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cpaelzergood morning06:33
lordievaderGood morning07:10
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muhahaAny alternative to heirloom-mailx, where can I specify SMTP host,credentials as argument? I need simple oneliner. Thanks10:52
Nafallomuhaha: sendemail for example10:55
ahasenackcpaelzer: rbasak: hi, could I get a review of https://code.launchpad.net/~ahasenack/ubuntu/+source/libmspack/+git/libmspack/+merge/361459 please?11:08
muhahaNafallo anything else?11:11
muhahaseems that msmtp has this option11:13
Nafallomuhaha: probably, but that's the one I have used in scripts when I need to send attachements automatically ;-)11:16
rbasakahasenack: yes. Doing it now.11:29
ahasenackrbasak: thanks11:29
rbasakahasenack: done11:32
cpaelzerI was at it as well11:36
cpaelzerwell +1 as well :-)11:36
ahasenackeven better :)11:37
eugenioHi all, I'm updating a 18.04 server, but the network seems to be very slow. I want to reboot the system and restart the update. The question is: is safe to stop the apt-get update with ctrl+x? May I damage the apt-get system? In case of yes could I stop, reboot and relaunch the apt-get with problems?11:44
ahasenackeugenio: if it's just downloading packages, then ctrl-c is safe11:51
ahasenackif it's already installing packages, then better not11:51
eugenioahasenack, ok, it is still downloading11:52
eugenioahasenack, when I start again the update it will start from the point where I left or from the beginning agin?11:52
ahasenackeugenio: it will pick up where it was stopped11:53
eugenioOk, perfect thanks ahasenack11:53
eugenioahasenack, actually there was a problem with the network, now I have reboot the server and the upgrade proceeded very fast. How can I investigate to find what was the problem?11:56
ahasenackno idea, and usually networks problems don't require reboots11:57
eugenioahasenack, how can investigate the reason why the network download speed was so slow?11:58
ahasenackso many ways11:58
ahasenacktry another mirror,11:58
ahasenackcheck speedtest11:58
ahasenacktry a random site, see if it maxes out our download bandwidth or not11:59
ahasenackif the problem is high latency, maybe you have a dns resolution problem and should switch dns servers11:59
ahasenackcheck your network card for errors11:59
ahasenackrbasak: are you looking into the mariadb dep8 failures in excuses?12:01
rbasakahasenack: no but I need to, thanks12:02
ahasenackhm, haproxy wants pcre212:03
ahasenackthis will be fun12:03
ahasenackrbasak: juliank might have raced you12:14
ahasenackmariadb-10.1 (1:10.1.37-3ubuntu3) disco; urgency=medium12:14
ahasenack  * Cherry pick upstream patch to fix test suite for 201912:14
rbasakAh. Thanks.12:15
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DenBeirenhi all14:25
DenBeireni'm struggling with mounting a networked drive to my system14:25
DenBeireni put this in fstab14:25
DenBeirenbut it gets mounted as root, so the user has no rights there14:25
DenBeirenwhat am i missing?14:25
cryptodanDenBeiren: the user should be mounting this on a as use basis14:28
DenBeireni also used https://pastebin.com/z4eVTugQ14:29
DenBeirenwhat do you mean by "as use" ?14:29
cryptodanDenBeiren: via their login as it shouldn't be mounted as root on boot so setup the user on the device if its a nas and see if the user can access it via fuse or gvfs14:30
DenBeirenthe last pastebin i posted should mount it as user/pass on boot no?14:32
DenBeirenit's a ubuntu 18.04 server that needs to mount a share from a syno nas14:33
DenBeirenand the user needs rw rights on that mounted share14:33
cryptodanso the server is mounting the nas and the user is connecting to the server to access the nas?14:34
DenBeirenalmost :-) the user on the server needs to access the nas14:35
cryptodanwhy not just connect to the nas via the users terminal without the server in the picture?14:40
DenBeirenbecause on the server the user runs some programs,.. so it's the server's user that needs access to the nas14:42
cryptodandoes the user exist on the nas and the server with same credentials?14:44
cryptodanthe only way I can see you doing this is by moving the stuff on the nas to the server and doing it that way. might be easier to do as you arent messing with 2 mounts14:48
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friendlyguyhi there! i am wondering if someone can help me to join a 18.04.1 machine to ad? currently i cant get a kerberos ticket. "kinit: Cannot contact any KDC for realm 'OUR.DOMAIN.LOCAL' while getting initial credentials"16:55
friendlyguydns resolution is working, i can ping the dc.16:55
mybalzitchcan you query the srv records?16:55
mybalzitchlike, are you using the AD DNS server for resolution?16:56
friendlyguyi am, let me try to do that16:56
ahasenackfriendlyguy: yeah, the magic works best if you are using the actual ad server as your dns16:57
ahasenackfailing that, add the details to /etc/krb5.conf, just follow the examples in that file16:58
friendlyguymybalzitch: holy crap... found the issue17:13
friendlyguyit was interfering with .local17:13
sdezielthe annoying .local ;)17:24
mybalzitchfriendlyguy: glad you got it sorted!!!17:35
sayihi, looking for good step by step guide on how to build latest squid server /or a ver that supports TLS/MITM on ubuntu 18.04?20:48

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