floridagram-bot<RazPi> @KMyers so thin crust little Caesars is a minor upgrade in the overall pizza00:23
floridagram-bot<RazPi> Extra most bestest still has ultimate topping win, but when crust matters the thin crust does well00:24
floridagram-bot<KMyers> Reminder, the blood moon is tonight00:54
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> Ah, yes.  That special time when we must bring the finest goat and hail Satan.  Are we sticking to animals this time only?  Where shall we meet for the ritual?01:00
floridagram-bot<KMyers> Speaking of meeting, anyone up to meeting up next weekend at a Pizza Place that makes amazing build your own personal pizzas in the next week?01:15
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> I am!01:17
floridagram-bot<Ivoriesablaze> i'm going to disney next weekend01:23
floridagram-bot<KMyers> Hell freezes over as Windows Core OS to include Open Source components - MSPoweruser … https://mspoweruser.com/hell-freezes-over-as-windows-core-os-to-include-open-source-components/02:30
floridagram-bot<KMyers> I have been predicting this for some time02:30
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> I believe that was me who first predicted it.02:30
floridagram-bot<Ivoriesablaze> when i first heard about that, i thought "hm... core... everything they names core has been open source... windows? nah"02:31
floridagram-bot<Ivoriesablaze> i was apparently wrong02:31
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> And they will make the kernel Linux next so they don't need to maintain it and get compatibility with all Chromebooks and mobiles02:31
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> Windows apps will become a Linux library, but they will hold onto it as an OS for a very long time.02:31
floridagram-bot<KMyers> @AdamOutler, No. I am sure they will eventually open source the NT Kernel02:34
floridagram-bot<KMyers> I am streaming the 2019 Lunar Eclipse from my front yard in North Miami Beach,Florida. Fortunately the clouds have cleared up. If you want to watch, here is the link. … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT200wL6ub803:25
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> Brace yourself for pictures of blurry dots on social media04:44
floridagram-bot<gillymomo> KC lost 😭😭😢05:13
floridagram-bot<Ivoriesablaze> So now that it's almost over, the sky is finally clear06:17
floridagram-bot<RazPi> https://external-preview.redd.it/Quuk4DMqPuTaY61ERmWSwsmrZcvXozv8ttN8k_dbAxI.png?width=640&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=126c8ca9793c7d7418d3df297453feb8f4b4b4b720:12
floridagram-bot<ahoneybun> @govatent new official Kubuntu subredit: https://www.reddit.com/r/KubuntuOfficial/about/moderators/23:04
floridagram-bot<govatent> Nice!23:04
floridagram-bot<govatent> Although I went back to pop os 18.0423:04
floridagram-bot<govatent> :(23:04
floridagram-bot<ahoneybun> there was the Kubuntu one but we aren't in control of that one.23:05

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