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skullboyHi guys14:16
skullboyi've a particular issue with my xubuntu14:16
skullboyi've installed a 18.04 on my toshiba laptop14:17
skullboyusually i use it with two external monitor14:17
skullboyHDMI and VGA14:17
skullboyif i launch a video on youtube (for example)14:18
skullboythe monitor connected via HDMI go blank for some second14:18
skullboyand come back14:19
brainwashskullboy: is that behavior specific to a certain web browser?14:22
skullboymaybe an audio to HDMI issue?14:26
brainwashno idea14:28
brainwashI would test with a different web browser, with parole and a local video file, etc.14:29
brainwashalso, look through the Xorg log files in /var/log14:30
skullboyi'm downloading a sample video to do the test with parole14:31
skullboymmmm with chromium all it's fine14:34
brainwashand you use firefox otherwise?14:35
skullboyalso with parole14:35
skullboyall work fine14:36
skullboyit's a firefox issue14:36
brainwashit could be that firefox has a different method of preventing monitors entering sleep mode while it plays a video14:36
brainwashin your case this method is not working 100% properly14:37
brainwashdid you check if the external monitor blanks again when pausing and then resuming the youtube video?14:39
skullboywith pause the issue disappear14:53
skullboyok, disable hardware acceleration in FF solve the problem15:00
skullboyin firefox under preference -> performance must remove the flag from Use recommended performance settings and now it's possible uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available15:02

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