tewardwho runs meetingology, and is it just a dedicated bot or is it using a plugin on top of something like Limnoria?01:40
daxteward: last i heard it was a limnoria plugin. i don't know who currently maintains it02:34
JackFrostI'm kind of guessing nobody, but yes limniny.02:46
tewardhappen to know what that plugin is, dax, hggdh, popey?  Because I am curious :P16:04
tewardmy assumption is 'no' but never hurts to ask :P16:04
hggdhteward: no, I do not. I never interacted with the meetingology plugin, except as an user. Of old, I think, AlanBell took care of it.16:20
tewardwondering if it's anything like meetbot was.  a hodgepodge of Py2 code16:20
tewards/was/is/ (Debian's MeetBot I mean)16:20
popeyNot me17:04
hggdhteward: this seems to be the bzr for ubottu: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bots/ubuntu-bots/devel18:09
JackFrostThere's a py3 port of it at least.23:32

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