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THKittenanyone here know anything about sidekiq?02:43
THKittenI'm getting an error I don't know how to resolve02:43
tomreynhave you tried #ruby?03:02
sarnoldor giving details? :)03:05
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dvergurinnhey guys, pretty new to setting up a cluster with maas and i'm looking at PXE booting a poweredge t310 which i am intending to provision and commission as a MAAS node where the regional controller is on another server. i have the second eth nic for each server connected to an offline router which i have turned off DHCP and reserved the addresses for my two servers.18:10
dvergurinni am actually having trouble finding info online about how to make sure that my bmc firmware is confed correctly and also how to connect, or know that i've connected, to PXE. expecially from MAAS18:11
dvergurinni guess i'm looking for a general run through?18:12
dvergurinnor should i be asking a more MAAS specific question for this?18:13
dvergurinnanyone around ????????????19:41
dvergurinnam i in the right group for questions?19:54
penguinepimplehi, i'm having an issue with setting up a maas cluster. in that i have one server that needs PXE booted and i'm a complete nood to maas and pxe. i was wondering how i would register my PXE boot device in maas to allow it to be remotely booted?22:26
penguinepimplethe second server that i'm looking to PXE boot is a poweredge t310, is it makes a difference22:30
penguinepimplei'm basically looking for an overview, or a run through of what i should be doing or paying attention to22:30
penguinepimpleanyone have any suggestions?23:02
OerHekspenguinepimple, i am interested in maas and saas too, maybe this is a help https://blog.ubuntu.com/2018/03/06/maas-for-the-home23:08
OerHeksand then back to https://docs.maas.io/1.9/en/intro-architecture23:09
penguinepimple@OerHeks, ok, that first one is pretty good. i'm looking through it right now.23:20
penguinepimplehow far have you gotten with maas so far?23:21
penguinepimpleugh, far far23:21
OerHeksi just got my raid controller, and start to do the lvm works but not tonight :-D23:22
penguinepimplehaha nice, a friend gave me his old lga771 dual xeon server a couple weekends ago, and i cleaned up the t310 from an e-cycle dump. it's missing its SAS drives only23:29
OerHeks3 x 2Tb and 2 spare 1Tb  , on an i3 / 8gb23:29
penguinepimplevery nice. yeah, i definitely need more storage to raid. especially on the t310.23:40
OerHeksall i need more is a private mirror, for speed and offline23:51
OerHeksAs of September 2019, the Ubuntu Archive takes up approximately 1 TB of space.23:52
OerHeksfunny, this doc is from the future23:52
OerHeksso a pool of 2 spare would do23:53

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