Glorfindelany likelyhood of issue if I close all user-initiated programs and then upgrade on ubuntu server 16.04?00:17
Glorfindelit should just come back up and I'd be able to ssh back in, right?00:17
sarnoldit's always nice to have a way to a console if the machine's a few thousand miles away...00:23
leftyfbIf it's a server, it usually has some sort of OOB access (ipmi,idrac,ilo,AMT)00:25
GlorfindelI guess worst case I reinstall it from scratch and import my backups00:25
Glorfindelleftyfb: I'm not familiar with that, what does it do?00:25
leftyfbGlorfindel: what type/model of server?00:26
Glorfindel1and1 vps00:26
Glorfindelthe non dedicated one00:26
leftyfbok, contact them for support then00:26
sarnoldhmm... lots of possibilities there00:27
sarnoldit might be an openvz container on a system00:27
sarnoldit might be a vm00:27
sarnoldyou may or may not have an eas yway to get t oa console through a web interface or something similar00:27
Glorfindelthey have a kvm console00:31
snowgogglesGlorfindel: something doesn't smell right if you don't have low level management of your vps and you are attempting to upgrade the vps. is this a PaaS?00:31
sarnoldeh, even amazon doesn't have consoles on ec200:31
sarnoldI'm not saying that's great, but it's not necessarily horrible00:32
Glorfindelsnowgoggles: I can also upgrade to 18.04 via their install disk, but that means copying everything back again afterwards00:32
GlorfindelI was hoping to just upgrade and keep all my files and programs00:33
snowgogglesGlorfindel: what service is this?00:33
sarnoldGlorfindel: should be fine. it usually is..00:34
sarnoldjuts be sure to have a plan in case things don't go to plan00:34
Glorfindel1and1.com rather00:34
GlorfindelI believe it's IaaS00:35
snowgogglesGlorfindel: site says all vps have console access so i don't see an issue unless it's false advertising00:38
Glorfindelok, I'll give it a shot sometime here then00:43
GlorfindelI think I'll try getting a backup first00:43
sarnoldalways a good idea :)00:48
cpaelzergood morning05:54
lotuspsychjegood morning cpaelzer05:59
lordievaderGood morning07:35
KlendazuHello everyone, i have ubuntu 10.04 lucid version, i want to upgrade the php version to 5.6 but in the ondrej ppa repository there is no lucid version, can anyone can help me to upgrade the php version ??08:38
KlendazuNo one can help me ? or tell me where i can find information to install or upgrade php 5.6 into lucid 10.04 version ??08:48
lordievaderKlendazu: 10.04 is EOL for a couple of years.08:49
Klendazui know, but i have an iscp version on it08:49
lordievaderUpgrading to a more recent Ubuntu version will give you a newer PHP version automatically.08:49
Klendazuto upgrade this server is so complicate08:49
Klendazuthe only thing to do is upgrade to 5.6 the php08:49
lordievaderRunning EOL software is a security risk.08:50
KlendazuI know08:50
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ahasenackgood morning11:03
lordievader<freenode_aha "good morning"> Hey ahasenack11:34
ahasenackhi there lordcirth13:02
ahasenackthat one :)13:02
lordievaderHow are you doing?13:02
ahasenacklordievader: good, thanks, and you?13:23
rbasakahasenack, kstenerud: I marked bug 1810827 as Triaged/High and added to our backlog. Any reason I shouldn't have done that?13:35
ubottubug 1810827 in samba (Ubuntu) "/usr/sbin/smbd:6:dump_core:smb_panic_s3:smb_panic:change_to_user_internal:smbd_smb2_request_check_tcon" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181082713:35
rbasakGiven that we have steps to reproduce etc.13:35
rbasakI should have asked before making changes, sorry.13:35
ahasenackthat's fine, but there is no patch yet13:36
rbasakI see13:36
rbasakI added a bug watch for the upstream project.13:37
rbasakI think that means it'll hit our triage queue again when the upstream bug gets resolved.13:37
rbasakThank you for finding the upstream bug etc!13:37
rbasakahasenack: triage process question on bug 570944. I think it can be marked Fix Released again. Were you expecting that to be done by the next triager?13:39
ubottubug 570944 in samba (Ubuntu) "passwd : gives "Authentication token manipulation error"" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57094413:39
rbasakI ask because it was marked '+' in the triage tool (as expected)13:40
ahasenackrbasak: oh, I thought mathieu had done it13:40
rbasakNot a process question then, thanks :)13:40
ahasenackrbasak: yep, +1 for fix released again13:40
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rbasakcpaelzer_: I had grabbed https://code.launchpad.net/~kstenerud/ubuntu/+source/logwatch/+git/logwatch/+merge/361551 to review16:11
rbasakHave we collided?16:11
cpaelzer_rbasak: you grabbed yesterday16:15
cpaelzer_I added mine as I had a few spare minutes16:15
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Slashmanhello, I'm trying to install ubutun 18.04 on a new server, this server has UEFI, doing the manual filesystem setup, I cannot create a partition for EUFI boot... is there a way to get back the old installer somehow to do that?16:59
Slashmanor is there a way to create the uefi partition with the new installer?17:01
ahasenackSlashman: the installer should take care of creating that partition17:01
ahasenackI think it calls it "ESP" iirc, just don't worry about it and it should work17:01
ahasenackthat being said, the old installer is still available if you want17:01
Slashmanahasenack: ok, I'll try to set it up without configuring the ESP, how can I start the old installer?17:02
ahasenackSlashman: the old installer is another image, let me fetch the link17:02
Slashmanahasenack: the /boot/efi partition is created after you create a first partition17:04
ahasenackSlashman: I think it's this one: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/18.04.1/release/ubuntu-18.04.1-server-amd64.iso17:04
ahasenackit doesn't have the "live" word in it17:04
Slashman"/boot must be on a partition on a local disk" when trying to create it on a lv, sad...17:06
TJ-Slashman: did the installer start in UEFI mode, and is the disk label GPT ?17:11
SlashmanTJ-: yeah, everything worked fine, except the installer doesn't allow /boot on a lv, so I'm starting the old installer image17:11
TJ-Slashman: that'll be subiquity I presume?17:12
Slashmanis subiquity the name of the new installer,17:12
TJ-Slashman: Yes17:12
SlashmanTJ-: yes then17:13
TJ-Slashman: I think it stands for 'server' ubiquity (the latter is the name of the desktop installer)17:13
Slashmanahasenack: thank you for the link, that's the correct image indeed17:14
TJ-Slashman: I don't use the installers so not touched that, but I do hear a lot of issues since it doesn't have feature-parity with the original debian-installer approach17:14
SlashmanTJ-: well, I found at least one missing feature here ^^17:16
TJ-Slashman: I prefer using my own scripts and debootstrap17:18
SlashmanTJ-: I would love to, it's just a question of time17:20
TJ-Slashman: I know :) I'm typicall deploying LUKS + RAID + LVM so it is worth it17:21
SlashmanI may just clone the system disk (which is on hardware raid) when I'll have to install a lot of systems17:23
siwicaI am trying to setup a bridge br0 with an ip address using netplan. Can anybody give me a hint why ifconfig does not show an ip for bro with the following config? https://pastebin.com/SWfZEJJ817:28
lordcirthsiwica, I gave up on getting netplan to work properly with bridges. I write configs in /etc/systemd/network instead. It's not even harder.17:33
TJ-siwica: firstly check if a systemd network definition has been generated for the bridge in /run/systemd/network/17:34
TJ-siwica: if so, then usr journalctl to check for problems with it17:35
siwicaTJ-: The systemd network definition looks ok17:37
siwicaAlso I can see the bridge interface running ifconfig. Just its IP is missing.17:37
siwicaThe content is the following: https://pastebin.com/gipdEC6917:39
siwicaNothing to see with journalctl it seems17:39
siwicalordcirth: If nothing else works, I will revert to doing this. Just thought I should probably adhere to the new way of doing things.17:40
SlashmanI agree with lordcirth, I'm not a fan of adding an other layer on top of systemd-networkd17:41
Slashmansiwica: new ubuntu way, I'm not sure if any other distribution are using netplan.io by default17:41
lordcirthnetplan is from Debian17:41
Slashmanlordcirth: oh, I though it was from canonical, is this planed to be in debian 10?17:42
cyphermoxit is from Canonical17:42
SlashmanI still don't like this additional layer anyway17:43
cyphermoxit's recently been added to Debian17:43
cyphermoxsiwica: you'll need to look at what networkctl says. sometimes the issue has to do with how the network interfaces are identified17:43
lordcirthcyphermox, oh, thanks17:44
TJ-siwica: if there's a systemd.network config for the bridge then the issue isn't netplan, unless it is generating an incorrect config. Is the physical interface slaved to the bridge up and active?17:44
siwicaTJ-: The physical interface is up but not running. No network cable plugged in there as of now.17:45
TJ-siwica: Thought so. That's expected of systemd. We've seen a few people caught out by this. Address not assigned until at least one slave interface is active17:45
siwicaSo if I plugin a cable the address should be shown?17:46
siwicaI'll try this out after dinner :)17:46
TJ-siwica: Yes; you're not the first to be stumped by this !17:47
siwicaTJ-: Ok, thanks a lot. This cost me a couple hours unfortunately.17:47
TJ-siwica: yeah, despite it not being netplan.io's fault it ought to be documented behaviour17:49
cyphermoxsiwica: what version of netplan?17:49
siwicacyphermox: 1.10.1-5build117:50
siwica(Not sure if this is the version of the Debian package of the upstream version number)17:51
siwicaTJ-: Yeah, this would help.17:51
siwicaIn any case I don't really understand the trend of encoding everything in YAML files nowadas at any cost.17:53
lordcirthI have no problem with YAML - I use Saltstack all day. Netplan just doesn't *do* anything17:54
lordcirthIt takes your input, introduces subtle problems, then exports exactly the same data to networkd17:54
siwicaBut lets you write YAML :D17:54
siwicaMaybe that's enough of an advantage to some people17:55
lordcirthI write my networkd files with Salt, which is YAML! :P17:55
lordcirthI can generate bridges and vlan ifaces from a list of vlan ids.  It's great.17:55
siwicaI might check it out at some later point when I am not having time pressure17:56
TJ-siwica: the drive, I think, was to have a single config work for multiple network management tools, hence the 'renderers' in netplan.17:59
cyphermoxsiwica: that's very very bad as a version number18:38
cyphermoxsiwica: you may have installed "netplan" instead of "netplan.io"; there's a calendar package with a similar name, so it's a relatively common issue18:39
cyphermoxshould be something like 0.36.2 or bigger, but still starting with 0.something.18:40

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