EriC^^badr_: "update-initramfs -c -k all"00:00
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badr_cat: /proc/cmdline: No such file or directory00:00
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EriC^^IniGit: what's the rsync stuff exactly?00:03
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IniGitEriC^^: Something like that: sudo rsync -aEhhHv --delete --stats --progress <mount-point> <mount-point>00:04
IniGitbut I haven't finished that part00:04
EriC^^IniGit: i can't think of anything else that might be causing that except if something is using the drive, but you said after putting sleep it worked, there's a slight chance that it was a coincidence, like the times you had sleep in you weren't doing "cd /mountpoint" in another terminal or something, just a theory00:04
IniGitEriC^^: The following also sometimes reports the drive is busy error: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HrqrFY37cV/00:05
IniGitumount: /mnt/gernot/DevLinuxBackup: target is busy.00:06
EriC^^IniGit: ok, type "lsof +D /mnt/gernot/DevLinuxBackup"00:07
EriC^^badr_: type "ls /proc" in the chroot, does it list stuff?00:08
badr_bin    home       lib32   null    root  sys   vmlinuz.old boot   initrd.img      lib64   opt    run   tmp cdrom  initrd.img.old  lost+found  proc    sbin  usr dev    install.txt     media   RemoteMouse.exe  snap  var etc    lib       mnt   rm.svg    srv   vmlinuz00:09
IniGitlsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfsd-fuse file system /run/user/1000/gvfs00:10
IniGit      Output information may be incomplete.00:10
IniGitthat is all I get from that command00:10
EriC^^badr_:  something isn't right, open another terminal and type "ls /proc"00:11
IniGitI assume that mount returns a success and that something then happens after mount and that you cannot instantly unmount until that thing is done00:11
jmcIniGit: Do you try change directory before try umont?00:11
EriC^^badr_: dont paste the output here cause the bot will temporarily quiet you00:11
IniGitjmc: What you mean? Why should I do that?00:11
EriC^^IniGit: if you "cd /mnt/....linuxbackup" in any terminal it wont umount00:12
badr_i paste to you private?00:12
EriC^^IniGit: make sure no terminals have that as current dir, and also in your script you're not cd'ing there at any point as jmc suggested00:13
EriC^^badr_: no, use http://paste.ubuntu.com00:13
IniGitEriC^^: No I have no temrinal open that has that directory open00:14
EriC^^IniGit: try "sudo lsof /mnt/gernot/DevLinuxBackup"00:14
IniGitI always get this warning and nothing else form the lsof command:00:15
IniGitlsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfsd-fuse file system /run/user/1000/gvfs00:15
IniGit      Output information may be incomplete.00:15
jmcIniGit: do you using sudo umount....?00:15
EriC^^badr_: ok, type "exit" then type again "ls /proc"00:17
EriC^^badr_: i think there must have been a typo in the "for command" earlier00:18
IniGitIt's also hard to reproduce the error now00:18
pragmaticenigmaIniGit: Your topic might be better handled in a channel dedicated to bash scripting. As far as umount right after mount. Mounting a device takes time. Unless specified bash doesn't wait for the previous command to finish.00:18
EriC^^i thought bash would run commands sequentially after each is done if "&" wasn't used00:20
EriC^^something; somethingelse , somethingelse only runs after something finishes, it makes sense, cause echo $? will always exist00:20
EriC^^i think you're wrong there pragmaticenigma00:20
badr_https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/b2SXhBMkcg/ :she give me that00:20
IniGitIt really seems that I get the error only after the device is idle for a while00:21
EriC^^IniGit: i'd ask in #bash as pragmaticenigma suggested00:22
IniGitSometimes when you access a device that was idle it takes longer00:22
pragmaticenigmaEriC^^: It executes sequentially, it doesn't not necessarily wait for each command to finish before execution of the next00:22
IniGitthen this is the answer00:22
EriC^^pragmaticenigma: but then how does sleep something; something else work00:22
pragmaticenigmaugh... sorry for that "doesn't not" should be "does not" (it's been a long day)00:23
pragmaticenigmaEriC^^: A topic for another channel00:24
EriC^^indeed it is :)00:24
EriC^^it does wait for them to finish00:25
pragmaticenigmaI think in this case, mount hands back focus leaving the kernel to finish the rest of the mount request00:25
EriC^^the program has to give an exit code though to bash00:27
EriC^^badr_: type "sudo umount -R /mnt"00:29
pragmaticenigmaEriC^^: that's what I was trying to say. "mount" tells the system, here do this. "mount" executes in userspace, and tells kernelspace to do something. Once mount tells kernelspace to do something, it assumes it completed and exits00:29
IniGitit can happen because something is accessing it00:29
IniGitask your OS channel how to find out what ;)00:29
EriC^^pragmaticenigma: but how does it know if it succeeded to mount or no? does it get the success from that after its been mounted, then pass that back to bash as a return 000:29
pragmaticenigmaEriC^^: Because it may only care that kernelspace accepted the command as it was provided it00:30
badr_give me that00:31
EriC^^pragmaticenigma: it's a possibility i guess00:31
EriC^^it's starting to make more sense once i factor in the idle drive stuff, anyways curious to know for sure what it is00:33
EriC^^badr_: type "mount" and paste the results00:34
pragmaticenigmaMy theory is this. Mount takes very little time to actually mount the device. As IniGit mentioned, it is likely other processes are triggered after the mount takes place to interrorgate the device, thus having a lock on the resource. Adding a sleep command appears to delay the process long enough that the system is done with the new device and has released its locks00:34
IniGitpragmaticenigma: There may be no better solution then sleep then00:35
IniGitpragmaticenigma: I mean no fast solution ^^00:35
pragmaticenigmaIniGit: I assume once you finish out your script it may become a non-issue00:36
IniGitpragmaticenigma: why?00:39
IniGitI mean the worst thing is that it does no rsync00:39
IniGitI think00:39
EriC^^badr_: can you type "history | grep proc" and paste the output?00:39
pragmaticenigmaIniGit: what do you mean no rsync?00:40
IniGitpragmaticenigma: I mean when it says it is busy --- idk what happens then?00:41
IniGitthinking error that busy stuff may only matter for unmount00:41
IniGitok that means the worst case is that it does not unmount00:42
pragmaticenigmaIniGit: rsync is a program, are you thinking about a device sync?00:43
IniGitpragmaticenigma: yes, but I do not want to copy everything everytime only changes00:44
IniGitand no incremental backups or so00:44
IniGitjust mirror00:44
EriC^^badr_: seems there's a typo00:45
EriC^^badr_: i'm not sure why there are files in /mnt/proc right now, since it's supposed to be empty, but anyways, type "sudo mount -B /proc /mnt/proc"00:46
EriC^^then type "sudo mount -B /sys /mnt/sys"00:46
pragmaticenigmaIniGit: There are whole host of tools already designed to do that, why re-invent the wheel00:46
EriC^^badr_: the typo it's supposed to be the whole line, "for i in /dev /proc /sys; do sudo mount -R /mnt /mnt$i; done" with the stuff after the first ";" too, but nevermind we can do them individually00:47
IniGitpragmaticenigma: it should be simple00:48
IniGitmy script is simple00:48
pragmaticenigmaIniGit: If it were me, I would setup your rsync script to run on a schedule, having the script check if the device is mounted and only performing the rsync if the device is found. Auto mounting on a schedule isn't something I'd personally recommend as you never can be certain if the device is in use00:48
IniGitcomplexity in backups is the worst00:48
pragmaticenigmaIniGit: also you're more likely to have data corruption with auto mounting and unmounting a device00:49
SuperLagIf you want a more current Python than what comes with the distro stock, what is the safest way to do that?00:49
IniGitI have ensured that the device is not mounted at startup and that it will not appear in Nautilus00:49
pragmaticenigma!latest | SuperLag00:49
ubottuSuperLag: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.00:49
EriC^^badr_: ok, type now "sudo chroot /mnt"00:50
IniGitpragmaticenigma: I just have to make the script more robust00:50
EriC^^then type "update-initramfs -c -k all"00:50
IniGitI'm working on it00:50
pragmaticenigmaIniGit: The problem is, more robust means more complex, allowing for more things to go wrong. Simplify your script, leave the mounting and unmount as user triggered. Let your backup be the only thing scheduled with a check for the mount being available00:51
pragmaticenigmaIniGit: There are so many flags to pay attention to for what you are doing. I don't believe you have even begun to scratch the surface.00:52
OerHeksSuperLag, the most less obscure ppa for python deadsnakes could bring in 3.7.2-100:52
OerHeks!info python3 bionic00:52
ubottupython3 (source: python3-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version). In component main, is important. Version 3.6.7-1~18.04 (bionic), package size 46 kB, installed size 187 kB00:52
pragmaticenigma!info python3 cosmic00:52
ubottupython3 (source: python3-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version). In component main, is important. Version 3.6.7-1~18.10 (cosmic), package size 46 kB, installed size 187 kB00:52
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badr_EriC^^:this is the result https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BXbwWRqnwN/00:53
EriC^^badr_: hmm, this is odd00:55
EriC^^badr_: type "exit" then type "ls /proc; ls /proc/mnt"00:55
EriC^^seems like it's not mounting /proc in /proc/mnt00:56
EriC^^badr_: actually, you can reboot into the OS using an older ubuntu kernel that has the initramfs still00:57
EriC^^badr_: when you go to grub, press on advanced > 4.15.0-39-generic00:58
EriC^^boot that kernel it should boot without a problem00:58
EriC^^then we can fix it from the install without chrooting00:58
badr_EriC^^:ubuntu 16.04?00:59
IniGitthank you all. I'm out for today. cu01:00
badr_ok i go to download him and try again01:02
EriC^^badr_: no i mean01:03
EriC^^badr_: the ubuntu you have installed right now, go to grub as usual01:04
EriC^^then press on advanced options  then choose the ubuntu with initrd.img-4.15.0-39-generic  next to it01:04
SuperLagOerHeks: thank you01:05
badr_how i do that01:06
FastZAnyone in here have experience using etckeeper?01:08
FastZI was setting up a new ubuntu server at work today and saw etckeeper mentioned at the end of the ubuntu server guide online and thought it was interesting. have never used it though and was curious what anyone's experiences with it were like.01:10
OerHeksetckeeper manages /etc be stored in a git, mercurial, bazaar, or darcs rep01:10
FastZYeah, I read about what it does and how it works already. Have you ever used it before, OerHeks?01:11
OerHeksi have not used this myself, it is more a tool for devel ?01:12
FastZit seems to be a version control solution for the /etc directory. I admit I haven't been able to do too much more reading on it past basic setup intructions.01:13
FastZmaybe it is more useful for dev systems.01:14
FastZi was thinking it could be useful to resolving problems caused by other admins making changes to /etc contents that result in something breaking01:14
tomreynFastZ: etckeeper is pretty useful, not only for collective sysadmin, also if you forget things yourself.01:23
pragmaticenigmaFastZ: It's a tool used by many, in many cases it help speed up the process of configuring multiple machines to a standard set of options. Please understand that if you would like to discuss tools and features of Ubuntu, #ubuntu-discuss is a much better place to hold such conversations.01:23
tomreynit doesn't help if you break the system entirely, though, and it is not a replacment for intrusion detection software  (if you want such)01:24
FastZright on, and thanks pragmaticenigma.01:25
FastZputting that channel on my autojoins01:26
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EriC^^badr_: hold shift when the pc boots you should get grub01:38
pragmaticenigmaHello devslash ... do you have a support question?02:19
Wonnywhy does my ubuntu start with the screen rotated 90 degrees?02:34
OerHeksyes, please tell us, how did you do that?02:35
epicmetalWonny: I've seen that, too. Not sure of the cause, I'm guessing driver issues.02:50
conjohello all03:17
conjocan anyone tell me if there is a fightcade irc channel anywhere in the wildiness (linux based questions) thank you in advance03:18
conjoor alternatice platform re support chat etc03:19
Bashing-om!alis | conjo03:19
ubottuconjo: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"03:19
conjothank you very much03:21
conjoare you aware of a noob friendly guide for use03:21
OerHekschanging your name on #freenode might help03:23
conjoits my nickname03:24
conjo(conyo right)03:24
conjoim trying to install fightcade with the following script and am encountered this error "wine 0352j?03:27
nebulessis it possible to install hardware drivers on a portable/bootable Ubuntu on a USB flash drive?03:30
Bashing-om!wine | conjo03:34
ubottuconjo: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu03:34
tomreynnebuless: generally, yes, there is no difference in whether oyu install ubuntu to an installed or removable drive.03:35
conjoBashing-om, thanks i have run sudo apt-get install wine. ... stable03:36
nebulesstomreyn, is there a way to go past the 6gb limit?03:36
tomreynnebuless: i don't know this limit, what do you mean?03:37
conjobut in the .sh install script (posted link to script just now) i think there is a reference to wine without specifying version or stable/beta03:37
nebulessUbuntu itself claims it needs 2 GB of storage on the USB drive, and you’ll also need extra space for the persistent storage. So, if you have a 4 GB USB drive, you can only have 2 GB of persistent storage. To have the maximum amount of persistent storage, you’ll need a USB drive of at least 6 GB in size.03:38
conjoi think i can fix the script by editing and inscluding a version number and the word stable but would like to get advice as to whether i am on right track03:38
tomreynnebuless: oh, you're referring to a usb live / install system with persistence. i'm referring to an actuall installation to a usb attached storage.03:38
conjoplease have a look at my pastebin for the install script03:38
tomreynnebuless: is there a reason why you wouldn't want a full installation?03:39
nebulessoh, i meant just a portable ubuntu OS with my files on it on a USB flash03:39
nebulessi wish i could afford a dedicated machine but i only have one, need windows for work, and it's way too slow for virtualbox03:39
tomreynnebuless: both variants are portable.03:40
conjoBashing-om, please help your nick gives the impression you are able to answer (im a noob re linux and bash03:40
Bashing-omconjo: I have no wine experience .. best help is in the #winehq channel :(03:41
conjoBashing-om, the line im refering to is near the top of the doc (ubuntu install03:41
nebulesswhat's the difference between an actual installation to a usb attached storage and a live install on a usb flash drive? I thought usb flash drives behaved the same as usb attached storage03:41
tomreynnebuless: if you have more storage available on the storage windows is installed on you could also dual boot. flash storage (USB key) is not very long lived / reliable.03:42
nebulessi can't repartition right now03:42
tomreynnebuless: the ubuntu installer can do the repartitioning for you.03:43
nebulessthanks for the help tomreyn03:43
tomreyngood luck!03:43
conjonebuless, i suppose one will just run from the usb and the later will install to a usb pluged into the pc but not the one the iso is on03:43
tomreyn!persistent | nebuless03:44
ubottunebuless: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent03:44
tomreynnebuless: this is how i'd do it https://askubuntu.com/questions/16988/#5438803:49
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nebulesstomreyn so i if i burn the install .iso that's also a LIVE (not persistent) Ubuntu that i can carry around?03:54
tomreynnebuless: wait, aren't you gone? ;-)03:54
nebulesslol someone was at the door :)03:54
nebulessbut the install .iso that everyone uses to install ubuntu also doubles as a live cd (forgetful live)03:55
nebulessi'm going to use rufus and go with your dual-boot suggestion03:55
nebulessfingers crossed03:55
tomreynnebuless: by default the live / install iso does not have persistence. there are utilities to create a live / install usb drive which does have persistence. but you can also do a full ubuntu installation to a usb connected storage and thus gain the most flexibility (incl. persistence).03:56
tomreynthe best thing to do is to invest 50 usd and buy a small ssd and install it in your computer or connect it via usb 3.0+, and install ubuntu on that, though.03:58
nebulessmy laptop only has space enough for one hard drive at a time04:01
nebulessis dual boot better on separate drives?04:01
tomreyndoes it have an optical drive?04:01
nebulessno :(04:01
klaminitei believe the pendrive installer suite allows you to set persistence04:01
tomreyndual boot is less painful on two drives. but it's not a requirement, no.04:01
klaminiteAlso if you have a dedicated hard drive for each operating system (if thats what you're asking) then yes, you have to edit grub iirc04:02
tomreynnebuless: you can get a portable ssd which you connect via usb, but it shoiuld be usb 3 at least or it'll be slow.04:03
oceanquakeHi all.  I'm trying to build an initramfs for a system with some luks volumes listed in crypttab.  The key files that crypttab refers to are in fact on an encypted rootfs.  Yet, I get the warning: "cryptsetup: WARNING: <vol>'s keyfile <keyfilename> is not on an encrypted root FS, skipped."  What check is getting tripped here?  I am trying to perform this initramfs setup while chrooted prior to rebooting into a new installation.04:14
oceanquakeSuggestions on how to tell cryptsetup, "yes, in fact these key volumes are on an encrypted root fs"?04:15
oceanquakekey files rather04:15
tomreynoceanquake: there used to be this https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=842951 - which ubuntu version are you running there?04:27
kinghatwhat is going on here? i have to post an image because i cant copy the text. this is in VBox and it does the same thing with ubuntu desktop in VM: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/b4aw4k3N/image.png04:27
ubottuDebian bug 842951 in cryptsetup "Falsely identifies origin of a key file" [Normal,Fixed]04:27
tomreynkinghat: what you are looking at there is the video output of a VM, showing a terminal. you don't copy + paste from a video output.04:29
kinghatheh i mean i get those odd conditions when updating.04:29
kinghatthen run udpate again, then upgrade and everything seems fine. until there are more updates.04:30
tomreynkinghat: use a virtual serial console or install ssh and connect through that if you want to copy and paste. or make sure the VM has internet connection and use !pastebinit04:30
tomreynyou are not the only one installing updates on this system, that's going on.04:31
rdj22222I upgrade to 18.04, and now I seem to be a bit screwed. I was able to boot a couple of times through recovery mode, but now I can't even get into the grub menu. I just get in a restart cycle04:31
tomreynkinghat: also the info on available / pending updates in the motd is not always current.04:32
tomreynrdj22222: did the installation report any errors?04:33
tomreynrdj22222: which changes did you make between when when you were able to get to recovery and now where you can't even get to grub? how old is the storage, has it previously has data loss?04:34
kinghati was wondering more about the errors04:35
oceanquaketomreyn: I just found that, thanks!  I'm running 18.04 (KDE neon).04:35
tomreynoceanquake: hmm i'd expect this to be fixed in the cryptsetup which comes with 18.04, though. but this is all i could find.04:36
oceanquaketomreyn: I was able to find the conf file he mentioned with KEYFILE_PATTERNS and when I altered that, it seemed to work04:37
rdj22222tomreyn: it didn't report any errors. the only problem I had installing was that I didn't have enough space, so I had to purge whatever I could to get the necessary 4gb04:37
rdj22222I thought the problem might be that it's loading an older kernel now, so I changed GRUB_DEFAULT. otherwise nothing. booting in recovery mode wasn't very stable either. I got home today and the computer wasn't responsive04:38
tomreynkinghat: locking issues occur when multiple processes are running dpkg (in a way which requires locking) in parallel.04:38
tomreynkinghat: the other process may be unattended-upgrades, for example04:38
tomreynoceanquake: cool, good luck.04:38
kinghatah. i have only ever seen this in virtualbox.04:39
oceanquaketomreyn: thanks again for the earnest help.  given all the manual steps, I'm sure I fat-fingered or overlooked something, but hopefully this setup boots.04:41
tomreynrdj22222: i'd say boot from live / recovery, run fsck on all file systems and inspect the SMART data04:42
tomreynrdj22222: whats the hardware, which exact version did you install - 18.04.0 or .1?04:42
tomreynoceanquake: yw, i hope so, too04:43
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rdj22222it's a Dell XPS 15 9560, and I don't know which ubuntu version I installed. whichever one I was prompted to install.04:44
tomreynrdj22222: apparently this comes with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, this may be why you could not boot initally.04:51
tomreynwell boot yes but no graphical desktop04:51
tomreyntech specs https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/us/en/19/xps-15-9560-laptop/xps-15-9560-setupandvideo/specifications?guid=guid-4a715843-271e-4d93-b41c-66a245385203&lang=en-us04:52
klaminiteI don't understand how an nvidia card could render a system without a graphics interface04:52
tomreynwlel, there is not much documentation availabel to produce free drivers, and the proprietary ones weren't ready by the time ubuntu 18.04 released.04:53
rdj22222I had my old version of ubuntu working fine04:53
tomreynwas there a question hiddne in this statement?04:55
tomreynrdj22222: i guess you could reinstall and next time you end up on the recovery menu you can install all pending updates and run "sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall" and reboot04:56
klaminitewait people can see these messages right?04:58
rdj22222klaminite: yes04:59
rdj22222tomreyn: I'm trying to boot off an old usb now, oddly enough without success. I am leaning towards downloading a new one and reinstalling05:00
tomreynrdj22222: be sure to make a backup first if there's any data you haven't backed up, yet05:01
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rdj22222thankfully I did backup my important files05:02
rdj22222hopefully the computer is fine, and all this costs me is time05:02
klaminiteAre you getting kernal errors? I usually do get kernal errors when I mess up my USB installs.05:02
rdj22222nah, just after the Dell image it clicks off and restarts. that's as far as I get. I can't even consistently get into the kernel selection menu05:03
tomreynrdj22222: did you change bios settings lately?05:04
rdj22222I'm a lazy user, I don't change things much05:05
tomreynrdj22222: in case you're uefi booting, there seems to be a firmware bug affecting linux booting which the latest bios update fixes: https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/drivers/driversdetails?driverId=F86F9&osCode=WT64A&productCode=xps-15-9560-laptop05:06
tomreyn"1. Fixed a potential issue with binary image measurement using the Linux UEFI shim boot loader."05:06
rdj22222thank you05:07
tomreynbased on previous bios upgrades changelogs, you should be on version 1.11.0 (08/29/2018) at a very minimum (for security reasons) but this newer one (1.12.1, 10/23/2018) may help with uefi boot issues05:10
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rdj22222I'm not really sure how I should partition this for a new install. there's a 1tb drive and a 32gb ssd. should the boot loader go on the ssd?05:31
rdj22222I could just leave the partitions the same as what I chose last time05:31
boblamontI have a file that is written to by a form to have one of two strings in it. I'd like to regularly check that file, and depending on the string, copy the contents of one of a pair of files into a fourth file. I'd like to set up a cron job or similar to repeat it every 10-15 seconds or so. Can I do that? And if so, would doing it that often put a burdensome on the system?05:34
rdj22222I don't see why you couldn't05:45
bindicron doesn't do sub-1min05:49
bindiyou should use inotify to see when the file changes05:50
boblamontit's a relatively lightbindi: is there an alternative?05:50
bindilike pyinotify for python05:50
bindibut why don't you run the script from the form submit in the first place?05:51
boblamontThe form has 2 options, A and B, which get written to file 1. If A is selected, I want all changes to file 2 to be immediately copied to file 4 until the next time B is selected, at which point I want all changes to file 3 to be imediately copied to file 4, like a railroad switch. Does that make sense?05:57
bindinot sure how this is #ubuntu related anymore, go ask some programming channel of your choice, and do it in the form directly, you're over-complicating it05:59
bindino reason to write A/B and poll for changes and read the A/B switch and then do something depending on that, when you could just directly select A -> do whatever, select B -> do whatever05:59
boblamontthe sources for files 2 and 3 are different. 3 is constantly written to automatically, but 2 is done with human interaction.06:00
ubottuUbuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) is the 28th release of Ubuntu and the current LTS release. Download at https://www.ubuntu.com/download - Release Notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseNotes06:09
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afx_Hello ! How can I add a language dictionary for spell checking  to evolution ?08:25
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Lost_in_Terminalg'day I'm looking for help getting virtualbox working receiving error modprobe: FATAL: Module vboxdrv not found in directory /lib/modules/4.20.0-042000-generic after running sudo modprobe vboxdrv08:49
BurekzFineztmight be wrong but you need VBox kernel modules for 4.20. you upgraded your kernel via ukuu, right?08:50
ducasseLost_in_Terminal: vbox might not work with that kernel, use a supported ubuntu kernel08:53
Lost_in_Terminal> BurekzFinezt  that could be it,  kernel updated from http://kernel.ubuntu.com08:53
BurekzFineztbasically what ducasse said, Lost_in_Terminal08:53
BurekzFinezti'm not sure is there any workaround tho, so i can't help you with that, but you could always downgrade kernel08:54
Lost_in_Terminal> ducasse > BurekzFinezt  bugger, I dropped back to an old kernel to try and that failed too... how do I find the last supported vbox kernel?08:54
Lost_in_Terminalthanks for your time and help :)08:55
ducasseLost_in_Terminal: try an official ubuntu kernel, which release is this?08:55
BurekzFinezti think that depends on ubuntu repos. unless you wanna hack away08:55
ducasse!info linux-image-generic cosmic08:56
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (cosmic), package size 2 kB, installed size 15 kB08:56
ducasseLost_in_Terminal: ^^08:56
Lost_in_Terminalducasse, sweet thanks, swear that was one that I tried to go back to, but I'll give it another go :)08:57
Lost_in_Terminalcheers, thanks for your help!08:59
GreatEmeraldEven if I put "persistent" in the kernel command line when booting, /cow doesn't get mounted and I don't see anything in dmesg, is there any way to tell what's going on?09:01
IniGitI want to execute a script on shutdown and I read a stackoverflow post that says – place it in /etc/rc6.d/, but that does not work09:39
IniGitIs this method not valid anymore in 18.04?09:39
ramsub07Hi, I have added my key to ssh-add. But still whenever I'd want to SSH, I am using user@ip_address format. How do I further simplify this to ssh <some_name> ?09:44
geirharamsub07: you can add a host entry for it in .ssh/config09:45
BurekzFineztadd an alias, should make things 100x easier. you can bind a whole command to a single word09:46
badr_EriC^^:are you here?09:47
geirharamsub07: E.g. with these three lines: Host some_name<newline>    Hostname actual.host.name<newline>    User user<newline>    # running   ssh some_name   will do  ssh user@actual.host.name09:47
ramsub07Perfect, thanks!09:48
Tin_manramsub07, here is an example >>https://nerderati.com/2011/03/17/simplify-your-life-with-an-ssh-config-file/09:48
GreatEmeraldEven if I make a partition labelled "casper-rw", all I get is it mounted on /media/ubuntu/casper-rw, but there is no /cow09:50
ficherohi, if I dd some HDD entire disc to ISO and then dd if=iso to usbdrive will that work just as well generaly?09:51
ficheroor it won't be as if I if=HDD of=USB directly?09:51
SwedeMikefichero: yes, it's the same thing.09:51
SwedeMikefichero: I do that all the time.09:52
ficherothanks friend09:52
ducassefichero: you won't make an .iso with dd unless the source is already in iso format, though09:53
HyP3rhello, I want to create a test-access point for the development of my/our iot devices. We are using the latest version of ubuntu 18.04. Now the problem is that we want to use directly hostapd to create an access point (with that we can configure the parameters of the wifi more precisely). hostapd is working really good but I want to use dnsmasq as DNS and DHCP Server09:54
HyP3rdnsmasq is using the port 53 to listen on dns request09:54
ficheroducasse: what!09:54
HyP3rBut the current Version of Ubuntu uses systemd-resolved for resolving dns, which is also listening on 5309:55
HyP3rSo how can I fix this problem?09:55
HyP3rI think systemd-resolvd should be uninstalled and /etc/resolv.conf used directly. Is that correct?09:55
ficheroanywey I'm trying to dd an HDD that is 200GB but the used space is 20GB at most. and I wanna put into a 64GB usb drive. will the empty space used won't allow me to fit it into the 64GB drive?09:55
ducassefichero: dd will also copy the empty space, so that won't work09:58
ficheroducasse: i've seem tutorials that help but is there one you recomend that won't dd the emtpy space?09:59
ducassefichero: afaik clonezilla might do it10:00
ficheroducasse: k cool10:00
ficherois a chinese program lol according to google10:02
ducasseseems it's developed in taiwan10:03
ficherohope is small too10:05
ficherothere's clonezilla live too like a salvage pen drive?10:06
ducassei believe so10:07
Oolclonezilla from taiwan (wikipedia)10:07
ficherocan software updater gui do the autoremove that terminal comand does?10:19
MrCrackPotBuildeim trying to create a symbolic link so i only need to type testing-app --version rather than /path/to/testing/app --version in the man ln it says to use -s so i typed ln -s /path/to/testing/app testing-app but it doesnt seem to work10:19
MrCrackPotBuildeam i doing something wrong10:19
Ben64MrCrackPotBuilde: yes, that just makes a symbolic link in the current directory, that wouldn't allow you to just run "app"10:23
yossarianukhi - is anyone aware - is there any benefit to be gained from using blk-mq scheduler on a SATA SSD drive ? (i.e non NVME)10:23
MrCrackPotBuildeBen64 what is the correct way to make a link ??10:23
Ben64you made a link10:23
IniGithow can I know which scripts are executed at shutdown? Is there a log or so somewhere? I tried the following and it didn't work and now I want to know why: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/276780/why-is-a-script-in-etc-rc6-d-not-run-on-reboot#10:23
IniGitwithout the # at the end10:24
ducasseMrCrackPotBuilde: try ./testing-app10:24
MrCrackPotBuildelol im a dumbass sometimes thanks ducasse10:25
MrCrackPotBuildecompletely forgot about the ./10:25
ducasseMrCrackPotBuilde: link it to somewhere in your PATH10:26
MrCrackPotBuildeah that i can not10:26
MrCrackPotBuildethat was the first thing i did10:26
MrCrackPotBuildeat the bottom of bashrc export path path blah blah10:26
MrCrackPotBuildebut nothing happened at all10:26
MrCrackPotBuildeit seems the application doesnt like the export path10:27
MrCrackPotBuildeno when i move dir10:27
MrCrackPotBuildeit no longer works10:27
Ben64right, because it was in whatever directory you were in, you'd need it in PATH for it to work everywhere10:28
MrCrackPotBuildehow could i put it into path10:28
ducassetry linking it into /usr/local/bin10:28
MrCrackPotBuildethat worked thanks Ben64 and ducasse10:31
muhahaAny alternative to heirloom-mailx, where can I specify SMTP host,credentials as argument? I need simple oneliner. Thanks10:52
badr_how to copie my file from ubuntu he can't to start  ,boot files of [Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS] are far from the start of the disk10:52
HyP3rI have now disabled systemd-resolvd and installed dnsmasq my aim is now that network manager is configuring the resolv.conf directly so dnsmasq can read from that and provide dns and network for the WIFI.10:54
HyP3rBut the strange thing is that network manager is always settting nameserver to Why?10:54
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ficheroducasse: still, clonezilla wants to create 200GB on my 16GB pen drive. says drive is too small, source image is 200gb reported11:01
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:02
ducassefichero: there should be a resize option, but i've never tried this11:04
eugenioHi all, I'm updating a 18.04 server, but the network seems to be very slow. I want to reboot the system and restart the update. The question is: is safe to stop the apt-get update with ctrl+x? May I damage the apt-get system? In case of yes could I stop, reboot and relaunch the apt-get with problems?11:05
maetthewAnyone know of a tool that monitors laptop battery and logs it somewhere. I'm suspecting my battery is starting to get faulty, been noticing drops from 50% to 20-30% quite quickly.11:07
ficheroI'm doing sudo ddrescue if=/dev/sdj of=/dev/sdi11:11
ficheroand the app says inpt file not found11:12
ficherowhat am i doing wrong? I have lsblk saying right now sdj is there and 2 partitions11:12
ficheroand sdi is there too with no partitions11:12
ducassefichero: read the ddrescue man page, carefully. i think those arguments are wrong.11:14
maxzorHello, anyone managed to record desktop with vlc?11:14
maxzorrecordmydesktop is fine, vlc no clue11:19
boblamontI have script I'm trying to run at boot, and I put this in crontab @reboot /usr/bin/php /var/www/html/wriu.org/public_html/staff/nownow.php but after a reboot, the script didn't run11:19
Badryou don't have any idea guys?11:22
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ficherodoes anyone here knows if ddrescue hangs when there's an error rather than saying something11:30
GoopDoes Ubuntu natively show emojies now?11:35
SeTunTunhello. I am trying to encrypt my home directoy in ubuntu 18.04 with ecryptfs-migrate-home -u user11:50
SeTunTunit fails. Maybe because i am the unique user of the system. Is there any way to do this?11:51
ducasseSeTunTun: you need to run it as another user (root) while your user is completely logged out11:54
SeTunTunmy user is the user i created in the installation process. ia assume it is the root. Should i create another administrator?11:58
ducasseSeTunTun: there already is a separate root user, it just hasn't got a password set11:58
SeTunTunreally? how do i access that root user?12:03
Ben64probably would be easier to make a new user12:04
Ben64don't have to mess with setting a root password that way12:04
SeTunTunright, I was thinking about that Ben6412:07
SeTunTunThanks guys!12:07
Amnesiaquestion, I'm trying to create a cosmic chroot, but debootstrap is stating that the InRelease file has expired: E: InRelease file http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/cosmic/InRelease is expired since (Wed, 09 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0100)12:16
Amnesiadoes anyone have a clue what's goin on?12:17
LaRose_Bleuthat sounds like a problem12:20
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AmnesiaLaRose_Bleu: indeed:)12:24
CheezAmnesia: i wonder if it's the signing key for the gpg sig that has expired or something?12:40
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LaRose_Bleuwhats the prettiest terminal?13:00
lotuspsychjeLaRose_Bleu: mine :p13:00
LaRose_Bleulotuspsychje: yuk13:00
seven-elevenis ntp by default installed on ubuntu?13:02
lotuspsychjeLaRose_Bleu: join #ubuntu-discuss to talk about polls and best-offs13:02
seven-elevenoh looks like ubuntu used timedatectl from systemd13:03
[twisti]how can i get the location of a script file inside the script ? the reason im asking is i want to be able to do "/some/path/to/where/the/script/is/script.sh" from anywhere, and then be able to call a second script that is in the same directory from the first script13:04
[twisti]is that possible ?13:04
leftyfb[twisti]: $0 will give you the location of the script13:10
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sonOfRa$0 will give you the invocation; if /some/path is on your $PATH, and you invoke script.sh; and it's in /some/path/script.sh you will only get "script.sh"13:31
zap0how do i find where all the network share folders data is kept?13:31
sonOfRaIf you invoke it with the full path, it will return the full path13:31
cryptodanzap0: how are you connecting to the share?13:37
BadrEric^^: thank you very much for your help although I could not run my system ubuntu or restore my files13:37
BadrI really appreciate your efforts13:37
zap0from Windows machine, using Window Explorer.13:37
cryptodanzap0: then its a samba share right click on the mapped drive and see if it has the path and ip address13:39
zap0i don't know what 'mapped drive' means.13:44
zap0can you tell me where the data is kept?13:44
cryptodanzap0: a mapped drive is how you mount a windows share in windows13:45
LaRose_Bleumapped drive is a drive on a network elsewhere13:45
cryptodanand the ip address or hostname would be listed in the path properties13:45
vincent-Hello. One simple question. I'm about to install Xubuntu 18.04 on an SSD and I was wondering if the installer will allow me to create F2FS partitions. Thanks.13:47
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vincent-Nevermind, it seems there isn't any big difference in terms of performance between EXT4 and F2FS, and the first one is more reliable/stable/mature.13:55
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jebladAnyone knows why the grub menu suddenly is gone? I wonder if it is on my other 4k-display.15:02
lordcirthvisone, hello15:06
visonelordcirth: hi¡15:13
visonehow it´s goes¡15:13
lordcirthvisone, good thanks, but chatting is off-topic here. #ubuntu is the support channel. #ubuntu-offtopic exists for chat15:17
SeTunTunhello could anybody help me with a doubt? what is SPICE agent?15:22
lordcirthSeTunTun, https://spice-space.org/15:23
SeTunTunlordcirth, I visited it but i'm afraid i don't understand it. Can i delete this servce?15:24
lordcirthSeTunTun, do you use virtual machines, or remote desktop? If not, it should be safe to delete15:24
tomreynspice-vdagent is part of the ubuntu-desktop package. removing one will remove the other, but then ubuntu-desktop is just a meta package, you don't strictly need it.15:27
karrothi, I'm using this digitalocean guy (not on a digital ocean machine) to try to create a vnc server that I can ssh tunnel into and run an xfce desktop15:29
SeTunTunthanks tomreyn15:29
karrotthe problem is, in step 3, I connect to my ssh server with another port, not 22, and I don't know how to put that information. into the command in digitalcoean command in step 3315:29
karrotssh -L 5901: -C -N -l sammy your_server_ip15:29
karrotmy port for ssh is 3345... so i'm curious where I could put that in to that command?15:30
tomreynSeTunTun: you're welcome. next time you ask about a package, it will make it easier if you can find out the package name. but as you see it worked this time around. ;-)15:30
tomreynkarrot: you add "-p 3345" somewhere between "ssh" and "your_server_ip"15:33
karrotanywhere shouldn't matter?15:33
tomreynkarrot: ...but not before a word which starts without a dash15:33
karrotI tried ssh -L 5901: -C -N -l sammy -p 3345 your_server_ip15:34
karrotand it hangs like a mofo15:34
karrotbut, I guess that can be another probelm :(15:34
tomreyndid you restart the ssh server after chaning the port?15:35
karrotI never changed the port for ssh15:36
karrotit's been that way before I added the vncserver15:36
tomreynkarrot: actually, this command is meant to "hang there", due to the -N option15:36
karrotnow I understand15:36
karrottomreyn: you saved me many headaches my friend!15:36
karrotmuch is owed to you15:36
tomreynit'd been a good idea for the tuitorial writer to point this out15:37
tomreynkarrot: and be aware that ubuntu doesn't always work like debian. which ubuntu version are you using?15:38
karrotlol, it just says do that. command then connect trhough your vnc15:38
karrotI'm actually using raspbian15:38
karrotI just didn't want to admit it wasn't an ubuntu affair for fear of people thinking I'm abusingt his channel15:39
tomreynwell then you shuldn't be asking your questions here15:39
karrotahhhh, I'm sorry, I had no where to turn15:39
karrotI am really thankful you helped me though15:39
leftyfbUbuntu 18.04 with multiple vpn profiles in network manager. The vpn profiles are named very specifically but cutoff after 10 characters in the GUI. This is a silly limitation. Anyone have a solution or workaround?15:51
tomreynmaybe number them and have a simple script to look up the names for those numbers.15:52
tomreyni doubt there's going to be an option to switch for the display length15:53
Callek...I'm on cosmic and using multiple monitors -- the dock itself seems to frequently get out of sync (I have the setting enabled to display the dock on all displays) -- it has more frequency to get out of sync when I disconnect the external monitor and later reconnect it... it manifests as "only apps open at the point it goes out of sync stay visible on the15:53
Calleksecondary monitor, and no new ones get added to the dock, the activity icon (for open windows) will still change, and it will still react to right click and left click on secondary monitor, but if I open a new app or close an unpinned app, the icon list doesn't change)...15:53
CallekI'm interested if anyone knows of any bug, or a recommendation on where to file or what info would be useful in a bug filed15:53
tomreynleftyfb: which gui actually?15:53
leftyfbtomreyn: the default, gnome15:53
leftyfbtomreyn: it's really silly that it cuts off the naming like that15:54
CallekI'm using the "default" window manager, which iirc is gnome3 - and I have autorandr installed if that makes a difference (to assist when I travel to offices and use a different external monitor)15:54
leftyfbtomreyn: renaming with numbers isn't a good solution15:54
Callekthe external monitor is connected by hdmi and I'm on hidpi displays on both screens (200% zoom in settings)15:54
tomreynleftyfb: you could use nmtui-connect instead, but i see your point.15:57
leftyfbtomreyn: Also not the option we were looking for. It blows my mind that these things make it past QA15:58
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sungyAnyone can hellp with systemd?16:05
sungyCant seem to disable a service16:05
tomreynleftyfb: i dib't see anything related in "gsettings list-recursively org.gnome.nm-applet"16:06
leftyfbtomreyn: I looked there as well16:06
tomreynleftyfb: and there is no gsetting for it https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/network-manager-applet/blob/master/org.gnome.nm-applet.gschema.xml.in16:08
tomreyn!details | sungy16:08
ubottusungy: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.16:08
leftyfbsungy: sudo systemctl disable <service_name>16:09
sungyhi leftyfb: Yes ive trieded every way to disable it normallly, but when I boot it comes back16:11
leftyfbsungy: which service?16:11
sungyIts for openvpn and I can see two entries' in the output of  this command "systemctl --type=service --state=active list-units"16:12
leftyfbsungy: pastebin please16:14
BluesKajsungy, check /etc/init.d for an openvpnauto script16:16
leftyfbsungy: what version of ubuntu?16:17
sungyHi leftyfb many thanks I made a pastebin here - https://pastebin.com/G06t18A516:21
sungyIts especially strange because the es10 and es14 files dont actually exist any more so I dont know how those services are getting started16:22
sylariohas team viewer been removed from the software available in the16:27
sylarioI do not know the english name of the 'logiteque'16:27
sylarioin the graphic GUI to install software. In 18.0416:28
friendlyguyhi there! i am wondering about network configuration on ubuntu 18.04.1, the dns-server listed in resolv.conf isnt what the dhcp server is handing out.16:28
leftyfbsylario: teamviewer was never available in the default repos. You get that from their website and is unsupported here.16:28
hggdhsylario: repository?16:28
friendlyguyis it ignoring dhcp option 006?16:28
sylarioI am not sure the GUI to install is named repository16:28
leftyfbfriendlyguy: it points to your local machine which runs systemd-resolved for caching16:28
leftyfbsylario: if you want teamviewer, go to their website16:29
friendlyguyah, okay16:29
friendlyguythanks sylario16:29
sylariook thanks I am doing that16:29
leftyfbfriendlyguy: nmcli device show |egrep -i "domain|dns"16:29
friendlyguyerm, sorry leftyfb :)16:29
friendlyguythank YOU16:29
sylarioI am doing remote support but I rarely use the graphic interface or a vanilla Ubuntu16:30
aqdwhere should I submit patches to disable nasty stuff in commercial packages such as spotify? I made a preload so to block ports and "zygote". Is there somewhere on ubuntu for program specific preload? (not /etc/ld...preload)16:30
friendlyguythat looks much better16:30
aqdcould extend that for chrome and other broadcasting apps as well, damn them i don't want firewall16:31
leftyfbsylario: then use ssh16:31
sylario@leftyfb : It's behind a NAT router16:32
leftyfbsylario: port forwarding? Make a remote server for creating reverse ssh tunnels. Run tmate manually16:33
leftyfbsylario: also, vpn16:33
sylarioI am not sure i can explain to a non tech user how to create a reverse SSH tunnel16:33
tomreynaqd: use open source software.16:33
aqdis there an alternative to spotify??16:34
tomreynaqd: not if you insist on the vendor lock in, i assume16:34
aqdbut I dont want chromium's port 5353 anyway, they shouldn't open any port16:35
leftyfbsylario: try tmate16:35
tomreynaqd: have you tried chromium-browser, the package that is in ubuntu?16:35
aqdi'm using that16:35
tomreynaqd: you said "chrome"16:36
aqdokay not google's binary. i suppose they package the nasty updater as well16:36
aqdhm maybe binfmt can help with per-program preloading?16:37
tomreynaqd: if there is a problem with chromium-browser in ubuntu, please file (requires launchpad.net credentials) a bug using: ubuntu-bug chromioum-browser16:37
Badr_i want to recover my  date https://paste.ee/p/ZJGFp can you help my?16:38
tomreynBadr_: start by reading the file README.txt. type "less README.txt", press'q' to quit it.16:40
friendlyguyi am wondering if someone can help me with domain joining a ubuntu 18.04.1 machine? i am following the following tutorial: https://bitsofwater.com/2018/05/08/join-ubuntu-18-04-to-active-directory/16:42
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friendlyguyrealm discover our.domain.local looks "good", but when i try to get a kerberos ticket... "Cannot contact any KDC for realm our.domain.local while getting initial credentials"16:44
friendlyguyi verified dns resolution is working correctly, i can ping the kdc16:45
Badr_tomreyn :https://paste.ee/p/oStT016:54
Badr_look that16:54
tomreynBadr_: interesting17:00
tomreyni think you want to ecryptfs-recover-private17:01
SiecjeHow can I disable a user from automatically being logged in?17:03
Badr_yes i want17:03
Badr_my document17:03
sylariook, I managed to makje the user download Team viewer17:04
tomreynBadr_: note that ecryptfs is kind of (i haven't found this mentioned on the release notes) deprecated nowadays. see the 18.04 !releasenotes17:04
sylarioand please do not advise to use tmate when the remote user barely manage to install tviewer17:04
tomreynBadr_: oops i meant to write: note that ecryptfs is kind of deprecated nowadays. see the 18.04 !releasenotes17:04
lotuspsychjeSiecje: disable automatic login17:05
Siecjelotuspsychje: How?17:05
lotuspsychjeSiecje: system options/details/users17:06
tomreynSiecje: you can use the user management GUI your desktop environment provides17:06
Badr_thank ypu :tomreyn17:06
Siecjetomreyn: I'm using Cinnamon, and I don't see anything.17:06
tomreynSiecje: which graphical login manager (desktop manager) do you use?17:07
lotuspsychjeSiecje: don't you have users settings in cinnamon?17:07
SiecjeHow do I check?17:07
SiecjeOkay I found the user in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf17:08
hillman7Hello. I am very confused. My wifi stopped working on 18.04 and I'm not at all sure why. It's a regular wifi network with a captive portal, but network-manager doesn't seem to load the captive portal anymore (just tries to go to nmapplet.gnome.org or something similar)17:24
hillman7I can connect to other networks just fine (tethered to my phone at the moment)17:24
lotuspsychjehillman7: whats your chipset brand please?17:25
hillman7sorry the url is "nmcheck.gnome.org"17:25
hillman7lotuspsychje: Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 8265 / 8275 (rev 78)  (ie. ilwifi)17:26
cryptodancaptive portal?17:26
hillman7I've tried restarting network manager and rebooting, forgetting the wireless network17:27
lotuspsychjehillman7: your system fully up to date?17:27
hillman7I think autoupdates are on nightly17:28
lotuspsychjehillman7: allright, want to share your dmesg please, maybe we can find something there17:29
hillman7just updating now to be sure17:29
lotuspsychjeallright, tnx for checking hillman717:30
hillman7goign to reboot to get a clean dmesg17:30
hillman7lotuspsychje: https://pastebin.com/PmyPAtbm17:37
hillman7note that I accidentally typed the password wrong once in there, so there will be a failed authentication17:37
cryptodanhillman7: what is this captive portal you speak of?17:38
hillman7cryptodan: it's what you call it when a public wifi connection forces you to log in17:39
cryptodanoh the website that pops up asking you pay for faster speeds or continue with standard speeds?17:39
hillman7gnome has some sort of script that pops up a window with the portal in it, or it loads in your browser17:39
hillman7not for speeds, just for access at all17:39
cryptodansimply open your browser and it should access it17:40
hillman7brb trying something else17:41
lotuspsychjehillman7: try also: tail -f /var/log/syslog and disable/enable wifi again17:42
hillman7lotuspsychje: I see a lot of this in syslog: systemd-resolved[766]: Using degraded feature set (TCP) for DNS server x.x.x.x17:43
SiecjeMy mouse scroll wheel barely works.17:43
Siecjesometimes it scrolls up when I scroll down. Most of the time it doesn't do anything17:44
pragmaticenigmaSiecje: I would recommend trying a different mouse to see if it is a hardware issue.17:44
lotuspsychjehillman7: i dont see anything unusual in your dmesg, could you share the tail17:45
cryptodanhillman7: what browser do you use on your install and does it have any ad blockers or anything like that enabled?17:47
hillman7no ad blockers, vanilla firefox17:48
hillman7this has worked fine for months until today17:48
cryptodanhillman7: try disabling ipv6 in network manager and see if you can connect17:49
hillman7have there been any recent updates to network-manager?17:52
lotuspsychjehillman7: i didnt see some on my system, but you could check your dpkg log17:52
adrian_1908hillman7: can you repeat the problem (connection issues?), just joined.17:53
lotuspsychjeadrian_1908: <hillman7> Hello. I am very confused. My wifi stopped working on 18.04 and I'm not at all sure why. It's a regular wifi network with a captive portal, but network-manager doesn't seem to load the captive portal anymore (just tries to go to nmapplet.gnome.org or something similar)17:55
lotuspsychjeadrian_1908:  Intel Corporation Wireless 8265 / 8275 (rev 78)  (ie. ilwifi)17:55
adrian_1908^ Thanks. Yeah, would have recommended the ipv6 thing as well first thought.17:55
hillman7lotuspsychje: here's the system log: https://pastebin.com/vQmHF6eD17:56
hillman7that's just me turning off/on wifi again17:56
hillman7not the AP with the issue17:56
hillman7the AP with the issue seems to "connect", but I can't access the internet or the captive portal17:56
lotuspsychjehillman7: i just noticed dbus updates in my dpkg log, perhaps related?17:57
hillman7god I hope not17:57
cryptodanhillman7: in a browser type this in http://192.168..x.1 of course with thre missing number and not sure why you edited it.17:58
hillman7this is the message in the captive portal box when I try to connect to the bad AP: "Error resolving “nmcheck.gnome.org”: Name or service not known"17:58
hillman7sorry I'm slow to reply, I'm switching wifi networks often to try to test things17:59
hillman7trying to do it fast enough so I don't disconnect18:00
Xardsome people have been complaining about hdmi sound starting delay, but i'm not only getting that if I try to use hdmi audio, but also latency of the amount of delay which means almost two seconds of audio latency... though "pacmd list-sinks" reports the latency around 20ms or so despite that. Restarting pulseaudio with -k after swithing to hdmi audio fixes the issue though (on 18.04)18:00
hillman7going to try another reboot brb18:03
Sir_AndreiPeople, idk if this is the right place to ask..., but well18:04
Sir_AndreiI wanna install Lubuntu 18.04 on a computer given to my brother by the uruguayan gov.18:04
Sir_AndreiThe problem is they have a BIOS which doesn't allow to disable UEFI Boot.18:04
Sir_AndreiAnd they only allow to install systems signed by them.18:05
Sir_AndreiWhat's my way in this case?18:05
Siecjepragmaticenigma: I've had this mouse issue before in the past with a different mouse.18:08
pragmaticenigmaSiecje: What did you do then to fix it?18:08
hillman7phone is running out of juice :/18:08
sleehi, anyone else having update issues?18:09
hillman7thanks for your help guys, but I have no idea what's going on. Gotta disconnect unfortunately.18:09
lotuspsychjeSiecje: did you try mouse on different flavors, then cinnamon?18:09
lotuspsychjehillman7: come back when you have more time ok18:09
cryptodanhillman7: when you are connecting to the public wifi have syslog tailing and look for the gateway ip of the ap and see if you can use the ip address in a browser and connect that way18:09
vividso i need to build some i386 packages for bionic.  these packages cannot be built on launchpad due to licensing conflicts.  I notice there is no i386 installer for a virtual machine.  what is the suggested method of building i386 packages for bionic?18:09
Siecjelotuspsychje: Yes it was happening on KDE.18:10
hillman7cryptodan: will do, thanks18:10
lotuspsychjeslee: could you pastebin: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade please?18:10
pragmaticenigmaSir_Andrei: Does it have the option to disable "Secure Boot"18:10
Siecjelotuspsychje: Hmm I get a bunch of warnings and errors https://dpaste.de/5KPL18:12
sleelotuspsychje, https://pastebin.com/h8RbAZ48 -- the url for the repo it states failed....i can paste the url in a browser for the deb and it prompts me to download it18:13
lotuspsychjeSiecje: that update command was not for you18:14
Sir_Andreipragmaticenigma: no, the computer have the option, but it only allow to "Enable" BIOS... sorta weird...18:15
Sir_AndreiIt's an American Trends Inc18:15
Sir_AndreiAmerican MegaTrends Inc*18:15
lotuspsychjeslee: maybe try to select another mirror in software&updates18:15
pragmaticenigmaSir_Andrei: You will have to contact the manufacture to see if there is a BIOS update to unlock that feature. Else, you will have to look at the instructions for installing Ubuntu/Lubuntu using UEFI mode18:17
sleelotuspsychje, thanks, tried several mirrors awhile ago, all failed, just tried another randon one, worked fine, thanks18:18
lotuspsychjewelcome slee18:18
ducasseSir_Andrei: will 'enable bios' let you boot in legacy mode?18:19
lotuspsychjeslee: maybe report this to #ubuntu-mirrors also18:19
pragmaticenigmaducasse: I'm guessing that the machine being given from a gov't office, is likely locked down for security18:19
lotuspsychjeslee: nvm, i reported it18:23
sleelotuspsychje, sorry, was on other boxes updating, great, thanks again18:26
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cambazzhello, how can i see which wireless mode my wireless card connects to the router? specifically i want to make sure that it is 802.11ac18:33
cambazziwconfig shows a bit rate.18:33
cambazzbut not mode.18:33
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IniGitwhen my service should only do something on shutdown, but nothing on boot, can I leave that statement from my [Service]: ExecStart=/bin/true19:16
IniGitor do I have to set something at ExecStart=19:16
IniGitIdeally I do not want that it does anything on startup but only something on reboot and shutdown19:16
TJ-IniGit: that's not the way to do it; if you wish a service to run only on shutdown you should make it a Wants of the shutdown.target19:18
TJ-IniGit: you'd be better off asking about this in #systemd channel19:19
IniGitTJ-: ok thx19:19
TJ-IniGit: also see "man 5 systemd.unit" where ti talks about Wants and a <service>.wants/ directory and drop-in files19:20
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toastintheshellI'm having trouble figuring out why desktops other than stock gnome won't load after install19:29
toastintheshellno issues running #apt-get install xfce419:30
TJ-toastintheshell: did you install the relevant <de>-session package ?19:32
toastintheshelltried switching dm to lightdm and not switching dm from the stock one, tried instead doing it via #apt-get install xfce4, tried lxde, and others, none seemed to work19:32
toastintheshellhm, let me see19:32
TJ-toastintheshell: install "xfce4-session"19:32
toastintheshellTJ-: looks like it was included in "apt-get install xubuntu-desktop"19:34
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TJ-toastintheshell: in which case, at the greeter log-in, there should be a cog-icon on the taskbar that allows you to choose which session to use for the log-in19:35
toastintheshellI have a test machine I've been using to try to duplicate this setup on, and there were no issues logging into other DEs19:35
toastintheshellYeah so when I switch DEs in the menu it tries to start, black screen, reverts to lightdm19:36
toastintheshellsomeone suggested removing ~/.Xauthority, but that didn't do the trick. Interestingly the file was recreated after going back into Gnome19:37
TJ-toastintheshell: the reason for removing .Xauthority usually is it got owned by root, which prevents the user from being able to replace it19:39
toastintheshellTJ-: I see, yeah it's not owned by root19:40
TJ-toastintheshell: so you're able to choose the XFCE session but the user's login fails ?19:42
badr_https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KsrRvzYhq8/  How to close that?19:42
TJ-toastintheshell: it could be user-specific config conflict. I'd recommend creating a new test user and logging into that. IF that works, it confirms there's something in the regular user profile causing it19:44
tomreynbadr_: it hints on it bottom left: ctrl-x19:44
toastintheshellTJ-: yes, Gnome desktop works normally, xfce desktop fails, xubuntu desktop fails, lxde desktop fails (I tried more, all identical issues)19:44
tomreyn^ = Ctrl there19:44
badr_tomreyn: reatnow i can to read README.txt19:45
tomreynbadr_: sorry?19:45
tomreynbadr_: pleasae rephrase your question.19:46
badr_how to recvre my data?19:47
malwar3hun73ranyone used zfs on ubuntu?19:48
toastintheshellTJ-: and following the exact same steps on another machine with from the same install media does not reproduce the issue19:49
tomreynbadr_: did you notice what i wrote about ecryptsfs-recover-private above?19:49
badr_for me?19:50
tomreynbadr_: this is the manual for the "ecryptfs-recover-private" command: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/man1/ecryptfs-recover-private.1.html19:51
tomreynbadr_: using this command (available form the "ecryptfs-utils" package) you should be able to recover your ecryptfs encrypted data.19:52
tomreynthere is also ecryptfs-mount-private if there is no need to recover the data19:53
badr_tomreyn: ecryptfs-utils ;command not found19:53
tomreynbasically that's what the README file you opened in the editor states19:53
tomreynbadr_: ecryptfs-utils is a software package name, it is not a command you can run19:54
tomreyn!info ecryptfs-utils19:54
ubottuecryptfs-utils (source: ecryptfs-utils): ecryptfs cryptographic filesystem (utilities). In component universe, is optional. Version 111-0ubuntu5 (bionic), package size 103 kB, installed size 548 kB19:54
tomreyn!search ecryptfs-mount-private19:54
tomreyn!search ecryptfs-recover-private19:54
ducasse!find ecryptfs-recover-private19:57
badr_https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-mount-an-encrypted-linux-home-directory-to-salvage-data/  :i think that is easy19:57
ubottuFile ecryptfs-recover-private found in ecryptfs-utils19:57
strangerrwhere is the current official documentation for configuring openldap? i mean the one that isnt eleven years out of date, which is the first relevent search result https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/openldap-server.html.en20:00
badr_ecryptfs-mount-private ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly20:01
strangerrmaybe when shuttleworth gets back from space, he can get around to updating some documention20:04
tomreynstrangerr: there are man pages which should be current,20:05
toastintheshellSo in sumary, lightdm and gdm have no trouble logging into gnome DE, but any other selected DE fails to start20:06
strangerrtomreyn: which man explains how to update official lts server guides?20:07
badr_strangerr:you speak with me?20:11
boblamontI set up a script to run on reboot in my crontab, like this @reboot /usr/bin/php /var/www/html/wriu.org/public_html/staff/nownow.php but it didn't run after a reboot20:13
collinandersonhow do i inline add to PATH in bash? PATH=/usr/lib/chromium-browser/ echo $PATH isn't working20:25
tewardcollinanderson: `export PATH="/usr/lib/chromium-browser:$PATH"`20:27
tewardoh INLINE nevermind20:27
collinandersoni'm just trying to do it without polluting my environment, because i only need it for one command.20:27
tewardyou can still run `export PATH=...` and then just close and reopen your session20:28
tewardtbhat won't change the persistent path20:28
tewardat least, not permanently.  But you should probably still include the rest of PATH in there otherwise things'll not work anyways :p20:28
badr_!info ecryptfs-utils she don't run :tomreyn\20:34
ubottu'she' is not a valid distribution: artful, artful-backports, artful-proposed, bionic, bionic-backports, bionic-proposed, cosmic, cosmic-backports, cosmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-pr20:34
ioriabadr_, may i ask you what are you doing ?20:36
badr_ioria: i want to recover my data  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KY4p4W236n/20:40
Sbur3Any suggestions to watch different programs on Kodi?20:41
ioriabadr_, are you on livecd ?20:42
OerHeksSbur3, more a Q for #kodi20:42
Sbur3OerHeks thx. and that includes series?20:42
repzHi there, is there an easy way to change / manage plymouth theme without doing it manually?20:43
ioriabadr_,  just home encrypted ? nothing else ?20:44
ioriabadr_,  what happens if you run       sudo ecryptfs-recover-private ?20:45
badr_ioria: that https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RZJqc9SqqQ/20:47
ioriabadr_,  and it quits ?20:48
ioriabadr_,  umount /mnt/recover  and paste sudo parted -l20:52
badr_ioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8Q46RNSW32/20:54
ioriabadr_,  sudo umount /mnt/recover20:54
ioriabadr_,  are you jocking ?20:56
badr_ioria: no20:56
badr_ioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VSpqSfvqFV/20:57
sayihi, looking for good step by step guide on how to build latest squid server /or a ver that supports TLS/MITM on ubuntu 18.04?20:58
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abei accidentally blew away my /var/lib/gdm3/.config/pulse/client.conf file and broke my sound - could someone on 18.04 share theirs?21:02
geniiabe: You should be able to just copy over the client.conf from /etc/pulse/ directory21:07
genii( which gets installed from the libpulse0 package)21:08
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OerHekssayi, "squid server  that supports MITM " ??21:13
badr_ioria: i wirite lo but i copied the commed without read him?21:13
badr_ioria: i wirite lo but i copied the commed without read him21:13
abegenii: ah okay thanks. that's actually what i had done to "blow away" the file originally (i copied, then added a couple lines which i've since deleted). but i also modified /etc/pulse/default.pa so maybe i actually broke things there21:15
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IniGitdoes somebody know, will the following only list mounted filesystem or also entries from some files like fstab or so:21:39
perplexityis there an existing ubuntu pkg build for bash 5?21:40
IniGitfindmnt --evaluate UUID=<uuid>21:40
perplexityor how can i access such files via apt-get at the command line without editing my sources.list21:40
OerHeksperplexity, no bash5 packages available yet, build it from source?? http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/bash/21:42
OerHeksit has just been released21:42
perplexityyep exactly what ill have to do21:43
perplexityOerHeks, any specific install path i should use for such packages being installed locally21:43
OerHeksmaybe make a PPA out of it, to share with others?21:43
perplexityi need to learn ubuntu's fs heirarchy21:43
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)21:43
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tomreynIniGit: only mounted, based on my testing (and it's not difficult to test).21:45
IniGittomreyn: I also tested it, but I thought maybe there is something that I missed to test and I should ask people who know Ubuntu better then me and probagbly know the code :)21:48
IniGitI plan to dig into source files soon after I know C a little bit better21:49
tomreynIniGit: i have not checked the source code, either, and am not sure i know ubuntu better than you do. ;-)21:52
IniGittomreyn: :)21:56
IniGitI think I should use the  /etc/mtab file21:57
IniGitto be sure21:57
TJ-IniGit: default without options is --kernel (so mounts only)22:03
IniGitTJ-: Good to know thank you22:03
IniGitTJ-: SO there is no difference wheter I use --mtab or the default when I only want mounted partitions?22:09
TJ-IniGit: that depends if mtab has been updated22:09
IniGitTJ-: Is it normally updated correctly like file that --kernel references?22:11
IniGitTJ-: Or are there potential issues with mtab?22:11
IniGitAnd should I better use the default?22:12
TJ-IniGit: depends - not if the /etc/ is on a read-only FS22:12
TJ-IniGit: also the mtab content may differe from what the findmnt process sees in-kernel due to namespaces22:12
IniGitTJ-: I'm not so familiar with that chroot namespace stuff, but I assume that this is only the case when I alter something right and by default both should give me the same result when /etc/ is ro?22:14
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TJ-IniGit: if your command were running in a container it may not see a consistent view depending on how the container is configured, so if you need to be bullet-proof you need to consider that kind of issue22:17
IniGitTJ-: Does that mean I should use what – mtab?22:18
TJ-IniGit: mtab is a file that may not be correct, kernel would be my preferred source of authority22:20
IniGitTJ-: ok thanks22:20
aldcorwhat the hell is reality?22:23
leftyfbaldcor: This is an ubuntu support channel. Feel free to chat in #ubuntu-offtopic22:23
repzHi there, is there an easy way to change / manage plymouth theme without doing it manually?22:26
aldcorleftyfb, hehe i know :)22:28
OerHeksrepz, not really, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1046370/how-to-change-boot-splash-screen-in-18-0422:31
repzsad in 2018 :(22:32
repzOr any way to see all of them at a glance ?22:40
GlorfindelHello, how does one find the UUID of a device?23:49
snowgogglesGlorfindel: blkid23:50
Glorfindelso basically badr_ is trying to follow this: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-mount-an-encrypted-linux-home-directory-to-salvage-data/ to recover data, and I am asking the questions for them as the don't speak very good english23:51
Glorfindelthough I think they could manage :)23:51
Glorfindelbadr_: can you run the command snowgoggles shared?23:51
badr_Glorfindel: yes this is well23:53

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