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diogenes_jarnos, and?07:23
laitueHi everyone !08:05
laituequitting irc is worse than vim :(08:20
diogenes_vim is ok08:20
laitueyeah who tought of :WQA! instead of ctrl c or escape...08:21
laituebut hey you get used to it at least08:21
diogenes_that's right, everything needs skills and knowledge08:22
kiwilinuxhi guys has anyone used 18.10 and xscreensaver?09:59
brainwashkiwilinux: no one has09:59
brainwashwhat do you actually want to know?10:00
kiwilinuxI installed it but found to unlock i needed to for example ctrl + f6 then back to ctrl + f7 to wake up the screen again10:03
brainwashintel graphics?10:03
brainwashit sounds like bug 180160910:05
ubottubug 1801609 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Fails to deactivate dpms off mode after user initiated wake-up events(not system-suspended, just locked and dpms active)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/180160910:05
brainwashyet this one was only confirmed for light-locker10:06
kiwilinuxyes intel graphics use a toshiba laptop10:06
brainwashthen you should read through the report10:07
kiwilinuxok makes sense I think light-locker wakes up first then wake xscreensaver10:07
kiwilinuxthanks I'll read it.10:08
brainwashbut why did you keep light-locker?10:08
kiwilinuxhaven't tried removing it so i'll see what happens.10:09
brainwashwell, you did not mention that the unlock screen is still the light-locker one10:09
brainwashinstead of xscreensaver10:10
kiwilinuxcheers thanks for the help10:12
kiwilinuxsigning out for a reboot10:12
kiwilinuxonly issue xscreensaver and lightdm dont mix together that well10:16
brainwashyou could try the new xfce4-screensaver from this PPA https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/experimental10:19
brainwashmore info here:10:20
kiwilinuxcheers was just looking at the git hub for it. Great to know there's a ppa for it.10:26
brainwashkiwilinux: you may need to add "xfce4-screensaver-command --lock" to /usr/bin/xflock4 (or a copy of that file in /usr/local/bin/)10:35
kiwilinuxcheers i'll try it10:40
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SeTunTunhello, i installed xubuntu 18.04. I paired my phone via bluetooth but it fails when i try to access the files in my phone.20:05
SeTunTuni get a message telling me to specify an explorer in the preferences. I tried writing "thunar" but i might be missing something in that field.20:09
SeTunTuncould anybody help me?20:09
brainwashSeTunTun: maybe a screenshot would help20:36
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