Major_WedgieHi everybody!00:24
Major_WedgieWelcome back holli00:25
hollity Major_Wedgie00:25
Major_WedgieWhat have you been up to?00:25
holliSo I've recently updated from ubuntu 16 to ubuntu 18.04 and I'm having weird SSL issues when trying to site to site transfer using vsftpd server00:25
hollinm mate, wbu ;)00:25
SlidingHornMajor_Wedgie: This channel isn't for regular chatting, just support.  Head over to #ubuntu-offtopic if you'd like to chat :)00:26
SlidingHornholli: what exactly do you mean by "I'm having weird SSL issues?"00:26
holliSlidingHorn, I was able to site to site transfer normally using my current configuration of vsftpd but lately It won't so i switched to proftpd just to test it and check the cfgs and i get various SSL errors as00:28
holli``unable to connect using TLS connection: protocol error:00:29
holli  (1) error:140C5042:SSL routines:ssl_undefined_function:called a function you should not call``00:29
holli``unction:called a function you should not call00:29
holli2019-01-12 05:06:00,852 mod_tls/2.6[3581]: SSL_shutdown error: SSL:``00:29
SlidingHornholli: (please use a pastebin for multiple line entries in the future)00:29
holliI'm sorry, and sure will do00:29
holliI have another server I've bought recently, it's on ubuntu 18.4 and site to site works fine with identical cfg file for vsftpd00:30
hollithe one I'm experiencing the issue at was upgraded to 18.04 from 16.0400:30
SlidingHornholli: and when you say "but lately it won't" - What exactly does that mean?  (i.e. what exact command and error is there)00:30
holliI'm trying to use FXP protocol to server to server transfer, I've passive address set in my cfg and the passive ports and no firewall on00:31
hollilately because I'm sure It worked when I was on ubuntu 18.04 but 2 days ago It wouldn't work no more.00:32
adri1138is someone going to say something?00:51
tomreynholli: fromthe log lines you posted i'm not sure which log they are from or which message was generated by which system, but i have a hunch this is a TLS capable client talking to an SSL-only (so no TLS) server.01:06
tomreynso maybe check / verify that all systems have both dameons and (especiall SSL/TLS related) libraries up to date and that they were actually properly rebooted / services restarted after upgrading / installing new / newer libs.01:08
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hollitomreyn, I've been FXP using vsftpd normally, then that error showed up, I checked vsftpd logs but they weren't telling me much of the issue so I tried changing the ssl_cipher and adding ones like : ssl_ciphers=ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384:ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256:HIGH:MEDIUM01:15
holli and commenting all ssl_tlsv1 and others, then restarting and trying to fxp but no sites worked01:15
hollii thin uninstalled it and re-installed proftpd while checking the logs, and i was able to fxp only when i set TLSv1.2, and only when i have the other sites set to act as passive, so anything lower didn't work and showed me the previous error01:16
holliTLSv1.2 to some server running similar would work, but TLSV1.2 to TLSv1 somehow won't work on this server01:17
holliI compared ssl libs and they seem fine and openssl is identical but the one that wont work while running cl :openssl ciphers -v 'TLSv1.3' | head -20 shows some TLSv1.3 while the other one doesn't, so There might be something restricting that and I can't figure out what it is01:19
hollino firewall running in my server btw01:20
JackLewisIs this the Ubuntu support channel or did I mess this up too?01:24
OerHekstomreyn, did i see this not before, 2 tsl versions and connection problems01:24
tomreynJackLewis: you're right.01:25
JackLewisYAY! thanks tomryn01:25
OerHekshi JackLewis, you sufferfrom connection issues ?01:26
holliso idk what can it be tbh01:27
tomreynholli: since fxp, and ftp itself, are mostly considered legacy protocols nowadays, have you considered alternatives?01:27
tomreyni think fxp was never really specified, was it?01:27
holliI actually haven't but I would like to point out that FTP works perfectly01:28
holliFTP locally of my server using filezilla or any similar client ad lftpd works fine01:28
tomreynencryption and integrity are of no relevance there?01:28
hollibut FXP specifically wouldn't, but I'm sure my cfg are fine since I've been using the same for 2-3 years ago and never had an issue01:28
holliyes, the are a must, you need to enforce ssl encryption in some servers01:29
holliusing proftpd and having the correct settings for the other server, makes FXP works but only if it has TLS1.201:29
holliwhile 2-3 days vsftpd just worked for everything, and on a similar ubuntu 18.04, vsftpd still works01:30
holliI'm sure something isn't right in my server, but can't figure it out tbh01:30
tomreynwhy don't you use sftp or bittorrent instead?01:30
tomreynor just https01:30
holliI guess they dont' support those protocols01:32
hollican ipv6 cause any issue like that ?01:32
tomreynthey would replace those protocols01:32
tomreynipv6 might be an issue if you use hostnames resolving to ipv4 + ipv6 and some of these protocols can't handle it01:33
tomreynit's roughly 15 years ago that i last used fxp, and i remember it was always sketchy, also because of ftp and its active / passive configurations, high ports and need for firewall support01:34
hollitrue that01:34
hollihow about updating to openssl 1.1.1 ?01:34
hollimine is on :  Installed: 1.1.0g-2ubuntu4.301:35
holli  Candidate: 1.1.0g-2ubuntu4.301:35
holli  Version table:01:35
holli *** 1.1.0g-2ubuntu4.3 50001:35
holliugh sorry again.01:35
tomreynwhich ubuntu version are you using?01:43
tomreynnormally you'll only have one version available / supported. you could, of course, rebuild some software, linking against a different tls library, but that is then rather out of scope for this channel.01:44
tomreynalso, unless you need TLSv1.3, the openssl version is probably not an issue.01:45
hollity tomreyn01:46
hollithen probably not and I'm on01:46
holliUbuntu 18.04.1 LTS01:47
holli Bionic01:47
tomreyn!info libssl-dev bionic01:48
ubottulibssl-dev (source: openssl): Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - development files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.0g-2ubuntu4.3 (bionic), package size 1357 kB, installed size 5772 kB01:48
tomreyni think there is work underway for a stable release upgrade of openssl/libssl in bionic so as to support TLSv1.3 there01:49
tomreynactually this is present in 1.1, so this was already updated01:50
JackLewissorry I keep popping in and out guys, I'm just setting this up so I just type one command and I join. Please Ignore the message saying that I joined and left01:51
hollii see something which I'm not sure if it's normal or not01:52
holliii  libssl-dev:amd64                                                 1.1.1a-2+ubuntu16.04.1+deb.sury.org+101:52
holliit shows ubuntu16.04 even though I'm on 18.0401:52
rajguys, I'm having a lot of trouble installing python 2.7.14 in ubuntu within a dockerfile01:52
rajanyone have experience with docker?01:53
OerHekstry 2.7.15, for bionic and up https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=python2.701:57
rajthanks OerHeks, how would that look in a dockerfile?02:02
OerHeksrai, that, i don't know02:03
OerHeksi assumed your issue is the version02:03
rajnope, my issue is making or installing a specific version of ubuntu that isn't available aon apt02:07
oceanquakeHi all.  I've attempted to setup a system with an encypted root volume.  I've clearly gotten something wrong, as I'm just getting the grub prompt rather than a menu of boot options or a prompt for a passphrase.  /etc/default/grub looked good to me prior to running update-grub.  What clues can I get via the grub prompt, and how do I go about getting them?02:10
oceanquakeFrom what gets printed with 'set', I don't see the kernel command-line args that were in GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX from /etc/default/grub02:12
tomreynoceanquake: are you at the grub prompts or in initramfs?02:20
tomreynah you said grub02:21
oceanquaketomreyn: Hi again.  At the grub prompt.  initramfs never comes up.02:21
oceanquaketomreyn: I should have said that /boot is also on the root volume.  So there is no unencrypted /boot.  Do I need to adjust GRUB_PRELOAD_MODULES in /etc/default/grub ?02:23
tomreyncan you discuss how you installed (which installer you used) and how you set up block device layers (from bottom to top: hdds, gpt, partitions, raid-1, dmcrypt-luks, lvm, /boot + /)02:23
tomreynwith / encrypted, you will need to have (exactly) "GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y" in /etc/default/grub and, if uefi booting, you need to use the non-signed grub-efi02:26
tomreynGRUB_PRELOAD_MODULES may be needed if you're BIOS booting, not sure02:27
oceanquaketomreyn: Yes.  Whole disk is dedicated to Linux, all GPT.  I have a 100 MB EFISP FAT32 partition, rest is dedicated to LVM.  All my Linux filesystems are on luks volumes which are on top of LVM (as opposed to more common case of whole partition being dedicated to luks, then carved up into multiple LVM logical vols).  /boot is on encrypted root fs.02:29
oceanquakeSystem is UEFI, not BIOS.02:29
oceanquakeSo I have multiple luks volumes, one per LVM vol02:31
oceanquakeGoing to check the GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK option, booting to livedvd now .02:33
tomreynoceanquake: also double check the correct grub variant02:41
tomreynoceanquake: also /etc/crypttab and /etc/fstab02:42
tomreynmake sure all uuids match what blkid reports02:42
tomreynand that uuids are used wherever possible02:42
tomreynyou didn't say how you installed / hwich installer you used, but based on the 100 MB ESP i assume you at least partitioned yourself.02:43
oceanquaketomreyn: I manually partitioned everything.  Original installation was via KDE neon livedvd based on Ubuntu 18.04 .02:44
oceanquakeI assumed it did the right thing with respect to grub variant, though not certain how to check?02:44
tomreynnormally ESP should be 250 MB minimum, not because you need this space but because there are UEFI implementations which fail to detect it otherwise02:44
tomreynbut this is not an issu on your system, grub gets loaded02:45
tomreyndpkg -l grub\*02:45
oceanquakeUnderstood, since I will never (willingly anyway) install windows to the "bare metal" disk, I didn't figure it would be a problem.  *parted shows about 6 MB used on the ESP vol.02:46
tomreynyou should have grub-efi-amd64(-bin) installed, not grub-efi-amd64-signed02:46
tomreynignore the ESP remark, i just wanted to make you aware this could be an issue on a different system02:47
oceanquakeOK, so I see there is not GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK option in /etc/default/grub ;  totally follow you on the ESP point.02:47
oceanquake /s/not/no/02:48
tomreynwithout this option, grub wont be able to boot off encrypted /boot02:49
oceanquakeOK, let me try fixing that first02:50
tomreynyou'll need to update-grub and grub.install afterwards02:51
JohnDoe2how do I get the manual proxy settings back in 18.04.1 budgie? Right now there's only none and Automatic as options02:51
rajguys I'm getting this error and I'm not sure why: https://paste.ee/p/WfO9x02:51
oceanquakeso I've just been running update-grub; where does the grub.install step come in?02:51
tomreynit needs to ensure the grub stage 1 on ESP has the cryptomount executable available02:53
tomreynthis is what the grub-install does02:53
JohnDoe2ugh, awkward. The network connections applet is not the way to go about enabling it apparently. Settings -> Network -> Network Proxy02:54
oceanquakeso first run update-grub, then grub-install ?02:54
tomreynraj: run "apt update" beforehand02:54
tomreynoceanquake: yes, that's the common approach02:55
rajthank you tomreyn02:56
tomreynoceanquake: provide the device contianing the ESP as first argument to grub.install. it's basicall yignored, but i think this is mandatory.02:56
tomreynraj: you'Re welcome, keep in mind these two belong together.02:56
tomreynraj: you dont's always have to apt update, but if apt install / full-upgrade / dist-upgrade reports errors or warnings, be sure to run apt update02:58
tomreyni'd run apt update on a daily basis, or i changed apt sources or preferences02:58
tomreynJohnDoe2: i'd like to help but don't have budgie here. you can set a http proxy in /etc/environment, though03:02
JohnDoe2appreciate it03:03
oceanquaketomreyn: from the chroot, even after "mount -t efivarfs efivarfs /sys/firmware/efi/efivars" running grub-install gives "cannot find EFI directory"03:05
nojimonhi all-having an issue when i plug in any usb storage-i end up with two identical mounts on the desktop and in gui of nautalis-am on 18.04 ubuntu any ideas how to fix the issue people, please help me03:05
tomreynoceanquake: which argument do you pass to grub-install ?03:06
tomreynoceanquake: actually scratch this, none is needed03:07
tomreynoceanquake: efivarfs is not the esp03:07
nojimonhttps://imgur.com/a/sdifu0r as you can see it has mounted the usb drive named diskimg twice and they are both the same disk03:07
tomreynyou need to mount the esp03:07
oceanquakeOK, what should the esp mount target be?03:07
tomreyn /boot/efi03:07
tomreyni have a VM here which uefi boots off encrypted /boot and / (on top of several layers), mount | grep -i efi reports this:  http://termbin.com/xqnc03:10
oceanquaketomreyn: OK, that seemed to work (gave "file descriptor 4... leaked" messages,. but those seem non-fatal).  Other than rebooting, can I sanity-check?03:10
tomreynyes those are non fatal03:10
tomreyni don't actually know how to review the grub stage 1, it's probably just an archive of some sort03:11
tomreynother than that, i already suggested to review all UUIDs in all relevant configuration files, so i assume you already did this03:12
oceanquakeOk, so other thing you mentioned is signed vs. unsigned.  It looks like what is installed is signed.  Why is that a problem, if it's what the distribution installs by default?  And sorry, yes, I checked and am comfortable with crypttab and fstab03:13
oceanquakeIf I had a problem there though, I assume I'd at least see initrd output, and I'm not even getting there.03:14
tomreynnojimon: post the url treturned by: mount | nc termbin.com 999903:14
tomreynoceanquake: because of bug 156595003:16
ubottubug 1565950 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Grub 2 fails to boot a kernel on a luks encrypted volume with Secure Boot enabled" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156595003:16
tomreynsee also bug 176298803:17
ubottubug 1762988 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Bootloader installation fails on UEFI systems with FDE (incl. /boot)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/176298803:17
tomreynit'S not limited to enabled secure boot03:17
tomreynoceanquake: if you want to secure boot (the only reason you'd need grub signed anyways) you will need to create a certificate and import it into the eufi moklist03:20
oceanquakeSo both grub-efi-amd64-bin and grub-efi-amd64-signed are installed...03:21
tomreynyeah thats wrong03:21
tomreynit wouldnt be wrong if grub-efi-amd64-signed wasnt missing cryptomount03:22
oceanquakehmm, so which version is getting placed on the ESP when I invoke grub-update or grub-install?  should I just uninstall the -signed version and re-run those?03:24
tomreyn<tomreyn> you should have grub-efi-amd64(-bin) installed, not grub-efi-amd64-signed03:25
tomreynmaybe i should have written: you should have grub-efi-amd64 and grub-efi-amd64-bin installed but not grub-efi-amd64-signed03:25
tomreyn-bin is a dependency of grub-efi-amd64 do i put this into parenthesis03:26
tomreyns/ do / so /03:26
oceanquaketomreyn: OK, I uninstalled -signed and just re-ran update-grub as well as grub-install.03:27
tomreynoceanquake: do you have grub-efi-amd64 installed, though?03:27
nojimonmount | nc termbin.com 999903:31
nojimonim not sure if i did it right i pasted into terminal-was that what you needed me to do03:31
tomreynnojimon: you need to paste this to a terminal window03:31
tomreynnojimon: what you did was to paste it into chat03:32
oceanquaketomreyn: OK, just did that.  Sorry, I'm being a bit monkey-see, monkey-do about this because all the EFI/grub2/signed stuff is not something I completely understand.03:32
nojimonabove is the output returned-03:32
tomreynoceanquake: it's a bit complex, and quitte different from bios booting03:33
oceanquakeyeah, definitely seems that way.  I'm more comfortable with BIOS and LILO, tbh03:33
nojimontomreyn, thank you for your help03:35
tomreynuefi + gpt booting is not actually bad once you get used to it. it's still way too much complexity for a process which should be very dumb, but it's not worse than bios + mbr, rather a little better, and most of all different.03:35
tomreynnojimon: i didn't do much, yet ;-) so we see you have /dev/sdb1 - this will be your usb stick, mounted in two places: /media/usb0 and /media/non/DISK_IMG03:36
nojimoni know but i appreciate your reply and help-why do you think its mounting twice03:37
tomreynnojimon: can you run: cat /etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 9999; udisksctl status | nc termbin.com 999903:38
tomreyni'm not sure, yet03:38
nojimongot two lines of output https://termbin.com/7pge https://termbin.com/fhs003:40
tomreynnojimon: thanks, now: gio mount -l | nc termbin.com 999903:42
oceanquaketomreyn: OK, I guess nothing left to do but unmount everything get out of livedvd and try to boot off disk?03:43
tomreynoceanquake: since you only replaced the grub package now, i'd update-grub and grub-install again, but other than that i would think so, yes03:45
oceanquaketomreyn: yes, did those steps.  OK, here we go...03:45
tomreynnojimon: did you say that both mounts appear at the same time, fully automatically, when you insert the sd card?03:47
AWest21can anyone tell me /link how to install a program from an archive if extracting and ./configure doesnt work?03:48
nojimonsorry hang on i need to check something03:48
oceanquakeAWest21: this is something not available via the package system?03:49
oceanquakeAWest21: and what do you mean by ./configure doesn't work?03:49
tomreynnojimon: i'm not sure this will actually work or improve it, but you can try: gio mount -u file:///media/non/DISK_IMG03:50
tomreynnojimon: i'm afraid i don't exactly know how this stuff works either03:50
AWest21sudo apt-get install package-name didnt work oceanquake and I got a few different errors when I tried using ./configure, i'm not real familiar with compiling03:50
tomreynAWest21: "doesn't work" is the least useful way to describe an error.03:52
tomreyndo you have more details?03:52
oceanquakeAWest21: do you know if it's a program that is in fact available via the package system?03:52
tomreynoceanquake: did it boot fine this time?03:53
oceanquaketomreyn: so I get a textmode boot menu (I guess generated by the onboard EFI) that doesn't bring me to the grub prompt.03:54
oceanquakeit lists the various bootable devices03:54
AWest21oceanquake, how do I check the package system? it doesnt show up with sudo apt-get or the software center03:55
tomreynoceanquake: is secure boot switched on?03:55
tomreynAWest21: apt update; apt search <software name>03:55
tomreynAWest21: there is synaptic as a GUI if you prefer this.03:56
nojimondidnt work dude https://imgur.com/a/8nXWwSq03:57
tomreynnojimon: gio mount -u /media/non/DISK_IMG03:58
AWest21tomreyn that didnt work. im just trying to install a gnome extension and they are all in .zips that cant be compiled via ./configure i guess04:00
nojimontomreyn, gio: file:///media/non/DISK_IMG: Containing mount for file /media/non/DISK_IMG not found04:01
oceanquaketomreyn: you called it.  Once I turned secure boot on, it went forward04:01
nojimontomreyn, https://imgur.com/a/U5l9Vq404:02
nojimontomreyn, just unpluged the usb and re plugged in04:03
tomreynnojimon: oops now you have 3 mounts!04:03
nojimontomreyn, yup04:03
tomreynnojimon: okay, try this: sudo apt purge usbmount04:03
tomreynthen unomunt all, then re-plug04:03
oceanquaketomreyn: there is still some debugging to do; it seems like GRUB prompts for the passphrase, but then I get prompted again for the passphrase for the cryptroot04:04
tomreynoceanquake: you had to turn secure boot ON to make the boot work?04:04
nojimontomreyn, https://imgur.com/a/aBa8Zvi04:04
tomreynoceanquake: i assume you had to turn it OFF, right?04:04
oceanquaketomreyn: sorry, wrong polarity in my comment04:05
oceanquaketomreyn: you are right04:05
tomreynoceanquake: ok ;)04:05
oceanquakeHm, now I just get dumped to initramfs prompt04:05
oceanquakebut this is progress!04:06
AWest21tomreyn is there a gui to install gnome-extensions from since im a noob?04:06
tomreynoceanquake: once you solved the initramfs issue, you can try this to save one password prompt:  create the dir /etc/luks/ and put keys there as <usefulname>.keyfile, add those to /etc/crypttab, and then MOST IMPORTANTLY, add KEYFILE_PATTTERN="/etc/luks/*.keyfile" to /etc/cryptsetup-initramfs/conf-hook, set those files chmod 0400 and the directory 0500, and add UMASK=0077 to /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.con04:06
oceanquaketomreyn: you really kick ass.  thanks for the thoughtful help.04:06
tomreynoceanquake: i copy + pasted this from TJ (not currently here), a(nother) regular here who gave me this hint04:08
tomreynAWest21: gnome extensions are sketchy. i would be very careful about them. if you have to go so far as to package them yourself then this is definitely further than i'd be willing to go.04:09
tomreynAWest21: you can manage gnome extensions from your webbrowser: https://extensions.gnome.org i think04:10
AWest21tomreyn i'm just trying to get cast-to-tv so I can cast to my chromecast. I heard this app is better then vlc or mkchromecast https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1544/cast-to-tv/04:11
tomreynbut think about what it means to install some random non vetted snippets from the web into your desktop.04:11
tomreynnojimon: did unomunting and replugging work thoughß04:11
nojimontomreyn, still mounting additional drives now i hav four04:12
tomreynnojimon: can you not unmount and remove them?04:13
tomreyntry right-clicking the mount option after unomunting it04:13
Bashing-omAWest21: Joey has a how to: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2019/01/chromecast-tv-gnome-shell-extension?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+d0od+%28OMG%21+Ubuntu%21%29 .04:14
AWest21thats where i found out about it bashing-om but his directions must be out-dated? his say go to the link I gave and slide the toggle to activate an installer but I only get an option to download a .zip that I cannot extract and compile04:15
Bashing-omSwant: Ouch ... Sorry end of my knowledge as I do not run Gnome.04:16
tomreynAWest21: then you dont have the firefox extension installed04:17
tomreynvisit https://extensions.gnome.org/ with firefox04:17
nojimonno cant unmount and running apt purge nt clearing out additional old ones04:18
tomreynread the warning about installing the extension. consider the risks and if you feel fine with it then do it. then visit https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1544/cast-to-tv/ again and flip the switch again04:18
tomreynAWest21: ^04:18
tomreynnojimon: "apt purge nt"?04:19
tomreynnojimon: what happens when you click on the "umount" icon next to one of the mounts on nautilus?04:19
agioHi, I have defined a udev rule which fires upon plugging a USB mouse in. Problem is, at the time the rule fires, the mouse is not ready (it takes about 5-10 seconds before device is ready) any ideas to fix this?04:21
tomreynsleep, or find out how to detect that it is ready, and check for it.04:22
agiotried sleep. it doesn't work because it blocks the whole process04:22
agioi.e. if the mouse normally takes 8 seconds before its available and I put a "sleep 30" in the script. it now just takes 38 seconds before the hardware is ready04:24
tomreyn8 seconds for device initalization is pretty long already, could it be a hardware issue?04:26
agiowell its 8 seconds for everything, from hardware to udev to X itself - so I don't see that as indicative of a hardware issue04:27
agioalso, I have a usb keyboard , and that also takes about the same time before the keys start working04:27
AWest21Bashing-om, tomreyn  its installed now saying i can launch it from the "status menu"????04:28
tomreynagio: hmm thats definitely longer than what i'd expect to see. have a look at dmesg, maybe it gives away some more clues.04:28
tomreynAWest21: i'm not sure which one that is04:29
tomreynAWest21: actually the screenshot on the extensions' README explains04:31
agiotomreyn: looking at dmesg (or Xorg logs) does show the event, but nothing I can use. I think I'm just going to define a systemd service and timer which calls xinput every minute - its going to flood syslog - but its the only thing I can think of04:31
tomreynAWest21: it's the menu which includes the power icon04:31
tomreynagio: i can't really suggest anything there, lack understanding.04:32
* tomreyn afk for a while04:33
silenf2Im facing error while compiling from git04:34
silenf2Mostly on qt themes04:35
silenf2and they're compiling perfectly without errors on any other distro04:35
silenf2Um using kubuntu atm04:35
silenf2facing errors when using "make"04:36
silenf2for example when compiling https://github.com/alex47/BreezeBlurred04:36
AWest21sweet tomreyn found it. second and last question is there an easy way to configure 18.10 to have a verbose boot up vs a purple screen?04:36
silenf2Im getting these errors on sudo make install04:37
silenf2ntoNothingness  ~/BreezeBlurred/build   master  sudo make install04:37
silenf2[  4%] Automatic MOC for target breezeblurred04:37
silenf2[  4%] Built target breezeblurred_autogen04:37
silenf2[  9%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/breezeblurred.dir/breezebutton.cpp.o04:37
silenf2In file included from /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/QtGui/QColor:1,04:37
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:37
silenf2     ^~~~~~~~~04:38
silenf2     iswctype04:38
silenf2make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/breezeblurred.dir/build.make:87: CMakeFiles/breezeblurred.dir/breezebutton.cpp.o] Error 104:38
silenf2make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:105: CMakeFiles/breezeblurred.dir/all] Error 204:38
silenf2make: *** [Makefile:130: all] Error 204:38
OerHeksand you might want to reask in #kubuntu04:38
silenf2Okay sory04:38
OerHeksoh no, no paste like that, the servers go bonkers04:38
silenf2Heres the pastebin04:39
silenf2They're getting compiled properly on manjaro or any other distro04:41
OerHekstons of issues indeed, not exactly written for kubuntu .. contact the author ? https://store.kde.org/p/122156204:44
OerHekssee the comments :-(04:44
silenf2the comments do say it works well with ubuntu and kde neon04:47
silenf2and people have said it is working for them on kde neon04:47
qwebirc62570Anyone around that might be able to help answer a question about why a bcache backed LVM on Luks device isn't expanding?04:49
AWest21anyone know how to make 18.10 do a verbose boot up instead of purple screen?04:59
oceanquaketomreyn: had to step afk for a bit; my gratitude wasn't directed to the key hit specifically (I am actually doing something like that already), but rather an appreciation for the level of help you are providing overall.05:00
oceanquake /s/hit/hint/05:00
raidensnakeIs there any way to install ubuntu using a 4g modem?05:09
MadLambI'm having some memory issues. My system monitor reports 92% usage of ram, but from the avg I can sum from top I estimate it way lower. I installed smem to double check and it reports 21% as unused memory and 11% as other. 21% is obviously more than 8 reported from system monitor/top. Any idea of what might be going on? 16gb + 2 swap . Not so many stuff running to justify that.05:11
energizerMadLamb: https://www.linuxatemyram.com/05:14
MadLambenergizer, interesting but i dont think its the case05:16
MadLambenergizer, free -m also reports low "available" memory and I'm actualty looking at this because i was getting the almost full memory freeze05:17
MadLambenergizer, swap is completely full05:17
guivercAWest21, I don't see an answer to you, but hit <e> (for edit) at grub, go to linux (kernel) line and remove the "nosplash quiet" line I think is what you are after..05:30
AWest21guiverc so just commet out "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash""??05:56
tomreynAWest21: yes, and update-grub05:57
tomreynAWest21: this is if you want it changed permanently, not just for a single boot05:58
guivercsorry AWest21, I only saw your last line (not history) so I assumed question was a once-off how to boot05:58
AWest21no i want a permanent verbose boot05:59
rajthanks tomreyn05:59
tomreynAWest21: so edit it in /etc/default/grub05:59
tomreynraj: you're welcome06:00
AWest21how come gksu gedit /etc/default/grub doesnt work in 18.10 tomreyn?06:01
tomreynAWest21: i dont know, does it say?06:01
AWest21tomreyn command not found06:02
tomreynAWest21: you can run a terminal and do: sudoedit /etc/default/grub06:02
AWest21tomreyn, ok how do i save in sudoedit?06:06
tomreynAWest21: depends on your editor, is there something like a menu bar on the bottom?06:07
tomreynAWest21: if it looks like this, you hit Ctrl-x: https://i.imgur.com/2hjy4UJ.png06:08
AWest21tomreyn, ugh ok i didnt know it would offer to save after an exit prompt, now its trying to save it as a temp file how do I get it to save the original? -_-06:10
tomreynAWest21: save it as this temporary file, the sudoedit command will make sure it goes to the right file06:11
lotuspsychjeOn bionic the language extra packages only suggest when clicking 'manage installed languages' i think thats not very handy for new users those package are proposed so deep, should i make this a wishlist or is this 'normal 'procedure? https://imgur.com/a/oTcFR7M06:20
teamcoltraSomething really weird has happened... one of my disks was at 99% so I started moving a big directory of random stuff from one disk to another using mv * /files/stuff/ and after I cleared about 100GB I just ctrl+c to stop the move. Upon doing that some of my web services stopped working (refused connection to host -- even though they are running on the server) and my torrent client wont download anything saying permission denied06:43
lotuspsychjeteamcoltra: your ubuntu version please?06:44
teamcoltraYeah one sec06:44
lotuspsychjedesktop or server?06:46
teamcoltradesktop edition (but used headless currently)06:46
lotuspsychjeteamcoltra: i would suggest deep cleaning system with bleachbit, see where all the leftovers are and reboot after06:47
lotuspsychjeteamcoltra: system up to date also?06:47
teamcoltralotuspsychje, yeah that was my first step was to make sure I was up-to-date and restart06:48
lotuspsychjeteamcoltra: maybe your data move made everything full, system flipping06:50
teamcoltralotuspsychje, I still have 42GB left on the one drive and 176G on the one that was full that I moved things from https://hastebin.com/mafedepiha06:52
teamcoltra(hastebin -> df -h results)06:52
lotuspsychje99% doesnt look good teamcoltra06:55
teamcoltralotuspsychje, I can clean it up but I'm not sure that is my problem as my file drive doesn't have much bearing on any of this... transmission is in my / directory /dev/sda1        19G   15G  2.3G  87% /06:57
teamcoltraand it's trying to write to my /home directory06:57
lotuspsychje!zh | comet2307:02
ubottucomet23: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:02
lotuspsychjeteamcoltra: full dirs can lead to all sorts of weird behaviours07:11
lotuspsychjeteamcoltra: if a cleanup and reboot didnt fix, we can investigate more/deeper07:12
teamcoltraI have cleaned all my temporary files, and also just deleted a whole bunch of random files that I wasn't overly attached to. https://hastebin.com/jakexadofo07:16
teamcoltrastill having problems :\07:16
lotuspsychjedid you reboot teamcoltra07:16
lotuspsychjeteamcoltra: ok whats having problems?07:17
teamcoltraso SABnzbd starts up but "doesn't" at the same time, like I'm looking at the logs and it shows it's listening on port 8080 but trying to connect to it says connection refused. Transmission does start up and I can access it on 9091 but I can't save files as it says "permission denied"07:19
lotuspsychjeteamcoltra: connection problem?07:23
lotuspsychjeteamcoltra: try restart networking perhaps07:24
teamcoltraI just saw this in my SABnzb log which might be useful? 2019-01-12 23:23:24,639::INFO::[postproc:187] Completed Download Folder /home/teamcoltra/Downloads/complete is not on FAT07:24
teamcoltralotuspsychje, no because I have a bunch of web services that are all running fine, I did also restart my modem just to test that too07:25
lotuspsychjemaybe try a tail -f /var/log/syslog and start both sabnzbd and transmission, maybe it spits out usefull errors?07:28
bigMouthCommiemy bluetooth stopped working. when i click on the bluetooth icon, under the "recent connections" my headset is grayed-out. when i click on adapters, i get an empty window with just a close button. hardware failure?07:32
teamcoltralotuspsychje, nothing useful came up the same basic types of logs that are in the log files. I tried adding a torrent again and the permission error remained07:34
teamcoltraTransmission did crash after which is at least new it hasn't been having any troubles https://hastebin.com/uvewoqoxis.js07:34
teamcoltrathe logs are showing sabnzbd doing it's background work just fine though as though it's running07:35
teamcoltraI even tried wgetting localhost:8080 just to see if maybe it was some network issue but it also refused07:35
teamcoltraConnecting to localhost (localhost)||:8080... failed: Connection refused.07:36
lotuspsychjeteamcoltra: what does: sudo service network-manager restart ?07:44
teamcoltraI'll have to find out in the morning, thanks for your help.07:46
lotuspsychjehope it helps07:46
bigMouthCommiebluetooth ubuntu07:50
bigMouthCommiealternatively, fastest way to drink Steel Reserve07:50
soapee01hiya. Just installed kubuntu 18.04. X is on virtual terminal 1 (ctrl+alt+f1), and now I don't seem to have the ability to have two sessions on at the same time. Previously these were on f7 ad f8. Is there a fix for this?08:09
JadedJI installed Ubuntu-Mate 16 LTS on Vmware workstation 14. Then installed open-vm-tools. But pasting into the VM doesn't work08:28
tomreynJadedJ: sounds like a vmware workstation issue.08:29
tomreyn!yy.mm | JadedJ08:29
ubottuJadedJ: yy.mm is Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle08:29
JadedJUbuntu MATE 16.04.508:30
SlidingHornnew factoid?  I love it.08:31
no_gravitySometimes my ssh connection from my desktop to my laptop suddently hangs for 10s or so. I wonder how to debug this. Any ideas?09:11
SlidingHorn no_gravity: are you using Ubuntu or Debian?09:30
no_gravityOne machine is Ubuntu, the other one Debian.09:30
tomreynno_gravity: you can run both sshd (server) and ssh (client) with increased log verbosity09:40
CoolerZhow do i fix my ubuntu?10:12
CoolerZcan i just reinstall the latest version on top of it?10:12
CoolerZwill i lose any data?10:12
CoolerZI am on ubuntu 18.04 and its failing to upgrade10:13
tomreynCoolerZ: if you don't have backups (why?!) and your /home directory is not a separate file system listed on 'df -h' then yes, you will loose your data10:14
tomreynotherwise, just maybe, if things go wrong10:14
tomreynCoolerZ: what are you trying to upgrade 18.04 to? 18.10 then?10:15
CoolerY18.10 is the latest10:19
CoolerYbut i can't upgrade to it10:19
CoolerYsudo apt dist-upgrade fails with Connection failed [ip.address]10:19
CoolerYmultiple times10:19
kab0mJust installed a fresh KDE Neon...i added a global menu widget which works, but after every reboot the widget does not show a global menu for every programm that got restored from the last kde session until i close and reopen this programm...has someone a fix for this?10:22
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aqdwhat exactly grant the user temporary access  to sound devices via ACL on console/desktop switch??10:46
aqdI found switching of virtual consoles triggers that too, that's beyond logind and udev??10:47
BurekzFinezti think there's upgrade path only from LTS to LTS CoolerY but don't hold my word for it10:49
tomreynCoolerY: are you in a special / restricted network environment then?11:09
tomreynlike a public wireless lan, university or company network?11:09
tomreynlooks like you're on a mobile network now and used to be in a university network previously11:13
CoolerYtomreyn, yeah university11:16
CoolerYi switched to mobile to check if that works11:17
CoolerYseems to have worked11:17
CoolerYhowever, VERSION="18.04.1 LTS (Bionic Beaver)"11:17
tomreynCoolerY: so the university network has restrictions, i guess11:17
BurekzFineztcheck kernel version11:17
CoolerYwhy didn't  sudo apt dist-upgrade   go to 18.10 ?11:17
BurekzFinezt18.10 is on 4.1811:18
tomreynsudo apt dist-upgrade doesn't dist upgrade11:18
BurekzFineztmaybe it upgraded everything but version name11:18
tomreynthat's a misunderstanding, and bad naming11:18
CoolerYi can't understand what you are trying to say11:18
CoolerY18.10 is the latest ubuntu right?11:19
tomreynCoolerY: use update-manager -c11:19
BurekzFineztwell, technically. 19.04 has daily builds afaik11:19
tomreynyes 18.10 is the latest ubuntu release11:19
CoolerYit says partial upgrade11:19
tomreynCoolerY: do it, and then run it again11:20
CoolerYand i remember someone saying not to do that11:20
anmabecause if i'm right you are with LTS release. Maybe it's configured to make upgrades between LTS releases11:20
tomreynCoolerY: you didn't you sources.list to point to 18.10, right?11:20
anmaLook at Software sources11:21
tomreynhere's how you upgrade https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-upgrading-ubuntu-desktop#011:21
anmaUpdate section11:21
BurekzFineztyeah, that's what i said. i think there's upgrade path only between LTS releases11:21
CoolerY18.10 isn't LTS?11:23
tomreyn!lts | CoolerY: no11:23
ubottuCoolerY: no: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Bionic (Bionic Beaver 18.04). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.11:23
tomreynthe next LTS will be 20.0411:24
CoolerYon the site it says 18.04.1 https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop11:26
BurekzFinezt18.10 is supported for 9 months, and most of those packages go to 19.0411:26
CoolerYwhich is what i have11:26
BurekzFinezt   .04 is always LTS11:26
CoolerYok then11:26
CoolerYthanks for the support11:26
tomreynBurekzFinezt: not really, 19.04 wont be LTS11:26
CoolerYalso how do i avoid the university blockage?11:26
BurekzFineztreally? how come?11:27
CoolerYdo i always have to go to mobile network to upgrade?11:27
BurekzFineztbecause 18.04 is 10 years LTS?11:27
tomreynBurekzFinezt: LTS releases happen every 4 years11:27
tomreyni mean every 211:27
BurekzFineztoh yeah tru, sorry. had a a brainfart there11:27
anmaThere is an option at software sources that will allow to do upgrade to gegular release11:27
tomreynCoolerY: you should talk to the university network folks to understand why you can't reach the ubuntu mirrors from there11:28
BurekzFinezti mean, you could always go for a cup of coffee and find some good internet in a cafe (if you're on laptop) :D11:29
CoolerYtomreyn, is it using ftp?11:29
CoolerYor https ?11:29
CoolerYor some custom protocol to pull the updates11:29
tomreynCoolerY: i think the error message you posted earlier suggested it was using http11:30
CoolerYsome protocols may be blocked11:30
CoolerYanyway thanks11:30
tomreynblocking http entirely is unusual, but there are wireless networks where you need to login before you get full internet access11:30
tomreynCoolerY: i'm sure it's not that the university don't want you to update or upgrade ubuntu there, it's probably just that you should use local mirror servers they provide, or you need to login somehow for full internet access.11:31
tomreynoh they're gone11:31
Vuurdraak_hi everybody, a question im planning to upgrade 14.04 lts to 18.04 lts, i was searching around the net to see how much disk space i need to have empty to not run in to problems, will ubuntu automaticly check for the diskspace needed and halt the upgrade before it has even started , or can i potentialy run in to disk space problems halve way ? i got currently 22GB free in home11:48
tomreynVuurdraak_: the updater won't start the upgrade if insufficient disk space is available11:50
ducasseVuurdraak_: the upgrader should check, and 22gb should be plenty11:50
Vuurdraak_okay thanks :D11:51
tomreynVuurdraak_: you need free space in /, not in /home, though /home may be part of /11:51
tomreyn"df -h" tells11:51
Vuurdraak_VoHiYo tomreyn11:51
Vuurdraak_/dev/sda1        73G   57G   13G  82% /11:52
Vuurdraak_ow i think i looked wrong11:53
Vuurdraak_but the home & boot dir r on the same partition11:53
Vuurdraak_with 13 gig free11:54
Vuurdraak_i guess thats okay then11:54
tomreynthat's enough for 2 full installations ;)11:54
Vuurdraak_okay :D11:54
Vuurdraak_oops my script is greeting people sorry brb11:56
Vuurdraak_fixed :D11:57
aaa801I have a few sas arrays hooked up to a box running ubuntu 18 kernel 4.15.0-43-generic, It seems that /sys/class/enclosure is empty , any ideas?12:27
kab0mIs omeone willign to help me with an KDE plasma related problem?12:27
BluesKajHowdy folks12:29
ducassekab0m: ask your problem, maybe BluesKaj can help :)12:31
kab0mducasse: :) ok12:31
kab0mBluesKaj: Just installed a fresh KDE Neon...i added a global menu widget which works, but after every reboot the widget does not show a global menu for every programm that got restored from the last kde session until i close and reopen this programm...do you maybe know a fix for this?12:32
ducasse!neon | kab0m please be aware of this12:33
ubottukab0m please be aware of this: KDE Neon ( http://neon.kde.org/ ) is a KDE project to package the latest stable and development versions of KDE software on top of an Ubuntu base. As it is not an official Ubuntu or Kubuntu project, please use #kde-neon for discussion and support.12:33
BluesKajkab0m, I run Kubuntu and the Kmenu is installed in the Panel by default .I have no idea why KDE-Neon wouldn't do the same12:35
kab0mducasse:  *rolling-eyes* well...no one is answering at #kde #kubuntu and #kde-neon12:36
kab0mBluesKaj: ohh, i meant the "global menu widget"...not the Kmenu :)12:36
ducassekab0m: maybe you'll get more responses on a weekday, weekends are quiet12:37
BluesKajkab0m, tried the globak menu widget and it seems buggy here, doesn't show anything12:40
kab0mducasse: i see...i tried so many times before with so many different questions and i almost NEVER got an answer at the kde channels...for hours and even days...the Linux community makes it really hard if you need fast answers and fixes...even if you would pay for them. this is so frustrating...i dont know where to ask anymore12:40
kab0mBluesKaj: ohh, so its also broken at kubuntu?12:40
kab0mBluesKaj: ohh dang... thank you for trying it.this really helps me to know...so im lost until the kde guys fix it...12:41
kab0mIt feels like no kde DE is ever really complete...when someting is fixed, something is broken...this is frustrating as i just want something that works OOB :(12:42
BluesKajI really don't think many people use it, that could be why you aren't receiving any response12:42
kab0m*no linux DE12:42
kab0mBluesKaj: Well, then i will avoid it fos a while and hope it gets fixed. Its a shame as a global menu is a really nice feature *shrug*12:43
BluesKajkab0m,, have you seen this ? http://fasterland.net/activate-global-menu-kde-plasma-5-9.html12:45
kab0mBluesKaj: yeah i saw this. and i have a new top panel with a global menu widget working...but my problem is...as soon as dolphin or konsole has more than one tab and i reboot the system the global menu does not show any entries for this applications until i kill them and open them up again12:48
BluesKajkab0m, ok then i suggest you file a bug12:51
kab0mBluesKaj: ok, can you tell me where i can file one or maybe can look if maybe someone alse has already filed a bug?12:52
ducassekab0m: you can check launchpad.net if a bug is filed for kubuntu, but you can't file one there as you're not running ubuntu12:53
BluesKaj!bug | kab0m12:53
ubottukab0m: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.12:53
BluesKajkab0m, check the 3kubuntu chat for kde apps12:55
BluesKajkab0m: If you find a bug in Kubuntu, please follow the instructions at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting to report the issue to the developers.12:56
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BluesKajhmm , crossposting all over freenode12:58
kab0mthank you BluesKaj i will try the kde bugtracker ;)13:03
hexhaxtronI'm trying to run 'googleplaydownloader' and I get: /bin/sh: 1: dummydroid: Exec format error13:17
hexhaxtronAnyone knows how to fix this?13:17
aaa801output of file googleplaydownloader?13:17
hexhaxtronaaa801, yes.13:18
jeremy31hexhaxtron: What does line 1 of googleplaydownloader say?13:19
hexhaxtronjeremy31, #!/usr/bin/env sh13:21
jeremy31hexhaxtron: is googleplaydownloader a py file?13:21
hexhaxtronjeremy31, the Bash script only has two lines. The 2nd line says: exec python2 "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/googleplaydownloader/googleplaydownloader.py"13:22
jeremy31hexhaxtron: It might be an issue with line 1 of the py file13:23
hexhaxtronjeremy31, it says: #! /usr/bin/python213:23
jeremy31hexhaxtron: It might need to be python2.713:24
hexhaxtronjeremy31, same error.13:25
ducassehexhaxtron: where is googleplaydownloader from, and which release is this?13:29
jeremy31hexhaxtron: does this work in terminal> /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/googleplaydownloader/googleplaydownloader.py13:29
hexhaxtronducasse, I was doing this: https://itsfoss.com/download-apk-ubuntu/13:32
hexhaxtronjeremy31, yes, but it was working before too. The problem is when I press the 'Generate' button. I get that Exec format error13:34
ducassehexhaxtron: you really need to get support from those who provide the app, as it's not in the repos it's not supported here13:35
Tux57i'm trying to use libpam auditd tty without any succes on ubuntu 18.04 LTS13:42
Tux57each time it closes my ssh connection with an error in auth.log13:42
ioria!info gplaycli13:46
ubottugplaycli (source: gplaycli): Google Play downloader command line interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.10-1 (bionic), package size 54 kB, installed size 812 kB13:46
ioriahexhaxtron, ^  (without a gui ,i guess)13:47
Tux57nobody ? :(13:49
lipe66so wzup13:51
tomreynTux57: provide more info. configured how, what's the error13:55
Tux57hum, fresh ubuntu 18.04 installation13:55
Tux57installed auditd with apt then reboot to be sure13:56
Tux57the service is running well13:56
Tux57then i edited pam.d/sshd with session   required pam_tty_audit.so disable=* enable=root13:56
Tux57restart the service, and when i try a logon : pam_tty_audit(sshd:session): error setting current audit status: Invalid argument13:57
tomreynyou can run auditd -f to keep it in the foreground for debugging.13:58
Tux57i read a lot of articles, some are speaking about interference with other pam module ... hard to find the one13:58
Tux57let me check14:02
Tux57ok so did it14:03
Tux57i've a lot of lines x)14:03
tomreynTux57: be sure to read the Debian / Ubuntu specific documentation in /usr/share/doc/auditd/14:05
tomreynso README.Debian (if it exists) + NEWS.Debian (which does exist)+14:08
Tux57nothing special here ...14:08
Tux57my auditd set of rule is working well14:08
Tux57but not keystroke :/14:08
tomreynhmm, not sure, Tux57, i haven't tried it on 18.04, yet14:12
tomreynmaybe file a bug if you think it is one. "ubuntu-bug auditd" if you want to.14:12
tomreyn(requires a launchpad.net login)14:13
Tux57i think it is similar to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pam/+bug/166620314:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1666203 in pam (Ubuntu) "pam_tty_audit failed in pam_open_session" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:14
tomreynhmm another bug report in a sad state.14:17
Tux57i'm going to compile libpam modules in git version14:19
aldcorhello! I am trying to get pipelight but this happens https://textuploader.com/1amwo14:24
aldcorim on ubuntu 18.0414:25
aldcori want to get netflix running on chromium14:25
tomreynTux57: i pointed the security team to it, but since it's not actually a security issue i don't know if they can do anything about it. you may want to subscribe to the bug report, though.14:25
hexhaxtronioria, I can't make it work... I get IndexError: list index out of range14:26
hexhaxtronducasse, gplaycli is in the repositories. Can you help with it?14:27
tomreynaldcor: take a look at the link that was shown in your terminal before you had to cionfirm adding the ppa.14:27
tomreynaldcor: then click on the drop down box for "published in" and look for "bionic", the code name of ubuntu 18.04.14:28
tomreynyou won't find it, meaning this PPA doesn't support this ubuntu release.14:29
ducassehexhaxtron: i've never used it, but if you post full output in a pastebin maybe i or someone else can help14:29
tomreynaldcor: this is the technical way to express this situation "E: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/pipelight/stable/ubuntu bionic Release' does not have a Release file."14:30
BluesKajaldcor, suggest you switch to chrome, netflix runs perfectly on it14:30
tomreynor just use firefox14:32
aldcorBluesKaj, not in my case. I am not sure why but runing with chrome videos are looking kind of stuttery/laggy .. hard to explain. Tried firefox - same issue. I want to try cromium14:32
aldcorits like for a split second a frame is taken out and then put back14:33
aldcorbut not really.. its minor disturbance but its noticable and its annoying14:34
aldcorso is there a way to install html5 or silverlight or moonlight for chromium14:35
BluesKajaldcor, have you tried disabling hardware acceleration in chrome ?14:37
aldcorBluesKaj,  i have no idea what's that :)14:41
BluesKajaldcor, in chrome settings, near the bottom14:42
BluesKajof advanced14:43
qid|ydldoes anyone know which package is responsible for the unity dock? I need to file a small bug report14:44
ducasseqid|ydl: you can just file against 'unity', the devs will move it if necessary14:45
nieeHi folks. Somebody to help me please?14:47
nieeCan anyone tell me how to recover a folder/files. Some program or command?14:47
nieeThe last days quite often stops electricity at home.14:47
nieeFolder may be have damage. Not deleted!!! Visible, but may be...14:47
nieeFilesystem Ext4, Ubutu 16.0414:47
aldcorBluesKaj, disabling hardware acceleration did not help14:48
BluesKajaldcor,did you refresh the browser?14:50
aldcori have another issue https://ibb.co/xfLFgGJ - musescroe icons are so small14:50
aldcori can barely see them and its practically impossible to work14:51
tomreynTux57: the bug report has just been through triage. Please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Procedure if you can volunteer to get the fix landed.14:54
ioriahexhaxtron, the full error output please15:11
FuraiHey, I've just upgraded to 18.10. For some reason I can only start visual session with Wayland.15:47
FuraiIs that normal?15:47
lotuspsychjeno, xorg is now default so should also work Furai15:48
FuraiI had issue at the beginning with black screen which I kind of fixed.15:48
lotuspsychjeFurai: what kind of graphics driver and chipset do you have?15:48
FuraiSo, I have no idea why it's not working.15:48
FuraiI have nvidia, I had custom installed graphic drivers but removed them since then and removed the nouveau blacklist.15:49
lotuspsychjeFurai: custom?15:49
FuraiAs in downloaded directly from Nvidia website, using their installer.15:49
FuraiUsually people go with ppa and so on.15:49
lotuspsychjeFurai: we reccomend to install the nvidia drivers from the official repos, or ubuntu graphics ppa15:50
lotuspsychje!nvidia | Furai15:50
ubottuFurai: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing » For the latest Nvidia drivers see https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa15:50
FuraiAnyway, that's not a problem at hand. To my understanding I should just be able to start xorg session.15:51
FuraiBut it just loops.15:51
lotuspsychjeFurai: it might be related to your driver15:51
FuraiAnyway, will try resetting xorg.conf files15:52
lotuspsychjeFurai: these days its not really needed anymore to tweak xorg, unless you have very specific reason15:53
FuraiWhich log files could help me with identifying the issue?15:54
lotuspsychjeFurai: i would first go for the apt/ppa nvidia drivers15:54
FuraiAnd if I'm stubborn and don't want to do that? It used to work without slightest issues since 16.04 or even earlier.15:55
FuraiAnyway, right now I'm in graphical session but in wayland.15:56
FuraiWhich as far as I know still uses xorg wrapper?15:56
ducasseFurai: try /var/log/Xorg.0.log, but it sounds like a driver issue15:56
lotuspsychjeFurai: its your system, perhaps also other volunteers might have ideas for you15:56
FuraiOk, thanks for the help.16:00
fr0xkWhy can't I make snapshots? http://0x0.st/s7dB.txt16:24
fr0xkI execute, sudo btrfs subvolume snapshot /@snap1 and it shows invalid syntax16:28
curlyearsheigh  hough16:34
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curlyearssay, if I can't get anyone in #freecad to talk, can I ask some questions inhere?  I thihnk nmy problems are ubuntu based16:35
ducassecurlyears: you can try, what makes you think they are ubuntu-related?16:36
curlyearsducasse: well.  When I download the ubuntu zpecific package, and things don't work, I am assuning that the package doesn't work ocrrectly under ubunto16:43
curlyearsthere's some for of problem with gtk stuff16:44
curlyearsdamnit.  I can't get a pastebinit working.  The "freecad" cpmmand comes back with an error code, then just hangs.  If I terminate it with a ctrl-C, pastebinit doesn't generate a URL for the upload.  DAMN16:48
ducassecurlyears: problem is that we can't really support packages obtained from outside the ubuntu repos. check that the package is intended for your ubuntu release, though.16:49
lotuspsychjecurlyears: use blender instead?16:57
curlyearsducasse: it is an ubuntu package16:57
curlyearslotus:  A)  I am trying to do 3D CAD, not "artwork"16:58
etronikHi all, will upgrading from 16.04 to 18.04 cause me to loose all (non-default) installed sofwtare? I have /home in another partition16:58
lotuspsychjeetronik: safe-wise its always prudent to make a backup16:59
lotuspsychjeetronik: when you say non-default, you mean external ppa's?16:59
etroniklotuspsychje, yes16:59
ducassecurlyears: you said you downloaded it - where from?17:00
lotuspsychjeetronik: for lts upgrades its reccomended to purge/disable external ppa's 'before' you start upgrading17:00
etroniklotuspsychje, if I make a backup then try to restore (if I lost it) won't I run the risk of affecting the rest of the system ?17:01
lotuspsychjeetronik: well the ppa part we cannot support here sorry17:01
curlyearsducasse: if I unnderstand correctly, from Canonoical17:01
ducasseah, ok17:02
lotuspsychjeetronik: after you upgraded with vanilla sources/packages you are free again to do what you want/need17:02
curlyearsWhen I first installed it, IO was able to get it to run, once.  Haven't been able to since17:02
etroniklotuspsychje, so basically he upgrade involves re-installing all other stuff from scratch each and every upgrade we do ?17:02
lordcirth__etronik, ppas are generally not all that big17:03
lotuspsychjeetronik: we always advice to use packages first from the official ubuntu repos, but in the real field users install software on their own manual or ppa based17:04
curlyearsetronik: not, if you upgrade, rather than fresh install.  Fresh oinstall formats and resets you harddrive17:04
lotuspsychjeetronik: to make an upgrade go flawless, its best not to have scrambled dependencies i hope you understand that part?17:05
etroniksort of ...17:05
curlyearsan nteresting tidbit:  I tried to usse pastebinit to captutre the reponse to tryinh to run freecad, but it just hangds when I try redirectly the output to pastebinit17:05
etronikcurlyears, i aware that what you're saying is in conflict (I think) to whhat lotuspsychje is saying ? :)17:05
etronik@curlyears, i aware that what you're saying is in conflict (I think) to whhat lotuspsychje is saying ? :)17:06
TJ-etronik: Something else to be aware of. If you rely on software provided by a PPA, that PPA may not publish the software for the new release. In which case after a release-upgrade that software may no longer be available from the PPA.17:06
CookieMI wouldn’t listen to curlyears if I were you, etronik17:07
curlyearsetronik: NO.  What happens depends on whether you explicitly "upgrade" as opposed to simply "installing" the new version.   With thr insdtall, you have to reinstall everything else separately.  With an upgrade procedure, you don't have to17:07
etronikTJ thanks - I see but I don't use that exotic sofware anyway so I guess there's low risk of that17:08
ioriacurlyears, if you cannot use pastebinit, just copy/paste the content on paste.ubuntu.com17:08
lotuspsychjeetronik: feel free to share your sources.list, we can have a look for you17:08
curlyearsI am no expert, and CookieM is, generally correct.  But there *IS* a difference between "reinstalling with a newer version" and "upgrading" to that newer version.  (assuminh everything goes correctly, hence, the backup advice)17:09
core7My machine was running and suddenly it wont pull ip from the router+switch anymore - static ip - any ideas on how to debug this? the light on the ethernet cord is blinking - ubuntu 16.0417:10
lotuspsychjecore7: did you try reboot pc and router/switch?17:11
TJ-core7: check if the PC is sending DHCP requests, and if it is getting replies from the DHCP server. You might find log entries in /var/log/syslog17:11
core7lotuspsychje: i did reboot the pc - not the router switch yet -17:11
etronikwhats the code name for the 16.04 release ? is it xenial something ?17:12
core7DHCPREQUEST of ...dhclient started17:12
ioriacurlyears, FreeCAD 0.17   ?  you installed from snap ?17:12
TJ-core7: look at the diagram of the way it works on the right of "Operation" here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_Host_Configuration_Protocol17:12
curlyearsioria:  snap?   NO, so fdar as I know I installed using files and instructions on canonical's website\\17:13
core7TJ-: interval of 8 - seems its trying and not getting?17:13
lotuspsychjecurlyears: url?17:13
TJ-core7: if your PC is simply trying to renew an existing lease, then the process will likely start with a REQEST for the existing allocated IP address17:13
core7dont see a DHCPACK on the syslog - I am not sure its logged17:13
curlyearsand yes, v 0.1717:13
ioriacurlyears, on bionic freecad is 0.1617:14
TJ-core7: so the DHCP server has gone bye-bye :)17:14
curlyearsiotus:  of what?17:14
ioria!info freecad17:14
ubottufreecad (source: freecad): Extensible Open Source CAx program. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.16.6712+dfsg1-1ubuntu2 (bionic), package size 20114 kB, installed size 96767 kB17:14
lotuspsychjecurlyears: instructions of canonical url?17:14
ioriacurlyears, paste apt-cache policy freecad17:14
core7TJ-: first it tried REQUEST, then it tried DISCOVER17:14
ioriacurlyears, and, for the record, the snap version is BETA17:15
TJ-core7: OK, so the DHCP server on the gateway has likely failed, in which case restarting the service (or the entire gateway device) might be the solution17:15
ioriacurlyears, and reported as 'borked'17:15
core7TJ-: will try to reboot router - strange though.17:17
ioriacurlyears, my idea is that you installed freecad from gnome-software and picked up the snap ver (not the official repo one)17:17
TJ-core7: if it isn't that then you'd have to suspect the link between PC and gateway17:17
ioriacurlyears, ah, from ppa17:18
curlyearsioria:  anything is possible.  I found the entire freecad installationm approach messy and difficult to understand17:18
curlyears\I couldn't find any other way17:18
ioriacurlyears, no snap, from ppa  (and it should work)....17:19
curlyearsmy linux skills are definitly shrunken from when I was "in the  biz"17:19
curlyearsnom, snap?   Not sure what uyou're telling me here.17:19
TJ-ioria: curlyears could it be running on a Wayland back-end ?17:20
curlyearsI have been retired for over 18 years, and I have lost much of my knowledge and skill17:20
ioriacurlyears, but you're running an outdated version17:21
ioriacurlyears, ^ TJ- are you on wayland ?17:21
curlyearshow would I know if I am on a Wayland backend?17:21
ioriacurlyears, echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE17:21
curlyearsioria:   where do I find a not-out-of-date version?17:21
etroniklotuspsychje, y ppa manager or Aptik ?17:22
ioriacurlyears, look at your paste : Installed: 1:0.17.13541-1ppa3~ubuntu18.04.1    ;  Candidate: 1:0.17.13541-1ppa10~ubuntu18.04.117:22
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | etronik17:22
ubottuetronik: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html17:22
ioriacurlyears, echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE    ; <-   this please17:23
etroniklotuspsychje, why would I purge if I also want to backup and later restore stuff outside the scope of the distribution ?17:23
lotuspsychjeetronik: you can do what you like, its your system. i would advice to purge the ppa's before upgrade17:25
etroniklotuspsychje, I understand that part, but shouldn't I back them up before purging? I mean is it safe to restore PPA from the backup post-upgrade ?17:25
lotuspsychjeetronik: i think you confuse data backup with ppa purge17:26
lotuspsychjeetronik: before upgrading its wise to backup normal data from /home to external 'and' also purge external ppa's17:27
curlyearstkeller@bigboy:~$  echo $G_SESSION_TYPE17:27
curlyearstkeller@bigboy:so, I should begin again, strting with apt-get remove freecad      right?17:27
etroniklotuspsychje, got it but... by purging ppa.... I basically need to re-install every external ppa one by one correct ?17:27
lotuspsychjeetronik: yes17:27
ioriacurlyears, nope; echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE    ; <-   this please17:28
etroniklotuspsychje, so... wahy not back the external ppa as well ? hence my question of y ppa manager or aptik17:28
FuraiSooo, did anyone ever experience double error sound? (Most likely bell terminal.)17:28
lotuspsychjeetronik: again, you can do whatever you like, but here in #ubuntu we cannot give you advice on external ppa's as we dont support them17:29
lotuspsychjeetronik: we can only advice to keep your ubuntu system vanilla, with the reccomended sources17:29
curlyearshow do I know what to put in <repository-name> and <subdirectory>   ?17:31
curlyearsioria:     x1117:32
ioriacurlyears,  ok, sudo apt update17:32
ioriacurlyears,  uname -r17:33
ioriacurlyears,  sudo apt full-upgrade17:33
curlyearsit's taking its time17:35
curlyears\by the way, hello iorisa, long time no see17:36
ioriacurlyears,  yep17:36
curlyearsstill updating, or whatever17:39
jpophello im getting this postfix error the postfix channel told me to come here cause tehre is something to do with ur packages17:40
jpopi am trying to do this fix i guess https://askubuntu.com/questions/37156/how-to-restore-a-single-file-from-a-package17:42
jpopits the same error17:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1791403 in postfix (Ubuntu) "postfix 3.3.0 unable to create missing queue directories" [Undecided,Expired]17:42
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curlyearsfinally, that "full-update" is done.  Now what, ioria?17:53
curlyearsjust apt-get installl freecad?17:53
ioriacurlyears,  run freecad17:53
curlyearsthat seems to have gotten it started...THANK YOU., iroia!!!17:54
ioriacurlyears, ok, good job17:54
curlyearsnamdde ginfers!17:55
curlyearsnow, if I can just learn to get it to DO something useful17:55
ioriahigh five17:56
curlyearsBCNU allthanks again17:56
ioriano prob17:56
jpopanybody can help me with a postfix error with some postfix packages18:11
core7Booting ubuntu 18.04 hangs at the point of - "Started network name resolution." - any ideas on how to fix thi?18:20
ovrhHello! Does anybody know if there is a way to intercept what command/script/executable is ran when using a keyboard shortcut?19:21
pragmaticenigmaovrh: What keyboard shortcut are you asking about? Applications/Commands keyboard shortcuts are typically defined by you19:25
ovrhpragmaticenigma, Yeah I know, but there are some on my laptop that came pre-configured by the vendor, like the shortcut to disable the webcam. I want to figure out what command that shortcut runs in order to make it run at startup and have the webcam turned off by default19:27
TJ-ovrh: no command; that is done in-kernel usually by ACPI input events19:32
ovrhTJ-, so I have no way to replicate that at startup?19:37
jpophi can a admin please help me completely remove postfix and its packages19:37
jpopits caussies me issues19:37
OerHeksjpop, on what ubuntu version?19:41
LTCDWhen I plugged in my external HDD it asked for a password. Now I have finished using it how do I make my computer forget this password?19:42
LTCDWhen I eject and reinsert it mounts without asking for the password again.19:42
OerHeksjpop, asking multiple channels?19:44
AWest21Anyone know when they plan to fix the bug for the dock showing up on the lock screen and then not auto-hiding afterwards? or a quick fix for it? I tried restarting gdm and that just made my laptop hang on the lock screen19:45
OerHeksLTCD, what filesystem is on that hdd? if you were owner, it would not ask for the password19:45
LTCDI used LUKS or something IDK it was years ago.19:46
LTCDThere is like 3 different ways to encrypt a HDD by default on Ubuntu so lets not look out into space.19:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1769383 in gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock (Ubuntu Bionic) "Ubuntu dock/launcher is shown on the lock screen" [High,In progress]19:49
OerHeks resolved the issue by removing default ubuntu-dock@ubuntu.com: sudo mv /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ubuntu-dock@ubuntu.com ~/   >>> https://github.com/micheleg/dash-to-dock/issues/649#issuecomment-34843390919:50
OerHeksLTCD, if this is encrypted, i have no clue howto forget it in that session :-(19:52
AWest210erHeks what does that command do? Will that disable the dock completely?19:59
ioriaLTCD try to look at seahorse19:59
AWest21OerHeks ^20:00
OerHeksAWest21, it removes the troubling plugin, not disabling the dock completely AFAIK20:01
SwaggerArchcan someone tell me away to look at kernel for GPU supported. instead of loading kernel that doesn't work?20:12
teamcoltraHey everyone, I was getting help with a weird issue I was having last night but I needed to get to bed. So I'm back to try again. I'm running 16.04 I had one drive near full so I was running mv * on a directory of like 500gb to my other drive to help free some space and in the middle of it I used ctrl+c to cancel it and as soon as I did I got so many weird issues.20:17
teamcoltratransmission wont save files to the drive A (the one that was almost full that I was moving files away from) and SABNZBD is starting up and says it's listening on 8080 but I get connection refused both remotely but from the computer iself, and20:18
ioriaand ?20:22
lipe66do you want to make space on drive A or put more files in drive A?20:25
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ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw21:04
James_EppUbuntu 18.04 user here. I just ran a file transfer/share from my android phone to my laptop. The transfer report on the phone says it was successful. The file is not in my Downloads folder. updatedb & locate as root can't find the file. Anyone have experience with bluetooth transfers? I hardly ever use it, I forgot my transfer cable.21:08
James_Eppdoes ubuntu rename the file transfers? is there a .part file or similar saved in a hidden directory?21:09
kk4ewt.part while it is transfered after the transfer completes the .part file is deleted21:10
James_Eppkk4ewt: ...great.21:10
kk4ewteven winblows does that21:10
justme23Hello. How can I increate the limits on /etc/security/limits.conf21:11
James_EppI'm just upset the file is gone.21:11
justme23I want unlimited21:11
kk4ewtjustme23,  edit the file21:11
kk4ewtand man limits.conf21:11
justme23Pleae help me i am newbie21:12
kk4ewti just did21:12
TJ-justme23: did you use Bluetooth transfer?21:12
justme23no why21:12
TJ-grrr, justme23 ignore that!21:12
TJ-James_Epp: did you use Bluetooth transfer?21:13
James_EppTJ: Yes, I initiated it from the android.21:13
TJ-James_Epp: the BT manager on the PC should show where it puts file transfers21:14
TJ-James_Epp: in any case it should be somewhere in the user's $HOME, usually it is $HOME/Downloads/ but that may be different on some desktop environments21:14
TJ-James_Epp: if you know (part of) the name of the file do "find $HOME -type f - name '*partofname*' -ls"21:15
TJ-James_Epp: typo there; remove the space in '- name'21:15
James_EppTJ-: I used updatedb & locate. It's effectively the same as find21:16
rcm888hi! What tool to use for linux cloning to dissim hardware?21:17
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate21:17
kk4ewtmore info21:17
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning21:17
how2hackhi, about nfs shares, can i specify client ip ranges? instead of manually writing them to the /etc/exports file?21:17
rcm888not backup. cloning! with mbr, bootloader (grub) and fs metadata, files only, compression.21:19
rcm888kk4ewt: will dd restore linux aside with windows?21:20
kk4ewthd needs to be same size or larger21:20
OerHeksrcm888, cloning with dd is easy, but you must make sure the UUID of the partitions are updated too21:20
kk4ewtand deifinitely backup before you start anything21:20
rcm888dd is cloning sector by sector21:21
rcm888vm might have 50 gb hdd, why would I scan over 50 gb? if files occupy only 6 gb...21:22
kk4ewtand you need to do it without either drives mounted21:22
kk4ewtdepends on how you setup the vm21:23
kk4ewtif it was dynamic it will be 6gb otherwise it will be the 50G21:23
rcm888for dd it doesnt matter, if it reads each sector...21:24
kk4ewtyes it does21:24
rcm888this is what I dont need.21:24
kk4ewtthen what exactly are you trying to do21:24
rcm888some tool like acronis woulbe of use21:25
kk4ewtwhich is ghost which guess what used dd21:25
rcm888I am trying to clone "setted" up alinux.21:25
kk4ewtthen dd21:25
rcm888no. dd is inappropriate tool for file + meta level backup.21:26
rcm888I tried clonezilla but it is text based and very ugly from GUI perspective. I'm not sure how how it worked but I have 1mb extra bootsec data saved by it.21:28
kk4ewti didnt say for backup you asked for cloneing21:28
rcm888kk4ewt: cloning means saving disk at meta+files level, not completely sector by sector the whole partition.21:29
rcm888kk4ewt: efficient and sufficient bot not more than that. ok?21:29
kk4ewtrcm888,  to me cloneing is cloneing one hard drive to another21:30
TJ-rcm888: that is not the correct definition of cloning. A clone is a bit-accurate duplicate of the source block device21:30
TJ-rcm888: Especially in the context you mentioned of including partition table, bootloader et al21:31
TJ-All of those entities are stored on a sector offset+count basis21:32
rcm888TJ-: but not all sectors are needed. why would I compress whole 50gb drive with "dirty sectors"? it is time consuming insanity. It may be good for data recovery purposed but not for friendly linux distributing..21:32
TJ-rcm888: what you /can/ do is temporarily shrink the source file-system to its minimum size, clone just those sectors (which will be smaller than the partition the file-system is contained within)21:33
rcm888TJ-: no, this would be BDSM21:33
kk4ewtso now we are down to he only wants to backup his VM files21:33
kk4ewtand it appears he has limited bandwidth as well21:34
James_Epprcm888: I skimmed through the chat log here. In my neck of the woods, cloning generally implies sector-by-sector. Backup is much more vague.21:34
kk4ewtand there is always rsync as well21:34
kk4ewtfor files21:34
kk4ewtbut you are still going to copy the 50G if you set it up without being dynamic21:35
TJ-If you're 'cloning' to a file on another system you can do sparse copies (using dd or cp of the block device) and it won't actually copy the sectors that are all zero21:35
rcm888kk4ewt: not only files, but chunks of vhdd needed for boot and functioning of linux. Saying it another way: tool for optimized automated 2p2 transferring Linux OS to dissimilar hardware.21:36
rcm888kk4ewt: 1 deleting files does not make sectors zero, and 2 no need to scan whole drive, only files + partition metadata.21:37
oceanquakehow2hack: in /etc/exports, you can specify client IP ranges; are you looking for something beyond that?21:37
TJ-!info zerofree Use ZeroFree if you want to do sparse copies of a file-system21:37
ubottu'Use' is not a valid distribution: artful, artful-backports, artful-proposed, bionic, bionic-backports, bionic-proposed, cosmic, cosmic-backports, cosmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-pr21:37
TJ-!info zerofree rcm888 Use ZeroFree if you want to do sparse copies of a file-system21:37
ubottu'rcm888' is not a valid distribution: artful, artful-backports, artful-proposed, bionic, bionic-backports, bionic-proposed, cosmic, cosmic-backports, cosmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily21:37
TJ-oh for...!21:37
TJ-!info zerofree bionic | rcm888 Use ZeroFree if you want to do sparse copies of a file-system21:38
ubotturcm888 Use ZeroFree if you want to do sparse copies of a file-system: zerofree (source: zerofree): zero free blocks from ext2, ext3 and ext4 file-systems. In component main, is extra. Version 1.0.4-1 (bionic), package size 8 kB, installed size 25 kB21:38
how2hackoceanquake: yes, the format, i'm confused cuz the pdf i'm reading says the number after /XX is for the number of addresses, but /XX is cidr, so that's why i'm confused21:39
rcm888so I mean I need tool that will do at once: mbr, parttable, extended mbr data, partition metadata, and files backup for restoring them on the other computer. Compression, crypt, resizing, over network is "must have".21:41
TJ-how2hack: see "man exports" for details of the syntax21:41
how2hackTJ-: it says address/netmask, so the pdf is wrong, it is the netmask and not the number of addresses to allow, right?21:45
TJ-how2hack: yes, it is one of two types of netmask, either a prefix bitcount (e.g. /24) or a mask (e.g.
how2hackTJ-: thanks21:47
oceanquakehow2hack: yes, it should be standard CIDR notation; if in doubt, exports (5) manpage should be the reference.  see e.g.: https://linux.die.net/man/5/exports21:52
how2hackoceanquake: thanks21:53
rcm888qt4-fsarchiver ??21:53
rcm888how does grub find vmlinuz? by LBA sector or by fsmod?21:54
OerHeksby uuid21:56
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rcm888OerHeks: so moving , resizing, opimizing root partition will not affect grub boot?21:58
OerHeksrcm888, moving, yes, if you move your install to an other drive,..21:59
OerHeksyou must make sure the UUID of the partitions are updated too21:59
rcm888OerHeks: updated means preserved?22:00
seven-elevencan someone help me to setup fail2ban. Im stuck since an hour :|22:02
TJ-rcm888: GRUB contains its own complete set of file-system drivers so it mounts file-systems the same way the OS does, and finds files the same way (by path)22:04
rcm888OerHeks: poor explanation... if grub finds vmlinuz by partition's uuid, then moving partition to another drive shoulnt change anything, IF grub handles all hdds at once.22:04
rcm888OerHeks: I mean if grub sees all hdds, and doesn't  need to be directed to specific hdd for uuid22:05
OerHekswell, if you move your linux to an other hdd, UUID will change22:06
rcm888TJ-: o, that means, as long as uuid is not changed, grub will find vmlinuz and will boot successfully. if whole system is uuid based.22:06
rcm888OerHeks: I can preserve UUID, set UUID - no problems.22:07
OerHeksjust boot a live iso, chroot into the install, and update-grub22:07
rcm888OerHeks: sorry, dont have spare keys fo my keyboard for that kind repeatative operations..lol.22:09
OerHeksoh, you are not serious, so i leave you thinking about your problem22:09
EriC^^rcm888: heh22:09
rcm888EriC^^: no, just old, very culturized pragmatical son of a...22:11
EriC^^rcm888: what i can add to your problem is that indeed grub uses uuid, however if you use uefi it will look for the partuuid to get the initial efi to load22:12
EriC^^also you can use for loops to mount --bind and set up a chroot pretty quickly22:13
EriC^^for i in /dev /proc /sys; mount -R /mnt /mnt$i; done22:14
EriC^^no keys were abused in the process22:14
TJ-GRUB doesn't always use UUIDs, as well as it being possible to disable use, if using LVM and other abstractions like cryptodisk, the root-fs maybe indicated by a path, e.g root=/dev/mapper/VG02-rootfs22:17
TJ-But that is a function of the OS scripts, GRUB at boot-time never uses that, it is for the use of the Linux initialramfs tools22:18
TJ-GRUB itself only needs to know where the file-system where its files are (/boot/grub/) and sets root= and prefix= to point to those, then when grub-core does 'insmod normal' it reads $prefix/grub.cfg (which OS sees as /boot/grub/grub.cfg) and executes that script22:20
jeremy31Or just ditch grub and use systemd boot if UEFI22:21
fishcookerhow to set the specific xwindow apps always to be launched on the top layer of the screen?22:36
JoeLlamawhere do I go to safely d/l ubuntu and how do I use the CRC check?22:52
lordcirth__JoeLlama, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes22:53
JoeLlamathanks lolmac :)22:53
JoeLlamaso like I have a number of limited systems (not much memory etc) and I think lubuntu and xubuntu are the builds for that kind of machine.  Can someone confirm?  If there is another build that is good for that kind of application please let me know.  Also, which one has the sweeter GUI?22:58
OerHeksxubuntu would be my 1st choise, or mate23:00
OerHeksdual core, 1 gb memory .. anything less is not worth using IMHO23:01
JoeLlamahey thanks OerHeks23:04
JoeLlamayes I was thinking of going xubuntu23:05
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours23:05
OerHekslubuntu is minimalistic, but sure, try it too23:05
database2 i wrote a program to read device but when i am running it under ubuntu it says permission denied so i ran it with command sudo but i want my program to run as a root by itself23:18
profbearI don't think there's a way to easily programmatically gain root access - after all, applying the principle of least privilege, why would you need to? https://stackoverflow.com/a/2483802/82328223:20
oceanquakeprofbear, database2: it23:20
profbear#it ?23:20
oceanquakeprofbear, database2: it's called a suid executable.  you can make something suid root23:20
oceanquakebut it's heavily discouraged.23:21
oceanquakehence security mechanisms such as sudo23:21
oceanquakeor dropping privileges, etc.23:21
profbearalso, database2, systemd makes it trivial to write your own daemons. you could escalate in the unit file (i think that's the name)23:22
TJ-database2: the other option is to set the device ownership group using udev rules, and ensuring your user is a member of that group. E.g. the plugdev or disk groups23:22
TJ-database2: what device is it?23:23
database2oceanquake: i wrote program to read devices but when i run that program as a normal user it says permission denied now i want that my program run itself as a root user when that program run by normal user23:25
oceanquakedatabase2: yes, and we discussed how to do literally what you want (make your program setuid root) and TJ- pointed out a good alternate option, such as running your program with group membership in a group that has permission to access the device in question23:26
oceanquakegenerally setuid root is heavily frowned-upon/discouraged23:27
database2Okay thanks to all23:27
database2Why setuid root discouraged?23:28
oceanquakebecause you are effectively giving an unprivileged user permission to run an arbitrary program, which may do anything or have exploitable holes, with root permission23:29
TJ-database2: Udev is /the/ standard way of doing this23:30
database2Tj is their any refrence for udev23:31
profbeardatabase2: type `man udev<tab`23:31
profbearthat was supposed to be a tab key press, database223:32
oceanquakealthough that may be a pretty dense read23:32
database2profbear: okay23:33
profbearya where's that reader's digest, oceanquake23:33
TJ-database2: what device node is it your program needs access to?23:33
TJ-database2: in summary, you drop a file into /etc/ude/rules.d/ with a name like "myprogram.rules" with some relatively simply match + action strings23:34
TJ-If I could type I'd be dangerous!23:34
TJ-database2: should be  /etc/udev/rules.d/23:34
database2Tj: give me a minute23:37
jpopanybody can help me please https://pastebin.com/X9HTismN23:38
TJ-database2: E.g. ACTION=="add|change",SUBSYSTEM=="usb",ATTR{idVendor}=="abcd",ATTR{idProduct}=="0123",MODE="0664",GROUP="plugdev"23:39
TJ-database2: then provided the user is a member of 'plugdev' group the program will be able to read/write the device node23:39
database2Tj: /dev/sda23:40
TJ-database2: sounds scary already! but /dev/sd* should have owner/group root:disk, and already be r/w for both, so all you need is to add your user to the 'disk' group23:42
TJ-database2: as in "sudo adduser $USER disk" then re-login for that to take effect23:42
oceanquakeTJ-: why not just have him have the users be a part of existing disks group23:42
TJ-oceanquake: ^^23:42
TJ-now we know which device23:43
database2Okay and i can do all this by setguid right23:43
TJ-database2: NO!23:43
TJ-database2: forget setguid23:43
oceanquakeYeah, I hit return abuot the same time you did :)23:43
TJ-oceanquake: :P23:43
database2Tj: then ?23:43
TJ-database2: please read what I've already typed; I've explained and given you the single command required23:44
oceanquakedatabase2: as long as the users you want to be able to do this (I agree, giving users arbitrary access to /dev/sda is a bit scary) have membership in the disks group, they will have access since the device node is owned by group23:44
oceanquakedisks with permission rw at the group level23:44
oceanquakethe executable doesn't need to be setgid if the users are already members of the group that owns the resource23:46
oceanquakethe users -> the users running the program23:46
oceanquakeeven if it's not their login group; a user can be a member of any group23:46
database2_Tj: "adduser $USER disk" can this be done from c program itself23:47
Stormmorewhy would updating the initrd break the video settings used at install? i.e. install ubuntu without updating it the video works, but as soon as an update that update the initrd, I no longer get to a desktop and resuming boot from recovery gets me an 8x6 resolution only?23:47
TJ-database2_: No, it requires a user that has 'sudo' permissions to issue the command23:48
oceanquakedatabase2_: it's a one-time action per user23:48
oceanquakethat the administrator or someone with admin access does23:48
TJ-Stormmore: depends on what the 'update' actually changed and what happened before that to influence what is put in the initrd.img23:49
database2_Tj: okay but i want this program to do whatever it need to do to open /dev/sda for reading writing and the program should run by normal user in summary "program must run by normal usr and get root access"23:52
oceanquakedatabase2_: perhaps you should take a moment to understand the concepts at play here23:52
oceanquakedatabase2_: 1. note that /dev/sd* is owned by root:disk (default udev rules in *buntu)23:53
database2_oceanquake: right but idon't understand from where to start23:53
OerHeksjust run your script as root. or use TJ- answer23:54
oceanquakedatabase2_: 2. If a user belongs to the group that owns a file/device node/socket, can have the group permissions on that resource control their access23:56
TJ-database2_: whatever you're doing, it sounds very dodgy. Only a user with admin privs should have access to do raw writes to /dev/sd* devices23:56
oceanquakedatabase2_: 3. TJ- is explaining to you how to add a given user to the disk group23:57
database2__oceanquake: yup right23:57
TJ-I really hope database2_ isn't thinking of distributing this tool to non-technical users, it sounds like a recipe for disaster23:57
oceanquakedatabase2_: 4. What TJ- described is the one-time action to perform that modifies the system account/group database to ensure the user is in that disk group23:57
oceanquakeThis is a one-time administrative step, akin to adding the user in the first place.  Your program itself (the one that accesses /dev/sda) does not do it.23:58

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