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depeszhi. apt-get upgrade on new kubuntu 18.10 removed okular and dolphin because of some problems with libpoppler.15:31
depeszis it known issue? what can I do to fix it?15:31
depeszwell, dist-upgrade, not upgrade15:31
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valoriedepesz: reinstall them?20:14
* valorie uses full-upgrade rather than dist-upgrade command20:15
valorieactually I usually use `sudo pkcon refresh && sudo pkcon update` instead20:16
Roenie_Currently testing 18.10. One of the important features for me is Desktop Grid. There's a glitch every time I drag a window from one virtual desktop to another. The window first appears somewhere in the middle of the target virtual desktop, then jumps back to where the mouse is, and continues being dragged as normal.20:55
Roenie_note: I disabled " Use present Windows effect to layout the windows" in the Desktop Grid settings, so that windows can be dragged without disappearing.20:58
depeszvalorie: i did rebuild poppler, reinstalled, and then i could install okular and dolphin.22:34
maetthewAnyone can tell me where the configuration files for Konsole are located?22:46

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