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BluesKaj'Morning all10:46
IrcsomeBot3<Azam Fadil-lillah> 😅😅 at noon now.. … In my pleace10:52
IrcsomeBot3<Azam Fadil-lillah> 😅 at noon now10:52
syddelGood morning, BluesKaj10:56
BluesKajHi syddel10:56
syddelA T460s running Kubuntu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpeicB5J4I810:58
IrcsomeBot3<Azam Fadil-lillah> @syddel, Nice11:00
syddelI always buy secondhand ThinkPads (T or X series) to run Linux. I find they're very Linux friendly (and I do need teraflops of processing power).11:01
syddelYou can also pick them up for peanuts.11:02
BluesKajtoo late my Lenovo G500 bit the dust a while back so i just oredered a Dell 558011:06
syddelBluesKaj: I've never had a "G series" Lenovo. I always stick to the T or X models.11:10
syddelHere's a T460 running Kubuntu 17.10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlNwfl4eB6M11:11
BluesKajit's unfortunate because the G500 was a well performing laptop11:11
BluesKajvery linux friendly etc11:13
syddelI have an X260. I've dropped it, spilt coffee on it, accidentally slept on top of it (etc). It just keeps going.11:14
syddelHello everyone :)13:30
syddelSwitched over to irssi - just trying to get used to the commands/key combos.13:57
syddelBluesKaj: Do you use Kubuntu?14:01
BluesKajyes, this channel is for kubuntu support14:27
syddelI really enjoy the "blur" effect that can applied to Konsole. I hope this trickles down to 18.04 soon.15:19
syddelI have 18.04 on my work machine, but use 18.10 on my personal laptop.15:21
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oodswaylooking for help with a login issue20:57
oodswayafter reboot, keyboard and mouse freeze if I don't login promptly20:58
Roey{-why don't I hear osund??21:04
Roey{-through the standard device anyway21:05
Roey{-I don't see the device listed.21:05
Roey{-in pavucontrol I mean.21:05
Roey{-hello all21:50
Roey{-anyone here?21:50
IrcsomeBot3<bauchhaus> did you try alsamixer?21:51
IrcsomeBot3<bauchhaus> might be muted there21:51
Roey{-Hello all, I'm trying to figure out why I don't see my sound device after I upgraded from Kubuntu 18.04 -> 18.10.  I don't see it with the command "pavucontrol" at all (there are no audio devices in the "Output Devices" tab aside from some port on my monitor)!21:52
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IrcsomeBot3<DarinMiller> @Roey{-> Hello all, I'm trying to figure out why I don't see my sound device after I upgraded from Kubuntu 18.04 -, The followintg audio packages are installed on my system.  Ensure yours matches.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CWk9Wk8s2f/23:41
IrcsomeBot3<DarinMiller> quick command to check:  apt list *audio* | grep installed23:42
Roey{-DarinMiller: I hand-checked each package and verified that they are installed.23:49
IrcsomeBot3<DarinMiller> Does your system tray contain an audio icon?23:49
Roey{-ahhh thank you!!! one moment lemme put my stuff up23:50
Roey{-DarinMiller: https://pastebin.com/DhUGy1be23:50
Roey{-so I see the volume icon23:51
Roey{-and when I prss it, it shows "Audio Volume", with two tabs, Ddevices and Applicatoins.  Under Devices it lists "HDMI/DisplayPort3" (meaning the video card) and "Microphone".23:52
IrcsomeBot3<DarinMiller> And if you right click on it, select Configure Audio Volume, what do you see on the Audio Volume -> Advanced tab?23:54
Roey{-DarinMiller: I see QuickCam and HDA NVidia23:56
Roey{-DarinMiller: but nothing about my integrated sound card23:57
IrcsomeBot3<DarinMiller> On the Advance tab, try changing the Built-in-Audio Profile ot Analog Stereo Duplex23:57

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