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lubot<Lyn Perrine> @JyotiGomes I hope I can help if you have any trouble reporting bugs05:26
QeweeHey there, I just installed Lubutnu 18.10 on an old laptop, and my WiFi doesn't seem to work. Could someone please walk me through the steps of activating it? Digging around on my own hasn't helped so far.17:57
lynorianQewee do you know what kind of wifi chip it has?17:57
lynorianif not do you know if you can run lspci and paste that to a pastebin17:58
QeweeIt's a Qualcomm Atheros AR9485.17:59
jaggiJQewee:  try restarting network manager service with systemctl ... e.g. sudo systemctl restart network-manager17:59
lynorianok not broadcom18:00
QeweeThanks jaggiJ, but restarting the network manager didn't fix the issue.18:01
jaggiJi ahve this problem sometimes in beggining after installation, sometimes it work sometimes it doesnt. If you make good distro-update should then work all the time I think I have similar wifi, not sure.18:01
QeweeWhen I try to connect to a WiFi network, it attempts to connect to it (and detects nearby networks) but it doesn't manage to make it through.18:02
jaggiJQewee:  for me nothing fixed it really than restarting system and hoping for the best to catch it working and do update.18:02
jaggiJQewee: ok, then its something else.18:02
QeweeYeah, restarting hasn't worked for me either.18:02
jaggiJSince it detects network its different problem, I have no idea then, sadly.18:04
lubot<JyotiGomes> @Qewee [<Qewee> Hey there, I just installed Lubutnu 18.10 on an old laptop, and my WiFi …], look at the link... https://sovietek.wordpress.com/2018/11/12/lubuntu-18-10-installation-tips/ If you have an android smartphone with a network and a cable to connect the smartphone and pc (if the charging cable has usb output, you can) you18:06
lubotcan go to the configuration of the smartphone and on the wifi connection choose to connect wifi via usb and you will have net on the pc to download the driver. Find out which driver you have by typing "sudo lshw -C network" in the terminal. If you have a Broadcom, you can surely activate the wifi if you write in the terminal "sudo apt install bcmwl18:06
lubot-kernel-source" (without the quotation marks).18:06
QeweeI've figured out the problem, using my smartphone as a WiFi hotspot reveals I just set up my wifi network wrong, though I'm not sure what's wrong with it.18:09
QeweeIs IPv4 configuration necessary to get it working?18:10
lynorianjyoti it is not a broadcom card so that probably won't help18:11
lynorianalso ethernet is what I actually use for broadcom18:11
lubot<JyotiGomes> @lynorian [<lynorian> jyoti it is not a broadcom card so that probably won't help], If it is a realtek, look at here: https://sovietek.wordpress.com/2018/06/09/a-possible-solution-for-the-hp-laptops-weak-wifi-issue-when-using-linux/18:12
QeweeJyoti, it's a Qualcomm Atheros AR9485.18:14
QeweeOrdinary networks work fine, but mine is hidden and I can't seem to configure it normally.18:16
lubot<JyotiGomes> @Qewee [<Qewee> Jyoti, it's a Qualcomm Atheros AR9485.], ok, in this case, i can't help, sorry18:16
lynorianQewee you said this was an old card do you know what frequency this wifi card does and what frequency your network is18:17
lynorianalso how many walls are inbetween18:17
lynorian5ghz wifi does not go thorugh walls well at all18:18
Qeweelynoria, it's just a floor below.  I don't know what frequency my network is, but my PC runs on wifi just fine.18:18
QeweeAm I supposed to fill in all the fields, like cloned MAC address or BSSID? I don't know how to get either of those. And should IPv4/6 configuration be left on auto for hidden networks?18:22
lynorianQewwee I don't know that much about hidden networks sorry18:24
apt-ghettoWhat shows `ip addr`?18:28
Qeweeapt-ghetto, this: https://pastebin.com/anb3HSx718:30
apt-ghettoOk, your wlan interface is wlp7s0 and you have an IPv4 and IPv6 address assigned, which is a sign, that your driver and wlan nic does work18:32
apt-ghettoI guess, you are connected to the hotspot? If so, check with `iwlist wlp7s0 scanning` if you find other wlans18:33
QeweeI see other wlans, yeah.18:39
QeweeAh, they've left.18:42
QeweeI've found a way around it. Thanks, everyone! :D18:47
lubot<aptghetto> And which way? ... Did you find also your wlan or only other?18:48
QeweeMy wlan wasn't listed theren no. I just ended up unhiding my network.18:48

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