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tomreynAn Intel DHCP library with GLib integration https://github.com/connectivity/connman-stable/blob/master/gdhcp/gdhcp.h01:16
tomreynmiracast (and openwfd) seem to be mostly considered legacy protocols nowadays.01:23
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rainbowwarriorhi I am running windows 10 and Ubuntu 19.04 but it is loading straight into Ubuntu and not giving me a choice to load into windows or Ubuntu, I have used boot-repair and this is the outcome :- http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QyHBF9WyhK/09:49
tomreynrainbowwarrior: if you hit escape repeatedly during boot, do you get to the grub menu, and do you see windows there?10:08
tomreynand if you see windows, does it boot from there?10:08
tomreynrainbowwarrior: oh wait, you dont, according to the output you posted10:08
tomreyninstall os-prober10:08
tomreynline 564 states "Windows not detected by os-prober on sda1."10:10
tomreynso os-prober may already be installed10:10
rainbowwarriortomreyn,  brb and yes as i tried os-prober first and it did not detect windows 1010:12
rainbowwarriortomaw,  it looks like it ain't even adding a menu entry10:18
tomreynthe common reason why os-prober would not detect the other OS is that the other OS was installed in UEFI mode, and ubuntu in CSM / legacy BIOS mode, oder the other way around.10:19
tomreynright, yoiu have no menu entry for windows10:19
rainbowwarriorhi I am running ubunut 19.04 and have windows 10 installed on another hard drive (grub is not detecting my windows 10) please help ? (they are both installed in legacy mode)12:45
rainbowwarriorubuntu 19.04*12:45
tomreynrainbowwarrior: https://askubuntu.com/questions/197868/grub-does-not-detect-windows/629733 suggests mounting the windows partition before running os-prober13:13
rainbowwarriortomreyn,  i get an error when i try open the windows folder13:29
tomreynrainbowwarrior: imagine i told you, what would you do with this information?13:30
rainbowwarriorremember it 13:31
tomreynmy point: if you don't tell me the error message, i won't be able to support you and this information is rather useless.13:32
tomreynso what'S the error message?13:34
rainbowwarriorit says sorry could not display all the contents of "windows": Error when getting information for file "/media/wolfheart/944800EF4800D1C2/Windows/hh.exe13:34
rainbowwarrior":input/output error13:35
tomreynhmm, the file system was probably not unmounted cleanly.13:36
tomreynyou need to disable windows fast startup for multi-boot to work13:36
tomreynyou should still be able to boot into windows by overriding the bios boot order, i would think13:37
tomreynrainbowwarrior: what youz can do whuile you're in linux is to unmount the windows drive now run ntfsfix against it, then mount it again (hopefully without errors this time) and then run os-prober.13:39
tomreynif this also doesn't work, you can still try the boot order override13:39
rainbowwarriorsame error13:41
tomreynbut ntfsfix  reported no warnings or errors?13:42
rainbowwarriorno errors13:43
rainbowwarriorno warnings either13:43
tomreynrainbowwarrior: does dmesg | tail show more errors about this disk?13:45
tomreyn"input/output error" can actually point at a hardware error, that's why i'm asking13:46
tomreyndoes the windows file system actuall get mounted though when you try to?13:47
tomreyntry mounting it again, see if it shows up in "mount" output afterwards13:47
rainbowwarrioryes its there :- /dev/sda1 on /media/wolfheart/944800EF4800D1C2 type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,default_permissions,allow_other,blksize=4096,uhelper=udisks2)13:48
tomreynso run os-prober again13:49
rainbowwarriordid not detect it still13:50
tomreynyou can add it manually as discussed on the second answer on https://askubuntu.com/questions/197868/grub-does-not-detect-windows/62973313:51
tomreynthe ID there you'd replace by 944800ef4800d1c213:52
tomreynthe rest can stay as it is13:53
tomreynrun update-grub after creating the file, then reboot, hold down shift or keep pressing escape to et the grub menu, then select the windows option13:54
rainbowwarriortomreyn,  got errors :- paste.ubuntu.com/p/9FbFnGJqV8/14:00
rainbowwarriortomreyn,  and the grub.conf.new :- https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/thv7SvxtcH14:08
tomreynhmm this doesn't look too nice14:08
tomreyndo you get the same errors if you unninstall os-prober?14:09
rainbowwarriori meant grub.cfg.new14:09
tomreyndid you add those $ characters around the UUID in /etc/grub.d/40_custom ?14:10
tomreynsee line 295 of what you posted14:11
rainbowwarrioryeah i removed them now and now its line 30814:16
tomreynyou removed what?14:18
tomreynoh the $'s14:18
tomreynlooks better. not sure it needs the UUID with lower case characters as i posted it above, i guess you can try.14:19
tomreynblkid probably lists the lower case ones14:19
tomreynlines 308 is: ### END /etc/grub.d/41_custom ###14:19
rainbowwarriori changed it to lower cast and it still says line 30814:23
rainbowwarriorthis is what is in 41_custom :- https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9DkkQ94cWD/14:28
tomreynwhat says "line 308"?14:33
rainbowwarriorthere only is 8 lines in the file14:35
rainbowwarriorlines 308 is: ### END /etc/grub.d/41_custom ###14:36
tomreynyour 41_custom is standard. what is the problem you are trying to solve right now, if any?14:38
rainbowwarriorso i can ignore it after sudo update-grub ?14:40
tomreynignore *what*14:51
rainbowwarriorthe error from sudo update-grub about line 30816:28
rainbowwarriorhi has anyone here got openwfd to work please?20:09

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