nhainesMeeting coming up in 5!  :)02:55
nhainesOkay, meeting time!03:01
nhainesWelcome to the Ubuntu California meeting for January 20th, 2019!03:01
nhainesHappy 2019, everyone. :)03:01
nhainesTonight's agenda is availabe at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/19January2003:02
nhaines#topic Upcoming events03:02
nhainesFirst up, the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase will start back up in February, so be on the look out for that.  But more than that, get your cameras ready.  :)03:02
nhainesNext UbuCon and SCALE 17x are coming up in March.  We'll talk about that later.03:03
nhainesAnd of course, Ubuntu 19.04 is in April.  :)03:03
nhainesIs there anything else going on in the Ubuntu or Free Software community in the next few weeks?03:03
aidianwell, Feb. 9th in Davis, CA03:04
nhainesOh, great, tell us about that!03:04
aidianI mentioned it a month or so ago, I think, http://www.lugod.org the Linux Users' Group of Davis will be at the Davis Farmer's Market with a booth again promoting Linux and Free/Open-Source Software03:05
aidiananyone in the area who wants to come and loaf at the booth for a while is welcome to, or just come visit while you shop for nice organic produce03:05
nhainesThat's good news!  :)  Make sure to mention that on the mailing list!03:05
aidianI suppose I could also mention one more03:05
aidianTomorrow is LUGOD's 20th anniversary meeting03:06
nhainesOh, congratulations!03:06
aidianThanks :) It's free and open to all, we'll be meeting in a reserved area at Woodstock's Pizza in downtown Davis03:07
aidianFree food, and we should have a special videoconference guest appearance by our co-founder and former president, Bill Kendrick of New Breed Software and Smashwords03:07
aidian(he's also the author of Tuxpaint!)03:08
aidianSo there you go. That's what I got, thanks :)03:08
nhainesI love Tuxpaint.  :)03:08
aidianright? it's silly and fun03:08
nhainesThanks.  :)03:08
nhaines#topic Announcements03:08
nhainesSCALE is being held in Pasadena, CA from March 7th-10th!03:09
nhainesWhich brings us to our agenda for tonight.03:09
nhaines#topic SCALE 17x planning03:09
nhainesWe have a project page for SCALE and we need booth volunteers once again!03:10
nhainesVolunteers will receive a free full pass for the expo and also a really great Ubuntu California shirt designed by our own Charlie Luna.  :)03:10
nhainesAs usual, this is a really friendly conference, and the expo floor is a great way to get some experience participating at a booth without a lot of pressure.03:11
nhainesIn addition, we can probably squeeze in one more talk for UbuCon if anyone is still interested, but we need to hear from you in the next couple of days.03:12
nhainesAlrighty, well, I think that's about it for tonight.03:22
nhaines#topic Other business03:22
nhainesThis year we're switching to a monthly meeting schedule.  This is the first one!03:22
nhainesSo our next meeting will be on February 17th, and then we'll do SCALE and then meet again the week after.03:23
nhainesSo enjoy the rest of your January, stay dry, and I'll see everyone in a month!  :)03:24
aidianwoo, have fun with SCALE, wish i could go but it's a bit far ;)03:25
lynoriannhaines: sorry I did not make the meeting tonight but when will I find out about if my talk sumbitted for ubucon will make it?05:43
nhaineslynorian: congrats, you're in!23:34
nhaineschiluk_: you, too!23:34
nhainesI *will* send out emails in a couple of days.  Still juggling a bunch of things.23:34
aidianhey, i found something you guys may be interested in...23:55
aidianif you'll forgive me the link being facebook, https://scontent-sjc3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/l/t1.0-9/10398399_113741790777_1206846_n.jpg?_nc_cat=106&_nc_ht=scontent-sjc3-1.xx&oh=e885fd4560301dd62f345da0543fec6f&oe=5CC399BE23:56
aidianit's the ubuntu california group in 2009 at OSCON :)23:56
nhainesOoh, that's a good pic!  That was pretty early on, probably 2009.23:56
aidianexactly right, nailed it in one23:56
nhainesI remember when I designed the badges.  :)23:57
DonkeyHoteii'm pretty sure that's scale and not oscon23:57
aidianwas just throwing together a few images for a slideshow for tonight23:57
DonkeyHotei2009 oscon was the one year it was in CA23:58
nhainesNot SCALE badges, though.23:58
aidiani wasn't there, but it's labeled as OSCON in our archive23:58
DonkeyHoteii was at 2009 oscon and i do not remember it looking like that23:59
aidiani'm pretty sure it is, because there's a badge photo in the same series labeled "OSCON"23:59

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