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KumoolSoid: gtk chtheme04:36
Kumooldownload that04:36
KumoolSoid: i told to switch to a window manager04:36
Kumoolyou can use gnome themes as well04:37
Kumoolso long as they're gtk3 they should work04:37
KumoolSoid: gtk2 or gtk3 themes, thats all that matters04:38
Kumoolif you mess up erase the gtkrc04:38
Kumoolgood luck04:38
SoidThank you, I like to give you an appearance style android material design, and once I did not have to format just delete the theme and xubuntu works.04:42
SeTunTunI am installing xubuntu 18.04 but i can't find the option to encrypt my /home14:09
gnrpSeTunTun: Do you want to do it for only your user, or a whole partition?14:20
brainwashSeTunTun: bug 175684014:50
ubottubug 1756840 in ecryptfs-utils (Ubuntu) "Buggy, under-maintained, not fit for main anymore; alternatives exist" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/175684014:50
SeTunTungnrp, hi, only for my user15:21
xubuntu30dhelp me i want install vertual machin in xubuntu19:08
SeTunTunhello, i installed xubuntu 18.04 but the encrypt "/home" is missing.19:16
SeTunTunHow can I encrypt my home directory now'19:16
brainwashSeTunTun: did you read through bug 1756840 yet? I've linked it before19:20
ubottubug 1756840 in ecryptfs-utils (Ubuntu) "Buggy, under-maintained, not fit for main anymore; alternatives exist" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/175684019:20
SeTunTunsorry brainwash I couldn't. I am reading it now. Really dissapointed about this bug :(19:28
SeTunTunit doesn't semm to be an easy soluton for common users like me.19:29
brainwashI assume that you can still do it manually after installing Xubuntu19:30
brainwashbut that may be tricky19:30
brainwashanother approach would be to use an older Xubuntu release, and then upgrade to 18.0419:30
SeTunTunI think it's time to burn my computer, have a long beard and live in a cave hunting my food19:31
brainwashany reason you don't want to go with full disk encryption?19:35
SeTunTunI share the disk with another Os19:38
SeTunTunby the way the volume keys don't seem to work.19:39
brainwashthe volume keys should be handled by the pulseaudio panel plugin19:40
brainwashdid you maybe remove it?19:40
xubuntu30dhow i can install vretual machin in xubuntu19:42
brainwashwhich one do you want to install?19:42
SeTunTunbrainwash, it is there, i did not remove it. thanks anyway. I will leave it today or try another os. xubuntu seems to be half-made19:43
brainwashxubuntu30d: sudo apt install virtualbox19:45
xubuntu17dВсем привет19:56
xubuntu17dIs there anyone out there?19:57
xubuntu17dWho does not hear me?20:00
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