Wild_ManHello guiverc you around?02:05
Wild_Manguiverc, unless I am missing it I do not see the website/company included in the wiki anymore, so maybe it has already been corrected or I am just tired02:06
guivercor I'm the tired one .. looking02:07
Wild_ManIt still needs corrected in the gdoc from what I see02:07
guivercexample in 'good' : "John Smith of News Site proclaims"02:08
Wild_ManOkay, I will remove it02:09
* krytarik takes the red pill...02:09
Bashing-omkrytarik: One red pill may not be enough this week :P02:10
Wild_Manguiverc, it should read "John Smith of proclaims" right?02:11
* krytarik orders more red pills..02:11
Wild_Man guiverc, it should read "John Smith proclaims" right?02:11
guivercJohn Smith proclaims -- to me anyway02:11
Wild_ManI did a copy and paste fail02:11
Wild_ManDo we hear a second?02:12
krytarikJohn Smith... you have got to be kidding me.. :P02:14
Wild_ManI will leave it as is on the wiki, that is why I was asking02:16
guivercas for gdoc - i just commented & ignored them after that.. - I didn't finish my read thru of gdoc I think anyway02:16
guivercI'd suggest changing wiki (or I could if you'd like) - it's what new people, or people look for how to (as we'd like) which is bad if we later drop to the current format.. it should be correct02:17
Wild_ManNot sure krytarik wants it changed, or he is just commenting on the chosen name, not sure02:18
Wild_ManIf it needs changed I am happy to do it02:19
Wild_ManTo me it does look better but I am not a writer02:19
guivercI think it's the name - he wishes it was "Joe Blow"  :)   but I'm no writer either, I usually spew out what PaulW or pleia trained into me long ago  (or what I [incorrectly?] remember of it anyway)02:23
Wild_ManI think you are right as well02:25
Wild_ManWe could come up with a new fun name02:25
Wild_Manguiverc, there are a lot of summaries that way02:27
krytarikguiverc: Yes, nice alternative.. :D02:33
Wild_ManI changed it in the wiki but did not update the name for now02:35
Bashing-omguiverc: Do you think my summaries are toooo short ? Just a thought on my part :P02:50
Wild_ManBashing-om, Just my opinion but I say no, they are just supposed to be to lines long03:02
Wild_Manopps numbers locked turned of again03:03
Wild_Man1 to 4 lines03:03
Bashing-omWild_Man: :)03:03
guivercsorry was away; I suspect readers would prefer shorter to longer   (as long as needed detail is there; but let writer or person doing the work decide [ideally]03:29
Bashing-omguiverc: I keep in mind your advise in that the desired result is to prompt the reader to open the link :)03:45
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::OMG!Ubuntu:: ‘Linux for Chromebooks’ May Let Chromebook Owners Choose Which Distro to Use @ https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/?p=137575 (by Joey Sneddon)15:03
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::OMG!Ubuntu:: ‘Celluloid’ is the new name of GNOME MPV @ https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/?p=137664 (by Joey Sneddon)17:04
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Softpedia:: Freespire 5.0 "Coho" Planned for Mid-November 2019, Linspire 9.0 Comes Late 2020 @ https://news.softpedia.com/news/freespire-5-0-coho-planned-for-mid-november-2019-linspire-9-0-comes-late-2020-524524.shtml (by Marius Nestor)17:30
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::OMG!Ubuntu:: Rhythmbox Is Finally Sorting Its Toolbar Out @ https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/?p=137670 (by Joey Sneddon)19:20
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Softpedia:: KDE Frameworks 5.54 Released for KDE Plasma 5.15, Adds Android Notifications @ https://news.softpedia.com/news/kde-frameworks-5-54-released-for-kde-plasma-5-15-adds-android-notifications-524525.shtml (by Marius Nestor)19:27
Bashing-omUWN561 up for critique and and scrutiny and proof reading. Is "In This Issue" parsable ?19:27
Wild_ManBashing-om, I have to run out for a little while I will look it over when I get back, Are you having an issue parsing "In this Issue"? I know it is usually parsable20:18
Bashing-omWild_Man: No, I have no issie with "in this issue" but I do have reservations that the Fridge will handle it .20:19
Wild_ManIt worked last week20:20
Wild_ManI know the fridge script was throwing out an error but it did not last week either20:20
Wild_Mankrytarik, you around?22:38
Wild_ManIf I change this title to a descriptive title on the forum, do I need to change it on the wiki? I am to tired to think this thread logically, https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=241006822:40
Wild_ManI do not like the title22:40
krytarikYep, of course then you'll have to - once it got copied there..22:41
krytarik..Heh. :P22:41
Wild_ManThought so, I just read the link right after I change the title? If I change it on the forum it only changes the title in the first post22:42
Wild_ManI am doing about 4 things at once, so my attention is divided, not good for me22:43
krytarikJust update the link description in the UWN issue to the new thread title on the forums then, yes.22:44
Wild_ManI think it is good now23:03
krytarikWild_Man: " *  Remote Server Accessibility Issue - https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2410068" - yeah, only a space too many after the asterisk there.23:07
Wild_ManOkay, I removed one on the other end but missed that one, fixing now23:08
krytarikBashing-om: The images needs added there yet btw.23:09
Wild_ManI wonder why it adds the extra spaces when doing a copy and paste?23:09
Bashing-omkrytarik: Watching and waiting :)23:10
krytarikWild_Man: Can happen by copying from websites sometimes.23:10
Wild_Mankrytarik, do you have a script that parses the whole gdoc to be put on the wiki or does that always have to be done one section at a time?23:10
krytarikNo, that's a manual copy job.23:11
Wild_ManOkay, that is what I thought but was not sure if you automated it23:12
krytarikThere is nothing to be gained by any such really.23:13
Wild_ManThe numbers for the quick links on the right side of the wiki some of them are not lined up23:21
Wild_ManFrom 10 down23:22
Bashing-omWild_Man: looking23:23
krytarikBashing-om: Oh, and I just see, the usual problem with a missing Planet section wrt the issue summary again. :P23:23
Bashing-omkrytarik: yeah - "planet" - but I am not sure of how to fix :(23:26
krytarikWild_Man: I don't see what you mean there.23:26
krytarikBashing-om: Yeah, like you didn't fix it numerous times before already.. :P  (And I didn't explain it to you before either.)23:27
Bashing-omkrytarik: I am aware that missing the "planet" section causes issues. But I do not know what it takes to recify that situation or why .23:27
krytarikCould fix it manually by just dropping every subtopic off the summary starting from where the Planet section would be.23:31
Bashing-omkrytarik: K; will do .. ( I did think that ,,, but sure liked it with the subtopics listed ) - yuk .23:34
krytarikAnd why the hell are you guys apparently Google-translating the Ubuntu Portugal podcast stuff now?23:34
Bashing-omkrytarik: will change the Portugal podcast back also .23:37
krytarikSeems like you've doing this for quite some issues now.23:38
Bashing-omChanges made to issues and Portugal podcast.23:52
krytarikBashing-om: Ok, now just need to revert the title translation too.23:57
Bashing-omkrytarik: K -23:58
Wild_ManThis is what I see when I look on the right side of the wiki 10 down the first number is outside side of the shaded area https://imgur.com/a/S5q5Kns23:58
krytarikI seriously wonder who's grande idea this was, while I wasn't looking for a few issues.23:58
Wild_ManSorry I was busy my wife started trying to cook a meal using her walker and I had to get in the kitchen and make her set down and take over23:59

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