lubot<HMollerCl> @tsimonq2  wxl: what is kio. They are sugesting that the checkbox for docx in LO i made by kio https://sources.debian.org/src/kio/5.51.0-1/src/filewidgets/kfilewidget.cpp/?hl=2312#L231200:27
lubot<tsimonq2> @acheronuk that sounds like PIM. :P00:29
lubot<tsimonq2> @HMollerCl [@tsimonq2  wxl: what is kio. They are sugesting that the checkbox for docx in LO …], KDE Input Output00:29
lubot<tsimonq2> Probably their file picker00:29
lubot<HMollerCl> it's not dolphin?00:31
lubot<HMollerCl> yhe kde filepicker00:31
lubot<tsimonq2> I don't think so00:31
lubot<tsimonq2> Rik knows KDE internals better than I do00:32
lubot<HMollerCl> @acheronuk ??00:32
lubot<HMollerCl> what's this? https://sources.debian.org/src/kio/5.51.0-1/src/filewidgets/kfilewidget.cpp/?hl=2312#L231200:32
lubot<HMollerCl> how is related to dolphin?00:33
-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALae109a8e708a: Add cache size and its purpose to qpdfview settings] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALae109a8e708a00:38
-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALb49c624af56d: Add qpdfview right click on tab bar open new copy] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALb49c624af56d00:45
-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL82165adb1e06: Add open containing folder via tab right click] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL82165adb1e0600:51
wxli thought kio was just an io library00:56
lubot<eosmurfineos> So I am going to file my first bug report for Lubuntu(19.04) lxqt-panel, is Launchpad the correct avenue?00:56
-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL76ab7c4d8c15: Add other ways for whole page zoom or page width] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL76ab7c4d8c1500:58
lubot<HMollerCl> @wxl [<wxl> i thought kio was just an io library], from the name, i thought that to, like the old stdio.h00:59
wxlright. but i am not 100% sure00:59
wxlon the other hand "kfileWIDGET" sure sounds like a ui element00:59
lubot<HMollerCl> I post a question in LXQt forum01:01
-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALd5f8b38521d3: Add qpdfview close all tabs but this one] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALd5f8b38521d301:01
lubot<HMollerCl> Apparently the filepicker doesn't have all the features that lo needs.01:01
-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL4329f59bca38: Improve fullscreen and presentation sentences] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL4329f59bca3801:05
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-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL38ef2f2375f6: Add close all tabs to left or right] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL38ef2f2375f602:26
lubot<HMollerCl> I miss a simple paint program in lubuntu,something like pinta02:30
lynorianis gtk based and mono based 02:31
lynorianmeans no picture of a shark with whoosh on it in the manual either like there was for lxde once upon a time02:32
lubot<HMollerCl> I know, just landed on pencil2d, I will give it a try02:36
lubot<HMollerCl> it's Qt https://www.pencil2d.org/02:36
lynorianand in the repos02:37
lubot<HMollerCl> mmm, it only supports pcl files02:38
lubot<HMollerCl> kolourpaint is an option02:49
lubot<HMollerCl> (Photo, 928x645) https://i.imgur.com/DACmiAz.jpg mem ussage of diferent netwrok managers02:50
lubot<HMollerCl> @tsimonq2 see conman takes to much resources02:50
lubot<HMollerCl> I see in the forum that agaida loves it, don't understand why02:51
lubot<tsimonq2> ahh03:18
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-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALd1e1705af0ca: More styling of menus] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALd1e1705af0ca06:00
lubot<acheronuk> @HMollerCl [@acheronuk ??], could be another case of LO thinking it is not in a KDE session, so falls back to Qt native handling of the extension types and options08:00
lubot<acheronuk> there are some curious things like this in the LO code: https://github.com/LibreOffice/core/blob/master/vcl/unx/gtk3_kde5/gtk3_kde5_filepicker.cxx#L18408:00
lubot<eosmurfineos> Well, I posted my first official bug report on Launchpad today: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxqt-panel/+bug/1812826 Feedback welcome, critical feedback  encouraged :)10:12
-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL24e148d9c292: Add cut text to firefox] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL24e148d9c29215:32
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-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL7bacca303869: start folder switching on trojita] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL7bacca30386916:03
-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL8608371ff573: Add example for switching to drafts folder] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL8608371ff57316:10
-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL50489982d3fe: Add launch the manual website with command line] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL50489982d3fe16:23
-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL16793e5d1deb: Add close to system tray to quassel] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL16793e5d1deb18:23
-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALa3292c28f01f: Add Quassel display topic in tooltip] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALa3292c28f01f18:31
-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL5cc73bb57101: Add Quassel mousewheel to change chat] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL5cc73bb5710118:36
-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALbc448803c611: Start input widget tab] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALbc448803c61120:21
-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL0b4918656a73: fix indent] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL0b4918656a7320:30
-lugito1:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL03f2915927a7: libreoffice_impress.rst] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL03f2915927a720:41
lubot<HMollerCl> @tsimonq2 wxl: this LO file extension issue is getting out of my hands. I can't understand what/where/who needs to fix it. Now apparently is a VCL=qt5 .... https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=122752#c1221:32
wxlmaybe the issue is the VCL plugin? 21:34
wxli mean it's kind of obvious21:34
wxlthey all provide different behavior. that's not right.21:34
lubot<HMollerCl> honesly, I don't know21:35
lubot<HMollerCl> I don't know if the behaivour is only part of VCL or the FM has something to do on it, remember that kio thing?21:37
wxl@HMollerCl i really think it has to be the VCL but i would expect the LO people to know that22:12
wxl(i mean it has to be that based on what i'm seeing in the comparison between them)22:12
lubot<HMollerCl> I didn't knew they had a qt5=VCL I also haven't been able to chnage my VCL other than installing libreoffice-gtk or libreoffice-kde packages22:14

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