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Laneyteward: You could have done. :-)18:02
Laneymymedia: Nobody's really working on it at the minute, but there's some moves to get it going again18:03
JackFrostWould most certainly be nice to get official backports for things I backport anyway, debhelper (compat 12) is one that comes to mind.18:13
mymediaLaney, I'm glad to hear that the practice of backports will be resumed. :-)18:47
mymedia(if this is really so)18:47
JackFrostmymedia: Thanks for maintaining telegram.18:48
rcm888hi! What tool to use for linux cloning to dissim hardware? (no proprietary drivers installed)21:17
FauxIt'll probably just work. Run the rescue stuff after you've installed if you don't know how to use update-grub and update-initramfs. Also, wrong channel, ask #ubuntu.21:26
tewardLaney: yeah, I could have, except, by that point I was, well, *drinking*22:36
teward'twas beer o'clock :p22:36

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