studio-user564как установить вот эту программу cinelerra-7-src.tar.xz15:15
studio-user564раширение src.tar.xz15:17
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:17
studio-user870Hello anybody here, I need help customizing language & region Which I cannot find in Ubuntu Studio!16:00
studio-user870Hi nopf16:01
OvenWerkssettings manager ->language support?16:01
studio-user870Hi Oven! I am looking either for that the way it is in Ubuntu Desktop , or I am looking for the text entry option16:02
studio-user870I am looking for Enabling "Complex Language Input"16:03
studio-user870Thanks for the help!16:03
OvenWerksTo be completely honest, I have no idea what that means16:03
studio-user870The text entry option is the way to specify how text is entered as in it related to your keyboard and languages..16:04
studio-user870But, you see I dnt understand why Ubuntu Studio does not include .16:04
OvenWerksStudio is based on xfce not gnome316:05
studio-user870I see!16:05
studio-user870That should explain it!16:05
studio-user870I think i understand16:05
studio-user870Thank you for the help!16:05
OvenWerksI am still not sure what "Complex Language Input"16:05
OvenWerks means16:05
OvenWerkshowever, you might try asking on #xubuntu16:05
OvenWerksThere are people there who understand xfce better than I do16:07
studio-user472In certain languages input of text is not based on characters alone16:07
studio-user472So you need to enable cli16:07
studio-user472I am sure16:07
studio-user472I like xfce myself16:08
OvenWerksI am not good with languages other than english (maybe not that good with that either) so it is hard for me to understand those needs16:09
OvenWerkseven though my wife is english as a second language16:10
OvenWerksStudio chose xfce when gnome2 was no longer supported and both unity and gnome3 were not fully developed16:11
studio-user472is it still being devloped16:11
OvenWerksUnity has now vanished, gnome3 is quite mature16:12
studio-user472you mean UBuntu Desktop is a better choice?16:12
OvenWerks I personally don't like gnome for audio/video/development work. To me it is too phone like16:12
studio-user472Hmm me too :)16:13
OvenWerksI don't like ubuntu desktop...16:13
OvenWerksI have been quite pleased with KDE16:13
studio-user472I don't like ubuntu 😢16:13
studio-user472I have no idea what that is16:14
OvenWerkshowever, in the end that is all preference. It is possible to install Studio over top of any of the ubuntu flavours16:14
studio-user472Yes im sure16:14
studio-user472OK it was nice chatting with you Oven" I hv 2 go ,16:16
OvenWerksbye for now then16:16
studio-user472byee byee16:16
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EickmeyerJessedavid4: Welcome. Can you describe the problem again?21:34
Jessedavid4Thanks, Erickmeyer , though this may or may not end up pertaining to the development as it is an issue with a driver21:34
Jessedavid4I'll give you a short story of what happened.21:34
EickmeyerJessedavid4: We don't develop anything in Ubuntu Studio aside from Ubuntu Studio specific items, so that's also an inappropriate place for a bug report.21:35
OvenWerksdriver? in linux?21:36
Jessedavid4So I had Nvidia 390.87 driver installed. And it was running great. But as of late, I have a few family members who are interested in trying out Ubuntu Studio. But they use AMD GPUs. So I went ahead and put one of my AMD GPU in my computer and tried to run Ubuntu-Studio with that card.21:36
EickmeyerUbuntu Studio specific items include theming, back-end performance configuration (swapiness, etc.) and Ubuntu Studio Controls.21:36
EickmeyerI use an AMD GPU, go ahead.21:36
Jessedavid4So I did a manual install of the 18.50 drivers, directly downloaded from the AMD site.21:36
EickmeyerI'm assuming you're using 18.04 then because those drivers don't work in 18.10.21:37
Jessedavid4Well, heh, It turns out I didn't really think that part through.21:37
Jessedavid4Anyways, I downloaded it and realized it was not working.21:38
Jessedavid4So I went ahead and removed the files via instruction from AMD, for the first time.21:38
Jessedavid4Now it turns out that the files did not completely remove. Because now when I try to use the software updater, I get errors pertaining to amdgpu-dkms after getting a window saying: The package system is Broken21:39
Jessedavid4So I went ahead and ran the command: rm  /var/opt/amdgpu-pro-local/./amdgpu-core_18.50-708488_all.deb21:40
Jessedavid4And it removed it supposedly.21:41
Jessedavid4Now in all this, I did a restart, and then put back in my Nvidia GPU.21:41
Jessedavid4So drivers are back to normal, but I still seem to have a package issue.21:41
EickmeyerI've had this happen. You will need to remove every package that was installed by the script manually by typing "sudo apt remove {every package it installed and/or attempted to install". This is tedious and can take a very good chunk of time.21:42
Jessedavid4Will this remove most of my packages in general?21:42
EickmeyerNo, just the packages that the script installed. It's almost easier to do a reinstall if you don't want to take the time to manually remove each package.21:43
EickmeyerBy the way, there is no reason to use the drivers from the AMD site. The Linux kernel includes an official open-source AMD driver.21:43
Jessedavid4Oh for sure. I did actually try to run a game: Bastion. See how it would run without installing the amdgpu-pro drivers and seemed to run nicely actually.21:44
EickmeyerSo, basically, your solution is to uninstall the amdgpu-pro package one by one, adding to the command line any dependencies that pop-up. It's a tedious process, but it works. If you're not as patient as I am with it, you might consider reinstalling.21:46
Jessedavid4Is there a way to figure out each amdgpu-pro package to uninstall?21:47
EickmeyerType "sudo apt remove amdgpu-pro" (or whichever package failed in the original script), and if it whines about it being a dependency of another package or packages, type the up arrow, and add the other package(s) to the end of the commmand.21:49
EickmeyerIt takes quite a while.21:49
Jessedavid4Is this including all of the lib files as well?21:49
Jessedavid4Only problem21:50
EickmeyerIt installs some 32-bit packages too, so you might have to remove those with {package name}:i38621:50
Jessedavid4It is saying that none of the packages are installed. All the way down the list to the bottom.21:50
Jessedavid4This is the last row: E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt --fix-broken install' with no packages (or specify a solution).21:51
EickmeyerThen type 'sudo apt --fix-broken install' and see what it says.21:51
Jessedavid4E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend - open (13: Permission denied)21:52
Jessedavid4E: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), are you root?21:52
EickmeyerYou didn't use sudo.21:52
Jessedavid4oh right, sec21:52
Jessedavid4sudo apt --fix-broken install21:52
Jessedavid4Oh woops21:52
Jessedavid4Okay, so about 11 rows21:53
EickmeyerGo to paste.ubuntu.com and paste what it says there, paste the link it gives you here.21:53
Jessedavid4It is mostly saying that the amdgpu-pro-local or amdgpu-core 18.50 does not exist21:53
Jessedavid4It combined a few of the lines21:55
EickmeyerNo worries. Type "sudo apt remove amdgpu-pro-local amdgpu-core" and do another paste.ubuntu.com with the output from that.21:56
Jessedavid4It just said Unable to locate package amdgpu-pro-local21:56
Jessedavid4But now I did core by itself, give me a moment21:57
EickmeyerThat's what I was about to suggest.21:57
EickmeyerHang on, typing a command line for you.21:59
Eickmeyersudo apt remove amdgpu-core amdgpu-dkms amdgpu-lib glamor-amdgpu gst-omx-amdgpu libdrm-amdgpu-common libdrm2-amdgpu:i386 libdrm2-amdgpu libegl1-amdgpu-mesa:i386 libegl1-amdgpu-mesa libgbm1-amdgpu:i386 libgbm1-amdgpu libgl1-amdgpu-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-amdgpu-mesa-dri libglapi-amdgpu-mesa:i386 libglapi-amdgpu-mesa libllvm7.0-amdgpu:i386 libllvm7.0-amdgpu libwayland-amdgpu-client0:i386 libwayland-amdgpu-client0 libwayland-amdgpu-egl1:i38622:03
Eickmeyerlibwayland-amdgpu-egl11 libwayland-amdgpu-server0:i386 libwayland-amdgpu-server0 mesa-amdgpu-va-drivers:i386 mesa-amdgpu-va-drivers mesa-amdgpu-vdpau-drivers:i386 mesa-amdgpu-vdpau-drivers xserver.xorg-amdgpu-video-amdgpu22:03
Eickmeyeror https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WYRwJnZcs6/plain/22:03
Jessedavid4Oh this is going to be fun22:04
Jessedavid4so I am going to try and remove all of them?22:07
EickmeyerJessedavid4: Yes.22:08
EickmeyerIf I made a typo, it'll tell you a certain package isn't installed. Correct my typo and try again.22:08
Jessedavid4They all keep running into the same error saying: E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt --fix-broken install' with no packages (or specify a solution).22:09
EickmeyerDid you copy and paste that entire command line I just pasted?22:10
Jessedavid4I tried that but it would not fit, so I went one by one22:10
Jessedavid4Okay, now it did22:11
Jessedavid4Very odd, the first time it didn't work22:11
EickmeyerIt was probably incomplete the first time you tried.22:12
Jessedavid4E: Unable to locate package libwayland-amdgpu-egl1122:12
Jessedavid4Note, selecting 'xserver-xorg-amdgpu-video-amdgpu' for regex 'xserver.xorg-amdgpu-video-amdgpu'22:12
EickmeyerThat's fine, I typo'd the package it couldn't find.22:12
EickmeyerThe extra "1" needs to be removed.22:13
EickmeyerOnce it's removed from the line, you can try again.22:13
Jessedavid4Okay, let me paste.ubuntu and send link22:13
Jessedavid4perhaps, install is broken?22:15
EickmeyerNo, that was all due to my typo. Try this (with fixed typo): sudo apt remove amdgpu-core amdgpu-dkms amdgpu-lib glamor-amdgpu gst-omx-amdgpu libdrm-amdgpu-common libdrm2-amdgpu:i386 libdrm2-amdgpu libegl1-amdgpu-mesa:i386 libegl1-amdgpu-mesa libgbm1-amdgpu:i386 libgbm1-amdgpu libgl1-amdgpu-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-amdgpu-mesa-dri libglapi-amdgpu-mesa:i386 libglapi-amdgpu-mesa libllvm7.0-amdgpu:i386 libllvm7.0-amdgpu libwayland-amdgpu-client022:16
Eickmeyer:i386 libwayland-amdgpu-client0 libwayland-amdgpu-egl1:i386 libwayland-amdgpu-egl libwayland-amdgpu-server0:i386 libwayland-amdgpu-server0 mesa-amdgpu-va-drivers:i386 mesa-amdgpu-va-drivers mesa-amdgpu-vdpau-drivers:i386 mesa-amdgpu-vdpau-drivers xserver.xorg-amdgpu-video-amdgpu22:16
EickmeyerEr, ignore that.22:16
EickmeyerTry that (same as before with fixed typo)22:16
Jessedavid4E: Unable to locate package libwayland-amdgpu-egl22:16
EickmeyerI typoed the same package. XD Hang on..22:17
EickmeyerOkay, this is going to take a while. Hang on...22:21
EickmeyerJessedavid4: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tsCZJhXWsG/plain/22:26
Jessedavid4If all else fails, I can reinstall the OS. But I've got a really nice running version of it an all. Though I have the original usb with the download.22:26
Jessedavid4E: Unable to locate package ligdrm-amdgpu-amdgpu122:26
EickmeyerThat's a typo, hang on.22:26
Jessedavid4Woohoo! Finally22:27
EickmeyerTold you, time consuming!22:27
Jessedavid4I ran update, now let me try the package installer22:28
Jessedavid4software updater I should say22:28
Jessedavid4And it's good!22:28
Jessedavid4Thank you very much!!22:28
EickmeyerYou're welcome!22:28
Jessedavid4I really wanted to keep all my setting in tact :-)22:28
EickmeyerImma go nurse my headache now, and expect the dr bill for my carpel tunnel. That was a lot of typing. j/k22:29
EickmeyerI don't blame you one bit.22:29
Jessedavid4Haha. Well if it helps, I've been recommending Ubuntu studio to all my friends!!22:29
EickmeyerAwesome. Glad to hear it!22:30
EickmeyerGood stuff coming in 19.04.22:30
Jessedavid4I really hope you guys don't become a software package though22:30
Jessedavid4Honestly, this has been running way smoother than my Ubuntu Budgie 18.1022:30
Jessedavid4Don't think I've ever had an Ubuntu flavor run this well. Or a linux OS in general22:31
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EickmeyerWell, Ubuntu Studio started out as an add-on for Ubuntu, believe it or not. The rest of the team and I are working on making it so that Studio's benefits can be installed on any Ubuntu flavor so that people can work in the desktop environment they choose. We're keeping Xfce for our ISO and default, but adding that ability in 19.04.22:31
EickmeyerIt's going to be as easy as installing Ubuntu Studio Metapackage Installer (ubuntustudio-installer), running it, and checking which features you want.22:32
Jessedavid4As a Linux day to day user. (though I've done some coding in C on here) I gotta say you guys should just keep up with what you have and maybe just add new features and what not.22:33
EickmeyerWell, of course, but Ubuntu Studio isn't tied to a single desktop envrionment, so we're trying to unmarry from that idea.22:33
Jessedavid4I do like the idea of what you guys want to do!! And I really do like xfce22:34
EickmeyerWe're not going anywhere, and I'm also casting vision for making Ubuntu Studio's default install even more beautiful, which albiet, is subjective.22:34
Jessedavid4This is a long shot... but I know you have Jack running on here default. Have you guys ever considered creating or implementing a Bluetooth connectivity only accessible from Ubuntu Studio? Kind of like it's own manager, or something?22:36
EickmeyerJack is not running by default unless you started it from Ubuntu Studio Controls and never stopped it or unchecked the box (even between reboots).22:37
Jessedavid4Ooo, let me rephrase that a little bit.22:38
EickmeyerAgain, we don't develop anything outside of the Ubuntu Studio specific packages (ubuntustudio-* in Synaptic or apt).22:38
OvenWerksblue tooth audio is (almost by definition) neither real time safe or low latency. It would cripple jack22:40
OvenWerksThe best way to use BT is through pulse, bridged to jack if needed22:40
Jessedavid4Oh, for sure22:41
EickmeyerThe major "selling point" for lack of a better term for Ubuntu Studio is Ubuntu Studio Controls' ability to configure Jack to automatically detect and add hotplugged USB audio devices as Jack clients. This has never been done before from a GUI.22:42
OvenWerksA BT jack client with src might work ok, but there doesn't seem to be anyone who understands BT and jack well enough with an interest in doing so22:44
Jessedavid4Now I have a question regarding that Jack and auto detecting usb/audio jacks22:47
Jessedavid4This is probably mostly driver based... But when installing certain soundcards, like for example the Asus Xonar sounds cards, Does jack detect it before or after the driver is installed?22:48
Jessedavid4Or is it mainly a USB audio feature?22:49
EickmeyerJessedavid4: That's a USB audio feature you're talking about. I wouldn't hotplug an internal sound card as it could bork your system if you try.22:56
EickmeyerAlsa (in the kernel) handles all audio devices.22:56

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