan you there's for a quick test?20:42
pragmaticenigma[bma]: what happens if you plug it in unpopulated?20:42
ioriaafaik, Vega Frontier works only with AMDGPU-Pro20:43
pragmaticenigma[bma]: See what ioria mentions?20:43
fribdoes anyone know how to fix this? (nautilus:12266): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 15:48:59.448: Settings schema 'org.gnome.nautilus.preferences' does not contain a key named 'enable-interactive-search'20:51
tomreyngsettings may allow you to edit the schema. is it a good idea to do so? not sure.20:53
fribtomreyn, I would like to try20:53
OerHeksmaybe part of/linking to tracker ?20:53
fribdo you know how to edit it?20:53
tomreynfrib: no, you're on your own20:53
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OerHeksi stop supporting this ppa too, ask the maintainer to do a proper build20:54
fribhow about nemo20:55
OerHeksnemo is for cinnamon20:57
fribi'm using fluxbox20:57
OerHeksoh, are you even using ubuntu?20:58
fribOerHeks, obviously yes20:58
SimonNLfrib     gsettings --help21:03
SimonNLfrib       gsettings list-keys org.gnome.nautilus.preferences21:04
fribSimonNL, thanks.. if nemo doesn't work out I will try that21:05
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BadrHi all22:09
Badri have in system ubuntu and i installed windows dual boot after the installation of windows i can't to open ubuntu22:09
OerHeksthe manual says install windows first, but you can rescue this by reistalling grub22:10
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub222:10
Badri install boot-repair and she give me that https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gxRF3mRHf9/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootPartition22:12
Badrthe probleme is the fist partition of the disk is for windows22:14
OerHeksseems to be repaired, but line #1168 ...22:14
Badri don't know how to free space at the start of the disk where windows installed22:14
OerHeksthat should be done from within windows, AFAIK22:16
Badrsorryi don't know what is afaik22:17
OerHeksafaik as far as i know22:19
Badrbut how?22:20
OerHeksdiskmanagment tool?22:20
Badrhe free up the finish of disk not the start22:21
BadrI can to copie my file of ubuntu and reinstall him?22:22
energizerWhat is the difference between gnome-terminal -e and -x ?22:23
EriC^^Badr: let me check the boot-repair log, 1 sec22:23
DARKAD000Hi all, I would like to change my DE22:24
energizeroh i think i get it, nevermind22:24
DARKAD000I would like to have a light resources one22:24
energizerDARKAD000: i just started using one called http://qtile.org yesterday, and i'm already in love with it22:25
DARKAD000I'd like to use one with mouse22:25
DARKAD000but thank you for your suggestion22:25
energizeryou can use mouse with it, but it is mainly designed for keyboard, ya22:25
EriC^^Badr: what happens right now when you turn the pc on? do you get grub?22:26
pragmaticenigmaDARKAD000: This channel specializes in support type questions. For suggestions and opinions on software to try, please ask your question in the #ubuntu-offtopic channels. If you have trouble installing/switching to a new desktop environment then head on back here for assistance22:26
EriC^^Badr: ubuntu doesn't need to be the first partition of the disk22:27
DARKAD000pragmaticenigma, are you an open-minden person?22:28
pragmaticenigma!ot | DARKAD00022:28
ubottuDARKAD000: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:28
pragmaticenigmaEriC^^: Badr issues looks like rebuilding grub isn't the issue as much as updating the MBR to use grub to boot with. I think you're on the right trail22:29
BadrKernel Panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)22:29
Badrshe give me that22:29
Badrwhen i open ubuntu22:30
EriC^^Badr: aha, pragmaticenigma what an old school error in the end of the log, it mentions the ubuntu partition being possibly too far from the start of the disk, i wonder if that's the case though for newer pc's22:30
EriC^^Badr: maybe the uuid is wrong, let me see the log for fstab/grub/blkid uuids, 1 sec22:31
pragmaticenigmaEriC^^: It really shouldn't, especially with EFI capable BIOS I would think. (my machines will scan an entire 4TB USB external driver looking for a boot record22:31
EriC^^the uuid's check out for / and /home in grub and fstab22:33
EriC^^Badr: ^22:33
BadrYES ERIC22:33
Badrtake your time22:34
EriC^^let me see if the initramfs exists for the kernel22:34
EriC^^Badr: actually, in the linux line in grub it's using /dev/sda2 instead of the uuid, that might be the cause22:35
EriC^^line 266 of the boot-repair log22:35
EriC^^ah also, the initramfs is missing, the ubuntu entry is 4.15.0-43 but the initramfs isn't listed under the files22:36
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EriC^^that must be it i guess22:36
EriC^^Badr: are you in the live usb right now?22:36
TJ-EriC^^: when you see that grub won't add a menuentry for that version22:37
EriC^^Badr: TJ- the entry is there though22:37
EriC^^maybe it got deleted post update-grub22:37
=== SailorMoon is now known as CodeLyoko
EriC^^Badr: type 'sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt'22:37
Badryes i try with this and any result22:38
TJ-EriC^^: hmmm, maybe the 10_linux logic changed since I last played with it22:38
EriC^^Badr: ok, type "for i in /dev /sys /proc; do sudo mount -R $i /mnt$i; done"22:38
=== CodeLyoko is now known as TheMesquito
TJ-EriC^^: hmmm, right, it does now. I wonder when that changed22:40
Badri can to speak with you from the live usb?22:41
EriC^^Badr: yeah, go to http://freenode.net and log on and join #ubuntu22:42
TJ-Could Badr just boot an older version and repair from there?22:43
EriC^^ah right, derp22:43
declanscaleanyone know how can I send words to messenger through weechat? thanks23:04
IniGitwhy does umount not have a -U option for unmounting via uuid. you can do mounting via uuid via mount -U, but not unmount?23:05
IniGitwhat is the logic behind that?23:05
tomreynIniGit: "umount UUID=..." works for me23:07
tomreynoops actually it doesn't, just doesn't report an error23:08
tomreynoh yes it does work, i'm distracted :)23:08
IniGittomreyn: ok that works, but why is this not documented in the man page?23:09
IniGittomreyn: When I search for uuid I do not find a docu of that23:09
pragmaticenigmaIniGit: it has to do with the way umount finds the device23:10
tomreynIniGit: upper case UUID is mentioned23:12
IniGitpragmaticenigma: How does it find the device?23:13
pragmaticenigmaIniGit: It searches through /etc/mtab /etc/fstab and /proc/self/mountinfo23:14
pragmaticenigmaIniGit: Though one thing to note, in the man page is this important paragraph: free space at the start23:14
pragmaticenigmaoops... copy paste fail23:15
pragmaticenigmaThe umount command detaches the file system(s) mentioned from the file hierarchy. A file system is specified by giving the directory where it has been mounted. Giving the special device on which the file system lives may also work, but is obsolete, mainly because it will fail in case this device was mounted on more than one directory.23:15
pragmaticenigmaIniGit: The last sentence explains that you can use device ids, but because it can be mounted into multiple directories, this isn't recommended23:15
voiwhy sudo sh -c "iptables-save > /etc/iptables.ipv4.nat" and not just: sudo iptables-save > /etc/iptables.ipv4.nat ?23:17
IniGitpragmaticenigma: ok23:17
IniGitthank you23:17
tewardvoi: because the `> /etc/iptables.ipv4.nat` part doesn't get 'sudo' applied to it23:18
tewardvoi: sudo only applies to the first command and arguments passed into it23:19
tewardvoi: which is why `sudo iptables-save` works, but not the directing of the output into a file23:19
voiteward, thanks. is there no easier way?23:19
tewardvoi: no there is not.23:20
tewardthough not sure why you're writing to /etc/iptables.ipv4.nat because that's not a typical file in Ubuntu23:20
tewardnor is that where `iptables-persistent` or other inbuilt firewall tools refer to23:20
voiteward, https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-wifi-bridge/ step 1523:21
EriC^^voi: you could do "echo something | sudo tee /file"23:23
EriC^^and | sudo tee -a /file   for appending23:23
tewardwell there is what EriC^^ specified yes.23:23
tewardvoi: not sure that you're using Ubuntu in that setup23:24
tewardare you using Ubuntu?23:24
voiits for rpi. but i couldnt join #linux since its invite only23:24
voiso no, its raspberian23:24
teward!offtopic | voi23:25
ubottuvoi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:25
tewardwe don't support non-Ubuntu in this channel23:25
tewardand the channel you're after is called ##linux23:25
tewardnot #linux23:25
teward(you also need to register your nick)23:25
voi#linux is invite only, not registered only23:26
tewardno, you just don't listen well23:26
teward##linux != #linux23:26
tewardTWO hash marks23:26
tewardit's +r -  you need to register with nickserv.23:26
Tin_manAnd it's not invite only.23:26
tewardbut that's all offtopic here23:26
tewardvoi: go to ##linux23:26
tewardwe aren't going to support Raspbian in this channel23:27
voiteward, thanks, didnt know there are both # and ##!23:27
OerHeks#raspbian or #raspberrypi or #ubuntu-arm are your options too23:29
tewardOerHeks: not #ubuntu-arm - raspbian != Ubuntu23:30
IniGitwhen I do mount and on the next line in my bash script umount I get an error:23:46
IniGitumount: /mnt/gernot/DevLinuxBackup: target is busy.23:46
IniGitumount failed23:46
IniGitWhen I do sleep in between it works23:47
IniGitHow do I know if mount is finished without sleep?23:47
EriC^^IniGit: you could do something like mount .... && umount23:47
EriC^^that way it'll run after it finishes and only if it returns successfully23:48
tomreynyou may want to "sync"23:49
IniGitEriC^^: thx, but in the real script I want to do something in between23:50
IniGitthinking error23:50
EriC^^IniGit: sure, it's an example23:50
EriC^^hi badr_23:51
IniGitEriC^^: But why does it not run synchroniously without && ?23:51
badr_sorry delayed23:52
badr_this is the report of repair boot complet23:53
badr_Boot successfully repaired.  Please write on a paper the following URL: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Zv8kVgd3BY/   In case you still experience boot problem, indicate this URL to: boot.repair@gmail.com or to your favorite support forum.  You can now reboot your computer.   The boot files of [Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS] are far from the start of the disk. Your BIOS may not detect them. You may want to retry after creating a /boot partition (EXT4,23:53
EriC^^IniGit: i suspect something else is wrong, maybe show part of the script, you're right, mount something; umount should run after mount finishes23:53
EriC^^badr_: type "sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt"23:53
IniGitEriC^^: Now everything works fine. Idk why but it just threw the error one time23:54
IniGitMaybe the external drive was in some sleep mode or so23:54
badr_and what?23:54
EriC^^IniGit: maybe whatever you did in the middle was still affecting it23:55
IniGitoh now I get the error again. Can i post the script here (multiple lines) ?23:55
EriC^^!paste | IniGit23:55
ubottuIniGit: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:55
EriC^^badr_: then type "for i in /dev /sys /proc; do sudo mount -R /mnt /mnt$i; done"23:55
badr_yes i  i did23:58
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit23:58
EriC^^badr_: type "sudo chroot /mnt"23:59
IniGitlike this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XCtK7gr5MG/23:59

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