efloidhello, i'm struggling to configure a simple bridge under netplan for ubuntu 18.0400:07
efloidi add the stanza for the bridge to the .yaml file but when i reboot the network is broken: i cannot ping anything other than the gateway, indicating a problem with the default route00:08
efloidip r  shows that there are two default routes, one for the eno1 adapter and one for br000:08
efloidi have researched numerous examples online and basically none of them work00:09
efloidto add more confusion, it looks like libvirt was also setting up its own bridge device, outside of netplan.  i deleted it to keep things simple.00:10
efloidbut it just seems like networking is a mess!00:10
efloidwhy would libvirt not simply use netplan to create a bridge?  instead it has its own convoluted config00:10
BrianBlazewhat does your route -n look like?00:11
efloidmy system doesn't have route installed.  this is ubuntu server00:13
efloidiprotue2 supercedes route and other tools00:13
BrianBlazeweird I have it on all my ubuntu installs. but you are right it says the same thing :)00:17
leonardusWhen I turn my second monitor off, I want all the windows that were previously on that monitor to move to an available monitor00:35
leonardusHow do I make it do that?00:35
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OerHeksleonardus, press winkey winkey, and the left bar should appear, with all desktops, and you can drag them to an active desktop00:43
leonardusyeah but I want it to do that automatically00:45
lotuspsychjeleonardus: i think when a screen is not joining the game, you need to let ubuntu know00:48
subcoolminor help, i have installed kernel 4.19 & headers. But, when i boot- im still running 4.1800:49
lotuspsychjesubcool: did you use the !mainline method?00:50
subcoolsudo apt install linux-(blah)00:51
subcoolalso did a dist-upgrade00:51
OerHeksthere is no .19 in the repos.00:52
Deihmosi just installed ubuntu and installed sonarr radarr and plex but none can see my usb drive00:53
Deihmosi can access the usb drive fine from the desktop but none of the apps can see it00:53
OerHeksIs that the plex snap?00:57
Deihmosby default why can't these apps access the usb drive00:58
Deihmosusb drive is ntfs00:59
OerHeksthat might be the culprit, not a posix filesystem to get permissions to01:06
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leonardusoh. When I turn my second monitor off, Ubuntu still seems to think it's there. I can move my mouse to it.01:14
leonardusis this a bug?01:14
lotuspsychjeleonardus: no, the user is the boss of the system01:14
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lotuspsychjeleonardus: you need to let ubuntu know you use 1 screen01:14
leonardusshouldn't it know that when it stops receiving a signal from the second monitor though?01:15
OerHeksbasicly, no01:16
lotuspsychjeleonardus: not everything is automatic, for example when you choose hdmi audio on external tv, you also need to change back after01:16
leonardusit should know how many screens are connected at any given time right? when it boots up it has to figure that out at some point01:16
OerHeksthen i would have no desktop left when i keep my machine running, with monitors off01:16
lotuspsychjeleonardus: a logout or reboot can also do some magic01:20
RandIterWhat is a good command-line backup program, preferably one with encryption support? I hate working with the intricacies of tar, zip, etc.01:31
OerHeksRandIter, your 2nd demand makes me wonder why comandline01:34
RandIterfor reproducibility01:34
OerHekswrite a daily and weekly script?01:35
RandIterWhat is a good command-line backup program, preferably one with encryption support?01:36
lotuspsychje!patience | RandIter01:36
ubottuRandIter: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/01:36
OerHeksdd, scp, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem#wiki_documented_utilities01:37
RandIterOerHeks: Were you implying to generate a script using an UI?01:39
QuinnStormRandIter: ...git && a LUKS volume via ssh?01:39
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* QuinnStorm advises remembering that the same reason RAID is not a backup is why rsync isn't backup software01:40
QuinnStorm[and scp is right out :-P]01:40
OerHeksRandIter, that is up to you01:40
tkcnecan someone help me figure out why my keyboard backlight keeps coming back on after sleep? 18.10, setting option kbd_backlight=0 for the sony-laptop module works at boot, but not when waking up01:41
OerHeksthere are tons of solutions, active, interactive01:41
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partlycloudyhi there! has anyone got ssl worked with MAAS 2.4?01:48
OerHeksshould be doable, https://docs.maas.io/2.4/en/installconfig-network-ssl01:51
partlycloudyOerHeks: thank you OerHeks. i tried the docs using apache2, but it didn't work as expected.01:52
partlycloudyi can login via ssl, but the dashboard stays empty with "Connecting… Unable to connect to: wss://"01:54
RandIterOerHeks: so is duplicity good? Is there anything better? It may be good enough for me.01:56
RandIterQuinnStorm: I do use git for code, but remote git repos are not big enough for use as a full file backup for my use case.01:58
OerHekspartlycloudy, you could reask in #ubuntu-server too, i read it takes some effort to make maar https safe https://askubuntu.com/questions/736126/using-https-with-maas-web-interface-login-redirects-to-http02:00
sanrootIs vsftp server in ubuntu buggy02:00
sanrootI cant upload file in anonymous mode02:01
sanrooti have configured vsftp.conf02:02
partlycloudyOerHeks: yes i came across that post too. sadly no answers to it. i will try #ubuntu-server. thank you! :-)02:02
OerHekss̶u̶r̶e̶ ̶V̶S̶f̶t̶p̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶b̶u̶g̶g̶y̶,̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶d̶o̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶m̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶m̶i̶s̶t̶a̶k̶e̶s̶ what guide did you follow?02:05
lotuspsychje!rootirc | root__02:19
ubotturoot__: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.02:19
leftyfbroot__: you should not IRC as root02:19
Speed_just recantly (8 days ago) i could no longer connect to my wifi with my laptop running 18.04 but all my other devices can. i cant see the networks and when i try to connect to mine i keep on getting the message "activation of network connection failed" when it tries to connect03:38
lotuspsychjeSpeed_: ubuntu version and chipset brand please?03:39
Speed_18.04, how can i find the chipset?03:39
lotuspsychjeSpeed_: sudo lshw -C network03:39
Speed_product: Centrino Wireless-N 223003:40
lotuspsychjeSpeed_: yes, does it mention a driver= at bottom?03:40
lotuspsychjeSpeed_: allright that looks good, is your system up to date?03:41
lotuspsychjeSpeed_: could you open a terminal and : tail -f /var/log/syslog and disable wifi and re-enable again and pastebin the output plz?03:42
lotuspsychjeSpeed_: did you try to reboot your isp modem/router yet?03:46
Speed_im not sure, i can try that03:47
lotuspsychjeSpeed_: seems like your system is trying to connect/find your ssid but fails alot there03:47
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Speed_i just rebooted the router03:48
lotuspsychjeSpeed_: seems like similar bug to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/172053203:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1720532 in linux (Ubuntu) "WiFi connectivity drops randomly on Intel 8065" [Medium,Confirmed]03:49
lotuspsychjeSpeed_: can you recall when it started to go wrong? it worked before right?03:49
pnkoosDwayne, it's here -- Vagina Loves Foreskin Gliding: https://www.bitchute.com/video/LaPsv463Whzw/03:49
lotuspsychje!ops | pnkoos spam03:49
ubottupnkoos spam: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax03:49
Speed_8 days ago03:50
Speed_i say 8 days ago because thats what my network manager says the conection was last used03:51
lotuspsychjeSpeed_: as a test you could also try to boot a previous kernel03:51
Speed_i do that in grub?03:51
lotuspsychjeSpeed_: yeah03:51
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kate2k8hi is this ubuntu03:54
lotuspsychjewelcome kate2k8 what can we do for you?03:54
Kumoolubuntu speaking03:55
Kumoolwho is this?03:55
kate2k8well I have a windows question about gta V03:56
Kumoolyes, have you tried turning it on and off again?03:56
lotuspsychjekate2k8: please no fooling around here03:56
kate2k8but Im being serious thp03:56
Kumoolyou should go to #windows03:56
kate2k8I thought this channel was better than #windows03:56
Kumoolserious tho03:56
Kumoolit actually isnt03:57
kate2k8even #winapi is more helpful than #windows03:57
kate2k8but its idle atm03:57
kate2k8maybe if I pretend im using ubuntu03:57
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speed_im back, it worked03:57
kate2k8hi im using ubuntu and my f11 etc keys act like fn is always on03:58
kate2k8how do I stop that03:58
lotuspsychjespeed_: wich kernel are you under now please?03:58
speed_i just went to the last one i had installed03:59
lotuspsychjespeed_: thank you for testing, are you sure its the kernel that made it work, or your modem reboot?03:59
lotuspsychjespeed_: ok mate, reboot back to latest and ill help you file a bug03:59
speed_i rebooted the router, and it didnt work, but only after switching kernals it worked04:00
kate2k8if dr house can cure someone with a team consisting of a kid, an air hostess, and an old man then you should by that logic be able to fix my windows issue04:00
Kumoolkate2k8: if nobody actually helps you, Have you tried disabling fn keys in bios?04:00
lotuspsychjekate2k8: stop that please, your attitude will get you banned like that04:00
kate2k8but because youre too hung up on stupid rules you wont04:00
Kumooldont be mean now04:00
kate2k8tried bios04:01
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kate2k8well they are, cause ##windows is bancucked04:01
lotuspsychje!ot | kate2k804:01
ubottukate2k8: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:01
Kumoolkate2k8: you tried the bios and it did nothing?04:01
kate2k8ok ill register then04:01
lotuspsychjeKumool: you too, please dont support offtopic04:02
kate2k8according to this, if I register with nickserv I can ask anything04:02
kate2k8(I think)04:02
lotuspsychjekate2k8: type /j #ubuntu-discuss04:02
Kumoolyou are already registered if you joined this channel...04:02
kate2k8cant you just forget the daft rules for once04:03
lotuspsychjewb speed_04:29
speed_im back im on 4.15.0-43-generic now04:29
lotuspsychjespeed_: allright, ubuntu-bug linux from terminal please04:29
speed_i got a send problem report prompt04:32
lotuspsychjespeed_: yes, report the bug to launchpad, it will collect all your details there, you just add a description title04:32
lotuspsychjespeed_: then desbribe your story in the bug, saying your chipset works under -39 kernel and not on -43 anymore04:33
speed_before i sent it, i switched back to the current kernal and now the wifi works, was it supposed to not work again?04:35
lotuspsychjethats weird04:35
lotuspsychjespeed_: dont report if its working now04:35
lakesFull video of what transpired regarding Catholic High students - https://www.bitchute.com/video/J2hUNxRyZm8D/04:37
speed_im confused because ive alreaddy tried rebootiting hte router and my laptop, but it started working after i swiched the kernals and it kept working even after i switched back04:38
speed_thnx for helping04:39
lotuspsychjespeed_: no problem04:39
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princessrayne"We Shoulda Picked Our Own Cotton" (and other idiotic misunderstandings): https://www.bitchute.com/video/sutIaEUE6Npc/05:12
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matsamanprincessrayne: weird toupee05:22
dan2wikI'm having trouble completing the installation of ubuntu on my laptop due to GRUB related problems. My laptop only supports EFI booting but it appears the installer has only included the grub tools for installing for i386-pc and not x86_64-efi. Does anyone know how I would work around this?05:23
sanrootdan2wik: i don't know that much .but can you try installing grub manually05:25
sanrootDoes you ubuntu boots after install05:26
matsamandan2wik: what makes you think it only supports UEFI?05:26
sanroot matsaman :do you know how to get sound working in chroot enviroment05:27
dan2wikThe install does not complete if I let it install grub automatically so I'm running 'ubiquity -b' and trying to install grub through a chroot but I need the EFI version but its not letting me install that.05:28
dan2wikmatsaman, This laptop does not have any CSM settings in bios. Everything is EFI related. If a boot fails I end up at an EFI prompt.05:30
matsamandan2wik: gross05:30
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matsamandan2wik: what media is your install image on?05:30
dan2wikA usb drive.05:31
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dan2wikI was hoping it would be a pretty straight forward install but it seems the wifi also doesn't work so I'm stuck with no bootloader and no internet.05:33
matsamandan2wik: what model 'puter?05:37
dan2wikA Leader SC40605:39
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dan2wikThe motherboard is about the size of my palm so I wasn't expecting much, I was just hoping to make it more useful than it is with windows on it.05:43
matsamandan2wik: might want to read through https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI05:46
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sad i can't upload files to vsftp server in anonymous mode05:57
sadIt say no write permission but i config vsftp to allow anon upload05:57
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rudy_hi ubuntu ...06:31
rudy_i have installed vpn riseup but dont know how to setup it?06:31
dan2wikThe lack of internet is a huge hinderance. Seems the SDIO wifi card has no drivers available at all because a firmware file isn't available for it.06:38
dan2wikI guess I'm reverting to windows and giving up.06:38
janat08I get the sense that ~/.local/bin is suppose to be in $PATH, yet it is not06:55
janat08export PATH=/home/jk/.local/bin does nothing06:56
janat08i mean it in fact appears to overwrite PATH06:56
janat08it appears I was looking for PATH=$PATH:newPath1:newPAth2 export PATH06:58
janat08are there suppose to be values in ~ directory by defualt?07:07
janat08for $PATH07:07
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tonysoHi. I have problem with UHD library on Ubuntu 18.10. Here is the output https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fpdxzXQsky/07:28
tonysoDoes anyone know whats going on ?07:28
e1z0trying to calibrate touch screen, but what a weird thing https://pastebin.com/B3JNw0Eg07:29
e1z0two lines of libinput Calibration Matrix :D07:29
snake-venomhi i need help to install SQL developer software on linux.. please guide07:53
overmansix( Trigga Trigga - Take The Red Pill ) ( https://www.bitchute.com/video/5hwxdq90hVKn/ )07:53
SlidingHorn!info sqldeveloper-package bionic07:55
marxixTrigga Trigga - Take The Red Pill: https://www.bitchute.com/video/5hwxdq90hVKn/07:55
ubottusqldeveloper-package (source: sqldeveloper-package): Oracle SQL Developer Debian package builder. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.5.4 (bionic), package size 31 kB, installed size 135 kB07:55
matsamansnake-venom: sqlite, postgresql, mariadb07:57
snake-venom<SlidingHorn> i installed it already.. after this i am not getting what to do .. confussed..08:03
snake-venommatsaman, sorry did not get you .. i am trying to install SQL developer software to connect with oracle.08:04
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SlidingHornsnake-venom: I was looking it up for my reference because the packages.ubuntu.com site was saying it wasn't there.08:06
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talxhello guys08:59
talxI've set static ip to my ubuntu but when I do systemctl restart networking it won't change the ip09:00
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irafanyone here?09:35
irafneed help?09:36
irafneed help!!!\09:36
lotuspsychje!ask | iraf09:36
ubottuiraf: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:36
irafi'm having a problem with my tab autocpmpletion!!!09:37
irafalso the arrow keys are not working in terminal09:37
irafi'm having a problem with my tab autocpmpletion!!!  also the arrow keys are not working in terminal.. anyone??09:41
irafarrow keys just print values like ^[[A instead of actually moving cursor, or showing command history.09:41
tarzeauiraf: do they work inside gnu screen?09:42
tarzeauiraf: iraf as in the software for astronomers? which shell?09:42
tarzeaumaybe you're using iraf not linked against gnu readline09:43
irafiraf its a software i just put it as my name..09:44
irafyeah astronomer09:44
tarzeaui know about the software09:45
tarzeauwe've got users here at ETH Zurich09:45
CustosLimenso I want to retain cache of packages for docker image09:46
CustosLimenusing ubuntu:bionic09:46
vltiraf: What terminal are you using?09:47
CustosLimenthis is apt-config dump : https://termbin.com/3hki09:49
CustosLimenNot sure wy it is removing stuff - but nothing is in /var/cache after install09:50
irafvlt, ubuntu terminal09:51
vltiraf: The one you get when you press Ctrl+Alt+t, for example?09:53
xubertI was asking earlier about installing xubuntu to a usb drive.09:53
xubertSomeone suggested using unetbootin and "persistant storage" which I just tried09:54
irafvlt, its general ubuntu terminal.. pardonme i dnt have much knowdge09:54
jee1mrxubert: you can use dd as well09:54
xubertIt was new to me, but after trying it seems that it does not retain settings and I am not sure about it retaining installed software09:54
xubertjee1mr: you mean "installing" to USB or writing an iso to a usb drive?09:55
nuxilhello. does ubuntu have a 64bit build for arm8 "raspberry 3+" ?09:55
xubertMy end goal is to be able to install xubuntu to a usb drive and run it completely from the usb drive, be able to change settings and install aps and have them there next time i boot that usb09:55
lotuspsychje!arm | nuxil09:56
ubottunuxil: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.09:56
nuxiloh thanks :)09:57
jee1mrxubert: okay. I don't think you can "install" directly. You might have to boot first before you can install. But your requirement is supported by Ubuntu. You can run ubuntu out of a usb with persistent storage.09:57
xubertjee1mr: I am pretty sure its possible, though not positive.09:58
xubertjee1mr: I had tried to "manually" install xubuntu to a USB drive, and the partitioning structure was like this http://www.techoism.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/lsblk-1.png09:58
irafvlt, its xterminal09:59
xubertit installed just fine but would not boot, I am thinking its because I didnt do the partitioning correctly, here is a screen shot from MiniTool Partition Wizard https://pasteboard.co/HXlRL7X.png09:59
xubertIn the second screen shot the /boot directory/paritition is marked as bootable, that seems to be one problem, the other might be the partitions are showing up as "gpt" vs "primary" (and I still dont understand what a gpt parittion is compared to a primary pertition10:00
nuxilxubert, try look how raspberry does. they install the system on a a sdcard.10:04
nuxili think the idea is pretty much the same10:04
banisterfiendhi what's the best way to prepend a chunk of multi-line texxt to the start of a file?10:08
legreffierbanisterfiend: depends on what exactly you're trying to achieve10:09
=== bs_ is now known as bs
banisterfiendlegreffier inserting a copyright notice to the start of a bunch of *.c files10:09
legreffierbanisterfiend: sed is the easiest way to go I guess10:09
vltiraf: I don't know "xterminal". Does it have a "Help" menu and "Info"?10:09
legreffieroh there's tool to do that10:09
banisterfiendlegreffier i'm finding sed not easy at all unfortunately :/10:09
banisterfiendlegreffier really ? cool, do you know what it's called?10:10
nuxilsed and awk, oldschool stuff :)10:10
nuxilbanisterfiend, try #bash i bet you get some answer with using sed or awk10:11
legreffierbanisterfiend: copyright-update10:13
banisterfiendlegreffier thanks10:14
banisterfiendlegreffier btw is there a way to get bash for-loops working with null separated strings?10:14
xubertnuxil: thats a great idea, hadnt thought of that, will take a look. cheers mate!10:15
nuxilxubert, there are several guids to build custom images .. one that i used was https://github.com/drtyhlpr/rpi23-gen-image  a set of scripts.  but also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RaspberryPi#Booting_generic_arm64_ISO_images might be usefull for info on how its done.10:17
legreffierbanisterfiend: lol I have no idea, if the approach gets too weird, change approach maybe10:17
nuxilbanisterfiend, you might want to look at proper script solutions. like python or something sane.. else you end up with crazy bash script containing sed|awk and whatnot :p10:18
banisterfiendnuxil hehe it's primarily a c++ code base so dont really want to introduce another language dependency tbh :)10:19
banisterfiendbut i might consider it if bash script turns insane10:19
nuxilbanisterfiend, http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/sigil_cycle.png :D10:21
iraf i'm having a problem with my tab autocpmpletion!!!  also the arrow keys are not working in terminal.. anyone??  arrow keys just print values like ^[[A instead of actually moving cursor, or showing command history.10:25
Selfsignediraf: which terminal? rxvt-unicode?10:25
vltiraf: I don't know "xterminal". Does it have a "Help" menu and "Info"?10:25
nuxilecho $TERM10:26
interrobangd_hello, i try to figure out why a program is suddenly away from desktop (not visible, no window) but its running! even xlsclients display die programm ("xchat" )10:33
zetherooWhen connecting to work via VPN I cannot access any internal sites, like Intranets and Wikis etc ... Windows users don't have this issue so it doesn't seem to be a problem with the VPN server. The VPN administrator said he doesn't have any idea why this is happening in Ubuntu 18.04.10:36
SeTunTunHi. I am using simple scan in ununtu 14.04. I modified the brightness and contrast levels. Is there a way to transfer these settings to another ubuntu machine?10:37
SeTunTunI can't find the config file for simple scan.10:37
blackflowinterrobangd_: "minimized" to the system tray? some programs can do that. is there an icon?10:38
Selfsignedzetheroo: might be a dns/route/vpn client configuration problem10:38
interrobangd_blackflow, no icon - now window, but its running10:39
zetherooSelfsigned: most likely. But I am not a networking guru so don't know how to troubleshoot this.10:39
interrobangd_any way to bring it back again?10:39
interrobangd_i am using cinnamon desktop10:39
Selfsignedzetheroo: first check if the domains resolve10:39
blackflowinterrobangd_: if you can't alt-tab to it and there's nosystray icon, then no idea, sorry.10:40
zetherooSelfsigned: the don't (using ping)10:40
Selfsignedcheck which dns server you're using (nmcli dev show)10:41
Selfsignedyou can use nslookup or dig to make dns queries and diagnosis this10:42
zetheroothat? ^10:43
SelfsignedI should've told you to do "nslookup <intranet_ip>" and see if it returns an Address before but whatever10:45
=== tulsi is now known as Guest7029
SelfsignedSorry for being confusing, I guess I shoud've slept more :| Did nslookup return an address other than the dns server?10:49
CustosLimenThis made cache work again: Binary::apt::APT::Keep-Downloaded-Packages "true";10:49
zetherooSelfsigned: no worries - thanks for the help.10:50
SimonNLSeTunTun: https://git.io/fhz8n    this might help for Simple-scan10:51
SeTunTunSimonNL, thanks this helps but i can't find where should this file be alocated10:54
SeTunTuni mean... should this be anywhere in my personal folder? or in usr?...10:56
irafvlt, it is gnome terminal10:59
irafSelfsigned, GNOME Terminal!11:00
xubertok, I took a look over raspi pages on how they create bootable sdcards but to be honest my head hurt after that, that is, i think its a bit over my head.11:02
nuxilno one said it be easy ;)11:03
xubertnuxil: thanks though, I dont mean to sound ungrateful11:03
nuxili get you.. it a bit much technical stuff11:04
xubertvery truen. But what is still killing me is, why isnt it working to install directly to a USB drive? It seems that, using the included installer, I should be able to install to "another drive" (in this case a usb flash) and use it11:04
SimonNLSeTunTun: https://askubuntu.com/questions/363288/how-can-i-read-gsettings-values-from-a-filesystem-backup/368160#368160      check this out11:04
xubertAnd I have *installed* it to a usb drive, but then the install i did was not bootable.11:05
xubertI could have sworn there was a way to make a drive "bootable" with fdisk but haven't found it yet (maybe because I am not remembering things correctly)11:06
nuxilxubert, you did set correct boot disk in bios? or in disk boot menu whne you start pc?11:06
nuxilusaly F8 or something when pc starts11:06
irafi'm having a problem with my tab autocpmpletion!!!  also the arrow keys are not working in terminal.. anyone??  arrow keys just print values like ^[[A instead of actually moving cursor, or showing command history.11:07
vltiraf: Where did you read "xterminal"?11:08
EriC^^iraf: type "ps -p $$"11:08
EriC^^xubert: are you trying to boot in uefi mode or legacy?11:08
irafvlt, sorry .. it is actually GNOME terminal11:09
egrainit's ill-advised to use debian .deb files right? here is what i need for ubuntu: https://www.oki.com/us/printing/support/drivers-and-utilities/?id=46252701FZ01&tab=drivers-and-utilities&productCategory=color-multifunction&sku=62441904&os=ab33&lang=ac211:09
irafPID TTY          TIME CMD11:09
iraf 3959 pts/25   00:00:00 csh11:09
egrainis there a package somewhere?11:09
irafvlt, `11:10
xubertnuxil: yes, of that I am sure. I did (F12 on my comp) and got to the boot menu, where, among other things was the option to boot my usb drive11:10
EriC^^iraf: you're not using bash, maybe there's a setting for csh you need to set11:10
xubertEriC^^: to be honest I still dont wholly understand that part of things11:10
EriC^^iraf: try typing "bash" and see if autocomplete works i guess11:10
nuxilxubert, ok..11:10
EriC^^xubert: type "sudo parted -ls" with the usb plugged in and paste in a pastebin11:11
xubertEriC^^: Would booting UFEI be something I set on the USB installation or a bios thing?11:11
nuxilEriC^^, hes trying to make a independend OS on a usb stick. much like how rapsberry does it with their sdcard11:11
irafvlt, thank youuuu its working11:11
EriC^^xubert: BIOS, but you need to have the proper settings/bootloader on the usb11:11
xubertEriC^^: ok, well I am pretty sure UFEI in my bios. Does it help, information wise, that I am able to boot various pre-made live distros just fine?11:12
irafEriC^^,  thank youu11:12
EriC^^xubert: sort of11:13
irafEriC^^,  its working now.. thank u very much11:13
EriC^^iraf: no problem, glad it's working11:13
irafEriC^^,  :)11:13
xubertEriC^^: I booted back into windows so I cant do the parted thing at the moment, will need to reboot into the xubuntu live copy I have. In the meantime, this might give some of the info you were asking about regarding parted output https://pasteboard.co/HXlRL7X.png11:14
EriC^^xubert: the usb is the 30gb one?11:14
irafEriC^^, between how can i set bash terminal as my default terminal11:15
xubertEriC^^: yes11:15
SeTunTunready! thanks a lot SimonNL11:15
EriC^^xubert: type "chsh"11:15
EriC^^sorry that wasnt for you11:15
xubertEriC^^: I noticed that the types are "gpt" and neither of the 32gb drive partitions have a "bootable" status11:15
EriC^^iraf: type "chsh" , make sure you're not calling it via ~/.bashrc or similar already11:16
EriC^^xubert: you're using gpt partition table, which is the uefi standard, you need an efi partition though to boot with uefi, but your windows seems legacy, so if you want legacy booting you need a bios-boot partition so ubuntu can use gpt+legacy, also the 2nd partition seems odd is it encrypted?11:17
xubertEriC^^: ah yes, that was one of my requirements, I wanted an lvm encrupted setup... just to comlicate things further ;)11:18
sergeantI am trying to connect to mongo shell on ubuntu 16.04 but it is always showing me this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HMFQycN26d/11:19
sergeantplease help!!11:19
xubertEriC^^: ok, so regarding a bio-boot partition, is there a point in the xubuntu install that gives that option? When I installed i noticed after the fact that it was gpt but dont remember expressly specifying that during the install11:19
EriC^^xubert: it might have already been so, i guess the installer bugged out and didnt create a bios-boot partition11:20
EriC^^xubert: you could recreate the partition using fdisk from scratch and reinstall using the default settings and it should work11:21
xubertEriC^^: ok, will give that a try. btw, Is that something that I can just install like i did before and then change/convert with something like say gparted?11:21
EriC^^xubert: not sure what you mean, you mean to convert the install as is? without reinstallation?11:22
xubertEriC^^: well convert the partition from gpt to bios or whatever using gparted11:23
EriC^^xubert: sure fdisk/gdisk can do that i think, under expert or transformation menu11:23
xubertEriC^^: I am pretty sure I noticed before the option to convert something to something within gparted, can't remember what exactly though11:23
EriC^^sudo fdisk /dev/sdX and follow the menu11:23
EriC^^ah, i dont know, i've barely used gparted tbh11:24
egraincan i just use .deb files meant for debian in ubuntu?11:24
EriC^^egrain: the saying goes, "if you have to ask, then probably it's a bad idea"11:24
xubertEriC^^: sweet, ok, so i have a few options. Well i think i will start with your manual partitioning suggestion then go from there. Thanks mate!11:24
irafEriC^^, it showing like this      Changing the login shell for iraf11:25
irafEnter the new value, or press ENTER for the default11:25
irafLogin Shell [/bin/csh]:11:25
EriC^^xubert: cool, no problem11:25
egraini need to install an oki mc562w scanner, but the oki page only gives me files meant for debian or redhead. what do i do now?11:25
EriC^^iraf: type "/bin/bash" and press enter11:26
arndffI'm using Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS. Changed my Wi-fi card. My new one is: Intel 7265. My system started to freeze randomly. Think there's an issue with the network card. What can I do?11:29
irafEriC^^, yes done.. wht next?11:30
TJ-arndff: have you identified particular circumstances that cause it to freeze?11:30
arndffNah, mate. It happens randomly I think...11:31
arndffLast time it happened was when I clicked on: Show applications icon and then my system has frozen.11:32
nekoseamWhen trying to start a steam game called BYTEPATH I get this error: This program requires a graphics card and video drivers which support OpenGL 2.1 or OpenGL ES211:32
nekoseamAny ideas?11:32
nekoseamMy graphics card can handle 2.1 definitely11:33
TJ-arndff: I've noticed the same thing with 7265 - thought it was kernel versions but it's hit everything from about 4.17 to 5.0-rc2 ... it seems to be related to a wifi event of some kind but never pinned it down, and never any clues in the logs11:33
EriC^^nekoseam: does "glxgears" work?11:33
roumygoshhi guys11:33
roumygoshcan I ask you some question? I a total noob when it comes to linux11:33
nekoseamEriC^^: yes11:33
arndffTJ-: so what am I supposed to do with it...?11:34
nekoseamI have an Intel HD 4000 which was made in like the mid 2010's I believe. I'm 99% sure it can handle OpenGL 2.1...11:34
arndffMy previous one was Broadcom. The bluetooth doesn't work. With Intel's one, it's fine but laptop has started to freeze...11:34
irafEriC^^, not done yet!!!11:34
EriC^^hi roumygosh11:35
EriC^^iraf: what's up?11:35
EriC^^!ask | roumygosh11:35
ubotturoumygosh: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:35
irafEriC^^, bash s not been set as defalt11:36
TJ-arndff: how frequently are the lock-ups?11:36
arndffAt least one per day.....................11:37
arndffMate, can you write to me in private? Loads of guys are quitting, so reading msgs here is harder compared to private convo.11:38
irafEriC^^, do i need to restart the system?11:38
egrainso if there only are printer-driver-oki in the repositories, and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners doesn't list oki at all, does that mean i can't use the scanner in ubuntu?11:41
Silencedarndff: You can configure your IRC client to ignore those messages11:49
arndffSilenced: I have no idea how. Currently joined here through https://webchat.freenode.net11:50
arndffAnyways, that's not a big issue. I'm worried about the random freezes I wrote about :(11:50
TJ-arndff: I'm not aware of the cause or any fixes for it. I've been testing the current development kernel 5.0-rc1/2 but not sure yet if that has cured the issue.11:52
arndffTJ-: Ok, mate.............. :(11:54
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Sam34Hello everyone! I recently installed Ubuntu 18.10 and have run into a problem. My CPU usage periodically spikes up to 75%.12:28
Sam34This is causing my laptop to seem laggy and not very useable. I tried the forums but found no solution. Please help me. Thanks in advance!12:29
BluesKajHowdy all12:31
LachezarHey all. In Ubuntu Server 18.04 docker is a "snap". How do I do "... --volume /path:/mount ..." in such environment?12:35
LachezarI need to specify a volume to be in a dedicated disk/partition mounted in the host.12:35
blackflowLachezar: docker.io is also an apt package, you're not forced to use the snap12:37
Lachezarblackflow: Eh, that's what the ubuntu server does with the default installation.12:38
LachezarHow can I mount a (bind-mount) a directtory on the host to be accessible within the snap?12:38
blackflowLachezar: not sure what you mean? docker is not installed by default afaik12:39
Lachezarblackflow: When installing Ubuntu Server there is a menu for additional services. Tick 'docker' and you get a docker-on-a-snap12:39
blackflowI otherwise don't know the answer to your actual question, to me that's a conflict of interest, one containerization tool is being containerized itself, well.....yeah. Just saying you're not forced to use the snap if you don't want or need to.12:40
blackflowLachezar: don't tick it then. docker is available through    apt install docker.io12:40
Lachezarblackflow: I didn't say that's smart, or rational, or whatever. That's what it is. I have no idea what went through ubuntu devs minds when they decided to install docker in a snap.12:42
Lachezarblackflow: I'm done looking for reasons or logic. I'm trying to get by with what it is.12:42
blackflowLachezar: well if that's default, you're not forced to use it, that's what I'm saying all along. you can isntall docker via apt.12:42
blackflowthat = dockeer installed via snap if you tick a checkbox during installation12:43
Lachezarblackflow: If that's what Ubuntu Installer does now, I'm going to assume that's the new norm.12:44
TJ-Lachezar: you'd be better off asking in #ubuntu-server  ... but I think the rationale is the frequent release schedule of docker vs distro package maintenance burden12:44
LachezarTJ-: Forgot about #ubuntu-server. 10x12:44
blackflowLachezar: Ubuntu devs want snaps to be used wherever possible. That however is not a norm or requirement. If for whatever reason you dislike the snap, docker.io is available as a regular package. 'sall.12:45
TJ-snaps are becoming a right pain12:45
Lachezarblackflow: Since there is a snap for docker, I can only assume the generic package will be deprecated and possibly removed later on.12:45
blackflowLachezar: not necessarily12:46
blackflowcontainerized delivery directly from vendor is not in conflict with curated, maintained package via apt repos12:46
blackflowLachezar: and if you're using the snap just because it was a default when you ticked the box, and not because you actually need it, then you're doing it wrong. save yourself the trouble and use the regular package unless you really need the snap for whatever reason (eg. newer version)12:47
LachezarTJ-: Do you happen to know if there is a snap channel? Just checking.12:47
Lachezarblackflow: You're assuming too much. I'll not be in control of the OS installation procedure always. So if I request Ubuntu+Docker, I'm required to be prepared for Ubuntu + Docker@Snap12:48
blackflowLachezar: that's false really :)   you can always  "snap remove docker && apt install docker.io", nothing prevents you from doing that. again, if this is really ONLY because some default was imposed on you, then you're doing it wrong and good luck with that :)12:50
TJ-Lachezar: what is weird is bionic-updates has 18.06 the same as the snap. The difference is there is no community support for the snap; presumably as Caonical package the snap they provide (paid) support12:50
TJ-Lachezar: did you look at the overview snapcraft.io page for docker where it notes where dockerfiles have to be?12:51
Lachezarblackflow: You still assume too much.12:51
LachezarTJ-: Taking a look at the page.12:51
TJ-!info docker.io bionic12:51
ubottudocker.io (source: docker.io): Linux container runtime. In component universe, is optional. Version 18.06.1-0ubuntu1~18.04.1 (bionic), package size 31157 kB, installed size 136518 kB12:51
blackflowLachezar: I'm not really. this is linux, not windows. you as the system admin are free to install whatever is supported (or even not supported) by the distro. all I am saying is you are not forced to use the snap in any shape or form.12:52
Lachezarblackflow: You assume again. Just 'cause I have root does *NOT* mean I'm allowed to haphazardly modify the OS.12:53
LaRose_Bleudoes anyone here know where i could get the manjaro theme for Gnome3?12:53
TJ-Lachezar: seems to be a poor way of communicating such things, in notes on the 'blurb' page, rather than in-your-face from the installed tool12:53
blackflowLachezar: then go talk to the whoever is the actual uid=0 in charge? :)12:53
LaRose_Bleuor at least a decent clone12:54
TJ-If we get anyone else like arndff reporting Intel 7265 iwlwifi issues check which firmware version they have (/lib/firmware/iwlwifi-7265-17.ucode ) - by timestamp and md5sum. There have been 2 bug-fix updates in the linux-firmware repostitory that they may not have13:13
visone howdy13:44
yesihi, I am with 14.04. I'd like to upgrade to 18.04. So firstly, i must upgrade to xenial. There is 'do-release-upgrade' command but the old methode is working yet, right ?  i.e. apt-get update, apt-get upgrade , apt-get dist-upgrade, change sources.list file e.g. to xenial, then apt-get update,upgrade, full-upgrade ?13:48
fubTJ-: hey, so the udev rule seems to work, EEE mode is disabled from the beginning. Now after a few hours on this eth connection, I - again - get an unresponsive interface...13:49
fubMy system is still alive (the last time eth got unresponsive, everything was freezing), but loosing the connection from my ethernat is still not acceptable :/13:50
fubAny way to try maybe a different driver for this thunderbolt dock ethernet stuff?13:50
OnkelTemHi all13:50
OnkelTemHow to exit magnifier or zoom mode on Kubuntu?13:51
OnkelTemI accidentally pressed something and now it's zoomed13:51
ducasseyesi: don't do that, do-release-upgrade is the recommended way to upgrade13:52
LachezarOnkelTem: ALT+WheelScroll14:02
yesihmm, the the upgrade from 14 to 16 failed because of '/boot' : mount /dev/sda1 already mounted or /boot busy, mount: according to mtab is already mounted on /boot.14:04
OnkelTemLachezar: thank. It was different type of zoom. #kde helped already. It was: Meta + "="/"-"14:04
tomreyn!xx.yy | yesi14:05
yesisystemerror : E:problem executing scripts DPKg::pre-Invoke 'mount /boot', E:sub-process return an error code14:05
tomreyn!yy.mm | yesi14:05
ubottuyesi: yy.mm is Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle14:05
yesi14.04 -> 16;0414:05
Lachezartomreyn: He did say he was going the LTS upgrade route.14:06
tomreynLachezar: yes, i'm just pointing out what version numbers look like, it helps both ends if yesi knows so they can ask more precise questions in the future.14:08
tomreynyesi: i haven't actually seen this error before, can you check that fstab contains the correct line for /boot ?14:09
zap0anyone know about how to get raw MIDI data in a C program?14:11
lotuspsychjezap0: maybe the ubuntu studio channel might know some midi tricks14:11
tomreynyesi: also "diff /proc/mounts /etc/mtab" and show their output for /boot14:14
* Lachezar hates that he has to 'ssh-add -e /path/to/pkcs.so' even though there are no identities added!14:17
tomreynyesi: since you asked earlier about upgrading by do-release upgrade vs. unsupported methods, i should ask: how did you upgrade?14:18
asmodeushi. I upgraded to 18.04 from 16, and it seems to have sustained a driver related injury.  Long delays just moving the mouse around.  If I ssh in, it's fine, but I can't log in to the console.14:22
asmodeusHow do I tell what is now apparently XWayland to use a different driver?14:23
asmodeuslooking for the Wayland equiv of xorg.conf14:23
lotuspsychjeasmodeus: whats your graphics card chipset and driver please?14:24
asmodeuslotuspsychje: Supermicrom server motherboard, Matrox gpu, I used the mga driver for X14:25
asmodeuslotuspsychje: "Supermicro"14:25
tomreynyou run a graphical desktop on a server? why?14:25
tomreynalso 16.04 -> 18.04 upgrade would not switch to xwayland14:26
asmodeustomreyn: You raise a good question.  Ease of use for my coworkers.  I don14:28
asmodeustomreyn: You raise a good question.  Ease of use for my coworkers.  I don't know what else would have done it.  It was running Xorg, I ran the upgrade, and now it seems to be running Xwayland.14:28
tomreynasmodeus: hmm, weird, my understanding is that since it was decided that 18.04 will not default to wayland (new installations don't) the upgrader would alos not switch. that's also the experience i had when upgrading a desktop from 16.04 to 18.04. but then, maybe it'S different on your system since it's actually a server.14:30
asmodeuslotuspsychje: Matrox MGA G200eW WPCM450 to be specific14:31
lotuspsychjeasmodeus: could you apstebin us sudo lshw -C video please?14:31
asmodeuslotuspsychje: no gui, no web14:31
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tomreynasmodeus: have you considered to have the coworkers do X forwarding, running / calculating the graphical output on their computers instead?14:32
tomreyn!pastebinit | asmodeus14:32
ubottuasmodeus: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit14:32
asmodeustomreyn: If they could get that done, probably wouldn't need a GUI to begin with :)14:32
lotuspsychjeweird situation :p14:33
tomreynasmodeus: so they physically work on the server?14:33
tomreynasmodeus: if so, add a cheap dedicated pci graphics card to it.14:33
asmodeustomreyn: rarely, but occasionally need, and want the ability to.14:34
tomreynasmodeus: and use a less demanding desktop than gnome 314:34
tomreynalso consider installing one of the *ubuntu-desktop meta packages so that future upgrades will take into account that this is actually used as a desktop14:37
asmodeustomreyn: I was using Xfce, and I would love to continue to do so, or even fvwm is fine.  However, the mouse and keyboard lag alone prevents any useability.  I can't log in at the moment, as the login screen alone, pre-gnome, pre-xfce is unusable14:37
tomreynasmodeus: what about ssh?14:37
Lachezarasmodeus: It *might* be the supermicro console. Have you tried the IPMIView, or are you using the Web Console?14:38
asmodeustomreyn: I can ssh in with no trouble.  All fine there, and cpu/mem usage is normal14:38
tomreynasmodeus: so just install your preferred desktop from ssh, e.g. sudo apt update; sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop14:39
tomreynand remove xwayland if you prefer not to use it.14:39
lotuspsychjeasmodeus: wich desktop did you use on 16.04?14:39
tomreynbut the real solution here is to teach your collegues what a server is14:40
asmodeuslotuspsychje: http://paste.ubunutu.com/p/xJwxkHQFDs/14:40
lotuspsychjeyeah i would also start over as tomreyn suggested, start over fresh might be a good idea14:40
asmodeustomreyn: xfce14:40
asmodeustomreyn: oops14:41
asmodeuslotuspsychje: xfce14:41
lotuspsychjeasmodeus: bad url there14:41
asmodeuslotuspsychje: s/ubunutu/ubuntu/14:41
tomreynbut this doesn'treally providse more info than we already had: it's a server grpahics chipset, extremely limited, not meant to be used for running anything but the vga console.14:42
lotuspsychjei wonder why an upgrade would transfer to xwayland14:42
asmodeustomreyn: and a vga console is all I ask for14:42
tomreynasmodeus: ? youi just wrote you needed a desktop for your collegues, or did i get you wrong there?14:43
asmodeuslotuspsychje: could it have been an option that I inadvertantly agreed to by hitting <enter> on one of the many n/y questions during the upgrade?14:44
asmodeustomreyn: "and a vga console is all I ask for" + " so my collegues are ok with it"14:45
lotuspsychjeasmodeus: that could be, like choosing lightdm - gdm etc14:45
tomreynasmodeus: if " so my collegues are ok with it" is a quote from something you wrote previously, then please resend this since it only shows up in my view of this channel once now.14:46
asmodeustomreyn: no, I had not typed it previously.  I was making an addition to my previous response, and quoting the previous response seemed to be the efficient way to provide context14:49
tomreynlotuspsychje: initially, 18.04 was meant to default to xwayland, but nvidia wasn't ready, and there were other issues, too, so this was reverted. a theory i have on this is that the dist-upgrader path from 16.04 server to 18.04 *server* has not been updated to not switch from xserver-xorg to xwayland.14:52
tomreynasmodeus: ah laright, sorry you got me puzzled a bit there.14:52
tomreynasmodeus: so my understanding now is that your goal is now to not have a graphical desktop. can you confirmt his is correct?14:53
tomreynif not, please state your current goal.14:54
tomreynlotuspsychje: just a theory, i haven't tried to verify this.14:55
lotuspsychjetomreyn: sounds logical, but we would need more details about the upgrade indeed14:56
tomreynyes, we'd need to know which of the desktop / server meta packages were installed before the upgrade was initiated, since the upgrader chooses the migration path based on this.14:57
asmodeustomreyn: lotuspsychje: I wanted to try to get Xorg fired up, but i dies with "EGL_MESA_drm_image required"...any way around that?15:10
tomreynasmodeus: this suggests that what you tried to run depends on an opengl feature your version of mesa does not provide, which is probably because the hardware (graphics chipset) does not provide for this reuired minimum version of opengl.  "glxinfo -h" should list supported opengl extensions.15:13
asmodeustomreyn: I tried to run "startx"15:14
asmodeustomreyn: "glxinfo -h" prints the help text, otherwise, glxinfo just complains about not finding an X server15:16
asmodeustomreyn: "unable to open display"15:17
tomreynasmodeus: oops, i meant -B.15:17
tomreynasmodeus: since you are trying to start X i assume you do actually want to do more than just get VGA output. but i'm not going to try to help more since your goals are still blurry to me.15:18
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tomreynglxinfo -B will show profiles, to get a list of supported extensions, run glxinfo without options.15:19
tomreynyou shouldn't use startx on 18.04, rather use a graphical login manager (you can choose to configure them to auto-login)15:20
asmodeustomreyn: glxinfo -B = "unable to open display"15:23
asmodeustomreyn: glxinfo = "unable to open display"15:24
tomreynasmodeus: makes sense, you don't have one until you have an X window initialized.15:24
asmodeustomreyn: how do I switch text consoles?  Usually, Alt+F2 or Alt+F3... switches consoles, but that doesn't seem to work anymore.15:25
tomreynusually Ctrl-Alt-Fn15:26
asmodeustomreyn: "doesn't seem to work anymore" refering to the newly updated 1815:26
tomreynthis hasnt changed, maybe your input is handled differently, though15:26
asmodeustomreyn: also doesn't work.  Used to be that you only needed the ctrl if you were in X.  has that changed?15:27
tomreynnot that i know of, but maybe check the !releasenotes15:27
asmodeustomreyn: looks like the console is completely frozen15:28
tomreynhmm, sad15:28
tomreyndict indicative15:29
tomreynwhoops, ignore that last line ;)15:29
yesitomreyn: thanks for your return. /etc/fstab has : devce /boot ext4 noauto 0 2. Before 'do-release-upgrade' command, /boot is not mounted. No entry in /etc/mtab, neither /proc/mounts. After its failing, /boot is present in both files. The error is : mount /dev/sda1 already mounted or /boot busy, mount: according to mtab is already mounted on /boot. Exeception during pm.doInstall(): E:Problem executing scripts15:35
yesiDPkg::Pre-Invoke 'mount /boot', E:sub-process returned an error code"15:35
asmodeustomreyn: lotuspsychje: ok, I can/will accept that niether the X nor the Wayland GUIs will work, so how do I kick whatever video mode the console is using out aswell?  Since the actual text console is unstable, how to I go back to the "good old days", with no video driver intervention at all.  Just 80x25 text, just as the BIOS intended.15:35
asmodeus"The only winning move is...not to play"15:36
tomreynyesi: what is "devce" in your fstab line?15:41
acgissuesHi tomreyn, apparently the 403 forbidden problem was because of client's fortigate configuration15:42
acgissuesFor the record15:42
yesitomreyn: s/devce/device -> a partition device15:43
tomreynacgissues: were you the one with a client's computer in central america which received 403's instead of 404's on all ubuntu mirrors, and said there was no proxy?15:43
tomreynyesi: so does it actually say "/dev/sda1" there? or something else you don't want to disclose?15:45
acgissuestomreyn: yeah. apparently i didn't have all the info about their network setup15:45
yesitomreyn: /dev/sda115:46
tomreynasmodeus: i'm not actually sure, but try "text" as a kernel / initramfs parameter.15:46
tomreynacgissues: thanks for reporting back then.15:48
asmodeustomreyn: hrm...What exactly is the "Authorization Manager15:48
tomreynasmodeus: context please15:48
asmodeustomreyn: And, any idea why it would stop there when rebooting?15:48
acgissuesnp, your help was useful too15:48
asmodeustomreyn: "Starting Authorization Manager"15:49
tomreynacgissues: you're welcome.15:49
tomreynasmodeus: this is part of policykit, according to a web search.15:49
asmodeustomreyn: Ironically, right after "Started LSB: Record successful boot for GRUB."15:50
yesiwhy can't i do with the old methode to upgrade ?15:50
yesii am stick with the /boot error. So i can't continue on...:-(15:51
* yesi is sad15:51
tomreynyesi: do you have PPAs? if so, which?15:51
tomreynyesi: or rather, which packages and package versions are installed from these.15:52
tomreynasmodeus: i don't know why the boot would stall / stop there, but have a look at your boot logs.15:52
yesitomreyn: no PPAs15:53
tomreynyesi: that's rare, can you run and show the output of https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts#foreign_packages15:54
tomreynyesi: also, is the release-upgrade still running now, did it roll back, did it fail with this error?15:55
asmodeustomreyn: ok, so now i can "Alt-F2" to the next console, but it is in a high-res text mode that is very slow scrolling.  Seems as though this version simply doesn't like this hardware.  I can't remember the last time I had to do a complete reinstall because an OS upgrade went sideways.15:55
asmodeustomreyn: I'll check back later if a reinstall doesn't work out.15:56
asmodeustomreyn: console (not ssh) locked up again15:57
mbiHey, any schedule for Ubuntu 18.04 with kernel 4.16 ?15:57
tomreynasmodeus: did you try booting with "text", did you inspect dmesg?15:57
lotuspsychje!releasenotes | mbi15:57
ubottumbi: For release notes of a given Ubuntu release, please refer to the 'Docs' column on the 'List of releases' table at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases15:57
lotuspsychjembi: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseNotes15:58
tomreyn!hwe | mbi: ubuntu 18.04 won't ever have kernel 4.16, but15:58
ubottumbi: ubuntu 18.04 won't ever have kernel 4.16, but: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack15:58
asmodeustomreyn: rebooting from ssh, still waiting for something to change on the console.  looks like hard power cycle in order.15:59
asmodeustomreyn: "power cycle *is* in order"15:59
asmodeustomreyn: still says "Starting Authorization Manager"15:59
asmodeustomreyn: Unfortunate that there is no way to reverse an upgrade.16:00
tomreynasmodeus: well, check the logs, purge xorg, xwayland, graphical login managers, i think you'll have a much better way solving it from there on.16:00
lotuspsychjeuzee: can we help you?16:00
asmodeustomreyn: lotuspsychje: many thanks, but I'm out of time for now.16:01
lotuspsychjeuzee: this is ubuntu support, only ubuntu questions here16:01
* asmodeus bows out16:02
uzee:) sorry I was trying to find some text from my previous chat, its all in the same window and accidentally i kept typing in the input box16:02
dserodioI'm running Bionic and have Gnome Tweak Tool installed. When I go to Tweaks > Extensions, "System monitor in user menu" is shown with a warning icon, and its tooltip shows "Error loading extension". How can I troubleshoot this and show the system monitor in the menu?16:02
uzeelotuspsychje: I understand, I was actually trying to do a kickstart install of Ubuntu which is why I came here in the first place, I understand kickstart on Ubuntu is limited in terms of features compred to RedHat/CentOS, however, I don't need anything fancy, just trying to see if I can use the minimal image to kickstart?16:04
uzeeBut when I boot into the minimal image, I don't have the F6 option to edit the boot options, esc does give me a "boot:" prompt but I have tried passing initrd and ks parameters, but no luck, I would appreciate any suggestions/advice16:05
tomreyndserodio: "journalctl -b -p4" shows warnings in your system logs since last reboot. you will likely find gnome-shell warnings or errors in there which relate to it.16:07
Youndertomreyn, journalctl isn not part of ubuntu 18.04. When I tried it yesterday it said used <deb package>16:08
TJ-Younder: journalctl is part of systemd which is the Ubuntu init system16:09
YounderI know that and It wouldt launch16:10
uzeeHi TJ: you might recall that you helped out about a month or so ago when I was trying to do a kickstart install of Ubuntu16:10
YounderTC: well it does now, sorry to have wasted your time16:11
uzeeI wanted to try that with the minimal image, do you know off hand, if that supports a ks boot parameter? I've tried to pass it, but no luck16:11
yesiYounder: http://dpaste.com/04QWTQ416:12
tomreynYounder: right, you should definitely have journalctl if you run ubuntu 18.04.16:13
=== qwebirc91233 is now known as audioproblems
TJ-uzee: I've never tried it but if there were support it'd need to be in the initrd.img, so you could extract and examine it to determine the answer16:14
yesitomreyn: i stop the job of upgrade. it fail with the /boot problem16:14
lord4163Hi. I am resizing a partition. I took 1 GB of the front and 60 GB of the back. GParted says it is copying 900 GB?16:14
tomreynyesi: i suspect you meant to post http://dpaste.com/04QWTQ4 for me?16:15
yesitomreyn: yes16:15
uzeeThanks TJ16:15
tomreynyesi: this output suggests that you have package sinstalled which are neither available in ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04, such as the linux 3.13.0 packages.16:16
TJ-lord4163: sounds like you affect 2 other partitions if using gparted, because it'll keep them contiguous16:16
tomreynyesi: those are kernel image packages of ubuntu trusty, 14.04.16:17
tomreynyesi: also some of the apt releated packages are from trusty. it so seems like a previous upgrade you did there did not succeed, or not fully.16:18
yesitomreyn: this what i'd like to do : upgrade from trusty 14.04 to xenial 16.0416:19
lord4163TJ-: There was only one partition on the drive, one big NTFS partition16:19
yesitomreyn: so right now, i stick with trusty16:19
tomreynyesi: oh, i was thinking you said you wanted to upgrade from xenial to bionic.16:19
yesitomreyn: later16:20
tomreynyesi: you said 14.04 -> 16.04, this is my mistake, sorry.16:20
tomreynyesi: so do your apt sources in /etc/apt/sources.list now point to trusty or xenial?16:21
lord4163TJ-: Do you think it will take 12 hours?16:22
panter_I have 5 firefox tabs open and nothing else. My computer is using 10 gigabytes of ram. How come?16:22
audioproblemsAre there anyone who have experienced hibernation suddenly stopped working? I think it happened as I updated my firmware on my ASUS16:23
xamithanbecause linux makes good use of ram instead of letting it sit idle16:23
audioproblems(I know my nickname doesn't match my problems, but I'm also on #alsa)16:23
TJ-lord4163: you're resizing the single NTFS file-system then. Resizing a partition is a matter of writing about 32 bytes! But rresizing a file-system inside a partition - especially if you're moving the starting position - requires a lot of work on the file-system and moving it all 'up' the drive16:23
yesiThe aim is to go to bionic, but there is still intermediare. The sources.lst point right now to xenial but before the do-release-upgrade, it was trusty16:23
tomreynpanter_: see which processes are allocating this memory, this may give a hint. top or "ps auxw" should help16:23
lord4163TJ-: But only 150 GB is in use?16:24
lord4163TJ-: So it might speed up right?16:24
TJ-lord4163: I've never used Gparted for jobs like that; I prefer command-line tooling so I don't know what it'll do under the hood16:25
uzeeTJ: looks like the minimal image probably does support kickstart, there are several references to it in the initrd. I'll try researching more on how to pass the argument...16:25
tomreynyesi: so it seems that the do.release-upgrade failed in a later stage. some packages are still installed from trusty and need to be removed. can you show: sudo apt update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&116:25
TJ-uzee: look for some script that parses /proc/cmdline and looks for ks=16:26
panter_tomreyn: When I open htop and order on Memory usage I see ~100 firefox processes. Is this normal? I have 10 firefox extensions.16:27
uzeeTJ: thanks for the awesome tip, looks like it does support but not with http :(16:28
rudy_hello ..an mastodon app that work on ubuntu?16:28
tomreynpanter_: maybe with some really bad extensions, but with just 5 tabs i would not expect to see 100 firefox processes. on the other hand, maybe they are just threads and not processes, and then it doesn't hurt.16:28
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
tomreynpanter_: which ubuntu release is this, are you using the firefox which is packaged as a debian package, or the firefox snap, or a third party one?16:30
uzeeOh, I'm sorry, it does support http/s both16:31
YounderIn the linux kernel threads are implemeted as separeted processes with shared memory and file/filetable. Perhaps that is the source of confusion?16:31
YounderThey don't have a seperate threadId16:31
uzeecool, it may just be finding the right syntax16:31
yesitomreyn: http://dpaste.com/109F35S16:32
tomreynyesi: thanks for posting the output for (just) the second of the two commands i asked you to post the output of.16:34
tomreynyesi: this output contradicts your earlier statemtn "The sources.lst point right now to xenial but before the do-release-upgrade, it was trusty"16:34
panter_tomreyn: Ubuntu 18.04.1, with firefox from the apt repositories.16:34
tomreynyesi: did you run "sudo apt(-get) update" before running the command which produced the output at http://dpaste.com/109F35S ?16:35
tomreynpanter_: so you are running firefox 64.0, i assume?16:36
panter_tomreyn: yes, firefox quantum 64.016:37
=== panter_ is now known as trirpi
trirpitomreyn: I think, I will ask in #firefox, since this does not seem ubuntu related.16:38
tomreyntrirpi: have you since checked whether the 10GB RAM are actually allocated by firefox or something else? and how much ram do you have, is it actually an issue?16:38
tomreyn"free -m" output may help determine whether or not there is an issue16:38
ioriatrirpi, why don'you start firefox  in  -safe-mode  and test ?16:39
trirpitomreyn: ~6 gigabytes is allocated to firefox. It is not an issue now. But I am about to load 3 gigabytes in a pandas dataframe and then I will need all the memory I have.16:39
tomreyntrirpi: so that's RSS or VSZ?16:40
tomreynfirefox's about:memory may also help understanding things better16:40
trirpitomreyn: That was me counting the numbers in the system monitor. So I am not sure whether it is RSS or VSZ.16:43
trirpifirefox about:memory shows that my extensions do use a lot of ram.16:43
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Youndersudo apt install tripwire16:46
tomreyntrirpi: so maybe you found the culprit already, one or more of your extensions. if there is an issue at all.16:48
trirpitomreyn: thanks16:51
egrainthis says at the bottom at it works for ubuntu. so i guess i'm good even though it says debian amd64. right?16:53
xamithanubuntu is debian so...16:53
egrainwell, the debianies don't like my kind, so i'm always careful there.16:54
tomreynegrain: what is "this"?16:54
xamithanJust gotta watch out for dependecies and versioning16:54
egraintomreyn, scanner drivers?16:54
egraintomreyn, oh, i didn't give the link. my bad. here you go: https://www.oki.com/us/printing/support/drivers-and-utilities/?id=46252701FZ01&tab=drivers-and-utilities&productCategory=color-multifunction&sku=62441904&os=ab33&lang=ac216:55
tomreynegrain: doh those are really old versions. it may have worked on ubuntu 11.10 from october 2011, which was supported until july 2012.16:57
egraintomreyn, as if i knew what time it was. do you have a solution for me then?16:57
yesitomreyn: i run 'apt update' before the policy output. This output came from the actual system. Despite of the failed upgrade to Xenial, i get a policy to Xenial. From there, i should be able to do "update, upgrade, full-upgrade", right ?16:57
tomreynegrain: i can't provide a solution until you state the problem / task.16:59
YounderWhat is rootkit Solaris Wanuk?16:59
tomreynegrain: i assume oyu are trying to get some oki scanner to scan on some ubuntu release?16:59
egraintomreyn, yeah, i'm difficult today. i apologize. xsane says no device found. the compatibility page also has no "oki" listed. the printer works fine though out of the box. scanner not so much. now i'm trying to get it to work.17:00
tomreynegrain: so which oki model is it, which ubuntu release do you run there?17:01
tomreynegrain: got someone on the phone, will get back to you later17:02
egraintomreyn, the latest? i installed it last week. oki MC562w.17:02
egrainall good.17:02
egraini'm here all day.17:02
egrainthanks already though.17:02
egraini appreciate the help.17:02
Deihmosis there no gui for managing users and groups17:07
xamithanthere is17:08
Deihmosi have a usb drive. some apps can't even see the drive17:09
Deihmosso weird how linux managers users17:09
eeba100 Million Murdered - https://www.bitchute.com/video/RLDICsxnTQWS/17:09
YounderDeihmos, Indeed the users ahve to have the permissions to use USB17:10
Roey{-I'm trying to fix my sound.. when I do "lshw", i do see my motherboard's integrated sound device; however, it's not registering in PulseAudio. how can I diagnose why this is?17:10
Roey{-I'm on Kubuntu 18.10, and this issue started after I upgraded from 18.0417:11
YounderRoey{-, Ubuntu uses ALSA for sound17:11
Deihmosgranting permission just doesn't seem to be a straight forward process17:11
Deihmosa whole page of reading17:11
Roey{-Younder: sure17:11
Roey{-Younder: ah, ok, then it's ALSA not PA17:12
Roey{-Younder: I tried with mpg123; I tried with myt BOSE Soundlink speaker's blutooth and it works, HOWEVER through the Aux port, it doesn't.17:13
Roey{-Younder: and also the headphone jack on the case doesn't make a sound.17:14
Roey{-Younder: If I boot with a bootcd, what should I look for?17:14
Roey{-*if I boot with a LiveCD to compare why sound there works where sound on this installatoin doesnot17:14
coz_Roey{-,  out of curiosity, did this occure after having updated or software instll ?17:15
Roey{-coz_: after having updated17:15
coz_Roey{-, ok hhold on one minute17:16
Roey{-coz_: it was working before.  Perhaps I accidentally said "y" on a dist-upgrade question asking me if I want to use the maintainer's version of some config file17:16
Roey{-thank you so much coz_17:16
coz_Roey{-, open a terminal and type alsamixer17:17
Roey{-coz_: did that, ok17:17
coz_Roey{-, then hit F6 to select the onboard sound card17:17
Roey{-│ Card: HDA Intel PCH                                                                                                                              F1:  Help               │17:17
Roey{-│ Chip: Realtek ALC11517:17
Roey{-coz_: and it shows that hte sound levels are all there17:17
coz_Roey{-, choose the HDA intel17:17
coz_Roey{-, then look for  "mic-mute-LED17:18
coz_Roey{-, mdisable that and exit and test17:18
Roey{-let's see17:18
Roey{-well auto-mute is not enabled17:19
Roey{-coz_: I don't see a "mic-mute"17:19
coz_Roey{-,  you can enable auto mute if you have the mic-mute-led17:19
coz_Roey{-,  try enabling auto mute17:20
Roey{-the specific issue is that in pavucontrol, I do not see the device at all.17:20
Roey{-just the BOSE Soundlink speaker.17:20
Roey{-via Bluetooth17:20
Roey{-ok, it enabled fine17:20
Roey{-the auto-mute enabled without issue for me, coz_17:20
coz_Roey{-, I had a similar issue, and playing arounf in alsamixer solved the issue17:21
Roey{-I see then17:21
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
Roey{-coz_: so what should i do now?17:21
coz_Roey{-,  do you see a "follow Mute" in alsa mixer?17:21
Roey{-no, just rear-mic17:22
coz_Roey{-,  ok17:22
coz_Roey{-,  I have the same intel audio so I am  bit surprised17:22
Roey{-coz_: I don't see anyhing like this in  alsamixer17:22
Roey{-coz_: maybe it's under a different name?17:23
Roey{-Front/Front Mic17:23
coz_Roey{-, no not different name, is this a laptop?17:23
Roey{-it's an ASUA x99 mobo17:23
coz_Roey{-, ahh ok, hat is going to cancel my suggestion17:24
Roey{-when I unmute Front Mic, I hear static on AUX17:24
Roey{-and on the headphones17:24
Roey{-yet when I play it with mpg123, I hear nothing17:24
Roey{-I don't know if mpg123 is even playing to the sound card!17:24
coz_Roey{-,  there are certain issue with laptops, alsamixer, portaudio, etc, turning off headphne jacks and disbling system sounds17:25
Roey{-coz_: alrightg17:25
coz_Roey{-,  stick around though, someone will have better suggestions17:25
MiguelPerucan i check a computer memory that's using windows by loading the live ubuntu usb drive and choosing memtest????17:54
xamithanUh sure17:55
rapidwaveI have a pretty fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 or maybe 18.10. It seems to bog down with a VM server running which only allocates 256MB of RAM17:56
MiguelPeruxamithan, was that for me?17:56
MiguelPeruxamithan, how sure u r17:57
rapidwaveI'm wondering if the default Ubuntu desktop is still hard on memory?17:57
xamithanI don't see what the OS has to do with testing RAM,  so pretty sure17:58
lordcirth_MiguelPeru, the Live Ubuntu installer has memtest, yes17:58
rapidwaveOops. I meant default DE17:58
lordcirth_rapidwave, How much RAM does the box have? I generally use Xubuntu but Gnome isn't *that* heavy.17:59
xamithanYou running gnome with 256mb ram ?17:59
rapidwaveNo. the VM only gets 256mb ram, Ubuntu has 4G18:00
xamithanDid you do any tests to see what is making it run slow18:00
xamithanlike iotop, sysstat, etc18:00
jamie_1anyone know how to fix icon theme, i did a dist-upgrade and lost my icons in the sense of no wifi icon to click on, no minimize, no close or scale icons18:00
peeyHow can I find the configure options given to a particular package for ubuntu? I'm installing a new version of ncurses and want to be absolutely sure before I replace my system one18:01
leftyfbpeey: sudo apt remove --purge ncurses && sudo apt install --reinstall ncurses18:01
peeyleftyfb: That'll install it from the universe (2016 version). I'm building from source to get the latest 2018 version18:02
leftyfbI wouldn't do that18:02
leftyfbpeey: what version of ubuntu?18:02
peeyleftyfb: 16.0418:03
peeyleftyfb: I would if I could just figure out these configure flags18:03
jamie_1i also have no mouse :/18:04
leftyfbpeey: why do you need a new version?18:04
OerHeksBionic and up give backported 2018 version https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ncurses18:04
peeyleftyfb: there's some issue with truecolor support in 2016 version, affects another thing I'm using18:04
TJ-peey: grab the  source package, look at debian/rules for the configure flags it sets18:05
peeyOerHeck: lemme check that out18:05
leftyfbpeey: what version do you need?18:05
peeyleftyfb: this or later http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-ncurses/2018-01/msg00045.html18:05
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peeyOerHeks: Oh. 16.04 is below bionic18:07
peeyTJ-: That did it. Awesome!18:11
HounddogHi everyone... somehow something got messed on my system with the dns i am not able to use any hostnames within my local network as it always seems to be pointing to my work vpn18:14
tomreynegrain: still around, sorry, this was a long phone call...18:16
egrainall good as long as the girl was hot.18:16
peeyTJ-: Can I also directly use the rules file to build the package instead of copying the flags? Because there seem to be a lot of flags which are added conditionally18:17
tomreynegrain: the scanner driver you found on oki's website may indeed work, have you given it a try, yet?18:19
tomreynegrain: it is made for the old init system (not ready for systemd), so not everything may work out of the box, but it does install a sane driver/backend so you should be able to use it using sane-find-scanner18:21
egraintomreyn, i will try that then. thanks.18:22
egrainsane-find-scanner actually already found it before i installed anything.18:23
tomreynegrain: oh, very well.18:23
egraintomreyn, xsane still said no device found though. i wrote it in some oki config somewhere. let me look.18:23
ioriapeey, a lot of things depend on ncurses (with the correct version); i'd try first in a chroot env (or compile and use it from the build directory- without a make install)18:24
tomreynegrain: try simple-scan as well18:24
egraintomreyn, made a oki.conf file in /etc/sane.d/ with #oki.conf / usb=number number just like it said in here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SANE%20-%20Installing%20a%20scanner%20that%20isn%27t%20auto-detected18:26
egrainthe numbers i took from the sane-find-scanner output. but xsane wasn't impressed unfortunately.18:26
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tomreynegrain: xsane is really old, i'd try something newer18:28
egraintomreyn, suggestions?18:28
tomreyn<tomreyn> egrain: try simple-scan as well18:28
peeyioria: Their install file suggests compiling and testing before make install too. I've done that and it seems to work mostly fine18:28
egrainoh. i thought that was something like the find scanner thing. got it.18:28
egrainthanks a bunch. will do.18:28
ioriapeey, how did you test it ?18:29
peeyioria: they have a whole test folder18:29
peeyioria: you can just run demos and see if they're working properly18:30
tomreynegrain: also "scanimage --test" if you want something with more output, and textual output.18:31
peeyThe only issue is that most demos have a grey background. I'm wondering if it's a setting for those demos  or if I install ncurses then everything I use will start to have that grey background.18:31
ioriapeey, those ncurses pkgs are essential to the system... i would not replace them18:32
peeyioria: Is there an easy way to bounce back if things go wrong? By backing up the to-be replaced binaries and replacing them perhaps18:34
peeyOr maybe I should just wait till I upgrade to 18.04 to get new ncurses18:34
ioriapeey, i suggest to upgrade to bionic (short answer)18:34
peeyioria: Yeah. Much more saner I suppose.18:35
ioriaegrain, most probably that .deb pkg installed the libs in the wrong location18:39
egrainioria, i haven't installed it.18:39
ioriaegrain, ah, good choice18:40
egraini'm not one of the ubuntis, so i'm really cautious.18:40
ioriaegrain, well, you cannot expect it to work then (if the scanner relies on it)18:41
timelesscan someone help me find rsync-dbg or rsync-dbgsym for bionic?18:47
tomreyn!dbgsym | timeless18:56
ubottutimeless: dbgsym is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash18:56
tomreynsee "Non-built-in debug symbol packages (*-dbgsym)"18:57
timelessI already created (per one of those pages): https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/9yDlRUEA/18:58
timelessand i ran the command to add the keys to the keyring18:58
tomreyntimeless: hmm, right, rsync-dbgsym doesn't seem to exist there18:59
timelessright, i searched for the package in the various package search things, it doesn't seem to be there19:00
timelessthat's why i'm asking for help :-)19:00
tomreynok, i didnt know you already tried ddebs.19:01
timelessthat's ok19:02
timelessi'm still looking for help :-)19:02
timelessit /looks/ like the package doesn't exist in debian upstream either19:02
timelesshttps://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=rsync oddly has dbgsym for some other rsync related things19:02
timelesse.g. librsync2-dbgsym19:03
tomreynthere is librsync-dbg, but rsync doesn't seem to depend on it.19:03
timelessyeah, i installed that, it didnt19:04
timeless't help19:04
ark3I used a Bionic Live USB to boot a machine. The USB wifi dongle is not working and there's no ethernet available. How do I get USB wifi working on that machine? Thanks.19:05
timelessdo you care about the disks on the machine?19:05
ark3I can wipe the machine. I intend to install Bionic on it if things work okay.19:06
timelesspersonally, i'd probably install bionic first and boot from that19:06
timelessit would make reasoning through things easier for me19:06
timelesshttps://askubuntu.com/questions/235279/my-wifi-adapter-is-not-working-at-all-how-to-troubleshoot seems to be a reasonable starting point19:06
ark3How is that different?19:06
timelesswell, it means i can free up a usb port in case the ports aren't created equal (they often aren't)19:07
timelessit means if i need to boot a custom kernel, i can19:07
timelessbw2: yes?19:08
ark3Gotcha. Lemme try the page you suggested. I'll pop back in if that doesn't work out. Thank you.19:08
timelesstomreyn: so, i guess the answer is "build from source"?19:09
timeless(and maybe file a bug against debian+ubuntu asking for packages?)19:10
tomreyntimeless: i don't know any better19:10
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audioproblemsOh! I forgot to say I fixed the hibernating problem by disabling secure boot19:20
MiguelPerulordcirth_, so I can use it for any computer memory then? like any ibm compatible or laptop with i719:21
xamithandoes ubuntu even boot up with secure boot on ?19:21
audioproblemsWell, I'm actually on Xubuntu19:21
xamithansame question applies19:21
audioproblemsThen yes19:21
audioproblemsBut it would not go into hibernation19:22
audioproblemsWhen secure boot was on19:22
xamithanMiguelPeru we said before the OS doesn't matter when testing hardware19:23
* weltschmerz now playing [1 of 1] CherryPimps.19.01.21.Emily.Willis.Dreaming.Of.A.Hard.Black.Cock.XXX.1080p.MP4-KTR.mp419:23
audioproblemsAfter my BIOS update, it turned on secure boot19:23
xamithanAs long as you can boot the ISO you could test on anything with memory19:23
lotuspsychjeweltschmerz: not here please19:23
weltschmerzlotuspsychje: ?>19:24
audioproblemsIt still didn't fix the audio problems I had though. I'm getting a lot of help in #alsa but maybe some other people have any experience with a jack that's both for mic input and output?19:25
lotuspsychjeweltschmerz: no client advertising in the support channel please19:25
ark3What USB wifi can I buy that will work with Bionic without installing drivers, i.e. straight from the live disk?19:25
weltschmerzclient advertising?19:26
lotuspsychjeweltschmerz: now playing...19:26
weltschmerzoh sorry19:26
weltschmerzit is a script19:26
weltschmerzmp3; TeensLoveBlackCocks.19.01.14.Judy.Jolie.Black.Snake.Bone.XXX.1080p.MP4-KTR.mp419:28
JimBuntuadios weltschmerz19:28
qwebirc50903ark3: The Comfast CF-WU810N worked perfectly for me, and it's pretty tiny too.19:29
weltschmerzOh look, a bigot.19:29
uioHi, files on my usb are now, suddenly, only read-only and I am getting some input/output errors and some files that have suddenly become '0 octets'. What could have caused this?19:29
xamithansounds like your usb is dead19:30
xamithanhappens all the time19:30
coconutweltschmerz: please stop that, no one is interested in that here.19:30
uioxamithan: Should I stop using it, or dd it with zeros?19:30
xamithanIf it was me,  i'd try to get the data off it then toss it19:30
uioxamithan: You think it's a hard-ware issue?19:30
xamithanI've tried fixing so many of those things,  never could fix one19:31
uioxamithan: Okay, how can I avoid this happening in the future?19:31
xamithanHmm,  well you can't 100%,  but  buying good brands helps19:31
audioproblemsDon't leave the USB in the toilet19:31
uioIs there a way to know if it's getting close the failure?19:31
ark3@qwebirc50903 thank you19:31
uioaudioproblems: lol19:31
uioI've had it for a few years.19:31
uioIt's a pny.19:32
xamithanwhen it starts corrupting files you are close19:32
xamithanHey all mine that died was mostly PNY too19:32
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
uioxamithan: Okay. Is there a way to get back '0 octet' files?19:32
uioxamithan: So stay way from PNY!!19:32
xamithanMaybe someone else knows,  I didn't have any success fixing those corrupt files19:34
xamithanEven tried moving off of exFat19:34
uioOkay. Any help is welcome world :)19:34
uioweltschmerz: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Scriabin19:38
weltschmerzuio, mmm?19:38
KWhat4How do you install lzma support for mariadb in this OS?  2019-01-21 19:32:18 140162522947520 [ERROR] InnoDB: innodb_compression_algorithm = 4 unsupported. InnoDB: liblzma is not installed. Yet apt cache certainly thinks liblzma5 is installed.19:39
KWhat4Same issue lz4, what do you support?19:44
MiguelPeruuio, world?19:45
MiguelPeruuio, we're linux heads19:45
uioMiguelPeru: I think I'll just throw out the usb and get a new one.19:46
uioMiguelPeru: Thankfully I only lost a few files though.19:46
MiguelPeruuio, I'll read u 1 sec19:47
uioMiguelPeru: okay19:47
MaxFunFancy Openbox? Check this script :D https://www.reddit.com/r/openbox/comments/aagqgs/my_script_for_an_easy_install_of_ubuntuopenbox/19:49
MaxFunworks great19:49
KWhat4How do you install lzma or lz4 support for mariadb in this OS?  [ERROR] InnoDB: innodb_compression_algorithm = 4 unsupported. InnoDB: liblzma is not installed. Yet apt cache certainly thinks liblzma5 is installed.  Does crapbuntu not support anything but gzip for row_format compression?19:51
MiguelPeruuio, search online for tricks to save a usb drive that's dying. Are u sure is dying tho? download and use H2testw and see if the drive is dying or maybe it was always a counterfeit. if bought retail and that program gives erros then is starting to die or almost dead19:51
MiguelPeruuio, about saving ur data I don't know but check online for tricks then do a H2testw on it and keep using it or recycle it19:52
MiguelPeruuio, H2testw is for windows, there's a similar one for linux f3 something is the name19:52
uioMiguelPeru: I've had it for three years.... enought to kill it?19:53
hggdhKWhat4: you will probably have a better chance of being answered in #ubuntu-server. But make sure to state your Ubuntu abd mariaDB versions19:53
MiguelPeruuio, no I had a usb 2.0 drive for 4 years still great19:53
uioMiguelPeru: Right, it will depend on the usb, but I think that some likely die after a few years.19:55
uioMiguelPeru: I'm not going to risk trying to save it, because data loss is awful!19:55
rollonitYeah I'd recommend recovering what you can, and then trashing it.19:56
stormchas2000NickServ identify phil066019:56
MiguelPeruuio, use that program to test if is good or not, it won't save ur data19:56
hggdhstormchas2000: better change your password now19:56
stormchas2000yeah i see that i put it in wrong again19:57
uioMiguelPeru: Thanks for the tip, but it won't repair anything, now. Cheers!19:58
MiguelPeruH2testw is old tho is not optimized for new drives is 10 years old19:59
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=== FrankF1 is now known as FrankF
cdivner_1sI am helping a friend who is using ubuntu 18.04.01, and there's something really odd going on. When he tries to read emails with mutt, it says /var/mail/jimmy doesn't exist (ENOENT), but that file totally exists and is readable by his user (we can cat it, f.e.)20:22
cdivner_1s"command -v mutt" shows /snap/bin/mutt - I don't know what this /snap thing is, would that explain what is going on?20:22
lastHello Folks, Tried Installing PI-Hole and my nameser dosnt take my DNS20:29
lastRemoved Pi Hole and this problem started20:29
lastPlease help me20:30
ioriacdivner_1s, it mean that he installed the snap version of mutt (not the repository one)20:30
stonedIs there some kind of t shirt designing software in Linux?20:31
OerHekslast, more a Q for #pihole here on #freenode20:31
last0erHeks Thanks20:32
last0erHeks Thanks but no response20:34
last#pihole no response20:34
DeihmosUbuntu use to have some theme settings like radiance. Was it scrapped?20:34
DeihmosIs there no built in method of changing colors?20:35
elias_astoned: What do you mean by shirt designing software?20:36
OerHekstons of design software, https://snapcraft.io/search?category=graphics&q=20:38
OerHeksDeihmos, those are part of https://launchpad.net/light-themes20:40
OerHeksor https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-themes20:41
elias_aOerHeks: I wanted to know whether stoned meant graphical design or the fabric cutting pattern design or something technical like that.20:41
coconutlast: i think wait time on irc channels for answers is minimum 30 minutes.20:42
ioriaelias_a, he's trolling20:43
elias_aioria: Ok. Thanks.20:44
ioriano prob20:44
elias_aI'd actually have use for a sw that can be used for designing fabric cutting patterns. :P20:45
OerHeksnot trolling at all, stoned might want a cad template or something like that, we don't know20:47
cdivner_1sioria: OK, does that explain why it won't see the /var filesystem somehow? Like, are those containerized apps that need the volume linked into it or something?20:47
ioriacdivner_1s, nope, afaik. the issue might be in ~/.mutt or in /var/mail/User ownership20:48
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
lastcoconut yeah? awaiting i think is worth it if i get the nameserver on track20:50
cdivner_1sioria: We deleted ~/.mutt and confirmed ownership of /var/mail/jimmy20:51
ioriacdivner_1s, and the new .muttrc is correct ?20:52
coconutlast: yes, because irc users are not always online20:52
lastok coconut lets see20:52
hggdhcdivner_1s: it is probable you should see some errors in the logs, from apparmor20:52
lastif not you will have to help me with this coconut20:52
cdivner_1sioria: It did not make a new .mutt or .muttrc20:54
lastif not you will have to help me with this coconut20:54
cdivner_1shggdh: apparmor, that's what I was trying to remember20:55
ioriacdivner_1s, and how can he think to make it works ?20:55
cdivner_1sioria: What?20:55
coconutlast: i don't know, but my router as dns server only did work afer installing dnsmask in it. Something familiar might be needed? I don't know, never used pi.20:55
cdivner_1shggdh: If I don't see anything in /var/log/syslog from apparmor, how do I turn its logging up higher?20:56
ioriacdivner_1s, it wont work without a .muttrc20:56
cdivner_1sioria: Sure it will. It will just use the compiled-in defaults, which should be fine in this case.20:56
ioriacdivner_1s, sy for asking... is it  a ralay host or and internal mail server + postfix ?20:58
cdivner_1sioria: local delivery only, via postfix20:59
ioriaah, ok20:59
cdivner_1sioria: We're just trying to get the output of some cron jobs to see whether they failed20:59
ioriai see20:59
cdivner_1skern.log shows no audit entries when mutt is started21:00
cdivner_1s"sudo aa-complain mutt" says "Profile for /usr/bin/snap not found, skipping"21:01
cdivner_1sand then immediately exits21:01
hggdhcdivner_1s: you can try journactl -b0 | grep audit | less # I do not know what might be reported against mutt21:01
* hggdh goes walk the dog21:02
lastcoconut i removed pihole and my nameserver resolv.conf targets same dns everytime21:03
coconutlast: you forgot to backup?21:05
IRONEOany1 there21:06
IRONEOloc ?21:06
david6468465Moscow, Russia21:06
OerHekshimanshu,  IRONEO this is ubuntu support21:06
IRONEOAhhh kewl ... USA (Midwest) here21:07
OerHeksoops, my keyboard goes crazy21:07
IRONEOOhh ok sry himanshu21:07
lastcoconut yes21:10
MaxFunFancy Openbox? Check this script :D https://www.reddit.com/r/openbox/comments/aagqgs/my_script_for_an_easy_install_of_ubuntuopenbox/21:13
MaxFunworks great!21:14
lastcoconut pi hole dosnt give install log chnages21:15
OerHekscarefull, with scripts posted on reddit and hosted on own webpage21:16
OerHeksMaxFun, crunchbang is not supported here21:17
OerHeksMaxFun,  odd, that script is based on xfce, but does not use xubuntu-restricted-extras / addons21:19
cdivner_1sok, when I run /snap/mutt/current/bin/mutt it works, when I run mutt relying on $PATH, it opens /snap/bin/mutt which fails21:19
=== vanvliet is now known as coconut
jemaduxhow to install wine stagiing in ubuntu ?21:36
xamithanuse the repo from winehq ?21:36
OerHeksfor experimental wine there is a ppa, but we do not support wine21:37
MaxFunOerHeks: its safe. read the post, and check the script21:37
OerHeksyes, wineHQ gives those pps's and support21:37
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu21:37
MaxFunOerHeks: based on XFCE?21:37
OerHeksMaxFun, it is not supported here, and spam is not welcome... i still have questions about the "in that script download"21:38
ducasseMaxFun: it's still offtopic and unsolicited, so please stop spamming it here21:38
cdivner_1sit seems snaps have their own apparmor stuff - e.g., mutt's is in /var/lib/snapd/apparmor/profiles/snap.mutt.mutt21:38
cdivner_1sand that file is definitely missing a grant for /var/mail21:38
MaxFunsorry. will do :)21:38
hggdhcdivner_1s: yes, snaps implement their apparmor profiles. For the record, I just installed it (sudo snap install mutt), and I can use it with no issues21:41
cdivner_1shggdh: you're on 18.04?21:41
OerHeksreinstall the snap perhaps?21:41
cdivner_1sOerHeks: same error21:42
cdivner_1sthough now at least apparmor logs something21:44
MaxFunanyone here that would like to meet me in Paris?21:47
pragmaticenigmaMaxFun: This channel is primarily focused offering support for the Ubuntu OS and it's provided software. If you would like to arrange a community meetup, please use the #ubuntu-offtopic channel to make an announcement21:48
MaxFunpragmaticenigma: thank you :D21:50
hggdhcdivner_1s: no I am running Disco21:53
hggdhcdivner_1s: but it should be the same snap21:53
cdivner_1sdisco is what - 19.04?21:55
hggdhcdivner_1s: yes21:55
pragmaticenigmahggdh: Disco is not supported yet. See #ubuntu+1 for support21:55
cdivner_1swell, right now I'm creating a dockerfile that will reproduce the issue21:56
swift110hey a;;22:02
swift110hey all22:02
cdivner_1sThere's definitely something broken in snap: "ls -al /var" works fine; after "snap run --shell mutt", "ls -al /var" says ls: cannot open directory '/var': Permission denied22:04
=== eprice_ is now known as eprice
TJ-cdivner_1s: "snap run --shell which mutt"  - does that show the path that you can compare against the apparmor profile(s) ?22:10
gabrielAny experience with a hackintosh?22:17
pragmaticenigmagabriel: That is not supported here22:17
gabrielWhat can I do to make linux prettier? I've installed cinnamon + material theme but it's still a bit lackluster22:18
pragmaticenigmagabriel: you can look at different themes for Ubuntu. You can also look at different linux distributions to find one that comes setup with the tools that fit your needs.22:21
pragmaticenigma!themes | gabriel22:22
ubottugabriel: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy22:22
gabrielThanks, I'll have a look22:22
gabrielLast question please :P22:22
pragmaticenigmagabriel: Ultimately what you consider "pretty" is entirely up to you.22:22
gabrielI installed powertop, and Im running on Intel HD22:22
gabrielhowever my battery life is still terrible22:23
gabrielIm using a dell xps 956022:23
gabrielso it has the largest available battery on the market (97Whr)22:23
gabrielon windows I get 8 hours, on linux I get 4 if im lucky22:23
gabrielbluetooth is disabled, powertop is running, low brightness and on intel hd22:24
gabrielanything I might have missed?22:24
OerHekssome say TLP is better than powertop22:24
=== Elon_Satoshi is now known as Copenhagen_Bram
gabrielhmm ill read on it22:25
OerHeksany fancy desktop effects eat battery, full brightness too, and if you succeed to tweak nearly as good as windows does, please share22:25
pragmaticenigmagabriel: Power management is something you should concern yourself with once you have gotten everything installed that you like, and are pretty much in a ready to work state. Then start worrying about power consumption.22:25
pragmaticenigmagabriel: And OerHeks makes a good point. Making the appearance "pretty" comes at a significant cost to battery life.22:26
gabrielDrivers and mostly everything is ready (I might stick to the current theme for now)22:26
gabriel(I think)22:26
gabrielAnything else besides TLP?22:26
OerHeksmaybe that internal gforce 1050/60 is not powered off, iirc that is an issue22:26
gabrielit's showing as off in the nvidia X server settings22:27
gabrielSystem baseline power is estimated at 18.6 W22:28
gabrielPower est.    Usage     Device name22:28
gabriel  10.1 W    117.7%        CPU core22:28
gabriel  6.16 W      7.5%        Display backlight22:28
gabriel  1.19 W    117.7%        DRAM22:28
gabriel  1.17 W    117.7%        CPU misc22:28
gabrielThe display is on the lowest brightness and it's still taking 7W22:30
pragmaticenigmagabriel: You are reading that carefully... especially the part that says "est" meaning estimate... meaning the program doesn't have an accurate way to measure22:31
pragmaticenigmagabriel: also, 7 watts is about average for displays running at their lowest brightness settings22:32
gabrielDon't understand why battery life is so different then22:33
gabriellooking into getting tlp right now22:33
pragmaticenigmadepends on what you are doing gabriel ... there isn't anyone better suited for figuring that you but you22:34
gabrielwhy should doing the same tasks on linux and windows cause linux to have half the battery life?22:34
gabrielI'm trying to investigate the cause22:35
pragmaticenigmagabriel: They're not the same tasks22:35
gabrielSoftware development on the same IDE22:35
pragmaticenigmagabriel: You cannot compare an apple to an orange and ask why the orange doesn't have more red22:35
pragmaticenigmayou're already here qwebirc6700822:37
kur1jHas anyone experienced issues with 16.04 or 18.04 on Intel Xeon-W chipsets?22:47
pragmaticenigmakur1j: perhaps detail the issues you are experiencing, as it's easier to try and help you determine what may be wrong with you local machine.22:49
pragmaticenigmaand find ways to fix it22:49
kur1jpragmaticenigma: can't install it the OS. as soon as you hit the "install ubuntu" you get a bunch of Nouveau errors22:50
pragmaticenigmaNouveau is Nvidia Graphics, try starting the installer with nomodeset22:51
pragmaticenigma!nomodeset | kur1j22:51
ubottukur1j: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter22:51
kur1jpragmaticenigma: I've done that. the only combination of kernel options I can get to work is nomodeset, noacpi, and there is one more (not in front of it)22:52
kur1jThis particular problems seems like it would be more widespread than just a single issue I'm having22:52
kur1jhence why I was asking a wider audiance22:52
pragmaticenigmait's better to be detailed here, too broad and no one is likely to respond22:53
kur1jpragmaticenigma: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1089083/cant-install-16-04-5-lts-on-dell-precision-582022:54
kur1jits detailed as I can get and the work around22:54
pragmaticenigmakur1j: So what you are saying is following that, you get the machine working?22:55
kur1jbut there are other oddities that go along with it, including only seeing one CPU core22:55
kur1jive yet to be able to get Ubuntu 16.04 installed on a Xeon W series, X299 all with these same relatable issues.22:56
kur1jworking with a vendor they can't either22:56
V7 Hey all22:56
V7Is it possible to download libpng12?22:56
V7https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/amd64/libpng12-0/download gives Internal Server Error22:57
pragmaticenigmaV7: If you are unable to retrieve it using "apt" it is likely the server you're connecting to might be in the middle of a mirror sync... try again in a few hours22:58
pragmaticenigmaV7: Otherwise, I'm able to navigate to the page you linked to without any issues22:59
V7pragmaticenigma: Not by apt, but web site22:59
MaxFunanyone managed to start libreoffice with firejail?22:59
V7Interesting. For me it gives error23:00
MaxFunWarning: failed to launch javaldx - java may not function correctly23:00
pragmaticenigmaV7: Why are you attempting to download it manually23:00
V7Because it's not supported in Ubuntu >1623:00
pragmaticenigmaV7: There is a reason for that23:00
V7pragmaticenigma: sure23:01
OerHeksbut you will get issues, iirc23:01
V7OerHeks: Already, but, thank you very much23:01
MaxFunshould I care about using firejail?23:01
pragmaticenigmaMaxFun: depends on what you are trying to do and why you feel you need to run it like that23:02
TJ-kur1j: I'd strongly recommend using the most recent LTS/kernel you can since the older kernels may not have full support for that chipset/CPU mix. Also, 'noacpi' is the likely cause of not seeing the other CPU cores, since ACPI is essential these days for the OS to enumerate, control power and configure devices23:03
kur1jTJ-: I have been 16.04.5 is the latest LTS in the 16 series branch23:04
kur1jTJ-: I get the same exact errors with 18.04 as well23:04
uio#join #arch23:04
pragmaticenigmaMaxFun: On firejail's site they have a known issue for libreoffice: https://firejail.wordpress.com/support/ look for heading "LibreOffice on Ubuntu 18.04"23:05
TJ-kur1j: 16.04.5 only has kernel v4.15 (Jan 2018) which is now 5 releases behind (now on 5.0-rc)23:07
OerHekskur1j, UEFI has some other limits, disable that 2nd intel stuff too, see23:07
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI23:07
kur1jTJ-: its the latest LTS supported kernel for 16.23:08
TJ-kur1j: I'd suggest, as a test, trying the latest 19.04 Disco build, just to see if the issue is solved23:08
kur1jOerHeks: what other 2nd intel stuff?23:08
OerHekssrt https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#General_principles23:08
TJ-kur1j: why 16.04, what about 18.04 which has the HWE v4.18 kernel ?23:09
kur1jTJ-: I have tried both23:09
kur1jTJ-: I get the same results23:09
OerHeksyeah, with a cpu from '17 ...23:09
TJ-kur1j: you've tried the Disco installer ?23:09
OerHeksbut then again, it can be a bios update issue, bios setting for igp, sata mode ahci ...23:10
kur1jTJ-: I have not tried Disco because its not the latest LTS which is what we stay on typically, I can do it test obviously but some of the software we use doesn't like to move23:10
kur1jOerHeks: I've got the latest BIOS on the system23:10
TJ-kur1j: that is the point, to test. The CPU is rather new isn't it, therefore the most recent kernel should be tested first23:12
kur1j18.10 latest?23:12
TJ-kur1j: Personally I'd install 18.04 as a bootable OS (rather than the installer ISO)  on a USB flash device, add the v4.18 HWE kernel, and the mainline 4.20 and 5.0-rc2 Ubuntu mainline kernel builds, and test the system with those.23:13
TJ-kur1j: that way you can capture system logs to the device easily, add special tools, more easily adapt kernel command line, and so forth23:14
TJ-!mainline | kur1j23:14
ubottukur1j: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds23:14
OerHeks18.04.2 LTS daily build http://ftp.uni-kl.de/pub/linux/ubuntu-dvd/bionic/daily-live/20190120/23:15
kur1jTJ-: wouldn't 18.04 live be the same?23:15
TJ-kur1j: no; using a 'live' means you have to go back to square one every time you do a reboot test.23:16
kur1jTJ-: ok well regardless it won't boot23:16
TJ-kur1j: you've got no persistent logging23:16
kur1jif you stick 18.04 on the machine it will not boot period without those flags23:16
OerHekscorrect, not with the daily build, awesome extra23:16
TJ-kur1j: with an installed system, you've got several places you can drop to a shell to examine it, e.g. GRUB rescue, GRUB shell, initialramfs, emergency/rescue shell, multi-user.target23:17
TJ-kur1j: "18.04" is not the problem; the kernel/firmware interaction is, and I'm recommending you test all available kernel versions. '18.04' userspace doesn't matter23:18
kur1jso instead of installing on a disk drive just install on a USB device on a working machine?23:19
TJ-kur1j: yes, and add those additional kernel packages, modify the GRUB menu so it isn't hidden and doesn't time out, so you can choose which kernel version to boot each time23:20
TJ-kur1j: Also, I'd also disable the GUI and only allow it to boot to the terminal, so the GUI doesn't get in the way of testing.23:21
TJ-kur1j: as in "systemctl set-default multi-user.target"23:21
TJ-kur1j: in that way, journald will capture all the kernel boot logs (when it gets far enough) so you can examine those later (from that system or some other PC)23:22
kur1jok sounds like a plan23:24
ZummiG777This is a weird question, and maybe I'm just behind the times, but is there anyway to disable the use of snap packages?23:25
TJ-kur1j: there's a few people here with extensive experience of debugging these kinds of issues; the key is to choose the easiest ways to reduce the problem space. That begins with testing the most recent kernels first in case they've solved the issue (in which case we could then find the commits that did te fix and get them backported to standard Ubuntu kernels)23:25
kur1jgranted, if its fixed in the newer builds not much it will do for me though haha23:25
kur1jTJ-: yup fair enough.23:26
kur1jTJ-: would getting the boot logs of each work? Say it boots in 4.20 but doesn't in 4.18, but capturing the dmesg boot log be enough?23:27
TJ-kur1j: journald captures them, and "journalctl -b -X" will report the X previous boot, e.g. "journalctl -b 2" will show the boot log from 2 boots ago23:29
TJ-kur1j: I'd also recommend you open a bug report on this so we can track it, many of us are in different time zones so it makes sharing/reviewing info much easier23:30
TJ-!bug | kur1j23:31
ubottukur1j: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.23:31
kur1jTJ-: Ok I'll do that23:31
TJ-kur1j: I'd recommend using https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+reportbug  and giving it a title like "Boot failure on Dell XXXXXX with CPU YYYYYY" and let us know the bug number here23:31
TJ-oh, that should be ".../+filebug"23:32
kur1jTJ-: thanks TJ I'm going in our lab to start appreciate the help ill def be back on this23:35
TJ-ZummiG777: you could disable or remove snapd23:35
kur1jTJ-: all of our leases are expiring and they are giving us these new machines...that don't work haha23:35
kur1jhave to figure out a solution somehow23:36
TJ-kur1j: I'm in UK so its almost midnight here but I'll hang on to see your bug number so I can subscribe to it23:36
j0sephHi, all. I am currently on Ubuntu 18.10. Whenever my laptop (XPS 13 9360) goes into sleep mode, it sometimes cannot read / connect to the wireless card (Killer 1535 AC). Usually, this can require a restart but on occasion even that does not help. I am currently using Dell's XPS BIOS Ver 2.10. Any ways I can rectify this? Thanks!23:36
TJ-kur1j: doesn't matter if there's nothing much in it to begin with, just so's we have the number and some inital make/model/spec details to investigate23:36
TJ-j0seph: I was reading of a potential cause of that earlier today; something to do with PCI device power levels not being reset correctly after resume from suspend, but so far its not been solved. I'll grab the bug report for you: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20146923:39
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 201469 in PCI "iwlwifi: 7265: wifi stop working after wakeup from suspend since 4.18rc1 - (CSR_GP_CNTRL 0xffffffff)" [High,Needinfo]23:39
j0sephTJ-: Thanks! Yes, when it wakes up, there is a notification reading "Power" with a large black-and-white cross sign, though I can never read further as it doesn't appear when I log back in. Perhaps this is the cause. Are there any short-term solutions to this, such as a newer kernel or the like?23:42
kur1jTJ-: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/181275823:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1812758 in linux (Ubuntu) "Boot failure on Dell Dell Precision 5820 with Intel Xeon W-2123 CPU" [Undecided,New]23:44
TJ-j0seph: if you're experiencing the issue I referenced there are not; it's some subtle problem between the PC firmware ACPI code, and the OS drivers23:44
TJ-kur1j: thanks, subscribing23:44
kur1jTJ-: thanks23:45
TJ-kur1j: what is interesting is that Dell claim to support 16.04 on that system, so my bet is they have a custom installer/image they put on them that does work fine, possibly containing patches Ubuntu itself isn't aware of23:48
j0sephTJ-: Well, that's a shame.. So long as this won't cause and harm to the card itself, I suppose I'll have to wait until it's patched. Otherwise, I'd be worried. But, I think that most signs point to having the issue you outlined there. I also found this on askubuntu which describes a similar problem, but with someone suggesting the solution to be installing 'firmware-realtek' but as far as I know, Killer isn't associated with realtek.23:48
j0seph(I don't know what relation this will bear to my case, as my wireless card is not an intel one)23:51
j0sephAs it seems like iwlwifi is for intel cards. Or is this a larger problem? Sorry if I'm asking silly questions.23:51
* hacman is away: maudite neige !!!!!23:52
qwebirc51658Hey I'm working on building software that will autorun on a thumbdrive booting with ubuntu. the ubuntu livecd docs seem a little dated and I'm wondering if there's better resources for learning to work with building live boot distros23:52
OerHekswifi.scan-rand-mac-address=no looks interesting, from https://askubuntu.com/questions/761180/wifi-doesnt-work-after-suspend-after-16-04-upgrade/761220#761220  --- but i would use their latest binairy blob  >>  https://www.dell.com/support/article/ae/en/aebsdt1/sln306440/killer-n1535-wireless-firmware-manual-update-guide-for-ubuntu-systems?lang=en23:54
OerHeksqwebirc51658, interesting, there is a daily live iso, but it will be old tomorrow 18.04.2 LTS daily build http://ftp.uni-kl.de/pub/linux/ubuntu-dvd/bionic/daily-live/20190120/23:55

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