Nexilvaso if I do cabal install xmoand, and get xmonad from haskell, 0.15 for ubuntu 18.04, then I need to remove the distro packages?00:00
OerHeks!info xmonad bionic00:01
ubottuxmonad (source: xmonad): Lightweight X11 window manager written in Haskell. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13-7 (bionic), package size 528 kB, installed size 2442 kB00:01
OerHeksyou would get 0.1300:02
OerHeksthat is the package we support00:02
ikatamoonshotshello ubuntu00:17
ikatamoonshotsiam trying to automount a 18.04 default install with luks cryptsetup using a usb key - i already got this working but somehow i lost my script, now working of a backup but i cant get it to work - stackexchange doesent has an answer too yet00:17
ikatamoonshotshere is my post there https://askubuntu.com/questions/1108777/18-04-cryptsetup-luks-automount-root-during-boot-with-usb-as-key00:17
ikatamoonshotsi suspect the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX of the /etc/default/grub settings to be wrong, cant figure if the parameters are correct, websearch isnt helpful too00:17
ikatamoonshotsthis line00:19
ikatamoonshotssed -ie "s#quiet splash#cryptopts=target=sda3_crypt,source=/dev/disk/by-uuid/$(blkid -o value -s UUID /dev/$MAIN_PART),lvm=xubuntu--vg-root,keyscript=$UNLOCKUSB1#g" /etc/default/grub00:19
ikatamoonshotsis there a cheatsheet anywhere for the correct kernel commands using lvm?00:19
ikatamoonshotslvm=xubuntu--vg-root -- this one, cant find if this command even exists, i pulled it from the script linked in my script right on top00:20
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horus125hi, can I add custom new shortcuts in nautilius places section? i tried adding entries in ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs (or /etc/xdg/user-dirs.defaults) and running xdg-user-dirs-update and xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update but it doesnt show up00:21
ikatamoonshotsanyways, ill be here for a while looking for replies, if anybody has a clue/hint that would be great00:22
tomreynikatamoonshots: this isn't a direct response to your effort, but may be of interest if you haven't followed the recent changes, yet: https://debconf18.debconf.org/talks/77-cryptsetup-in-debian-tips-tricks-and-future-plans/00:40
tomreyni.e. things will (apparently) be much easier soon.00:41
tomreyncryptsetup 2.1 and luksFormat defaulting to LUKS2 didn't happen before the debian debian 10 ("buster") transition freeze, though.00:52
tomreynit should make it into ubuntu 20.04, though.00:52
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tomreynoh actually 3.0.6 seems to have introduced LUKS2 as default format.01:02
tomreynikatamoonshots: ^ in case you're still following01:03
ikatamoonshotsim following, yes, thx for your effort01:13
ikatamoonshots@ tomryn01:13
ikatamoonshotsi still think either the keyscript ofr the grub setting is the point of failure01:14
ikatamoonshotsi cant find a cheatsheet for the grub settings related to lvm / luks01:14
AWest21fresh install of 18.10 on a desktop that I'm assuming doesnt have built in Wireless, can anyone tell me how I can check to see if my Wireless Adapter is linux compatible?01:15
ikatamoonshotsfound this, https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/admin-guide/kernel-parameters.html01:15
ikatamoonshots 01:15
ikatamoonshotsbut nothign with lvm on the post with this link01:15
ikatamoonshotseven got it working in arch, setp is a bit different there, want to apply it to ubuntu tough01:17
tomreynikatamoonshots: i didn't really read all of what you posted, i'm not so much into booting off a usb key. it was always complex, and i always thought it'd be much effort to make it run reliably and not break by moinor changes in related packages.01:17
matsamanAWest21: know the model name?01:18
matsamanAWest21: does it show up in lspci? lsusb?01:18
matsamanAWest21: alternativfely: the computer model01:18
ikatamoonshotsyep, i guess thats why there are no tutorials or documentations  except for very dated ubuntu versions - tough, i want to make this script working and put it on github once and for all :P01:19
tomreynikatamoonshots: it doesn't seem like the much improved tooling around this (external key storage with LUKS2) will make it into 19.04, though.01:19
AWest21matsaman Compaq 8200 Elite i believe the adapter is EP-MS155901:19
matsamanAWest21: okay so what does lsusb say about it?01:20
ikatamoonshotsmaking sure i get the correct grub parameters for /etc/default/grub would be a start but i cant find a cheatsheet for the correct kernel opt for GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX= to apply for lvm / luks01:20
AWest21matsaman lsusb doesnt show any thing that looks to be related01:21
matsamanAWest21: but it's a usb plug-in?01:21
AWest21matsaman correct01:21
matsamanAWest21: well, couple places say it's rtl8192cu01:22
matsamanthe driver for the kernel, that is, for that device01:23
AWest21matsaman Bus 002 Device 002: ID 8087:0024 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub01:23
AWest21Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub01:23
AWest21Bus 001 Device 004: ID 03f0:0024 Hewlett-Packard KU-0316 Keyboard01:23
AWest21Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0bda:0811 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.01:23
AWest21Bus 001 Device 002: ID 8087:0024 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub01:23
AWest21Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub01:23
tomreyn!paste | AWest2101:23
ubottuAWest21: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:23
matsamanand apparently it will be replaced with https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jes/linux.git/01:23
matsamanAWest21: so probably 0bda:081101:24
matsamancheck those drivers01:25
tomreynikatamoonshots: i'm not sure this would help, but i can share my grub.cfg if it does: i don't have an external key store, but enter a passphrase to uefi boot off /boot (unencrypted, on top of md raid-1) and / (encrypted, on top of lvm, which is on top of luks, which is on top of md raid-1) on a GÜT storage.01:25
tomreynso fairly standard.01:26
AWest21matsaman whats the easiest way to install that driver?01:26
Jakethepythondoes anyone know why i would not be able to RD from  ubuntu to a linux computer, windows computers and phone are both able to connect01:26
tomreyni recently also setup uefi booting off / on top of lvm on top of luks on top of md raid-1, without separate /boot (but still plain esp, of course)01:28
tatertotsJakethepython: because you'd actually not be using RDP but "VNC"01:28
ikatamoonshotsythx tomreyn, i was making a break, will start dgging into these grub kernel params now, lets see what goog and github can find - if you have time to paste the configs anywhere, i can check if i get a clue for the missing piece01:29
Jakethepythonthe RDP protocol worked the other day though01:29
tatertotsJakethepython: can the devices ping one another?01:30
AWest21matsaman software & updates says I'm using dkms source for r8812au network driver from rtl8812au-dkms but I still dont see an option for wireless config any where01:31
Jakethepythonno only because spectrum blocks ping of their IPs01:31
tatertotsJakethepython: okay so you're not doing this on your home/office LAN/intranet but trying to connect to a remote system in another physical geographical location01:33
tatertotsJakethepython: that type of setup put you in a situation where you can't easily trouble shoot the remote site01:33
tatertotsJakethepython: so you're working with %50 of the equation and your hands are tied from reaching the other site (the other %50)01:34
Jakethepythoni can reach the other side from a differnet computer running Windows01:34
tatertotsJakethepython: all you can do is make sure the internet and network "locally" is fine...as far as your remote site....you better find transportation or a local system administrator to trouble shoot other end you can't reach01:35
tatertotsJakethepython: ok so let's bring out some details..just answer the questions01:36
tatertotsJakethepython: what operating system does the computer at the remote site have installed?01:36
tomreynikatamoonshots: maybe let's go over the relevant configuration files just in case: there is /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume for standby/resume (swap partition or file should be in there if you have one), there is /etc/crypttab (most relevant), there is /etc/lvm/*.conf (unmodified defaults here), there is /etc/default/cryptdisks and obviousdly there is /etc/fstab01:37
tomreynikatamoonshots: i use UUIDs whereever possible01:37
Jakethepythonwindows 701:37
tatertotsJakethepython: what software application are you using to make this connection in linux/ubuntu?01:39
ikatamoonshotsuuid only setup too01:39
ikatamoonshotsthats the crypttab | sda3_crypt /dev/disk/by-uuid/$(blkid -o value -s UUID /dev/$MAIN_PART) none luks,keyscript=$UNLOCKUSB1 (vars are pasted in the script01:39
ikatamoonshotsim looking int o grub settings right now and setup a virtualbox test env to test less timeintensive01:39
ikatamoonshotshave to check now if virtualbox even supprts the usb01:40
tatertotsJakethepython: in terminal>   apt list --installed|grep 'na-p'|nc termbin.com 999901:40
tatertotsJakethepython: in a minute i want you to try to connect..but not yet i'll tell you when01:42
tatertotsJakethepython: in terminal>  journalctl -f|nc termbin.com 999901:43
tatertotsJakethepython: then try to connect01:43
tatertotsJakethepython: after you try and fail...go back to the same terminal and press ctrl+c01:43
tatertotsJakethepython: let's try that again01:44
tatertotsJakethepython: wait01:44
tatertotsJakethepython: in terminal>  journalctl -f01:44
tatertotsJakethepython: then try to connect01:44
tatertotsJakethepython: did the terminal show info when you tried to connect and failed? yes or no01:45
JakethepythonRAILX-Precision-5520 org.remmina.Remmina.desktop[22616]: [20:46:33:544] [22616:22982] [ERROR][com.freerdp.core.transport] - BIO_read returned an error: error:14094438:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:tlsv1 alert internal error01:46
tatertotsJakethepython: make a pastebin and included it ALL01:46
tatertotsJakethepython: then share the link01:47
tatertotsJakethepython: do you know how to make a pastebin?01:48
tatertotsJakethepython: https://termbin.com/foou looks like you got some errors01:52
AWest21matsaman ?01:54
tatertotsJakethepython: you'll need to change security in the advanced tab01:55
tatertotsJakethepython: change the setting and try to connect01:56
Jakethepythoni don't see security01:57
tatertotsJakethepython: it says "Advanced"01:58
tatertotsJakethepython: click "new" like a new connection01:58
tatertotsJakethepython: select RDP01:58
tatertotsJakethepython: see the "advanced tab"01:58
Jakethepythongot it01:59
tatertotsJakethepython: change the security setting and try to connect01:59
tatertotsJakethepython: what did you have it set to first of all?...lets reveal that02:00
Jakethepythonunable to connect02:01
tatertotsJakethepython: reveal the details of the setting02:03
Jakethepythonsecurity is rdp02:05
tatertotsJakethepython: journalctl -f02:11
tatertotsJakethepython: try to connect ...then make a pastebin .02:11
Jakethepythonit worked that time02:12
Jakethepythonthank you02:17
tatertotsno prob02:17
pmitrosDoes anyone know how to get to Gnome's display settings from the command line? I have X running, just not Gnome.02:18
pmitrosBizarrely, X started working for no good reason, and I'd like to see if I can configure my monitors to be in the right places.02:18
tatertotspmitros: are you chatting from the computer right now02:19
pmitrostatertots: Sort of. I'm at the computer right now, but I'm chatting from another one via ssh02:20
tatertotspmitros: in terminal>   sudo apt install inxi02:20
tatertotspmitros: run the command above on the computer in question and let me know when done02:20
pmitrostatertots: I installed it.02:21
tatertotspmitros: in terminal>   inxi -Fxxprzc0|nc termbin.com 999902:22
tatertotspmitros: share url/link here02:22
tatertotspmitros: if you do not get a url/link...simply say so02:22
pmitrosLet me just figure out what that does first. Give me a minute. Reading the man page.02:22
pmitrosOkay. I see.02:23
pmitrosI think the relevant bits are: Distro: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS / Card-1: NVIDIA GK208 [GeForce GT 630 Rev. 2] bus-ID: 01:00.0 chip-ID: 10de:1284 / Card-2: NVIDIA GK208 [GeForce GT 630 Rev. 2] bus-ID: 02:00.0 chip-ID: 10de:1284 / Display Server: x11 (X.Org 1.19.6 ) driver: nouveau / Resolution: 1920x1080@60.00hz, 3840x2160@30.00hz, 1920x1080@60.00hz, 1920x1080@60.00hz, 1920x1080@60.00hz / OpenGL: renderer: NV108 version: 4.3 Mesa 18.0.5 (compat-v: 302:25
tatertotspmitros: oh ..if you're wise enough to pick what or what is not relevant you can take care of anything else or the rest on your own'02:26
pmitrostatertots: I'm not claiming to be wise enough to pick out what's relevant. I am wise enough not to post all the information from there on pastebin since some may have security implications.02:27
pmitrostatertots: If there's more you need, please let me know.02:27
cryptodan_mobilepmitros: it doesnt02:27
cryptodan_mobilepmitros: the z in the command hides your potential security and potential pii issues02:29
cryptodan_mobileBut coming here on freenode without a VPN provides more issues02:30
pmitroscryptodan: I would specifically not be comfortable sharing drive configuration, since that would allow the system to be uniquely identified. The 'repos' would then let attackers know which software is installed. I can shown other ways this can be linked.02:30
cryptodan_mobileLol look at your hostmame in freenode02:31
pmitroscryptodan: I am behind a firewall. As I pointed out, I sshed out to a random university machine.02:31
cryptodan_mobileFirewalls can be broken02:31
matsamannot by fire!02:31
cryptodan_mobileBut you are concerned with drive info lol02:32
pmitroscryptodan: I know the security profile of the system I am on. You don't. I didn't come here to discuss security. I came to ask a simple question.02:33
cryptodan_mobileYou came for help asked for info and denied it so go to a doctor complain about your foot but refuse to take off your shoe02:37
pmitros#ubuntu didn't used to be like this. It feels like a Slackware channel from the nineties.02:38
poprockspmitros: you just really confused me because my only irssi windows open are ##slackware and #ubuntu :P02:39
ubottuPlease don't bite our new friend. Everyone is new to Ubuntu and IRC once and everyone makes mistakes. If they don't learn from their mistakes you can have a little nibble on them later.02:39
lotuspsychjegive him a brake guys, be helpful in the first place02:40
tomreynpmitros: did you play with xrandr?02:43
pmitrostomreyn: That's what I'm trying to figure out right now. It seems like the right tool.02:44
pmitrostomreyn: Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to tell it which display to rotate. It has options for display, screen, etc., and I'm trying to figure out how to specify the right thing.02:44
tomreynif you dont have gnome 3 and gnome-shell installed accessing the GUI for display management should get difficult anyways.02:44
tomreynxrandr output shows connectors02:45
pmitrostomreyn: I have xmonad. I tried running gnome-control-center and unity-control-center, and both were sparse.02:45
pmitrostomreyn: You don't know off-hand how I rotate a connector?02:46
pmitrostomreyn: Or monitor. I have handles like "DVI-D-2"02:46
tomreynpmitros: no, but "rotate" is the correct search term on the man page02:46
pmitrosOh! --output. That worked.02:47
pmitrostomreyn: Thank you! I think I can take it from here for a while. I think I'll leave the arrangement wrong, but at least I won't have screens sideways or upside down.02:48
pmitrosThat's enough to work from for a bit.02:48
pmitrostatertots: You think you'd be any faster debugging on a screen rotated the wrong way?02:50
tomreynpmitros: you can add something like  --right-of DVI-D-202:51
tomreynhow to arrange things precisely / ptroperly from a shell i dont know02:52
pmitrostomreyn: The complex bit is that two of the monitors are offset. I have a pair of 1080P displays above a 4k display. In Ubuntu 16.04, I had that set up with NVidia's proprietary driver, which died in 18.04 for this setup. Doesn't start X. Nouveau is working right now, but it's configuration language is different.02:53
pmitrostomreyn: But the details of where mouse goes aren't critical. Now that it's all right-side up, I can continue to get work done.02:53
pmitrostomreyn: And fix the rest at my leisure.02:54
pmitrostomreyn: Thank you very much.02:56
tomreynpmitros: yw. there is gnome-flashback / gnome-session-flashback for a 2d xfce-like graphical shell which should also allow for configuring the screens. but i guess this will already have way more dependencies than you want.02:58
pmitrostomreyn: Wow. arandr is pretty awesome.03:02
pmitrostomreyn: That did exactly what I was looking for!03:03
pmitrosIt actually did it much better than the old NVidia utility or anything else I've seen. It's not as pretty, but everything snaps in place, and it's smarter in how it reconfigures things.03:04
auvajshello, someone here? I have a 17'' notebook and bought a new 23'' monitor. however when I try to start fullscreen on the new bigger monitor, the "full screens" is only on part of the screen.. see https://pasteboard.co/HW2Bn3J.png .. any idea how to extend the full screen? I use LXDE03:08
kildeHelp. I tried to fix my sound/video sync issue by following a guide. Now my sound does not work, my machine does not finish shutting down and I can not upgrade to 18.04. Please help03:11
tomreynauvajs: i don't know, but you could / should provide more details, such as your graphics hardware + driver and ubuntu version, and how your monitors are connected.03:13
tomreynkilde: you forgot to add the guide03:14
auvajstomreyn: vga cabel03:14
tomreynauvajs: both?03:15
auvajstomreyn: I can provide the output of sudo lshw -class display03:15
lotuspsychje!details | kilde03:15
ubottukilde: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.03:15
auvajstomreyn: vga cabel connect the laptop with the monitor03:15
tomreynauvajs: i see, so you have a laptop. so you have an internal screen and a separate one.03:16
kildetomreyn: sorry. here is the guide. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure  I am using a 64 bit laptop touchsmart03:16
tomreynauvajs: sorry, you mentioned laptop, my mistake.03:16
auvajstomreyn: this is the output of sudo lshw -class display: https://termbin.com/myoo03:17
lotuspsychjekilde: before ugrading we need to know whats going on first03:18
auvajstomreyn: yes as you said I have a laptop and external monitor03:18
tomreynauvajs: do you have another option to connect the new monitor? vga is an analogue signal, nowadays most systems use digital ones, such as dvi, hdmi, displaylink.03:18
auvajstomreyn: unfortunately the laptop is old, I can use only the vga cabel03:19
kildelotuspsychje: where do I start? I am not really good at this but I can follow instructions.03:19
lotuspsychjekilde: do you have ppa's enabled? is your system up to date?03:19
auvajstomreyn: ah I'm sorry.. I'm an idiot.. lol... it's called DVI cable what I have..03:22
tomreynauvajs: xrandr is the command line utility to play with screen resolutions etc. there is arandr as a graphical frontend to it. you can try to play with those on the laptop monitor while doing the "full screen" outpiut on the new, large monitor.03:22
tomreynauvajs: okay, that's more likely to work then03:22
auvajstomreyn: how do I use those command please? I just want to watch NBA :)))03:23
tomreynauvajs: shout at it that you "just want to watch nba", or read the manual (examples at the bottom) and configure things accordingly. i assume the second might work better.03:24
tomreynauvajs: the xrandr man page: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/en/man1/xrandr.1.html03:25
lotuspsychjekilde: do you know howto gather information on your system?03:25
tomreynauvajs or install arandr and do it graphically03:25
auvajstomreyn: yeah I just did. but dont understand it at all:))03:26
tomreynauvajs: which graphical desktop are you using, or which ubuntu flavor?03:27
tomreyn!flavor | auvajs03:27
ubottuauvajs: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours03:27
auvajstomreyn: I use LXDE03:28
kildelotuspsychje: I am running software update right now. Most of the ppa's are checked, accept the ones with the source. I can use the terminal, I just cant remember the input to check the system03:28
lotuspsychjekilde: lets have a look at: uname -a && lsb_release -a && sudo lshw -C sound && sudo lshw -C video and pastebin the output plz03:29
tomreynauvajs: okay, i'm not sure whether lxde has its own display configuration utility. if not, you'd need to use xrandr or arandr to make any changes to the displays. i assume, however, that the incorrect video output on full screen on the separate monitor is actually a shortcoming of the open source nourveau drivers you are using. you could try installing the proproetary nvidia drivers but i assume there are none for your (older) hardware. running03:31
tomreyn"ubuntu-drivers list" on a temrinal should tell.03:31
tomreynthis should get you the same graphically: software-properties-gtk --open-tab=403:31
auvajstomreyn: lxde has some very useless xrandr where I can't set nearly anything03:32
tomreynmaybe it's about time to switch to a more modern desktop ;)03:32
tomreynon the other hand, your hardware might be too lacking03:32
auvajstomreyn: I use LXDE because it's much faster than Gnome.. :/ my laptop is ~6 years old03:33
tomreynauvajs: you could try gnome-flashback03:33
tomreynauvajs: it's more like xfce (consuming fewer resources than gnome3 + gnome-shell), but builds on gtk3, so it's not so outdated.03:35
auvajstomreyn: ok, I'll try it, tnx03:35
kildelotuspsychje: https://pastebin.com/Cy1rK0r103:37
auvajstomreyn: I figured it out :)) it works after I turned off the laptop monitor03:40
auvajstomreyn: https://pasteboard.co/HW2PAdA.png :))03:40
derrick_jensenHello, I'm trying to configure OpenVPN on my Ubuntu 18.10 machine. It always claims to connect, but I either get no internet at all or no traffic is routed through the network properly. Any advice on how to continue?03:40
tomreynauvajs: nice, enojy your game then!03:41
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auvajstomreyn: now I only need Blazers win :DDDDD03:41
auvajstomreyn: tnx!03:42
lotuspsychjekilde: ok your drivers look loaded correctly03:43
tomreynkilde: you said you cannot upgrade to 18.04 - why? you also said you are currently runnign the upgrade - this seems to contradict, unless you started the upgrade only recently.03:45
tomreynkilde: is there a reason you're using the lowlatency kernel?03:46
kildetomreyn: it will not upgrade to 18.04 but it does let me update (not upgrade)03:47
tomreynkilde: ah, my mistake, i misunderstood. maybe we can get closer to the problem if you can show us some output03:48
tomreyncan you run this? sudo /bin/true; pastebinit <( lsb_release -ds; cat /proc/version; cat /proc/cmdline; dmesg -t | grep '^DMI:';echo '*****'; sudo apt-get update 2>&1; echo '*****'; sudo apt-get -f install 2>&1; echo '*****'; apt-cache policy 2>&1; )03:49
tomreynyou may need to install "pastebinit" beforehand03:49
tomreyn!pastebinit | kilde03:49
ubottukilde: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit03:49
tomreyn!pastebin | kilde03:50
ubottukilde: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:50
OerHeksah low latency for obs-studio03:54
tomreynkilde: okay, so whatS'the error when you try to run an upgrade to 18.04 (do you actually want to, or is this just because sound doesn't work)?03:54
kildetomreyn: I was trying to do it because the sound does not work (I know, it most likely wouldn't have fixed it). But, I get no error message, it just doesn't do anything beyond my password03:57
tomreynkilde: do you also have the standard kernel installed?03:58
tomreyndpkg -l linux* | pastebinit03:59
tomreynkilde: i'm not convinced that upgrading to 18.04 would not fix the sound, it is totally possible.04:00
kildetomreyn: oh? well here is the pastbin. http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QnRxZN73dn/04:01
tomreynkilde: on the other hand, it should probably work on 16.04 as well. but so far i don't even know which hardware you have. when you went over the sound fixing steps, you ran alsa-info.sh - can i see its output?04:02
conjonick nojjim04:02
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tomreynkilde: when you upgraded to 16.04, did the upgrade run without any errors? you have a kernel version installed which should have been removed during this upgrade. it is not being used now, but the fact that it is installed myakes me think that the issues you are seeing are maybe the result of an unclean upgrade to 16.04.04:04
tomreynkilde: are you still around?04:06
OerHeksyou might not need ubuntu-audio-dev/alsa-daily for 18.04, a live iso could tell you if sound works04:06
kildetomreyn: I didnt remember having any problems...   https://pastebin.com/Gsd5K77e04:06
nojjimim trying to tile nautilis windows to left and/or right of screen is it possible04:07
nojjimdid a quick google saw nothing at a glance...thought id done it in the past-am i just imagining04:08
derrick_jensenanybody here familiar with OpenVPN on Ubuntu?04:09
lotuspsychjeask your question to the channel derrick_jensen04:09
derrick_jensenHello, I'm trying to configure OpenVPN on my Ubuntu 18.10 machine. It always claims to connect, but I either get no internet at all or no traffic is routed through the network properly. Any advice on how to continue?04:09
derrick_jensenthere don't appear to be any errors saying it doesn't work in the syslog (journalctl -f), but i don't get any connectivity even though I should04:10
OerHeksderrick_jensen, what guide did you follow?04:11
tomreynkilde: according to the alsa-info.sh output the kernel module (read: driver) for your audio chipset (card) is failing during initialization  at boot. this may be related to the lowlatency kernel you are running. i see three options: (1) switch to the standard kernel (this may break your video editing software). (2) try the !hwe kernel, (3) test ubuntu 18.04 from a live cd / usb stick, see if it works with audio. if so, clean up your packages,04:13
tomreynthen try upgrading to ubuntu 18.04 again.04:13
tomreyn!hwe | kilde04:13
ubottukilde: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack04:13
derrick_jensenDerHeks I didn't use a guide but followed a config file my boss gave me, exported file generated by network manager match up almost completely except for persist-key and persist-tun04:14
derrick_jenseni'd be happy to take a guide if you can recommend one04:14
melvincvhow to schedule deja-dup backups at a specific time of day?04:14
tomreynkilde: i think you have a bit to read now, and i will have some food, so feel free to make a choice or ask more questions, and if no one else will i will respond later when i return.04:14
tomreynmelvincv: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1005908/how-to-setup-d%C3%A9j%C3%A0-dup-backup-scheduling-time04:15
OerHeksderrick_jensen, this guide should work, though it is written for 14.04 https://www.ovpn.com/en/guides/ubuntu-gui , see if you missed steps?04:16
kildetomreyn: thank you for your help!!04:16
matsamanmelvincv: cron, or possibly anacron if the computer won't be on all the time04:18
nojjimderrick_jensen, i use openvpn and terminal to connect to my vpn service- goes like this download your config files(s), if not already installed sudo apt-get install openvpn, cd to directory where config files are, run sudo openvpn --config "ur file name" , enter, enter user name and password as prompted04:18
lotuspsychjekilde: if you have ppa's installed, feel free to share us your sources.list too04:18
melvincvi will try04:19
OerHeksnojjim, that is awesome short !04:20
kildelotuspsychje: how do I get that info through the terminal?04:21
OerHeksls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/04:23
lotuspsychje!sources | kilde04:25
ubottukilde: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.04:25
kildelotuspsychje: is this it? https://pastebin.com/22P6nWUv04:29
lotuspsychjekilde: yes, you might wanna disable all external ppa's before upgrade to 18.0404:30
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | kilde04:31
ubottukilde: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html04:31
kildelotuspsychje: question... what does this mean? am I supposed to copy and paste into terminal? !ppapurge | kilde04:35
lotuspsychjekilde: on ubuntu we try to advice not to add external ppa's to your system as we cannot support them, they are also a possible risk to your system04:36
lotuspsychjekilde: as you have added alot of ppa/packages, you need to use ppa-purge to delete them back to remain original ubuntu sources04:37
lotuspsychjekilde: ppa-purge needs to be installed, then follow the procedure from the link04:38
lotuspsychjekilde: another more easy option for you would be, backup your data on 16.04 and clean install 18.04 right away?04:39
kildelotuspsychje: ok, I get that. so, "!ppapurge | kilde" is more or less a short hand message rather than a terminal command, correct?04:40
lotuspsychjekilde: the ! factoids are used to link you usefull information on the #ubuntu channel04:40
derrick_jensenOerHeks: following that guide didn't help, same issue04:42
derrick_jensenit says it's properly connected but the public IP address doesn't change04:43
derrick_jensenat least not when checked through chromium04:43
lotuspsychjederrick_jensen: try this aswell https://linuxconfig.org/openvpn-setup-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux04:43
nojjimhey all is Gparted available for 18.04 cant see it in ubuntu software center04:55
OerHeksinstall synaptic, much more detailed softwarecenter ... wait, gparted is in softwarecenter04:57
nojjimwas able to install with apt-get but not sure why no longer showing in ubuntu software center04:58
lotuspsychje!info gparted bionic04:58
ubottugparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.30.0-3ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 493 kB, installed size 2032 kB04:58
nojjimyeah why wouldnt it be in the software center04:58
OerHeksso why did you not see it?04:59
nojjimnot sure typo05:03
derrick_jensenthose guides didn't work05:11
derrick_jensenrunning OpenVPN directly with the configuration file sent does fire off a warning about ip route add failing05:12
derrick_jensenhttps://pastebin.com/4YiaQYhV is the output with some lines removed because of doxx, but nothing around the area in question05:15
Psurgeso i got  a question05:52
Psurgeis there linux ftp sites or servers to down load off of05:53
Psurgei understand its an os but  still05:54
Psurgehas any one heard of Lubuntu05:54
rabbitnightmaredo you think it would be possible to find a copy of Ubuntu with nvidia drivers?06:41
rabbitnightmareI literally can not get it to boot with my gtx 1060 in]06:42
rabbitnightmareits not out of the realm of possibility for someone to have a 1060 and a 4k display06:42
rabbitnightmareit boots and what have you in 1080p with the IGP with the graphics card out06:43
rabbitnightmareI cant get it to boot in 1080p, or to show up with 4090x2160 with the card in06:43
tomreynso the problem is that the resolution is too high when the nvidia card is in?06:44
dsc_boot ubuntu, at login screen go to TTY1 (CTRL-ALT-F1), kill window manager, install NVIDIA drivers, let it create a xdisplay config or whatever it asks permission for, restart window manager06:44
tomreynoh, i missed the nagation06:44
rabbitnightmareno thats the resolution of my display06:45
tomreyntty1 wont work, use 306:45
dsc_the driver itself is a .run file06:45
dsc_if I remember correctly06:45
rabbitnightmarewith intel I can switch over fine to that resolution06:45
rabbitnightmaredrop card in and boom, no display06:45
dsc_rabbitnightmare: Please read what I said06:45
tomreyni'd rather recommend using the drivers ubuntu provides, or a ppa, not nvidias directly06:45
rabbitnightmaredsc_: trying that now06:45
rabbitnightmaretomreyn: unless canonical has done what Apple couldnt, and that is get Nvidia to share their source code I doubt it matters06:46
BurekzFineztyou can add semi-official nvidia ppa with the latest drivers06:47
rabbitnightmaredsc_: thanks, its installing, like I couldnt get the drivers to install without the card in06:47
tomreyn"sudo ubuntu-drivers list" shoul dhave been the first commnd on the tty06:47
rabbitnightmareI think this is more nvidias fault for REQUIRING the card be in to install drivers06:47
tomreynand the customers' fault for buyiong from them, yes06:47
rabbitnightmaresorry, the vega 64 couldnt handle this in Ubuntu06:48
rabbitnightmareI tried for hours06:48
rabbitnightmaregave up, rmaed the card and got the 106006:48
rabbitnightmaresomeone in here said to06:48
dsc_where do you need a videocard for anyway in linux???06:48
* dsc_ hides06:49
rabbitnightmareminecraft, steam games etc06:49
rabbitnightmareyou do know Adobe are currently porting their application suite to Ubuntu06:49
rabbitnightmarebig changes coming06:49
rabbitnightmareyou're going to see a massive influx of adobe users in the coming months06:50
tomreyni doubt minecraft needs much gpu power. it probably needs a lot of ram and cpu since its java06:50
rabbitnightmaretomreyn: you would be wrong06:50
Disconsentedtomreyn> Uh no06:50
NoImNotNineVoltbut it looks terrible.06:50
tomreynokay, i never used it, guess i'm wrong then ;-)06:51
Disconsentedcrap code is crap code in every language06:51
rabbitnightmaredoes it? you must be playing without shaders06:51
NoImNotNineVoltrabbitnightmare: you can blacklist the problematic driver if you're having problems booting with the card inserted.06:51
rabbitnightmareNoImNotNineVolt: I havent gotten there yet still waiting on the driver to install on said machine06:52
NoImNotNineVoltthen with no driver, it's not clear why it would be having issues booting with the card present.06:52
rabbitnightmarehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CFDQKVj3mg&vl=en-US this is how most people play Minecraft06:52
NoImNotNineVoltyou could try assigning that pci address to pci-stub, to be safe. i think that's how it works, at least. it's been a while.06:53
DisconsentedThat couldnt be further from the truth06:53
rabbitnightmareI mean sure if you want to run it on a toaster you could play with ultra low graphics06:53
NoImNotNineVolti've never played minecraft, but from what i can tell, it looks somewhat blocky :P06:53
Disconsentedfunny that06:53
rabbitnightmareNoImNotNineVolt: its basically legos06:54
rabbitnightmarethe default low settings can be played on an intel atom with 2gb of ram06:54
NoImNotNineVolti mean, it seems like it would have a low polygon count, and as such not be too demanding on gpus.06:54
rabbitnightmarebut theres things you can add to the game that make it look really good06:54
rabbitnightmareNoImNotNineVolt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CFDQKVj3mg&vl=en-US06:54
NoImNotNineVoltif you're saying there's an auto-tesselation mode that can be enabled to increase the polygon count, then cool.06:54
rabbitnightmarethere is06:55
rabbitnightmaremost 9 year olds probably dont know how to change a setting so all you normally see is the default low end graphics06:55
NoImNotNineVoltrabbitnightmare: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JTJZocB7kA06:56
NoImNotNineVoltin comparison, minecraft looks like something that people play on phones.06:56
rabbitnightmarebut once you enable shaders, 3d depth, realistic lighting, realistic water etc it is a lot easier on the eyes06:56
rabbitnightmaretesselation, antialiasing06:56
rabbitnightmareNoImNotNineVolt: the phone version is very gimped06:57
NoImNotNineVolti think you're missing my point.06:57
rabbitnightmareI think you're missing mine06:57
dsc_i'm missing both you guys06:57
dsc_this is an ubuntu channel06:57
NoImNotNineVoltthat minecraft can be made to look merely bad instead of terrible. no, i got that.06:57
NoImNotNineVoltindeed, that.06:57
rabbitnightmareand Ubuntu now plays games get used to it06:57
NoImNotNineVoltkdc is a windows game, and i haven't tried it in wine. i play in a vm.06:58
NoImNotNineVoltofftopic either way.06:58
rabbitnightmareits going to run Adobe stuff so theres going to be a massive influx06:58
* NoImNotNineVolt shuts up and celebrates the volunteer ubuntu support community06:58
NoImNotNineVoltalso, another reason to have a video card would be gpgpu stuff. even aws has gpu instances now, irrc.06:59
rabbitnightmareNoImNotNineVolt: I have noticed, Ubuntu plays litereally every steam game, Minecraft etc better than Windows 7 or 10, its safe to assume that Adobe would run better as well meaning that a LOT of people will switch, I used a beta of premier and the scrubbing is butter smooth06:59
rabbitnightmaredsc_: that worked thanks07:00
NoImNotNineVoltnot literally every steam game. many games remain unsupported on linux.07:00
NoImNotNineVolta majority of AAA titles, at that.07:00
rabbitnightmarethat will change soon enough07:00
rabbitnightmarethe games I have tried on both OSes, that have a Linux native port, Ubuntu (other distros too) plays them better07:01
rabbitnightmareless stutter etc07:01
DisconsentedMore like lower variance because GPU's are a good 40% slower07:02
rabbitnightmareless screen tearing, less dropped frames07:02
tomreyn/join #ubuntu-offtopic or -discuss please07:02
rabbitnightmareDisconsented: please join me and tell me what you mean by that?07:03
rabbitnightmarewhat do you mean 40% slower?07:04
rabbitnightmaresee you on the other side, enjoy yalls night07:07
MiguelPerucan someone tell me what to change in grub that is easy fix so my ubuntu boots from this desktop pc, it already can boot from my i7 laptop http://pasteall.org/pic/bf75fa46d0cc8891168464981b9d121907:12
MiguelPeruthat's a photo of the grub screen edit for the line07:13
tomreynMiguelPeru: which ubuntu version is this?07:16
MiguelPeruwhy? I'm just getting the hand of it that's why I'm asking here07:17
MiguelPerutomreyn, is old07:17
tomreynMiguelPeru: it's too old, no longer supported07:18
tomreynubuntu 12.04 from 2012 (7 years ago) is just loosing extended (paid-for) support, and it had kernel 3.20. your system has kernel 2.6.3207:20
tomreynMiguelPeru: so you should really reinstall, not try to make this work.07:22
MiguelPerutomreyn, is booting from pendrive I cloned the HD that's failing07:23
MiguelPeruwanted to live in the past (2010) for fun07:23
BurekzFineztdownload new version07:24
BurekzFinezt18.04 is latest LTS07:24
MiguelPeruand the memories will be gone07:24
BurekzFineztmake new memories07:25
guiverc_dMiguelPeru, you can live in 2010 if you want, but it's off-topic due EOL, and hasn't had updates since 2015, so you're putting your data at risk - your choice..07:25
tomreynMiguelPeru: no doubt this can be fun, but it is still not supported here (and a security risk if you're running it on networked systems). you can ask about it in #ubuntu-discuss or -offtopic07:26
flapzCan (use Gnome 3) I map "copy to clipboard" i.e. ctrl-c to a single key.07:26
MiguelPeruokey I'll unplug it07:26
flapzWhy you might ask, too lazy to do ctrl + c? Nop, sometimes I lie in bed, the mouse doesn't work with all apps to copy text, can only reach keyboard with one hand unless I sit up :)07:28
tomreynflapz: maybe using gpaste, not sure.07:34
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gentlemagichave 've just tried Fedora, and imidiately come back to ubuntu, dnf package manager suck, Ubuntu is so much better but why Canonical make money less than Redhat08:25
BurekzFinezti'd say dnf is as is intuitive as apt, and it looks way better displaying all the info unlike apt08:29
BurekzFineztonly downside is that is slow as heck, written in python08:29
mobile_cwtf this channel is ACTUALLY alive?08:29
mobile_cfk wrong channel08:29
ikatamoonshotsanbody awake here who knows what LVM related commands are available for GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="" && GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="" in /etc/default/grub ?08:55
lotuspsychje!lvm | ikatamoonshots maybe here08:57
ubottuikatamoonshots maybe here: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto08:57
ikatamoonshotsthx, ill look into these links, looking for some sort of cheatsheet08:58
ikatamoonshotswell, those dont help09:00
Oolare you sure there something specific to lvm to put here ?09:01
lotuspsychjeikatamoonshots: explain a bit to the channel what you are trying to do, volunteers might be able to help09:03
ikatamoonshotsim trying to use a usb key to boot the luks encrypted root partition on 18.0409:04
ikatamoonshotshere is the entire issue https://askubuntu.com/questions/1108777/18-04-cryptsetup-luks-automount-root-during-boot-with-usb-as-key09:08
ikatamoonshotshowever, i sense the issue lies with my grub settings.09:08
ikatamoonshotson the bottom of the script in my post, in the grub section i used this setting for grub /etc/default/grub for GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=""09:08
ikatamoonshotscryptopts=target=sda3_crypt,source=/dev/disk/by-uuid/$(blkid -o value -s UUID /dev/$MAIN_PART),lvm=xubuntu--vg-root,keyscript=$UNLOCKUSB109:08
ikatamoonshotsi can not figure out if the lvm=xubuntu--vg-root is correct as i cant find documentation on it, i pulled this line from a script which is dated from 201209:08
ikatamoonshotsapparently nobody accomplished this yet with 18.04, i did a few weeks ago but cant exactly recall the script i isued, was close to this one, at some point the install didnt boot after a kernel update - tricky i guess09:09
ikatamoonshotslack of ducmentation available doesent help tough09:10
lotuspsychjeikatamoonshots: patience mate, its weekend not all users are always online to be able to help09:10
lotuspsychjeikatamoonshots: if someone knows they will help, otherwise try to re-ask once in a while09:11
Oolmodule lvm loaded ?09:12
ikatamoonshotsloaded where?09:12
ikatamoonshotsi tried with dolvm in the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="" , no success09:13
MiguelPeruhey BurekzFinezt why would it be slow in python?09:13
ikatamoonshotsyet, alone i cant figure if the lvm= setting is even valid nowadays, thats why i asked if there is a cheatsheet of some sort09:13
BurekzFineztbecause python is a slow language09:14
ikatamoonshotsonly related cheatsheet i found was this https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/admin-guide/kernel-parameters.html but it doesent cover lvm as far as i see09:14
MiguelPeruBurekzFinezt, should be written in c?09:14
Oolikatamoonshots: for me usb key are too week to be use for booting , so I never try (how don't know how) but I find this (looking for /etc/default/grub +lvm) https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GRUB#LVM09:16
ikatamoonshotsin arch the usb key setup works flawlessly09:16
ikatamoonshotsused it multiple times and wrote scripts for the install09:16
ikatamoonshotsbut ubuntu is tricky and i have limited knowledge of initramfs and grub obviously09:17
ikatamoonshotsthe usb only holds the key btw09:18
ikatamoonshotsi need it because the machine i want to use ubunut with luks on doesent have a monitor09:19
ikatamoonshotsand arch is no option there, else it would be easy09:19
repzHi there, I have a bit of an issue with my laptop on ubuntu 18.04.1. The suspend mode only works once and then the next times instantly resume to screensaver09:35
power123EriC^^:are you here ?09:36
immuducasse, hi09:38
=== power123 is now known as badr_
immuEriC^^, hi09:38
badr_EriC^^:i'm badr09:40
lotuspsychjebadr_: EriC^^ might not be awake yet09:41
lotuspsychjebadr_: ask your question to the channel please09:41
lotuspsychje!acpi | repz09:42
ubotturepz: to debug ACPI issues on ubuntu make sure your bios is up to date and follow the procedure here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI09:42
miguel2013so cve vulnerabilities and bash vulnerabilities what else and what can exactly be done? delete my files?>09:51
lotuspsychjewhat are you talking about miguel201309:52
miguel2013my old ubuntu I had on a HD on a pc I didn't use for 8 years and recently cloned to a pen cause the HD was dying09:53
lotuspsychjemiguel2013: are you planning to keep running an 8y old ubuntu version?09:53
miguel2013I'm just trying to learn and yea I need the updates I guess so I won't be trying to keep this alive for long09:54
lotuspsychjemiguel2013: wich ubuntu version is this exactly?09:54
miguel20132.6 kernel and 10.0409:55
lotuspsychjemiguel2013: at this point, i would keep the system offline, and backup your data, then start over fresh install a supported ubuntu version from the topic09:55
cfhowlettthis!   ^^^09:56
immuhi lotuspsychje10:00
lotuspsychjehi immu10:00
immuhow you doing lotuspsychje10:02
immuhow do i enable extensions in ubuntu and use them10:02
lotuspsychjegnome extensions you can download from the gnome extensions website10:03
immui am installing the core extension10:03
immulotuspsychje, thanks10:04
badr_I did a   memory test(memtest86+) and I have 16 hours and I'm waiting10:13
* ikatamoonshots throws the usb key out of the window10:19
badr_Well I've managed to run my Ubuntu10:24
badr_Thank you very much10:25
no_gravityHello! I wonder why the ssh connection from my desktop computer to my laptop is stuttering so much. How would you guys go about analyzing it?10:32
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CoolerZi keep getting this "your firefox is critically out of date. update now" popup10:33
CoolerZwhy hasn't the official ubuntu repos been updated yet?10:33
CoolerZbeen around a month now10:34
cfhowlett!latest | CoolerZ10:34
ubottuCoolerZ: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.10:34
CoolerZcfhowlett, missing security updates make things MORE stable?10:36
cfhowlettwhat happened when you applied the update?10:37
CoolerZyou can't apply the update10:37
CoolerZbecause its linux10:37
cfhowlettthat makes no sense.10:38
CoolerZyes it does10:38
CoolerZthey direct you to a page that tells you to use your distributions package manager10:38
guiverc_dCoolerZ, what version of Ubuntu, and what version of Firefox do you have?10:38
CoolerZubuntu 18.0410:38
CoolerZfirefox quantum 62.0.310:39
cfhowlettopen a terminal.  sudo apt update  && sudo apt dist-upgrade will bring you to the  current 18.4.210:39
guiverc_dhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=all&searchon=names&keywords=firefox - you should have 64.0.210:39
CoolerZtheres a version 63 out now10:39
guiverc_dso I would check your sources, or mirror etc10:39
CoolerZcfhowlett, i think thats supposed to happen automatically10:40
cfhowlettdid you set it up for autoupdate?10:40
CoolerZautomatic updates are enabled10:40
guiverc_dif you `apt-cache policy firefox` -- what do you see?  (please pastebinit if you're pasting)10:40
cfhowlettand yet your version is 18.04?10:40
CoolerZi am updating it manually now using the command you posted10:42
guiverc_d18.04 latest is 64.0+build3-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 - do you only `apt-get upgrade`  (not dist-upgrade)? -- i use a local mirror, check yours isn't far-out-of-date if you use a mirror too10:42
guiverc_dalso my command displayed info about package - it does not upgrade anything.. looked at sources for that package (displaying info only)10:42
CoolerZi am not using a mirror, haven't changed the package repos10:43
CoolerZshould be the defaults10:43
guiverc_dCoolerZ, eg. the command `apt-cache policy firefox | pastebinit` for me gives http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DWBWrStYVT/  (showing i have 64.0.2 installed, and 64.0.2 available from listed source; my chosen aussie mirror)  - you should see ditto (only bionic not disco) with your sources listed..10:46
BluesKaj'Morning all10:46
CoolerZ  Installed: 62.0.3+build1-0ubuntu0.18.04.110:54
CoolerZ  Candidate: 64.0+build3-0ubuntu0.18.04.110:54
cfhowlettCoolerZ, what does this command return:  more /etc/issue10:54
CoolerZUbuntu 18.04.1 LTS \n \l10:55
guiverc_dCoolerZ, I'd suggest `sudo apt dist-upgrade`  (upgrade with fewer restrictions/limits) & see if it installs10:56
cfhowlettCoolerZ, perfect.  sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade10:56
DaylightDandyHello all! My Nvidia GeForce 970 graphics card started to run with high fan speed as soon as the X server/GNOME launches under 18.04 with proprietary drivers. Temperature is not running high, I am not even using the GPU much. I was using the default 390 drivers, I tried upgrading to 415 but behavior is the same.11:17
DaylightDandyAnyone experiencing the same issue? Thanks a lot!11:18
TJ-DaylightDandy: some years ago I wrote some scripts to set/control the fan speeds for nvidia; do you want me to dig them out in case they give you some ideas?11:19
DaylightDandyHey TJ, sure, any help is very welcome at that point, it's puzzling. I tried setting the --cool-bits option in nvidia-xconfig, it give you a control slider in the GUI but it seems to have no real effect.11:21
DaylightDandyit gives *11:21
TJ-DaylightDandy: http://iam.tj/projects/ubuntu/nvidia-fan-control.tar.gz11:23
DaylightDandyThanks TJ-11:24
TJ-DaylightDandy: actually, I think that is missing one file, let me redo it11:24
DaylightDandyTJ- Sure, thanks again11:25
TJ-DaylightDandy: OK, done. looks like I had one of the files in 2 different paths, and it was the wrong path I sent originally!11:26
TJ-DaylightDandy: it's set to install to /usr/local/ and then I'd sym-link to make it work with "ln -s /usr/local/etc/X11/Xsession.d/99-nvidia-fan-control /etc/X11/Xsession.d/"11:27
TJ-DaylightDandy: the raw commands in /usr/local/bin/nvidia-fan-control.sh should give you some idea on how to query/interact with the nvidia driver to prove it can control the fans. I think you're correct about needing coolbits enabled too11:28
TJ-DaylightDandy: yes, Section "Device" ... Option "Coolbits" "13" ... EndSection11:29
DaylightDandyTJ- Wow Thanks for the help! I see you're using nvidia-settings in your script11:30
DaylightDandyTJ-, Yes I think I enabled Coolbits11:30
TJ-DaylightDandy: worth checking in /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:31
DaylightDandyTJ-, but what's weird is that I'm pretty sure it started randomly, without any driver upgrade or anything11:31
DaylightDandyTJ-, yes sure11:31
DaylightDandyTJ-, It's been a while since I messed with xorg.conf haha11:31
TJ-DaylightDandy: this is the xorg.conf it goes with: http://iam.tj/projects/misc/xorg.XPS-NVS420-6monitor.conf11:32
DaylightDandyTJ- Thanks!11:33
DaylightDandyTJ- Looking at your script, I tried the nvidia-settings commands you use and it definitely had an effect!11:40
TJ-DaylightDandy: which implies the fan-control in the GUI isn't being responded to - I double-check you've got the Coolbits correctly configured11:41
DaylightDandyTJ- I tried nvidia-settings -a [fan:0]/GPUTargetFanSpeed=5 for example and fan speed definitely decreased even thought it's not back to normal noise levels11:42
DaylightDandyTJ- I am checking my xorg.conf right now11:42
DaylightDandyeven though *11:42
DaylightDandyTJ- The Coolbits option is in the "Screen" section for whatever reason, not in the Device section... I think that's wrong11:44
TJ-DaylightDandy: yes11:44
TJ-DaylightDandy: although... it's a long time since I wrote the config so it may be valid in multiple sections... but as it is not having an effect likely it does need to be in Device11:45
DaylightDandyTJ- I didn't put it there haha. Or maybe I did. Let me try and restart. Thanks again for your help! BrB11:46
DaylightDandyTJ-, yes11:46
DaylightDandyTJ- I think so11:46
DaylightDandyTJ- I'm back. Just so you know, setting Coolbits in the Device section doesn't make the fan control slider work in the GUI. But I see the % change in the GUI when I set it with nvidia-settings -a [fan:0]/GPUTargetFanSpeed=x12:01
DaylightDandyTJ- I tried setting Coolbits to different values but it has no effect12:02
TJ-DaylightDandy: sounds like the GUI is broken unless the values to set Coolbits to has changed12:02
DaylightDandyTJ-, Yes I think so. I'm going to try removing the Coolbits option if I can't set the fan speed to a decent level12:03
TJ-DaylightDandy: according to this recent similar project the value may need to be changed, https://github.com/foucault/nvfancontrol12:04
TJ-DaylightDandy: read the "Enable Coolbits" section in its entirity12:04
DaylightDandyTJ- Oh wow, thanks! I suspected that the values I tried weren't right. I'm gonna try with these12:05
TJ-DaylightDandy: as I recall Coolbits are bit-flags so value of 13 is 1101 - the others are 0100 0101 110012:05
DaylightDandyTJ- Yes, I tried random values like an animal12:06
TJ-DaylightDandy: "When "4" (Bit 2) is set in the "Coolbits" option value, the nvidia-settings Thermal Monitor page will allow configuration of GPU fan speed, on graphics boards with programmable fan capability." -->  https://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/364.19/README/xconfigoptions.html12:07
DaylightDandyTJ- Let me try with 4. I think I did try that one at some point a while ago because almost all examples on the web use 412:07
TJ-DaylightDandy: that link shows all the valid values and what they do12:07
DaylightDandyTJ- Your search engine-fu is better than mine hehe12:08
DaylightDandyTJ- Let me look at that12:08
TJ-DaylightDandy: Because I recalled where I read it ("nvidia coolbits appendix"12:08
DaylightDandyTJ- Oh yeah, when you wrote that script12:09
DaylightDandyTJ- I'm definitely gonna try 412:09
TJ-DaylightDandy: that file should be installed on your PC with the driver too12:09
TJ-DaylightDandy: try "dpkg -S xconfigoptions.html"12:10
DaylightDandyTJ- Yeah, it's in /usr/share/doc/nvidia-driver-415/12:11
DaylightDandyTJ- When/if I fix the issue, I'm going to revert to a saner version of the driver12:11
hexhaxtronI'd like to run Android apps on Ubuntu and use Play Store to install them. Any suggestion for this?12:27
SwedeMikehexhaxtron: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/run-android-apps-games-linux/ ?12:29
warlofhi, I got some troubles while attempting to install an Ubuntu Server 1810 on a Proxmox VM with UEFI settings. It appears that UEFI packages are not provided on the ISO and as a result, the installer is trying to pulling them from official repositories. Unfortunately, until the end of the install, I'm not able to provide a working network as my provider (OVH) is using routing on different networks for bridge setup.12:31
warlofIs there a way to fix the network settings using a shell and then restart the installation wizard ?12:31
tomreynhexhaxtron: if you're fine with anbox, and don't strictly insist on using the play store app itself, you can install f-droid + aurora store, enabling you to install play store apps. but this is is quickly getting !ot here.12:32
tomreynwarlof: which ISO?12:33
mDonchev_Hello guys,12:37
mDonchev_I just bought a new (old) Radeon HD5670 and installed it on my computer12:37
mDonchev_the resolution was perfect but I decided to resintall Ubuntu 18.04 Budgie just to start clean.12:37
mDonchev_It was all fine until I saw that it was using the default drivers, so I installed the ones from AMD website following the instructions but12:38
mDonchev_now the display is not recognized and the resolution is wierd12:38
warlof@tomreyn I tried the standard live for AMD64 architecture12:38
mDonchev_can anyone help me setup that12:38
mDonchev_also AMD Catalyst Control Center (which was installed with the drivers) shows an error that the driver was not properly installed12:39
tomreynwarlof: the server live installer indeed needs a working internet connection. i'm not sure whether there is the alternative server installer for 18.10 (or why you install a non LTS release on a server in the first place - it's supported, but i would not recommend it), but this would be the way to go.12:43
warlofI initially tried with the LTS but got the same issue. I tried the 1810 thinking it could be something fixed in it :p12:44
tomreynanother option is to boot off a recovery / live system and do paritioning yourself, install packages with debootstrap and install the grub package, update-grub, and grub-install12:44
aqdwhy would you choose an amd card!12:44
tomreynmDonchev_: reinstall and use the open drivers instead, as you noticed they work fine.12:45
mDonchev_tomreyn, will that be OK for games and stuff?12:45
mDonchev_i want to take the max of the card12:45
tomreynmDonchev_: since there is only one working driver, and that is open source, and not a bad one, you will be fine.12:46
mDonchev_OK. Can I get a benchmarking somehow12:47
tomreynmaybe on phoronix.com12:47
aqdgeekbench has opencl benchmark, but different games would have very different performance characteristics12:48
tomreynthere are a *lot* of factors to consider12:48
aqdyou need games optimized for it, which is why nvidia would be a rational choice normally, because of steam12:49
mDonchev_doesn't steam work with ATI Radeon?12:52
tomreynsure it does12:53
tomreynand fine12:53
aqdyes but steambox uses nvidia...12:53
mDonchev_I'm not a big gamer. I'm a developer but wants to play something just so I know it works acceptably.12:55
tomreynyou'll be fine then12:56
mDonchev_should I install steam then?12:58
tomreynif you want to install it, yes, otherwise, no12:58
mDonchev_or any other way to get games on Ubunut (not mines)12:58
aqdfor steam games sure12:58
tomreynthere are several gamesin ubuntu12:58
aqdwell i'm still playing enemy territory, not mines :P but most new commercial games are on steam yes12:59
DaylightDandyTJ- Well, I tried setting Coolbits to 4, 8, 5, 12, to no avail12:59
DaylightDandyTJ- it must be a kernel upgrade that triggered this, I don't know.13:00
DaylightDandyTJ- Nothing works, the fans run at 1000RPM and I can't slow them down13:01
mDonchev_aqd, thanks13:11
mDonchev_will try Steam13:11
mDonchev_does it have something like Quake or similar?13:12
warlof@tomreyn while talking about alternative installer, I think you're talking about that one http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/18.04.1/release/ubuntu-18.04.1-server-amd64.iso ?13:24
tomreynmDonchev_: you'll find several FPS games there, but also elsewhere. to configure your card, you can use https://flathub.org/apps/details/br.com.jeanhertel.adriconf (https://flatpak.org/setup/ for installation instructions). note ths is not supported here.13:29
tomreynwarlof: correct13:29
tomreynor this for 18.10 http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/18.10/release/ubuntu-18.10-server-amd64.iso13:30
mDonchev_tomreyn, thanks a lot. If I keep Ubuntu with the original drivers (not installing anything) in what case I would install and use this tool? In case of bad performance? How can I distinguish bad due to the card's hardwarelimits and due to bad configuration?13:31
tomreynmDonchev_: graphics glitches vs better looks and higher FPS, i guess.13:33
tomreynmDonchev_: you can also make use of these environment variables: https://www.mesa3d.org/envvars.html13:34
tomreynmDonchev_: ... and could also play with the driver options (module parameters) listed by "modinfo -p radeon", see also the "radeon" man page13:35
mDonchev_tomreyn, thanks a lot13:36
mDonchev_will start exploring now :)13:36
mDonchev_Hopefully I wont break the installation13:36
tomreynmDonchev_: none of this should break the installation, but it surely bears a lot of potential to break things (if most likely just temporarily).13:37
mDonchev_tomreyn, thanks a lot. (bow)13:39
tomreynthe open source radeon graphics driver is fine, and provides generally good performance. most drivers on linux are configured so that they work for most devices out of the box, and with good performance. tweaking things may let you get a little bit more performance, but most of the time you'll rather make things worse.13:39
mDonchev_yes, specially when I have no experience with tuning graphic cards13:40
mDonchev_I will try to install a game or two just to calm my spirits that I didn't buy a piece of garbage.13:40
mDonchev_Although, HD 5670 looks good on paper for an old card.13:40
tomreyni would think the mesa environment variables and what driconf expose are a good way to start, the other things maybe not as much13:41
warlofyeay ! thumbs up - thank you a lot tomreyn. It's a shame that we cannot apply routes setup on the live install. Not as I was quite aware to get a shinny UI for my setup, but there are some work which have been done with it, so.... :p13:41
mDonchev_guys, I'm an old time windows user (until like 10 years ago). Then I switch to Mac and now I'm installing Ubuntu on my old PC. I cannot seems to recognise it. Linux is way better for even a regular user. How come Windows is still a thing?13:44
tomreynmDonchev_: here's a good command to start with: vblank_mode=0 GALLIUM_HUD=fps glxgears13:45
tomreyn(need to install glxgears)13:45
mDonchev_what will that do?13:45
tomreynmDonchev_: should draw a graph showing your FPS over time, and override vsync for this demo app13:46
mDonchev_but it will not always be there (like on my desktop all the time)?13:47
BluesKajno, it's run in the terminal13:47
tomreynwarlof: the live server installer does not yet offer all the options the classic / alternative server installer has available, so it's a bot limited there. still.13:48
tomreynmDonchev_: this is just temporary.13:49
tomreynmDonchev_: you can use these environment options (vblank_mode=0 GALLIUM_HUD=fps) with any application and game which makes use of 3d (graphics / opengl) acceleration13:51
mDonchev_thank you Tom, you rule :)13:51
tomreynif you specify GALLIUM_HUD=help instead, you'll see a LOT of other options you can use on the terminal where you run it.13:51
tomreynhave fun13:52
treepalmHi all, so I have this wifi configuration file and I'd like to configure it using nmcli but when I save it in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connection and try to activate it, nmcli returns me "failed to determine AP security information"... any suggestions?13:58
stripehi all, just updated from 16.04 and still have the unity desktop :) how would I apply it to a 18.04 clean install? cheers :)14:26
CookieMcheck in package manager if unity is installed, if positive, log out, click cog button and choose unity14:43
stripeCookieM: just did a apt search unity and a program unity schemas is installed will try that, thanks mate :)14:47
YounderSeems no matter what change is mage someone will want things back the way they were :)14:48
stripeYounder: I just like the way it works on a laptop, prefer gnome on the desktop, so I am very happy :)14:50
CookieMstripe, I think that unity-schemas is a additional package, to “trigger” the whole DE, you HAVE TO have “unity” package installed14:53
stripeCookieM: thanks for the pointer, I am just loading 18.04 in a vbox will try that first :)14:55
CookieMalso, on clean 18.04 install, Unity DE is optional, you have to install it yourself14:55
stripeCookieM: cheers mate :)14:55
YounderWell I have a 35" wide cuved screen here and the tendency so want to full-screen everything is a pain..14:58
voidDotClassI've been getting an updates error for the last few days .. i'm trying to run apt-get update today but its getting stuck on "0% [Connecting to security.ubuntu.com (] [Waiting for headers]   "15:17
voidDotClassI'm on 16.0415:17
cfhowlettvoidDotClass, typically a self correcting error.  sometimes shifting to a different mirror solves it, but I usually just wait15:18
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
voidDotClassthanks cfhowlett, how would i switch to another mirror?15:19
cfhowlettsystem > software >  settings > download from:15:20
cfhowlettfrom that point you can manually choose or use the "select the best ..."15:20
YounderI have a computer running 16.04 and I haven't been having any problems. So it can't be universal.15:24
cfhowlettsame here.  mirror / package maintainer problems seem to be the most frequent cause, but if it continues for more than 3 days, I just switch mirrors15:25
TJ-voidDotClass: if your host is having problems reaching security.ubuntu.com that might be something to report to Canonical15:32
mDonchev_tomreyn, I cannot seem to start even Quake III that is inside the games I can isntall directly on Ubuntu15:39
mDonchev_It starts, and at the moment I start the level it quits without any error15:39
mDonchev_I can see the menu for settings, single player, multiplayer, and stuff15:39
YounderAre you vine'ing ;)15:39
mDonchev_but when it has to go into fullscreen mode and start the game .. it quits15:39
YounderThe bast way to run computer games is with steam. But you need 32 bit libraries.15:41
mDonchev_SHould I install something extra except Steam?15:45
mDonchev_or it comes with everything that I need?15:45
TJ-Younder: is that just for the steam binaries themselves, or for the games? Seems like that's very restrictive if the game needs to map more than 3GiB of RAM15:45
YounderTJ-, Well the mages use way more than 3 Gb, I have played 'The Talos Principle' a lot and that is a big game.15:47
lordcirth__The Steam client is 32bit, the games run 64bit fine15:51
lordcirth__I think? Though PAE does exist15:52
TJ-lordcirth__: ahhh, I thought that may be the case15:52
lordcirth__No, wait, PAE is still 4GiB per process15:52
TJ-lordcirth__: PAE only applies to 32-bit and it doesn't help a process map more than 4 GiB (3 GiB in reality due to kernel generally reserving 1 GiB in the process map) - if a 64-bit host it won't matter15:53
TJ-as in, PAE, only applies to a CPU in 32-bit mode15:53
lordcirth__Yes, I corrected myself15:53
lordcirth__Does the kernel really reserve a whole 1GiB?15:53
TJ-Due to very recent changes I'm not sure but yes, that used to be the split, it's a config option in kernel build, I'll check15:54
YounderA raspi has just 1 Gb for programs, graphics and kernel15:55
TJ-lordcirth__: Yes - set here " (X) 3G/1G user/kernel split " VMSPLIT_xxxxx15:58
TJ-Younder: we're on about the memory map, not the amount of physical RAM available15:59
YounderI got that15:59
YounderStill 1 Gb seems excessive15:59
lordcirth__Well, it's rapidly becoming irrelevant along with 32bit16:00
YounderI have 64 Gb to I don't care, but it is a limiting factor on small computers16:00
lordcirth__Most are 64, the raspi is 32 but also has less than 4GiB. There's no many computers that hit the exact problem range.16:01
* ineevu away16:02
lordcirth__I wonder when the kernel will drop i486. I think i386 was a lot more work to support, so maybe not for a long time.16:02
Younderlordcirth__, The raspi used a broadcom chip which uses a graphics map  that limits the RAM to 1 Gb regardless of processor.16:02
TJ-In fact the issue is coming back, with the proliferation of embedded devices (IoT etc)16:03
lordcirth__Anyway, we are getting off-topic16:03
YounderI can't run ubuntu on a raspi16:03
TJ-Younder: which bit of Ubuntu? you mean the GUI Gnome desktop?16:04
YounderTJ, ubuntu no longer fit's into 1 Gb regardless of version.16:05
leftyfbYounder: why can't you run ubuntu on a pi? It works fine16:06
TJ-Younder: I don't have any problems; it only uses about 256MB16:08
TJ-In other news, related to large address spaces, I've just managed to get an Ubuntu host to answer for 72 Quadrillion IPv6 addresses16:09
YounderTJ-, wierd It didn't work the last time I tried16:09
TJ-Younder: I only use them with a 'server' install, don't use GUIs16:10
TJ-Younder: that's why I asked if you meant with a GUI desktop16:10
TJ-I have one with a Western Digital USB PiDrive (314GiB) as a squid-deb-proxy for the LAN and that does well16:11
YounderSeriously that 1 Gb limit has got to go. With 4 Gb it would be a much more usable machine.16:11
TJ-What should 'go' is bloated multi-layered software library abstractions - software is to RAM what cars are to new roads ... they expand to take up all available space :)16:13
Younderlet's make bigger roads ;)16:14
cfhowlettwhere we're going, we don't need roads.16:15
TJ-I've been testing linux 5.0 the last few days; it may be false perception but it feels snappier than 4.20 and earlier. I wish there were some tool that could quantify it easily without needing to configure synthetic tests16:17
trafaret1hi there16:23
trafaret1Can anybody help. I want to define function which helps me to navigate without arroys key. Just [Space+h,j,k,l]. How can I do that.16:24
kk4ewtleftyfb, pi3 are 64bit16:24
kk4ewtand not confuse the i386 arch with the actual i386 chipset16:25
YounderYuo can't combine a space with anything easely. Not without writing a new keyboard driver16:25
lordcirth__trafaret1, navigate through what?16:27
Youndertrafaret1, You should remap CTRL instead16:30
trafaret1Younder: how can I do that?16:31
Youndertrafaret1, https://askubuntu.com/questions/296155/how-can-i-remap-keyboard-keys16:33
trafaret1Younder: can I use win key instead of ctrl?16:33
Kon-Are the daily Bionic (18.04.2) builds considered stable at this point? I'm wondering if it's a good option to get all the latest updates on a fresh install without an internet connection16:34
Youndertrafaret1, yes16:35
OerHeksKon-, daily builds are for 19.04 dingo16:36
Kon-These exist http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/bionic/daily-live/current/16:36
OerHeksKon-, oh, sorry, never seen those16:37
OerHeksyes, that is correct then16:37
Kon-Yeah, neither have I, that's why I found it interesting16:37
OerHeksthis is new to me, awesome!16:38
TJ-Kon-: if you're using one of the daily builds it might make sense to check the QA tracker for the ISO builds to ensure they don't contain bugs you'll not want to fall foul of16:39
TJ-Kon-: see http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/16:39
trafaret1Younder: thanks but I can't get how to combine two keys to define one arrow key16:40
Kon-I'm guessing if it says "Mandatory 0/6" and "Run Once: None" that means it hasn't been tested? TJ-16:41
=== g00dplain is now known as thibaut
TJ-Kon-: I think so; on the left column margin under "Status" un-check "Untested"16:43
Kon-Oh yeah that knocks off most of the dailies16:44
TJ-Kon-: seems to confirm your conclusion too16:45
coolerare the boost libraries installed by default on Ubuntu 18.04?16:47
cooleri get a cmake error saying that it couldn't find Boost16:47
ioria!info libboost-all-dev16:47
ubottulibboost-all-dev (source: boost-defaults): Boost C++ Libraries development files (ALL) (default version). In component universe, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 10 kB16:47
TJ-cooler: no, that's your job :)16:47
hlmjrWhen I install Xubuntu in a QEMU VM, firewalld has no zones? Have any of you heard of this before?17:06
YounderqEMU VM is a generic platorm you would have to say what processor you are emulationg17:08
hlmjrx86_64 with '-cpu host' on an AMD Ryzen17:13
KeyboardNotFoundIs there a way to find in how long my DHCP IP address will be released?17:17
YounderKeyboardNotFound, That statement makes no sence17:18
coolerTJ-: so this https://github.com/eteran/edb-debugger#compiling   is a lie?17:20
OerHeksKeyboardNotFound, the lease of your ip can be traced on your router17:22
TJ-cooler: I don't get what you mean17:24
klaminiteQuestion, I can't reproduce this without wiping a drive, but I was attempting to install ubuntu 16.04 the other day, and everytime it would install on my SSD, even after secure erase, it would always drop me to the initramfs console, and I would have no keyboard functionality, despite having functionality with three keyboards in bios, and this happened on two different pc's17:24
leftyfbkk4ewt: what's your point?17:25
TJ-klaminite: USB keyboards?17:25
TJ-klaminite: presumably the usb_hid module wasn't loaded17:25
klaminiteYea, I heard of loading that17:25
klaminiteBut shouldn't ubuntu do it default out of the box?17:26
TJ-sorry, 'usbhid'17:26
TJ-it /ought/ to be done by udev if it is included in the initrd.img AND the USB device declares itself as USB HID class - my guess is the problem is not usbhid itself but the USB controller driver not being loaded. That would probably be because the motherboard/PC is newer than the Linux kernel (v4.13 I think) in 16.0417:27
klaminitewhen was v4.13 dropped?17:28
TJ-klaminite: ha, sorry, it was 4.4!17:29
TJ-!info linux-image-generic xenial17:29
OerHeksKeyboardNotFound, found this: cat /var/lib/NetworkManager/*.lease | grep expire17:29
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 14 kB17:29
klaminite16.04 is LTS17:30
klaminiteDoes canonical know/want to solve this?17:30
TJ-klaminite: unless you're using a point-release ISO in which case it will have a later kernel in17:30
TJ-klaminite: what is the make/model of the PC/mobo? As I said, if it's new then the kernel version may not know the USB controller the keyboard(s) were attached to, or it may, but the required module may not be in the initrd.img17:31
klaminitelet me install hardinfo17:32
TJ-klaminite: easiest way to answer this is, did you get 16.04 to boot, and if so did the keyboard then work - if it did, then unknown chipset won't be the issue17:32
TJ-klaminite: You can do "dmesg | grep DMI:  "17:32
klaminiteTUF Z270 MARK 2, BIOS 0702 12/28/201617:33
TJ-klaminite: from what I can see that mobo has 2 USB3.1 controllers (Asmedia and Intel) and 1 USB2 Intel controller, so it could depend on which USB socket the keyboards were connected to17:36
klaminiteeverytime it was usb317:36
TJ-klaminite: apparently on bac-panel there are 2 x ASmedia v3.1, 4 x Intel v3.1, and 2 x Intel v2.017:37
OerHeksplug it in the non-blue-usb connector17:37
coolerTJ-: nvm17:38
coolerapparently they tell you to install boost on another page17:38
TJ-cooler: yes I saw that17:39
OnkelTemHi all18:21
OnkelTemHow to install Java into snap?18:22
OnkelTeminto a snap app18:22
OnkelTemI installed IDEA Intellij using snap, but it seems there is no java SDK inside it18:22
OnkelTemand i wonder how to install it there18:22
OerHeksOnkelTem, i think you do not need to ? just install openjdk or the oracle blob on the host of that snap?18:23
OnkelTemOerHeks: maybe, thanks18:23
Badri delte ubuntu and i can't to open windows?18:25
Badrerror: no such partition Grub18:25
OerHeksBadr, insert your windows iso and choose repair??18:25
BadrOerHeks:it does not do anything18:27
OerHeksi think you need to seek help in #windows then18:28
jeremy31Badr, see if there is option for OS boot in BIOS, choose Windows Boot loader if you have Win 10 and EFI18:28
Badri have win718:29
OerHekssure your win7 iso can repair this18:32
BadrOerHeks:i try and it does not do anything18:33
Badrand i instaled ubuntu 18.0418:33
Badrif i open my pc it give me the same error18:34
OerHeksyou deleted ubuntu, now windows does not boot, not an ubuntu issue to me18:35
woenxHi. is there possible to create cpufreq profiles?18:36
woenxi only see "performance"and "power saving'18:36
BadrOerHeks:and ubuntu 18.04 don't be run18:37
woenxid like to add custom cpu frequency limits (to prevent heating and extend battery life)18:37
Badrbut i delted  ubuntu16.04 and i intaled ubuntu18.0418:38
OerHeksoh, now it is something else, maybe you installed 18.04 over windows 7?18:41
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
OerHeksBadr, if so, these 2 commands should do the trick, but that should already be done while installing 18.04 https://askubuntu.com/a/55464418:45
BadrOerHeks:look https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/n5GHwXsD4C/18:46
OerHeksah, exfat, sudo apt install exfat-fuse exfat-utils # and do the os-prober again18:49
BadrOerHeks:look https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/v72DkHVFPC/18:55
WonnyHello. I'm trying to get a command to run automatically when I start my computer. Which way do y'all recommend?18:58
klaminitemake a daemon18:58
klaminiteactually, ubuntu 18.04 has super accessible methods for making commands run at start up18:59
TJ-Wonny: A one-shot systemd unit, as a 'Wants' of to the multi-user.target18:59
netametajust installed 18.04 trying to increase font size - so i've installed gnome tweak and several others. now when i open files navigator19:00
netametathe top bar is huge19:00
netametaany way to reset settings ?19:00
OerHeksBadr, have fun!19:02
TJ-Badr: that error is because you're trying to install GRUB from the Live environment. You need to use a chroot of the/an installed system for grub to figure out which device the boot files should be on.19:07
netametaanyone know how i can reset the font size there ?19:10
iorianetameta, you need to edit system config files.... not a very good idea (and btw, they 'll be overwritten)19:13
BadrTj-:thank you19:15
_0xbadc0de_can I ask a gdb question here?19:18
leftyfb!ask | _0xbadc0de_19:19
ubottu_0xbadc0de_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:19
Badri can to active speaker and headphone at the same time?19:20
TJ-_0xbadc0de_: decide which channel to ask in, we can see you in both :)19:20
babuloseowhat ever happened to ubuntu dropbox19:20
leftyfbbabuloseo: huh?19:21
babuloseothe ubuntu version of dropbox19:21
leftyfbbabuloseo: it's on their site. Go download it19:21
energizerbabuloseo: they stopped supporting some filesystems19:42
energizera few months ago19:42
lxerWhat is the place to discuss design/UX issues in 18.04 ?20:03
iorialxer, if a 'real' issue, here,if just preference ubuntu-offtopics20:05
CoolerZok so i did   sudo apt dist-upgrade20:11
CoolerZand its failing to do anything20:11
CoolerZ  Connection failed [IP: 80]20:11
CoolerZover and over and over again20:11
CoolerZErr:4 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-updates/main amd64 g++-7 amd64 7.3.0-27ubuntu1~18.0420:11
CoolerZ  Connection failed [IP: 80]20:11
CoolerZwhere are all the people at?20:13
lxerok, let me try.  The new 'show applications' button is 1. really slow; it takes about a second be fore something happens  2. the wall of icons that shows up is not user friendly  3. the search function returns a combination of text and icons, where the text is not relevant to the search and just confusing.  4. it turns out you need to 'swipe' to see the next page. this does not make much sense for desktop20:14
latteraso I downloaded and booted the ubuntu 18.04 LTS ISO on a laptop, looking to install ipmitool. did `apt-cache update` but `apt-get install ipmitool` shows package not found. yet, when I google "ubuntu 18.04 ipmitool", I see that ipmitool is indeed in the repos20:16
latterawhat's the proper way to install ipmitool?20:16
lxer5. returning back to the 'normal view' (after clicking  a application icon), also takes about a second, and sometimes longer.20:16
Bashing-omCoolerZ: Do not know the why here .. but "dist-upgrade" is an apt-get switch. What results with ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ' ?20:17
iorialxer, is very quick for me ... what's your specs ?20:17
lxer18.04, asus UX310u, ssd, 20gb memory.20:18
Bashing-om!info ipmitool bionic20:19
ubottuipmitool (source: ipmitool): utility for IPMI control with kernel driver or LAN interface (daemon). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.18-5ubuntu0.1 (bionic), package size 404 kB, installed size 1540 kB20:19
latterado I need to add a repo when booting from the livecd?20:19
latterarather, live ISO20:19
iorialxer, sy, atm i don't see the issue20:19
latteraperhaps apt is only checking the pkg repo on the installation media?20:19
Bashing-omlattera: ^^ insure that the universe repo is enabled .20:20
latteraBashing-om: will do. can you remind me where I would find that info out? is it /etc/apt/sources.list?20:20
latteraor is it in /etc/apt.d?20:20
Bashing-omlattera: That is the location .. If you prefer one can set in the the GUI software center.20:21
latterathanks! laptop's in another room. I'll check and report back20:21
latteraI appreciate the help :)20:21
Bashing-omlattera: help is what we do :)20:22
pavloslattera: if working from a live ISO, you need to enable Universe, then update, then install ipmitool20:26
TJ-For the CLI lovers, "sudo add-apt-repository universe"20:28
pavloslattera: like ... sudo add-apt-repository universe ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt install ipmitool20:29
lxerlattera: works for me20:34
latteraworked like a charm20:38
latterathanks again :)20:38
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CoolerZsomebody help21:21
CoolerZits failing to upgrade the distro21:21
CoolerZwhat do i do?21:22
CoolerZsame as before21:22
CoolerZErr:4 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-updates/main amd64 g++-7 amd64 7.3.0-27ubuntu1~18.0421:22
CoolerZ  Connection failed [IP: 80]21:22
_KaszpiR_CoolerZ change mirror21:23
_KaszpiR_in /etc/apt/sources.list21:24
_KaszpiR_(try to remove 'us.' from url21:24
_KaszpiR_or pick closer mirror21:24
Bashing-om!info g++ xenial21:26
ubottug++ (source: gcc-defaults (1.150ubuntu1)): GNU C++ compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:5.3.1-1ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 1 kB, installed size 16 kB21:26
Bashing-om!info g++ bionic21:27
ubottug++ (source: gcc-defaults (1.176ubuntu2.1)): GNU C++ compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:7.3.0-3ubuntu2.1 (bionic), package size 1 kB, installed size 18 kB21:27
arooniquestion; /var/log/journal/de5ce3191f644c7fbe9fdad055d7724e folder is 1GB on ubuntu 18.04; opened one file and idndt seem to se eanything21:27
Bashing-om_KaszpiR_: ^^ g++ from a PPA ?21:28
_KaszpiR_i have no idea, it depends on your build setup21:30
Guest_47anyone know of utilities to reset a forgotten Windows password from an ubuntu Live CD? i've tried chntpw, but it didn't work. i think this is because the Windows account is a @hotmail.com account instead of a local account.21:31
Guest_47am I out of luck?21:31
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
_KaszpiR_Guest_47 if its in cloud then you're pretty dead21:35
_KaszpiR_search for recovering methods online, from mail provider/cloud provider21:35
Guest_47good ol' cloud21:36
_KaszpiR_in the cloud noone can hear your sream21:36
r3vI'm new to managing an Ubuntu server. Is there a downside to the canonical livepatch service?21:45
Roey{-Hello all, I'm trying to figure out why I don't see my sound device after I upgraded from Kubuntu 18.04 -> 18.10.  I don't see it with the command "pavucontrol" at all (there are no audio devices in the "Output Devices" tab aside from some port on my monitor)!21:52
SimonNLRoey{-: check configuration tab22:11
Roey{-SimonNL: ok, what specificially should I look for?22:26
SimonNLsee if you have correctly set the profile Roey{-22:27
Roey{-It just says Quickcam (for input) and HDA Nvidia (for output).  that's my video card's sound out, apparently.22:27
Roey{-SimonNL: it was set up and working perfectly before I ran dist-upgrade22:27
Roey{-before I movd from 18.04 -> 18.10 and dist-upgraded a couple times past that.22:27
OerHeksterminal: alsamixer # and see with F6 if your device is selected properly22:29
SimonNLyou could have a look couldn't you22:29
Roey{-Ah, right, alsamixer.  So I loaded it, and i see: Realtek ALC115022:29
Roey{-Card: HDA Intel PCH22:30
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Roey{-derf-: so I pressed F6 and made the intel sound card the default device.22:32
Roey{-I think?  I just hit Enter... so..  and I still do not hear sound when I Try playing something22:32
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.22:34
Roey{-thank you22:34
OerHeksfrom step 4 i guess22:35
janat08how do you find direct links for software if you must install it from cli, I assume there's a trick. Like comodo AV for linux appears to have no direct url22:44
janat08unless there is a trick22:45
OerHeksjanat08, for snaps:  snap find <text> and apt-cache search <text># for regular apt22:47
OerHeksfor apt-cache, run apt update first22:48
janat08well I meant finding repositories and sources for apt22:58
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.23:00
OerHeksjanat08, no, ppa lists on cli i do not now, besides the standard repo univers main restricted and so on23:03
OerHeksyou need to investigate those and write them down manually23:04

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