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blebhi.  does xubuntu still get non-DE updates from ubuntu after the lts support runs out?02:52
blebafter the 3 year xubuntu lts support runs out i mean02:58
blebone more question - where/when are xresources set in xubuntu?  i'm trying to make my xterm not white-on-black04:37
ballbleb: Eww.  You could probably edit the launcher though04:38
ballxterm or terminal?04:39
blebxterm. i put xrdb ~/.Xresources in ~/.profile (which make it black one white), but it's still white on black04:39
blebs/make/should &/04:39
ballbleb: open a terminal and then type "xterm"05:11
ball...it could be that the terminal you're looking at isn't xterm.05:11
ball(because xterm is old and, in some ways, lacking).05:11
blebi just had to explicitly define white on black05:13
blebbefore i was relying on the app-defaults and xrdb ~/.Xresources would remove the *cusomization: -color from xrdb, causing it to use the white on black default05:14
blebbut the script run by lightdm sources .profile before it builds the other xrdb stuff, so the *customization: -color was being added back in, causing it to use the XTerm-color default which is white on black05:16
xubuntu16whi, I have a problem with a WIFI card: The card needs firmware, which is not in the distribution. I have the firmware, but it looks like the name does not match. How can I find out, which file the system tries to find? I use Xubuntu
diogenes_xubuntu16w, lspci -nnk | grep Net -A313:50
xubuntu16wThis command gives me:14:05
diogenes_xubuntu16w, wait14:05
diogenes_don't paste here14:05
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:05
xubuntu16wOK - let me ask as follows: I get the name of the controller: "Texas Instruments ACX 111" - how do I form the file name out of this message?14:08
diogenes_xubuntu16w, first run: lspci -nnk | grep Net -A314:10
diogenes_then cp[y what you get in terminal to https://paste.ubuntu.com14:10
diogenes_then sahre the link here14:10
xubuntu16wCan't do - the computer with the problem has no network connection,  I can just type14:11
diogenes_what device are you typing now from?14:12
xubuntu16wfrom my computer with perfect connection and everything OK14:12
diogenes_have you got an ethernet cabke?14:13
xubuntu16wI can install - will take a while14:13
diogenes_then use the ethernet, even you can share the internet from your pc to the other one via cable14:14
diogenes_no need to connect to your router14:14
xubuntu16wOk - I did14:15
diogenes_now go ahead and chat from that pc14:16
xubuntu16w_Now I'm back on the computer with the problem14:20
diogenes_lspci -nnk | grep Net -A314:21
xubuntu16w_What means !pastebin? I have done the command14:21
diogenes_paste the output to https://paste.ubuntu.com14:21
diogenes_share the link14:22
xubuntu16w_OK got you14:22
xubuntu16w_link: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vwyd6g2sJf/14:23
diogenes_xubuntu16w_, try this: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=208671114:26
xubuntu16w_OK I'll try - thanks14:32
diogenes_you're welcome, and come back with the feedback14:32
xubuntu16w_Yes, I will reboot, and give feed back.14:33
xubuntu16w_@diogenes: didn't work14:43
diogenes_xubuntu16w_, what exacly you tried14:43
xubuntu16w_I looked into the directory /lib/firmware/ti-connectivity for the firmware. Found the mentioned files wl1251-fw.bin and14:46
xubuntu16w_wl1251-nvs.bin. copied both files to /lib/firmware and rebooted.14:47
diogenes_run this: sudo modprobe -v wl1251_sdio14:48
xubuntu16w_OK - so far no changes14:50
diogenes_now run: sudo rfkill | nc termbin.com 999914:50
diogenes_share the link here14:51
xubuntu16w_did - no system answer14:52
diogenes_this one14:53
diogenes_sudo rfkill list | nc termbin.com 999914:53
xubuntu16w_the command operates but gives no answer back14:54
diogenes_try only: sudo rfkill list14:55
diogenes_see if you get putput14:55
xubuntu16w_I mean: no output14:56
diogenes_ok download this: https://netix.dl.sourceforge.net/project/acx100/acx100_old/20080210/acx-20080210.tar.bz214:56
xubuntu16w_sure ? the acx100 is not compatible with acx111 - that's what I figured out before14:57
diogenes_looks like it's no that easy15:02
diogenes_xubuntu16w_, here on this page you can find many instructions, see which one works for you15:03
diogenes_you nee lots of patience15:03
xubuntu16w_OK - I will try. Will report the result. Thanks15:09
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