tarzeaucould i aks for new software package testers?08:15
tarzeauqwinff is to convert audio/video material between formats with a gui (ffmpeg frontend)08:16
tarzeaututka is a midi sequencer08:16
tarzeauhttp://phd-sid.ethz.ch/debian/slowmovideo/ is to interpolate images in movies to create soft slowmotion, examples at http://slowmovideo.granjow.net/videos.html08:17
studio-user211i tried to boot from usb ubuntu studio 18.10 from unetbootin and got an22:13
studio-user211kernel panic not syncing22:14
studio-user211im on a coustom pc running ryzen 5 1600 6 core 3.20 8g ram msi gt73022:16

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