j0sephOerHeks: I was under the impression that ath10k was included in the Kernel already00:01
ZummiG777TJ- Very true - I'm an idiot!00:02
MaxFunDid I kill the chat here? let's talk about the bear instead :)00:05
MaxFunone thinks one gotta sleep soon now. almost 1:30am00:23
MaxFunsorry! This is the #ubuntu channel, no the offtopic. very sorry00:24
jamie_1_anyone have any idea why virtualbox when loading up a vm wont read the iso as a bootable medium?00:36
jamie_1_it just tells me cannot find bootable medium even when ubuntu18.04.1-server-amd64.iso is loaded in a disk image00:37
leftyfbjamie_1_: it's supposed to be optical media, not a disk image00:37
jamie_1_sorry i worded that bad, thats what it is00:37
leftyfbjamie_1_: what OS is VB running on?00:38
jamie_1_ubuntu 18.1000:38
jamie_1_btw nice to see you again... i dont come very often but you always seem to be here00:39
leftyfbit's working fine for me here on 18.04. Have you tested the iso booting another machine from usb or cd?00:39
jamie_1_hrm... i did have a few system complaints that i had to fix when i installed virtualbox00:40
jamie_1_i know its system related due to its happening both on vmware and virtualbox00:40
jamie_1_this dam on screen keyboard is kill me00:41
OerHeksmaybe you errors about VT-x or so?00:41
jamie_1_any ideas how to fix that or check what i need to do to fix it?00:41
jamie_1_im not a wizz with vm's honeslty00:41
jamie_1_or spelling for that fact apparently00:41
jamie_1_im  thinking of calling it and going back to ubuntu gnome 16.0400:42
jamie_1_XD everything worked a lot better there XD00:42
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jamie_1_screw it im going to load up 16.04.100:44
leftyfbjamie_1_: I would stick with 18.0400:44
leftyfbmainly the LTS releases00:44
jamie_1_anyone know why ubuntu gnome seems to be gone?00:44
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leftyfbjamie_1_: 18.04 and above IS ubuntu gnome00:44
jamie_1_darn... i loved gnome 3.2000:45
jamie_1_the new one feels to close to unity im00:45
jamie_1_the hotlkey reliance is a lot lower which is what i loved, almost never had to touch the mouse at all00:46
leftyfbjamie_1_: you know you can make it however you like right? (for the most part)00:46
jamie_1_oh i know00:46
jamie_1_its linux XD00:46
jamie_1_it was honestly just how i liked right out of box00:46
leftyfbhotkeys > mouse anyday00:46
jamie_1_whats killing me is this dam on screen keyboard shit00:47
jamie_1_anyone know how to deal with that?00:47
leftyfbwhy do you need an onscreen keyboard? Also please watch the language00:47
jamie_1_and i dont.... thats the issue00:47
jamie_1_its disabled in settings and due to me having a touch screen and using it a lot it keeps poping up the keyboard00:48
OerHekssure you find system settings about this behaviour00:48
OerHeksand install gnome tweak tool, maybe more options there00:48
OerHeksonboard screenboard is default on a touch device, great00:49
leftyfbjamie_1_: so you do or do not use the touchscreen? Personally, I don't like to treat my laptops like a phone or tablet so that is the first thing I disable in the BIOS00:49
jamie_1_leftyfb: my touch pad doesnt work even with changing the grub00:49
jamie_1_it works when it feels like so when i do need to use the cursor i have to use the touch screen00:49
jamie_1_also when working with servers its kinda nice honestly with the two in one settings leftyfb00:50
leftyfbmaybe that needs to be the first thing you troubleshoot? (touchpad)00:50
OerHekswhat touch device is this?00:50
jamie_1_asus harman00:50
leftyfbjamie_1_: huh? A touchreen is nice working with server? Can you elaborate on that?00:51
jamie_1_when just configuring stuff with ethernet like ports and adding a vdi to a machine and you dont have a place the set it down, you just flip it into tablet and hold it in your forarm00:51
jamie_1_its a unpopular opnion i know00:52
leftyfbcrash cart00:52
OerHeksthe arch wiki gives clues, about touchpad building yourself and other issues that makes it not a certified linux machine00:52
jamie_1_leftyfb: im to lazy for that XD00:52
jamie_1_OerHeks: oh i know... its not very good in the sense of a machine at all... so many issues ive ran into00:53
jamie_1_but its company provided00:53
jamie_1_i didnt have to pay for it so i kinda live with it00:53
jamie_1_im pretty sure you can understand that much OerHeks00:54
jamie_1_well i think im gonna spin up 18.04 and see how it goes there00:56
jamie_1_hopefully it will work fine there00:56
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craigbass76Why would a network card disappear all of a sudden?01:24
OerHekscraigbass76, hidden powermanagment?01:30
OerHeksdoes this occur after the same x of time, gives a clue to that01:31
user37im running linux mint on a thinkpad x220, and the cursor keeps moving and clicking on its own. does anyone know anything about this? is it a common issue? easy fix? (please say yes)01:31
craigbass76I'm not sure. I haven't had to bring one up manually in a while, so I'm googling in one room, and running back and forth to it. It just stopped coming up (I want to say a couple weeks ago, but might be a month) and I can't remember how I made it work. ifcfg -a shows it, but it's not active01:32
craigbass76OerHeks, ^^01:32
craigbass76ifup <-- I thought that was a command. Maybe once upon a time?01:33
OerHeksnormally the network manager takes care of this01:34
craigbass76It's a desktop, with an ethernet card, so I won't be dorking with wifi or passwords.01:34
craigbass76I can see it in network manager, but I don't see anything jumping out at me explaining what might ail it.01:34
OerHeksthis might be a hardware failure, hardware does wear and tear01:34
leftyfbsounds like it needs a kernel module/firmware to get built but you don't have the -extras package to do so when update-initramfs gets run01:35
OerHeksor a cable issue01:35
leftyfbone of my servers had the issue whenever a new kernel was installed and I had to reboot ... before I installed the -extras package that is01:35
leftyfbcraigbass76: when it's inaccessible, do you see it in lspci? Do you see it in /sys/class/net?01:36
craigbass76I've got lights on the card itself.01:38
craigbass76And it could have happened after an update, I don't remember exactly.01:38
leftyfbcraigbass76: ok, care to check any of the questions I asked?01:38
craigbass76Hang on... I've got my laptop out in the kitchen with an external monitor -- have to migrate...01:39
craigbass76leftyfb, I see the ethernet controller in lspci, and there is a symlink to a ../../devices/blahblah/enp0s25 in sys/class/net01:44
leftyfbcraigbass76: what version of ubuntu?01:45
Teleputeris anyone here01:45
craigbass76leftyfb, /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.con has a [ifupdown] managed=false section. I chaned it to true, and restarted NetworkManager, but nothing happened, so I se it back01:47
craigbass76my apologies for missing characters -- this keyboard is twacked -- part of why I was setting out at the table with it01:48
leftyfbcraigbass76: ok, so this is a desktop?01:48
leftyfbcraigbass76: if you see it in network manager, then just reconnect to it01:48
_aDWhere would be the appropriate place to report a possible security issue with the Ubuntu wiki?01:49
craigbass76Define network manager. Is that a GNOME GUI app? I'm on XFCE01:49
_aDI seem to have gotten lost in a maze of contact us pages, wiki security bug reporting and community posts, and can't find a sensible-looking GPG key for security@ubuntu.com01:49
leftyfb_aD: try #ubuntu-website01:50
_aDleftyfb: tyvm01:51
craigbass76On the icon I actually DO see up by the clock, I see Ethernet Network, but it's greyed out and right underneath I see "device not managed"01:51
leftyfbcraigbass76: I'm not familiar with what xfce uses to manage networking. I assume it's NetworkManager in the backend and needs the ifupdown set to true, but I really have no idea01:52
Kumoolit uses networkmanager, it auto starts gnome services as well01:56
craigbass76Well, /etc/network/interfaces doesn't list it. That might be a problem, no?01:56
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leftyfbcraigbass76: NetworkManager != /etc/network/interfaces01:57
Kumoolit launches nm-applet, so i imagine it uses netmanager01:57
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craigbass76leftyfb, ok, if I set a line in interfaces, then ifconfig enp0s25 up, I've got network02:06
craigbass76Well, I lied. I have to do a dhclient too02:07
leonardusI ran `snap install foobar2000` and it's stuck at "Automatically connect eligible plugs and slots of snap foobar2000"02:10
OerHeksi think it is working on installing wine for that snap02:11
leonardusah, that would make sense02:11
OerHeks "foobar2000 is an advanced freeware audio player [wine-i386 packed snap]"02:12
OerHeksi use clementine, can handle large collections, has an equaliser02:12
Kumoolyeah but can it play EVERY SINGLE CHIPTUNE FORMAT OUT THERE?02:13
OerHeksif open source cannot handle it, i am not interested in the format02:17
core7when i try to boot ubuntu 18.04-desktop on my lenovo laptop - it hangs - no keys work - any ideas on how to debug it? I am trying to start it with live usb boot02:17
craigbass76leftyfb, I guess I can just run a script after I login that does the ifconfig up and dhclient commands...02:19
KumoolI mean, someone just has to work on it, but OSS has never been good in the gaming arena02:19
kk4ewtcraigbass76,  or let NM handle it02:20
hggdhKumool: can you please restrict yourself to support?02:21
Kumoolhggdh: no?02:22
hggdhKumool: yes. Last warning.02:23
Kumoolgo ahead02:23
craigbass76kk4ewt, leftyfb OerHeks weird... THere's some workaround. touch /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/10-globally-managed-devices.conf02:27
OerHeks!info oss4-dkms02:27
ubottuoss4-dkms (source: oss4): Open Sound System - DKMS module sources. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.2-build2010-5ubuntu3~18.04.1 (bionic), package size 635 kB, installed size 4805 kB02:27
spinningcati need help02:30
spinningcatpanel in the top and bottom is gone02:30
spinningcati found a way let see if it works02:34
spinningcathey anyone around02:45
guivercspinningcat, I'd suggest providing more details, eg. your release of ubuntu, desktop (if not gnome/unity) etc.02:46
spinningcatubuntu 16.0402:48
spinningcatit is gnome (default)02:48
fishcookerim trying to insert notify-send -t 13001 BO to the cron but noluck ... the syslog show the job successfully executed but the notification seems to be silenced02:50
spinningcatany avice?02:50
core7Anyone running ubuntu on recent lenovo laptops here? I have tried to boot ubuntu 18.04 / 10 - none works so far02:53
guivercdefault for 16.04 was Unity - are you running Ubuntu-GNOME LTS 16.04 ? (and not Ubuntu 16.04 LTS)02:54
guivercspinningcat, ^  (sorry forgot to direct question)02:54
spinningcatpanels are gone02:56
spinningcati guess it is LTS i am not sure02:56
guivercspinningcat, my question was if you're running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Unity desktop, not gnome) or Ubuntu-GNOME 16.04 LTS (gnome desktop)02:57
leftyfbfishcooker: you'll need to add it to your user cron, not root. And start it with:  export DISPLAY=:0 ; notify-send .......02:57
spinningcati am using gnome default02:57
spinningcatis there a command to be sure about that?02:58
guivercspinningcat, I don't know gnome on 16.04 (never used it), but I'd suggest looking in `gnome-tweak-tool` for options, and to see if you can disable extensions (if you add a gnome extension for a later/earlier version of gnome it can create problems - they are solved [usually] in you disable them)  -- but I'm no expert in gnome03:01
spinningcatactually i didnt add anything03:01
spinningcati just came home open computer and saw panels are gone03:02
leftyfbspinningcat: have you tried rebooting?03:03
guiverc(I'd 2nd lefty's comment, and yes it probably is gnome, I booted an older ubuntu & Unity has only a top panel)03:04
spinningcatalso enable unity from ccsm03:04
guivercspinningcat, gnome != unity.03:06
leftyfbspinningcat: echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP03:06
leftyfbok, that's not gnome03:07
spinningcatnow what will i do?03:08
spinningcatlet me try those03:10
spinningcatpanel come back03:16
spinningcati dont know why it diseppeared03:16
raubHow can I setup the screen brightness to whatever I feel like in a desktop?03:24
raubUnder screen brightness all I see is "Dim screen: checkbox03:24
guivercraub, it is my understanding most desktops don't allow brightness (it's a laptop feature added to save battery life firstly, then more recently for outdoor use - neither of which apply with desktops)03:26
cyphexraub: most external monitors have a way to change the brightness on the device itself03:28
guivercraub, you can use apps like 'redshift' to create that function via settings, but it's more a hack to achieve it03:28
raubguiverc: thanks for the info. I am running ubuntu in an imac with a built-in 26" monitor. It is too bright for me03:28
raubas in I am having a headache. If this was a normal separate monitor I would be clicking on its controls03:28
guivercraub, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Redshift  & consider brightness=  or brightness-day=, brightness-night= ...03:29
raubguiverc: Thank. I will give it a try03:31
fishcookercool leftyfb it works, thanks03:43
raubguiverc: I see what you mean as it being a hack. I was hoping I could adjust power to the screen as in a laptop03:46
raubStill. thanks for the suggestion03:47
guivercraub, that program has great capacity to change colors/temperature/.. so even if not via brightness, with other settings you should be able (hopefully anyway) to achiwve what you need03:47
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cyphexDoes anyone know how to fix mic static/crackling? I've tried everything I could find to no avail.04:54
cyphexThe microphone itself works fine (tested on my laptop). It's also not a hardware issue since everything wored fine under Windows on the same system.04:54
matsamancyphex: you're not talking about your laptop?04:57
cyphexmatsaman: No. The problem is with an external microphone on my desktop.04:57
matsamancyphex: you've looked through alsamixer? Sometimes multiple items can apply to a single in/out04:59
matsamanyou can use left/right arrow keys and tab to go through all the options04:59
matsamanthere's "mic boost", frequently, even04:59
cyphexI have looked through those.05:00
cyphexI turned mic boost all the way down, but the crackling persists.05:00
matsamanall the same connectors, cables? Same location?05:01
cyphexIt's definitely a software issue, but I have no idea how to pinpoint/resolve it.05:01
matsamancyphex: maybe this: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Advanced_Linux_Sound_Architecture/Troubleshooting#Crackling_microphone05:02
cyphexI've done those. Disabling scheduling helped a little bit, but there is still crackling.05:03
cyphexAlso, I don't have an intel sound card as far as I can tell.05:04
matsamancyphex: really, what've you got?05:09
cyphexlspci says: Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Family 17h (Models 00h-0fh) HD Audio Controller05:10
matsaman'hd audio' probably is hd audio regardless of the manufacturer/designer, but let's check05:11
matsamancyphex: what's lspci -n output?05:14
cyphexhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6z8sTtkh4p/ * sorry05:15
matsamancyphex: oh sorry, how about -nn ?05:17
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matsamancyphex: which kernel?05:21
matsamanwhich Ubuntu?05:22
cyphex18.10 budgie05:23
matsamancyphex: it might be worth trying the most recent kernel you can find05:29
cyphexmatsaman: Yeah, it's a long shot, but I think it's my only option.05:29
cyphexThanks for your help :)05:29
matsamanyou could also try the aforementioned params but with different values05:31
cyphexI have. I've even tried different combinations. In my despair I reached the 5th page of google results.05:32
matsamancyphex: this might be the bug to watch: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19530305:34
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 195303 in Sound(ALSA) "ALC1220 snd_hda_intel Sound capture is crackled / distorted" [Normal,New]05:34
matsamancyphex: have you tried without pulseaudio?05:35
OerHeksmaybe it is just the level of input and output in alsamixer, seen that before, level 50%05:37
cyphexOerHeks: could you clarify? Do you mean setting the levels to 50%?05:41
OerHeksyed, fiddle around with alsamixer ( in terminal)05:42
cyphexI've tried that, didn't help unfortunately.05:42
OerHeksF4 capture05:42
cyphexLooking through the bugzilla entry linked above, it seems to be a recurring problem with x370 chipsets (which is the chipset I have as well)05:43
sergeantcan anyone please help me removing this error05:46
sergeantwhile running mongo shell05:46
SlidingHornsergeant: not somewhere I'm particularly knowledgeable, but maybe this can help point you in the right direction (see the highlighted answer & the one below it) https://stackoverflow.com/a/2494169805:48
lotuspsychjeis that on ubuntu server sergeant05:54
sergeantyes lotusspsychje05:54
lotuspsychjecome join to #ubuntu-server, likeminded volunteers there05:55
sergeantI am having trouble registering my nickname on freenode.05:56
sergeantCan someone assist me with the same.05:56
lotuspsychje!register | sergeant05:57
ubottusergeant: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.05:57
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OerHeksi get an error: error: store.SnapNotFound with 28 snaps06:11
OerHeksif i perform:  snap install sdlpop pencilsheep nextcloud bubble-pop xonotic  cncra cncra2yr cnctsun jgalaxian flare-rpg minecraft boa openra corsixth tmnationsforever msnake micropolis sudoku-game pin-town spelunky zzt starruler2 spider-solitaire balloon-pop liveforspeed solarus squarehead opentyrian06:11
lotuspsychje: O06:11
OerHeksis there a limit of snaps install ?06:11
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: some snaps might need arguments to install, maybe check?06:12
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: like sudo snap install snap --classic06:12
lotuspsychjenot sure if snappy is built for multi installs like apt06:12
kingoffluorideAll About the Benyamins: https://www.bitchute.com/video/vLYGbG7SBxM7/ (The very latest from Scott Roberts)06:19
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qwebirc94296hai, is Ubuntu 18.04 supports for HP laptops?06:57
qwebirc94296I am customising Ubuntu from last 7 years06:58
qwebirc94296Now I am planning to customise ubuntu 18.04 with all the educational tools06:58
qwebirc94296Suggest me some good educational tools whichhel fort teachers to teach class 8, 9 and 10th students06:59
qwebirc94296Now I am planning to customise ubuntu 18.04 with all the educational tools [12:29] <qwebirc94296> Suggest me some good educational tools whichhel fort teachers to teach class 8, 9 and 10th student07:02
lotuspsychjeqwebirc94296: nice project and welcome to ubuntu07:04
lotuspsychjeqwebirc94296: maybe you can discuss this in #ubuntu-discuss07:04
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scoopexi am using start-stop-daemon in a init script.....setting made in /etc/security/limits.d/foo.conf are ignored...it seems that start-stop-daemon is not capable for setting ulimits...is that correct?07:30
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Kirahk.archive.ubuntu.com seems broken?07:50
ducasseKira: ask in #ubuntu-mirrors07:51
simputerHello guys if my reverse dns is tld.com and my hostname set in postfix is fqdn.tld.com, will it decrease my mail delivery rate?08:10
eject_ckAfter installing packages updates on 5 Ubuntu 16.04 servers one wont start (just stuck during kernel boot), https://imgur.com/a/Nukuvk908:18
eject_ckAnybody had such an issue ?08:18
cyphexyou are probably better off asking in #ubuntu-server08:20
KrerelathHi, I installed Ubuntu desktop and when I try to lturn the PC on it gets just past the screen with the Ubuntu logo with dots underneath then it freezes on a purple screen with the cursor in the bottom right08:21
KrerelathAny help is appreciated.08:22
eject_ckKrerelath: gpu driver ?08:23
eject_ckwhat gpu do you have ?08:23
KrerelathNone, it is on a xeon.08:23
KrerelathDual Xeons08:24
KrerelathFrom 2010 can't remember the exact model.08:24
KrerelathAny help with my above query?08:27
KrerelathHi, I installed Ubuntu desktop and when I try to lturn the PC on it gets just past the screen with the Ubuntu logo with dots underneath then it freezes on a purple screen with the cursor in the bottom right, please help.08:28
ducasse!patience | Krerelath08:28
ubottuKrerelath: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/08:28
eject_ckKrerelath: Xeon is not GPU, but CPU from my knowledge08:29
eject_ckwhat GPU do you have on your syetem ?08:29
ducasse!nomodeset | Krerelath you can try this08:29
ubottuKrerelath you can try this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:29
simputerHello guys if my reverse dns is tld.com and my hostname set in postfix is fqdn.tld.com, will it decrease my mail delivery rate?08:30
cyphexeject_ck: some xeons have integrated graphivs08:30
KrerelathIt runs integrated graphics08:30
lotuspsychjeKrerelath: at the booting, press F1 to see text based errors, to see where its stuck08:31
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KrerelathSo boot up and spam F1?08:31
lotuspsychjeKrerelath: press F1 yes, it will switch to text08:32
SlidingHornsimputer: whether you use the domain itself or a subdomain will have no effect on delivery08:32
KrerelathBe back in a bit, dinner is beeping08:33
simputerSliding thanks, so the reverse dns just has to exist?08:35
MudchainsGood morning all08:39
MudchainsI have a old ubuntu 8.04 server running with mysql databases on it. Is it better to set up a new server and migrate the databases or do upgrades with old iso's to 18.04?08:40
lotuspsychjeMudchains: a such old ubuntu, is long eol not safe to do anything anymore08:41
ducasseMudchains: clean install08:41
lotuspsychjeMudchains: start from the clean ^08:41
MudchainsThanks for the confirmation :)08:41
Mudchainslotuspsychje: the only possitive thing its not open for public use..but still a big security issue :')08:42
lotuspsychjeMudchains: but is it connected to internet?08:43
Mudchainslotuspsychje: yes08:43
lotuspsychjeMudchains: then its unwise to keep non-updated08:43
Mudchainsas in.. inside -> internet.. not internet -> internal08:44
lotuspsychjeMudchains: would be different if the eol machine runs totaly local lan, without any connection outside08:44
lotuspsychjeMudchains: but even then, if some infected usb spreads on the network, and eol system can also be infected08:45
Mudchainslotuspsychje: no doubt about that :) thats why I want to replace it. We had a security scan.. the endreport is 40 pages big with full of recommendations ;)08:46
MudchainsAlready implented Landscape and upgraded serveral 12.04 servers to 18.04 :)08:47
lotuspsychjeMudchains: a smooth way of doing production, would be the LTS way and keep them alive :p08:47
lotuspsychjeMudchains: nice08:47
Mudchainslotuspsychje : Sometimes it takes a while to do stuff right.. ;)08:48
lotuspsychjeMudchains: agreed :p, glad to find your way to the ubuntu community, see also #ubuntu-server08:49
MudchainsIs there a guide for setting up a correct disk/partition design? like 3 disks (1 for /boot, 1 for /swap and 1 for /) ?08:50
Mudchainsinstead of 1 disk (which can not be extended easily)?08:50
cyphexwhy do you need an entire disk for /boot ?08:50
lotuspsychjeMudchains: think server vs desktop might be different08:50
lotuspsychje!partitioning | Mudchains08:51
ubottuMudchains: For help with partitioning a new install see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition | For partitioning programs, see !GParted (recommended) or !PartitionManager. Other partitioning topics include !fstab, !home, and !swap08:51
Mudchainslotuspsychje: thanks :)08:51
Mudchainscyphex: for each disk I can connect a own scsci controller in vmware08:53
Mudchainscyphex: so the disk i/o can be much higher08:53
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info08:54
lotuspsychjepc-502-29: can we help you?08:54
svipHow do I obtain an install image for the desktop amd64 version that's less than 700MiB, so it can fit on a CD-ROM (NB: not DVD!)?08:55
lotuspsychje!zh | pc-502-2808:55
ubottupc-502-28: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:55
sviplotuspsychje: He is speaking Korean, not Chinese.08:55
lotuspsychje!mini | svip08:55
ubottusvip: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:55
sviplotuspsychje: Thank you!08:56
lotuspsychjesvip: my korean isnt very fluid :p08:56
Mudchainslotuspsychje: the Faq doesnt say anything about fysical drives/scsi controllers and optimalisation in vmware :/ I will try out it anyway :)08:56
SlidingHorn!korean | pc-502-2808:57
ubottupc-502-28: 도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko08:57
lotuspsychjeMudchains: yeah, thats why i mentioned desktop vs server, see the #ubuntu-server channel for that08:57
Mudchainslotuspsychje : I will ask it there , thanks alot!08:58
fakenerdfor ubuntu 18 live cd, the grub kernel command line looks like "/casper/vmlinuz file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper only-ubiquity quiet splash ---", what is the meaning of triple dash here?09:12
droHello, is there a way to use "Google chrome or chromium" in a usb stick ? I mean storing data in stick ?09:21
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elias_adro: Only browser on a stick? why do you want to do that?09:28
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KrerelathOkay, vack09:37
SlidingHornwelcome vack.09:37
KrerelathI booted up and pressed F1 it didn't change me to command line or whatever it was supposed to do, I still have the frozen purple screen with the cursor in the bottom right.09:38
KrerelathIs the psych person that was trying to help before still here?09:40
KrerelathAlso on a side note why don't y'all use Discord instead of IRC?09:41
KrerelathHere is my original question, it seems that the original dude that was trying to help me an hour back isn't here anymore. "Hi, I installed Ubuntu desktop and when I try to turn the PC on it gets just past the screen with the Ubuntu logo with dots underneath then it freezes on a purple screen with the cursor in the bottom right"09:43
KrerelathAny help is much appreciated.09:44
evgen_vasilevHi, I have hdd with windows 10 on it and enough free space for ubuntu. Windows did some strange thing to partitions: https://paste.pound-python.org/show/K5Pc2nfupdpBCxIzISqQ/ . The last "partition" is free space, lol. When I deleted it and created ext4 partition for ubuntu, windows failed to boot. Deleting ext4 partition and creating SFS partition back helped fix it. So how can I install ubuntu on this hdd and keep windows 10 working?09:44
tomreynKrerelath: do you know which graphics card you have there? you mentioned  xeon processor, those are mostly used in servers, but you are trying to setup a graphical desktop, right?09:47
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KrerelathIntegrated graphics.09:47
evgen_vasilevDoes it mean that dual boot is now not possible?09:47
KrerelathI want the GUI interface on my server, and I read the Ubuntu server and desktop are the same except unbuntu desktop has the gui09:48
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KrerelathI had it working with CentOS before about a month back, ubuntu doesn't want to play ball though.09:49
tomreynevgen_vasilev: first of all, make windows work again. once it works, delete any partitions you don't want to use (from either windows or the ubuntu live / installer usb/cdrom/dvd). then just start the ubuntu installation.09:50
evgen_vasilevtomreyn: so it will help?09:51
tomreynevgen_vasilev: fixing windows will help fixing windows, and once that's done you will be able to install ubuntu just normally from the installer, no need to prepare any partitions or file systems for it.09:52
tomreynand then you should be able to multi boot09:53
tomreynKrerelath: that's mostly correct, yes, though there are some different defaults.09:53
evgen_vasilevtomreyn: i thought that if windows doesn't boot when there's ext4 partition on hdd, installing ubuntu instead of creating partition won't help. Or installer will fix it somehow?09:54
evgen_vasilevwindows is working now, I fixed it09:54
tomreynKrerelath: it is uncommon to run graphical desktops on server computers. their graphics chipsets are usually not meant for this task, are commonly very weak and just there so that you can get text output on screen.09:55
Krerelathtomreyn: So what do you recommend to get a GUI then? I had CentOS working perfectly with a GUI before.09:56
eject_ckKrerelath: what Xenon do you have ?09:56
tomreynKrerelath: what you can do, however, is to do X forwarding, this way the graphics computation happens on the computer connecting to the server.09:56
eject_cktomreyn: from my experience X forwarding performance is far from acceptable.09:58
tomreynKrerelath: so this was a general recommendation, and please keep it in mind. but if you had a graphical desktop working on this system previously and were happy with its performance then you can just install the same graphical desktop on ubuntu, it is probably available. do you remember which graphical desktop you had on centos?09:58
tomreyneject_ck: in my experience running a graphical desktop on a server is far from acceptable.09:59
KrerelathI have dual xenon E5520's09:59
KrerelathIt was just the one off of the default boot drive recommendation for a GUI, I think it was GNOME10:00
tomreynevgen_vasilev: the ubuntu installer ist able to install next to windows, in a way that both can boot.10:00
tomreynevgen_vasilev: so once you have windows bootable, you just need to install ubuntu. i'm not sure what SFS is, though, can you run and show the output of: sudo parted /dev/sdb print10:01
tomreyn^ from ubuntu live / installer10:02
tomreynKrerelath: so ubuntu 18.04 uses gnome 3, which has higher demands for graphics cards than older gnome versions. i assume centos may still be coming with gnome 210:03
KrerelathHang on, after the what seems like 99th boot attempt it got past the frozen screen.10:03
KrerelathRight, so how do you recommend I go about getting gnome 2 instead of three?10:04
tomreyn!recovery | Krerelath: if this fails again, you can also boot to recovery and run commands from there10:04
ubottuKrerelath: if this fails again, you can also boot to recovery and run commands from there: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode10:04
evgen_vasilevtomreyn: https://paste.pound-python.org/show/L0U7MDTJWORhGCxIqgAt/10:05
Krerelathtomreyn: I am a Linux noob, is there a way to revert to gnome 2 now that it has booted in?10:05
droelias_a: only browser in stick, car I want to keep my navigation data in stick10:07
tomreynevgen_vasilev: thanks, do you know which is which? you have 5.5 GB on sdb1, 500 MB on sdb2, flagged bootable, 80 GB ion sdb3 and 419 GB on sdb410:07
tomreynevgen_vasilev: also, what is on sda, the first hard disk?10:07
evgen_vasilevKrerelath: you can switch to tty, stop gdm (or whateved display manager you have), install gnome 2 and start it10:08
evgen_vasilevwithout reboots10:08
KrerelathHow does one switch to try and install gnome 2 then ditch gnome 3?10:09
elias_adro: I did that for years ago. The problem is that no one lets ppl to run binaries from USB stick anymore.10:09
droelias_a: what solution do u suggest?10:09
evgen_vasilevtomreyn: 5gb is windows liveusb (just written on hdd), 500mb is some windows partition, 80gb is actual windows system, 419gb is free space (windows made it a partition)10:10
tomreynevgen_vasilev: i don't think gnome2 is available on ubuntu 18.04 (assuming Krerelath has this version, since I don't think we were told, yes)10:10
KrerelathYes it is that version tomreyn.10:11
tomreynKrerelath: you can install xubuntu-desktop, though, which is gtk2 based10:11
evgen_vasilevtomreyn: sda is other hdd with system that is currently booted10:11
elias_adro: What OS are we talking about? Same machine or same few machines every time or should it work anywhere?10:11
eject_ckKrerelath: this Xeon doesn't have integrated GPU https://ark.intel.com/products/40200/Intel-Xeon-Processor-E5520-8M-Cache-2-26-GHz-5-86-GT-s-Intel-QPI-, what GPU / motherboard do you have ?10:11
eject_cktomreyn: I meant running X remotely is very poor performance.10:11
droelias_a: just for ubuntu10:11
elias_adro: There are ready made windows versions https://portableapps.com/apps/internet10:12
KrerelathThere is no added GPU I know that for a fact and I do not know the mobo10:12
elias_adro: I've never seen a linux implementation of that. It is surely doable.10:13
eject_ckKrerelath: show dmidecode and lspci output ?10:13
tomreynevgen_vasilev: okay so from the ubuntu live / installer start the (gnome) disks partition manager and delete the unneeded partition, then start the installation and select sdb as the target. the boot loader probbaly still needs to go to the first hdd, though, which is sda.10:14
tomreynKrerelath: so where's your boot at now?10:15
evgen_vasilevtomreyn: I know that, just thought that if widows stops booting if there's something else on hdd, simple installation won't help...10:18
evgen_vasilevit worked before windows updated :)10:18
Krerelatheject_ck it is a Proliant BL460c G610:19
evgen_vasilevfor at least 5 years :)10:19
tomreynevgen_vasilev: i don't see why windows would stop booting if there's something else on this hdd.10:19
evgen_vasilevbecause microsoft hates linux?10:19
evgen_vasilevmaybe that's their dirty trick to stop people from dualbooting10:19
tomreyni was more looking for a technical explanation10:19
Krerelathtomreyn: I got it to randomly boot in to the desktop once, then the next reboot it has frozen again.10:20
zamanfI have a samsung tab 10.5 and I want to know if I can install ubuntu10:20
evgen_vasilevtomreyn: well "if ext4 partition exists: boot error" :)10:20
zamanfsamsung tab 10.5 s10:20
tomreynevgen_vasilev: i don't think windows intentionally takes measures to prevent dual booting, no.10:20
evgen_vasilevtomreyn: maybe you know whom I could ask about this issue? microsoft support?10:21
tomreynevgen_vasilev: many other systems wun fine with a windows installation on the same disk as an ubuntu installation, which normally goes to ext4, so this is just not a generic behaviour.10:21
tomreynevgen_vasilev: sure, not us surely.10:22
tomreynthere is also ##windows here10:22
tomreyn!phone | zamanf10:22
ubottuzamanf: Information about the mobile port of the Ubuntu platform (formely Ubuntu Touch) for Phone and Tablet is available here: https://ubports.com/. Support and discussion in #ubports10:22
Krerelathtomreyn: So you recommend I try using xubuntu instead of normal Ubuntu desktop?10:22
tomreynKrerelath: if your graphics chipset is limited, yes.10:23
KrerelathOkay, is there anything different on it or is it merely just a different GUI addition?10:24
tomreyn!flavours | Krerelath10:24
ubottuKrerelath: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours10:24
tomreynxubuntu is a flavour10:24
KrerelathOkay, thanks.10:25
tomreynmate, budgie, lubuntu are others you could try.10:25
tomreynKrerelath: you *may* run intot the same issues with them, though, which is why i was trying to have you boot to recovery so that we could investigate this system more closely using a terminal.10:26
KrerelathOkay, let's do the recovery mode.10:26
tomreynKrerelath: okay, ping me once you'Re there.10:27
hexhaxtronIn the DM I'm using 'Ubuntu' as the Window Manager. I use the Programmer Dvorak keyboard layout. Can someone help me use accents? For example: á and ô10:29
hexhaxtronThe Compose Key is not working.10:29
legreffierhexhaxtron: can you send a screenshot of your keyboard preferences ?10:31
tomreynhexhaxtron: please specify your ubuntu version. if it's 18.04 with default gnome-shell based desktop see https://askubuntu.com/questions/1028957/how-to-set-a-compose-key-in-ubuntu-18-0410:32
Krerelathtomreyn: which recovery mode 4.15.0-43-generic or 4.15.0-29-generic?10:32
tomreynKrerelath: 4.15.0-43-generic10:33
Krerelathtomreyn: okay, at the recovery menu.10:34
hexhaxtronlegreffier, from Settings -> Language and Region?10:35
tomreynKrerelath: just a sec.10:35
Krerelathtomreyn: no worries.10:36
tomreynKrerelath: please select the "network" option, try to see if it reports any errors befoire returnning to the menu. or whether it gets stuck working on this for more than a minute.10:37
KrerelathNo issues there tomreyn10:38
tomreynKrerelath: select "system summary" and tell me what is says under "General information" for "Network connectivity"10:39
Krerelathtomreyn: IP and DNS configured10:40
tomreynKrerelath: and on the bottom of the system summary, there is "detailed network configuration", does it say anything else there (just answer yes/no)?10:41
Krerelathtomreyn: no10:41
tomreynpress tab, then enter to go back to the main menu10:41
tomreynthen select "root"10:42
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Krerelathtomreyn: now it is asking to press enter for maintenance or ctrl d to continue.10:42
tomreynpress enter10:43
tomreyntype: apt-get update 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999910:44
tomreynKrerelath: this checks for available software updates and posts the output to termbin.com, a !pastebin10:45
tomreynit should return a http address, please post this here10:45
tomreyn!pastebin | Krerelath10:46
ubottuKrerelath: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:46
Krerelathtomreyn: reporting "the update command takes no arguments"10:46
tomreynKrerelath: this suggests you mistyped something, please review your input. you can use cursor keys to access previous inputs and edit them10:47
tomreynhere's the command again:  apt-get update 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999910:48
KrerelathAhhh missed the  |10:49
Krerelath https://termbin.com/p1kd10:50
tomreynKrerelath: okay, so i assume you have this server computer and another computer you're chatting from, right? and you have keyboard connected to either, and make inputs on each?10:51
=== [1]MrMobius is now known as MrMobius
KrerelathI have the server and my phone, I can get a laptop though if need be.10:52
tomreynKrerelath: do you have openssh-server installed on the server computer, yet? should we install it so you can login remotely?10:52
tomreynup to you, i'm just thinking about how to make things easier for you10:52
tomreynthings can be tedious if you have to teletype10:53
KrerelathI do not have it installed yet, I got the Ubuntu installed from the USB then had it freeze, now I am here. If it would make it easier we could, are there anymore troubleshooting steps first?10:53
tomreynthe next command i'd like you to run is: sudo apt-get install pastebinit10:53
tomreynafter that i'd like you to run: dmidecode | pastebinit10:54
tomreynand "lspci -knnv | pastebinit" and "lsusb | pastebinit"10:55
tomreynthis should tell us more about your system10:55
tomreynyou will need to post the urls returned by these commands, though10:56
KrerelathThe Pastebin first ending bit is J8WtQSRhks10:56
tomreynso http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/J8WtQSRhks/10:57
KrerelathSecond one is DpRsgqbWzv10:57
KrerelathYes, tomreyn10:57
tomreynHP proliant Gen6 is a bit old, they're at Gen 1010:58
hexhaxtronlegreffier, tomreyn https://imgur.com/a/RUZ6q4D10:58
KrerelathYeah, she is a tad old.10:58
KrerelathLast one is JgvTk9WZBF10:59
tomreynKrerelath: now: ubuntu-drivers list11:00
tomreynKrerelath: now: ubuntu-drivers list | pastebinit11:00
KrerelathThat one is jw8HPfXsf811:02
tomreynKrerelath: so this system has an AMD/ATI ES1000 rev 02 ([1002:515e]) graphics chipset.11:02
tomreyn...which is indeed not suitable for running a graphical desktop11:02
tomreynadd a graphics card if you want to do this.11:03
tomreynit can be a very cheap one11:03
KrerelathOkay, not too sure if these blades have enough room to accept a GPU11:03
tomreynme neither, i only played with their single servers so far.11:04
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KrerelathIs there anything else you would recommend instead of a GPU?11:05
KrerelathTo get a GUI up and running?11:05
tomreynKrerelath: using a server as a server, i.e. headless, but i think i already did this.11:06
KrerelathI didn't see that, so you mean just using it command line.11:06
tomreynKrerelath: yes11:06
KrerelathOkie dokie, guess it is time to learn command line then.11:07
tomreynKrerelath: you can try with one of the alternative flavours, but you really don't run a desktop on a server, that's a waste of resources on it.11:07
tomreyn!terminal | Krerelath11:07
ubottuKrerelath: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. In Unity or GNOME, search the dash for "terminal" and press ENTER. Other desktops: Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal (MATE), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal11:07
KrerelathThanks for your help tomreyn11:07
captain__hi all , i am trying to install a printer plug in and i am getting some errors im looking to decifer im on cuttlefish using an hp p1102w with newest hplip and hp-setup11:08
tomreynyou'Re welcome, have a look at this last link there11:08
KrerelathWill do, tomreyn thanks.11:08
hexhaxtrontomreyn, it works with Enlightenment and Plasma but not Gnome Shell.11:10
tomreynKrerelath: there are some text-graphical applications you can use if it seems tough to take the full step from gui to cli at once. mc (midnight commander) is a two pane directory browser, nm-tui can manage network configurations while using network-manager ( but it's better to use systemd-networkd on a server; either can be managed using netplan).11:11
ourea_I updated from 16.04 LTS to 18.04.1 LTS. After all the download and during install, I had to force reboot.  At reboot, I'm left with a blinking screen. All I could do was to type Alt-F4 and login as root.11:12
tomreynhexhaxtron: hmm, i have it set to "right super", which here is the right hand side "windows icon key", and holding that and typing "co" does work here.11:13
tomreynhexhaxtron: but maybe things are different with a dvorak layout, i dont have this.11:13
lotuspsychjeourea_: aborting upgrades is a risky job11:13
KrerelathI will take a look :)11:13
tomreynourea_: why did you have to force reboot?11:14
hexhaxtrontomreyn, it's Programmer Dvorak not the other Dvorak's.11:14
tomreynhexhaxtron: okay, i still have 0 experience with it11:14
ourea_It was asking me to login but i couldn't type anything.11:14
tomreynourea_: it's unusual that the upgrader would ask you to login in the middle of an upgrade. or was it soemthing else asking you to authenticate?11:15
ourea_I don't know. All the sudden, I was ask to login, in the install terminal.11:16
tomreynourea_: okay, so you're at a root shell now?11:17
tomreynourea_: sorry?11:17
ourea_Sorry. Yes I think.11:18
tomreynourea_: do you have two computers there, then, one to chat from and the one you're trying to fix?11:19
tomreynif so, shall we try to have you login to the computer you are trying to fix from the computer you're chatting on?11:19
ourea_tomreyn: yes I'm chatting from my phone11:19
tomreynoh ok, then the login wont help you much, i guess11:19
tomreynplease type this on the computer to fix and report the url returned, or error, if any: cat /proc/version /proc/cmdline | nc termbin.com 999911:20
ourea_I do have another computer but I can't find a stupid vga cable to plug in the display...11:22
ourea_error message: getaddrinfo: Temporary failure in name resolution11:23
tomreynso it's not yet fully online or at least DNS doesn't work, yet11:23
sub526Hi All, I'm using Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS, When I tried "sudo apt-get build-dep linux-image-$(uname -r)" I'm getting "E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list". Any idea , how to solve this?11:25
tomreynourea_: run this, report any errors, then run the previous command again: systemctl restart networking11:26
ourea_tomreyn: no error. Previous command repoted sane as before11:29
coco_hi all, anyone maybe can pm me if you are running AMD Threadripper on Ubuntu and hangs?11:29
lotuspsychje!pm | coco_11:29
ubottucoco_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.11:29
lotuspsychjesub526: can you detail to the channel what your end goal is please?11:30
coco_end goal would be to keep my machine running and not always hangs, machine is AMD Threadripper 8 cores 32GB using Ubuntu11:32
ourea_tomreyn: pinging an ip address ( gives "connect: network unreachable"11:34
ourea_tomreyn: su - username tells me "cannot open display"11:36
TJ-sub526: yes, but is there a reason you need to build a kernel? You know Ubuntu does mainline version builds, or if you just need a module built you can create a DKMS package that just builds the module?11:37
sub526TJ-: I just need to build mbcs.ko(in drivers\char\mbcs.c)11:39
TJ-sub526: I can give you an example of a simple DKMS module to avoid building the entire kernel :) Much faster and easier!11:39
sub526TJ-: It helps me a lot. Can you let me know about that example?11:40
help_neededhi all11:43
lotuspsychjewelcome help_needed11:44
lotuspsychjehelp_needed: what can we do for you today?11:44
Clustererso... lotus needs help? :P11:44
lotuspsychjelol clever Clusterer :p11:45
tomreynourea_: sorry, had a phone call incoming11:47
TJ-sub526: Errrr... bad news I think. What architecture do you want to build it for?11:47
lotuspsychje!rootirc | root____11:47
ubotturoot____: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.11:47
jadlersjoin vim11:47
root____thanks this is my first time I'll reconnect11:48
TJ-sub526: it includes a header-file that is only available for mips and ia6411:48
ourea_tomreyn: ok, I m quite lost right now11:48
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ourea_tomreyn: I can see that on the login screen, I had many nvidia errors11:50
notroot_I'm back with a !root user11:50
tomreynourea_: does exist in your network? can you run "systemd-resolve --status" and ping the "DNS server"11:50
ourea_Failed to start NVIDIA persistence deamon11:50
TJ-sub526: CONFIG_SGI_MBCS depends CONFIG_SGI_TIOCX which seems to require an SGI Altix11:51
help_neededhi, anyone knows why Ubuntu crashes on AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X 8-Core Processor?11:52
tomreynourea_: you can use "ip l" and "ip a" to find out about your network configuration. also "nmcli" to see whether you're using network manager for network configuration11:53
tomreynhelp_needed: crashes how?11:54
sub526TJ-: I want to build it for x86_6411:56
tomreynis anything logged in the journal (run "journalctl"), does it freeze, does it reboot? does it happen under load, while idling?11:56
tomreynhelp_needed: ^11:56
TJ-sub526: it's not available for x86_6411:56
ourea_tomreyn: is the ip of my box11:57
sub526TJ-: That's fine, i'd like to refer that example, where can i get that?11:58
=== help_needed is now known as help_needped
=== help_needped is now known as help_needed
tomreynourea_: thinking it over, you have no internet connection, the nvidia driver is not working, so you can't run a graphical desktop to configure nthe network there. and without network you can't fix the system. so i guess your easiest recovery can actually be to reinstall.11:59
ourea_systemd-resolve --status does not give any proper ip address11:59
help_neededtomreyn: just hangs, froze, no logs what so ever11:59
tomreynourea_: do you usually use wireless for the network or a wired (ethernet) connection?11:59
TJ-sub526: this is one I did for someone else earlier this week: http://iam.tj/projects/ubuntu/mmc_alcor-dkms.tar.gz12:00
tomreynourea_: oh then it's strange that the network didnt start up, unless it's a result of the half done upgrade. which it probably is. so i guess you need to reinstall.12:00
TJ-sub526: the problem is you cannot build mbcs because it #includes headers that aren't available, and even if you copied those into the dkms package and modified mbcs.c, those in turn rely on many other architecture-specific headers12:01
tomreynourea_: you *could* try booting to recovery and enable network there and see if this gets you online12:01
tomreynourea_: if that's the case we can continue12:01
tomreyn!recovery | ourea_12:01
ubottuourea_: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode12:01
lotuspsychjetomreyn: cant he retry the upgrade from tty somehow?12:02
TJ-ourea_: is the IPv4 address of your LAN's gateway, or the PC itself ?12:02
TJ-ourea_: 16/168/ :)12:02
lotuspsychjehelp_needed: for the volunteers to be able helping you, they will need more information, there are always logs somewhere12:03
tomreynhelp_needed: sounds like a ##hardware issue, not an ubuntu issue then. have you updated your bios and set "power supply idle control" to the non default setting of "typical current"?12:03
tomreynlotuspsychje: not without networking, no12:03
ourea_Tj- LAN's gateway12:05
sub526TJ-: Ok thanks for sharing this example12:05
ourea_I'll try the recovery mode12:06
TJ-ourea_: so the PC has an IPv4 address too, reported by "ip addr show" ?12:07
liquid451fahrenhHi. Is there a way to decrease wireless mouse (logitech) cursor speed in ubuntu 16.04 ? I have set the cursor acceleration to minimum,in settings,and nothing has changed12:09
liquid451fahrenhis just too sensitive,a little move,and it slides half the screen12:09
ourea_TJ-: ip addr show return all kind of info, but no ip address12:11
ourea_which lune would it be?12:11
ourea_would it help to disable the nvidia driver? Could the upgrade be restarted in some way?12:13
TJ-ourea_: so the PC doesn't have an IPv4 address, so you need to add one. To do that first identify the Wired interface name, then do "sudo ip addr add dev <ifname>" (e.g. "sudo ip addr add dev enp2s0" )12:13
TJ-ourea_: then you can test with "ping" to reach the router12:14
TJ-ourea_: if that works you can then add a DNS server manually too, to get name resolution, which then should give you options for repairing12:15
TJ-ourea_: alternatively if the PC is a Desktop, then there's a tool already avaialable that usually does all this. type "nmcli con" and you should get a list of connections. Identify your usual connection name (maybe "Wired connection 1") then do "nmcli con up 'Wired connection 1' ")12:16
ourea_network not reachable12:18
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ourea_I think I'll just make a third backup and reinstall...12:23
zamanfanyone installed ubuntu on tablet?12:23
lotuspsychje!ask | zamanf12:23
ubottuzamanf: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:23
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zamanfHow can I install ubuntu on a Samsung tablet?12:24
tomreyn!phone | zamanf12:24
ubottuzamanf: Information about the mobile port of the Ubuntu platform (formely Ubuntu Touch) for Phone and Tablet is available here: https://ubports.com/. Support and discussion in #ubports12:24
tomreyn^ same as last time you asked12:24
lotuspsychjezamanf: ubuntu-desktop can only be installed on tablets that can run windows, not android12:24
zamanfmy tablet runs android12:25
zamanfand it is rooted12:25
lotuspsychjesee what tomreyn suggested then12:25
zamanfsamsung tablets aren't on that list - does it mean that I can't install it?12:25
lotuspsychjezamanf: ask the ubports guys12:26
zamanfdo they have a channel here on freenode?12:26
lotuspsychjezamanf: tomreyn just linked you412:26
TomyWorkI'm using kubuntu 14.04 with a current firefox package. the fonts look bad. chromium looks better. this user describes the same phenomenon: https://superuser.com/questions/1034372/atrocious-font-rendering-in-firefox-on-linux12:43
BluesKajHowdy folks12:43
TomyWorkmy colleague (who either has 18.04 or 18.10) does not have the same issue12:43
JmabsdBooting the Ubuntu 16.04 installer off an USB memory stick on my Xeon with a Radeon Vega 64, i get gibberish on the screen.12:44
Jmabsdtrying with the "install vga=773" option doesn't help anything12:44
tarzeauJmabsd: nomodeset?12:44
Jmabsdtarzeau: so "install nomodeset"[enter] on the boot prompt?12:45
gigirockJmabsd, look at bios maybe something like optimus or other are flagged , how many gpu are present in that pc ?12:45
tarzeauJmabsd: https://askubuntu.com/questions/38780/how-do-i-set-nomodeset-after-ive-already-installed-ubuntu12:46
TomyWorkso, what has changed between 14.04 and 18.10 to make the same firefox version behave so differently?12:47
gigirockJmabsd, tarzeau seems the trouble is about a Radeon card normally those tricks are applied for nvidia12:47
Jmabsdyey worked, thanks12:47
TomyWork(the issue isn't specific to new firefox versions. it has existed at least as long as i've been using firefox on kubuntu 14.04)12:48
gigirockTomyWork, from 14 to 18 there 4 years of informatic12:48
Jmabsdjust to try something i did "install nomodeset fb=off vga=normal", this gave me the installer in text mode, great.12:48
TomyWorkgigirock or maybe just different default settings? font packages installed by default? optional libraries installed by default?12:48
gigirockJmabsd, ah ok text installer for a graphics system funny12:48
JmabsdDebian and Ubunutu look so much the same =)12:49
gigirockTomyWork, the kern is different so all the drivers also are, afaik the graphics server were diffrerent as so on12:50
tarzeauyou're welcome ;)12:50
gigirockJmabsd, all the debian based distro are like debian12:50
gigirockmore or less if we had not debian we have not  linux12:51
TomyWorkgigirock i'm using a kernel and x server from xenial via the LTS enablement stack12:52
TomyWorkso that is not the issue and I don't see how it would be, anyway12:52
gigirockJmabsd, more or less if we had not debian we have not  linux https://bit.ly/2AWPmTQ12:53
TomyWorkalso, redhat would like to differ12:53
Jmabsdgigirock: what do you mean?12:53
gigirockJmabsd, look at picture at right12:53
TomyWorkyou're discounting the whole redhat, gentoo and arch families of distros12:54
=== Alina-malina_ is now known as Alina-malina
gigirockhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Linux_distributions TomyWork12:55
TomyWorksuse, too, but dont ask me where to categorize that :D12:55
Jmabsdwow interesting pic.12:55
TomyWorkdebian isn't the only, not even the first distro12:55
gigirockTomyWork, yes look at right picture https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Linux_distributions12:56
gigirocknow seems that intel need to start another 'tree'12:56
TomyWorkgigirock i'm not commenting on that picture. i'm commenting on what you said12:57
TomyWorkyou said "without debian have not linux"12:57
Jmabsdgigirock: installing random binaries off the net is easier for Ubuntu than for Debian,12:58
gigirockTomyWork, if we have to wait bsd or rpm based ( $ ) distros , we have some amateur of different OS , but with debian the linux exploded12:58
TomyWorkas you've written it, it is certainly wrong, so I charitably assumed you meant we would not have linux12:58
JmabsdUbuntu has better driver support and such, I wonder why Debian doesn't get equally good treatment12:59
TomyWorkgigirock slackware12:59
TomyWorkgoogle it12:59
TomyWorkit's older12:59
TomyWorkit's in the graph you sent, too12:59
lotuspsychjestick to ubuntu support guys13:00
lotuspsychje#ubuntu-discuss for discussions13:00
TomyWorkyeah i was just correcting an assertion he made, but he seems to be unable to read his own graphs. I'll drop it, since it's hopeless if he doesn't get it now :)13:01
TomyWorkI'm still looking for a way to fix the firefox fonts on kubuntu 14.04 btw13:02
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: 14.04 will be eol in a few months13:02
TomyWorkthe same firefox version (64.0 according to "about") looks better on 18.0413:03
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: maybe screenshot it to the chanel?13:03
ice9I installed libapache2-mod-php however the module isn't installed in /etc/apache2/mods-available/13:03
TomyWorklotuspsychje https://superuser.com/questions/1034372/atrocious-font-rendering-in-firefox-on-linux13:03
TomyWorknot my question, but it looks liek that for me too13:04
wrtools for networking stats display?13:04
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: that says iceweasel on debian?13:04
TomyWorkdoesn't matter13:04
gigirockTomyWork, impossible google and the Net are always true ;)13:04
gigirocksee you people , i'll be back next evening13:05
TomyWorklet me find a non-internal site which exhibits the problem so i can make my own screenshots :)13:05
TomyWorkhttps://imgur.com/a/mp2oiKx left is chromium, right is firefox13:07
lotuspsychje!info firefox trusty13:09
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 64.0+build3-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 (trusty), package size 46537 kB, installed size 177950 kB13:09
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: can you recall an earlier time it did work on firefox?13:10
OnkelTemHi all13:11
OnkelTemI lost keyboard and mouse support in X. Seems like I need to reinstall some input package but I cannot get console working13:12
TomyWorklotuspsychje it never worked on this install13:12
OnkelTemRecovery mode doesn't bring me terminal13:12
OnkelTemSo how to boot into ttyX?13:12
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Guest80651i have 5 programs that I need to run in the back ground from a bash script.  when I ctrl+c the script, I want the programs killed.  Is there a tut on how to do this?13:13
ryuoGuest80651: type in a shell: help trap13:13
Guest80651I see that13:14
Guest80651how to kill background process?13:14
ryuoGuest80651: that's for you to figure out. trap is just how you can run such code.13:14
OnkelTemGuest80651: for bash help /j #bash13:15
OnkelTemthere you'll find real gurus :)13:15
OnkelTemWhy recovert doesn't work?13:16
rudy_where i can find a mastodon app on ubuntu?13:22
=== capella|away is now known as capella
Jmabsdin UEFI, the clean way to edit grub.cfg is just to mount the EFI partition and edit it with VIM, isn't it?13:30
TJ-Jmabsd: errr, no :)13:34
TJ-Jmabsd: there are 2 grub.cfg files generated. The one in /EFI/ubuntu/ or /EFI/BOOT/ which tells GRUB's EFI loader where to find its root/prefix, and the one in the GRUB root (OS sees as /boot/grub/ )13:36
TJ-Jmabsd: the former generated by grub-install, the latter generated from /etc/default/grub options by update-grub13:36
TJ-OnkelTem: you'll need to boot from another install (on USB?) or the Live Installer environment13:38
OnkelTemTJ-: why? Isn't there a boot option to just boot into tty?13:42
cryptodanOnkelTem: recovery mode should stop here https://www.lifeonnetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/recoverymode_2.png and not go to X13:42
TJ-OnkelTem: you said it fails to boot to recovery, which is the boot option, unless you want a kernel command-line override?13:42
cryptodanOnkelTem: then from what you just said you aren't entering recovery mode kernel, and your grub is configured to be hidden as you said there is no menu to select recovery option in ##linux13:43
OnkelTemcryptodan: no, GURB is visible, and I select recovery mode from.  But it doesn't bring the menu13:44
TJ-OnkelTem: I've seen that on occasion too; usually 'friendly-recovery' package is missing or disabled13:45
OnkelTemfrom the menu*13:45
cryptodanOnkelTem: then your kernel install might not be fully there if the menu doesnt show up13:45
TJ-OnkelTem: you can edit the kernel command-line, add "systemd.unit=emergency.target"13:45
OnkelTemoh that, good! thanks, I'll try13:45
TJ-OnkelTem: be aware emergency.target will only start systemd as PID 1 and a shell, no other services, but at least it should help you regain control13:46
TJ-OnkelTem: you can start services as needed then with 'systemctl start xxxxx'13:47
yokowkaheavenO everysoul, how on linux - mihome program install??13:49
OnkelTemTJ-: yeah, got it. I successfuly logged into console now13:50
naftilos76Hi everyone, what would be the most appropriate command to get a single string back refering to the cpu load in percentage? grep off course or a few other commands will probably need to be used to filter out irrelevant info. What is the simplest command that comes to mind?13:50
TJ-naftilos76: you mean the load average?13:52
lotuspsychje!details | yokowka13:52
ubottuyokowka: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.13:52
TJ-naftilos76: as in " cut -d\  -f 1  /proc/loadavg  " ?13:52
naftilos76TJ-: yes13:53
naftilos76most commands keep refreshng data every now and then13:53
naftilos76i need to get a string of info and that's it13:54
yokowkalotuspsychje, i have xiaome repeater wifi+, for installing that device phone on android needed, which i have not.13:54
lotuspsychjeyokowka: and this is related to ubuntu how?13:55
yokowkalotuspsychje, from ubuntu i want setup this device.13:56
lotuspsychjeyokowka: you want to access the admin page of the wifi repeater with ubuntu?13:56
OnkelTemTJ-: how to get into normal tty? systemd.unit=?13:57
yokowkalotuspsychje, yes, but from debian.13:57
lotuspsychjeyokowka: this is ubuntu support here, for debian join #debian but your problem is more for ##networking also read the manual of your repeater, you might need a network cable towards it, to be able to access the admin page13:59
TJ-OnkelTem: "systemctl start multi-user.target" should load everything13:59
yokowkalotuspsychje, it has no cable.... i'm baned on debian14:00
lotuspsychjeyokowka: ##networking14:01
lotuspsychjeyokowka: or ##hardware14:02
TJ-yokowka: if the Wifi repeater requires an Android application to configure it then you'll need to use one, or possibly try using something like AnBox14:02
yokowkalotuspsychje, be You blessed!!!!14:05
rnmarleybonjours il y a des francais  ?14:06
lemkoHi. How is it possible to pass many trunked vlan to a virtual machine with only one bridge?14:06
lotuspsychje!fr | rnmarley14:07
ubotturnmarley: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:07
yokowkaTJ-, how to install AnBox from console??14:07
rnmarleysalut lotus enfaite j'ai quelque question sur linux je peut ?14:07
JmabsdTJ-: yeah i think my boot sequence CRASHED by me VIM:ing grub.cfg, so i need to reinstall / recover my system!..14:07
JmabsdTJ-: ah, "update-grub" is how to get it going,ok.14:08
Oolles français sont sur #ubuntu-fr14:08
rnmarleyah je part a leur recherche merci =)14:08
JmabsdTJ-,*: can I somehow use the Ubuntu USB memory stick installer's UEFI boot prompt as a way to "emergency-boot" my HDD?14:09
TJ-Jmabsd: anything's possible but I'd need to know a little more :)14:14
TJ-Jmabsd: 'boot prompt' - do you mean the GRUB menu/shell ?14:14
JmabsdTJ-: in my Ubuntu USB memory stick, i can get into the rescue mode, can i use it14:15
JmabsdTJ-: my main drive doesn't even show GRUB menu/shell now14:15
Jmabsdvery weird, didn't expect editing the EFI partition's grub.cfg would have that effect14:15
flotwigyou're speaking of the UEFI shell?14:15
flotwigyou might be able to boot into another OS if you have one, but AFAIK grub is the uefi target for ubuntu14:16
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TJ-Jmabsd: We can likely fix that up easily with a 2-line edit !14:16
=== daniel is now known as Guest41602
TJ-Jmabsd: the Ubuntu on the USB, is it an Installer image (ISO) or an installed server or desktop ?14:17
JmabsdTJ-: which?14:17
TJ-Jmabsd: you said "in my Ubuntu USB memory stick, i can get into the rescue mode"14:17
TJ-Jmabsd: I assumed you meant a good, working, bootable Ubuntu14:17
JmabsdTJ-: some kind of rescue mode boots, it looks awkward - first time14:18
JmabsdTJ-: if i could use that Ubuntu USB memory stick's boot prompt to somehow boot my HDD directly would be better14:18
Jmabsdthere's an ext2 boot partition14:18
Jmabsdshould be sdb214:19
Jmabsdsdb1 should be EFI syste14:19
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TJ-Jmabsd: If you intercept the USB boot at the GRUB boot menu and drop to the command shell (pressing 'c') it may be possible14:20
=== jadlers_ is now known as jadlers
OnkelTemTJ-: thank you very much!  I've fixed my system14:21
TJ-OnkelTem: well done :)14:21
hexhaxtronCan someone help me make the compose key to work? It works with Plasma and Enlightenment but not Gnome Shell...14:26
vee_i am running virtualbox on ubuntu. i was able to browse the internet from the vm. after reboot - my connections fail - Activation of network connection failed. Is this the right forum to post and request help?14:27
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TomyWorklotuspsychje I think I saw a kubuntu 16.04 with working firefox fonts, too14:41
TomyWorkso the fix is between those two14:42
TomyWorki'll just download a 16.04.5 image, install it in a VM and see what happens :)14:45
TomyWorkor, you know, liveboot it if i'm being fancy14:51
vee_i am running virtualbox on ubuntu. i was able to browse the internet from the vm. after reboot - my connections fail - Activation of network connection failed. Is this the right forum to post and request help?14:54
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TomyWorkvee_ this happens to me when i standby, but not after a reboot14:58
TomyWorktry unplugging and replugging the virtual cables to all network adapters of the VM14:58
TomyWorkif that didn't help, come to #vbox14:59
TomyWorklotuspsychje firefox on a kubuntu 16.04.5, firefox actually looks better than chromium :)15:03
TomyWorkit's only 61.0.1 in the live image though15:04
TomyWorkupdated to 64, also looking good15:05
JmabsdTJ-: sorry diss so back15:09
JmabsdTJ-: should I hammer "c" when booting my HDD-with-broken-Grub, or booting the Ubuntu installer memory stick?15:09
TJ-Jmabsd: boot with the ubuntu installer in UEFI mode which should stop at the GRUB menu with "Install...", "Try.." and other options. Press 'c' there to drop to the GRUB command shell15:17
JmabsdTJ-: cool aha, and what do there?15:18
TJ-Jmabsd: can you do that *and* chat to me here? That'd be a lot easier!15:18
=== daniel is now known as Guest82242
JmabsdTJ-: I can yes! =)15:19
TJ-Jmabsd: Good, when you get there tell me and I'll talk you through15:19
vee_@TomyWork i am in #vbox15:20
JmabsdTJ-: the UEFI one just dies when it starts. the BIOS based one has a "Command-line install" and a "TAB to edit a menu entry" options15:21
TJ-Jmabsd: no, you need UEFI mode, it has to boot in that mode to be able to fix it15:23
TJ-Jmabsd: if it boots Legacy/BIOS mode then once in the OS the tooling cannot fix things15:24
JmabsdTJ-: interesting. i have no idea why my UEFI doesn't take off hm15:26
TJ-Jmabsd: I bet it's the PC's firmware being annoying15:26
JmabsdTJ-: it's an early UEFI system yeah, from ~201315:27
JmabsdTJ-: any other way to fix it or do I need to reinstall it?15:27
TJ-Jmabsd: If it is the Ubuntu LiveISO image that is built to be able to boot in either UEFI or Legacy mode, it has GRUB in the UEFI removable media path /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI - so if that isn't being started the PC firmware is at fault15:28
Jmabsdi know ultimately i don't need to reinstall it, but, there's nothing too important so maybe that's the most straightforward thing to do15:28
JmabsdTJ-: this one http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso ?15:28
TJ-Jmabsd: no! that's the netboot/mini which is BIOS only15:29
TJ-Jmabsd: the desktop image, as in http://releases.ubuntu.com/bionic/15:29
JmabsdTJ-: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic/main/ where in here?ah15:33
Jmabsdhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/bionic/ubuntu-18.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso this one15:34
TJ-Jmabsd: Yes15:35
JmabsdTJ-: once in the UEFI prompt, having pressed "c", what should I do then there?15:39
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pizzaburgerHello! I want to create a playlist file (.M3U) so I can play it in my car stereo. Using EasyTAG allows me to create playlists, but only from individual folders. Is there a solution to compile audio files from different folders into a playlist file? Thanks!15:44
TJ-Jmabsd: "ls" to list the devices. You should see things like hd0, hd1 and (hdX,gptY)15:44
TJ-Jmabsd: do "set" and check what root= and prefix= show - those are going to be pointing to the USB15:45
JmabsdTJ-: cool aha15:45
TJ-Jmabsd: then you'll have an idea od which hdX is the HDD15:45
JmabsdTJ-: aha15:45
TJ-Jmabsd: you said earlier that for the HDD, you thought the EFI-system-partition is partition 115:45
JmabsdTJ-: yep15:46
TJ-Jmabsd: so assuming the HDD where hd1, the OS with GRUB's /boot/grub/ would be in (hd1,gpt2), so you can then do "ls (hd1,gpt2)/boot/grub/" and check what files you see. You would hope to see 'grub.cfg' amongst others15:47
JmabsdTJ-: i'll idle now, will read when back15:47
AIzawlMaggiecan you please guys help me15:47
lotuspsychje!ask | AIzawlMaggie15:47
ubottuAIzawlMaggie: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:47
TJ-Jmabsd: if you see that you can load/execute that menu using "configfile (hd1,gpt2)/boot/grub/grub.cfg" and the menu should show up15:48
AIzawlMaggieHow do i remove/uninstall python packages on my ubuntu15:48
OerHekspython itself or python apps?15:49
AIzawlMaggiePython itself15:50
AIzawlMaggieI want uninstall all python related15:51
lotuspsychjeAIzawlMaggie: you want to free space on your system? or whats your purpose exactly?15:51
dimisdasthat will very much break your ubuntu installation15:51
EoflaOEAIzawlMaggie: You can't. Python is dependent on Ubuntu15:51
AIzawlMaggieErrors were encountered while processing:15:51
AIzawlMaggiethats my problem15:52
AIzawlMaggieErrors were encountered while processing:15:52
lotuspsychjecan you pastebin your errors to the channel please AIzawlMaggie15:52
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:52
AIzawlMaggieSure i will15:52
AIzawlMaggieI pasted it15:53
dimisdasshare the url15:54
dimisdasif you run the command "py3clean" do you get any errors?15:55
AIzawlMaggie-bash: /usr/bin/py3clean: /usr/bin/python3: bad interpreter: No such file or directory <--- I have got this error15:56
dimisdasSeems like python3 is broken15:56
dimisdas"sudo apt-get -f install"15:56
AIzawlMaggiedimisdas im still getting errors15:57
AIzawlMaggieErrors were encountered while processing:15:57
AIzawlMaggieE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)15:58
dimisdasAIzawlMaggie any errors you get, if they very long, paste them at paste.ubuntu.com and share the url15:58
AIzawlMaggiesorry am new here15:58
dimisdasAIzawlMaggie the whole error log is necessary each time, can't figure out just from the last line15:58
thisthatguyIn Ubuntu 18.04 I can connect via the "Other Locations" in nautalis to my server. I can navigate to where I want the files, but I can't copy files there. It says I don't have have permissions. How do I get that15:59
JmabsdTJ-: cool! and then once having booted off that disk, i just run "update-grub" without parameters and it should fix the UEFI?15:59
AIzawlMaggiehttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BPyS82S45G/ <---- These are the lines... and errors15:59
dimisdasAIzawlMaggie uhm, have you tried removing Python before coming to the chat?16:00
AIzawlMaggiei did so many times16:01
dimisdasOh jeez16:01
dimisdaswhich commands _exactly_ did you run?16:01
AIzawlMaggieall the commands i can find on the net :(16:02
dimisdasgrep *16:02
dimisdasI am sure they are a finite set of commands16:02
dimisdastry hitting the UP arrow key on the terminal and check. Put them line by line in paste.ubuntu.com so we can see them16:02
thisthatguyI guess from command line it would be something like: scp -r userwithsudo@XX.XX.XX.XX:/source/ /destination/16:03
OerHeksi see a lot of python removal parts, no wonder why py3clean is not found16:03
thisthatguyBut can you do it from the File Browser?16:03
dimisdasOerHeks they probably already tried to remove _all_ python16:03
dimisdasthisthatguy are you connecting via ssh?16:03
OerHeksreinstall python2.7-minimal i guess16:03
AIzawlMaggiedimisdas -->>> with that grep * , it gives this me https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2X48T8Rgjs/16:04
dimisdasoerheks and python3-minimal16:04
memeemeeeso... I've been in and out of this room with this freezing issue. It has occurred to me that my docking station limits airflow from the fan. is overheating a potential cause for this type of freeze? (screen on, lights on, otherwise completely nonresponsive)16:04
OerHeksdimisdas, jups16:04
thisthatguydimisdas: I'm using nautalis file browser and it connected via ssh://IP16:04
dimisdasAIzawlMaggie try "sudo apt install -f --reinstall python2.7-minimal python3-minimal"16:05
thisthatguydimisdas: although in the location bar it shows sftp://IPaddress16:05
dimisdasthisthatguy does the user have write access to the directory? Nautilus is not going to sudo16:06
AIzawlMaggiedimisdas Error again --> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zH7rZXbNB9/16:06
AIzawlMaggieAm completely lost on this16:06
thisthatguywell the user I logged in with on that server does have sudo rights16:06
thisthatguydimisdas: ^16:06
AIzawlMaggiethisthatguy: am using VPS16:07
dimisdasthisthatguy would add the user to the directory solve your problem?16:07
ansyebhello. how it that possible? https://pastebin.com/YgJttRpw16:07
ansyebwhat is on 22001?16:07
thisthatguyhmm not sure on that one16:07
OerHeksthisthatguy, install nautilus-admin, for correct sudo rights in your ENV16:07
OerHeks!info nautilus-admin16:07
ubottunautilus-admin (source: nautilus-admin): Extension for Nautilus to do administrative operations. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.3-1 (bionic), package size 7 kB, installed size 56 kB16:07
dimisdasAIzawlMaggie "apt install -f --reinstall python-minimal"16:07
thisthatguyok let me try that OerHeks16:07
AIzawlMaggiedimisdas: error again : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9x3dJhTtnx/16:09
thisthatguyOerHeks: is there anything else I need to do after I install that?16:09
OerHeksthisthatguy, no, restart nautilus, and you have open as admin in context menu16:09
=== Blade is now known as Dreaman
dimisdasAIzawlMaggie that is not an error, you need to type "y" and hit enter16:09
AIzawlMaggieits always asking to use autoremove16:09
dimisdasAIzawlMaggie that is a notice, ignore it and don't run that command ever again, unless you know what you're doing16:10
dimisdasAIzawlMaggie "apt install -f --reinstall python-minimal -y"16:11
AIzawlMaggieerror again16:11
EoflaOEAIzawlMaggie: Does "sudo dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb" work?16:16
thisthatguyOerHeks: I see the open as admin now, but that doesn't seem to help with the remote connection16:16
thisthatguyOerHeks: maybe I have to do something like: scp -r root@ /destination/16:17
OerHeksic, nautilus admin is for local use, not on a remote server indeed16:18
TJ-Jmabsd: yo'll need to use "sudo grub-install <device>" too, to correct the entry in the EFI-SP16:22
AIzawlMaggieEoflaOE let me try16:23
AIzawlMaggiethank you16:23
thisthatguyOerHeks: I guess I could curl the HTML zip templates from the server itself? that is all I'm trying to do anyway is get the files over there16:23
thisthatguyI'm a newbie trying to learn as I go16:23
AIzawlMaggieErrors were encountered while processing:16:24
thisthatguyhmmm or wget?16:25
senecatytrying to issue secure erase on my SSD: 128GB LITEONIT LMT-128. what is this frozen and password business?? how can I do this without bricking it16:27
dimisdasthisthatguy if it's a zip file, then curl -O http://yourserver/file.zip16:30
cryptodansenecaty: contact the manufacture of your ssd for assistance16:30
thisthatguydimisdas: not sure, I can't find the direct link to the zip16:33
dimisdasis the zip served from a webserver?16:34
thisthatguydimisdas: it is at the bottom of the page: templatemo.com/tm-512-moonlight16:34
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
thisthatguyah yes! That worked dimisdas! Thank you for the help!16:37
TomyWorkvee_ i dont see your question in #vbox, sorry16:50
TomyWorkalso, did you try unplugging the cables from the virtual network interfaces yet?16:51
lotuspsychjewelcome chuyd how can we help you?17:15
AIzawlMaggiethanks for all the help17:19
AIzawlMaggiethank you so much17:19
lotuspsychjeAIzawlMaggie: thats what #ubuntu is for with all the nice volunteers17:20
lotuspsychjeAIzawlMaggie: if you need something else, come again17:21
lotuspsychjesenecaty: cant you zero the ssd?17:32
mitchellI ran this script on a derivative, GalliumOS, and then my X crashed. it won't load on reboot either. I think my fonts are wrecked or something. can anyone please advise how to fix this?17:34
lotuspsychje!derivatives | mitchell sorry17:35
ubottumitchell sorry: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)17:35
tewardmitchell: you can try in ##linux, but we don't support other distros or derivatives (like GalliumOS)17:36
mitchellI asked there too, but maybe some other thoughts could help. my gui is completely unusable right now, and I'm in the middle of a lot of work17:37
tewardmitchell: well, it's offtopic here, so...17:38
aqdmitchell: i don't see why fonts could cause X crash. you're deleting ttf i assume? nowadays the font mechanism in X itself is unused (unless you run xterm) and only a few standard bitmap fonts are still registered, not ttf. ttf are loaded and rendered by apps themselves, so you might want to check X log or .xsession error17:40
mitchelldo you know where those are?17:42
aqdunless you deleted some fallback font and there is no other, so certain UI elements ended up with zero size (0 height menubar etc) and the lack of proper checks cause a complete desktop crash, but unlikely to be X server itself17:43
aqdX log is /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:43
aqdand X session (desktop environment log for currnet user) is ~/.xsession-errors17:44
aqddoes your login manager still run at boot? no?17:44
aqdthere might also be /var/log/Xorg.1.log (0, 1, .. is for different X servers, login manager runs its own there might be two)17:44
lotuspsychjeaqd: supporting another Os is confusing here as other users read along or lookup the logs, it has been just adviced to look for the proper channel17:46
OerHeksthere *is* #galliumos17:49
mitchellaqd: could you please meet us there? a couple more people are helping now, but I'd appreciate your input17:51
lotuspsychjewelcome beldmian18:08
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
mitchellaqd: I sent them those log files and I'm waiting to see what they think, but I want to start another wm to see if my work is still there. are there any other logs I should copy beforehand?18:19
bobdradI can no longer access https://ubuntuforums.org/ it says my e-mail is invalid. It is not.18:19
bobdradCan anyone help me with registration?18:20
lotuspsychje!forum | bobdrad18:20
ubottubobdrad: The Ubuntu forums can be found at https://ubuntuforums.org. Kubuntu Forums are found at https://www.kubuntuforums.net. There is also a channel on freenode IRC #ubuntuforums18:20
* aslal__ hands out try out sizes.18:22
aslal__okay so they seem to be responsive, that's the ticket18:23
aslal__if at any time the sanctions get lifted, be my guest.18:23
aslal__we're kids children btw18:24
lotuspsychjeaslal__: can we help you?18:24
aslal__as a matter of fact it seem unappropriate, dont you think!18:24
aslal__just listening hope that helps!18:24
lotuspsychjeaslal__: please no offtopic in the support channel18:24
Teleputeris anyone here18:26
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest18887
=== mumung is now known as Mumung
aslal__pc is off topic, kay!18:30
aslal__hi there18:30
=== aslal__ is now known as sagent
blebhow would i turn of colors in grep18:33
blebi'm using ksh so there should be no built-in aliases telling it to use colors18:34
xamithandid you check?18:34
hggdhbleb: grep --color-no should work18:34
xamithanalias grep18:34
hggdhbleb: --coloer=no18:35
bobdrad_I can't login to https://ubuntuforums.org/ is there a better channel for support? It says my e-mail is invalid, but it is not. I suspect it does not like my domain, although it is legit.18:35
hggdhor darn!18:35
hggdhman grep18:35
lotuspsychjebobdrad_: you did join the #ubuntuforums channel18:35
bobdrad_Yes it says it is not for support questions :-)18:35
blebgrep: alias not found18:36
blebright now grep -r ... | less gives me output with a bunch of ESC[0mESC[0;32m3 stuff18:36
blebi find it hard to believe that this is the default behavior18:37
bobdrad_lotuspsychje_: it says to use this channel for support18:38
hggdhbleb: usually the default is to give you colour, based on the environment variable GREp_COLORS. You can alias grep='grep --color=never' to completely bypass colouring18:38
lotuspsychjebobdrad_: did you check the link for the sso error?18:38
bobdrad_lotuspsychje_: Yes but that's just a blurb about if you get logged into a new account. I can't login at all.18:39
blebhggdh: thing is, grep -r --color=never still gives me color18:39
bobdrad_lotuspsychje_: It won't let me past the login page saying my e-mail is invalid. I suspect it's a bug in the domain-blacklisting distributions.18:40
bobdrad_dfgh.net is a perfectly valid domain18:40
bobdrad_but often gets blacklisted by mistake18:40
Blankspacei had mysql already installed in ubuntu 16.0418:40
Blankspacethen i installed lamp18:40
hggdhbleb: cannot reproduce, sorry18:41
Blankspaceand now am not able to start mysql18:41
SlidingHornbobdrad_: disposable email addresses are blacklisted.18:41
Blankspacecan anyone help me how can i remove all mysql18:41
bobdrad_I've used that domain for years. So what do I do now to get past this?18:41
bobdrad_(and I've used that e-mail address with the forum for years)18:42
nicomachusbodie_: isn't dfgh.net a disposable email?18:42
SlidingHornnicomachus: it is.18:43
bobdrad_Yes but you can use the e-mail address for as long as you like and I do get e-mail through it.18:43
bobdrad_I simply whitelist the domains I want to get e-mail through it.18:43
hggdhbobdrad_: you can try asking at #launchpad18:43
nicomachusbobdrad_: it's probably blocked by the admins of the forums.18:43
bobdrad_nicomachus_: Yes I need to ask them to unblock it, it's not a black-hole domain.18:44
nicomachusbobdrad_: it's even listed as a disposable domain on several lists that admins use: https://www.formget.com/disposable-email-checker/18:44
lesshastewhen I try to compile scid on 16.04 I get src/ui_tcltk.h:23:17: fatal error: tcl.h: No such file or directory18:44
bobdrad_Yeah that's a bug18:44
lesshastewhat do I need to install for that?18:44
nicomachusbobdrad_: it's not a bug, it's proper admin-ing18:45
SlidingHornbobdrad_: no...that's a feature.18:45
nicomachusbobdrad_: take it up with the site's admins, they aren't here.18:45
bobdrad_If the point is to ensure users can get email, then dfgh.net is perfectly capable of that18:45
nicomachusbobdrad_: take it up with the site's admins, they aren't here.18:46
bobdrad_OK, where can I reach them please?18:46
nicomachustry #launchpad, as has already been suggested.18:46
bobdrad_cool thnx18:46
blebhggdh: yeah i think the stuff i was grepping had the control codes in it18:51
=== ash_work1i is now known as ash_worksi
azizLIGHTdo i have to reboot to make /etc/sudoers changes effective?18:59
azizLIGHTi used sudo nano /etc/sudoers18:59
azizLIGHTto make my changes18:59
dimisdasyou need to relogin19:01
azizLIGHTah ok ise isee. thank you19:01
kinghatso i want to create something, maybe a simple script, that will start a bunch of chrome apps that i have entered in it. i see things on google about it but they are trying to do it at boot or contained in the terminal.19:11
kinghati dont mind being able to execute the script or whatever from the terminal.19:12
fuxachesHmmm, ll here's a good one... I was deleting partitions on an external hard drive and inadvertently deleted the first partition on my linux internal drive. The machine is up and running right now, but I imagine it won't reboot. Am I hooped or is there some magic?19:12
=== nat_ is now known as Natkeeran
dimisdaskinghat: instead of running the commands at boot, place them in a .sh file19:15
kinghatdimisdas: something like this? https://askubuntu.com/a/682935/86827419:15
kinghatnot sure why the need for `sudo` though?19:16
dimisdaskinghat that script does a bunch of stuff that you don't describe in your query19:16
dimisdasyou only want chrome apps, right?19:16
kinghatya. i was just wondering that was along the lines of what i want.19:17
dimisdaskinghat you have chrome apps installed right now?19:17
kinghatya. and they are auto starting on boot perfectly. but sometimes i kill chrome and i want to bring them all back up with a single execution.19:18
dimisdasgo into ~/.local/share/applications19:19
dimisdasand find the app-id of the apps you want19:20
dimisdasthe command to start them is "google-chrome --app-id=[app_id here]"19:20
dimisdaswithout the brackets19:21
JimBuntu!cookie | dimisdas19:23
ubottudimisdas: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!19:23
dimisdasJimBuntu I'm a european! You need my consent19:24
dimisdasCan't just give me cookies19:24
JimBuntudimisdas, I'm not Euro, you must take them. ;p19:25
* dimisdas eats cookie nonetheless, thanks19:25
kinghatdimisdas: do i need to include the profile in that?19:25
dimisdaskinghat unsure what you mean?19:25
kinghat`google-chrome --profile-directory=Default --app-id=[app id]`19:26
dimisdasif it's default, i don't see why you would need to pass it as an arguement19:27
dimisdasgoogle-chrome --app-id should work19:27
dimisdasif you have multiple chrome profiles, then you can specify them19:28
kinghatso just put the apps in the sh file and run it?19:28
dimisdasmake sure to add the shebang at the beginning:  #! /bin/sh19:28
dimisdasand make it executable:  sudo chmod +x script.sh19:29
dimisdasone command per line break, and you should be fine :)19:29
kinghat#! #! ooobaby # moves # moves :P19:29
kinghattyvm for your help today dimisdas19:30
dimisdasi've earned my cookie for the day kinghat, cheers19:30
codebamon android when I connect to eduroam (wpa2_enterprise) I can select "use system certificates" and then enter the domain of the radius server for certificate verification. how can I do that using networkmanager?19:37
codebamthe only thing I see that I can do is not validate the certificate (bad) or I can give it a certificate file19:38
leftyfbcodebam: https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/services/eduroam/connecting-eduroam-wireless-network/linux-ubuntu19:39
codebamI know I can supply the certificate19:39
codebamI don't want to have to19:39
Oolbetter to have the server certificate , without you can give your ID to some one else19:40
codebamOol: look, on android I can use system certificates and not a 3rd party self signed one19:41
codebamjust a sec19:41
=== daniel is now known as Guest84817
codebamI can do that on android ^19:42
Oolso nice since they made installation script (or app) for lot's of OS19:42
codebamand it still verifies the cert19:42
kinghatdimisdas: if i kill chrome completely i have to make sure to start its process first manually, otherwise only one chrome app opens from my list. if i then kill chrome again the next app pops up. kill chrome again and then the next app in line opens. it works fine if i run chrome first though.19:44
dimisdasgoogle-chrome --app-id=123 &19:46
dimisdaskinghat try appending &19:46
kinghaton the first one only or on all of them?19:47
dimisdaskinghat all19:48
kinghatdimisdas: that worked perfectly. is there a way so they load in order?19:52
kinghatmaybe a delay or something?19:52
dimisdaskinghat they open in background, but you could add "sleep x" where x is amount of seconds19:53
kinghatis that miliseconds?19:53
lordcirth_kinghat, no, seconds19:55
kinghatholy cool that works19:56
lordcirth_'man sleep'. You can do 0.1, though.19:56
kinghatah i cant just do `sleep .5`?19:56
lordcirth_That works too apparently. I just meant that while it doesn't support ms as a unit, you can do fractional seconds.19:57
=== niko is now known as upmine
vee_i am running virtualbox on ubuntu. i was able to browse the internet from the vm. after reboot - my connections fail - Activation of network connection failed. Is this the right forum to post and request help?19:59
lordcirth_vee_, this is the Ubuntu support channel, yes20:00
lordcirth_vee_, the host and guest are both Ubuntu?20:00
vee_lordcirth, both are ubuntu20:01
xamithandoesn't virtualbox just make a bridge ?20:01
lordcirth_vee_, lsmod | grep vbox ?20:01
vee_i tried #vbox but it takes me to #vbox-spam all the time20:01
lordcirth_vee_, you probably need a registered nickname for that channel.20:02
vee_lsmod returns 4 entries20:02
lordcirth_vboxnetadp is there?20:02
vee_vbox(pci, netadp, netflt, drv)20:02
lordcirth_ok good, that's the same that I see20:03
lordcirth_What Ubuntu versions are the host and guest? You installed Vbox from the Ubuntu repositories?20:03
vee_Linux hadoopadmin-VirtualBox 4.15.0-43-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 6 14:45:28 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:04
vee_Linux hadoopadmin-VirtualBox 4.15.0-43-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 6 14:45:28 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:04
vee_Linux vt480s 4.15.0-43-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 6 14:45:28 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:04
lordcirth_That's the kernel version. Ubuntu 18.04?20:04
vee_yes 18.0420:04
lordcirth_vee_, try changing the guest adapter type to virtio ?20:06
vee_where do i do it in virtualbox maanger? i dont see that option20:07
vee_lordcirth, i had to poweroff the vm to get to that option - and that worked20:12
lordcirth_vee_, cool20:12
vee_thanks a bunch for your help20:12
lordcirth_virtio is usually also faster20:12
vee_ah! and i suppose there is no difference otherwise20:13
lordcirth_The other options are emulating various common network cards. virtio is an interface specifically for virtual network cards. The guest OS has to support it, but if it does, it usually works well.20:14
wouter_why is it just impossible to join #networking??20:21
wouter_does anyone here know a thing or 2 about software bridges and network namespaces?20:22
=== m4t23 is now known as pheni
Oolhi, how to know when automatically security update going to append ?20:22
dimisdaswouter_ try ##networking20:22
pheniwhy does ls ignore everything but 0-9, a-z?20:22
OerHekswouter_, some channels needs registering20:23
ubottuFor information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.20:23
OerHeks.. and would be clear in the message you get20:24
lordcirth_pheni, what do you mean?20:26
phenii have a directory of music20:26
pheniif i ls in that directory20:27
pheni$uicideboy$ is in the u's20:27
lordcirth_pheni, oh, you mean it ignores them for sorting purposes?20:27
phenias opposed to having special chars be at the top of the list20:27
pheniwhich is maddening as that means every file manager will ignore them too20:28
OerHekssounds like those special characters do not meet utf820:28
=== wouter_ is now known as bisserke
lordcirth_pheni, does LC_COLLATE=C ls do what you want?20:28
lordcirth_Or "LC_COLLATE=en_US ls"?20:29
seven-elevenis there a way to create a vlan device, e.g. eth0.3 from within /etc/network/interfaces?20:29
seven-elevenI always have to create the vlan device manually with `ip link add link eth0 name eth0.8 type vlan id 8`, else interfaces.service doesn't start up20:30
phenilordcirth_, LC_COLLATE=en_US ls did display them in what i consider a reasonable manner20:30
phenidoesn't do anything for the file managers displaying them "wrong"20:31
pheniits a non issue i guess tho20:31
phenijust annoying20:31
dimisdasseven-eleven http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man5/vlan-interfaces.5.html20:31
seven-elevendimisdas, oh i didn't add       vlan-raw-device20:32
seven-elevendimisdas, also I added "auto" before iface20:32
seven-eleveninterestingly I can't reproduce the issue after adding the vlan manually once20:34
phenii just wish i could get thunar to sort in the same manner lordcirth_20:35
seven-eleveni deleted the manually created vlan with `ip link delete dev eth0.8`, but then restarting networking.service still works20:35
^amraHi there20:39
lordcirth_pheni, well, if you can find a UTF-8 locale that sorts how you want, you could change LC_COLLATE globally.20:40
phenithe sort you listed does, i am looking up how to do so now20:40
^amraMy ubuntu server have an external ipv4 address, and I set the "A" record - "www.test" on web provider control panel for my main "domain.com" and input my external ip for it. But when i try to use www.test.mydomain.com - it's not working...20:41
dimisdasseven-eleven the problem is that they don't persist when you reboot?20:41
PriceyLXD container... 18.04... I want to add a new route to the default eth0@if5 interface... what's the best way?20:41
seven-elevendimisdas, on initial install20:41
seven-elevendimisdas, iirc after reboot it still worked20:42
lordcirth_Pricey, edit /etc/netplan/10-lxc.yaml ?20:42
^amraWhen I ping my address www.test.mydomain.com - I can see correct ipv4 address20:42
^amraAnd when I use lynx locally on my server I can see site on port 8020:42
^amraBut if try to open http://www.test.mydomain.com - it's not working20:43
^amraApache2 working good localy20:43
dimisdas^amra this is a new domain?20:43
lordcirth_^amra, 2 possible things I think of - 1, your port 80 is firewalled. 2 - you have Apache2 set to only answer to localhost20:43
Priceylordcirth_: So netplan is the way to go... never touched it before. Can I copy the default from /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml and the two will be merged? Guessing by the comment in that file on how to disable it that that's the case...?20:43
^amralordcirth_, how to check this?20:43
xamithandid you setup the vhost right20:44
^amraiptables -L is empty20:44
^amraI setup Listen 80 and point the Virtualhost *:8020:44
lordcirth_Pricey, you'll want to disable cloud-init, yeah20:44
phenilordcirth_, i was defaulting to en_CA.UTF-8 thank you. i reconfigured to en_US.UTF-8 and will logout to see if fixed20:45
dimisdas^amra when you visit IP:80 does it work?20:45
Priceylordcirth_: Not sure I do...20:45
^amradimisdas, what do you mean? the domain is not new something about year or 220:45
^amrayes ofcourse20:45
lordcirth_^amra, what error do you get in the browser?20:45
dimisdas^amra if you dig domain.com on your local box, do you see the correct IP?20:45
^amralordcirth_, no errors when use the hostname20:46
^amraAnd can see the site when use ip:8020:46
^amradimisdas, in ;; ANSWER SECTION: yes the ip is correct20:46
dimisdas^amra might seem like a stupid question, but have you restarted Apache2 after changing the config?20:47
^amradimisdas, yes20:47
Priceylordcirth_: Confirmed, no need to disable anything existing. Added new config to a new file in /etc/netplan, netplan generate then merged it together, netplan apply and all is good.20:48
^amrans record is correct and I can see it from local and ext servers20:48
^amradimisdas, ip:port is working from local and ext20:48
^amradimisdas, but not working hostname:port from ext20:48
lordcirth_Pricey, ah, all good then20:48
dimisdasthen probably something wrong with Apache2 config. Do you have php installed?20:48
=== m4t23 is now known as pheni
lordcirth_^amra, does dig work?20:49
^amradimisdas, I don't use php20:49
^amralordcirth_, yes20:49
^amradig working from ext and local20:49
dimisdas^amra try "php -S domain:8080" if it's installed20:50
dimisdas^amra it will start a small webserver from the command line20:50
=== m4t23 is now known as pheni
dimisdas^amra and serve your current dir20:50
^amraoh!!! it's a bug. I found a problem. when I use Firefox to open my site he get from old chache and try to redirect to https! :443 problem solved20:51
^amrathanks all!20:51
^amraIn chrome all working goo20:51
=== phoenix_firebrd is now known as murthy
ptx0hi, the wiki page on ZFS is absolutely wrong20:54
ptx0the Use Case section should simply be removed. it is misleading and contains misinformation.20:54
=== daniel is now known as Guest23264
dimisdasptx0 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpContents && #launchpad21:02
ptx0dimisdas: i am not an ubuntu user/maintainer, i am a zfs maintainer21:02
ptx0please don't make me handle your documentation :)21:02
dimisdasi'm not an ubuntu maintainer, but the Wiki is part of launchpad21:03
qwebirc3507Hiya, I've just installed Ubuntu, and after restarting, Ubuntu doesn't start up, after inputting my encryption password, about 10 seconds go by and it freezes, also I hear a pop in my headphones when that happens21:05
qwebirc3507The only way it starts up is through recovery mode21:06
lordcirth_qwebirc3507, press Shift when booting to get the Grub menu, edit the boot entry, and remove 'quiet splash' from the kernel line. Try booting that.21:06
qwebirc3507Okay thank you, I shall return if this doesnt work (I currently have no other devices to access IRC )21:08
amcsianyone else experiencing this sort of "bug" where with Ubuntu 18.10, any SSH connection to any server times out some time between 1-30 minutes?21:24
qwebirc37010Can someone help please. I'm trying to extend a disk on Ubuntu with Google Cloud it's running Plesk web host edition and no matter what I try it won't do it. Can anyone help please?21:24
amcsiI tried all kinds of SO posts to ensure my ssh config has decent timeout values. I even confirmed that I edited the right file by dumping the runtime config.21:25
amcsiThis also affects applications like MySQL Workbench when I try to connect to a mysql server tunneled through an SSH server; the application just fails to make any query after a while21:25
leftyfbqwebirc37010: you are better contacting your cloud host support21:26
qwebirc37010Thank you21:26
lordcirth_amcsi, does this happen if you are active? Or only when idle?21:26
amcsilordcirth_, both21:27
amcsiit doesn't matter21:27
amcsino matter what I do, it happens21:27
lordcirth_amcsi, anything in sshd logs? journalctl --unit ssh21:27
amcsiI really hope the issue is not with my home directory being encrypted21:27
qwebirc96076Heyya, I was here approx. 15 mins ago with a problem where my system won't boot, I was reccomended to remove "quiet splash" iirc and this did not work, though it gets to "A start job is running for detect the available GPUs and deal with any system changes" I let this go for 10 minutes but nothing happened...21:27
amcsilemme see21:27
amcsilordcirth_, oh, you mean in one of the servers I connect to?21:28
lordcirth_amcsi, yes21:28
powerninjahello, I'm on ubuntu 16.4 and getting "Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?”  is there a safe way stop apt.sytem.daily thanks?21:28
lordcirth_If there's a timeout, hopefully either the server or the client will say something about why21:29
lordcirth_powerninja, it is probably best to let it run this time, then disable it. Interrupting it would require fixing21:29
lordcirth_powerninja, https://linuxconfig.org/disable-automatic-updates-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux#h6-1-disable-automatic-updates-from-command-line21:30
powerninjaI'm using packer builds,  so probably sudo systemctl stop apt-daily.timer ?21:30
powerninjaThanks lordcirth will take a look21:30
amcsilordcirth_, no timeout there. Just normal stuff.21:30
lordcirth_amcsi, does it say connection closed?21:30
lordcirth_amcsi, have you tried ssh -vvv ?21:31
amcsilordcirth_, I'm pretty sure the fault isn't with the server, because this happens with _all_ servers. And the same servers I've accessed before on an older Ubuntu machine and it didn't have any problems; it just stayed connected to all of them.21:31
amcsilordcirth_, I'll try ssh -vvv21:31
lordcirth_amcsi, you could also try adding "ServerAliveInterval 120" to your ~/.ssh/config21:32
amcsilordcirth_, I hope I'll see something when it "times out". The symptom by the way isn't that it exits; it keeps the SSH terminal open, and it does not respond to anything anymore whatsoever; not even Ctrl+C/D to exit the terminal. I must to click on the X button to exit -.-21:33
pjsAny word on apt updates? I'm assuming many have seen the remote code execution bug in apt just released?21:33
lordcirth_pjs, what CVE?21:33
amcsilordcirth_, that file of my file had already contained this: https://pastebin.com/Q3Fhyc8S21:34
lordcirth_Ah ok21:34
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amcsilordcirth_, interesting... I see this in the output of ssh -vvv after it exited (I'm surprised; it's never actually exited before): debug3: send packet: type 80\ndebug3: receive packet: type 8221:35
pjslordcirth_: CVE-2019-346221:35
pjsYea, same one :)21:35
lordcirth_pjs, fixes are released: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2019/CVE-2019-3462.html21:36
pjsThank you.. I couldn't find the notice for this21:36
amcsilordcirth_, actually ignore what I just said; I'm still connected. There was no disconnect yet.21:36
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aldcorhi! I have ubuntu 18.04. Google chrome uses most cpu when useing youtube. PC is warming up (Getting louder). Does that happen to your machine as well?21:46
aldcorchrome uses about 12% cpu21:47
dimisdasmy laptop takes off flies away when I'm running Slack21:48
dimisdasweb apps and chrome are pretty resource heavy nowadays21:48
amcsilordcirth_, alright, it happened again. debug3: send packet: type 80\ndebug3: receive packet: type 82 <- the last output. SSH is stuck again.21:48
qwebirc81191I'm having problems with starting up Ubuntu, I tried removing "quiet splash" which tells me that im getting up to "A start job is running for detect the available GPUs and deal with any system changes" Not getting past this, left it for 10 mins21:48
amcsilordcirth_, so even -vvv doesn't give any info21:49
nomichi .. im trying to get a sub script from bash to extend bash with aliases etc. it runs but nothing is there, in the shell, when I create a new shell, and bash has called that 2nd script21:49
aldcordimisdas, so thats what to be expected i guess..21:50
qwebirc81191Last time i had a problem like mine (it was on 16.04) I had to do something with the ACPI if that helps :thonk:21:52
SlidingHornaldcor: Chrome (and, honestly, most modern browsers) is very resource heavy now.  What are the specs of the machine?22:00
aldcorSlidingHorn, you recommend firefox? Lenovo Intel® Core™ i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz × 8, Graphics GeForce GTX 960M/PCIe/SSE2, Memory 7.7Gib22:03
aldcorfirefox seems to be the same as chrome tho22:04
OerHeks12% cpu, just one core of 8?22:04
qwebirc81191960m master race :weary:22:05
aldcoracording to top command now cpu is 125% and 50%22:08
hetciao a tutti22:11
aldcornow its 722:11
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ficherohello I'm trying to install a netis wf2120 on ubuntu 18.04 it has realtek rtl8188eus chipset how to install22:28
ficherois running very slow22:28
ficherodo I have to follow the steps here? https://linuxforums.org.uk/index.php?topic=11261.0 seems too much for a driver!22:31
arpad2hello world!22:44
arpad2I need some help to make the driver nvidia optimus card working on my system. currently when I choose the nvidia or prime profile it's actually only the intel graphics working. thanks for the help!22:47
IcemanV9arpad2: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For the latest Nvidia drivers see https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa22:52
arpad2IcemanV9: thanks22:52
* IcemanV9 passed along the thanks to ubottu (info bot)23:00
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blebdash(1) says there is an fc command23:39
blebbut when i type fc it says dash: 1: fc: not found'23:39
blebwhat could be amiss23:39
aslal__i think that for what it worth people regard letters as something as an appropriate function of their daily journal23:40
OerHeksfc -l # would show a list23:42
aslal__let me guess you try hard and get some sort of reward?23:46
se-sm-cadoes anyone know how to preseed Software RAID 1 on UEFI with LVM?23:50
se-sm-caor if there's a ticket/tracker to use native kickstart instead of deb-conf?23:51
se-sm-capartitioning with debconf/preseed is trash at best23:51
aslal__i like to make a habit of trying out new things23:51
aslal__you could always ask23:52
blebOerHeks: thats the thing, fc -l still gives me: dash: 1: fc: not found23:53
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kc_untiedi wonder if they ever knew what hit them23:55
kc_untiedhi gms23:57
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