valorieRT plz04:44
rbalintginggs, :-\ updating the hint for now then05:17
ginggsrbalint: thanks05:17
ahasenacktjaalton: hi, 'morning11:17
ahasenacktjaalton: are dogtag-pki dep8 tests broken in disco? Should it be hinted?11:18
tjaaltonahasenack: dogtag itself is broken.. needs upstream to port it to tls1.3/java1111:24
ahasenackit's one of the failures holding back openldap in disco-proposed11:26
ahasenackbut only failed on amd64, weird11:26
tjaaltonprobably best to remove and blacklist for now11:28
juliankjdstrand: Still affected by https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/1801338`12:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1801338 in apt (Ubuntu Cosmic) "apt fails to properly handle server-side connection closure" [Undecided,Triaged]12:06
julianki have not seen this, nor have i had any other reports, so it might be something unique to your situation12:08
ahasenackhi, what's the difference between the "platform" and "ubuntu" repositories here?13:17
ahasenackI've seen seed changes done to both13:17
cjwatsonahasenack: platform is common to ubuntu and other flavours13:25
xnoxahasenack, platform is sourced by all flavours; ubuntu is for the ubuntu flavours; kubuntu is for kubuntu flavours; xubuntu is for xubuntu flavours and so on.13:26
superm1bdmurray, regarding that SRU it still hasn't released for testing, can you check?14:02
superm1the 1785165 one14:02
rbasakcjwatson, xnox: how does that apply to supported-misc-servers in platform?14:12
rbasakThat's AIUI server "flavour" only?14:12
cjwatsonProbably historical reasons14:13
cjwatsonWhether server has had separate seeds has varied over time14:13
cjwatsonAnd there may have been fiddly germinate issues which I understood ten years ago but have forgotten14:13
cjwatsonI don't know of a fundamental reason why those couldn't be moved, but somebody would have to think moderately hard about the various STRUCTURE files14:15
cjwatsonAnd whether moving them is actually worth it14:16
rbasakThe background is that ahasenack is reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~racb/ubuntu-seeds/+git/platform/+merge/361874 for me14:16
rbasakBased on that I think the location of the change is acceptable?14:16
cjwatsonI think so14:19
ahasenackwhy are there sometimes no build logs when the build failed? Like with https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ruby2.5/2.5.3-3ubuntu3/+build/1630525715:24
ahasenackis that still fallout from the incident a while back when files were owned by the incorrect user in the build infrastructure?15:24
xnoxrbasak, cjwatson - if i recall correctly edubuntu server was a server flavour. and like possibly mythbuntu was inheriting some of server things too. but both are now dead.15:30
cjwatsonahasenack: you've retried so I can't see when that build finished15:34
cjwatsonahasenack: do you know?15:34
ahasenackcjwatson: I haven't15:34
cjwatsonsomebody has15:34
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cjwatsonahasenack: unexpected out-of-disk on buildd-manager, apparently.  working on it15:39
ahasenackcjwatson: ah, cool, thanks for checking15:44
ahasenackcjwatson: is that the cause of the build error, or the cause of the missing build log?15:44
cjwatsonahasenack: dunno15:46
ahasenackcjwatson: can I retry the failed builds already?16:11
cjwatsonahasenack: you can do what you like; I have no idea if it'll work yet16:12
dokoahasenack: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/407262137/buildlog_ubuntu-disco-amd64.ruby2.5_2.5.3-3ubuntu3_BUILDING.txt.gz16:33
dokothis one has a build log16:33
ahasenackI'll check16:33
ahasenackit built fine in a ppa16:34
ahasenackdid someone click retry? It's showing green now17:05
ahasenackjust armhf isn't, which I just retried17:05
* ahasenack haunted by armhf build or test failures17:05
cjwatsonahasenack: given buildd-manager restarting frequently it's possible that it retried itself17:38
cjwatsonI have a theory (it could be bunnies)17:39
ahasenackor gremlins17:41
ahasenackyay, armhf built17:47
ahasenackdoko: ruby2.5 built now17:47
juliankIs there a chance WiFi (iwlwifi) got a lot more laggy recently?20:22
juliankI'm experiencing ping times to my ap from 5 to 200ms20:22
juliankhmm early impression is that 4.19 improves things20:27
juliankhmm no20:27
juliankWiFi only gets 30 MB/s, wired gets 48/5020:28
* juliank is trying to figure out if the problem is laptop, router, or interference20:28
valoriecjwatson: <3 for the youtube link21:34
TJ-juliank: we've been getting a lot of reports of problems with various iwlwifi devices recently, including possibly causing complete system lock-ups. It seems to depend on the age of the chipset and whether firmware updates are still being provided for it22:00
juliankTJ-: In my case, it's a 8265 / 8275 (rev 78), I don't think there's a lot newer stuff than that?22:05
juliankTJ-: I should try 4.15 again and see how WiFi performance is there22:06
juliankI was away over christmas, and when I came back new neighbours moved in; so it's either them causing interference, something else causing interference, a bug in the router, or a kernel bug22:06
TJ-juliank: I was deep-diving into all this earlier today. I noticed there are some newer firmware files in the linux-firmware repo which might help you.   https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/iwlwifi22:06
TJ-juliank: one was "Add new versions of the firmwares for 8000C, 8265." on Dec  16th22:08
TJ-juliank: git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git22:09
juliankTJ-: hmm, those are in disco, and maybe they are the culprit, I should revert to the previous one22:10
TJ-juliank: what channels/bandwidth is 'iw' reporting the device using?22:11
juliankI just hope 4.19 + older firmware is working22:11
juliank        channel 36 (5180 MHz), width: 80 MHz, center1: 5210 MHz22:12
juliankhmm no difference22:13
juliankwell, potentially worse22:13
juliankjust down to 5 MB/s22:13
TJ-juliank: can you poke the AP to move channel?22:13
juliankTJ-: I've been on channels 36,40,48,64,100, and 116, and all behaved the same22:13
TJ-juliank: You're ahead of my thought process then :)22:14
juliankI shall try restarting the router again22:14
julianksee what that brings22:14
TJ-Have you tried 2.4GHz too, in case there's a difference?22:14
TJ-juliank: and as a very unlikely, but possible, scenario... could the u.fl connectors on the wifi device have been dislodged so you've lost use of an antenna? Before you shake your head... I had that happen over the last few months and only figured it out when I got real agitated and opened the device (in this case it was the AP not the PC)!22:15
juliankTJ-: no precise ping measurements, and throughput is about 25 Mbit/s22:16
juliankTJ-: I think the AP fell down once22:16
TJ-juliank: same here!22:16
TJ-juliank: do all devices see the same throughput, or just the PC?22:16
juliankPhone is generally slower, so can't really compare I think22:17
juliankOther laptop is slower too, so22:17
juliankWaiting for reboot22:18
TJ-juliank: I found it only started to be noticable when the PC was some way away from the AP, particularly behind obstacles22:18
juliankI could adb to the TV and see what that does I guess22:18
TJ-juliank: but sitting under the AP it seemed relatively fine but, as you've observed, felt slow22:18
juliankTJ-: they are like 4 meters away from each other, but even when I was right next to it, it had issues22:19
juliankTJ-: phone reports 420 Mbps on fast.com, laptop 220 Mbps22:20
TJ-juliank: my 'noticable' was stuttering connections and long delays, sometimes losing and regaining the association22:20
julianksecond run 340 Mbit/s22:21
juliankthird run 29022:21
julianklaptop starts of at 10 Mbit/s, then increases upto 18022:21
TJ-juliank: there's some trace-cmd debugging you can enable to capture firmware interactions. I've currently got it running in the background to try to capture clues if/when this PC hits the lock-up22:23
juliankthat's with old firmware, with new firmware I get 270 Mbit/s22:24
julianknow I got 34022:24
TJ-juliank: in case it helps, "Tracing", "...more switches..." command, at https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/iwlwifi/debugging22:25
TJ-juliank: that's logged ~1GB in the last 10 hours for this PC so it is quite busy22:25
juliankI sometimes think I should get a docking station22:27
juliankand use cables22:27
juliankgenerally what I see is WiFi topping out at 30 MB/s22:28
juliankwhich is not really bad22:29
juliankbut it's still a long cry from the 50 I'm paying my ISP for22:29
juliankI need to test this somewhere outside without interference, and potentially get lenovo to check / replace parts22:31
TJ-juliank: if it's using NetworkManager, what bitrate does 'nmcli dev wifi list' and 'iwlist bitrate' report maximum link rates ?22:42
cjwatsonvalorie: :-) accidentally earwormed myself of course ...23:42
valoriecan't go wrong with Buffy earworms though!23:42

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