didrocksgood morning07:24
dufluHi didrocks07:25
didrockshey duflu07:30
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers08:40
dufluMorning oSoMoN08:42
oSoMoNgood afternoon duflu, had a good week-end?08:42
dufluoSoMoN, it was a blur. My birthweek celebrations concluded :)08:43
dufluYou oSoMoN/08:43
oSoMoNyeah, I relaxed, saw friends and played LEGO with my daughter, all good :)08:44
didrockssalut oSoMoN08:45
oSoMoNsalut didrocks08:45
oSoMoNça va?08:46
didrocksça va, week-end difficile pour les oreilles, mais ça passe un peu mieux là08:47
didrockset toi ?08:47
didrocksapparement, partie de LEGO ;)08:47
oSoMoNoui, on a construit https://www.lego.com/en-us/mindstorms/build-a-robot/track3r :)08:48
oSoMoNpas encore attaqué la partie programmation, mais on s’est déjà bien amusés à l’assemblage et avec la télécommande infrarouge08:49
didrockshéhé ;)08:49
didrocksça semble sympa08:50
seb128good morning desktopers!08:59
oSoMoNsalut seb12808:59
seb128lut oSoMoN! en forme? bon w.e?08:59
oSoMoNoui, super week-end bien reposant, et toi?09:00
seb128j'me suis bloqué le dos jeudi et c'était un peu pénible mais sinon w.e tranquille09:01
didrockshey seb128, Laney09:02
oSoMoNhey Laney09:03
Laneyhey didrocks oSoMoN09:03
Laneyyou well?09:03
oSoMoNseb128, aïe, ça s’est débloqué depuis?09:03
Laneyomg pgp encrypted irc09:04
oSoMoNall good on this side of the Pyrenees09:04
Laneysome winter weather finally arrived here09:05
willcookemorning all09:06
* Laney nods willcooke 09:06
Laneyok journey home?09:06
willcookeyeah fine09:07
willcookegot an exit row seat09:07
Laneysmall victories09:07
willcookepeople up the back had rows to them selves09:07
jameshwe finally got the eastern states' heat wave over the weekend09:07
jamesh40 max, 20 min09:07
Laneydon't you think crossing the equator is lame?09:07
didrockshey willcooke09:07
Laneyi was expecting something cool to happen09:07
Laneylike fireworks09:07
* Laney spritzes jamesh 09:07
Laneywas reading about that heatwave, sounds pretty brutal09:08
jameshIt's been pretty mild up to now in Perth09:09
seb128hey Laney didrocks willcooke09:09
seb128oSoMoN, oui, ça va mieux depuis hier09:09
dufluMorning Laney. Yeah as James alludes it is actually cooler than usual here. Just not for most of the continent09:12
dufluWell, has been many days09:12
oSoMoNmorning willcooke, Nafallo09:13
jameshhttp://www.bom.gov.au/climate/dwo/IDCJDW6111.latest.shtml <- we've mostly been looking at low 30s or high 20s09:13
dufluThe heatwave when from NW to SE, but we are SW09:13
dufluMorning Nafallo09:14
dufluBah, anything I say will be subjective and out of date. This is happier news though jamesh, https://www.watercorporation.com.au/water-supply/rainfall-and-dams/dam-levels09:24
dufluHi Trevinho09:26
Laneyhey Trevinho, how's it going?09:45
Trevinhoah hey duflu and Laney...09:56
Trevinhoall good, you?09:57
Laneypretty sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet10:03
Trevinhodon't know if already asked, but anyone could publish this when has a second https://bileto.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/3596 (maybe would be better to do the direct upload as SRU people doesn't like ppa syncs)10:17
seb128Trevinho, do you know why the billeto diffs are empty recently (it is at least in this one and one other of the recent landing I landed for you)10:20
Trevinhonope, I've noticed that too though10:21
Trevinhosil2100: do you know that ^10:21
Trevinhohi seb128 btw :)10:21
seb128hey trevinho :)10:21
seb128I can upload that SRU btw10:21
seb128we need it for bionic as well btw (unsure if that was already handled)10:21
Trevinhoseb128: as far I know bionic wasn't affected.10:22
seb128trevinho, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock/+bug/1769383 was reported on bionic though and that's were most comments are coming from?10:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1769383 in gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock (Ubuntu Cosmic) "Ubuntu dock/launcher is shown on the lock screen" [High,In progress]10:23
seb128e.G https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock/+bug/181240710:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1769383 in gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock (Ubuntu Cosmic) "duplicate for #1812407 Ubuntu dock/launcher is shown on the lock screen" [High,In progress]10:24
seb128Trevinho, SRU uploaded "old school diff" way so the queue has a proper diff to review and not a sync to make the SRU team more likely to review10:25
Trevinhoseb128: thanks10:26
Trevinhoseb128: ah ok I had a src ready for that too10:26
seb128k, please get it ready for sponsoring then :)10:27
seb128it's on the .2 importants bugs list10:27
Trevinhoah I had it ready but without that fix, then let me include it10:27
Trevinho5 minutes..10:27
seb128Trevinho, I'm going for early lunch now so take your time, I look at the bionic one once I'm back10:32
sil2100Trevinho: uh oh, didn't know about this10:32
sil2100Let me investigate10:32
Trevinhoseb128: I'm done if you want10:32
seb128trevinho, k, url? :)10:33
Trevinhoseb128: https://cloud.trevi.me/index.php/s/WZ7YAspt3wWDbJN10:35
willcookeTrevinho, oops.  I just approved your targeting for bionic for #180912911:14
willcookeI dont think I should have been so hasty11:14
willcookeIt's a change in UX, and so I think we should talk about it some more11:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1809129 in gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock (Ubuntu Bionic) "Window previews have inconsistent ordering" [Undecided,New]11:14
willcookeDo we have any previous examples of where we made such a change?  FWIR, such things are generally not the done thing11:15
Trevinhowillcooke: well, such UX changes have been done in the past in SRUs, until they don't really change text, or completely the way of acting, isn't it?11:15
TrevinhoI mean in unity at least we were doing changes bigger than this in SRUs :)11:15
willcookeI think it might lead to confusion if people have learned the current way of doing it.11:16
Trevinhoas I think it's not really changing any way of using the tool, just tuning a bit11:16
willcookeThat said, personally, I think the new way is better11:16
Trevinhowell, they will be confused anyway on next one11:16
Trevinhonext LTS I mean11:16
Trevinhobut honestly, I don't think it's something you do repeadly in a way that breaks any muscle memory11:17
willcookesure, but that's a new version.  I think it's fine to expect things to be done differently in a new release, espeically when it's been that way for a couple of releases11:17
TrevinhoI'd see if it was something like alt-tab behavior change, but...11:17
willcooke@ muscle memory, I disagree11:17
willcookeI have trained myself a bit11:17
willcookeand it took some getting used to11:17
willcookeI'll speak to mpt and see if he has any views11:18
Trevinhook, let me know11:18
willcookeTrevinho, I'll cc you on the mail11:18
andyrockmorning all!11:23
Laneywillcooke: also accepting nominations like that means we end up with orpaned entries on -tracking - we had a case of that last week too (not sure if that was you mind)11:25
* Laney 💓 process11:25
willcookeLaney, yeah, I didnt mean to click that11:25
Laneybut yes, that kind of behaviour change is worth discussing more imho11:25
Laneythink seb128 said that last time this one came up11:25
willcookeLaney, can I undo that?11:25
Laneythere's a delete button but Incomplete might be ok too11:26
willcookeCan I just remove the Bionic target?11:26
Laneyguess Trevinho can be assigned anyway :P11:26
willcookeI'd rather get back to the state where it was just nominated11:26
willcookeor waiting for approval or whatever it was11:26
Laneynot sure you can re-nominate11:26
Laneytry it?11:26
Laneyor remove + incoming11:26
Trevinhowillcooke: I've done that11:27
Trevinhoremoved + requested again11:27
willcookeTrevinho, nice one, thanks!11:27
willcookesorry about that11:27
willcookeTrevinho, I've emailed mpt11:28
willcookelets see what he says11:28
willcookeAnd even then, I think it's worth talking about a bit more with interested parties11:28
willcookeTrevinho, do you feel strongly that it should go in?11:28
TrevinhoI've not that strong opinion, I've just added it since it was something I thought it was quite required11:29
Trevinhoand didn't look like a big UX change to me not to be blocked11:29
seb128willcooke, trevinho, up to the SRU, I think behaviour changes in a SRU are an issue because it confuses some users and part of our corporate users expect stability/not having to deal with confused staff on a stable product, but that one is minor so could be ok12:21
seb128Trevinho, "next LTS" is a milestone where e.g corporate IT departement expect to have to do some training or such so changes are ok12:22
Trevinhoyeah, sure, as said I would consider this such change quite minor, but...12:22
Trevinhonot really strong opinioned on it12:23
willcookeseb128, I agree with you.  I'll let you know what mpt thinks.  And then I think we have enough input to make a decision12:24
* willcooke -> lunch12:25
marcustomlinsonwillcooke, kenvandine: welcome back to winter :P13:45
willcookehi marcustomlinson13:46
jbichaseb128: hi, could you demote totem-plugin-gromit and totem-plugin-zeitgeist to disco-proposed/universe. They are new binary packages and should let us kick zeitgeist out of main once it migrates out of proposed13:57
seb128jbicha, hey, sure, btw we have http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.html so no need to manually nag people about those binary demotions14:19
seb128(unless it's urgent for some reason, but that doesn't seem the case here)14:19
jbichaok, I guess it shows up on the update_excuses_by_team page which we do look at regularly too :)14:23
tomreynis there any situation where, when using do-release-upgrade for 16.04 -> 18.04, xserver-xorg was installed initially, but you end up with xwayland? it is possible that no *ubuntu-desktop package was installed.15:05
seb128Trevinho, andyrock, we got some report on bionic from the keyboard layout indicator showing empty (no layout label), the warnings in those reports look like https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-shell/merge_requests/187 ... could be that one in 3.28/the coming SRU?15:06
gitbotGNOME issue (Merge request) 187 in gnome-shell "keyboard: defer position-changed till we have a rect" [Merged]15:06
Trevinhoseb128: I think I'm affected right now https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/n2Ku4dAD/image.png15:06
seb128right :)15:07
seb128trevinho, do you have those warning in your journal?15:07
seb128JS ERROR: Exception in callback for signal: position-changed: TypeError: this._rect is undefined15:07
Trevinhoand... Ok, I can indeed backport it15:07
Trevinholet me check15:07
Trevinhomh, no15:08
seb128well in any case that commit seems right/to make sense15:09
Trevinhothe commit does, but don't know it will fix that specific thing yet15:09
TrevinhoI mean I can backport it, but if then it doesn't fix that specific bug we'll not endup in getting verifications...15:10
Trevinhoalso because here it happens after some time15:10
Trevinhoand... an alt+f2 fixes it :/15:11
Trevinhoalt+f2 -> r15:11
tomreynseb128: i've had this in my journal until i removed one of the keyboard locales (had english + german, now only german), which causes the locale chooser to no longer show on the panel. while i had both locales available, the chooser did show up correctly on the panel, though. I.e. i don't think this error is indicative of the current locale not showing oin the panel.15:11
seb128tomreyn, ok, thanks15:12
seb128Trevinho, right, well we can make the SRU verification to be what is the bug description upstream, "using doubleclick on titlebar of any window to maximize/minimize, check if there is a warning in the log"15:13
seb128if that's enough to trigger the warning15:13
seb128I need to reinstall bionic, I upgraded my main partition to disco and my test laptop is on cosmic15:13
seb128Laney, hey, is it useful to debug/report upstream glib 2.59 issues at this point or is there known problems with that version which it's better to wait to get fixed before wasting time investigating things that a known/being handled upstream already?15:15
Laneyseb128: there's a few fixes upstream already, like some vala thing that ricot_z mentioned15:16
Laneyif you want to try with a master build (e.g. jhbuild), do so, otherwise I'd wait until .115:17
seb128Laney, I guess I'm going to wait for .1 if that's not in too long15:19
seb128Laney, reported https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/glib/issues/1659 anyway, they can close if it it's fixed15:35
gitbotGNOME issue 1659 in glib "[2.59] gnome-keyring pkcs11/secret-store/test-secret-item.c test fails since update" [Opened]15:35
seb128deja-dup also fails to build15:37
seb128but that's vala so maybe it's the ricot_z issue15:37
ricotzseb128, Laney, the vala issue with glib 2.59.0 is a runtime problem concerning an GTask ABI change15:41
seb128ricotz, well, the deja-dup tests timeout for some reason15:44
seb128could be it15:44
Laneymight want to delete this version from proposed15:45
Laneyseems like it sucks a bit15:45
ricotzseb128, ah, ok, I thought it literally fails to build15:45
seb128the package build fails on failing tests15:45
seb128Laney, yeah, I was syncing the same, I've at least 2 packages failing to build due to it and there is a stack of unhappy autopkgtests15:45
seb128might be good to investigate/upstream some of the issues first though15:46
Laneyprobably be more productive to do that with a more recent version15:47
andyrockseb128: Trevinho: I reproduce the bug too15:48
andyrockI've the following in the journal15:48
seb128Laney, k, should I delete it then and we try again once we get .1?15:48
seb128andyrock, that warning seems like https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-shell/issues/41415:49
Laneyseb128: if you think that's a sensible thing to do15:49
gitbotGNOME issue 414 in gnome-shell "keyboard: _currentWindow can be null in FocusTracker" [Closed]15:49
LaneyI mean might be worth trying those builds in a ppa without proposed15:49
Laney... if they are failing for some other reason ...15:49
seb128well, I tried locally after downgrading glib and they work15:49
seb128and upgrading they fail15:49
Laneyk, well if you're happy15:50
seb128yeah, let's do that15:51
seb128thx Laney15:51
LaneyI'll try gnome-keyring in jhbuild, that one should be easy enough15:52
Laneyhad my time today consumed with autopkgtest falling over in like 4 different ways15:53
LaneyAHHH YEAHHHH git bisect run16:08
Laneygit bisect run --help is an awful thing16:26
Laneyit executes "--help"16:26
Laneywhich probably ruins your in progress bisect :<16:26
kenvandinemarcustomlinson: no kidding.  I'm in the mountains snowboarding now after leaving summer on Friday 😀17:46
willcookehey kenvandine18:03
kenvandineHey willcooke18:04
kenvandineIt's -21 with the wind chill here!18:05
kenvandine-21F that is18:05
kenvandine-9F actual18:05
kenvandineWhat a shock for my body 😀18:05
willcookekenvandine, yowzer!18:29
Trevinhowillcooke: mh mpt no answered yet, if you want we can prepare an upload without it, and in case we add18:40
willcookeTrevinho, yes please - don't upload to Bionic.  I don't think it's the right thing to do.  If anyone wants to argue strongly to do it, then we can discuss, but right now I think we have to leave B as it is.18:41
Trevinhowillcooke: No, I meant, let's upload without not to waste time :)18:57
willcookeI'm not sure I follow you, "upload without" i.e. upload with out the Bionic part?18:58
willcookeTrevinho, ^18:58
willcookeyou're saying you're going to upload only to Disco?18:58
Trevinhowillcooke: yes :)18:58
willcookeTrevinho, got ya!  Sounds good, thanks!18:58
Trevinhoseb128: can you please pull https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+git/gnome-settings-daemon/+ref/ubuntu/bionic (with tags) in ubuntu-desktoP?19:12
Trevinho(it's just syncing with what the distro has)19:12
willcookenight all19:47
seb128Trevinho, k, I tried, let me know if I start getting along with git better :)19:48
Trevinhoseb128: if you can upload, here I've pushed also the dock without that change20:13
seb128trevinho, I uploaded the one from this morning, is there an issue with it?20:15
Trevinhoseb128: bionic?20:18
Trevinhothe bionic one had that fix changing ux..20:18
Trevinhoso might need to change version then, but I'm about to leave now 😢20:19
seb128Trevinho, right, well we said it's minor so I upload and let's see what the SRU team think, if they don't like it we reupload without21:03

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