tomreynCryptoSiD: looks like btrfs issues00:08
CryptoSiDwould reinstalling "btrfs-progs" help?00:11
CryptoSiDI'm guessing it's deeper than this:D00:11
tomreyni would think it's depper than that if it works with one kernel but not the other00:15
tomreynwhy are you using 4.19, not 5.0 or 4.20?00:15
CryptoSiDgood Q, it install 4.19 automatically when i upgraded to Disco00:39
CryptoSiDthere is no 4.20 or 5.0 as far as i can see00:40
lotuspsychjeCryptoSiD: playing with kernels on dingo for a reason?00:44
hggdhCryptoSiD: 4.19 is not available on Disco00:48
CryptoSiDIt's available in "disco-proposed"00:51
CryptoSiDI gotta leave for work, back in ~1 hour.00:52
CryptoSiD(blizzard in mtl)00:52
hggdhCryptoSiD: any -proposed repo will only have packages NOT YET approved00:52

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