Term1nalQuestion, how can I find out what error cause my root filesystem to mount as read only? fstab has errors=remount-ro, so I'm assuming some kind of error occured, but combing through dmesg does not help00:04
Term1nalfsck shows the volume as clean00:05
philipp64hi… how much longer is Ubuntu going to support PPC hardware?00:05
geniiphilipp64: The last official PPC release was Trusty00:06
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/ - CHECK FOR POINT RELEASES at http://releases.ubuntu.com - Release Info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes00:07
philipp64what about community support? and what kernel does trusty ship?00:09
genii!info linux-image-generic trusty00:10
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 31 kB00:10
OerHeksPPC - Notable absentees are: Chrome/Chromium, Adobe Flash, Wine (however Qemu can be used, see below), Skype, ndiswrapper, proprietary video drivers and Dropbox. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ#What_software_is_available_for_PowerPC.3F00:10
philipp64thanks… well, it's not 4.10… but it's better than 2.6.32…00:11
OerHeksbut you can run supertuxcart00:11
philipp64actually this would be for an embedded device… a network appliance.00:11
geniiphilipp64: Official support ends April this year for Trusty. There may be later community PPC ports however00:11
philipp64so not worried about Skype, WINE, Flash, etc.00:11
philipp64which distro has the best powerpc support?00:12
OerHeksdebian dropped 32 bit ppc too, it is a dying arch00:12
geniiOerHeks: Yes00:13
philipp64yeah, and gcc-8 announced that powerpc support is on the way out.00:13
philipp64but my employer has hardware out there that we need to support for another 5 years… sigh.00:13
geniiphilipp64: For PPC architecture, probably YDL ( Yellow Dog Linux )00:14
philipp64we need to pivot to another distro that can keep us going during that time.00:14
philipp64Is YDL still a thing?  we're currently using ELKD 4.2 which is downstream of YDL…00:14
philipp64but they pivoted to Yocto.00:15
geniiYes, whatever they evolved into would probably be the very last actively supported PPC linuxes ( unless there is a debian or Ubuntu community port)00:15
OerHekswhat if you used the server iso, and put on a desktop ? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/16.04.5/release/ubuntu-16.04.5-server-powerpc.iso00:18
geniiphilipp64: There seems to be a 64bit version of some type00:19
IniGitdoes anybody know why uhelper=udisk2 does not work in /etc/fstab – I can still only mount and umount via sudo in the terminal?00:19
IniGitstrangely it works in gnome-disks without password00:20
IniGitbut not via cli00:20
philipp64genii: our hw is all 32-bit (85xxDP and e500v2)00:22
geniiphilipp64: http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/xenial/ indicates a regular PPC is available for that version, which would give you a couple more years than Trusty. But it is a community port00:25
MiguelPerucan someone help me troubleshoot this. I believe my laptop has 2 graphic cards, intel hd and geforce 610m how do I know I have preferred drivers installed for each00:25
MiguelPerumy urban terror runs horrible00:25
genii!info linux-image-generic xenial00:26
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 14 kB00:26
geniiphilipp64: The kernel is also 4.4 as the bot shows00:26
OerHeksdriver in use >> lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'00:26
OerHekssudo ubuntu-drivers list # or directly # sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall00:27
OerHeksintel should be in the kernel already00:28
philipp64genii: we could live with a community port, especially if we're feeding fixes back upstream and helping to "float all boats".00:29
geniiphilipp64: There also *may* have been PPC in Yakkety and Zesty, but those have now been archived to old-releases00:29
philipp64well, 4.4 isn't 4.19, but it's not 2.6.32 either...00:29
philipp64so we might be able to help with a kernel update for xenial to 4.15 or later on PPC...00:31
geniiphilipp64: If you have some machine running the PPC port of Trusty, I'd try to dist-upgrade it to Xenial, then change upgrade check from LTS->LTS to Normal and see if it might go one more version, or possibly two00:31
genii( that would be the end of the line though )00:31
philipp64just ELDK-4.2 for now… which is RHEL7.x piped through YDL00:32
MiguelPerucan someone help me troubleshoot this. I believe my laptop has 2 graphic cards, intel hd and geforce 610m how do I know I have preferred drivers installed for each my urban terror runs horrible00:32
Term1nalQuestion: How can I find out what error cause my root filesystem to mount as read only? fstab has errors=remount-ro, so I'm assuming some kind of error occured, but combing through dmesg isn't revealing the cause, just a message saying it was remounted some 250ms after boot, and fsck shows the volume as clean.00:33
OerHeksMiguelPeru, i tried ...00:33
geniiTerm1nal: If you also booted into single user mode/recovery mode, the filesystem would be mounted read-only00:34
Term1nalIt's not recovery mode.00:35
Term1nalI only found out it was readonly because systemd was stuck not doing anything00:35
Term1nalso I flipped over to another tty and checked blame, it was fingering resolved for not being able to start00:36
geniiTerm1nal: So if the filesystem has been marked clean, you could try: sudo mount -o remount,rw /00:36
badr_Hello, how does one find the UUID of a device?00:36
Term1nalwhich I dug in deeper found out that it's because the filesystem was readonly, so I remount as rw and run systemctl default, it runs normally and login screen shows up, can log in, use desktop etc.00:37
Term1nalIf I reboot the system, the same thing occurs.00:37
pragmaticenigma!blkid | badr_00:37
ubottubadr_: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)00:37
geniibadr_: sudo blkid  ..should show all UUIDS00:37
Term1nalthe only thing I can find that looks remotely related is some error message about auto4fs module not being found.00:37
MiguelPeruOerHeks, remaind me?00:38
OerHeksMiguelPeru, just read back, howto show drivers installed for nvidia and/or to install them00:39
Term1naler, rather, autofs4 module00:39
badr_ thank you very much00:40
OerHeksnvidia 610 should run urban terror fine00:40
geniiTerm1nal: If the fs is now mounted rw, you could try re-installing it to make sure the module is available. ( packagename is just the same, autofs )00:41
Term1nalI don't even know if that's what's causing it, however.00:41
Term1nalJust the only potentially related error I could see that might have anything to do with the filesystem00:41
Term1nalIs there any way to find out the criteria of what triggered the error mount condition?00:42
geniiTerm1nal: There may be some clue in the results of dmesg00:42
Term1nalI checked, there's nothing mentioning the root filesystem device, volume, UUID, or anything until or after the message notifying that the / filesystem was rmounted00:44
MiguelPeruOerHeks, I don't have ubuntu-drivers executable just 3 ubuntu-something00:46
MiguelPeruOerHeks, it's for a ubuntu 10.04 instalacion00:47
OerHeksMiguelPeru, oh, we do not support that old beast anymore00:47
OerHeksupgrade, or good luck00:47
MiguelPeruOerHeks, I found it on an abandoned case and decided I'd mount it on a pen and boot it in my i700:53
MiguelPeruyea is so outdated00:53
OerHeksso no servers, no drivers, no updates, i would not waste time on it00:54
texlaUbuntu-mate 18.04 Error "system program problem detected" where do i find this error01:00
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tomreyntexla: anything in /var/crash/ ?01:03
badr_i can to recover my date from ubuntu can't be run?01:04
tomreynbadr_: what is you r native language? and which other langauges do you speak?01:04
tomreynbadr_: what is your native language? and which other langauges do you speak?01:05
tomreynbadr_: because it may be easier to make progress if you speak the same language as those you are asking for help.01:05
tomreynbadr_: currently there is clearly a language barrier.01:06
tomreynif, for example, you speak french, too, you could try #ubuntu-fr01:06
badr_channel of my languge dead01:07
tomreyni see :-/01:08
snowgogglesbadr_: google translate for your problem?01:09
philipp64badr: #ubuntu-aramaic?01:13
texlatomreyn, https://pastebin.com/js4R9XL1  .. this is the crash report  for lightdm there is also on for caja01:26
pragmaticenigmaphilipp64: they've left it would appear01:28
Eli-5dceHey! so i'm having like a serious issue with my video drivers, and i keep getting a lot of screen flickering. and I can't seem to get it fixed.01:28
tomreyntexla: this crash happened on january 301:31
tomreyn!details | Eli-5dce01:31
ubottuEli-5dce: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.01:31
texlatomreyn, Also caja also show january 3 the error panel shows up every time I open ubuntu-mate and wants me to send report01:35
Eli-5dcetomreyn: https://pastebin.com/FMGanref No errors, but this is my video information and pc specifications01:35
tomreyntexla: is your system fully patched? can you install pastebinit and show the output of: sudo /bin/true; pastebinit <( lsb_release -ds  2>&1; cat /proc/version /proc/cmdline 2>&1; echo ===; sudo apt-get update 2>&1; echo ===; sudo apt-get -f install 2>&1; echo ===; apt-cache policy 2>&1; )01:43
tomreynEli-5dce: wow, core 2 duo, that's 10y old, right?01:43
tomreynEli-5dce: can you: dmesg | nc termbin.com 999901:44
Eli-5dcetomreyn, thats correct, but it's one of the last good ones. I squeeze a lot of power out of this t9990..01:45
Eli-5dcetomreyn, termbin : https://termbin.com/1qk401:47
tomreynEli-5dce: please update the kernel.01:47
Eli-5dcetomreyn, which kernal? the Video kernal or  OS Kernal?01:50
R3dC4pHas anyone had issues with the amdgpu driver in a switchable graphics system? I'm on Kubuntu 18.04. I have tried with kernel 4.15 and kernel 4.20, and it refuses to load the module, and downloading frish files from AMD's site fails as well. Full description of what was tried is here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1108451/unable-to-use-amdgpu-driver-in-18-0401:51
texlatomreyn, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4BZDNtbs8y/01:52
tomreynEli-5dce: the 'OS kernel is behind. just install all pending software updates01:53
tomreyntexla: oh this looks very clean, is this a fresh install then?01:54
texlatomreyn, yes about a month or so01:54
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tomreyntexla: can you post: jounrnalctl -b | pastebinit01:55
tomreyntexla: can you post: journalctl -b | pastebinit01:56
tomreyn^ typo fixed01:56
texlatomreyn, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5Wtd84WS88/01:57
tomreynR3dC4p: try the !HWE kernel and amdgpu.dc=101:59
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tomreynR3dC4p: before you do, be sure to undo all of the amdgpu-pro installation02:00
tomreyntexla: this sounds like somethign you could search the web for:     mate-session: WARNING: Unable to find provider '' of required component 'dock'02:05
tomreynAlso this:    PAM unable to dlopen(pam_kwallet.so): /lib/security/pam_kwallet.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:06
tomreynand this:   zeitgeist-daemon.vala:334: Failed to execute child process zeitgeist-datahub (No such file or directory)02:07
crescenthowdy everyone, wondering if anyone can help me nail down this samba issue i'm having? :)02:07
tomreyntexla: also this:   dbus-daemon: Unknown group "power" in message bus configuration file02:08
R3dc4p_Installed HWE kernel and set amdgpu.dc=1 in grub, lspci -k | grep -EA3 'VGA|Display' reports radeon card as using 'radeon driver', with 'radeon' and 'amdgpu' modules available.02:08
texlatomreyn, Will do thanks for the additional info02:09
tomreyntexla: i don't see any caja crashes in there, but maybe this would be on "journalctl --user" rather, not sure02:11
tomreynR3dc4p_: okay let me double check that this hardware should be using amdgpu. can you run "sudo ubuntu-drivers list" in the meantime?02:12
R3dc4p_Tomryn: Done. Was it supposed to return something other than blank?02:14
R3dc4p_tomreyn: *02:16
tomreynR3dc4p_: not strictly, just wanted to be sure, this graphics chipset you have, R7 M265 (Opal XT), is one of the older GCN (graphics core next) 1st generation. IIRC those are not well supported by amdgpu. but this is from memory only, trying to find a source for thi.02:16
tomreynAKA Southern Islands02:17
R3dc4p_tomreyn: It's listed as supported on Ubuntu's amdgou help page, otherwise I wouldn't have tried so hard to get in working, ha.02:18
tomreynR3dc4p_: can you point to this page? from what i read there is experimental support for this graphics chipset on the linux kernel since 4.9 but only if a non-default compile time kernel option is set.02:22
R3dc4p_tomreyn: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AMDGPU-Driver02:23
tomreynit doesn't say which one that is, but looking at /boot/config-4.15.0-43-generic on my 18.04 system it may be CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU_SI=y02:23
crescentcan anyone help me with a samba issue i'm having? feels like i'm just on the cusp of getting it to work but hitting a wall02:23
kildeHelp.  I tried to fix my sound/video sync, now I have no sound, my machine wont finish shutting down02:23
tomreynR3dc4p_: this page should be rather outdated, but i agree it does suggest that this hardware was supported in 17.04.02:25
tomreynR3dc4p_: note "if you have problems with"... below the table, though02:26
R3dc4p_tomreyn: Noted that, but I'm on 18.04 with the hwe kernel, which is two of those points.02:27
R3dc4p_and i'd rather not roll all the way back to 14.0402:28
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tomreynR3dc4p_: hwe referred to a different kernel version then, i'm just pointing this note out since it may be an indication that support was previously picky.02:32
tomreynR3dc4p_: and i'm surely not suggesting to install 14.04 these days. 3 months of support left.02:33
tomreynthe table at https://www.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature/ states that southern island cards run with radeon by default, so that's what you're seeing02:33
tomreynR3dc4p_: so in 18.04, using the default radeon driver, there are problems with both the general release as well as the HWE kernel for you?02:35
tomreyn!sound | kilde02:35
ubottukilde: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.02:35
R3dc4p_tomreyn: For general use, it works fine. I was hoping for the newer code base and performance increase with the amdgpu drivers.02:39
tomreyni see. i'd recommend newer hardware for amdgpu.02:40
R3dc4p_tomreyn: Thanks for the help, regardless. Hopefully (and I'm crossing my fingers here) support fot the GCN 1.1 cards improves.02:42
tomreynR3dc4p_: did you say that "sudo lscpi -knnv" lists both drivers as available for this graphics card?02:47
tomreyntry this on the hwe kernel first.02:47
tomreynR3dc4p_: if so, you can blacklist radeon and see if amdgpu gets loaded02:48
R3dC4ptomreyn: I actually just tried an edit from deep within a google search, booting with 'radeon.si_support=0 radeon.cik_support=0 amdgpu.si_support=1 amdgpu.cik_support=1' seems to have worked02:49
tomreynso which one was it using then, radeon or amdgpu?02:50
R3dC4ptomreyn: With those boot options, it is currently listed as using amdgpu02:51
tomreynoh nice02:52
snowgogglesR3dC4p: Interesting way of testing. why not blacklist radeon then?02:53
tomreynmy amdgpu.dc=! suggestionw as misplaced, please ignore it02:53
R3dC4psnowgoggles: Might be interesting to try. lemme see what happens02:55
tomreyni suspect you found those options on https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=amdgpu-radeon-41402:57
R3dC4p_snowgoggles: Booting with radeon blacklisted results in the system deciding to not load a module.02:59
snowgogglesR3dC4p_: amdgpu is from the builtin source? no ppa?03:00
R3dC4p_snowgoggles: correct. its whatever is built in to the 4.18 kernel03:01
snowgogglesR3dC4p_: I'm reading your backthread03:01
snowgogglesR3dC4p_: so the boot options exclude and include work but the radeon blacklist fails?03:05
R3dC4p_snowgoggles: yup. it chooses to not load anything.03:07
R3dC4p_snowgoggles: But it works now, so I'm happy.03:07
snowgogglesR3dC4p_: i just read similar solution. the user hardcoded the boot options into his grub03:08
R3dC4p_snowgoggles: I'd love to be able to find out if the driver baked into the kernel has powerxpress support.03:09
snowgogglesR3dC4p_: oh switchable graphics. with what igpu?03:11
snowgogglesR3dC4p_: you may have to go proprietary for that but i'm not certain03:12
R3dC4p_snowgoggles: Whatever is on my Skylake chip. HD 520, I believe. And I don't think I can go proprietary, though now that I can even get it to load, I might try.03:12
R3dC4p_Previous attempts with the binaries downloaded from AMD resulted in the GUI failing to load completely.03:13
snowgogglesR3dC4p_: 18.04 or 18.10?03:16
R3dC4p_snowgoggles: 18.04. I only ever run LTS03:17
R3dC4p_On DDs at least.03:18
snowgogglesR3dC4p_: R7 M265?03:19
R3dC4p_snowgoggles: yup03:19
R3dC4p_Branded in my laptop as a firepro something or other. W4190 i think?03:20
snowgogglesR3dC4p_: there is no proprietary driver for that card since 201503:20
R3dC4p_snowgoggles: I could install the amdgpu-pro package, which, on ubuntu, has powerexpress support when installed with the -px flag03:21
R3dC4p_AMD doesn't do fglrx drivers anymore. they develop the open source amdgpu package, and essentially have closed source 'addons' with the -pro installation.03:23
snowgogglesR3dC4p_: link?03:23
R3dC4p_snowgoggles: https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/amdgpu-installation03:24
snowgogglesR3dC4p_: yeah go for it...what do you got to lose? I'm not certain these instructions will work for your card but if i was to run this, i would use the legacy switch for the install. then cross my fingers03:30
R3dC4p_snowgoggles: I'll monkey with it. I'm able to reliably recover by botting to shell and purging amd packages. it won'ty affect the driver built into the kernel. but anyway, thanks for everything03:32
snowgogglesR3dC4p_: looks like you made good progress tonight. tomreyn!! good stuff guys!!03:34
reagahow the heck do websites know if i have adblocker enabled or not?04:04
clorisuHi, when I try to connect my bluetooth laptop (logitech k810) with bluetoothctl I get this error message: `Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.ConnectionAttemptFailed`. I also cant connect with blueman or any other gui. Can anyone help?04:05
tomreyn!ot | reaga: maybe try asking this in ##privacy04:06
ubottureaga: maybe try asking this in ##privacy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:06
tomreynclorisu: which ubuntu version isthis?04:08
clorisukernel 4.2004:08
tomreynclorisu: what's the output of "lsb_release -ds"04:09
clorisu"Manjaro Linux"04:10
tomreynclorisu: what's the name of this channel?04:10
tomreyndo you notice a difference?04:10
clorisuIm new to linux, im confused04:10
clorisuisnt ubuntu linux?04:10
Callixotry /join #manjaro04:11
tomreynubuntu is a linux derivate. oranges are edible, so are cookies.04:11
tomreynerr linux distribution, debian derivate04:12
netscaTechnically yes. but more accurately linux is just one part of ubuntu. linux is the kernel which basically allocates how much hardware (cpu, ram, etc) the software can use04:12
clorisuso can you help me or not?04:20
oscarcitotsunami now 10/01/2019 in live: http://festyy.com/wVzrCn04:31
tomreyn^ this (html source) looks malicious, don't access it with a web browser04:34
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qzoHello, I am running Ubuntu 16.04, and I am having performance issues with my RX550 with the amdgpu-pro driver v 18.20-68475506:06
qzodesktop and video work fine, but all 3d programs crawl06:07
qzoany ideas on how to diagnose this?06:07
lotuspsychjeqzo: from where did you get the driver?06:07
qzolotuspsychje: from the AMD website06:07
lotuspsychjeqzo: did you enable DRI?06:08
lotuspsychjeqzo: doublecheck here mate: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-the-latest-amd-radeon-drivers-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux06:08
qzoI did not06:09
lotuspsychjeqzo: compare your driver version to the one from ppa aswell06:09
qzoare these instructions applicable to 16.04 as well?06:09
lotuspsychjeqzo: just pick the 16.04 version instead of the 18.0406:10
lotuspsychjeqzo: hmm, maybe not:  16.04 (xenial) <- unmantained - migrate to bionic ASAP06:10
qzoI will try that first06:11
lotuspsychjeqzo: whats your kernel on 16.04?06:12
qzolotuspsychje: 4.15.0-4306:12
lotuspsychjeah good06:12
qzoI have done manual patching and some other work but I have not run a full distro upgrade06:13
qzowhich is probably why some things are broken06:13
lotuspsychjeqzo: did you also try amdgpu from untu itself by default?bu06:13
qzoI did try that originally, but ran into some other issues06:13
lotuspsychjewhat kind of06:13
qzoblack screen, and when I got it working heavy screen tearing06:14
lotuspsychjeqzo: is your system not fully up to date, is that what you mean?06:14
qzoits the latest for 16.04, but I know a lot of packages aren't being maintained for that version06:15
qzoI'm biting the bullet and moving to 18.04 anyways06:15
lotuspsychjewhat do mean? 16.04 is still supported for a while06:15
qzofor example, libdvdcss updates did not get pushed to the 16.04 repository06:16
qzobut they are present in 1806:16
lotuspsychjeqzo: its not because 16.04 hasnt latest packages, that it isnt stable06:17
qzothese packages where marked as stable and got pushed to the 18.0.4 LTS branch06:17
qzopackage managers are a new thing for me, I used slackware from 2003 to 201606:18
lotuspsychjeqzo: i think in your case what i would do, is file a bug on the amdgpu from the repos to get details gathered06:18
qzoI will give that a shot06:19
lotuspsychjeqzo: maybe also try the tearing on a liveusb to compare06:19
lotuspsychjeqzo: if both doesnt work and amdgpu from amd fails, maybe consider 18.0406:19
lotuspsychjeqzo: but as 16.04 is still a while supported, might still be relevant to bug right06:20
lotuspsychjeqzo:  we also have users testing with higher !mainline kernels on (newer) amd chipsets06:21
qzomy CPU chipset is an old intel server chipset, I had to make some manual modifications and patches last time I recompiled06:22
qzoI will take a look at some newer mainline kernels as well06:22
lotuspsychjeqzo: feel free to share your dmesg in a pastebin too, volunteers can have a look for you06:23
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OERIASrichard@oerias-1:~$ brave07:28
OERIASsnap-confine has elevated permissions and is not confined but should be. Refusing to continue to avoid permission escalation attacks07:28
OERIAS can someone help?07:28
tomreynOERIASwhich ubuntu verison? lsb_release -ds07:34
tomreyndid apparmor seem to start up fine?  systemctl status apparmor.service07:36
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OERIAStomreyn, 18.0407:40
OERIASapparmor has been giving me issues for weeks07:40
OERIASespecially with the notifications coming from snap apps07:41
tomreynOERIAS: which kernel are you running? cat /proc/version07:41
tomreynany special parameters? cat /proc/cmdline07:41
OERIASBOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.18.0-13-generic root=UUID=171e4c42-11ae-4dc1-bb87-d19272e97512 ro quiet splash vt.handoff=107:42
tomreynand /proc/version ?07:43
LaRose_Bleuyello o/07:43
OERIASbash: /proc/version: Permission denied07:44
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tomreynyou missed 'cat'07:44
tomreyn<tomreyn> OERIAS: which kernel are you running? cat /proc/version07:44
LaRose_Bleui have a weird issue with my ubuntu installation where it doesnt wake up from sleep. sometimes pressing the power button wakes it and sometimes it has to be rebooted to wake. any suggestions?07:44
OERIASLinux version 4.18.0-13-generic (buildd@lgw01-amd64-048) (gcc version 8.2.0 (Ubuntu 8.2.0-7ubuntu1)) #14-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 5 09:04:24 UTC 201807:44
OERIAS^ tomreyn07:44
tomreynOERIAS: okay, so the HWE kernel on 18.04 LTS. what's the output of: sudo systemctl status apparmor.service 2>&1 |  pastebinit07:45
tomreynLaRose_Bleu: bios update, http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html , kernel upgrade (!HWE), ubuntu upgrade07:47
LaRose_Bleutomreyn: thanks, my kernel is up to date v4.20 and my ubuntu is up to date as well, i think07:57
LaRose_Bleui ran apt upgrade before i went to sleep, waking up to the same issues07:57
tomreynLaRose_Bleu: "lsb_release -ds" reports your ubuntu version, kernel 4.20 is not supported here07:59
LaRose_Bleuso ill have to oll back?08:00
tomreynLaRose_Bleu: why did you install 4.20, and how?08:01
LaRose_Bleui figured a kernel update would fix the issue, i used ukuu08:01
tomreynso since it didnt fix the issue, i'd purge the mainline kernels and stick to general availability or hwe08:02
tomreynyou probably have ACPI errors in "desmg" output, inspecting those may give you a better idea of what's wrong08:04
LaRose_Bleui'll give it a looksee08:07
repzHi there, I'm having an issue with my laptop using cinnamon with ubuntu 18.04.1, suspend mode just does not works and goes back to screensaver. Looked at logs but nothing really explicit there.08:10
haasnWhen dpkg prompts me to use either the old/install version or the new/packaged version of a config file, is there a way to interactively three-way merge it instead (hunk by hunk)?08:21
haasnthe only other option is "start a shell to examine the situation", but I don't know if there are any ready-made command line tools for this08:21
haasnI know dispatch-conf solves this problem perfectly on gentoo08:22
haasnbut it's portage-specific08:22
paul1ushello all,08:32
paul1ushow do I disable the default search in the browser? if I start typing it starts the search automatically. I would like the search to be triggered by a shortcut, like Ctrl+F08:33
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carpediembabyHello, I have created an executable from a python project but when i launch the build version, I get ZipImportError : can't decompress data; zlib not found. I have installed the zlib1g package as suggested on google, but no luck09:20
carpediembabyThe error starts with Py_Initialize : Unable to get locale encoding09:21
carpediembabyI'm looking for any ideas, please!09:22
netscaHave you installed a package called something like zlibg-dev?09:23
elias_aIs there a PDF viewer that would show the OCRd text in a PDF document that has both scanned image and OCRd text?09:45
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IniGitdoes somebody know what --object-path OBJECT is in the following statement?10:23
IniGitudisksctl mount {--object-path OBJECT | --block-device DEVICE}10:23
thyriaeni get an dpkg ERROR: This package can only be installed on Ubuntu 18.04. - however i am running a derivate of ubuntu 18.04 and would like to force the install anyways - is there a way i can do that ?10:42
legreffierthyriaen: what system do you actually use ?10:45
thyriaenelementary legreffier10:45
`ajvenHello, Looking working repository for download deepin desktop environment, that one provided in 99% tutorial is not working10:48
`ajvensomeone can help?10:49
LaRose_Bleucan you?10:49
LaRose_Bleuif you can i'd like to try it as wello, its really pretty10:49
`ajvenits even possible to find proper repo for that?10:52
LaRose_Bleui have no idea my dude10:53
LaRose_Bleuim a complete noob10:53
thyriaenlegreffier, any idea how to proceed ?10:53
Callixo`ajven: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/06/how-to-install-deepin-desktop-environment-on-ubuntu-18-0410:55
`ajvenCallixo repo is not working10:55
`ajvenCallixo: Old:5 http://cz.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu cosmic-backports InRelease10:55
`ajvenError:6 http://ppa.launchpad.net/leaeasy/dde/ubuntu cosmic Release10:55
`ajven  404  Not Found [IP: 80]10:55
Callixointeresting nvm lol10:56
`ajvenI need deepin because only this DE supportin scaling 125/150%10:57
catmandohey all10:58
catmandoi need some help setting up a samba share on 18.04. it worked fine in 16.04 and the smbclient command line still works but when i try to connect from a windows machine it appears to be always appending the domain name and the error is "incorrect password"10:59
catmandothe 16.04 machine I have is still working as expected (and both machines and the client live on the same network)_11:00
catmandothere's nothing unusual in the settings, just a trivial share11:00
`ajvenDamn nobody can help :/11:03
Callixo`ajven: https://linoxide.com/ubuntu-how-to/install-deepin-desktop-environment-derivatives-ubuntu/ not gonna recommend it but if yah wanna hack around11:09
`ajvenCellixo: gonna try, thank you !11:09
`ajvensome gpg error :(11:14
legreffierthyriaen: what package are you talking about ?11:47
NTQJust got a weird issue here when trying to connect to a xrdp session from Windows 7 pro. I already found a summary of the issue here but unfortunality there is no solution. Maybe you can help me with that: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54127968/sesman-xvnc-throws-password-failed-with-every-user12:06
NTQWith htop I can see that the session I want to connect is still running with all its subprocesses.12:07
NTQI try to connect to an Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS.12:08
NTQI already killed every other Xnvc process that was running under the user I want to connect.12:10
thyriaenlegreffier, amdgpu-core12:15
NTQJust killed every Xvnc process on the machine, deleted the .vnc folder inside the users home directoty, but the same error still occurs12:19
NTQOkay, found the solution here: https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/493670/16262412:25
fishcookerim facing the same docker problem installation with this https://github.com/docker/for-linux/issues/163#issuecomment-42857507112:26
sub526Hello All, when I run 'apt-get update' I got "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem." message in the last. Can any one explain, what is the reason for getting that error message?12:33
rajI can't seem to download zlib12:35
rajwhat package name should I be downloading?12:35
thekswensonMy machine running Ubuntu 18.10 keeps freezing (with no ability to switch to the F3-F7 terminals). Memtest86 passes. No suspicious messages in kern.log or syslog. Full details here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/677436 .13:16
thekswensonPlease help!?13:17
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drebsecthekswenson that sounds like memory or a motherboard problem. Is it older machine? You might try pulling the RAM, blowing it out with air, and re-seating it. Just a thought13:21
thekswenson1 year old machine ordered from DELL.  It passes all memory tests.13:22
BluesKajHowdy folks13:23
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drebsecI hear ya, but wonkiness like that is almost always hardware-related. For example, if you had a lightning storm that partially fried one part of your video card - which is only accessed when certain things are loaded into video RAM. But it could be anything from any of the subsystems on the mobo, to the RAM, to the video card. FWIW it sounds like hardware to me, and probably not disk problem.13:24
NTQsub526: This happens when a previous update has crashed13:26
meldronHey guys, does anyone know how to determine the max Link Quality level? On some of my cards it's 70 on others it's 100 (displayed by iwconfig), is there some proc/sys file where i can look it up?13:27
NTQraj: try "apt-cache search zlib". Looks like you need zlib1g13:28
NTQthekswenson: I had such problems with my first thinkpad. The reason was a a faulty video ram. Can you try an other graphic unit?13:29
thekswensonNTQ: I will see if there isn't a card floating around.13:32
sub526NTQ: thanks, what could be the reasons for crash?13:37
NTQsub526: Maybe you can find something in the logs /var/log/apt/term.log or history.log13:38
NTQBut in most cases you can ignore it and just call "apt-get -f install" to repair the last failure.13:39
sub526NTQ: Thanks for this info.13:52
drndojehelloo :)13:58
drndojeDo you have some job for me?13:58
leftyfbdrndoje: This is an Ubuntu support channel. Feel free to go to #ubuntu-offtopic to chat.14:08
drndojeleftyfb, thank you14:08
rajthanks NTQ14:10
MibixFoxI'm trying to boot from a tuxboot usb clonezilla disk14:12
MibixFoxis there anyway to do that in the grub14:12
visonei´m tryng this, but doesn´t work14:17
visone echo file-{1...54} xargs -n 54 cp horas1.ods14:17
visonewhere am ´i wrong?14:17
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BluesKajMibixFox, you may need to set your UEFI/BIOS to enable usb in the boot sequence14:52
BluesKajoops, too late14:53
MibixFoxi think its because its a pci usb card14:53
MibixFoxnot seeing it14:53
BluesKajdoes it show with lsusb in the console?14:55
ramsub07Hi, what is the fastest way to find the number of files in a particular directory, given that there are about more than a million images in that directory14:57
ramsub07and if I'd want to find only the .png files, how do I  go about?14:58
OerHeksfind *.gz  -type f | wc -l15:02
OerHeksfind *.png  -type f | wc -l15:02
ramsub07OerHeks: thanks15:05
RovanionDoes anyone happen to know how which mountpoint a VFS error in dmesg is related to? I know it's a CIFS mount, but I've got plenty of those.15:08
RovanionI want to figure out which mountpoint, and remote machine, it is that's failing.15:08
ramsub07OerHeks: the command has been running for about ~20min, but I don't see any results, is it possible that the task got hung?15:23
OerHeksramsub07, odd, it should immediatly give result15:24
ramsub07I know there are a lot of files there, but 20+ min for computing number of files in a directory is too high, isn't it?15:24
rk3yhi there! one question regarding ssh passwordless access. if i have two users (root and pi), but for root I want to keep password-authentication for ssh. for user pi I want to disable password authentication and only be able to access via public key. can i do this with usermod -L pi - to lock password for this user? thank you for your idea!16:07
TvL2386rk3y: check your /etc/ssh/sshd_config. At the bottom you'll see: # Example of overriding settings on a per-user basis16:13
TvL2386rk3y: you'll have to tell sshd what to do for your user... or maybe for the user group if you have more specials16:14
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rk3yok i could do this with "match user pi" and then disable password. but simply lock the password for the users, would also mean to disable password authentication, doesnt it?16:16
TvL2386rk3y: I just checked what the '-L' option does for usermod because I've never used it. I think it will indeed prevent password based authentication for this user16:18
TvL2386rk3y: so I think it should stop sshd from authenticating this user by password16:18
TvL2386rk3y: I'd say: test it :)16:18
TvL2386rk3y: change the password to 'something', login through ssh. Then -L it and try again16:18
rabbitnightmareso random question, is there a way to get vanilla Gnome?16:18
rabbitnightmareI hate all the "enhancements" bloat yall did to this16:18
TvL2386rabbitnightmare: don't blame me!16:19
TvL2386rabbitnightmare: I'm innocent16:19
leftyfbrabbitnightmare: https://itsfoss.com/vanilla-gnome-ubuntu/   # first result on google for "ubuntu vanilla gnome"16:19
TvL2386I'm using "mate" as my desktop16:20
TvL2386works great, looks just like gnome16:20
TvL2386ii  ubuntu-mate-desktop16:21
fribI need to install windows after ubuntu -- what will I need to do to recover grub (efi) ?16:21
rabbitnightmarenot a fan of this distro, let Unity go, everyone hated it, stop trying to make millhouse a meme, stop trying to make Unity work NOBODY WANTS THIS!16:21
TJ-frib: nothing, with UEFI they can co-exist16:21
TvL2386rabbitnightmare: if you're not a fan of ubuntu, try debian or something16:22
TJ-frib: assuming Windows and GRUB are both installed in UEFI mode16:22
rabbitnightmarewhat made Ubuntu famous was that it took Linux and put it into a package and left Gnome default vanilla16:22
fribTJ- will windows 8 use the current EFI partition?16:22
TvL2386rabbitnightmare: or just use the non-default desktop thingy like I do for years :)16:22
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rabbitnightmareTvL2386: no its annoying16:23
TvL2386rabbitnightmare: I'm a happy ubuntu user, tried unity, don't like it, stuck to gnome16:23
TJ-frib: if there is an ESP it will be used, yes. It has a unique GUID that the installers look for16:23
fribTJ- an ESP?16:23
TvL2386The MATE Desktop Environment is the continuation of GNOME 2.16:23
TvL2386ah... didn't know16:24
TJ-frib: EFI System Partition16:24
rabbitnightmareI think the developers need to learn that not everybody likes everything open source, Unity was an assault on the user16:24
friboh yeah there is16:24
TJ-!info vanilla-gnome-desktop16:24
ubottuvanilla-gnome-desktop (source: ubuntu-gnome-meta): Vanilla GNOME metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.83 (bionic), package size 4 kB, installed size 13 kB (Only available for amd64; armhf; arm64; i386; ppc64el)16:24
frib(that's what I meant by EFI partition)16:24
lordcirthrabbitnightmare, this is the Ubuntu support channel, asking for alternatives is on-topic, further discussion isn't16:24
rabbitnightmarelordcirth: and it would make less support queries if you just left things alone. the attitude around the Internet has been pretty much unanimous, make Ubuntu great again instead of trying to assault your users16:26
lordcirthApparently I'm Ubuntu now :P16:26
NorthwestVeganrabbit, all you need to do is sudo apt install gnome-session16:26
lordcirthhe's gone16:26
NorthwestVeganlol idk what rabbits deal was16:27
`ajvenHello, I got 4K 27inch screen and everything is extremly small, but because I cannot find working repo for deepin I want to ask there is some solution to make it looks bigger on default DE on ubuntu?  Thats how it looks - very small https://i.imgur.com/Hv5FckC.jpg16:30
OerHeksajven try #deepin, as it is not in our repos ?16:32
`ajvenOerHekks: nobody could provide me16:33
OerHeksajven sorry to hear that, so do we.16:34
OerHeksscaling works fine on official ubuntu16:34
`ajventhats why I am asking what I can do with that16:34
`ajvenbut its only 100/200/300%16:34
OerHeksgnome-tweak tool can set font sizes, not sure that applies to deepin16:36
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GrueMasterHello.  There was a security update for xrdp on Jan 8 for vnc password fixes.  This is now locking out my users.  Is there a documented change I need to make to our config for users to log in again?17:10
tomreynGrueMaster: which one do you mean? https://usn.ubuntu.com/17:13
tomreynalso xrdp and vnc should be separate protocols17:13
GrueMasterxrdp uses libvnc (see the docs).  This is on Ubuntu 16.04 server.  The diff is here:  http://launchpadlibrarian.net/405431105/xrdp_0.6.1-2_0.6.1-2ubuntu0.1.diff.gz17:14
GrueMasterI'm guessing not a lot of testing (outside of build testing) went into this update.17:15
tomreynGrueMaster: can you file a bug on it, please? "ubuntu-bug xrdp"17:16
tomreyn(and please post the url here later)17:17
subscioushello. My system crashed and I can't mount my second hard drive now. it is a ntfs partition I have from a previous win10 install. mount says I should run chkdisk from windows and boot to windows several times. What can I do about this? I don't have windows at hand17:18
pragmaticenigmasubscious: was the system a dual boot setup?17:18
tomreynGrueMaster: before you file this bug, pleasee see whether this is identical to bug 181112217:19
ubottubug 1811122 in xrdp (Ubuntu) "Cannot use xrdp to login to sesman-Xvnc after 0.6.1-2ubuntu0.1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181112217:19
subsciouspragmaticenigma: no17:19
pragmaticenigmasubscious: that's unfortunate... there are no tools that can be substituted for handling NTFS file system errors. You have to use a windows machine to do the repair17:19
GrueMasterLooks like someone beat me to it.  Will add to the bug.17:20
subsciouspragmaticenigma: can I somehow get the files off the harddrive and reformat it?17:20
OerHekssubscious, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilesystemTroubleshooting#ntfs-3g_.28previously_also_ntfsprogs.29_-_NTFS_filesystem17:20
OerHeksntfsfix /dev/sdXY17:21
OerHekspragmaticenigma, there is ntfsfix though17:21
pragmaticenigmasubscious: You can try what OerHeks recommends, though the tools aren't without their risks and potential for data loss... If it were me, I'd start with making an image of the drive using something like Clonezilla. So you have a backup if all else fails.17:22
subsciousOerHeks: thanks a lot17:22
pragmaticenigmaOerHeks: the NTFSFIX isn't able to perform all the same functions as the native CHKDSK. Most of what it is able to do is from devs hacking anding find ways to alter the FAT structure or Meta data tracks to force the drive back to life. There are no data integrity checks17:23
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OerHekswell, so be it: there is always a risc17:25
tomreynGrueMaster: the reason there is no security advisorty about it is that xrdp is in universe, so it is not 'community supported'.17:27
tomreyni mean it IS community supported17:27
tomreyn(but not the primary focus of the ubuntu security team)17:28
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GrueMasterI never asked for a security advisory (which if you look at the changelog, it is only addressing CVE's).  What I am asking for is that before something is posted to ANY repo that changes the behavior of the program, that change is documented so users are not blindsided.17:29
GrueMasterFor this change to get into universe, it had to be approved by a MOTU developer.17:30
tomreynGrueMaster: i don't think this was meant to change behaviour, it's likely a regression17:31
tomreynGrueMaster: i didn't mean to suggest you had asked for an advisory, i was just explaining why i initially assumed there would be one but then there wasn't.17:32
pragmaticenigmaGrueMaster: something I'm having trouble understanding is why connect using XRDP client to a VNC host?17:33
tomreynGrueMaster: this already has the attention of the security team now, thanks for bringing it up.17:34
GrueMasterpragmaticenigma: Because that is how it was written.  I'm not the develoepr for xrdp (otherwise I wouldn't release a broken build).  Newer versions may no longer use VNC, but the release on Ubuntu 16.04 does.17:38
GrueMastertomreyn: Thanks.  I'll revert our pool of servers for now as it is severely blocking work.17:38
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subsciousHello. Changing to another tty (ALT+CRL+F1 for instance) freezes my system it seems to still run but no response anymore. What can I do about this?17:42
subsciousI'm using xubuntu. Is this a wm issue?17:43
pragmaticenigmasubscious: given that you just had a system crash, it's time to start looking through your log files to see what, if anything, if sending out warnings and errors.17:45
pragmaticenigmasubscious: It sounds like you have a hardware failure somewhere in your system.17:46
subsciouspragmaticenigma: What am I looking for and where am I supposed to look into?17:46
tomreynGrueMaster: you asked about the parameters. These are actually arguments passed to Xvnc4, i would think: https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/en/man1/Xvnc4.1.html17:46
pragmaticenigmasubscious: Start with /var/log/syslog and /var/log/dmesg ... you can post them to pastebin, but make sure you scan them first for any potential private information you don't want on the internet17:47
GrueMastertomreyn: Yes, I know.  But I shouldn't have to deep dive into manpages to work around this issue (also, the recommended parameters in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xrdp/+bug/1811122/comments/3 don't work for me).17:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1811122 in xrdp (Ubuntu) "Cannot use xrdp to login to sesman-Xvnc after 0.6.1-2ubuntu0.1" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:49
tomreynGrueMaster: i'm not the developer, just another volunteer here, so can't comment.17:51
GrueMasterUnderstood.  Just ranting.  :P17:51
* tomreyn noticed so much ;-)17:51
subsciousso I did some testing and changing to a different tty works if I do it before logging in. If I don't do it before logging in it freezes my screen. That's weird17:54
pragmaticenigmaGrueMaster: from my perspective it appears that you are using tools designed for different protocols. That being an XRDP client to connect to a VNC server. What I'm questioning is why a standard VNC viewer is not adequet for connecting to the remote VNC instance. What features of the XRDP client are being leveraged?17:55
pragmaticenigmasubscious: Without you doing some investigation on your own to narrow down potential items that seem out of sorts, it's going to be very difficult to recommend or help you solve your problem17:56
GrueMasterpragmaticenigma: from my perspective, I am running a tool that is designed to use what it uses.  See http://www.xrdp.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=30:xrdp-architecure-overview&catid=2:documents&Itemid=7.  I don't have time to go reengineer how to do a full remote desktop to remote systems.  I leave that to other developers and use the released tools they create.17:57
philipp64!info gcc xenial17:57
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.150ubuntu1)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:5.3.1-1ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 5 kB, installed size 44 kB17:58
philipp64!info gcc trusty17:58
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.124ubuntu6)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.8.2-1ubuntu6 (trusty), package size 4 kB, installed size 41 kB17:58
GrueMasterFor non-GUI, users use ssh and it works just fine.  When they need a gui development environment to run specialized tools, XRDP is easier than X11 forwarding, especially over long distances (PDX<>BLR).17:59
pragmaticenigma!msgthebot | philipp64 : please,17:59
ubottuphilipp64 : please,: Please investigate me only with "/msg ubottu bot" or in #ubuntu-bots. Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu search <pattern>"17:59
pragmaticenigmaGrueMaster: completely agree with that sentiment. more for my understanding of the issue, and potential offerings of other options that could be used as a stop gap to avoid running vulnerable code18:02
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philipp64pragmaticenigma: sorry, what?18:03
pragmaticenigmaphilipp64: I'm asking you to query the bot in a private message instead of the main channel18:04
subsciousI want to boot into tty. the method changing grub didn't do it for me. It used to work but now it doesn't anyone know how to do this?18:05
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subsciousSo if changing to a tty freezes the screen this supposedly is a hardware error? It works at the login screen though18:11
pragmaticenigmasubscious: I don't know what the issue is... you're refusal to look through your log files for any hints has left me unwilling to help you further18:13
subsciouspragmaticenigma: /var/log/dmesg doesn't exist. the other file is hug18:18
pragmaticenigmasubscious: I said I was done, each time I attempt to help, you go off on some other tangent and disappear for an houor18:19
subsciousI didn't disappear for an hout18:19
subsciousI had to check things18:19
subsciousAnyways. Can anyone else help me with my issue?18:20
GrueMasterI recommend running quassel-core on a system that is stable.  That way you don't need to drop IRC connections.18:20
GrueMasterTook me 15 minutes to build one on ubuntu 18.04 server on AWS.18:20
subsciousI only have this system atm18:20
lotuspsychjesubscious: whats your original question?18:20
subsciouslotuspsychje: If I want to change to another tty the screen freezes. It works in the login screen though18:21
subsciousI'm using xubuntu18:21
lotuspsychjesubscious: graphics drivers installed correctly?18:21
OerHeksoh, lots of updates, gpg ..18:21
subsciouslotuspsychje: I just installed xubuntu. I'm not new to it but it seems to be alright18:22
subsciouslotuspsychje: What do you suggest?18:22
lotuspsychjesubscious: system up to date? wich xubuntu version? wich graphics driver version?18:22
subsciousI did all updates18:22
subsciousit's the current xubuntu version you download + updates. How do I querry all those things=18:23
lotuspsychjesubscious: uname -a && sudo lshw -C video18:23
lotuspsychje!paste | subscious18:23
ubottusubscious: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:23
IdahoMan( a newbe here ) I am having a problem getting my new laptop to boot 18.04 or 18.10 ... various symptoms ... one of which is I can run it off the usb stick generated by rufus but when booting off ssd it goes blank after passw is entered ... What logs do I need to look at?18:24
lotuspsychjesubscious: ah, its reccomended you install the nvidia driver18:25
lotuspsychjesubscious: ubuntu-drivers list to see whats available for your system18:25
subsciouslotuspsychje: how do I do this?18:26
lotuspsychjesubscious: open a terminal: ubuntu-drivers list18:26
subsciousit shows a nvidia name? what do I do with it?18:27
lotuspsychjesubscious: sudo apt install nvidia-yourversionhere18:27
subsciousthat could fix my problem?18:28
lotuspsychjesubscious: we have to test that first18:28
subsciouslots of killing my machine then? :(18:28
lotuspsychjesubscious: sorry?18:28
subsciousI remember there were some tricks to shut down the wm and stuff with the keyboard? should I not try to do this and recover my session?18:29
lotuspsychjesubscious: its your machine, you can do what you like/want18:29
lotuspsychjesubscious: i can only share my opinion18:29
=== daniel is now known as Guest32289
subsciousI appreciate that ofc lotuspsychje18:30
lotuspsychjesubscious: with your nvidia card, i would first install the nvidia driver18:30
subsciousokay. need to reboot18:32
lotuspsychjegood luck18:32
IdahoManWhat log do I need to look at to figure out what broke during boot?18:35
OerHeksjournalctl -b -0 shows messages from the current boot,  journalctl -b -1 from the previous boot18:36
subsciousyay. it works now :) thanks a lot18:38
TheSilentLinkwhat program can be used to burn mp4 to dvds?18:38
IdahoManwhat path does the file live on as I will be looking from a USB boot ...18:39
OerHeksTheSilentLink, brasero, k3b, simpleburn, tons of media burn software18:41
OerHeksIdahoMan, no, journalctl is a tool for the installed system18:42
OerHeksyou could look into /var/log/ folder, grep FAILED /var/log/boot.log : more18:42
TheSilentLinkOerHeks: do they need to be converted?18:43
OerHeksTheSilentLink, not that i know of, just choose data18:44
coconutsubscious: lotuspsychje logout out. But good to here it got fixed.18:46
IdahoManOerHeks: tks ... i will boot off the usb and take a look in /var/log/boot.log18:47
pragmaticenigmaTheSilentLink: If you are looking to put MP4 on a DVD to play them back on a DVD player, they would need to be converted and burned using a DVD authoring program. If you are just interested in burning the data to the disk for archive, you can use any regular disk burning program.18:49
pragmaticenigmaTheSilentLink: DVD Authoring is beyond the scope of this channel, you will find lots of articles on the web on how to make a DVD with your videos18:50
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OerHeksconverting mp4 for dvd player itself, that i missed18:59
OerHeksfor pc, basicly you do not need to make alterations, just data-dvd18:59
pragmaticenigmaOerHeks: I don't know if they're were interested in making DVD player disks... it was out of the "need to be converted" comment that I assumed that might be their end goal19:00
OerHeksthat would be true, if the player does not support mp4, or an ugly type of mp419:01
IniGitI ask here, because the #gpg channel is pretty empty:19:14
IniGitWhen I encrypt something with gpg and send it to Bob, Bob tries to decrypt it with a public key. WIll Bob get some confirmation that this was the correct public key or is there only an implicit conformation in the sense that the decrypted text makes sense to Bob?19:15
OerHeksno error = decrypted19:15
IniGitOerHeks: how can there be an error?19:16
IniGitOerHeks: will it not just return gibberish in case the public key is wrong?19:16
pjsIniGit: Bob should be using the PRIVATE key, that is paired to the PUBLIC key you used to encrypt it with, to decrypt it19:16
OerHeksanswer that yourself? wrong key ..19:17
IniGitoh yes private key sry19:18
IniGitBut since the private key is not stored in the message how can you get an error when you use the wrong private key to decrypt19:19
IniGitwill it not just return gibberish and no error?19:19
IniGitOr is there some king of math magic that finds that out and returns an error?19:19
IniGitor a confirmation that is was the correct one19:20
OerHeksno error = decrypted19:21
lordcirthOerHeks, you aren't answering his question at all19:21
tomreynIniGit: yes, gpg can tell when it successfully decrypted the message.19:21
OerHeksand i am sure you do not send the private key with the message19:21
tomreynIniGit: at the same time this means it can tell when it didnt19:21
IniGittomreyn: ok so math magic :)19:22
tomreynIniGit: it's called MAC, yes19:22
IniGitit can infer from the encrypted message where this is the matching private key19:22
TJ-IniGit: the 'packets' in the GPG format include one that contains the keyid that was used19:23
treepalmHi all, quick question: is there a way to remove the shadow in the Activities Overview in Gnome3 ?19:25
IniGittomreyn: isn't that about signatures not encryption19:25
tomreynmay, or may not, you can encrypt messages to someone elses public key without disclosing which keys it was encrypted to (until the message is decrypted)19:25
tomreynIniGit: MACs are used both for certifying data integrity, which GPG always does, and for certifying authenticity, which only takes place if the 'sender' (encrypting party)  decide to sign the message.19:26
IniGitthank you all19:27
tomreynIniGit: but those questions are better discussed in #gnupg (which can be vivid once you asked a question)19:27
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IniGittomreyn: :D19:28
IniGittomreyn: I will ask it in a few hours there. I want to watch that dedicate then :), because I got to go now19:30
tomreynit's fine ;-) this was just a dsuggestion for next time.19:31
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adderI'm connected to TV via HDMI, after the TV turns off due to the inactivity, I'm unable to switch workspaces (as if all programs disappeared), also xfce panel and xmobar disappeared. Anyone has an idea what might be going on?19:38
philipp64what kind of mouse and keyboard do you have? they might not be able to wakeup the CPU from sleep mode…19:40
WulframnIs GCC no longer included on ubuntu 18.04?19:41
OerHeks!info gcc bionic19:41
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.176ubuntu2.1)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:7.3.0-3ubuntu2.1 (bionic), package size 5 kB, installed size 64 kB19:41
adderI have an external $20 keyboard and some wireless mouse. The laptop is woken up I think, it's the TV that I have to turn on via the remote controller19:41
WulframnOerHeks: Thanks19:42
OerHeksWulframn, optional, not included19:42
adderalso I think I've set the laptop to never go to sleep19:42
OerHeksi would like to see a 25+ iso set with all software19:42
iseneAnyone here who can help me with some libinput (touchpad) questions?19:43
repzisene, don´t ask to ask ..19:44
philipp64adder: if the TV is HDMI, it should be CEC-link where the source sends an "ON" command to the TV.  if not, you'll have to disable auto-shut off.19:44
repzanyone got an idea as why my x1c6 don´t want to enter the suspend mode, it just blink once and go back to screensaver (ubuntu 18.04.1, cinnamon)19:44
adderphilipp64: disable auto shut off on the TV?19:45
addernot quite the solution I was looking for but I'll try that19:45
iseneI want to tune libinput so that it has a higher tolerance for small movements while tapping (so that it doesn't miss so many taps a clicks) How do I do that?19:46
philipp64typically detecting a SYNC signal on the source should be enough to wake up your TV… but maybe your TV doesn't. that might just apply to monitors.19:47
adderphilipp64: I have HDMI CEC -> CEC Control, Audio Receiver, Device Auto Power Off, TV Auto Power On, Device List, Device Menu. I reckon you suggest to turn the first on?19:48
adderexcuse my noobness btw.19:48
pragmaticenigmaadder: can you post a screen shot of that?19:50
adderhmm, that's the only place where I can see "power off" or something similar. I turned CEC control on, and the Device Auto Power off is disabled19:51
adderpragmaticenigma: unfortunately no19:51
pragmaticenigmaadder: Did you just enable it, or was CEC always enabled?19:51
philipp64adder: TV Auto Power on should be adequate, but I'd enable CEC also just in case.19:52
adderpragmaticenigma: it was disabled, I enabled it19:52
adderphilipp64: what's adequate for that setting? on?19:52
philipp64is "Audio Receiver" part of a multi-choice? can you explain this a little better?19:53
philipp64on should be enough… but I can't tell if your TV thinks it's talking to an audio receiver or something else…19:53
adderwell, I press "Menu" on the remote controller, go to "Setup", then go to HDMI CEC where I see those 6 options19:54
shibbolethany word as to a patched systemd?19:54
pragmaticenigmaadder: What I'm trying to establish was did you turn it on and start experiencing this problem?19:54
pragmaticenigmashibboleth: This is not the correct channel for those questions. This channel is run by volunteers, we do not have knowledge of the decsions and release sechedules19:55
adderpragmaticenigma: no, the problem occurred before messing with TV settings. I'm trying to fix that up now. As I mentioned, it seems that all my programs close, xfce panel and xmobar disappear as well.19:55
SeTunTunhello, i installed xubuntu 18.04 and the Fn button and volume buttons don't seem to work.19:55
SeTunTunI am making a shortcut but the system doesn't recognise the Fn key + volume keys (so i am not able to include them in the shortcut)19:55
SeTunTunI would apreciate your help :(19:56
adderI'll be back in a minute19:56
ioriaSeTunTun, already tried  acpi_osi=   as kernel parameter  ?19:58
SeTunTunmmm no. Should i change it in grub?19:59
adderI'll try to idle now for some time to see if this fixes it20:00
philipp64adder: a screenshot might be more instructive…20:00
adderphilipp64: sorry, a screenshot of what? I can't take screenshots of what my TV displays :|20:01
SeTunTunrebooting, one moment20:01
pragmaticenigmaadder: what I think is happening is Ubuntu is sensing the extra monitor turning on and off. With CEC off, Ubuntu assumes the monitor was unplugged and is probably trying to go back to a single monitor and is failing to rescaling and window reorganization. With CEC on, when the TV turns off, the machine might be trying to power off with the display powering down.20:02
adderpragmaticenigma: I apologise I mostly understood what you said, except the last "the machine might be trying to power off with the display powering down." part20:03
adderpragmaticenigma: in a nutshell, are you suggesting CEC to be on?20:03
adderthat is, having CEC on would hypothetically fix the issue20:04
pragmaticenigmaadder: CEC might fix the issue. I'm not 100% certain on it. This is kind of going to be a trial and error situation20:05
adderyeah I see. I'll try to let it do its thing now and see if the issue is fixed. Thanks in any case20:06
SeTunTunthankyou ioria20:11
SeTunTunit worked! Now the ony problem is alsamixer that mutes everytime i reboot and i must unmute it manually :(20:11
IdahoMan /msg NickServ REGISTER Cambridge tom.hunter.jr@gmail.com20:16
geirhaBetter pick a better password now20:17
ioriaSeTunTun, reboot and try this from terminal:     amixer set 'Master' 100  ; if it works you put put itin Startup App20:26
energizer`systemctl suspend` prompts me for password, which is annoying. Can I have it just work without prompting?20:33
SeTunTunioria, surprisingly, it seems that the problem is the headphones level in alsamixer20:36
ioriaSeTunTun, i see20:37
tomreynenergizer: what's the output of "groups"?20:38
energizertomreyn: it includes sudo20:39
adderpragmaticenigma, philipp64: I don't want to jump the gun but it seems that the issue is fixed, at least for now.20:40
energizerlooks like i can put this into sudoers and it works `user hostname =NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/systemctl poweroff,/usr/bin/systemctl halt,/usr/bin/systemctl reboot`20:40
tomreynenergizer: does it include adm ?20:40
adderthe TV turned off, but after turning it on again everything was here.20:40
pragmaticenigmaIdahoMan: You are going to want to change your password now... that just went into main channel20:40
pragmaticenigmaadder: Sounds like as long as there is some sort of signal on the HDMI channel, Ubuntu is assuming a live display is there and doesn't change its settings20:41
energizertomreyn: yes20:43
tomreynenergizer: i guess it's actually 'disk' which may be needed to do it without sudo, but thios is basically root, so don't do it. your solution is better.20:45
energizertomreyn: ok thanks20:47
SeTunTunioria, i change the headphones volume to 100 and save (sudo alsactl store) but as soon as i reboot the headphones are at 0 again20:47
pikiaWhats does the command "l" do?20:48
pikiait lists the directory with a / at the end20:48
pikianot sure what it is. There are no man pages for l either20:48
hggdhpikia: because -- most probably -- 'l' is an alias set in ~/.bashrc20:49
pikiaAHhh yeah that makes sense20:49
pikiaYeah, its in there20:49
ioriaSeTunTun, this works ? amixer set Headphone 100%20:50
SeTunTunioria it works, how could i save this setting forever and ever until the end of time and universe?20:52
ioriaSeTunTun, press the Win key ; type Startup ; then click Add and in the 'Command' fiels, type      amixer set Headphone 100% ; or make a script and call it from there20:53
SeTunTunit doesn't work...21:00
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fribif umount hangs after writing a lot of data is it because the disk is still being written to and is there any way I can check ??21:26
CoolerZhey in nautilus (the file explorer) if you select 2 or more files and try to rename them a renamer appears21:38
CoolerZhow do you append a counter to the filename? so you can have files named  image1.jpg, image2.jpg, image3.jpg, etc ?21:39
EriC^^CoolerZ: maybe use something like this? https://askubuntu.com/questions/301781/how-to-rename-multiple-files-sequentially-from-command-line21:42
trafaret1hi there21:45
trafaret1I need help21:45
trafaret1How can I install TeXmacs in ubuntu?21:45
EriC^^!info texmacs21:45
ubottuPackage texmacs does not exist in bionic21:45
EriC^^trafaret1: try "apt-cache search texmacs"21:46
EriC^^what's texmacs a program? or some plugin etc?21:46
lordcirthhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=texmacs I only see it in trusty21:47
trafaret1EriC^^: I try this one "apt-cache search texmacs" I get "texmacs - WYSIWYG mathematical text editor usign TeX fonts"21:48
EriC^^trafaret1: great, type "sudo apt-get install texmacs"21:48
trafaret1EriC^^: I have some dependenies21:49
trafaret1guile-1.8-dev cannot be installed21:49
trafaret1why I dunno21:49
EriC^^trafaret1: which ubuntu are you using?21:49
lordcirthtrafaret1, the site also has their own debs: http://www.texmacs.org/tmweb/download/linux-packages.en.html#ubuntu21:49
EriC^^!info texmacs bionic21:50
ubottuPackage texmacs does not exist in bionic21:50
lordcirthHowever, the site doesn't even have SSL, so I wouldn't...21:50
trafaret1what is bionic?21:50
lordcirthtrafaret1, bionic is 18.0421:51
EriC^^trafaret1: try downloading the guile-1.8-dev from some reputable source21:51
trafaret1why they don't add texmacs in reps for 18.0421:51
lordcirthtrafaret1, is your system up to date? sometimes apt errors are due to trying to install new software when you are behind21:51
lordcirthAnd if it's not in the repo, why are you getting dependency errors instead of package not found?21:52
TJ-trafaret1: "apt-cache policy texmacs" will indicate where the package came from21:53
trafaret1how can I update ubunto to last version21:54
trafaret1fyi I have 32 bit proccesor21:54
blankoi have problem with upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04.121:56
blankosystem try icon missing21:56
blankonot show21:56
lordcirthblanko, all of them, or only some?21:57
blankoanyone fix this problem ?22:01
blankoafter upgrade22:01
jvasalloHey all, I am running through some patch cycles and I have been getting this infrequently: `Failed to fetch http://us-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/main/source/Sources.xz  File has unexpected size (228216 != 228224). Mirror sync in progress?`22:03
jvasalloWondering if there is anything I can do, or do I need to wait for mirrors?22:03
hggdhjvasallo: just wait a bit22:15
jvasallohggdh: Got it. Just re-ran and looking good now. Thanks! :)22:17
marcanuyhello, after upgrading to 18.10 my system becomes unstable when it starts using swap memory, it starts becoming slower until no response at all, any advice to debug this?22:29
blankoi upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04.122:30
blankoand not have system try icons22:31
blankoskype, franz classic-menu-indicator and more22:31
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nicomachusblanko: when you went from 16.04 to 18.04 your DE was probably switched to Gnome. You can download a gnome extension to get those indicator icons.22:44
nicomachusblanko: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/615/appindicator-support/22:45
qwebirc72474hey all22:46
qwebirc72474I'm trying to clone a 2TB Ubuntu 16.04 partition on a 4TB HDD (Windows 10 partition on the other 2TB) to a 2TB SSD (GPT partition)22:46
qwebirc72474can't find a straight forward way to do so22:46
qwebirc72474clone GPT partition to same sized SSD22:46
qwebirc72474any help is appreciated22:46
TJ-qwebirc72474: does the target SSD already have a partition table with a single maximum-sized partition configured?22:48
TJ-qwebirc72474: secondly, is that partition greater-than-or-equal-to the size of the source partition?22:49
qwebirc72474target SSD is same size as partition22:50
qwebirc72474it's brand new, out of box, nothing configured22:50
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TJ-qwebirc72474: I'm asking very specific questions since the *partition* on the target needs to be at least as big as the source partition. If the target SSD is the same size, then the target partition will be smaller22:52
TJ-qwebirc72474: the partitioning scheme (GPT) uses some space, so the target partition will be smaller than the SSD22:53
IdahoManin #ubuntu22:53
qwebirc72474so perhaps I can shrink the volume in source? since it's barely using 1% of the partition anyway22:54
TJ-qwebirc72474: yes, you can resize the file-system in the source partition, which is a very effective way of doing it22:58
blankonicomachus: Thank you22:59
qwebirc72474that's good, so after resizing, how do I go about cloning the partition to the SSD?22:59
TJ-qwebirc72474: you can likely use "fsadm resize /dev/sdX <size>" - see "man fsadm" for size value format23:00
TJ-qwebirc72474: is the source file-system currently mounted? IF it is you can check how small it can be made with "df -h /path/to/mountpoint"23:01
TJ-qwebirc72474: if for example it is using 24G, you could resize the file-system to, say, 30G with fsadm, then transfer, say, 32GB (to be sure) from source partition to target partition, then resize the file-system to use all of the target partition with fsadm23:04
TJ-qwebirc72474: if, for example, you can reduce the source file-system to less than 32GiB, then you could do something like this, which moves 32GiB in 512MiB chunks from sdA1 to sdB1 :  SIZE=$((32 * 1024 * 1048576)); BS=$((512 * 1048576)); echo dd if=/dev/sdA1 of=/dev/sdB1 bs=$BS count=$((SIZE/BS))23:08
lsofHello. I am trying to bridge/route a USB LTE modem to a router via Ethernet port on my laptop. Kind of like this: USB Modem <-> Laptop <-> Ethernet port <-> xDSL router23:09
lsofSince the USB modem uses PPP, which is different layer than ETH, it's not very straightforward.23:10
TJ-lsof: presumably there's a pppX network interface created ?23:10
lsofTJ-: that is correct, ppp023:11
qwebirc72474it says used 15G23:11
lsofNow I'd like to avoid setting up a DNS/DHCP server. The laptop also shouldn't be able to access the connection - think of it as a passthrough.23:11
qwebirc72474should the fsadm size argument be in bytes or should I just type 20G23:12
TJ-qwebirc72474: see "man fsadm" and the 'newsize' explanation23:15
TJ-qwebirc72474: looks like a 'G' suffix means GiB which is what you want - matches what the command/calculation above works with23:16
qwebirc72474awesome, so I'll do a fsadm resize /dev/sda4 25G just to be sure23:16
TJ-lsof: so have you added the ppp0 and en<whatever> as slaves to a new bridge ?23:17
lsofTJ-: I cannot add ppp0 to a bridge.23:18
TJ-lsof: oh, it's a tun not a tap (IP route, not Ethernet layer 2) - I'm used to working with PPPoE23:18
johnnyfiveHello all, did the packaging format for .deb's change between xenial and bionic?23:19
tomreynjohnnyfive: i dont think so, why are you asking?23:20
johnnyfiveI have been using a library that implements the AR archive functionality, and it consumes xenial debs just fine. However it chokes on bionic debs.23:20
johnnyfiveNamely, https://github.com/blakesmith/ar23:20
IdahoManIs this a good place to talk about 18.04 or 18.10 boot problems?23:21
tomreynjohnnyfive: hmm i'm not sure then. but this looks like dead software.23:22
johnnyfiveWell it's not *dead* in the case that it works for xenial. I wouldn't mind updating the software, but first trying to do some recon23:22
TJ-johnnyfive: I seem to recall an newer compression algorithm was added23:23
johnnyfiveI mean if you're using "last updated" time to determine that it's "dead", then AR is "dead" as well.23:23
johnnyfiveTJ-, interesting, ok thanks. That's at least a sanity check. I'll try to track that down.23:24
tomreynIdahoMan: if you mean talk in the sense of looking for or providing support, then yes23:24
agiohi all, does anyone know how to confirm whether thunderbird is actually fetching emails? I can't tell whether thunderbird is actually polling the IMAP server for new emails...23:26
johnnyfiveTJ-, does this look familiar? https://github.com/facebook/zstd23:26
qwebirc72474@qwebirc72474 partition is now reduced to 25G23:26
qwebirc72474what can I do to clone it now?23:27
tomreynagio: send yourself mail, see if it arrives? alternatively you could have the imap worker write a log.23:28
TJ-qwebirc72474: something like this (set the device names correctly):  SIZE=$((25 * 1024 * 1048576)); BS=$((512 * 1048576)); echo dd if=/dev/sdA1 of=/dev/sdB1 bs=$BS count=$((SIZE/BS))23:28
tomreynagio: https://wiki.mozilla.org/MailNews:Logging#Linux.2Funix23:28
TJ-johnnyfive: * Add Zstandard compression and decompression support for binary packages23:28
TJ-    (LP: #1764220)23:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1764220 in dpkg "[FFe] dpkg zstd support" [Unknown,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/176422023:29
qwebirc72474do I also add in the swap partition or can I leave that out?23:29
johnnyfiveTJ-, thanks!23:29
TJ-johnnyfive: see "apt-get changelog dpkg"   dpkg ( bionic; urgency=medium23:29
TJ-qwebirc72474: leave it out23:29
agiotomreyn: the logging looks like a nice solution, I'll give that a try , thanks!23:30
TJ-qwebirc72474: note you'll need to remove the "echo" there - I put it in to stop you doing something dangerous23:30
qwebirc72474good call23:31
TJ-qwebirc72474: after the 'dd' finishes do "sync" to ensure data is flushed to the device23:31
TJ-qwebirc72474: and be aware, if you are going to leave both file-systems in the same PC, you'll need to change the file-system UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier) for one of them, to avoid problems due to the OS confusing which device to use23:33
TJ-qwebirc72474: changing the UUID depends on which file-system it is. For ext2/3/4 you can use 'tune2fs'23:34
johnnyfiveTJ-, awesome. Learn something new every day.23:34
qwebirc72474I'll be taking the HDD out and using the SSD with ubuntu only23:35
TJ-qwebirc72474: and for ext2/3/4 you'd use "tune2fs -U random /dev/sdA1" (to alter the original, on the assumption you want the new image to be the one in use)23:35
qwebirc72474the tune2fs is assuming both disks are installed, right?23:36
TJ-qwebirc72474: AND (!) if you change the UUID you'll also need to update any files that reference it for mounting, such as /etc/fstab and /etc/crypttab23:36
TJ-qwebirc72474: yes, but as these are supposed to be *unique* it makes sense to do it anyhow - it's good practice23:37
qwebirc72474thanks TJ, trying it now23:38
blankomy problem is not fix fully23:38
blankoafter restart again not load try icons23:39
blankoand after open new app not show in try icons23:39
rajwhy is installing specific releases of python so convoluted, for example if I want version 2.7.14?23:48
rajI would have to do all this https://tecadmin.net/install-python-2-7-on-ubuntu-and-linuxmint/23:48
johnnyfive@raj, https://github.com/pyenv/pyenv ?23:48
johnnyfiveI have not used it, but I don't install specific versions of *any* language without using a version manager of some sort23:49
rajI'm using docker so it's complicating things23:50
R3dC4pIn Kubuntu 18.04, attempting to lauch a Plasma session with Wayland, I get the splash screen, and the session crashes back to SDDM. Graphics drivers in used are i915 (HD Graphics 520) and amdgpu (Opal XT, AKA AMD m265)23:55
R3dC4pAny ideas?23:55

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