Wild_ManHi krytarik you around?01:06
Wild_ManI am reviewing the wiki and I do not know if we want this kind of article included, imo I do not think so, https://samuelhewitt.com/blog/2019-01-18-addressing-icon-themes01:08
Wild_ManPlease have a look01:08
krytarikOk, looking.01:08
krytarikIs the Lubuntu Council one in the Planet section yet btw?01:09
Wild_ManSo is this article01:09
krytarikYeah, I'd agree passing on this on - i.e. not including it.01:13
Wild_ManOkay, That is what I thought01:14
Wild_ManWhen did we go to doing so much editing on the wiki instead of in gdoc?01:14
krytarikWe didn't?  Except this week it seems the blog section wasn't quite ready yet while Bashing-om wanted to get started on the wiki page already - which was an appropriate decision to make.01:16
Wild_Mankrytarik, this one is about live patching but mentions SuSe, so I am thinking again that we should drop it? https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linux-5.1-Livepatch-Atomic01:23
krytarikOk, looking too.01:23
guivercfyi: Wild_Man i never looked at it, the late summaries I wrote was between 0000-0200 this morning; that was new & i didn't want to look (nor did I add it)01:25
Wild_Manguiverc, that is okay you have done good, trying to keep up and clean up summaries of others01:26
Wild_ManLive patching is of interest just do not know if we should include this one01:27
Wild_Manguiverc, I am not thinking clearly I have a fever and chills at the moment01:27
krytarikWild_Man: The last one is appropriate to include though - he only mentions SUSE as part of the developers working on this.01:28
Wild_ManOkay, just wanted to make sure, thanks!01:29
guivercit's also I think a better quality summary; I can't find copy/pastes (non-original work); needs heading fixed..01:29
guiverci take it back - the summary is for a different article?01:30
Wild_ManI have to go fix dinner for my wife bbl01:32
Bashing-omlooking, and going back to laying down to rest.02:48
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Bashing-omPolishing in Gdoc for UWN562. Target time for publishing -> hope at 21:00 GMT.18:35
Bashing-omAnd UWN562 - done. up for critique and careful proof reading. Target time to publish 45 minutes.20:13
Bashing-omAnd M/L is away .. post to the forum done, got a small error to fix on the WIKI.21:07
Bashing-omAnnddd .. the re-directs done. Pending is the social media.21:25
Bashing-omOff on break .. will check back here in a bit.21:29
guivercpush uwn #562 to fridge?22:13
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Wild_ManHello, just got back from the Doctor, does social media need done?22:42
Wild_ManHello Bashing-om , ^^^22:45
guivercWild_Man, hasn't gone to fridge, i was after 2nd to publish22:48
Wild_Manguiverc, I 2nd22:49
guiverc(i haven't looked or thought about social media) - thanks Wild_Man :)22:49
Wild_Manguiverc, I will do social22:49
guiverc:) & thanks Wild_Man23:00
Wild_Manguiverc, Your welcome! I am going to be away a few days while I recover from the flu.23:01
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guivercyou get well Wild_Man23:21
Bashing-omWild_Man: Take care of that flu .. it is bad news !23:23

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