OvenWerksMaybe we should try from the command line...00:00
OvenWerksoops, they vanished00:00
studio-user820@OvenWerks sorry I had to restart00:14
OvenWerksno problem00:14
studio-user820so where ware we?00:15
OvenWerksDo you want to try doing this from the command line?00:15
studio-user820how do we do that?00:16
OvenWerkskillall -9 jackdbus jackd00:16
OvenWerksone line at a time :)00:16
OvenWerksjack_control ds alsa  dps capture none dps playback none00:17
studio-user820ok done00:18
OvenWerksjack_control dps device hw:Audio  dps rate 44100 dps period 1024  dps nperiods 2 start00:18
studio-user820so far so good00:20
OvenWerksjack_lsp should have listed all the jack ports00:20
OvenWerksthere should at least be system i/o but probably pulse as well00:20
studio-user820whant the paste?00:21
OvenWerksif you like00:21
OvenWerksyour device only has one input?00:24
studio-user820two firewires00:25
OvenWerksCause I only see system:capture_1 but no system:capture_200:25
studio-user820ok, what does that mean?00:27
studio-user820should I just try the other output?00:27
OvenWerksIt means either there is another audio device that is USB like a web cam, headphone amp or something or the FW kernel modules are only seeing one input... There should be 8?00:29
OvenWerks(it also means I don't know what I am doing or how to omove forward)00:30
studio-user820there are 8 input chanels on the firewire recording interface yes00:31
studio-user820alright, well thank you anyway. i appreciate it00:32
OvenWerksI am thinking that the alsa FW modules need to be disabled00:33
OvenWerks and the older ffado ones enabled00:33
studio-user820what is FW and ffado?00:33
OvenWerksfirewire ffado is the old set of firewire kernel modules00:34
OvenWerks they were added to the alsa modules, but I have heard that therer have been problems with those for some devices.00:34
OvenWerksSo some people have gone back to the ffado modules00:35
OvenWerksmaybe try some of the suggestions in this thread? http://bandshed.net/forum/index.php?topic=3768.000:37
studio-user982all is quiet?04:03
David_Hi folks!13:13
David_Could anyone inform me about midi?!13:14
studio-user473Hi, I have a Firepod firewire audio interface witch has been working very well with Ardour and all mediaplayers and broser un till the last update.... I cant see it anywhere anymore... Any Ideas how to find it and sett it up again?13:14
David_Sorry, really not13:15
David_Did you look if its listed in your devices?13:15
David_through terminal?13:15
David_no idea how to do that but could help...13:15
studio-user473not shure what comand to use13:15
David_I am trying to translate CC messages from midi in to sysex commands for controlling Juno alpha 2 synth...13:15
David_any ideas?13:16
David_ls something13:16
David_ls usb?13:16
David_or ls firewire13:16
studio-user473ls: cannot access 'firewire': No such file or directory13:17
studio-user473does not come up on usb search13:19
=== christoffer is now known as soferman
studio-user473I found two comands to list firewire and this is what I get https://pastebin.com/FSPZux1713:25

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