tjaaltonRAOF: fyi, egl-wayland is in sid now and should enter disco any time now06:47
didrocksgood morning07:26
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liuxg1does anyone know how to set up wifi using command line for ubuntu mate? I have an application which is autostarted on power-up. I do not even need to login to let it run. However, I find that if I do not login, the wifi does not connect at all. The app needs to have network connection. thanks08:01
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers08:37
didrockssalut oSoMoN08:38
oSoMoNsalut didrocks08:39
jibelGood morning oSoMoN and didrocks08:41
oSoMoNsalut jibel08:41
didrocksbonjour jibel08:42
willcookemorning all08:53
didrockshey willcooke08:54
oSoMoNmorning willcooke08:54
didrockshey Laney09:05
seb128hey Laney willcooke didrocks09:06
seb128how is everyone today?09:06
willcookehey seb128!  It's chilly today09:06
didrocksmorning seb12809:10
didrockschilly here as well09:10
LaneySURE is!09:12
oSoMoNhey Laney, seb12809:18
andyrockgood morning!10:05
willcookehey andyrock10:06
seb128hey andyrock, how are you today?10:19
andyrockhey seb, good thanks! what about you?10:23
seb128I'm good thanks!10:24
seb128didrocks, thx for the ubuntu-make autopkgtest fix!12:23
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didrocksseb128: yw! I would be more confident once autopkgtest will run, but it seems to be hours away with the kde stack pending12:26
seb128yeah :/12:26
didrocksbut it should be ok, I have reproduced it in a vm, and fixed it here while still running in bionic as well (for the snap version)12:27
seb128good :)12:28
willcookedidrocks, oh you fixed it?!  Nice one!12:44
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willcookejibel, 18.04 daily installed on the haunted laptop with no problems.17:09
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willcookedinner time, night all18:07
oSoMoNnight all18:41

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