auvajshello, someone here? I have a 17'' notebook and bought a new 23'' monitor. however when I try to start fullscreen on the new bigger monitor, the "full screens" is only on part of the screen.. see https://pasteboard.co/HW2Bn3J.png03:05
auvajsany idea how to extend the full screen?03:05
guiverc_dauvajs, what Lubuntu are you running?  Do you have to displays connected?  (your image looks like one display is mirrored; the game being played on the lower resolution monitor -- the only time I see something like that) -- is that 18.04 LTS?03:33
auvajsguiverc_d: yes, Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS03:34
guiverc_ddo you have both displays connected?03:34
guiverc_d(sorry I meant to type 'have two displays' in my first line.. my bad)03:35
auvajsguiverc_d: sure, I'm using only the bigger monitor03:35
auvajsguiverc_d: it works great so far, only the full screen isn't actual "full screen"03:36
guiverc_dhave a look in preferences -> monitor settings  (the 18.04 system I booted only has a single monitor, but I suspect you have mirrored displays... ie. both trying to display same image, smaller resolution monitor image appearing top left)03:36
auvajsguiverc_d: ah I figured it out..  turned out the laptop display and not it works as expected :))03:38
guiverc_d:)   you could use both I believe (one besides the other etc), but I don't have a 18.04 handy with two displays so can't walk you thru it sorry.03:39
auvajsfhttps://pasteboard.co/HW2PAdA.png :))03:39
auvajsnow I only need Blazers win :DDDDDDD03:41
lubothdmkhani was added by: hdmkhani04:16
lubot<hdmkhani> Hey, Could anybody send screenshot of 19.04 please :)04:17
lubot<hdmkhani> asd04:40
lubot<N0um3n0> (Photo, 1280x800) https://i.imgur.com/13wHuG9.jpg12:07
lubot<N0um3n0> (Photo, 1280x800) https://i.imgur.com/721C6Y7.jpg12:07
lubot<JyotiGomes> Hi! This issue may seem like an unimportant issue, but it has to do with the first impression that people have when using Lubuntu. And the first impression is important. As you can easily see, the Plymouth points are out of line with the name "Lubuntu". In Ubuntu this problem practically does not occur. This occurs in Lubuntu becau14:53
lubotse by focusing the image, they included the logo in the measurement and determination of the center. Since the logo is in the upper right corner, the points are off centered in relation to the name. This decentration existed in Lubuntu LXDE and seems even more cumbersome in Lubuntu LXQt. The impression this creates for those who will be using Lubun14:53
lubottu for the first time is that of carelessness, although we who follow the titanic daily effort of the Lubuntu developers know that this initial impression is light years from the truth. Perhaps a little correction from this first impression will help people not jump to conclusions about the quality of Lubuntu. And we know that it is, quite simply,14:53
lubotthe best Linux distro, if we make a globalizing assessment that integrates all the aspects of a distro.14:53
lubot<JyotiGomes> (Photo, 386x501) https://i.imgur.com/4dwrTPm.jpg14:53
Meadnot that big of a deal unless you are OCD14:55
lubot<JyotiGomes> @Mead [<Mead> not that big of a deal unless you are OCD], It is true. For me personally this does not affect my preference for Lubuntu, I like it the same way. I'm thinking about potential new users and the first impression that can influence their preference. But that's all, if you think it's not worth paying attention to, that's15:00
lubotfine. A hug and a continuation of your good work.15:00
lubot<JyotiGomes> @Mead [<Mead> not that big of a deal unless you are OCD], Another thing. I'm not OCD but I'm sure you're a rude and uneducated person!15:04
Meadwow... calm down and don't be so defensive.  You are over thinking everything.15:07
* Mead looks at his college degrees on the wall and his NSF award next to it.15:07
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