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Pinkertonyo, uh, so, I'm trying to export a .png from Krita and it just won't give me the option21:33
PinkertonIt doesn't show up in the formats dropdown21:33
PinkertonJust did apt install krita on Kubuntu Bionic21:33
PinkertonNo funny business that I am aware of21:33
Pinkertonam I missing something?21:33
PinkertonI tried Google but as far as I can tell no one else has ever had this problem21:34
bpromptPinkerton:   https://docs.krita.org/fr/tutorials/saving-for-the-web.html ?21:37
PinkertonI have looked at this already21:37
PinkertonThe problem is PNG is not exposed as an option when I follow these directions.21:37
PinkertonI can do JPG or pretty much anything else21:38
PinkertonJust not PNG, weirdly21:38
bprompthmmm I don't use Krita myself, mostly Gwenview21:38
bpromptPinkerton:   has to be some feature, maybe a mask or need to be "flattened" or layer21:38
PinkertonI have done this as well21:38
geniiAre you using File->Export and not File->Save As ?21:39
geniiIt's conceivable you might need some additional graphics libraries for conversion to work, like libpng21:42
PinkertonWe figured it out in #krita21:42
PinkertonThe filetype selection dropdown doesn't respond to mousewheel input and the scrollbar is very unintrusive21:43
PinkertonSo I scrolled over it and mistakenly thought there were no options21:43
PinkertonWhen I grabbed the scrollbar manually I was able to find it and it works as intended21:43
Pinkertonmy bad guys21:44
bprompthmmm all is well that ends well21:44

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